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Tara_maclayhi Matt
aileeenhiya Matt :)
MattHHi all
BitsyTheStregahey Matt!!
*** eirefaerie (~eirefaerie@209.163.161.rD08=) has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Tara_maclayis Joel here?? still not familiar with who's who
BitsyTheStregaI request like every week...
Tara_maclayhi eire
BitsyTheStregahey eire
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eirefaeriehi guys
aileeenhiya eirefairie & mia :)
MiaBronzeHi guys!! :)
Tara_maclayHi Mia
eirefaerie*paying my computer doesn't crash*
eirefaeriepraying. praying, not paying
Tara_maclayup too
BitsyTheStrega*prays for eire's PC*
MiaBronzeme to. :)
eirefaeriesigh . .. wednesday
eirefaeriethanks, Bitsy
BitsyTheStregathe week goes downhill from here...
aileeenbad week, eire?
eirefaerienot bad, just random
BitsyTheStregarate my kitten...ha ha ha!!!
MattHI've been to that site - didn't think much of it.
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eirefaeriebut i go home to my parent's tomorrow- free food! woo! and might i add a hoo!
mavhcnot to my confused with ratemypussy
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!!
eirefaerieoh my!
Tara_maclayJoss = RoloKing
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BitsyTheStregaI like Rolos!!
mavhc1. 2. 3. 4.
Marlowe_is that Mia I see?
MiaBronzeJamie sent them a pressie? I want a pressie..
MiaBronzeHi hi!!! it's me CM
Marlowe_first time using this IRC stuff
MiaBronze2nd one for me's very foreign
Marlowe_good thing I downloaded trillian a while back
aileeenWow -- Mia hears things long before I do. For a minute I thought you were just psychic!
mavhcirc is the best chat system
MiaBronzeLOL. :) I am psychic. *g*
eirefaeriei'm all with the rebuffering . . . this is weird
MiaBronzeJamie said he was going to send me a present. I think I better check my PO box..
Marlowe_hope the usual suspects manage to find their way here
BitsyTheStregathey took notes...
MiaBronzeI hope soo too. I need to find my Flip
Marlowe_how professional!
Tara_maclaythe amazing thing is KITYY took notes
Tara_maclayusually she doesn't
BitsyTheStregahe he...
eirefaeriei've started taking notes! I can't remember everything, and I'm paranoid that everything this season is important
BitsyTheStregaI know...
MiaBronzeIt is so important
* mavhc just has them all on computer
BitsyTheStregaSpike was funny...
Tara_maclayus to '
mavhcplus the scripts
eirefaerieeverytime Spike starts with the rambling . . . I'm like, uh . . .
eirefaeriereally? cool
Tara_maclaywhere's a good script site
BitsyTheStregacan't he be funny and nekkid...
mavhcgot all scripts
Tara_maclayI know that one
MiaBronzeI sent them my take on the eppy, but I don't think my email sent it
MiaBronzestoopid email
MiaBronzeDid anyone notice dawn's hair? Blonder
eirefaeriei'm not sure they got my email, either . . . but I don't want to resend, cause then I'd be stalker!
eirefaerienoticed that, Mia
mavhc is my quick reference, not got s7/4 yet though
eirefaeriei loved her posability
MiaBronzeand as my friend said...redder too...combo between Buffy & Willow??
BitsyTheStregaposeable Dawn was adorable...
MiaBronzeOh i agree
MiaBronzeI about DIED when she fell off the couch..
Tara_maclayAnd the Powerpuff reference... sorta
eirefaerieshe's likable this year! I haven't wanted to kill her once this season
BitsyTheStregaWillow's hair was redder!! I thought I was the only one who noticed...
Marlowe_I loved Anya!
MattHI have always liked Dawn - not always what they did with her
Tara_maclayand the Anya/Willow spell
MiaBronzeI either. I actually...*grimace* like Dawn
Marlowe_It is too bad Anya is so isolated from the other scoobies
mavhcanya so wants willow
BitsyTheStregaWanya...he he...
eirefaerieAnya was awesome "Oh, look, there's me! Hi, me!"
MiaBronzeI thought we talked about the carpet? lol
Tara_maclaymaybe theres a hint there
Marlowe_Her best friend was Xander
BitsyTheStregaI know...Anya needs a better girlie friend...
Marlowe_someone other than Hallie
Tara_maclaybut I hope they don't do that..
eirefaeriei don't think they'll go Wanya on us
BitsyTheStregaI wonder where good ole Janice is...
eirefaeriebut it'd be nice of Anya could get a friend
BitsyTheStregaprobably got vamped or something...she was a bad influence on Dawn...
Tara_maclayOR ELSE
eirefaerieJanice is shacking up with Clem
Tara_maclay^_^ Clem ^_^
BitsyTheStregaI miss Clem...he's a sweetie...
BitsyTheStregaI wonder how he could be friends with Spike...
Tara_maclayI think he'll be back
eirefaerieyeah, he's adorable
eirefaerielittle Clem
MiaBronzeI am so excited to meet the character that plays him
aileeenHopefully he's still house sitting for Spike & when Spike goes home we'll see him
Tara_maclaythat was because of Kittyu Poker
eirefaeriewhen are you meeting Learey?
eirefaerieif Spike goes home . . .
eirefaerieseemed that there were a lot of demons in that high school
MattHWillow has screwed up lots of times
eirefaeriei don't buy that hellmouth business for a second
MiaBronzein Columbus
BitsyTheStregaI bet some were students...
eirefaeriethat she has, Matt
Tara_maclayand the principal's office too
MattHMore than twice
eirefaeriecool, Mia
Tara_maclaythat's a guess.. BTW
MiaBronzeshould be
BitsyTheStregaWillow's screw ups are almost always funny...
MiaBronzeI loved how very first season Will was
MiaBronzeEven her resolve face
MiaBronzethat is our willow
eirefaeriei am firm in my belief that Principal McHottie is on the side of good
BitsyTheStregame too...he's really suspicious though...
MiaBronzeMe too...Wooffy ship all the way
MiaBronzeI think he's human
Marlowe_no guarantee he'll survive though
Tara_maclayNo Doubt on that, but on the map...
MattHSomehow I don't think he'll surivive the season
BitsyTheStregaMiss Kitty is gonna lick him to death I tell you...
Marlowe_I really like the Principals eyes
Tara_maclayhe will. he's getting to be a good character
eirefaerienot cute . . . EVIL!
eirefaeriesorry, mark, it's from Miss Kitty Fantastico for the next Big Bad
Tara_maclaynow you got me thinking Kitty. as in K&C
eirefaeriethat too. lol
Tara_maclayI have no prob with that
eirefaeriedid anyone catch alyson hannigan on last call last night
eirefaerieshe was a cutie
Tara_maclaydamn. forgot about that one
BitsyTheStregayou know what would be funny...if Miss Kitty was really a person who got turned into a kitty...and Willow gave her a huggle and *poof* Miss Kitty is a girl again...ok...too much time on my hands...
Tara_maclaycaught the Conan one though
Tara_maclaywhere they had 2 people from Buffy
Tara_maclayok one was from the movie
eirefaerielol Bitsy
eirefaeriewas kristy swanson on conan?
aileeensmg's on Conan Friday, I think....not positive.
Tara_maclayand MKF turns out to be Tara
Tara_maclaycheck the Website. Candy's got everything written down
Tara_maclayor something like her
Tara_maclayno it was Pike!!!
eirefaerielol Pike!
Tara_maclayAly and Luke Perry
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha...thats a good one...
BitsyTheStregaI'm a die hard Wander shipper...its my last grand illusion...*sigh*
Tara_maclayand no reference to they both being ass. with Buffy
Tara_maclayBut we're always naughty
Tara_maclaycause Anya and Spike are demons, so they're outside of the timeline a little
Tara_maclayso they can see outside normal perseption
MattHMore likely, Willow didn't care if they rejected her.
Tara_maclayor that
MiaBronzebe right back. I am trying to help a friend on getting i here
*** MiaBronze has left #thesuccubusclub
Tara_maclayshe couldn't 'beam out'
eirefaerieyou know . . . i'll say this about STSP
Marlowe_It took me a bit to realize Spike was talking to Willow/Buffy/Xander in the basement
eirefaeriei wasn't ready to like Willow again, and it made me like her, which is a good
eirefaeriethat was a cool scene, CM
eirefaerieI've got to watch it again
MattHI never really disliked her.
Tara_maclayI've never disliked the basic group
eirefaerieI didn't dislike her, in the way I dislike Dawn (or did), but i was really, really mad at her
Marlowe_I skipped taping some of the skin-eating scenes
aileeenbut her "my thoughts turn into magic" deal makes me feel a little uneasy about her
eirefaerieoh yeah, aileen, that ain't gonna be pretty later, I'm thinking
MattHAs happened in "Something Blue"
eirefaeriemaybe spike and xander will get engaged this time around
Tara_maclayHMMMMM!!!! MAybe.....
Tara_maclaywell, judging by that look last week
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
Tara_maclayDawn and Conner
MattHOr Xander's comments about Spike being well built etc.... from Season 5
eirefaeriejust saying Xander is the one who said "I'm tired of being everybody's butt-monkey"
aileeenHow 'bout some Splem? ;)
eirefaerieno! Clawn! all the way!
Tara_maclayClem + Joss
eirefaerieCloss? jem?
Tara_maclayOk that was out from nowhere
Tara_maclayeither way
Tara_maclaysomeone mention that to Kitty and candy
BitsyTheStregahmmmm...IMDB is retarded...
aileeenwhatcha lookin' for, Bitsy?
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FlipleyHi all!
*** MiaBronze ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
eirefaeriehey flipley
Tara_maclayhi Flipley
MattHHiya Flipley
BitsyTheStreganothin particular...I looked up Buffy...
Marlowe_heyas flipley!
Tara_maclayWB Mia
aileeenhiya flipley & rehi Mia :)
MiaBronzeTheres my Flip. :)
eirefaerieand a welcome back to mia
BitsyTheStregaand they had a guy who died in 1983 on the cast list for 2002...
eirefaeriewho was it, bitsy?
Tara_maclayDEmon thing
BitsyTheStregaSlim Pickens...yeah...thats his name...
aileeenwell, it -is- the Buffyverse. stranger things have happpened.
Marlowe_Slim Pickens?
BitsyTheStregayeah...he was a cowboy guy...
Marlowe_that's a name I haven't heard in a while
BitsyTheStregaI know...IMDB has him on the list as Dave Summers...
BitsyTheStregaand he died in 1983!!
eirefaeriedon't tell me they're going to have a brother now
BitsyTheStregayeah...Uncle Dave...
Marlowe_another guy to balance out the show
Tara_maclayshe means Buffy's dad I think
eirefaeriemaybe an uncle? Lol. Actually, imdb info is supplied by random people
FlipleyIMDB has been known to be wrong....OFTEN
eirefaerieyou can just make something up and send it to them
Tara_maclayand the people theat provide info to IMDB are sometimes WRONG!!!
BitsyTheStregaI know...I was like "I don't remember an Uncle Dave..."
MattHMaybe Gnarl is the reason we haven't seen Clem in a while
eirefaeriespike scene shocked the hell out of me
Tara_maclayAnd now back to EWW!!PN
Flipleythat was pretty funny
MiaBronzeThe spike scene was VERY well done
eirefaeriehe'll eat off all of clem's excess skin, and then he'll look normal
BitsyTheStregaI loved Spikey's scenes...
MattHDid anyone besides me think Gnarl looked like Der Kindestod?
eirefaerieyeah, spike's scenes this year are so cool
BitsyTheStregaa little...
Tara_maclaya little
aileeenespecially inthe nose department
MiaBronzehe looked like a gaint Harry Potter gringots troll
Marlowe_when Buffy did the eye thing
eirefaeriereminded me of Gollum, from Hobbit and LOTR
Tara_maclayand the voice remided us of HIM on PPg
BitsyTheStregahe kinda reminded me of Rumplestiltskin or however you spell it...
Marlowe_someone mention the guy who was the Gnarl was also one of the Gentlemen
MiaBronzenot THE Gnarl...lmao
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Tara_maclayjust 'THE' Gnarl
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FlipleyHello guest
FlipleyAny relation to Christopher?
BitsyTheStregaAnya was having too much fun playing with her Malibu Dawnie...with the kung fu grip...:)
Guest23328Guest? Urfg.. Trillian giving me problems.
mavhcand the classic "I'll take away your bucket"
mavhcGuest23328: do /nick blah have Adelphia too??
FlipleyAnd may I say "Go Giants! Beat the Cardinals!
Tara_maclaybut that scene was good
eirefaeriedude, dark!Wes is so cool
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aileeenbad Wes is super-hot!
BitsyTheStregaPowerlink can be iffy...
Tara_maclayshe told me to call her that
eirefaerieGnarl didn't gross me out
MattHDefinitely flakey - but it has been ok tonight.
BitsyTheStregait always messes up when my mom is on...she thinks I do something to it...
FlipleyShout out to me
MiaBronzeLOL!!! Did your pictures take that long for them to download?
Flipleythat was before I mini-sized them, I think lol
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha...
Tara_maclayplus all the time Giles and Willow were scanning the book into the computer before season 5
MiaBronzedid she say that she loves her coffee yet? lol
Tara_maclayGo Jane!!!
BitsyTheStregahe he...
eirefaeriemaybe someone should call them and tell them that the mikes are fine
MiaBronzeVery first season...I loved it.
MiaBronzeI think someone did at the break erie
MiaBronzeatleast I hope they did
MiaBronzeAre you behind? Lag?
MiaBronzeDid you hear PAIN yet?
Tara_maclaynot on mine
eirefaeriei must be
eirefaeriePain just started
eirefaeriedamn, how much am I lagging?
MiaBronzealright..oyu are way on lag love....
aileeenyay! It's my turn to be psychic!!
Flipleywow, I've got a quicker connection than you by a LONG shot....Mia too
Tara_maclayabout 3 1/2
eirefaerieoh. *whimper*
MiaBronzeYour also in Cali Flip my love
aileeen('cuz someone is more lagged than I)
eirefaeriehey, i've got T-1, I shouldn't be lagging
eirefaeriei suck.
MiaBronzeYou using WIN AMP?
MiaBronzeIt lags
Tara_maclayI'm on Dial up and Mine not lagging
FlipleyI'm using Win Amp, NO LAG
eirefaeriereal player
MiaBronzeWindows media doesn't really lag as much
MattHI'm using Winamp, no lag as far a I can tell
BitsyTheStregano having broadband...
eirefaeriewhich is what came up when I clicked on stream
MiaBronzeMia=wishes for broadband
eirefaeriemy computer sucks
Marlowe_I'm on winap as well
Tara_maclaymine 56k and still no lag
Tara_maclayso am I
eirefaeriewhat's the point of having ethernet if I'm lagging
MiaBronzesometimes there is, sometimes there isn't
eirefaeriei think it's just my computer and its suckiness
MiaBronzemaybe if you stop it, adn restart it will be better
MattHI didn't think it was that gory :(
aileeenmaybe you're still catching up from all your rebuffering earlier, eire?
BitsyTheStregapoor eire....{{{huggles}}}
MiaBronzeIt was disturbing more than gory
eirefaerieoh, hell, Mia, that would take forever.
eirefaeriemaybe so, aileen
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aileeenwb, Matt.
Tara_maclayhi guest
Guest68175Thanks - my connection hiccupped
*** Guest68175 is now known as MattH
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MiaBronzeI have so many recurring dreams too
MiaBronzeit's scary.
Tara_maclayBad Kitty
MiaBronzeand not in the good way!
MiaBronzeShe is so naughty!!!
Tara_maclaythat was cool
BitsyTheStregame too...I keep dreaming that theres no leather...
MiaBronzeShe is cool. I so *heart* her
MiaBronzeI can't wait to see her in Feb!!! Ya!!!
Tara_maclayok I missed something there
Tara_maclayyou mean Kitty
MiaBronzeFlip...wanna come to the show with me?
BitsyTheStregaI can't wait to see you guys!! :)
Tara_maclayI do
MiaBronzeAre you PBP bound again?
eirefaerieyay, PBP!
*** paradyme ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MiaBronzeI am going to go on Wednesday the 12th
BitsyTheStregaanyone else 19 or near it??
Marlowe_I asked Kitty and Candy if I could be on the Succubus Club too
aileeenhiya paradyme :)
eirefaeriemy first, my last, my only
Marlowe_hi paradyme
eirefaeriei'm 22, bitsy. is that close?
MiaBronzeI may have a someone else join us, but I won't know for a while yet
Tara_maclayare tickets involved for this or is it invite
FlipleyIn fact, Mia, you should note this: the deal at the PBParty website for rooms can be beat at the hotel's website
FlipleyFor the Exec room; $199 at PBP, $169 at hotel website
MiaBronzeYour kidding?!
MiaBronzewell thanks honey...
eirefaerieI wanna be on SC too . . . but what would I talk about
Flipleyregular room is $129 for PBPers
Tara_maclaynow I wanna go
MiaBronzeI am not paying for my room, but I will tell the committee
Flipley$139 at website
MiaBronzeThere isn't much room inside the studio..
FlipleyI want to get an Exec room at the hotel's website, because there's gathering space rom
aileeen<<--- wants to go to PBP. Just found out last night that you need to be "known" :(
MiaBronzeI had that room last year flip
Flipleyroom in the Exec room
MiaBronzeit was nice
eirefaeriehey, aileen, you got a month
BitsyTheStregathats have time to be known...
FlipleySitting area?
eirefaeriepost like hell at the Beta
BitsyTheStregaI've only been "known" since April...
MiaBronzepull out couch
eirefaeriewhen are tickets going to be up . . mid-November?
Marlowe_where did you here that from aileen?
BitsyTheStregathough the 28th is my bronzing anni...:)
eirefaerieyay for you Bitsy
aileeenI try -- but it's sometimes intimidating. Lotsa times no one ever answers. I need to be more post-assertive I think!
eirefaerieMine's in December
FlipleyI'm waiting to here about the dates....they have to be careful this year because of psycho stalkers
eirefaerieaileeen, here's what you do
BitsyTheStregajust address posts to random people...
aileeenSomeone at the Beta posted to me, marlowe...gimme me a sec & I'll tellya,
eirefaeriewhen you post, shout out to people
MiaBronzeGosh I have been Bronzing over 3 years now I can't believe it
eirefaeriethen they'll re-shout out to you
MiaBronzethe committee fixed the rate
eirefaerieMia, you old timer ;)
Flipleyoh good
MiaBronzeWe have $169 now too
BitsyTheStregaI'll put you in my SO's aileeen...
Tara_maclayso do I
Marlowe_I thought they did that 'known' thing only at the second or third PBP party
eirefaerieme too, aileeen
BitsyTheStregais that your name at BB??
eirefaeriei think i heard that they would bring it back, CM, cause it was the last one and all
MiaBronzeFlip, stalkers?
eirefaeriebut i can't remember where i heard that
aileeenonly two ee's at the BB-- aileen was taken on IRC
MiaBronzeI am a little behind. lol
MiaBronzeYep erie...I am an old timer, but not one of the oldest
Marlowe_I've also heard rumors of them trying to contact people who used to attend the early PBP
eirefaeriewho is the person that's posted the longest
aileeenthanks for the tips -- you're all in trouble now! ;)
eirefaerielol, aileen
MiaBronzeOh man...I don't know
BitsyTheStregacrap...gotta turn off my VCR...
MiaBronzeall I know is that mere, who writes for Angel
MiaBronzeused to be a Bronzer
FlipleyStalkers out to abuse some of the writers
MiaBronzeHow cool is that?
MiaBronzeOf man..I hate stalkers.
eirefaerieain't it
Flipleyif ya know what I mean....can't be took careful
eirefaerieI love mere
MiaBronzeMy and tralfy made her a website.
FlipleyGiants up 7-1 woohoo
eirefaerieshe and steve . . . ha! That's a hoot
MiaBronzeIt is going public after her Angel ep premieres
eirefaeriedid you, mia? I want to be part of that fan club
FlipleyMere deserved one
eirefaerieyay for mere. she'll like that
Flipleygood on you, Mia
eirefaerielol . . . sorry, just got the "he's eating Willow, and not in a good way" line
MiaBronzeLook at the Beter soon earie
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha...I loved when Willow was dancing to this song...
Tara_maclayno I'm depressed
eirefaeriewill do, mia
MiaBronzeMere said the other day that she needs a website
MiaBronzeso tralfy designed it
MiaBronzeI was research and picture girl lol
MiaBronzeBingo. Website
MiaBronzeShe is going to flip
aileeenmarlowe -- it was white wings who posted me about PBP. I'm scroll laggy now.
eirefaerietralf - i love her. she's such a cutie.
MiaBronzeOh man...she SO is..
MiaBronzeYou should see her in person
MiaBronzeI just want to smoosh her
eirefaerieher bittys . . . is she coming to PBP?
MiaBronzeYep. She is.
eirefaerieyay! is she bringing the bittys?
MiaBronzeI saw the bittys
MiaBronzein person
MiaBronzethey are VERY bitty
MiaBronzethey don't look it, but they are
eirefaerie(i want to commission her to do a bitty of me - i just need to get famous)
*** Jamraza ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
*** Jamraza is now known as J33uk
eirefaerielol, hey there Jamraza
aileeenhiya j33uk :)
J33uk*Waves* hey folks
* J33uk smooches back
J33ukDid the chocolately goodness arrive?
FlipleyJamie? wowza!
MiaBronzeYep Jamie.
eirefaerieit did - they loved it
MiaBronzeThey got it.. :)
FlipleyYep, and they thanked you much
J33ukDid Singsinthecar get the praiseage too? do you use the emotions?
J33ukShe was my partner in crime for getting the chocolate
Marlowe_hi jamie
J33uk(type /me whatever to get Jamraza whatevers )
* eirefaerie waves
eirefaerieooh! it worked!
* aileeen waves back
* BitsyTheStrega does the monkey
eirefaerieyeah, but can you do the Snoopy dance, bitsy?
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha...
eirefaeriemia, type
* BitsyTheStrega has no dance
J33ukyou wanna type /me hugs jamraza
eirefaerietype /me
* MiaBronze hugs Flipley
MiaBronzeYAH!! :)
* MiaBronze hugs Jamies
* J33uk huggle-humps
* MiaBronze loves caramel
Flipleytoo much work for Flipley to hug
* BitsyTheStrega loves nekkid Spike
* eirefaerie agrees with Bitsy
* MattH shudders
MiaBronzewho signed her book?
* MiaBronze loves pickles
Flipleyauthor Irvine Welsh
* J33uk can understand the scottish accent
MiaBronzeI am the queen of reading BAD handwriting
BitsyTheStregame too...
J33ukMaybe I can understand scottish text
MiaBronzeI assist three President
eirefaeriehey Bitsy, do you speak Italian
MiaBronzeTHey all write like Dr's
BitsyTheStreganope...I speak very shaky french...
eirefaeriejust . . . strega
MiaBronzeOh she makes the best brownies
BitsyTheStregaI read Vittorio The Vampire and he called this vamp a strega...
BitsyTheStregastrega sounds more musical than witch
eirefaerievampires . . . hmm, vampiro
BitsyTheStregahe didn't know she was a vamp at the time...
BitsyTheStregaohhh Prof.Kitty...
eirefaerieokay, just at the Blink 182 part
eirefaeriethis is how far I lag
MiaBronzeWe are at Kitty tortue..
eirefaeriereally? okay . . . random bet
eirefaeriei'll go for 8
MiaBronze10 atleast
aileeenI give her 12 again this week
Flipleywait till learn what episode
J33ukI say 9.245
eirefaeriehow many did she get last week - like, 5?
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
MattH5 1/3
eirefaeriethat's right
Tara_maclay3 3/4
eirefaerieyour failt matt lol
BitsyTheStregayay OMF!!
paradymeare these going to be your questions again Matt?
eirefaerieold man fan? what?
aileeenOMWF -- yay!!
MattHNot tonight
Flipley15 then
eirefaeriecontext people
eirefaerieoh . . OMWF
Tara_maclaywait 10
paradymebummer...I liked yours, they were actually kind of hard
eirefaeriethen i redo my bet
MiaBronzeOh man..she should know more than 10
MattHMy bet 65%
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
BitsyTheStregaOMWF...13 then...
paradymeokay, I totally missed what episode this is from
eirefaerieI'm twelve minutes behind! LOL
*** Marlowe_ has left #thesuccubusclub
MiaBronze1 demon 3 vamps...damn
paradymemerciful zeus
MattH2 vampires 1 demon
MiaBronzeThats right
MiaBronzeMericiful thats right
FlipleyTame the doughnot and respect the cruller
MiaBronzedonut. *g*
MattHMericful Zeus
paradymea dancing demon
MiaBronzesharp knives...good one.. *g*
paradymeno something isn't right there
BitsyTheStregathese are easy questions!!
BitsyTheStregaLethe's Bramble
paradymelethes bramble.....yeah
aileeengo Bitsy!
BitsyTheStregahe the river...
MattHGiles was right too...
paradymeyeah, technically, it was a dancing demon
Flipleya retro pastiche that will never be a breakaway pop hit
* BitsyTheStrega sings "I've got a theory its chocolate bunnies..."
BitsyTheStregaI looked up pastiche after that...
BitsyTheStregataking witness arais
Flipleytaking witness arias
Flipleycheesy 80
BitsyTheStregatraining montage
Flipleys montage
MiaBronzeKitty should know this!!
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha...
aileeendavid brinkley
BitsyTheStrega15...damn continuity...
Flipleypool cue
BitsyTheStregapool cue
MiaBronzea big pole? lol
Tara_maclaythe letter Q
BitsyTheStregafight fight fight!!
MiaBronzeFlip. I miss them SO much don't you?
Flipleyyep...can't wait
Flipleymay go down there sooner, but it means missing at least a day of work.
BitsyTheStregaSpike!! ha ha ha!!
Tara_maclayGrr. ARRG
MiaBronzeLet me know Flip.. :)
aileeenno underwear
MiaBronzeI will arrive on Wednesday morning, and stay the night with Kitty...
MiaBronzethen drive to LA on Thursday
FlipleyDefinitely good for the Bronze
* BitsyTheStrega is jealous
FlipleyI'm not wearing underwear
* MiaBronze is kittys kindred spirit
MiaBronzeIn a non gay way of course. lol
MiaBronzeThats what she always tells me :)
J33ukThat raises many questions
MiaBronzeI want to call over there. I miss the girls...
eirefaerieoaky, i know I'm like a half hour behind y'all but, YAY Old Man Fan!!
MiaBronzeI was so spoiled thanks to you Flip in was so much of the fun
Flipleythat's what it's all about
FlipleyDo the Hokey Pokey
MiaBronzeACtually I shouldn't jump the gun. Kitty has to ask her hubby first. lol
MiaBronzeI may drive to LA on Wednesday and crash somewhere else. lol
MiaBronzeFlip VEgas was THE MOST fun I have had since LA in Feb
eirefaerieMia, at this point, I'm staying in my car!
MiaBronzeand the only reason LA beats Vegas is because of the set visit.
MiaBronzeNo erie...get a roomey
MiaBronzeseveral infact
eirefaerieY'all are all going to be welcome to my car . . . lol
MiaBronze4 people, for 4 nights is only $129 each
MiaBronzeSo many people will need roomies
MiaBronzeMax to a regular room is 4
Tara_maclayme to
*** Cashmere ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
eirefaeriehey cashmere!
aileeenhiya cashmere :)
Cashmerehey eire many hellos ;)
Cashmerehad trouble finding the right mirc channel
CashmereI'm a little slow mialet ;)
MiaBronzeLike Flip said..the directions aren't very clear
CashmereI've familiar with irc because that's what scifi channel uses for farscape
Cashmereso I should have been quicker
FlipleyMia and I are going to rent a whole floor at the Renaissance Hollywood for the PBP
MiaBronzeLooking forward to MOC Cash?
Cashmereyou know it, Mia!
MiaBronzeLOL...the panoramic suite! lol
MiaBronzeI so loved Angel..
CashmereI loved Deep Down, too, Mia
Cashmerego DeKnight! was good.
MattHIt was good - I even liked Fred.
MiaBronzeGo DeKnight is right
Cashmereme too. don't piss off the skinny girl! ;)
MiaBronzeOur Pantless wonder was just that
eirefaerieAngel was really good this week. course, they could have just sat around and picked their noses -it'd still be more exciting than last season
MiaBronzeFreds character rocked!
J33ukI reaaaaaaaally liked Angel, muchos fun
CashmereDeKnight so got the "calling the old man out" vibe perfectly
FlipleyMy little Corner of the Sky......THWAAAAAAAAAAACK
eirefaeriethat was funny, flip
Cashmereheadless Not!Holland!
MiaBronzeI was SO glad that they didn't play out tortured Angel out any longer
MiaBronzeh man..I tell you
MiaBronzeI SO love Lilah..
MattHLoved Wesley in the episode.
Cashmereevil bitch lawyer--oh that's redundant ;)
eirefaerie"i'll take away your bucket"
MiaBronzeI hated her since the show began, but I loved that they didn't wimp her out..
MiaBronzeThe self promotion thing was priceless
Cashmereand DarkWesley...mmm...DarkWesley
eirefaeriebest line, though "hell, i'd kill him myself, if I wasn't jst a crappy halucination."
MiaBronzeConnor is about as tolerable as a hangnail
CashmereMia, he has hottie potential
MiaBronzeMy Lorne needs to be the regular.
MiaBronzeOh man...Wesly and awsome together
eirefaerieI love Lorne
Cashmereto television idiot execs, teens=money
MiaBronzeConnor?? Hottie?
MiaBronzePlease tell me no
FlipleyGet over your hatred, Mia lol
Cashmereit's possible, many years
eirefaerieonly if he gets a haircut
MiaBronzeNo way. The boy sucks
* MiaBronze faints
Cashmerelmao. I don't mind the hair. I love his voice
J33ukDamn those teens *nods* Hoodlums
eirefaerieIf I were all-powerful, I'd find a way to fix Cordy and Connor's hair
eirefaeriewith their rock music, right Jamie?
MiaBronzeGawd..please say it aint so
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
BitsyTheStregaa big wuss man?
MiaBronzeI hate hate hate connor
MiaBronzeMaybe Lorne will go evil and eat him
J33ukYeah, darn teens with their music...and those salesmen! with thier saaaaaales
Cashmereoh, mia!! don't pick on the little boy!!!! *g*
MiaBronzeOh Cash.. I left And a voice mail abot the blue feathers.. lol
CashmereI'm interested in what Andy had to say...
CashmereI wanna here it in Columbus!
MiaBronzeI wanted to pretend I was someone at the clothing supplier
MiaBronzequestioning the dissapearance of the jacket
Cashmeremeanie mia
MiaBronzeHoweveer I chickedn out
MiaBronzeand I couldn't do it
Cashmereyay! more host
MiaBronzeI would be laughing TOO hard
MiaBronzeYep Ep 3...
MiaBronzeHis ep!!
* MiaBronze can't wait
Cashmereso is anyone still using the yahoo chat?
Cashmereor is it strictly mirc now?
MiaBronzenope. Empty
Cashmereah. good this is better than yahoo
CashmereI couldn't use yahoo chat & media player to listen to the kept crashing my 'puter
MiaBronzeMe too Cash
Tara_maclayI wanted one of the hosts to be on her eventually getting Private messages?
Tara_maclaybut they still have comp probs
CashmerePM's right now? on mirc?
MiaBronzeI don't think that feature works..
MiaBronzecan we not do that?
Cashmereyeah, I think so.
MiaBronzeI am typing things...nothing happeneing
Cashmeregot it
CashmereI kept thinking..."what's that beep?"
MiaBronzeI don't hear a
Tara_maclaytook me by surprise when I started ith this
Tara_maclayanything for those 2. or is that 3
BitsyTheStregaman...I'm getting crappy reception all of a sudden...
Tara_maclaykeep forgetting about Ethan
Tara_maclayRolo Pie
Cashmerebring back DEKNIGHT!
Cashmerelilah is cool
MiaBronzeI love her now
Tara_maclayalways liked her
Tara_maclayher and Linsey
Cashmerewoo hoo! lilah
CashmereDARK WESLEY! nope. Lilah is a lawyer. No feelings
Tara_maclayWesley+Lilah=Conner Jr.
Cashmereit's all about the sex
Tara_maclayand the Rolo's
*** BitsyTheStrega has left #thesuccubusclub
Tara_maclayWesley working both sides
aileeendid KLBC go completly *poof* for anyone else?
Cashmerenot for me
*** paradyme has left #thesuccubusclub
MattHYup - in and out a lot
aileeenreal player is now spewing evil at me
Cashmereit's testosterone poisoning.
Cashmerewes & gunn
MattHIts Moloch
MattHOr some other Internet Demon
Tara_maclayIs Joel still going to make MP3's now that Candy is posting .RM's of the shows
aileeenas long as it doesn't peel off my skin & eat it, I can handle it ;)
CashmereWes is a good guy. He's not worried about what's in it for him
Tara_maclayClem in disquise
Cashmeregod, floating, glowey head cordy. bleh
Cashmeredisembodied cordy SUCKS
Tara_maclayHigher Beings are forbidded to do some things
Cashmerelike NOT SUCK???
CashmereI like ass-kicking Fred
Tara_maclayshe'll be back
MattHWell - there went my connection.
MiaBronzeAss kicking Fred is amazing
MiaBronzeI was pulling a drew screaming.."Do it it again"
Tara_maclayGavin's Kinda cool to
Tara_maclaySneaky little bastard...
CashmereGavin = NotHolland
CashmereI miss Holland
Tara_maclayhe's at the 'home Office
Flipleyback again
Flipleyand ready to celebrate a Giants win
Tara_maclayKitty and candy 'Match Game"
Cashmerewoo hooo!
aileeenmust fly...'night all.
Cashmereme, too.
*** MiaBronze has left #thesuccubusclub
Flipleynight all!
*** Cashmere has left #thesuccubusclub
*** Signoff: aileeen (QUIT: User exited)
*** Flipley has left #thesuccubusclub
Tara_maclaythe Vamps can't come in lest Kitty invites them
MattHGoodnight all
Tara_maclaysee all later
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Oct 09 20:00:34 2002