Cormarian Campaign Log

A somewhat abbreviated version of events in the Cormarian Campaign, as recounted by Matt Harris, the Dungeon Master.

Game Date Saturday, April 17, 2004

Medrinsday, Evron 4, Year 1103

Official start of the campaign. The party consists of the following characters:

After a brief visit to the Sunset Villa Inn, where the party chat with the night manager, Basil, and a visit to see Crazy Oddrick, the parties decides to set out immediately for Ardivan's Keep, two days to the west.

The trip during the day was uneventful. The party attempted to hunt some quayle, but without success. Quote of the day, said by Simon to Pringle, "I wouldn't fret, my little orcish flower."

Zamaksday, Evron 5, Year 1103

The party arrives at Ardivan's Keep at dusk. They decide to wait until morning to enter. The area around the keep seems unnaturally quiet, which Pringle Hester finds soothing, but unnerves Fellwyr.

Demarasday, Evron 6, Year 1103

Around 8:30 AM, the party decides to enter the keep. Fellwyr is attacked by a large, monstrous spider as they enter, but it swiftly dispatched. Upon entering the second level of the northeast tower, Pringle is surprised by two stirges, which wound him badly (draining 7 points of Con.) The party slays one of the stirges, but the other makes good its escape.

By 11:30 AM, the party has searched the entire upper level of the keep. They have found the body a kobold, dead of unknown causes. The kobold was wearing a tunic with an unusual sun symbol upon the front. The party has looted 2 pieces of amber from the eyes of a stuffed lion, but otherwise has found little in the way of treasure. The head through a secret door down a long flight of stairs into a dungeon complex.

By 1:30 PM, the party has searched a great deal of the dungeon level they found. They have found the journals of Selmik Ardivan, which describe a vast undergound tunnel complex beneath his keep. The session ends with the party outside the door of a room guarded by 8 skeletons.

Considering the wounds the Pringle has received, the party decides it is best to return to town and heal up before tackling the undead. During the night, Pringle has disturbing dreams about large flying birds that try to suck out his soul. Occasionally, he screams "the birds, the birds!" or "Daddy!" in his sleep.

Game Date Saturday, October 23, 2004

Romsday, Evron 7, Year 1103

The party continues their journey back to Westlake. Both Simon and Fellwyr are tired, as their rest was disturbed by Pringle's nightmares. Pringle himself is incredibly jumpy and nervous, twitching at the slightest noise.

Other than Pringle becoming increasingly nervous and irritating, the day's journey is uneventful.

Haradsay, Evron 8, Year 1103

Simon, Fellwyr and Pringle arrive back at Westlake by midday. Upon seeing the town, Pringle falls to his kneews, wraps himself in his arms and begins to cry violently. Simon and Fellwyr eventually manage to cajole him into continuing and they head to the Church of the Threefold Way.

Lorien, the Priestess at the church tells the party that Pringle has suffered a complete nervous breakdown and that he should be taken home. Simon and Fellwyr have a contest to see which of them has the honor of escorting Pringle back to his hometown. Simon loses and he and Pringle prepare to leave town when they run into another group of adventurers arriving in town from Freehaven.

The new group of adventurers had seen a message Pringle had left on the notice board in Freehaven and were hastening to join the current party. The new members are:

After Jeroen diagnoses Pringle, Simon and Pringle leave town. Fellwyr takes the new members of the group to Oddrick's to purchase provisions and then they head to The Sunset Villa to grab a spot on the common room floor for the night.

Arratsday, Evron 9, Year 1103

The party sets out to return to Ardivan Keep. Progess is somewhat slower than the previous trip, as certain members are more heavily laden. The day is uneventful.

Tamorsday, Evron 10, Year 1103

The party resumes is journey in the early morning. Nothing much happens on the trip until right before noon, when a mad wolf leaps out of a copse of trees to the north and west of the party and charges them.

Before the wolf can reach the party, Fellwyr nocks an arrow and puts in through the wolf's right eye, killing it instantly (Critical Hit - 21 points of damage). Jeroen examines the wolf and hypothesizes that it was not rapid, but rather under the influence of Crazy Moss, a lichen that induces symptoms similar to rabies. Jeroen then inexpertly skins the wolf. When they camp for the night, Jeroen hangs the skin from a tree away from the party, due to it beginning to smell.

Medrinsday, Evron 11, Year 1103

When they wake up in the morning, the party discovers the wolf pelt is gone. Only a few scraps remain. They surmise some predator must have made off with it in the night.

The party arrives at the keep at noon. They encounter 3 ur-goblins arguing over whether or not the keep is cursed. One ur-goblin is trying to convince the other two that it isn't based upon the fact he saw 3 humans leaving the keep just a few days ago. The party shoots this ur-goblin while he is in the middle of making his case, and then procedes to rapidly dispatch the other two.

The ur-goblins turn out not to have much loot - only their weapons (a total of 3 falchions and six daggers)and 3 pouches, each with 20 gp in them. While attempting to revive an ur-goblin for "questioning", Jeroen retrieves its pouch prior to the party knowing of its existance, so the party only adds 40 gp to its treasury

Fellwyr leads the party on a tour of the areas that had already been explored. They finish exploring the cellars (with the exception of the room with the skeletons). They find the skeleton of a large humanoid in a small cell manacled to the wall. They also located a secret door in a room containing lots of archaelogical and digging equipment. The party deduces that this is the secret door mentioned in Selmik Ardivan's second-to-last journal entry.

When the go through the door, they see it leads to a passage west which in turns leads to a room containing a ciruclar stairway heading downwards. Both the passageway and stairway room seem to have been carved out of the bedrock - the stonework is totally smooth and there are no toolmarks.

The party decides to clean out the skeleton room. Aelwyn is badly wounded (he takes four points of damage, leaving him with one), but the rest of the party only suffers minor wounds in dispatched the skeletons.

In searching the chamber, the party finds a secret door in the west wall of the room. Opening the door, they see a small room with three locked, iron-bound chests. Ilcon attempts to search the chests for traps, and finds out the hard way that the middle chest has an arrow trap on it. Jeroen bandages Ilcon and they attempt to pick the locks on the chest. Neither is successful and more creative/destructive methods are used.

Between them, the chests have a total of 5000 silver pieces, 5000 copper pieces, 1000 gold pieces and 100 platinum pieces. Overjoyed at their find, the party decides to camp for the night and head back to Westlake in the morning.

Zamaksday, Evron 12, Year 1103

After spending an eventless night in the main entry chamber in the cellars, the party leaves for Westlake at first light, moving a considerably slower, due to the burden of their new-found wealth.

Romsday, Evron 14, Year 1103

The party returns to Westlake without incident. They visit Oddrick, dispose of the their swag and make some purchases.

Game Date Saturday, November 6, 2004

Romsday, Evron 14, Year 1103

After making their purchases at Oddrick's, the party is joined by Elkin, a Dwarven Cleric of Romath. He had apparently seen Pringle's old notice on the Freehaven Adventurer's Guild Bulletin Board and hastened to catch up with the party.

Late in the day, Aelwyn comes with a stomach bug and spends most of the evening in a room at the Sunset Villa, emptying the contents of his stomach.

Haradsday, Evron 15, Year 1103

The party decides to head back to Ardivan's Keep, leaving Aelwyn behind, as he is still not filling well. Basil, the night manager, at the sunset villa provides Aelwyn with some herbal tea, though, that perks him right up. He hastens to catch up with the group and rejoins them about midday.

Shortly after noon, there is an argument between the human ranger and the dwarven cleric about the weather - Ilcon says the gathering clouds will pass without more than a few sprinkles. Elkin states that there will be heavy rain. By 4 o'clock, it is clear the dwarf is right, as there is a torrential downpour. The party searches for shelter, and manages to fashion a makeshift canopy under a small copse of trees. They light a small fire and start to dry out.

While the rest of the party is sensibly staying out of the rain, Ilcon heads to the river to do some fishing - gear and bait (leeches) provided by the ever-resourceful Jeroen. Over the course of an hour and a half, Ilcon manages to catch two very large trout, while becoming soaking wet and heavily chilled. He returns to the camp and the group has roast trout for supper. The party sets up watch and turns in for the night. The downpour continues.

Arratsday, Evron 16, Year 1103

The rains stops shortly after midnight. In the middle of the night (about 2 AM), while Jeroen and Aelwyn are on watch, there is a sudden flash of lightning and crack of thunder. The lighning strikes a bush more than 40 feet from the party which bursts into flame. Moments later, Jeroen and Aelwyn are attacked by two small masses of air (air elementals. The rest of the party wakes up and the elementals are swiftly dispatche, but not before Jeroen and Aelwyn are badly injured. Elkin patches up the Jeroen, while Aelwyn uses some healing salve to repair himself. Aelwyn hypothosizes that the lightning strike opened a temporary rift to the Elemental Plane of Air. Fellwyr falls into a trance and the rest of the party goes back to sleep.

The bush, being very wet doesn't burn for long. Aelwyn grabs an unburned branch and he and Jeroen return to their watch. The rest of the night is uneventful.

The party breaks camp shortly after dawn, and heads on the keep. Despite the muddy game trail, they make excellent time and reach Ardivan's Keep by dusk. The party decides to make camp in the entryroom in the cellars, voting down Jeroen's suggestion of camping in the library.

Tamorsday, Evron 17, Year 1103

The party gets up early, ready to explore the area behind the secret passage on the northwest side of the cellar, when Jeroen decides to become a chimneysweep. He climbs up the chimney in the library, clearing it out for later use. Unfortunately, he loses his footing and falls, twisting his ankle (5 hit points of damage). In addition to having a severe limp, he his completely covered in soot. Aelwyn escorts Jeroen back to the moat, where he spends about 15' getting clean. While Jeroen is bathing, the rest of the party waits rather impatiently in the entry chamber where they camped.

After Jeroen's bath in the freezing waters of the river, he and Aelwyn rejoin the party and they head through the secret door, once again marvelling at the way the tunnel is smoothly carved out of the granite, without any markings showing the work of tools.

The party descends the circular staircase. It is a steep descent and seems to go down about 60 feet, through four spirals It opens into a bare room carved out of granite. Fellwyr notices on the west wall, near the ceiling, some sort of mark engraved into the wall. The mark looks vaguely like an upside-down S laid on its back.

Leaving the room, the party comes across an octagonal room made out of black stone. It is very cold, and the walls seem to drink in the light. They decide instead to check out a passageway going east they had discovered, before entering the room.

The eastern passageway led to a room with water condensing on the walls and about an inch of water on the floor. They go through the room and down a western passageway that dead ends. On the wall they see a 4 foot high ovoid protusion with two discolored ovals two-thirds of the way up, which looks something like a face.

Ilcon decides to touch the face, and he fills a rush of energy flowing through his arm. He suddenly feels more agile (+2 bonus to Dexterity). Aelwyn casts Detect Magic and learns that the face has faint aura of magic, like nothing he has ever seen before. The aura seems to switch between types of magic randomly, faster than he can follow. He takes a chance and touches the face himself. Aelwyn feels a chill as his fringers brush the face, and some of his vitality seems to leave him. (1 point of damage). While not cold, his fingers seems like they have suffered frostbite damage.

Fellwyr like touches the face with his rapier and feels a flow of warm energy surging through his body, energizing him and making him feel powerfull (+2 bonus to Strength). Elkin and the injured Jeroen decide to pass on touching the stone face.

The party returns to the black ocatagon room and rushes through to the north door. They see a passage going north, ending in a door, but the way is completely blocked by an 80' deep pit. They lower the halfling on a rope, but find only some animal bones and broken wood inside, along with some refuse that make them think the pit was used a privy a couple of times in the past.

The party go out the southwest door and end up in a long room with two colonnades of pillars. Two zombies materialize in the room and attacked the party. The party destroys them, but not without being injured.

The party go through a series of rooms and end up turning two different sets of six skeletons and fighting running battles with them. Elkin had attempted to destroy one of the sets of skeletons by invoking the Sun Power of Romath, but the god did not answer.

The party also fights an additional two zombies, which turn out to be guarding a set of masterwork chain mail, a masterwork long sword and 4 pieces of amber, which they appraise at being worth 100 gp each. Jeroen sets off a gas trap while examining the masterwork equipment. Ilcon disables the trap guarding the pieces of amber.

During the second running battle with skeletons, Fellwyr's keen elvish senses detect a secret door. After dispatching the undead, the party went through the door and came across a ten by twenty foot room, that looks like the others in the dungeon, except the east wall seems to be made of of black, uncut natural stone. Translucent stones embedded in it the east wall glint pinkly under the light of the party's lamp. Examining the stones, Jeroen thinks that they are rose quartz, and would be worth about 50 gp each. There are 18 stones embedded in the wall.

The party determines that they have no relevant skills for extracting the stones, so they decided to go with natural ability (Fellwyr has a Dexterity of 18). Fellwyr manages to extract 13 of the crystals intact, while destroying 5 others in his untutored attempts to pry them from the rock wall.

The party decides they need to restore and refresh themselves. Despite it being only about noon, they return to the chamber in the cellars that they have made into there base camp and hole up.

Medrinsday, Evron 18, Year 1103

The party decides to return to Westlake and mull over all that they have experienced.

Game Date Saturday, November 20, 2004

Medrinsday, Evron 18, Year 1103

The party sets out early in the morning to return to Westlake. Fellwyr feels kind of weak and Ilcon feels kind of slow and sluggish. Apparently, whatever the stone face did to them was temporary.

As the day wears on the exertions of the past few days plus the inclement weather earlier in the week take their toll on the party as everyone but Fellwyr comes down with a cold. Game Note: Fellwyr was the only one to make a Fortitude Save - DC 12, DC 15 for Ilcon due to his longer exposure to the freezing rain.

Zamaksday, Evron 19, Year 1103

It is late at night. Fellwyr is on watch when he hears a noise in the bushes. Quickly rousing the rest of the party, who are feeling worse than ever, Fellwyr then investigates the noise. It turns out merely to be a fox. Fellwyr shoots the fox, butchers the corpse and roasts the meat to eat in the morning.

After waking and dining on roast fox, the party breaks camp. Fellwyr is feeling quite chipper while the rest of the party is suffering from congestion, fever, lethargy and a great many aches and pains. Game Note: All the cold sufferers have the fatigued condition.

Demarasday, Evron 20, Year 1103

Other than their illnesses, today's journey is uneventful. The party returns to Westlake around 4:00 PM. The party obtains rooms at the Sunset Villa, Fellwyr making sure he gets a private room. The sick party members head to their room. Fellwyr heads to Oddrick's to place and order for a masterwork spiked chain and to see what would be available for crossing the deep pit the party discovered blocking their way in Ardivan's Keep.

Turns out Oddrick had a masterwork spiked chain tucked away in a pile of odds and ends. It turns out the the masterwork rapier Fellwyr had ordered has arrived, so he purchases that as well. Oddrick recommends a couple of bundles of spider poles for crossing the pit, but they seem rather pricy.

Romsday, Evron 21, Year 1103

After discussing whether of not to purchase the spider poles, the party comes to the consensus to simply buy some planks and nails and simply use those to cross the pit. Fellwyr heads back to Oddricks to see if he can dispose of their loot and to make the appropriate purchases, while the rest of the party heads back to their sickbeds. Ilcon chose to keep the masterwork longsword as part of his share, so Fellwyr disposes of:

Oddrick gives the option of purchasing the items for cash or for store credit. In order to avoid carrying around a bundle of gold, Fellwyr opts for store credit and opens accounts for each of the party members.

After purchasing the boards and nails, Fellwyr heads to a livery stable which Oddrick recommends to him, hoping to purchase a mule or donkey. The stable does have a young mule for sale and Fellwyr writes a note against their accounts at Oddrick's to purchase it and appropriate gear. The livery stable agrees to board the mule until the party comes to pick him up.

Demarasday, Evron 27, Year 1103

The party has finally recovered from their illnesses and prepares to return to Ardivan's Keep. Aelwyn decides to remain behind to scribe some scrolls while Jeroen wants to look into setting up a practice in town. Game Note: Aelwyn's player John was a no-show, while Jeroen's player was unable to attend due to back problems, so I took their characters out of the adventure. Fellwyr and Ilcon have leveled up since the last adventure. The party now contains:

The party replenishes their provisions at Oddrick's and then sets out to Ardivan's Keep. They make good time during an otherwise uneventful day.

Romsday, Evron 28, Year 1103

During the last watch (Elkin's), the party is ambushed by a party of four ur-goblins. Elkin is badly wounded by an ur-goblin javelin, but his cry of pain wakes the rest of the party. After a vicious fight, wherein the other members of the party are badly wounded, the ur-goblins are slain. The ur-goblin bodies are removed of their valuables (4 falchions). Afterwards, they are weighted down and dumped in the river.

The party decides to press on. They arrive at the Keep late in the day and decide to hole up in the square tower for the night.

Haradsday, Evron 29, Year 1103

Elkin heals the party members' wounds, but that uses up his spells for a day. The party decides to spend another day in the tower before heading below. Ilcon heads out to do some hunting. He encounters a group of ten ur-goblins heading west, but they don't seem to see him. After a while, Ilcon resumes hunting and bags a small fawn, which he butchers and takes back to the tower.

Arratsday, Evron 30, Year 1103

Sufficiently recovered, the party heads down into the depths. They build their plank bridge and lay it across the pit. They cross the pit, leaving the mule behind in the entry chamber to this level.

Once across the pit, the party heads through the opposite door, entering a small room. There is are messages on the north wall, written in dozens of languages. In the languages the party can read, they all say, "Warning - Danger lies ahead! Go back!". The party ignores the warnings and heads through a door on the north wall.

The party follows a tunnel north, ending in a door. Ilcon listens at the door and determines that there appears to be a battle on the other side. The party decides to wait it out. All of a sudden, the noise ceases and the door is thrown open. The party is attacked by a group of 4 kobolds and 4 goblins.

The party dispatches their foes, except for a single kobold who runs off to the west. Following the kobold, the party runs into another eight kobolds, which they proceed to slaughter. The kobolds appeared to be guarding a door which is barred on the far side. After bashing through the door, the party encounters 16 more kobolds, led by kobold wearing a breastplate and using a human-sized short spear two-handed. The breastplate has some sort of sun symbol on it.

After a very difficult fight, the party kills the kobolds. Fellwyr loots the body of the kobold leader, which in addition to the spear (which is masterwork) and the breastplate, carried 50 gold pieces in a belt pouch. The party then decides to retreat before more kobolds arrive. They return to the tower room.

Tamorsday, Galeria 1, Year 1103

Rested and refreshed, the party returns to the kobold area, but there are no kobolds left. The bodies also appear to be gone. They do find four amethysts, which Ilcon appraises at about 100 gp each and a white fur which they think is worth about 25 gp. The party searches a cave with a pond. In a different cave they encounter six orangish beetles that are about 2½ feet long. The beetles have glowing reddish orbs above their eyes.

The party cuts out the glowing orbs after killing the beetles and then resumes exploring. They come to a natural stone passage which heads northwest and slopes downward.

Game Date Saturday, December 4, 2004
In attendance:
  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Dean Ray a.k.a. Ilcon Shroudsberry, Human 1st level Ranger/1st level Rogue
  • John Gibson a.k.a Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 2nd level Wizard
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 2nd level Priest of Romath
  • Absent:
  • Kevin Walsh a.k.a. Fellwyr West, Elven 2nd level Fighter
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 1st level Rogue
  • Tamorsday, Galeria 1, Year 1103

    Rather than heading down the sloping passage to the northwest, the party decides to return to Westlake to resupply and reprovision themselves. Fellwyr is feeling listless and unmotivated, as if his animating spirit is absent. Despite that, the party makes good time travelling during the day.

    Medrinsday, Galeria 2, Year 1103

    Around midday, the party comes across a brown bear fishing in the river. Ilcon manages to keep the bear calm as the party scoots on by. The party makes excellent time and arrives in Westlake just past dusk. Aelwyn is at the inn, going over a set of figures. Jeroen, unfortuntely, has had a small mishap regarding a pulled tooth and is currently in the town lockup.

    The party discusses the division of the loot. Elkin says he wants the short spear as his share and Ilcon agrees with this, while Fellwyr listlessly nodds his assent.

    Zamaksday, Galeria 3, Year 1103

    Aelwyn casts Detect Magic on the loot the party brought back, after Ilcon notices 3 very tiny runes engraved on the spear. The spear is indeed magical and Elkin asks Aelwyn if Aelwyn would cast Identify on the spear. Aelwyn agrees, provided that Elkin provides the material component - a flawless pearl.

    Madame Marge, the inkeeper, notifies Fellwyr that a letter has arrived for him during his absence. Fellwyr reads the letter and then informs the party that he will be absent for a while, probably several weeks. Fellwyr asks Ilcon to dispose of the swag and to put his share on account at Oddrick's. He packs his things, and takes off, obviously distracted by what he has read.

    Ilcon and Elkin head over to Oddrick's. Ilcon sells all of the booty they have found, with the exception of the short spear. The pile comes to a value of 725 gold pieces, which Ilcon has Oddrick split between Ilcon's and Fellwyr's account. Ilcon purchase an extra-strong longbow and Elkin purchases a flawless pearl from Oddrick. Game Note: A +2 Strength Mighty Composite Long Bow and a 100 gold piece pearl. They also replenish their more mundane supplies.

    When the group returns to the inn, Aelwyn discusses the possibility of setting up a more permanent base at Ardivan's Keep with the rest of the group. They decide against it for now, but decide to spend some time in town now. Aelwyn discusses with Madame Marge the possibility of hiring a valet/manservant/fetch-and-carry boy to work for him while he is in town. Madame Marge says that she will put out a few feelers for him.

    Demarasday, Galeria 4, Year 1103

    Aelwyn casts Identify on the short spear, and notes that it has a minor enchantment making it more likely to strike a foe in a vital area. Game Note: It is a Short Spear +1. While he is doing that, two likely lads show up, to apply for the position of valet.

    Both boys are 12 years of age. Jared is a tallish red-head with perhaps a little too much energy and initiative and too little attentiveness. Miklos is a much shorter, brown-haired lad, who is rather stout. While more attentive than Jared, he lacks Jared's energy.

    After putting the boys through a battery of weird tests involving stuff like juggling, memorizing randoms sentences and juggling while memorizing randoms sentences, Aelwyn is unable to make up his mind which boy he prefers, so he decides to hire both of them.

    Romsday, Galeria 5, Year 1103

    Aelwyn settles down at the inn for the week, busily scribing scrolls. Ilcon sets out on a solo hunting/camping expedition, to hone is skills and maybe rustle up some meat and hides to sell. Elkin decides to spend his time socializing. After a failed attempt to meet with the local priestess of Tamor, he heads to the town tavern, The Drunken Ox, where he finds the local beer to be most agreeable and quite pleasant company. Elkin also socializes a bit with the tavern's clientelle, who have a slightly warped view of dwarves, due to their association with "Crazy" Oddrick Forkbeard.

    Arratsday, Galeria 9, Year 1103

    After a rather successful four-day hunting trip, Ilcon returns to town on the fifth day and sells his kills at the town market. Aelwyn is still hunched over his scrolls, scribbling away, so Ilcon joins Elkin at the tavern, where Elkin has become something of a regular.

    Demarasday, Galeria 11, Year 1103

    Aelwyn has finally finished scribing his scrolls so the group decides to return to Ardivan's Keep the next morning.

    Romsday, Galeria 12, Year 1103

    The party sets out westward shortly after the crack of dawn. They see the brown bear they had encountered earlier at a distance, but nothing else of note happens.

    Haradsay, Galeria 13, Year 1103

    The party arrives at the keep at around 3:00 PM. As they pass through the entrance, a 2½ long spider drops onto Ilcon's neck and bites him. Ilcon proves resistant to the spider's venom and the party quickly dispatches it.

    The party heads into the dungeons below to check out the status of their plank bridge. Along the way, they detour by the stone face on the first dungeon level. Ilcon touches it and is filled with surge of positive thoughts and feelings. Aelwyn touches it and is overcome with feelings of terror and despair. Game Note: The stone granted a +2 morale bonus to Attack for Ilcon and a -2 morale penalty to Attack for Aelwyn.

    Despites Aelwyn's tremulous warnings, the party heads over to the pit. They discover that the planks have fallen/been knocked into the pit. After much debate, they decide to look through the keep for some replacement material to build a new bridge. Eventually they end up dragging one of the banquet tables from Keep level down to pit, but do not bridge it at this time. After doing that, they head up to the square tower room in the keep to rest for the night.

    Arratsday, Galeria 14, Year 1103

    In the morning, the party heads back down to the pit. With the use of some rope, a piton and Paeder the Mule, they manage to bridge the chasm with the table-top. They head back into the large 50'x50' room and ponder their options. The party decides not to go down the northwest passage just yet and instead follow the natural passageway east.

    The passageway east lead to a goblin lair, where they encounter four goblins. The party is surprised by the goblins, one of whom blows a horn. A vicious battle ensues - about 10 seconds after the horn is blown, a dozen more goblins attack from a chamber to the east and a larger goblin wielding a spiked chain attacks from a passage to the north. Ilcon takes a grievous wound and is dazed (Game Note: He was knocked down to 0 hit points), but Elkin managed to heal Ilcon. Ilcon then proceeded to kill the goblin chieftain with a single blow (Game Note: Ilcon rolled a critical hit for 17 points of damage).

    The battle lasts nearly a minute and a half. Game Note: it lasts 14 rounds. The party proceeds north, systematically looting the goblins lair. When they come to a southern chamber, they find it abandoned with a cookpot still over a small fire and deduce that some goblins must have bypassed them and escaped while they were searching. Ilcon tracks the goblins and sees the footprints head back into the main 50'x50' room and down the northwest passage. Figuring discretion is the better part of valour, they decide not to follow and gather their loot, heading back up to the square tower. They pull the table-top away from the pit and leave it in the stairwell room leading up to the cellars.

    The loot received from the goblins:

    Tamorsday, Galeria 15, Year 1103

    The party passes an uneventful night in the square tower.

    Game Date Saturday, December 18, 2004
    In attendance:
  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 2nd level Rogue
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 2nd level Priest of Romath
  • Absent:
  • Kevin Walsh a.k.a. Fellwyr West, Elven 2nd level Fighter
  • Dean Ray a.k.a. Ilcon Shroudsberry, Human 1st level Ranger/1st level Rogue.
  • John Gibson a.k.a Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 2nd level Wizard
  • Medrinsday, Galeria 16, Year 1103

    The party decides it was once again time to return to Westlake. They leave the keep and head back east along the river. Nothing eventful happens during the day or night.

    Zamaksday, Galeria 17, Year 1103

    Nothing of note happens during the day's journey or the night.

    Demarasday, Galeria 18, Year 1103

    The party arrives back at town after the most uneventful journey they have yet experienced. Alewyn decides to remain in town to scribe a few more scrolls. Jeroen Pratt is released from jail, with a stern warning not to practice dentistry in Westlake anymore. Fellwyr still has not returned from his mysterious journey.

    Elkin takes care of the sale of loot this time. Jeroen picks up his riding dog. The dog is a large, powerfully built mongrel...he looks to be part Great Dane and maybe some sort of mastiff. In a fit of whimsy, Jeroen names his dog, "Kitty".

    Romsday, Galeria 19, Year 1103

    Jeroen, Elkin and Ilcon (DM Note: Due to the shortage of PCs, I kept Ilcon with the party as a NPC for this session) head back to the Keep. The travel the day and make camp for the night, which passes uneventfully.

    Haradsday, Galeria 20, Year 1103

    About 2 P.M., the group runs spots a party of four ur-goblins in the distance. The ur-goblins don't seem to notice the party, so Ilcon and Jeroen spread out, attempting to sneak up on the ur-goblins. Elkin remains behind to attract the ur-goblins attention. The assumption is that they will pass by the hidden Ilcon and Jeroen and be attacked from behind.

    Unfortunately for the party, the ur-goblins spot Ilcon. They swarm him and one critically hits him, knocking him down. Jeroen manages to Sneak attack one of the ur-goblins and take it out.

    After a short but vicious battle, the party manages to defeat the ur-goblins, but Elkin is seriously wounded, in addition to Ilcon. They decide to press on the Ardivan's Keep and recuperate there. The ur-goblins had little loot:

    The party arrives at the keep around 4 P.M. and holes up in the ground floor room in the square tower.

    Arratsday, Galeria 21, Year 1103

    The party spends the entire day recovering from their ur-goblin encounter.

    Tamorsday, Galeria 22, Year 1103

    The party heads down to the level below the cellars. Using their makeshift bridge, they pass over the deep pit and into the large 50' x 50' room. After some discussion, they decide not to go down the natural passageway to the northwest. Instead they decide to explore beyond the northern door.

    They find a passageway north beyond the door, which abruptly turns east. The passageway ends in a small 20' x 30' room, with a large crystalline statue barring a door on the east wall. After much debate, the party enters the room, whereupon the crystal statue moves to attack them. To the party's dismay, their ordinary weapons seem to have no effect on the statue.

    Luckily for everyone, Elkin's magic spear seems to affect the crystal statue and he manages to dispatch it. The go through the door it was guarding, which turns out to lead to a passageway going north, then west.

    The passageway ends in a small room, with a stairway heading down to the north at a 45-degree angle. The group decides to go down the stairway, which proceeds for 200' to the north and 200' down.

    The party only does a little exploring on this level, bypassing a ceiling trap and then encountering yet more ur-goblins. After another furious battle, the group is once again victorious but badly wounded and decides again to head up to the square tower to hole up. Ilcon does surmise, from their gear, etc. that these ur-goblins are not related to the ones the party has been encountering on the surface.

    Game Date Saturday, January 22, 2005
    In attendance:
  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 2nd level Rogue
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 2nd level Priest of Romath
  • Kevin Walsh a.k.a. Fellwyr West, Elven 2nd level Fighter
  • Absent:
  • Dean Ray a.k.a. Ilcon Shroudsberry, Human 1st level Ranger/1st level Rogue, suffering from a case of NPCitis.
  • Tamorsday, Galeria 22, Year 1103

    The party decides to return to Westlake and heads out. Fellwyr returns from his mysterious trip.

    Demarasday, Galeria 25, Year 1103

    For once, the party has an uneventful trip from the Keep. They arrive in Westlake around noon, and meet up with Fellwyr. The group disposes of their loot, while Fellwyr tells them of his trip. Apparently, his great-uncle, a retired adventurer had died. Fellwyr had traveled to the memorial service, where he found out that his great-uncle had left him some sort of map. The map is written in goblin, in some sort of code.

    With a little work, Aelwyn and Jeroen decipher the map. It apparently shows the location of the lair of Gurul-Ethek, an infamous hobgoblin bandit chieftain who looted the western lands during the time of the dragon Cyndriarr. Reputed to be a necromancer, Gurul-Ethek disappeared from public knowledge about a hundred years before the coming of Erevan Domas. Rumor has it that he had vast treasure built up from his years of pillaging.

    Arratsday, Galeria 28, Year 1103

    The party sets out to return to the keep. The trip is swift and unenventful.

    Medrinsday, Galeria 30, Year 1103

    The party arrives at the keep about 3 hours after dawn. The head down into the dungeons, deciding to explore the natural passageway that they believed the goblin females and children fled down.

    They follow the passageway down and it leads into a large natural cavern, far larger than they can see. There are many stalagmites and stalactites all over the cavern. There are fine greenish crystals, most no larger than a grain of sand, embedded in the rock. The crystals emit a slight glow, giving visibility of about 5 feet. The floor of the cave is very rough, and covered with a dense blanket of fungal stalks varying from 6" to 18" in height. In the distance they hear the sound of rushing water.

    The party decides to follow along the eastern wall to attempt to map out the cavern. They are ambushed by an invisible creature (DM Note: A phantom fungus), but manage to kill it fairly easily. They come across a large pile of animal bones in one area. They examine the bones and determine that they are from some sort of cow-like creatures. There are a lot of bones, and are somewhat puzzled as they determine that the creatures did not die a violent death

    After travelling about a thousand or so feet, they see that the cavern is bisected by an underground river.

    There is a natural bridge across the river, but the party hesitates as they see two large, 3' long whitish frogs/toads underneath it. The party shoots at them and drives them off. They cross the bridge into the north half of the cavern.

    Continuing to follow the wall, they wander into a couple of giant centipedes (6' long, 1' wide) and are briefly delayed by fighting them, but the party dispatches the centipedes with no great difficulties.

    As the party nears the southwest corner of the cavern, they run across the dead body of a humanoid and that of a cow-like creature. Investigating, they are attacked by a fungus on the western wall of the cavern which shoots thorn-like darts out at them. They destroy the fungus, but by this time they are down on spells and hit points. Looting the body of the humanoid, they find a very well made sword, 2 small vials filled with a whitish-liquid and 200 gold pieces. They finish mapping out the edges of the cavern and decided to head back up to the northeast square tower to rest and recuperate.

    Zamaksday, Nevra 1, Year 1103

    The party heads back down to the natural cavern, deciding to map out the interior. In the sourthern half, they run into a group of what look to be five bison, except that their eyes are milky-white and their coats are chalk-white. The party approach the bison, which then charge them. The party kills one of the bison, drives another one off, and the other three simply charge through the group. Elkin is badly hurt and the party takes him back to the north tower to recuperate.

    Game Date Saturday, March 5, 2005
    In attendance:
  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 2nd level Rogue
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 2nd level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 2nd level Wizard
  • Demarasaday, Nevra 2, Year 1103

    Ilcon and Fellwyr have the mid-watch. When it comes time for the third watch, no one wakes them up. They wake up after sunrise and discover that Ilcon and Fellwyr have disappeared, with all the personal belonging they carried on them. Paeder, the mule, is still present. The party searches the keep from top to bottoom. Jeroen Pratt spends about an hour down in the cellar library, looking for references to any similar problem. When he returns, he finds a mysterious note at the bottom of his pack:

    Aelwyn doubts the validity of the note. After much discussion, the party heads back to Westlake to reequip themseleves

    Haradsday, Nevra 4, Year 1103

    The party arrives back at Westlake at around mid-morning, the return trip being uneventful. The analyze the two vials of liquid and determine they are potions of Cure Light Wounds, Level One. They sell the non-magical loot at Oddrick's leaving a share for Fellwyr and Ilcon on their accounts at Oddrick's (103 gp for Fellwyr and 102 gp for Ilcon. They find out from Oddrick that Fellwyr's cousin is in town.

    The party goes to speak to Fellwyr's cousin. He is rather disturbed by Fellwyr's disappearance. He looks at the mysterious note and immediately says that it is not Fellwyr's writing, saying that Fellwyr had an incredibly graceful hand and that when he bothered to write anything down, it was very pleasing aesthetically. After questioning the party, Fellwyr's cousin leaves to inform his family of his disappearance.

    Arratsday, Nevra 5, Year 1103

    Aelwyn and Jeroen speak to the town magistrate regarding who legally owns Ardivan's Keep. The magistrate says that he does not know; technically it is outside of the boundary of the kingdom. The party spends a great deal of time equipping themselves and late in the day, they head out, back to the keep planning to establish themselves there on a more permanent basis.

    Tamorsday, Nevra 6, Year 1103

    The trip is uneventful during the day, but at night both Jeroen and Aelwyn dream of a great yellow eye in the heavens staring down to the west of the them. They believe it was looking at the keep.

    Zamaksday, Nevra 8, Year 1103

    The group arrives at the keep without incident. They spend the entire day fortifying the northern tower, adding a lock to the door, which Jeroen had brought with him, and building a crude (very crude) stable for Paeder. They spend the night in the north tower.

    Demarasday, Nevra 9, Year 1103

    The party heads down through the cellars and down the spiral stairs to the first level of the dungeon. Instead of the room they were expecting, they find themselves in a 30' x 30' room facing a couple of medium-sized rat-like humanoids.

    In attendance:
  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 2nd level Rogue
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 2nd level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 2nd level Wizard
  • Name not shown at player request a.k.a. Ownka "Jack" Rhunahein, Dwarf 2nd level Fighter
  • Ryan Lake a.k.a. Cirdan Felagund, Elf 2nd level Druid
  • DJ a.k.a. Bran, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Demarasday, Nevra 9, Year 1103

    Turns out that the party had been followed by three new adventurers. After rescuing/assisting in killing the ratlike humanoids, the Ownka "Jack" Rhunahein, Cirdan Felagun and Bran joined the party. The party explored several of the rooms in the dungeon, which is definitely notthe level that had been there before. Some key features:

    • There was some writing early on next to a northern door in a language no one recognized. A Comprehend Languages revealed the writing to read "These caves belong to the Red Wind Burrowers. Keep out!"
    • One room had a basin of water that seemed to circulate constantly with water flowing in a hole in the top and out a hole in the bottom.
    • The room with the water basin also had a silvery drawer pop out of the wall that was filled with reddish-green bricks. The bricks appeared to be some kind of dried food.
    • Lots and lots of the rat-like humanoids, dubbed "ratlings".
    • A noise trap

    The party ended up fighting and killing four groups of the ratlings, containing a total of twenty members. After the last battle, the party decided to retreat and regroup as they had ran out of curative spells.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 3rd level Rogue
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 3rd level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 3rd level Wizard
  • DJ a.k.a. Bran, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Ryan Lake a.k.a. Cirdan Felagund, Elf 2nd level Druid
  • Absent:
  • Name not shown at player request a.k.a. Ownka "Jack" Rhunahein, Dwarf 2nd level Fighter (NPC)

    Demarasday, Nevra 9, Year 1103

    The party headed back up to the northeast tower and barricaded themselves in to recuperate and recover their spells.

    Romsday, Nevra 10, Year 1103

    The party had healed up by morning, but Elkin had come down with a severe fever and case of the shakes. Jeroen diagnosed the disease as Filth Fever. By the evening, several other party members were beginning to fell as well.

    While Jeroen cared for the sick cleric and the other engaged in various cleaning tasks around the keep, Aelwyn headed to the roof and began a ritual to summon a familiar.

    Haradsday, Nevra 11, Year 1103

    About midnight, the party was awakened by a banging on the door leading into the main hall. After about a minute or so, the door was bashed in by a group of half-a-dozen ur-goblins, lead by a large hobgoblin.

    Jack and Bran decided to hold the ur-boblins at the door. After a brief combat, they managed to kill four of the Ur-Goblins and seriously wound two others. The two wounded ur-goblins and the hobgoblin decided to flee at that point. The party gave chase for several rounds, but the monsters made it out of the keep and the party lost them in the darkness.

    Arratsday, Nevra 12, Year 1103

    Cirdan and Bran came down with Filth Fever, although with milder cases than Elkin. Jeroen tended to them as well as Elkin, and his care clearly made a difference. Aelwyn aquired a black cat when no one was looking.

    Tamorsday, Nevra 13, Year 1103

    Elkin recovered from his illness by morning, and the other two by evening.The group decided to head back to town to sell their loot and re-equip themselves.

    Zamaksday, Nevra 15, Year 1103

    After an uneventful trip, the party arrived back in town just before evening and took rooms at the Sunset Villa.

    Demarasday, Nevra 16, Year 1103

    The party headed to Oddrick's to dispose of their loot in the morning. Jeroen ordered a set of masterwork studded leather barding for his dog, Kitty. The others make various purchases of weapons and equipment.

    Romsday, Nevra 17, Year 1103

    Elkin and Aelwyn decided to spend some time scribing scrolls, while Bran led the rest of the group in looking for a stableboy/groom, a.k.a. someone to tend to the beasts while the party is down in the dungeon. Cirdan attempted to teach his pet eagle to dive-bomb people.

    Arratsday, Nevra 19, Year 1103

    After several days of effort, the party realized that no local would be willing to venture to Ardivan's Keep, so they decided to look farther afield. Leaving the spellcasters to their scribing et. al., Bran and the rest boarded a ferry to Eastlake.

    Mednrinsday, Nevra 21, Year 1103

    Bran et. al. arrived at Eastlake. They quickly located a young halfling lad named Nathaniel who was amenable to their requests. His father, it turns out, was a respected lawyer in town and the party has to sign a contract with hefty penalties (250 gp) if Nathaniel were to die or be permanently injured in the course of his duties. The group took ship back to Westlake in early evening.

    Demarasday, Nevra 23, Year 1103

    The barge the party members are one arrived at Westlake around 4:00 PM. The group was reunited and introduced to their new lackey.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 3rd level Rogue
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 3rd level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 3rd level Wizard
  • DJ a.k.a. Bran, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Absent:
  • Name not shown at player request a.k.a. Ownka "Jack" Rhunahein, Dwarf 2nd level Fighter (NPC)
  • Ryan Lake a.k.a. Cirdan Felagund, Elf 2nd level Druid
  • Romsday, Nevra 24, Year 1103

    The party sets out for Ardivan's Keep, which they are now calling Skyreach Keep. Despite the day being unseasonably warm and muggy, they make good time and the day's trip is uneventful.

    Haradsday, Nevra 25, Year 1103

    About 2 hours after midnight, the party is awoken by what sounds like a woman's scream. While investigating, they see a large, black feline which runs off into the trees to the west of the camp. The party then decides to return to their rest.

    Shortly after midday, a large trout comes dropping out of the air and lands on Cirdan. The party looks up and sees Cirdan's eagle companion circling overhead. Noticing the talonmarks on the trout, the deduce that the eagle was the one who dropped the fish. Suffice it to say, they are all delighted to be able to eat fresh fish for supper.

    The rest of the day passes without incident and the party arrives at the keep towards dusk. Elkin casts Make Whole upon the door to the northeast tower and they fort up there during the night.

    Arratsday, Nevra 26, Year 1103

    Aelwyn, Elkin and Bran spend a good part of the day repairing the drawbridge, using the chains Bran brought back from Westlake, while Elkin casts Make Whole upon the drawbridge proper. In the afternoon, Aelwyn and Jeroen fix up the alchemist's lab in the cellars.

    Tamorsday, Nevra 27, Year 1103

    Cirdan Felagund has troubling coaxing his eagle underground, so he decides to stay upon the surface and plant seeds in the courtyard so that he might be able to use Entangle there in the future. Nathaniel, the party's halfling servant starts taking care of the Paeder as well as cleaning some of the areas of the keep. The rest of the party heads down into the underground areas.

    The party heads down to the area where they left off in the last expedition. They have no difficulty in the cellars, but when passing a door to an area they had cleared out, they are surprised by a group of five ratlings. They kill four and knock one unconscious.They leave the unconscious ratling tied up, with Aelwyn's familiar to watch over it.

    The group comes across another couple of ratlings and kills them. They come to a room with two doors, one marked with some writing in Ratling. They head off through the door with the writing on it and head down a long corridor going south. After 50' of progress, they set off a scythe trap which slices Elkin up somewhat.

    After patching the wounded cleric, the party proceeds onward. They come across a Dire Rat and an ordinary black rat. They kill the Dire Rat, but the ordinary rat escapes through a pet door in an an otherwise ordinary door. They follow it.

    In the room the small rat escaped into, they come across a white ratling which calls up an Obscuring Mist and begins another spell. Thanks to a well-placed and well-timed Silence spell by Elkin, the ratling's spell is disrupted. After a short combat, the party dispatches the ratling and they search its lair.

    The ratlings lair turns out to have a fully-equipped alchemists lab. They also discover a small horde of platinum, the ratling's spellbook, and several other items, possibly magical ones.

    Exiting the ratling's lair to the east, they discover a stairway going down. The party decides that it would be best to finish clearing out the level they are on before proceeding downwards. They backtrack a ways, killing a few more ratlings they encounter, and then come across a room with a large circular pool.

    Looking in to the pool, the party spots a large, silvery glint at the bottom. Bran strips off his armor, the party ties a rope around his waist, and he dives into the pool...when the water itself seems to attack him.

    Aelwyn hypothesizes that Bran is being attacked by a creature from the Elemental Plane of Water, while Bran attempts to pull himself out. Just as Bran gets out of the pool, he is slapped by a wave, which knocks him unconscious. The party pulls him out of the room, and they use some healing salve to restore him, as Elkin is out of spells.

    Figuring discretion is the better part of valor, the party decides to head to the surface to recuperate, stopping to pick up their ratling prisoner on the way.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 3rd level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 3rd level Wizard
  • DJ a.k.a. Bran, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Ryan Lake a.k.a. Cirdan Felagund, Elf 2nd level Druid
  • Absent:
  • Name not shown at player request a.k.a. Ownka "Jack" Rhunahein, Dwarf 2nd level Fighter
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 3rd level Rogue
  • Tamorsday, Nevra 27, Year 1103

    The group makes it back to the north tower by 11:30 AM. Bran immediately collapses, feeling his wounds. They tie up their ratling prisoner and set watches. During Aelwyn's watch, the prisoner gnaws through his bonds and attempts to escape. Aelwyn easily renders him unconscious with a dagger, but the prisoner dies while Aelwyn seeks medical attention for him.

    Medrinsday, Nevra 28, Year 1103

    The party send Jeroen and Jack into town to sell the loot. Elkin and Cirdun heal the party members while Aelwyn begins working on alchemically identifying the reddish substance in the glass balls.

    Zamaksday, Nevra 29, Year 1103

    Elkin scribes a scroll. Aelwyn identifies the reddish substance as a spores that bear the disease called the Red Ache.

    Demarasday, Nevra 30, Year 1103

    Bran, Elkin, Aelwyn and Cirdun head down into the dungeon. Cirdun spots a secret door in an the party had passed through previously. The secret door leads to a small complex of four rooms that, due to the dust level, have been apparently undisturbed for a very long time time. In this complex of rooms, the party finds a small amount of gold and a small armory containing dwarven weapons - several of masterwork quality.

    Before heading back to the pool room where the party was attacked by the water, they examine a passage they had not taken previously. It leads to a couple of rooms with ratlings, which after a fierce combat, the party slays. Cirdun searches through their refuse heap for secret doors. While not finding any, he does acquire a unique aroma.

    The party heads back to the pool room, where they toss a ratling body in to the pool. When the body is attacked, Cirdun casts Faerie Fire to outline the creature attacking it. The outlined creature comes out of the pool, appearing to be little more than a pillar of water about 7' high. The party manages to kill the creature and searchs the pool. They find that glint from the bottom was from a Mithral Chain Shirt which Aelwyn immediately puts on.

    Continuing onwards, the party heads down a long passageway. At a turn in the corridor, Cirdun's keen Elvish senses detect a secret door. Upon opening the door, the party is overwhelmed by a noxious gas. They throw off its effects, and discover a 10' x 10' room that contains two heavy, iron-bound and locked chests made of oak.

    The party spends the rest of the day getting the chests and their other loot back to the surface, which they finish doing about 4 PM. Cirdun goes to bathe in the moat, while the party decides to wait for Jeroen to come back and pick the locks on the chests.

    Arrastday, Petrus 3, Year 1103

    Jeroen and Jack finally return. Jeroen picks the exceedingly difficult locks (DC 30) and the party finds that they chests are filled with gold, platinum and copper, as well as a few magic items.

    Tamorsday, Petrus 4, Year 1103

    Aelwyn identifies the magic items in the chests: a Gray Bag of Tricks, a Ring of Swimming, a Potion of Cat's Grace cast at third level and a Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, also at third level. The stick found earlier turns out to be a Wand of True Strike cast at level one, with eight charges. The white feather was identified as a Feather Token - Swan Boat

    Bran, Cirdun and Jeroen decide to take the loot back to town this time, and head back.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 3rd level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 3rd level Wizard
  • DJ a.k.a. Bran, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Ryan Lake a.k.a. Cirdan Felagund, Elf 2nd level Druid
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 3rd level Rogue
  • Absent:
  • Name not shown at player request a.k.a. Ownka "Jack" Rhunahein, Dwarf 2nd level Fighter

    Medrinsday, Petrus 5, Year 1103

    The group heading back to town makes slow progress, as they are heavily loaded down. Elkin and Aelwyn decide to spend their time scribing scrolls.

    Zamaksday, Petrus 6, Year 1103

    Bran, Cirdun and Jeroen encounter an ogre named Grod. Grod orders the party to give them the mule, Paeder, as he is hungry. Bran replies back, in Ogrish-accented Common, that Grod cannot have the mule. A melee ensues in which Bran and Jeroen are badly hurt, but Grod is also badly injured. Grod flees by jumping into the river and swimming away. Cirdun patches up the two wounded party members as best he can and they resume their journey.

    Demarasday, Petrus 7, Year 1103

    The trio arrive at Westlake. They purchase several weeks worth of food and supplies at Crazy Oddrick's. Jeroen is delighted to learn that the barding for his dog arrived, while Bran orders a Masterwork Alchemically Silvered Heavy Mace on behalf of Elkin.

    Romsday, Petrus 8, Year 1103

    Bran, Cirdun and Jeroen head back to Ardivan's Keep.

    Arratsday, Petrus 10, Year 1103

    After a journey without any notable happenings, the group arrives back at the keep late in the day.

    Tamorsday, Petrus 11, Year 1103

    The party heads down into dungeons beneath the keep. They finish exploring the first level of the ratling's lair, encountering a room with green slime dripping from the ceiling, and a stone face embedded into the wall at the end of a corridor.

    The face appears identical to the one that they have seen before. Bran is bold enough to touch it, and when he does, he feels his senses sharpen - his eyesight becomes keen and his hearing extraordinarily acute.

    The party heads down the stairway they found several weeks previously and comes out into a 40' x 50' room. The room has had some fortifications set up - rubble strewn on the floor, a pit blocking passage across it, and a short wall. Half-a-dozen ratlings are in the room, and a fierce battle ensues. Bran ends up jumping into the pit, and one of the ratlings escapes, but the rest are slaughtered by the party.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 3rd level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 3rd level Wizard
  • DJ a.k.a. Bran, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 3rd level Rogue
  • Absent:
  • Ryan Lake a.k.a. Cirdan Felagund, Elf 2nd level Druid (NPC)
  • Tamorsday, Petrus 11, Year 1103

    Bran leads the rest of the party in pursuit of the ratling that escaped. Coming to a door barred from the other side, they batter it down. They find the ratling that escaped along with four additional ones in the room behind the door. The party mercilessly slaughters the ratlings and begins looting the room, which looks something like a barracks. While the party is examining the room, Jeroen slips off to the north for some solo reconnaissance.

    Bran and Cirdun go after the wayward halfling, who they find scouring through an empty storage room. They check out an abandoned kitchen next to the storage room and are attacked by four 2-foot long centipedes inside some barrels of rotten grain. They slay the centipede and gather the rest of the group together.

    After some discussion on whether or not to search a latrine, the group decides not to, and proceeds onwards. They come across a group of six ratlings swimming in a pool in a large room. The party the unarmored ratlings and when they are just about to finish them off, a gelatinous cube squeezes through the entrance door to the room. It engulfs and paralyzes Elkin and paralyzes Aelwyn, but the party manages to slay it before Elkin or Aelwyn are killed.

    The party continues their exploration of the dungeon. They come to a barracks/bedchamber, which clearly has been used recently, but no ratlings are present. After a quick smash'n'loot job, they move on.

    The next room the party happens upon is a small armory. Unoccupied, the room is filled with a large number of weapons and armor, which the party makes plans to take with them.

    Cirdun's keen elven senses twice again prove their worth, as he ends up spotting two secret doors. The first leads to a small, very dusty room with a Heavy Warhammer and a Large Steel Shield on the wall. Written in Dwarven underneath the weapon and shield is the following inscription: "Wield Skullcrusher to smash in the race's foes and Heartwarder to defend you from their blows." Elkin immediately equips the warhammer and shield, while Cirdun casts Detect Magic on them. Both detect as magical.

    The next secret door leads to a long, dusty hallway, which ends in a door. The door opens into an even dustier small room. In the southeast section of this room is an altar made of black stone, with a grinning skull embossed in the middle its northwest face. 4 purplish stones are embedded in the skull, looking kind of like a double row of eyes. No one recognizes the symbol in the altar.

    Elkin enters the room, triggering a Glyph of Warding that summons a Fiendish Black Bear. The party vanquishes the bear and then spends 20 minutes arguing about whether or not the altar is trapped. Eventually Cirdun searches the altar and finds a hidden compartment - the apartment contains 2 pieces of incense, a vial of silvery liquid and an arcane Scroll of Haste, all of which detect as magical.

    The party overturns a couple of tables to use as a couple of travois to carry their loot. They head back to the entry chamber to the second dungeon level, where they are set upon by half-a-dozen ratlings that the group surmised had circled behind them. Elkin and Aelwyn charge into battle, much to the disgust of the party's heavy fighter (Bran). Despite their being surprised and the uncharacteristic tactics of the party, the ratlings are defeated and the group makes their way back to the surface.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 4th level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 4th level Wizard
  • DJ a.k.a. Bran, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 3rd level Rogue
  • Ryan Lake a.k.a. Cirdan Felagund, Elf 2nd level Druid/1st level Ranger
  • John Wood a.k.a. Kitaluma, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Medrinsday, Petrus 12, Year 1103

    Bran and Jeroen return to town. Aelwyn and Elkin start scribing scrolls. Cirdun watches over the keep and his plantings in the courtyard. Bran and Jeroen make slow progress due to being heavily laden down.

    Zamaksday, Petrus 13, Year 1103

    The day is very hot and humid, but nothing otherwise eventful happens.

    Demarasday, Petrus 14, Year 1103

    Once again Bran is awoken by a fish dropping out of the sky onto him. There is much speculation about whether or not, Cirdun's former eagle companion will teach this skill to others, or if it will die with him. The two party members resume their trek, making fairly good time , arriving in Westlake a couple of hours after noon.

    After disposing of their loot at Oddrick's, Oddrick tells Bran and Jeroen that there is a human who had stopped by looking for them. The human said that he would be waiting for them at the inn. They head to the inn, where they meet a human fighter named Kit. Kit hands them a note from their former companion, Ownka "Jack" Rhunahein. In poorly written Ithyrian, Jack explains that he had to leave upon family business and that he suggests they take Kit as a replacement.

    The duo talk it over with Kit and they agree that he can join their adventuring party.

    Romsday, Petrus 15, Year 1103

    Bran, Jeroen and Kit leave for Ardivan's Keep. Not burdened down by their treasure, they make excellent time heading back.

    Haradsday, Petrus 16, Year 1103

    The trio arrives back at the keep shortly after sunset and make preparations to head into the dungeons on the following day.

    Arratsday, Petrus 17, Year 1103

    The group heads down into the dungeons. They kill five ratlings in one of the rooms and then come upon a room barred from the outside, with a warning written in ratling to keep out. Bravely ignoring the warning message, they go through the barred door and end up facing a seven foot tall fire elemental. Retreating, they regroup. When the fire elemental follows them, they quickly dispatch it.

    After destroying the fire elemental, the group continues their exploration of the dungeon. In the very next room they explore, they encounter an even dozen ratlings. A ferocious battle is waged. Once again the ratlings impress the party with their organized battle tactics, but are still eventually slain to the last rat. The party, out of spells and wounded, decides to return to the surface to recuperate.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 4th level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 4th level Wizard
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 3rd level Rogue
  • John Wood a.k.a. Kitaluma, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Arratsday, Petrus 17, Year 1103

    The party comes back up from the dungeons below. There is a great argument upon how to divide up loot. They decide that in the future, an extra share will be set aside for party supplies and the crafting of party magic items.

    The party sets up watches for the night. Jeroen and Cirdun take the first watch, Aelwyn and Bran take the second watch and Kitaluma and Elkin take the second watch. Aelwyn falls asleep during his watch and no one wakes up Kitaluma and Elkin. When everyone does wake up, several hours after dawn, Bran is gone.

    The party, with the exception of Elkin, spends the rest of the morning searching for Bran, but can find no evidence of him or what happened to him.

    Tamorsday, Petrus 18, Year 1103

    Jeroen spends the day reading and practicing various skills. Kit works on creating various weird arrow types. Aelwyn spends the day brewing potions and Elkin scribes a scroll.

    Medrinsday, Petrus 19, Year 1103

    Jeroen spends a short amount of time fishing, catching a very large fish, which he hands off to Nathaniel to clean. He and Kitaluma head into town to dispose of their loot, leaving Aelwyn and Elkin behind to watch the keep and engage in the production of lesser magic items.

    Zamaksday, Petrus 20, Year 1103

    Jeroen spends some time on the trip to town looking for herbs to season fish, but other than that the day is uneventful, if rather hot.

    Romsday, Petrus 22, Year 1103

    Kitaluma and Jeroen arrive in Westake a couple hours before noon. They head to Oddrick's and dispose of their loot. Oddrick has the masterwork silvered mace that Elkin ordered, which Kitaluma says he will take to Elkin. Oddrick also has a couple of books for Jeroen: Red's Anatomy, a basic book on chirurgery and a couple of travelogues set in some plague years about 150 years ago.

    Kitaluma asks Oddrick to make a heavy mace that can encapsulate a vial of holy water and have that spread onto a foe when the mace hits.

    Haradsday, Petrus 23, Year 1103

    Jeroen and Kitaluma head back to Ardivan's Keep.

    Tamorsday, Petrus 25, Year 1103

    The duo arrive back at the keep safely after a rather boring trip.

    Medrinsday, Petrus 26, Year 1103

    The party heads back down into the dungeons. In the very next room, they run across three ratlings wielding greataxes who hide behind large 10' x 10' pits. One of the ratling sounds a gong, and the party engages them.

    Just as it looks as if the party has the upper-hand a large ratling enters the room through the southern door. It wears a breastplate, a heavy steel shield and swings a bastard sword one-handed. The party just manages to drop it, when even more reinforcements arrive, in the form of a gray-furred ratling wearing plate-mail and using clerical magic.

    The party manages to prevent the new ratling from healing any of the fallen ratlings and it retreats, covered by half-a-dozen ratlings that show up. They also retreat, shutting the south door behind them.

    The party decided to wait for the ratlings to re-enter the room and to ambush them as they do so. The party waits silenty for about fifteen minutes before losing patience. They send the cleric to open the southern door while the rest cover him from behind the pits.

    When the cleric opens the southern door, he finds himself facing thirteen ratlings and the ratling shaman. Thanks primarily to the archery of Kitaluma and the burning of most of the party's scrolls and potions. they kill seven of the ratlings and the rest retreat under the cover of an Obscuring Mist spell. Being out of spells and wounded, the party decides to retreat and heal up before proceeding further.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 4th level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 4th level Wizard
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 4th level Rogue
  • John Wood a.k.a. Kitaluma, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Medrinsday, Petrus 26, Year 1103

    The party returns to the north tower and rests.

    Zamaksday, Petrus 27, Year 1103

    The party engages in various activities. Kitaluma makes 30 different bolts for Aelwyn and they spend a great deal of time haggling over the price. Elkin spends his time scribing a scroll. Jeroen studies his book on the Goblin language, while Aelwyn scribes a scroll.

    Demarasday, Petrus 28, Year 1103

    Kitaluma attempts to make arrows that use thunderstones as arrowheads. Aelwyn writes another scroll. Elkin does nothing much for the day. Jeroen goes over the party's recent experiences in his head and towards the end of the day he has an epiphany.

    Romsday, Petrus 29, Year 1103

    In a fluke, Kitaluma makes five special arrows that can carry thunderstones in the place of arrowheads. Realizing that he is unlikely to ever repeat the process, he decides to save them for a special occasion. Aelwyn scribes yet another scroll, while Elkin celebrates Romsday. Jeroen finally grasps the fundamentals of Goblin, as well as understanding various other skills to a degree he had not done before.

    Haradsday, Petrus 30, Year 1103

    The party heads back down into the tunnels beneath Ardivan's Keep, Kitaluma taking point. The trip is uneventful until they go down the stairs to the second dungeon level. Kitaluma nearly trips on a stair step that had been carefully oiled. Jeroen disables it and they proceed.

    As Kitaluma steps off of the stair into the second level, a large reddish-brown canine with red eyes and flames coming out it its mouth appears in front of him. It breathes fire on him and he finds himself attacked by ten zombified ratlings. Kitaluma retreats back to the stairs and the party makes a stand there.

    Kitaluma attacks and then retreats up the stairs a little ways. Elkin decides to stand and fight, making several attempts to use the power of Romath to turn the zombies. Each time, the dwarf feels an unholy power bolstering them against his turning attempts. While he does this, Kitaluma slays the hellhound with his arrows. The other party members shoot at the zombies to little effect.

    Sometime during the earlier stages of the battle, a Silence spell is placed upon the area where the party is fighting. After being severely wounded and unable to heal himself due to the Silence, Elkin retreats up the stairs and out of the spell's effect. This has the unfortunate effect of leaving Jeroen in front, face-to-face with the ratling zombies.

    Jeroen retreats up the stairs, accidentally shooting a bolt in the general direction of Elkin. Kitaluma then takes point and after nearly three minutes of ferocious combat, the party manages to slay the ratling zombies.

    The party then proceeds into the room, whereupon they learn that the zombies were not alone. The barricade near the north wall has been moved next to the pit and eight ratling archers stand on the far side, backed up by the ratling shaman. Another ferocious battle ensues.

    With the expenditure of much magic and alchemical weapons (courtesy of Jeroen), the party defeats the ratlings. The shaman and one of his ratling archers escape again, covered by an Obscuring Mist spell.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 4th level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 4th level Wizard
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 4th level Rogue
  • John Wood a.k.a. Kitaluma, Human 2nd level Fighter
  • Haradsday, Petrus 30, Year 1103

    After a quick consultation, the group decides to follow after the ratling shaman, rather than heading out and resting up. They head out the north door and onto his trail.

    The party is very careful to inspect every room as they pass, fearing an ambush from an already "cleared" room or chamber, so they make slow progress. So careful are they to make sure that every room is inspected, that they manage to retrigger the Glyph of Warding they found on Petrus 11.

    After defeating the Fiendish Black Bear the glyph summoned, the party searches several areas they had no explored before, finding no ratling. Kitaluma nearly steps into a pit trap in a corridor. After that, the party doubles back to the pit room where they fought the ratling bodyguards. Crossing the threshold to the room, they trigger yet another Glyph of Warding, this one summoning a hell-hound. They quickly dispatch the fiendish canine, taking several burns in the process, which the cleric heals up.

    Now in unknown territory, the party proceeds cautiously. They encounter a group of six ratlings,which they slay handily. Looking at the party map, they deduce that a passage to the north and west must connect to the area they are in. Hearing some noise to the west, they lay a trap to lure any ratlings hiding in the west out. The party heads to the north passage attempting to ambush said ratlings coming from the rear. Jeroen stays to the rear to head of any ratlings coming from the west.

    Unfortunately for the party, the passageway to the north doesn't connect. Instead it leads to a large room with concentric red circles painted in the center, an altar against the east wall and a throne-like chair against the west.

    Elkin runs back to the south, yelling. Jeroen, hearing him, slips through a southern door and waits in the darkness. After much confusion, the party regroups and heads to the west. They find four ratlings guarding a room with a southern door. Said door is barred from the ratling side and a 15' deep pit crosses the entire room from the west to the east, cutting off the passage to the door.

    The party kills the ratlings and then decides to head up to the surface, being wounded and out of spells.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 5th level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 5th level Wizard
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 4th level Rogue
  • John Wood a.k.a. Kitaluma, Human 4th level Fighter
  • Haradsday, Petrus 30, Year 1103

    The party returns to the north tower and rests for the night.

    Arratsday, Arvandus 1, Year 1103

    Elkin spends the day scribing a scroll. Aelwyn, Jeroen and Kitaluma train.

    Tamorsday, Arvandus 2, Year 1103

    Aekwyn spends the day scribing a scroll, while again the rest of the party trains.

    Medrinsday, Arvandus 3, Year 1103

    More rest and reflection as most of the group level up.

    Zamaksday, Arvandus 4, Year 1103

    The party decides to head to Westlake to purchase supplies and from there to go to Eastlake or farther to hire guards for the keep.

    Demarasday, Arvandus 5, Year 1103

    An uneventful day, but Elkin is startled when he is on watch by an owl hooting. After a moment, he relaxes and the night passes without further incident.

    Romsday, Arvandus 6, Year 1103

    Once again, Elkin hears an owl hoot during his watch. Ignoring it, the party is ambushed by eleven hobgoblins. A terrible fight ensues, with Aelwyn, Jeroen, their halfling servant Nathaniel and Jeroen's riding dog being knocked out before the hobgoblins are defeated. One hobgoblin escapes.

    After patching themselves up as best they can, the party resumes their trek in the morning and arrive at Westlake near dusk.

    Haradsay, Arvandus 7, Year 1103

    The party spends the day purchasing supplies and planning on heading to Eastlake. Several of the members also make donations at the Church of the Threefold Way

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master 
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 5th level Priest of Romath
  • John Gibson a.k.a. Aelwyn Dang-Vu, Human 5th level Wizard
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 4th level Rogue
  • Arratsday, Arvandus 8, Year 1103

    Aelwyn, Elkin and Jeroen take a barge to Eastlake. Kitaluma and Nathaniel take the supplies the party purchased back to Ardivan's Keep.

    Zamaksday, Arvandus 11, Year 1103

    Aelwyn, Elkin and Jeroen arrive in Eastlake. A passerby directs them to the Rusty Dragon Inn, a semi-seedy hostel and tavern on the edge of town. They spend the next ten days looking for men-at-arms to hire, posting notices, etc.

    The party learns that there are several wars heating up in the bandit kingdoms to the east and realize that hiring mercenaries will be difficult. Despite that, over the course of their ten-day sojourn, they manage to hire five men-at-arms. Tomas, Rikard and Harold are brothers. Along with their friend, Guillam, they have no more than a little militia experience. (DM Note: They are first level warriors.) The fourth, Marcus of Yevik, spent about 2 years in the Army of Domas and is a veteran. (DM Note: In this case, he is a first level fighter.)

    After some negotiation, the party agrees to pay the four warriors 25 gp per month. They make Marcus the squad leader and agree upon a wage of 30 gp per month for him. All wages are due at the beginning of each month.

    Haradsday, Arvandus 21, Year 1103

    The now enlarged party heads back to Westlake.

    Medrinsday, Arvandus 24, Year 1103

    The party arrives at Westlake. They check in briefly with Oddrick but do not stay the night in the village. Instead, they head directly back to Ardivan's Keep.

    Demarasday, Arvandus 26, Year 1103

    The first day of travel was uneventful but about noon on the second day the party hears a dog barking in the distance. The barks quickly turn to yelps, which are then cut off. Investigating, the party discovers what appears to be two-dozen black squirrels feasting on a freshly-killed mastiff. Several of the squirrels look up from their meal and eye Jeroen's dog, Kitty, hungrily.

    Before the squirrels can make a move, however, Aelwyn turns them into Squirrel Flambé with a well-timed and well-placed fireball. After investigating the remains, the party proceeds onwards.

    Late in the afternoon, the party is ambushed by a forest troll. The new men-at-arms prove their worth, dealing most of the damage to the troll. The party kills it and Jeroen burns the body.

    Romsday, Arvandus 27, Year 1103

    The party arrives back at the keep. Kitaluma is nowhere to be found. Nathaniel says that the last he saw him was before bed the previous night. The new men-at-arms are a little alarmed to learn that several party members have mysteriously disappeared in the night, but Jeroen attempts to reassure them.

    The party spends the rest of the day getting the keep and their new guard force organized.

    Haradsay, Arvandus 28, Year 1103

    Deciding not to wait for Kitaluma's return, Aelwyn, Elkin and Jeroen descend into the dungeon. They set off two Glyph's Of Warding, Jeroen runs into some razorwire, and Aelwyn falls into a 20' deep covered pit. They don't encounter any creatures.

    The session ends with Jeroen and Aelwyn on the western side of the pit and Kitty and Elkin on the northern side.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master
  • Mike Latta a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 5th level Priest of Romath
  • John Wood a.k.a. Kitaluma, Human 4th level Fighter
  • Paul Graham a.k.a. Bazese Al'Goman, Elven 3rd level Bard
  • Haradsay, Arvandus 28, Year 1103

    After getting out of the pit, it turns out that Aelwyn sprained his ankle, in one of those rare, 1 in 10,000 injuries that are resistant to magic healing. They decide to return to the surface and wait for Aelwyn's ankle to heal naturally.

    When arriving back at the surface, the party finds that Kitaluma has returned. Apparently he had been out hunting for several days, as evidenced by the nice, white-tailed deer that he displays.

    After the brief reunion, Jeroen and Elkin take the injured wizard to his room and tend to his ankle. Kitaluma takes care of the necessary butchering of his deer carcass. During his bloody busines Tomas approaches Kitaluma and tells him that there is a stranger at the gate of the keep.

    Kitaluma greets the stranger, an Elven Bard by the name of Bazese Al'Goman. Bazese displays his Adventurer's Guild badge and speaks to Kitaluma. Bazese tells Kitaluma that he was planning on exploring a ruined wizard's keep out in the west and that when he arrived in Westlake he was directed to Ardivan's Keep by the smith, Oddrick Forkbeard.

    Kitaluma opens the gate and lets Bazese into the keep. They quickly determine that Ardivan's Keep is not the ruin that Bazese was looking for, which lies to the south and west. Bazese is introduced to the rest of the party and takes them up on the invitation to join their group for the exploration of this ruined wizard's keep.

    While Jeroen tends to Aelwyn, Elkin and Kitaluma decide to show Bazese around the keep, including the dungeons. They get down into the second ratling level and find the connecting passage to the pit Aelwyn fell into. They discover a latrine upon which Bazese casts Detect Magic. Bazese notes that there is indeed something magical at the bottom of the latrine but the group decides to leave the sewage-diving to the trip up.

    Upon entering the room with the three pits, Bazese triggers a Glyph of Warding which summons a Fiendish Black Bear. The party dispatches it although Bazese is wounded. Proceeding onward, the party encounters 10 ratling zombies. Elkin manages to destroy five of them with his Turn Undead but the rest engage the party in a ferocious combat. Bazese is knocked unconscious twice only to be restored by Elkin. Eventually, the party dispatches the zombies and the session ends.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master
  • John Wood a.k.a. Kitaluma, Human 4th level Fighter
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 4th level Rogue
  • Elkin, Dwarven 5th level Priest of Romath (NPC as the player was absent)
  • Haradsday, Arvandus 28, Year 1103

    The party heads back up to the surface to rest up. Bazese says that he will look after the wizard while the rest of the party adventures.

    Arratsday, Arvandus 29, Year 1103

    Kitaluma, Jeroen and Elkin head back underground. There first step is to head down to the latrine where Bazese detected something magical beneath the surface. After tying a rope to the Elkin, so he can use the stocky dwarf as an anchor, Kitaluma crawls through the trapdoor and dives beneath the surface liquid.

    Kitaluma resurfaces bearing a high-quality dagger in his hand, which Elkin verifies is magical. Kitaluma tosses the dagger up through the trapdoor and nimbly climbs up the slick, damp rope. The party then strongly encourages Kitaluma to take quick dip in the ratling pool.

    The party takes the dagger up to the surface to have Aelwyn analyze it. Aelwyn casts Identify on the dagger and he determines it is a Dagger +1.

    Jeroen carries the dagger for the moment and the party heads back down.

    The party decides to explore the southwestern area of the second dungeon level. After passing through a couple of empty rooms, Jeroen enters a 20' x30' room and is attacked by a five-foot long cockroach. The smell from the cockroach nauseates the weak-stomached dwarf, but otherwise doesn't affect the rest of the party.

    The roach takes several bites out of Jeroen but Elkin keeps healing him while Kitaluma places several arrows into it. On the 4th road of combat, Kitaluma discards the bow and wades into hand-to-hand combat, easily finishing it off.

    Kitaluma then takes some of the musk from the cockroach scent gland and places it in a vial.

    The party proceeds down a south hallway which turns east and then becomes a four way intersection. Just east of the intersection is a door, at which Jeroen spends several minutes investigating.

    Listening at the door, Jeroen hears a rumbling. Kitaluma and Jeroen have a quick rock/paper/scissors contest to see who has the honor of opening the door. After tying 3 times, they decide to have the dwarf open it.

    They enter a large room with a refuse heap in the eastern 10' section. Something golden glints off of the refuse. Despite that they proceed cautiously, with Jeroen approaching the heap, Kitaluma covering him with his bow and Elkin guarding the door.

    As Jeroen approaches the refuse pile, he is attacked by two long tentacles covered in rough, thorny protrusions that end in leaf-like appendages. The tentacles are attached to a bloated, rock-like ovoid about 8 feet in diameter. At the top of the ovoid creature they see it has a hideous gash for a mouth, with three rows of needle-sharp teeth. The golden glint appears to have been from gold pieces wedged into the creatures rocky hid.

    Jeroen and Kitaluma both attack the creature with alchemical fire, setting the refuse heap on fire. The next round Jeroen's aim is off as acid he throws on the monster ends up splashing Kitaluma. Jeroen squeaks out, "Sorry!", while Kitaluma heroically melees the creature, taking a vicious attack of opportunity for 6 points of damage.

    After several rounds of combat, dodging firebombs thrown by Jeroen of the Poor Aim, Kitaluma manages to get a in a killing strike.

    Jeroen manages to dig 500 gp out of the hide of the monster, and they search the room as the refuse heap fire slowly fills the area with smoke. Coughing and wheezing from the smoke, the party retreats from the room after about 30 seconds. While doing so, Kitaluma cuts off one of the tentacles and uses to block the smoke from coming under the door.

    After more searching, the party comes across what they think is a ratling training area. In a hallway to the east that dead ends, they finds a stone faces that is embedded into the wall. It appears identical to the one they saw one the level above. Deciding discretion is the better part of valor, they decide not to touch the face.

    The party backtracks to an unexplored area. They come across door, barred from their side. Unbarring the door, it opens into a long hallway that leads into several rooms covered with webbing.

    The party is attacked by 3 large spiders but holds them off in the hallway. The spiders are quickly dispatched. Despite being bitten half-a-dozen times, Kitaluma's innate Fortitude enables him to resist the monstrous arachnid venom. After the combat, he extracts some venom from one of the fallen eight-legged monstrosities, placing it in a vial.

    Searching the spider's lair, the find the desiccated body of a ratling that they presume was a victim of the spiders. Looting the body, they proceed out a southern door from the spider's lair. The door opens into a hallway going west, which ends with a strange bifurcated metal door in the south wall.

    Jeroen presses a red triangular button next to the door, and the strange doors slide into walls. Beyond the door is a 10' x 10' room with wall made completely out of metal. On the south wall is a yellow right triangle apparently painted on the wall. To the west of the triangle is a red triangular button and to the right of the triangle is a blue triangular button.

    Jeroen ventures into the room. Pressing the red button, he quickly determines that it opens and closes the door. He then presses the blue button.

    The doors close and the room vibrates slightly. Jeroen feels slightly lighter for a moment. The yellow triangle shrinks from the large end. After about 30 seconds, the vibration stops and the yellow triangle appears to be almost gone.

    Jeroen presses the red button and the doors open. To the north is not the hallway he left behind, but what appears to be a natural cavern on three sides. The fourth (North) wall appears to be worked stone. In the middle of the north wall, is a set of wooden double-doors, with a huge bar across them, keeping them shut. Above the double doors, is some engraved writing in Common.

    The writing reads, "Disturb not the rest of Dalk'Nzar, lest you join him in eternal damnation."

    Thinking that he is all alone, Jeroen decides that not disturbing Dalk'Nzar, whoever he or she may be might be a good idea. He turns to leave and notices a small symbol etched into the stone just above the double doors.

    Jeroen enters the metal room and presses the blue button. Nothing happens. After repeating this several times, he notices that the yellow triangle appears to be growing. He sits down and waits.

    After several hours, Jeroen's sunrod expires, leaving him alone in the dark. He can still see the yellow triangle and buttons as they glow slightly.

    Meanwhile, back at the double doors south and west of the spiders' lair, Elkin and Kitaluma grow concerned. They attempt to force the doors, but are unable to. Pressing the button does nothing either. After about 30 minutes, they decide to confer with the party back on the surface. Elkin and Kitaluma head up but Kitty will not follow them.

    After what seems like forever, but is actually about 8 hours, Jeroen's pressing of the blue button results in the metal doors sliding shut and the room beginning to vibrate slightly. Jeroen feels heavy for a moment and the yellow triangle once again shrinks. After about 30 seconds, the metal doors slide open and Jeroen is reunited with his faithful dog, Kitty.

    Jeroen fumbles around for a spare sunrod on Kitty. Lighting it, he heads back to the surface, stopping the inspect the room where the party killed the ovoid monster. Finding nothing of interest (i.e. valuable), Jeroen makes haste to get out of the dungeon.

  • Matt Harris a.k.a. the Dungeon Master
  • John Wood a.k.a. Kitaluma, Human 5th level Fighter
  • Christian Shea, a.k.a. Jeroen Pratt, Halfling 5th level Rogue
  • Mike Latta, a.k.a. Elkin, Dwarven 6th level Priest of Romath
  • Rich Flickstein, a.k.a. Kreiger Smith, Human 3rd level Fighter
  • Arratsday, Arvandus 29, Year 1103

    Jeroen arrives back at the top of the keep top near dusk. About the same time, one of the guards (Tomas) informs Kitaluma that there is a stranger at the gate.

    Kitaluma heads to the gate, where he meets Kreiger Smith. After seeing that Kreiger has an Adventurer's Guild membership badge, Kitaluma and Kreiger exchange blows as a form of greeting. Hearing the noise, Jeroen charges out of the keep and points his crossbow at them, demanding to know what is going on.

    After a brief conversation and archery contest, Kitaluma takes Kreiger around the keep and introduces him to everyone.

    Tamorsday, Arvandus 30, 1103

    After being trapped alone in the dark for most of the previous day, Jeroen decides spend the rest of the day frolicing in natural surroundings right outside the keep. Kreiger and Kitaluma spend the day pounding on each other and doing various other forms of combat practice. Elkin spends the day meditating under the sun.

    Medrinsday, Septimus 1, 1103

    The party spends more time practicing their skills.

    Zamaksday, Septimus 2, 1103

    Waking up refreshed and feeling more experienced (Kitaluma, Jeroen and Elkin leveled), the party heads back down in to the dungeon. Jeroen spends much of the time babbling about a "Gateway to Hell" while the rest of the party ignores him.

    The party searches the northwestern section of the second ratling dungeon level, which they had not yet explorered. Kitaluma and Elkin bash a defenseless wooden altar into splinters. Kitaluma then draws happy faces with peaceful slogans on the wall with a stick of chalk, in an attempt to deface an evil dedications in the area.

    Other than some furs, the lair seems abandoned. The party finds a note written in Ratling in a couple of otherwise empty chests. Elkin casts Comprehend Languages on the note. It reads:

    You win, humans. The lair we took is now yours. May you have it as long as we did and come to the same end. We seek our fortune elsewhere and will have revenge.

    Seeing the level appears to have been cleaned out, the party decides to investigate the small metal room they discovered in their last trip. Jeroen starts babbling some more about the "Gate To Hell" and refuses to enter the room.

    Right as Kreiger presses the blue button, Kitaluma grabs Jeroen and pulls him into the metal room. righteously pissing off the halfling. The Jeroen stabs Kitaluma several times with his dagger, before throwing it at Kreiger. All the while, the room rumbles and groans. After about 30 seconds, the metal doors reopen, revealing the same cavern Jeroen saw last time.