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Tara_MaclayI was just talking about what K&C were talkimg about
Tara_MaclayHey MattH
JainieGhi, Matt :)
MattHHello all
aileeenhiya Matt.
eirefaerieif they kill off all the potential slayers, then all they have to do is kill off buffy and faith in order to rule the world - that was my thought
vverzwhich could force the Dawn as slayer issue
Tara_Maclayfaith needs to get out of jail though
eirefaeriewell - but it would be easier to kill her in her cell, yes?
aileeenor could make a quick end to the show if they decide to not continue.
Tara_Maclayalthough I did read something on that
Tara_Maclayit's from a mag but i don't know if that qualifies as a spoiler
eirefaerieof course, i used to think lots of things - but then Joss mostly pulled the rug out from under me
eirefaeriei think I know what you're referring to, mark
Tara_Maclayif it was for the Tara thing,
Tara_Maclayeveryone forgets that Tara WAS NOT the first gay character they killed off
FireCatbrb Rebooty type person
MattHAnyone before Larry?
JainieGoh, Larry! duh!
Tara_Maclayno just Larry
JainieGI liked Larry... *pout*
MattHSame here - could have used him a lot more.
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Tara_Maclayok, Apologies, just everyone on my lists seems to forget him
mavhcalias and buffy both did a Run Lola, Run homage, but it's fun to notice the people saying buffy ripped off Alias
JainieGlol... yeah...
JainieGMattH> he was so much more pleasant once he came out...
mavhcso morphy, is he evil?
JainieGI wanna say no.
eirefaerieah, morphy, i like to think he's evil
paradymeyeah, evil
MattHMaybe evil, but except for the first season, we have never seen the big bad on the first episode.
paradymewell, we saw The Initiative in the Freshman
vverzthe tremors creatures were ridiculous
mavhcthat's the thing, plus going from morphy to "there's a big evil coming", could be toooooo obvious
mavhcridiculous? why?
JainieGI thought they looked neat! I mean, hey - definite step up from the key-sniffing snake...
corwin1they are playing up the big evil real early
MattHI don't think they count as the "Big Bad" , though they did create it (Adam)
mavhcI loved the key sniffing snake, great sfx for tv
paradymewell, it might not be the BIG evil, but it might be something sensing the Big evil
MattHIndeed - and warning about it.
mavhcmorphy's involved with the potentional slayer killings somehow
mavhche's got a plan
eirefaerieit's the Little Bad of the season, maybe (like Faith, the Principal, Maggie Walsh, etc)
JainieGcould be that the cloaked guys are BigBig Bad followers?
eirefaerieI like Principal McHottie, too
paradymemost likely
MattHAlso, the last time Buffy gave here "power" speech, it was to the watcher's council. My guess is that the big bad is the council.
JainieGme, too. like Principal Wood (and that is just such an unfortunate name)...
mavhcgood point
eirefaerieooh, good one Matt
paradymenow see, that I would love to see, an Evil Council
eirefaerieis it, Jainie? ;)
mavhcevil faction
corwin1well if its the council im not worried....they seem pretty incompetent...except for giles...hehe
mavhcpissed off that the slayers disowned them
Tara_Maclay2 epis shown, and still not even a mention of Tara
MattHPossible - a faction fight in the council
JainieGeire> bwaaaa... depends on how ... okay, won't finish that thought.
paradymeI Figure, they'll mention Tara when Willow comes home
vverzdon't forget the wet works guys - they aren't all incompetent
paradymeif not...I'll be ticked
MattHIt is possible council members are killing of recalcitrant potential slayers prior to making sure the next slayer is called.
mavhc"hey everyone, remember tara, she's dead, that makes us sad. ok, back to quipping"
mavhcdoesn't really work, no point until willow comes back
JainieGGiles...! *happy sigh*
paradymeyeah, making sure they don't get any more independent thinking slayers
JainieGnip that in the bud.
eirefaerieplus, let's not forget that it's been three months - there also hasn't been a mention (by the scoobs) of WIllow
mavhcyeah, they talked about it in the week after 6.22
eirefaerieI think Willow and Tara's death is just the big white elephant in the room right now
MattHOn screen anyway -
MattHRemember Xanders comment about "this is the gang"
paradymethat made me a little sad
eirefaerieme too
Tara_MaclayI could say something, but more spoilers maybe
corwin1do you think nancy will be back
mavhcthe gang was originally 3/4 people
eirefaerieno spoilers! ack! spoilers evil!
paradymenow, it's really just two
eirefaerieno, i don't corwin
eirefaerieat least i hope not - i didn't like Nancy
paradymeI doubt we'll see her again
corwin1i thought initially...hmmm new xander love interest
Tara_Maclaymost likely
corwin1but you are probably right...too crazy for her...the whole scooby way of life
vverzprobably just a plot device to home in on xanders sucky women skills
Tara_Maclayno, X/N not really going to happen
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corwin1anyone want xander back with anya
eirefaeriewell, she just ran away when her ex was laying there, run through, on the street
MattHI am on some BX fanfiction lists - and these last two expisodes have them rejoicing.
paradymelol I am sure
paradymeit is such a homey vibe
JainieGeire> I think you answered our question - NANCY's the BigBig Bad! lol
eirefaeriereally? Buffy and Xander? shudder. No passion.
paradymeXander driving the wife and kid to school :)
eirefaerielol, Jainie
JainieGB/X... ucka.
MattHPlus, "back to the beginning". Xander's first season crush on Buffy....
Tara_MaclayI don't know
JainieGdouble ucka.
paradymeit is really the one ship they haven't explored
eirefaeriei guess . . . *makes icky face*
JainieGthat doesn't mean they have to! *nosewrinkle*
Tara_Maclaythat and the Xander/Spike one
paradymeI loved that look
eirefaerieyay, that was CLASSIC last night bout that looke they had
JainieGnow, that I wouldn't mind! Spike/Xander = yum.
eirefaeriehas everyone here slept together?
JainieGsome basement smoochies.
corwin1i was
mavhcxander is the only person who'd be good for buffy
Tara_Maclaywonder when K&C will get to it
JainieGmav> good... but boring.
Tara_MaclaySpike talking to Amy
JainieGmight as well give me a nice, heavy dose of Nightol.
Tara_Maclayoops, the rat
eirefaeriei agree. I love Xander, really, but he isn't bad enough for Buffy
paradymesame thing
corwin1anyone else think that it was spike from season 5 when he showed up at buffys house
mavhcIt was the viewers' acceptance of Spike as one of the good guys on the show that inspired Noxon and Whedon to make him try to rape Buffy as an act of desperation to be close to her. "People kept saying, You know, Spike's a really great guy, he's so great," Noxon explains. "I'm like, I know, he's come a long way. But in his heart of hearts, he still doesn't quite know the difference between right and wrong. We really wanted to
eirefaeriei thought it was a spikebot
paradymeugh I read that.....
mavhcI thoguht it was morphy
eirefaeriecould've been morphy
JainieGInternational Male catalogue... mehehehehe.
eirefaerieit was frightening how sane spike can act
*** FireCat ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
vverzI don't know - they went so far to make him evil again I don't know if they can bring Spike back to the semi-good guy they seem to want
JainieGres FC :)
Tara_Maclaywell, James did win #1 in the SFX Sexiest Men poll
eirefaeriehe did? yay James!
JainieGvverz> I don't know why they couldn't. I mean, they made Angel good and gave him his own show! :p
JainieGand yayyyyyyy James! *bounce*
mavhcso smitten
Tara_MaclayDavid got #2 and ASH got #8
eirefaeriei'd vote for ASH over David, but that's just me
JainieGme, too, eire.
aileeenI'm with you on that eire.
Tara_Maclayon the Women side - #10 Emma, #8 Amber, #4 Aly, #3 Charisma, #2SMG
JainieGyay Amber!
eirefaeriei agree with K and C, I am glad that Perfect!Spike said he didn't go there to atone
eirefaerieYay Amber and Emma!
Tara_MaclayI think Avril L.
corwin1quick side note....aly is gonna be on conan o'brien tonight
Tara_Maclaywhat time
corwin1its 12:30 est
Tara_MaclaySettin the VCR now
eirefaeriehey, question regarding Seeing Red flashback- I got the feeling that both Buffy and Spike had that flashback to the att. rape-anyone else?
Tara_MaclayI'll dbl check, I think that Spike knew what Buffy was thinking though
JainieGeire> possibly.
paradymeI think if Spike had had that flashback, it might have freaked him out more
* FireCat just has to say her peace : That was not an attempted rape, that was simple physical assault.
*** EastGoddessCarey ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
JainieGpara> *nodnod* I agree. his mask would have slipped even faster than before.
corwin1sorry...i disagree
EastGoddessCareyhey all
corwin1hiya east
Tara_MaclayHi EGC
MattHLooked like attempted rape to me...
JainieGhi, EGC :)
aileeenhiya egc :)
paradymeme too
mavhcand to buffy
FireCatcorwin : I just have to say that because I *have* been raped, and I have had rape attempted on me
JainieGit was a physical assault with sexual overtones.
corwin1im sorry to hear that firecat
Tara_Maclayas am I
*** Bob64 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
eirefaerieme too, FireCat :-(
corwin1hey bob
JainieGhey Bob :)
paradymehaving Ally McBeal flashbacks
aileeenhi bob
Bob64hey folks.
FireCatI'm not saying that it wasn't traumatizing, because any physical assault is
FireCatBut ... I just have to disagree with everyone calling it "attempted rape"
eirefaeriei'm grooving to Barry - and thinking of that ridiculous scene with Willow and Oz (not ridiculous in a bad way-just funny)
corwin1lol eire
Bob64I'd go with simple sexual assault.
JainieGsomebody on a list I'm on broke out the law books and it said that rape was defined by intent. Spike didn't go into that bathroom intending to rape Buffy.
FireCatBob : That wouldn't fly in a court of law, simple sexual assault requires there to have been sexual contact
eirefaeriethat scene is so hard to think about - especially for a Spuffy person
JainieGeire> yup. I'm more of a Spikegirl than a Spuffy girl, but I can't watch it.
paradymeI'm not a Spuffy person, and even I can't think about it
mavhcthe people who make the show and are on the show called it that though
eirefaerieit's mens rea - Spike wasn't perhaps trying to rape her in the sense of "rape", but he was trying to hold some power over her
FireCatMav : That doesn't make them right
mavhcbut it's tv
Bob64firecat: well, simple assault doesn't describe it adequately.
Bob64I could live with assault though.
FireCatIf ME said the sky was green, would you go with that?
mavhcin buffyverse, yes
corwin1its definitely a touchy subject and hard to discuss but i guess they have to
MattHIf it was green
JainieGI mean, I've heard that some people are considering the 'service the girl' part of the last sequence in BY was 'sexual harrassment'...
Bob64Well, if they want to have the sky green, they can.
eirefaeriei'll say this- either way, it was a nasty, nasty dirty thing for ME to do to us just to remind us that Spike is Bad
eirefaeriei don't see that, Jainie
paradymeyeah, it was
Bob64Take a bit of their editing budget, but it's doable.
JainieGeire> I know, I don't either... but that's what some Ducks are saying.
eirefaerieI think Spike still thinks that Buffy only wants him as a sexual object
EastGoddessCareyoh offense to anyone, but I do not like IRC....I miss yahoo chat lol
eirefaerieand that's what the "service the girl" comment meant
JainieGeire> yup.
mavhcEastGoddessCarey: why?
EastGoddessCareytoo confusing
eirefaerieyeah, but no one could get on, Carey
JainieGYahooChat is icky.
EastGoddessCareyI'm not big on the chat
JainieGand buggy.
corwin1i like irc
mavhcyou're not used to it though
EastGoddessCareyso this is confusin
paradymeI like this better
JainieGirc roolz.
mavhcirc has worked for 12 years or so
corwin1hey you did the hardest part found the room...its all downhill from here :)
mavhcplus it's an open standard so you can use any client
JainieGyup hehe
EastGoddessCareysigh...I know I'll have to give in but....sigh
MattHI am using Trillian as a client - connects to Yahoo, ICQ, et. al.
JainieGMatt> Me, too :D
EastGoddessCareyyeah I need a new client cause mIRC is gonna charge me $20 in a month
*** faithsarielle ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
EastGoddessCareymy friend uses Trillian
paradymeTrillian is good, I used to use it
mavhc$20 a month? why?
corwin1hiya faithsarielle
EastGoddessCareymIRC requires you register now
Bob64EastGoddessCarey: visualirc
Tara_MaclayI set this up to hopw that K&C or Ethan would join cause Ethan couldn't get into Yahoo with his computer
mavhcregister once
aileeenhiya faithsarielle
faithsariellegood lord it's been forever since i've used mirc :-)
EastGoddessCareyawww :(
mavhcdoesn't require you to anyway
JainieGEGC> Yeah, Trillian is good...! compatible with Yahoo, Irc, AIM :)
faithsariellehi guys
corwin1yeah it would be cool if ethan showed up here
*** kessie ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
mavhcjust asks you to
corwin1hiya kessie
mavhcpeople say trillian isn't good for irc
JainieGhi kessie :)
aileeenhi kessie
corwin1yeah just dont register :)
MattHI am using it now...
JainieGseems fine to me and I've used nearly every IRC program available.
Tara_Maclayhi guys
EastGoddessCareyI knew people by their Yahoo names...damn....anyone that's in here in yahoo last week?
Bob64trillian has issues.
Bob64It's fine for text, but don't try dcc.
EastGoddessCareythat's okay I don't know what dcc is
mavhcI've had mirc running for 6 weeks constantly in use
Tara_Maclayme niether
Tara_Maclaythat would explain it
eirefaeriei just downloaded it today - don't make me download something else! Too hard for me
mavhcneed to slap people who call IRC mIRC though
EastGoddessCareymavhc....sorry slap me...I just did that to Candy...I called during the break
Tara_Maclaywhat the hell is the M for?/
Tara_Maclaywhat Microdoft??
EastGoddessCareyand said " have got to get rid of that mIRC chat..."
mavhcmardam I think
mavhcthe author
eirefaerieback to BtVS, (laughs) What is up with Xander not even defending Anya when SPike hits her?
Bob64Tara_Maclay: the name of the author, some guy in the UK.
Tara_Maclaythats ok EGC
paradymeI think Buffy just stepped in first
EastGoddessCareyI had to have my friend walk me through the connection process
eirefaerieokay. still bothersome, though
paradymei know
Tara_MaclaySpike didn't want Anya to say anything
paradymeeither that, or he just figured Anya was a demon and could take care of herself
eirefaerieoh, i know that. i just think it was interesting that Xander didn't even seem to care that SPike was bitca-slapping his girl
MattHor maybe he is just a little crazy ;-)
Bob64He had to shut her up, don't make excuses for him, it wasn't malicious.
eirefaerieor ex-girl
paradymeyeah, it would have been nice to see Xander try something
Bob64Xander was trying for his next conquest, he is a conquistador.
JainieGI'd rather Xander keep his distance from Spike.
Tara_Maclaywaiting for Xander to hit her
MattHDon't forget Anya tried to do her little vengeance routine on Xander.
paradymeyeah, but she also went out of her way to help Buffy in Two To Go
eirefaerieI got hte feeling the chip didn't fire when he speared little Ronnie
Bob64But then she changed her mind.
Tara_Maclaybut he never knew about that
paradymeshe didn't HAVE to stay and do the protection spell
vverzere> same here
Tara_Maclaythey never said anything
Bob64eire: you're not the only one to say that.
eirefaeriesorry - just randomly putting stuff in
eirefaerieyay, i'm glad
MattHIn the last 3 months - he might well have learned.
JainieGit possibly didn't fire... but it could be behavioral, now.
paradymewell, she did mention that she couldn't hurt him Two to Go, to me, that implies that she TRIED
corwin1hmmm...i didnt think that eire, but that is an interesting thought
eirefaerieno - I like the hair!
JainieGme, too!
Bob64oh, we flat out know she tried.
paradymeI mean, to Xander
Bob64That was the whole point of her trying to get wishes from people.
mavhcspike got new clothes and his hair done in 12hrs?
EastGoddessCareywell I gotta shower...and my hallmates want me to watch a show that I dare not mention the name here....but it was nice meeting you all
JainieGnice meeting you, too, EGC :)
Tara_Maclaysee you later
corwin1nite egc...take care
eirefaeriefunny thing about Perfect!Spike
aileeenseeya ECG :)
Bob64oh, from Xander's perspective...
JainieG*snickers with K & C about Angel*
eirefaeriebye, EGC!
eirefaerieme too, Janie
vverzone new sweater and a dye job is easy in 12 hrs
EastGoddessCareybye all! :)
Tara_Maclayhope you come back
Bob64ah well, the person I was going to help get here decided not to try, so I'll be going now.
*** EastGoddessCarey has left #thesuccubusclub
Bob64too many windows open as it is. You're nice folks though.
eirefaeriebye Bob
corwin1bye bob
aileeen'night Bob. :)
JainieGlater Bob :)
Bob64bye e'body.
eirefaerielook at that, we're nice!
*** Bob64 has left #thesuccubusclub
eirefaeriehey, aileeen, i see you here and at Beta - weird.
aileeenI'm a lousy multi-tasker...does it show? ;)
kessiewell i go too,its 4am in the morning here! have lots of fun talking buffy
eirefaerienot at all
corwin1nite kessie
JainieGbye, kessie :)
eirefaerieoh my! night kessie
Tara_Maclaynite bob
aileeenseeya kessie!
faithsariellei suck at multitasking too! course its hard to chat when your washing your hair...
*** kessie has left #thesuccubusclub
eirefaerielol, faith
aileeenlol, faithsarielle
eirefaerieoh restless -
eirefaerieI get a headache just thinking about Restless and what it means
mavhcdid you listen to joss's restless comentry on the dvd?
faithsariellei'm gonna have to catch the show on mp3 tomorrow. i'm afraid it's bedtime. *praying* for mp3
Tara_Maclaythat was the point maybe
*** Signoff: faithsarielle (QUIT: User exited)
JainieGbye, faithsarielle :)
corwin1nite faiths
aileeenis Restless the one with the cheese guy? I'm bad with titles.
MattHMaybe we wil get a little more on the origins of the slayer.
JainieGyup - Restless = The Cheese Guy's spotlight.
eirefaerieno . . . cause I don't have S4 dvds, cause my DVD player is American
aileeenty :)
paradymeI wish I had season 4 DVD's
eirefaerieI wear the cheese it does not wear me
mavhcjust get it multiregioned
MattHMulti-region DVD player - wonderful
paradymeI want too, but I'm poor
mavhcbut don't, cos they put more stuff on the r1 releases, grr
eirefaeriealso $$, I'll bet
Tara_Maclaygoing to getthe S5 ones soon
mavhcand they're half the price, double grr
*** paks ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
corwin1hiya paks
aileeenhiya paks :)
JainieGhi paks! :)
paksmade it
MattHWelocn paks
Tara_Maclayhi paks
mavhclast scene was 5mins long
eirefaerieproducer ethan's band?
corwin1was a great scene...great acting
corwin1i think thats what K & C said
Tara_Maclaywhat region
eirefaerieand the start of my Give James an Emmy foundation (yeah, we're a foundation now)
Tara_Maclayyes Prod Eathan;s band is playing now can put me down for a yes vote eire
mavhcthe foundation for law enforcement and emmy awards
Tara_Maclaymine too
aileeenwow -- first hour of SC flew by!
Tara_Maclaywhat region DVD's mavhc
*** Bitsy ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
corwin1hiya bitsy
Bitsyfinally got in!!
aileeenhiya Bitsy :)
mavhcwhat region for what?
Tara_Maclayhi Bitsy
eirefaerie*bows to corwim and mark* The Give James an Emmy foundation welcomes your support
Tara_MaclayS4 DVDs
Bitsyapparently I have to change my nickname...
mavhc2 and 4
Bitsyhe he
mavhcsays who?
*** Bitsy is now known as Guest52663
FireCatNothing like trying to type with pizza grease on your fingers
Guest52663bloody hell...brb...
Tara_Maclaythe one great think about a Multi DVD player
*** Guest52663 has left #thesuccubusclub
eirefaerieBitsy, were you trying for secretive?
* corwin1 hands firecat a napkin
JainieGback :)
JainieGty :)
Tara_Maclayand these are the Rolo's
*** BitsyTheStrega ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
corwin1wb bitsy
mavhcwhy did you have to change your nick?
BitsyTheStregahopefully this one isn't taken...
pakswwb Bitsy
BitsyTheStregathis chat is more annoying than Yahoo...
corwin1i didnt think you could login to irc with a nick that was already in use
BitsyTheStregaI finally got to listen to SC...
vverzit's just annoying while you get used to it - then it's way more stable
mavhcmaybe someone's registered it or something
BitsyTheStregahad to set my browser to play all media...
pakstrying to figure out how to get here was a pain
Tara_Maclaymost likely, cuase I ran into that myself
mavhconly have to learn once
mavhcnoone ever has my nick
paksmine either, which I thought was odd
Tara_MaclayThanks Kitty
pakstrue mavhc
BitsyTheStregahe he...
BitsyTheStregahow is everyone doing in Fantasy Buffy?
aileeenI got 1 question right this week -- go me! :D
mavhcspike looks up and asks "this is what you wanted, right?" and then goes and died on the cross
Tara_Maclaywhere's that
paks14th place
BitsyTheStregaI'm like 75th!!
vverzfantasy buffy?
corwin1yeah...what and where is this fantasy buffy?
paksand if I read spoilers, i could be in 1st *weg*
BitsyTheStregaI read some spoilers and I'm still 75th!!
BitsyTheStregathe Canadians have an edge...
BitsyTheStregathey get Buffy on Monday...:(
paksonly Atlantic Canada
Tara_Maclayso ddo people that DL episodes
mavhcI get buffy on monday off irc
aileeenit's at -- you make predictions based on upcoming eppy & get points for right answers
corwin1cool ailleen...thx for the info
BitsyTheStregaI did pretty good on this ep...
aileeennp :)
aileeenhow many points, Bitsy?
paksbut if you lock in answers after midnight eastern time (or thereabouts) you get percentage points deducted
corwin1i will have to give that a try for next week
eirefaeriei'm 38th in fantasy buffy - and i sucked at it
aileeen<<--- 167th
Tara_Maclayso will I
BitsyTheStregaI'm thinking that this season is gonna blow our minds...158 for this week...
aileeenhigh numbers are good, right? ;)
paksthe higher the better
BitsyTheStregaand 253 total...
BitsyTheStregaI only have one person on my team!!
eirefaerieoh, really? crap. i thought i was being good. man. i suck.
paksI wish they would show team standings
corwin1this sounds pretty gonna check it out after the show
*** notsoShyGirl ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
BitsyTheStregasucky people band together and suck collectively!!
paksWhoo Hooo you made it ShyQQ
eirefaerieamen! Yay, sucky people!
corwin1wb notsoshygirl
aileeenhiya notsoshygirl
JainieGhey NSSG :D
aileeenwoohoo for the suckypeople!!
eirefaeriehey notsochygirl
notsoShyGirlhey hey hey
eirefaerielaughing at Kitty - but that last scene - oh. still shuddering.
BitsyTheStregago Kitty!!
Tara_Maclaywait till Kitty Torture
BitsyTheStregadid they play Virgin State of Mind last week??
Tara_MaclayIf they have time that is
BitsyTheStregaI missed last weeks show
eirefaeriei agree with Kitty and Candy - i'm so excited about S7
JainieGme, too, eire.
*** Signoff: FireCat (QUIT: User exited)
corwin1i agree also
Tara_Maclaythey didn't
dasanime too
MattHIt is starting off well...
BitsyTheStregaAnya had nice hair...
eirefaerieagree, bitsy
Tara_Maclaycheck the list for the mp3 link
paradymeI think it's starting off okay
aileeen..but Bad Clothes.
Tara_Maclaythey got to it
eirefaerie"Why'd you make them wear that, you Fashion Nazi?"
BitsyTheStregathe Spander thing was funny...
eirefaerieyeah it was
eirefaeriethat look
Tara_Maclayit was cute
BitsyTheStregaI lean towards Wander or Spill though...
eirefaerieI still want to know why Buffy/Spike couldn't be called Bike
Tara_MaclayI'm sure Kitty would live to hear that one
Tara_MaclayHow about Spawn
eirefaerieyay, Spawn!
Tara_Maclaywell she a freshman now
JainieGtwo words: jail. bait.
JainieGwith a side of 'euuw' from me.
eirefaeriewhat if Buffy and Principal McHottie get togher - Wuffy?
MattHNot in every state....
Tara_Maclayok I take that one back
JainieGlol gmta, aileeen!
aileeengmta, Jainie
paksBuffy/Mr Wood
aileeentwice ;d
aileeenwhoops... :D
eirefaerieYay, Woofy. I hope he doesn't get eaten.
JainieGme, too... I really hope he's not evil.
BitsyTheStregathe ship that is...
Tara_MaclayI don't think he'll be another Mr. Flutie
MattHI just hope he doesn't get eaten
eirefaeriewell, you know, Sunnydale, not really a haven for the brothers (I miss Mr. Trick)
Tara_Maclaylook were his office is though
BitsyTheStregacan he be licked to death?
JainieGme, too, eire!
eirefaeriewhat's up with Buffy (who kids are supposed to tell their secrets to) getting a cubicle as an office?
aileeenand Sweet!
JainieGeire> entry-level sucks? ;D
BitsyTheStregaBuffy's lil office is cute...
eirefaeriewell, sweet was red, technically. or blue?
eirefaerielol, Jainie
BitsyTheStregaalot of people complained about her outfit...
Tara_Maclayhe's now refer to as 'The Human Tootie Pop' How many licks to the cebnter
*** Signoff: notsoShyGirl (QUIT: User exited)
eirefaerieyay! Principal McHottie and licking
BitsyTheStregano clue why...
eirefaeriewho, Buffys? I don't even remember what she was wearing
Tara_MaclayKITTY TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JainieGKitty Torture! *bounce*
BitsyTheStregashe had one of those cute lacy tops on...
aileeenbe honest...who (beside me) cheats when they play along with Kitty Torture?
paksokay, gotta head out
paksnight all
aileeenseeya paks :)
JainieGnight, paks :)
*** Signoff: paks (QUIT: User exited)
MattHNot I
Tara_MaclayME ME ME !!!
JainieGme, either...
MattHToo much effort
Tara_MaclayWell, i don't cheat
JainieGbut then I submitted some questions for Kitty Torture just recently - so :D
vverzMattH> lol exactly
Tara_MaclayI'm amazed on how much I remember tough
aileeenif I didn't cheat I wouldn't even get one right I don't think.
MattHWell I hope you do better than mine. 20 out of 25...
aileeencool, Jainie.
Tara_MaclayHow many times has Buffy died.Benn dead and in which epis
*** Mia ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
corwin1hiya mia
MiaYAH!!! I made it!!!
JainieGhey, Mia :)
aileeenhiya Mia
Tara_Maclayhiya Mia
eirefaeriei such more than Kitty on Kitty Torture
vverzlol rhymes
BitsyTheStregahere's an easy question: What character has been in at least one ep every season excluding s5(and s7 of course!!)?
*** Mia is now known as Guest55354
eirefaeriewait, no
Guest55354I want to be Mia. Not guest. lol
eirefaeriehe was in Forever
BitsyTheStregago Matt!!
eirefaerieAh, Amy Candy still in here?
*** Guest55354 is now known as Miabronze
Tara_Maclaynot sure if Candy was in here yet
eirefaeriei think they're still trying to figure it out, aren't they?
BitsyTheStregahe he...
MiabronzeHmm I am just asking because she was supposed to post ad you..
Miabronzewell as Tara Maclay. lol
Tara_MaclayEathan has a Mac I think
MiabronzeEthan does have a Mac..with lots of
BitsyTheStregahmmm...who else is anticipating Angel's premiere?? :)
eirefaerieYAY! GIve James an Emmy!
aileeenme, me!
MiabronzeThis is huge for me guys...downloading, signing up for, and posting in a new program all in one night is unheard of. :)
corwin1i cant wait
paradymeit's up against Alias.......
JainieGEmmy Emmy Emmy!
MattHI anticipate it and dread it.
MiabronzeYah! I can't wait for Angel..
MiabronzeIt's up again Alias * Law & Order: CI
corwin1good job mia :)
MattHI really didnt like last season... :(
eirefaerieOh . . . Angel - I don't even know why I'm going to watch it.
MiabronzeI have three shows on at 8
eirefaerieme neither, Matt
Tara_Maclaynext week
paradymeI didn't either
MiabronzeYour going to watch it because Andys on. :)
MattHPretty much
MiabronzeI want Connor to just die. Then I will be happy.
MattHAnd Wesley
BitsyTheStregaAngel comes on at 10 I can watch Alias and Angel!! :P
paradymelucky you
Miabronzebut instead whar do they do? Make him a regular. *sigh* poopy
Tara_Maclayhow's on the west coast
MattH9 AM here - I don't watch Alias so no conflcits
Tara_Maclay8 pm here on Tues
eirefaeriemmm . . . Lorne! Yay! Lorne! That's why I'll watch! (Also Fred!)
eirefaerieand Gunn
MattHIt is on Sunday here
eirefaerieand Kitty's right - UPN sucks (reception wise)
Tara_MaclayLorne's gonna be back I think
MiabronzeYep. He is worth watching.
MiabronzeHell ya he's back.
Tara_Maclaydepeands on where you are
JainieGeire> yup... I got horrible reception and finally we switched to satellite dish - finally decent reception!
*** puckles ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
eirefaeriemy sound sucks
eirefaeriepuckles! you made it!
dasaniupn got picked up by another channel here so we don't even get the eps until the following saturday at 11:30pm!
aileeenhiya puckles!
eirefaerieoh, God, that's horrible, dasani
pucklesjeeze.....if that didn't take awhile. Heya peeps
dasanii know! i was so upset i sent an email to the station
eirefaerielmao at Candy "Sarah, hi?"
MiabronzeSummer isn't Candy great? lol
JainieGlol - Candy said just what I was thinking.
MattHMy hard driver recorder hiccupped last night and didn't record Buffy. So mad. Had to dl the episode.
eirefaeriemy sound is so bad, i had to download the final scene of Beneath You just to understand what's being said
MiabronzeI have the final scene written in my LJ
BitsyTheStregaI'll read the transcript...
eirefaerieso then i wrote it all down - cause i'm crazy that way. I love James. I love Petrie. I love Joss
JainieGeire> check, check and check!
BitsyTheStregawe have to get Joss on SC!!
eirefaerieouch, Kitty.
MattHOf course - they might get your name wrong.... >-(
eirefaerieindeed, Bitsy
MiabronzeI love my Kitty
eirefaeriepoor Matt
BitsyTheStregaDrew Goddard too...
Tara_MaclayKitty, Candy and Joss all eating Rolos
eirefaerieand actors!
Tara_Maclaywhat a show
JainieGlmao - 'you're mocking me with your monkey purse!'
eirefaeriewouldn't it be great just to have all of them talking over each other
MiabronzeLOL..when I was on last year we were eating England Chocolate. *g*
Miabronzewell..chocolate from england. *g*
pucklesSame thing Mia
corwin1anyone watch firefly last week
eirefaerieI want to be on SC - they should go on the road.
eirefaerieno, I forgot, corwin
JainieGI'm boycotting Firefly.
Tara_Maclayso do I
eirefaeriedreaded Friday time slot
eirefaerieI like the cute kid - what's her name
corwin1it seems promising...i like the last ep
pucklesYeah, I don't like it on friday either.
vverzjewel somthingorother
eirefaerieHayley? that's not it, i don't htink
MiabronzeI love Firefly. It's very good.
MattHFirefly is so-so. Has the Joss touch, but there is something missing.
Tara_Maclaytoo early to tell
eirefaerieFox's support?
paradymeyeah, don't like that much so far
*** Cece ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
aileeenhiya Cece :)
eirefaeriemmm . . . cheese its
Cecehey guys
Tara_Maclayhiy Cece
Cecetook me for frelling ever to find an irc client for mac
eirefaeriehey, if you got it for your mac, then so can producer ethan
Tara_Maclaybut we're glad you're here now
JainieGKit-ty Torture!
eirefaerieyes it is, Kitty,
eirefaerieit's everyone favorite part
Ceceyeah I found the link on the SC site
BitsyTheStregaanyone like John Doe more than Firefly??
paradymeit is never boring
Tara_Maclayyeah, but his comp is slow
MiabronzeDid you hear my kitty say.. Damn..
eirefaerieyay, Patsy!
vverzbitsy> yes, totally Joe Doe is looking good
CeceI even downloaded windows media player, just to listen because the winamp is not working
CeceI am in love with John Doe
BitsyTheStregahe's so hot...
paradymewow, that's dedication
*** puckles has left #thesuccubusclub
MiabronzeI know sislet.
MiabronzeThats how I was with this room
eirefaerieand puckles is gone. that was fast
MiabronzeI had to download the program, register and post. lol
Ceceit's hard to find mac friendly stuff
MiabronzeMe.. the "wait for it" girl. lol
CeceLMAO sislet!
BitsyTheStregalovin' this Patsy Cline...
JainieGme, too... *swaysway*
Ceceewww not loving the patsy cline
Cece<<--- hate country music
BitsyTheStregaoldies rock...
JainieGI hate country, too, but Patsy's classic :p
Tara_Maclayanything from Buffy
eirefaeriePatsy CLine is the original angry white female
JainieGPatsy roolz.
eirefaerieALanis Morrisette, etc, ain't got nothing on her
eirefaerieJoss rewrote the last scene - so i hear
paradymedoesn't surprise me
paradymefelt like a Joss scene
Cecewhat I hear is Sarah asked him to rewrite it
BitsyTheStregathe tears were good...I wanted to cry too...;)
Cecepoor spikey
MiabronzeIT's all because of angel. :)
JainieGI did cry! was bawling my eyes out.
eirefaerieme too, Jainie
eirefaerieAnd my friend was sitting there, and she refuses to care unless Willow is there and/or they're mentioning Tara
JainieGeire> grrrr.
Tara_MaclayKitty gets at least 20
Ceceoh I am not THAT obsessed with Willow
corwin1that you matth?
aileeenyay MattH!!!
JainieGyay Matt!
eirefaeriewait, season five . . . i'll say 12
MattHTried to make them a lot harder.
MiabronzeYour not Cece
JainieGoh, Triangle!
paradymeROFL good episode Matt :)
Tara_MaclayYeah... 2 epis and they don't mention me
BitsyTheStregaI love that ep!!
eirefaerieI love you Tara
aileeenI give her 14
Miabronzebut they shows you dying. Kudos to a GREAT death scene
JainieGI'll say 17.
MiabronzeTWICE Tara
Tara_Maclay15 out of 25
paradymeRiley leaving
eirefaeriewell, that's easy
Tara_Maclayoh, can we play too
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
aileeen<<--- not cheating tonight
eirefaeriethat's all they ever talked about
eirefaerieXander and Anya are talking about Buffy being sad and Xander loving Anya
eirefaeriei think
JainieGdiscussing Riley leaving - and that if Xander ever thinks of leaving Anya, they'll set up a big clock with numbers and stuff.
eirefaeriethat's right
MiabronzeKitty is trying to talk her way out of it. .lol
paradymeit's Buffy's fault
JainieGit was all cheese's fault!
JainieGdamn that cheese!
BitsyTheStregaI tried to do the color thing but my messenger is screwing me up...
CeceBuffy has attachment issues
Tara_Maclayall the cheese guy's fault
eirefaeriecheese is beautiful. don't blame the cheese
JainieGBuffy has issues, anyway.
MiabronzeBuffy IS an attachment issue. lol
Cecelargely due to her father leaving
BitsyTheStregaBuffy dates guys that are too needy!!
Tara_Maclayhis or Mr. Gordo's
eirefaerieokay, so it's 1-1
vverzcan i try on your habit
MattHWay to go paradyme
JainieGHow's the food?
paradymesomething about the wimple?
eirefaeriedo you have to wear that habit?
MiabronzeDo I have to sustain
eirefaeriewimple, that's it
eirefaerieoh, yeah
MiabronzeHows the food! lol
corwin1good one jainieg
eirefaeriedamn, i suck
JainieGyeaaaaah! *boingle*
MiabronzeMatt, you gave her these questions?
MiabronzeShe's onlt going to get like 7 right
eirefaerieMatt, you're hard.
MiabronzeYou are a PRO with these
BitsyTheStregaawww...poor Kitty...
eirefaerieis she 0-4 already?
eirefaerieafraid of leaving the store
MattHI did the one two weeks ago also.
Tara_Maclayyeah, but it's still fun to hear
eirefaerieyay! me! and Kitty!
MattHHer best score ever.
vverzmulticolored notes
Ceceoh oh I know this one!
eirefaeriethat's the zeppo, kitty
Cececos I do it!
JainieGcopying her class notes with multi-colored pens.
paradymeis that the different color pens thing
Cecethat is so me!
eirefaeriego Jainie and paradyme
MiabronzeSomthing about the Money?
JainieG"I have finesse coming out of my bottom!"
Tara_MaclayI'm gonna send in ?'s from a S1 epi
MattH1of 6 so far. Yay!
paradymegood job Matt, you've stumped her
eirefaerie1-5 me and Kitty are doing the same, i think
eirefaerieI still say 12 of 25
eirefaerieabout his and ANya's sex life
JainieG"I met a nun and she let me try on her wimple!"
MiabronzeMatt honey, yu are not allowed to do the questions when I am there! lol
corwin1good job matt...major torture
BitsyTheStregago Matt!!
eirefaeriedamn, Jainie!
eirefaerieare you cheating?
corwin1jainieg you are good
JainieGlol - nope
MiabronzeWe have lag
JainieGtotally not cheating.
BitsyTheStregahmmm...I'll send her an easy quiz...
Tara_Maclayif yuou sent in ?'s from last epi, it would still stump her
MiabronzeJainie doesn't
paradymeallergic to shrimp
eirefaerie"is there a dimension without shrimp? I'm allergic."
JainieGlmao ... boys...
paradymeloved the shout out to Superstar
Tara_Maclaythe land of perpetual Wed.
JainieGmade Amy Rat smarter.
BitsyTheStregawhy did she stop trying to make that ball of sunshine...
JainieGAnya kept interrupting - lol
Miabronzelol...these are hard.
JainieGthe fish from Cat in the Hat.
paradymethe cat
paradymethe fish
CeceI love that part
paradymecat in the hat
aileeengood job Matt -- true torture!
MattHY'all very good.
JainieGmaking the cash register disappear.
Cececash register diappears
BitsyTheStregayay Kitty!!
Tara_MaclayI'm goona love the mp3 of this one
aileeenyay kitty!!
Ceceha you type too fast :p
JainieG"He's not a ball of sunshine!"
paradymethat's not a ball of sunshine
Ceceyou're not a ball of sunshine
MattHThe way willow says it is hilarious
JainieGGreek somethingorother.
JainieGgot the 'Greek' part right.
Tara_MaclayO K
eirefaeriewaving emphatically?
Cecethat was funny
Tara_Maclaybumper cars
BitsyTheStregaI loved when Anya said Willow was a burglar...
eirefaerieman, Candy is giving them awya!
paradymenow see, that made no sense, since Anya said she drove in Graduation
JainieGthe scent of ale.
MiabronzeLOL..She gets the beer question right!!
eirefaerieanyone know the score?
Tara_Maclaya milloin $$$$
paradymebuffy and a million dollars
Tara_Maclayand buffy
MattHabout 4 or 5
JainieG"I wish I had a million dollars!" "I wish Buffy was here!"
eirefaeriei wish buffy were here.
eirefaeriei'm here
Tara_Maclaya million Buffy's
Miabronzethis will be 5 if she gets it...
eirefaeriei wish i had a million dollars
Miabronze4.5 now. :)
Cecethis is too funny!
JainieGAnya did!
MattHNot Anya
JainieGnoooo? doh!
Tara_Maclaypiss him off
eirefaerieuh oh, matt
paradymeperpetual wed.
MiabronzeLook at her!
Ceceperp wed
JainieGThe crazy melty land.
Tara_MaclayCrasy mousy land
Ceceyes lol
MattHI surprised she got 2/3 on this one.
JainieGIt's like trying to hit a puppy with a flying bee.
CeceI love my Willow
corwin1kitty should get you to coach her joanieg
Miabronze5 and a 1/3 lol
corwin1good job matt...hard questions
eirefaerie5 and a third
JainieGlol... I'm really good with season 5 :D
eirefaeriepoor Kitty
eirefaeriewow, time is up, isn't it
MattHI do the dance of joy ;-)
MiabronzeI love Kitty... BY Kitty. *sniff sniff*
BitsyTheStrega{{{hugz Kitty}}}
vverzgood job Matt!
Ceceawww poor sislet
JainieGnice job, Matt! :D
Ceceyeah! new angel!
MattHSo her average with my questions is about 50%
JainieGnew Angel.... meh.
Tara_Maclaynew rolos
MiabronzeLorne baby.. :)
Tara_Maclaynew MP3
Cecelove the line from gunnin the promo about "someone's getting spanked" lol
BitsyTheStregaGroo...who will probably die a horrible death...
eirefaerieokay, kids, i'm poofing
eirefaerielet's hope so, Bitsy
JainieGbye, eire! :)
BitsyTheStregahe he...
MiabronzeWe won't even see Groo. Poor baby
Tara_Maclayand they all liked getting spanked
corwin1bye everyone...cya all next week
vverzyep same here bye all!
aileeenhad fun...'night all. :)
JainieGand I go bye-bye as well! night! :D
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*** JainieG has left #thesuccubusclub
MattHCYA l8er
*** Signoff: aileeen (QUIT: User exited)
MiabronzeNight all.
*** Signoff: vverz (QUIT: User exited)
*** Miabronze has left #thesuccubusclub
BitsyTheStregag'night kiddles...
Tara_Maclaynit nite
*** Disconnecting from server (clean disconnect)...
*** corwin1 has left #thesuccubusclub
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Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Oct 02 20:02:14 2002