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MattHHello all
eirefaeriehey guys
eirefaerieokay, i hope i'm not getting lag this week
eirefaeriewhat's playing for you right now Matt?
MattHSome woman singing.
MattHDon't recognize the song
eirefaerieand now kitty and candy are here
BitsyTheStregahey Matt!!
eirefaeriehow'd everyone like Ground State and Help this week?
MattHHiya Bitsy
MattHBoth were excellent
BitsyTheStregaloved them...taping Bird of Prey...
oldbdeyesso-so for me on Help
eirefaerieis that the daughters of superheros show, bitsy?
BitsyTheStregawhere you from Matt...did you hear about the Regas family?? ;)
eirefaerieme too, oldbdeyes
BitsyTheStregaonly one is the daughter of batman
eirefaerieI liked all the parts of it, but I wasn't sure if I liked the whole episode
MattHNorth Hollywood, and no I don't think so.
eirefaerieground state was good, though (yay, mere!) I heart fred
BitsyTheStregaohhh...they lied about Adelphia's stock and got lead away in hand cuffs and everything...
MattHFred was good - I especially liked the electro thief character
eirefaeriegwen? is she going to be recurring?
MattHThat doesn't surprise me - the internet service is sucky
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
MattHespecially wednesday evenings
BitsyTheStregaI connection has been weird today...
BitsyTheStregaits karma...
eirefaerielol . . . Help
eirefaeriehelp isn't in b&w, candy
oldbdeyesgrrr, having trouble listening to the show
eirefaeriewhat's wrong, eyes?
MattHMy deepest sympathies :(
eirefaeriei'm not lagging, i don't think! (finally)
oldbdeyesokay, it's back again
oldbdeyesI'm Christopher Marlowe, eirefaeire
eirefaerieoh, okay, hey CM!
oldbdeyeshey yourself!
BitsyTheStregalove the name CM...;)
eirefaerieooh . . . lover's walk script - that's cool
MattHHmm - I seem to be having a little lag tonight.
MattHCould be the relay stream I am using ;-)
eirefaerieaww :(
BitsyTheStrega{{{huggles}}} Matt....
eirefaeriei'm using media tonight, which is much better
MattHYeah - I just feel compelled to attempt to record the show, which is so much easier with Winamp
eirefaeriei don't even know how to record things - way too complicated for my 'net idiocy
BitsyTheStregaI only recently figured out how to program the VCR...
oldbdeyesthanks, Bitsy
MattHWell - I've never managed it with Media Player.
oldbdeyeshow did you get your name, Bitsy?
BitsyTheStregawell...Bitsy was taken so I used my other board alias...
eirefaerieit's tara's bday today, according to RRK
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BitsyTheStregahey !!
eirefaeriehey, notsoshygirl
eirefaerienot Knockaround Guys, I hope
eirefaerieI saw that Monday night
notsoShyGirlI have no desire to see that one
MattHI haven't watched SNL for years.
BitsyTheStregame neither...
eirefaerielet me tell ya, don't break your ankle running to the theatre
eirefaerieSNL - I totally forgot about SMG on it
eirefaerieso I only caught the last 5 minutes, but the Saddam skit was funny
BitsyTheStregaI'm not going to the movies til the new Pokemon movie comes out...
notsoShyGirlSNL? I haven't watched that for soooo long
eirefaerielol, bitsy
BitsyTheStregathe next movie I'm going to is Harry Potter and then Lord of The Rings and then Star Trek:Nemesis...
eirefaerieHarry Potter - yeah, I was turned into a fan last year with the first movie
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MattHLooking forward to all of those, but LOTR most of all.
BitsyTheStregame too...
eirefaerieyay, LOTR
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notsoShyGirlI hope that LoTR is a little shorter next time around
eirefaeriehiya, flipley
MattHHiya Flipley
BitsyTheStregago to the potty before seeing LOTR...I learned my lesson the hard way...
Sundowneryay flipley!
Sundownerdid i make any kind of sense?
BitsyTheStregahey flipley...
FlipleyIt did, finally. Thanks!
MattHI liked Beer Bad and Anne.
notsoShyGirlBeer Bad was hysterical
eirefaeriei liked beer bad, but hated Anne
*** oldbdeyes ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
BitsyTheStregaParker bad!!
eirefaerieand Beer Bad, I only liked cause - well, cave!buffy is funny
Flipleyhey bd
MattHBut the Gandhi impression was wonderful...
MattHThis is Sunnydale - the cops are incompetent, the mayors have turned into demons - somehow a counselor not following the rules is not a big deal
eirefaerieoh, the home improvement guy . . . sigh
BitsyTheStregaI know...*shudder*
eirefaerielet's hope he doesn't come back for a repeat performance
BitsyTheStregaI know...Dawn should have kicked him...
eirefaeriehey, does anyone know who's running that site
eirefaeriecause, hello, freaky
MattHI didn't get around to checking it out.
FlipleyI'm hoping that he comes back and gets impaled with a power tool
eirefaerieit's pretty much the same as the one they show on Help
notsoShyGirlit's pretty strange
eirefaerielol, flipley, we can dream
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
BitsyTheStregaI loved the love poems scene...:D
notsoShyGirlI was thinking something slow and painful
eirefaeriea router drill?
notsoShyGirlhungry rats?
MattHMaybe a withc will pound him to death with lots of flying hammers.
MattHerrgh - witch
notsoShyGirlI have a twisted sense of humor
eirefaerieoh, hell, i missed Spike
MattHI miss sane Spike
eirefaeriei don't
eirefaeriei'm loving this crazy stuff
eirefaeriewell, i mean, sane!spike is good too
MattHDrusilla does crazy better, though.
notsoShyGirlI like crazy Spike
notsoShyGirlhe reminds me of Drucilla
eirefaeriebut i think the crazy stuff is really letting JM stretch his acting muscles
BitsyTheStregaya know...Spike is neither Spike nor is he William...should we call him Wills or something...
eirefaerie"miss edith sets a bad example. she speaks out of turn and will have no cakes today."
eirefaerieah . . . dru
BitsyTheStregaI miss Dru...
notsoShyGirl"I'm naming all the stars"
eirefaerieWike? Spilliam?
eirefaerieyou can't see the stars, love
eirefaerieshe's sitting on the bed. Oh, dru, what a crazy bitca
MattHBut I've named them all the same, and there's terrible confusion
notsoShyGirlBilly Jo Jim Bob?
notsoShyGirlDru was my favorite
eirefaerieis that a name for each of his personalities now?
BitsyTheStregahe he...
BitsyTheStregaDrew's first eppy!!
eirefaeriecan bob be the crazy one?
eirefaerieyay, Drew! Drew is my leader!
notsoShyGirlLike Bob from Twin Peaks?
MattHIsn't he always?
oldbdeyesI'm really looking forward to the Anya ep
eirefaerielol, matt
eirefaerieme too, CM
BitsyTheStregame too...EC rocks...
FlipleyZachery Bryan....that's the Home Improvement guy
eirefaerieI love Anya. (and I like Crazy!Spike's hair!)
FlipleyI knew I recognized the name when I saw the credits, then was horrified when I realized who it was
eirefaerieit scares me that you know that, flipley ;)
BitsyTheStregaAzura Skye was good though...:D
eirefaerieI just search the credits for the words "DB woodside"
MattHVery good
oldbdeyesI love Principal McHottie
Flipleymmmmmmm, DB Woodside
eirefaerieand, on the off chance, Amber Benson (a girl can dream)
BitsyTheStregashe was good in Confessions of An Ugly Stepsister...
eirefaeriePrincipal McHottie -"where I grew up"
eirefaeriethe hood?
notsoShyGirlPrinciple McHottie is great
eirefaeriebeverly Hills
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
MattHGreat line
eirefaeriemaybe buffy was borrowing language from Fred. word, dog
BitsyTheStregaI watched the Power Rangers the other day and Jason was on he is so could I ever have had a crush on him...
eirefaeriei had a crush on him too, bitsy
eirefaerieyay, green-turned-white ranger
BitsyTheStregaTommy was still hot though...
eirefaeriethat's the one I liked
MattHI liked Kimberly.
oldbdeyesI've lost track of the power rangers
eirefaeriewhich one was jason? the red one?
oldbdeyesI used to watch the original
BitsyTheStregayeah...Jason was red...
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MattHHello Tara
FlipleySpeak of the ghost
eirefaeriehi mark
Tara_maclaysorry I missed some stuff
eirefaerielol at Willow's line "doogie howser fanfiction"
BitsyTheStrega{{{huggles}}} Tara...
notsoShyGirlthat was funny
BitsyTheStregaI wonder if Willow sat shiva...
MattHEspecially considering the amount of Buffy fanfiction out there...
Tara_maclayHey, I actually have some of those
eirefaeriei know - I want to look up DH fanfic now
eirefaeriedoogie howser?
FlipleyDoogie Howser, MD
Tara_maclaycould have be a HP fanfic line
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!! Power Rangers fan fic is only second to Buffy!!
oldbdeyesI remember the doog
MattHNeal Patrick Harris - played an 16?18? year old doctor
eirefaeriei loved the doog - neil patric harris was my 5th grade crush
oldbdeyesI thought Smallville fic was pretty big
Tara_maclayJEM Fanfiction......
BitsyTheStregaJEM rocked...
FlipleyYes, Smallville fic falls into Red Kryptonite, Green Kryptonite, Gold Kryptonite
BitsyTheStregaI wonder is Willow read some Doogie slash...*shudder*
eirefaeriei always think it's weird when I see other shows with fic - I'm a huge X-Phile, and I feel strange thinking there are fans of other shows that are fanatic like XF fans are
eirefaerieand that Buffy fans use the term "shipper"
eirefaeriethat makes me laugh
oldbdeyeswhere are you seeing the Red, Green and Gold, flipley?
eirefaeriecassie was in 28 days
eirefaerieand something else
MattHDon't forget that Star Trek started the fanfic thing in the first place.
Flipleythat was a bad joke, referring to the freak of the week
eirefaerieST - too confusing. Too many versions
oldbdeyesI liked the effect red kryptonite had on clark
notsoShyGirlloved every one
Tara_maclayAmber Kriptonite
MattHI was a big fan when I was growing up in the 70s
BitsyTheStregaI liked the original,TNG,and DS9
oldbdeyesI stopped watching star trek spinoffs with DS9
Tara_maclayI saw Sweet Home Alabama yesterday. And I have a strange feeling that I have to apologise to Amber for it
MattHAny good Buffy/Smallville crossover fics?
BitsyTheStregaI had a crush on the DS9 cap'n
eirefaeriehave to apologize to amber for SWA, why?
oldbdeyesI thought I saw an Angel/Smallville fic somewhere
eirefaerieSweet Home Alabama, I mean
Tara_maclayjust for the bad southern conitations that people might have gotten
Tara_maclaylike everyone from the south acts like this
eirefaeriewe don't?
eirefaerieseemed pretty close to how i grew up
eirefaerievery close, actually - but we don't have such bad accents
BitsyTheStregahe he...I've been to Alabama...plenty of folks do act like that...:D
eirefaerieand, you know, I'm not marrying Patrick Dempsey
FlipleyI am SO marrying Patrick Dempsey
Tara_maclayI know, that was me actually. I felt that way for about 10 seconds
*** MiaBronze ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
eirefaeriehiya mia!
Tara_maclaySomething vibrating????
MiaBronzeHi guys. :)
MattHHello Mia
FlipleyDid you get my e-mail at work today?
MiaBronzeFLIP!!!!! *smoochies* SHY!!!! *smooch* No email.. :( *sob*
MiaBronzeWhen did you sent it?
oldbdeyestried 'Runaway Train' Matt?
BitsyTheStregaha ha ha!!
oldbdeyesit is a Buffy/Smallville fic
*** impalergeneral (impalergen@66.42.91.mD03=) has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
BitsyTheStregahey impaler
oldbdeyesyou made it!
Tara_maclayI'm suprised to see a lot of BoP fanfic
MattHDo you have a URL?
BitsyTheStregaBoP is a comic too...
oldbdeyeshaven't read it, so I can't comment on it's quality
impalergeneralI have a URL...
MiaBronzeHave you guys checked out the cassie website?
BitsyTheStregawhere is it??
MiaBronzeWhat did those writers do is what I want to know? It had to be them
Sundownerthat was too cool that it was possible to visit it...
impalergeneralI have. I just wonder how the webmistress added the scrolling text. I didn't know you could do that
Sundownerjava applet of some sort?
oldbdeyesif you put in Buffy/Smallville in, you can get some more links
eirefaerieit's at
eirefaeriefor whomever asked
eirefaerieit's freaky
impalergeneralIt's there, poems and all
MiaBronzeIt is freaky
MiaBronzeI sent it to the girls
eirefaeriecause I saw it before i saw Help, and then I saw the same sight on Buffy
oldbdeyeswonder how long that site will be up?
eirefaerievery strange, indeed
impalergeneralMaybe until it's rerun
Sundowneri tried to visit the site again from work today, but it was blocked because of the amount of traffic.
eirefaeriehopefully at least until England gets the ep
impalergeneralMaybe some UK fans are looking for it get a hint of what's to come
eirefaerieI went there yesterday, sundowner, after it was posted on the bronze, and it had already had 6000 hits
BitsyTheStregadamn...guestbook is full...
impalergeneralBy the way, what did you guys think of the ending? Some say that this will break Buffy's spirit, and just give up helping
FlipleyJane E. and Rebecca and the Drews were on the Bronze Beta publicizing the Cassie Newton site before the show, I'm sure they did it
Sundowneri ended up there after the episode last night. think i got the link from tensai's list....
BitsyTheStregathis is freaky...
*** Signoff: notsoShyGirl (QUIT: )
Sundownerwish i'd seen it before the ep, but didn't check out the bronze archive til today. doh.
eirefaeriei don't think so, impaler
MattHThat is the point, I think
impalergeneralI disagree with that, of course. Just recall what she did top Angel at the end of season two..then helping him after he was dropped out of Hell a few months later
eirefaerieif Jane, RRk and co. are behind the site, maybe there's something hidden there
eirefaerie(i'm all over the conspiracy angles)
impalergeneralAnd remember when he told her to keep fighting...because HE learned it from HER? She just has to rememeber that
MiaBronzeFlip, it is SO something that Drew would do...
impalergeneralConspiracies, eh? Does that explain all the scary pictures of girls with crowns?
FlipleyOriginal Drew
MiaBronzeYep...original one
eirefaeriewhich one, mia?
eirefaerieah, ok
eirefaeriei'm not sure, impaler. lol
MattHBuffy has been in a coffin 3 times already.
impalergeneralMaybe that hints to who could be coming...and how about Kitty saying now Buffy will be a vamp?
MattHNightmares, Bargaining and now Help
impalergeneralheck, maybe some witch will cast a spell where Buffy's a vamp and Spike is human for a while. That'll work
BitsyTheStregaam I lagging...they're talking about Minority Report...
MattHI am lagging a bit
Tara_maclayby about 30 sec
eirefaeriejust a bit, bitsy
MattHSpike/Buffy = Load a BS ;)
impalergeneralaint it the truth, matt!
BitsyTheStregaI'm a Spuffy but I think Cassie's comment is a red herring...
impalergeneralBesides, I say the Big Bad 7 will give Spike a change
MattHI think she is talking about Buffy forgiving Spike
Tara_maclayhow about Willow/Cassie
MattHConsidering the circumstances - more likely Cassie/Tara
impalergeneralYeah, maybe it's Halfrek who'll be the "she", but Buffy asking for forgiveness from Spike makes the most sense. It shows she realizes what she did, while she waits for the same to come
Tara_maclaybut a change to where
Tara_maclayok, never mind that '
impalergeneralwell, I suspect the BB7 may undo what the Sneaky Demon did..and the Initiative
MattHI used to like Cordy - then she went blond....
eirefaerieand then it truly will be his choice - which is what i'd like
MattHAnd her personality changed
MattHAnd she became *nice*
FlipleyMia, are you going to go blonde on us?
Tara_maclayFred's the girl now
impalergeneralCordy's a born raven-haired Valley Girl. Hopefully, she'll get back to that and the visions
MattHFred has grown on me
eirefaeriei'd like Spike to get de-chipped and de-souled, and still do good - i think that would make a very interesting statement
impalergeneralFred's the Texas willow
eirefaeriei *heart* fred
oldbdeyesgotta go
*** oldbdeyes has left #thesuccubusclub
eirefaerieoh, see, the ritual reminded me of Die Hand Die Verleitz from X-Files
impalergeneralSpike do good again withut a chip or soul? Well, maybe--there was that double-cross for love at the end of season two
BitsyTheStregaFred is too funny...everyone *hearts* Fred...
MattHFred can be overused though
eirefaerieshe's so cute! and little! and Fred!
Tara_maclayFred+Clem there's an interesting idea
Sundowner*laughs* yikes.
impalergeneralFred's not that little, but should visit a Texas barbecue or two
MattHI like BOC
eirefaerieno, no, clem and dawn.
eirefaerieoh my joss, impaler, she turned sideways during her breakdown with gunn, and I thought she'd disappear
Tara_maclayshe needs to visit Taco Bell more often
eirefaeriei'm all over clem and dawn. maybe clem and xander ;)
MattHShe and SMG both
eirefaeriesee, i'm leaning towards forgiveness on this "she'll tell you" thing
eirefaerielove'd be great, but i'm not holding my breath
Tara_maclayNo no no Spike and Xander. just because of the look
eirefaerieyeah, matt, i miss . . . rounder buffy
eirefaeriexander's tired of being a butt monkey, though ;)
impalergeneralClem should get a skin trim, then we'll see if he's the stud
MattHSeason 1 Buffy
eirefaeriehe is a stud
eirefaeriei've seen pictures
* MattH wipes drool off of chin
MiaBronzeThe actor that plays him atleast.. *g*
eirefaeriewell, yeah
impalergeneralAre they saying Spike could be the undead Xander?
eirefaerieclem's a cutie
FlipleyMia, wasn't the actor who played Clem the party animal at the last Bronze?
FlipleyOh wait, that was Merl
eirefaeriedoesn't buffy already make a difference?
MattHSaving the world six or seven times, maybe ...
Tara_maclaydiffeernt kind of difference though
impalergeneralShe may think that she doesn't at this point..but wouldn't we need a pep talk frmo Angel--no matter what the ^&^(^&^&*^WB says?
MattHIt does feel kind of strange that they don't talk about what happens
MattHThat we see at least
Tara_maclaythere really needs to be a X-over
impalergeneralBesides, few champs are undefeated. They win in the long run, we all live. Buffy should know that
Sundownerhas anyone wondered if faith being in both series this year if that works out is how they'd manage the x-over?
Tara_maclayoh no..... not Willow/Dawn........
MattHMmm. Happy thoughts
impalergeneral"We don't always win, no completely. you just keep fighting....I learned that from you."
Tara_maclayher coming back does not qualify as an X-Over
Sundownermaybe i should have phrased that differently...
eirefaeriea X-over has to be a regular cast member going to the other show
Sundownermore like "as close as it comes to a cross over"
Sundowneryeah - i get that part. i just don't think that a regular cast member will happen.
Tara_maclayoh ok
impalergeneralThe WB just wants Bufffy out of their network. Anyone else is welcome...and now it's hurting UPN!
MattHCall it a pseudo-crossover, then
eirefaeriestupid WB - why no crossovers? I so wanted Cordy to be at the wedding last year
eirefaeriecould giles go over to Angel? ASH is no longer a regular cast member
Tara_maclayWB is systimatically(?) pissing off Buffy fans by screwing up Angel
impalergeneralThe ratings are down for Buffy because people don't know season six is really over..and some still miss Tara
Tara_maclayand more than just the F..ed up WS
MattHI agree with the impaler on this one
impalergeneralBut it's already much better than last season
eirefaerieoh yeah
eirefaerieseason seven has so far been so good - like multiple watching in the same week/day good
Tara_maclayyes, but I am one who did like S6
FlipleyThe ratings for Buffy are only down compared with the heavily hyped Season 6 start
eirefaerieand i still think it's depressing - but less with the ennui of season 6
eirefaeriei wonder if they're going to do a "special" ep this season
MattHI liked Season 6 somewhat - especially as I see how season 6 could have been done well.
impalergeneralmaybe UPN should make ads telling them that this season isn't like last year..thank GOD!
eirefaerieyou know, like OMWF, Hush, The Body, Restless, etc
MattH"Buffy - Less Angst, More Slaying"
eirefaerieyeah, but something's off with those kids in the UPN marketing dept, don't you think? Have they actually been watching the eps that they're preparing trailors for?
eirefaerielol, matt
impalergeneralYeah, they keep passing off every epiosde as a laugh riot..even better than "That '70's Show."
eirefaerienext weeks probably really will be funny
MattHMarketing departments always screw up, no matter the industry.
eirefaeriesince all Anya, all the time
Tara_maclayI think it's ^-^ torture time
impalergeneralwell, from what I know about next week, someone will not be in any laughing matter
eirefaerietee hee
Tara_maclayo, random thoughts first
MattHI know this is an unpopular opinion, but I am kinda tired of Anya
FlipleyBuffy and That 70s Show both have similar ratings these days...Gilmore Girls in front of both
eirefaeriei miss old anya. like i miss old cordy
Tara_maclaythere is a big Anya story next week
eirefaeriei never watched GG
eirefaerieah, that's us!
eirefaerieyay, us!
impalergeneralI have a few times
eirefaerie(okay, me)
FlipleyGG was great it's first season, less consistent since then....gets a bit cutesy too often, too much boyfriend crap with typical WB boyhunks
Tara_maclayand the best thing it James isn't acting crazy........
Tara_maclayAnd me
impalergeneralHeck, if the Emmies have to be bribed to get JM, SMG, AH or anyone else the recognition they deserve, there could have been a fund-raiser for that years ago
Tara_maclayand I don't mean ME
impalergeneralThe foundation is a very nice thought, but isn't this a lobbying effort that won't be effective either, like the DVD's for "Once More..."?
eirefaeriewell, impaler, probably so
eirefaeriei mean, we don't really have delusions of grandeur
Tara_maclaythe original version will be on the DVD's for that season
eirefaeriebut we figured, hell, we're going to try our hardest ;)
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*** Cashmere ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
eirefaeriehey cashmere, just got your SO
MiaBronzeTheres the Cash. :)
BitsyTheStregaohhh...naughty words...
Tara_maclayHi guys
Tara_maclaywelcome back
impalergeneralBut at least the Emmies shouldn't confuse Buffy with the other Buffy on "Family Affair"
MiaBronzeI love Kitty. :)
Tara_maclayThanks for reminding me.. I have a FA/Buffy Fanfiction
Tara_maclayme to ^-^ heart Kitty
CashmereI can't connect to the show
MiaBronzeI met the real Buffy from the original family affair
impalergeneralFigures...all about a Slayer with a stake in one hand and Mrs. Beasley in the other
MiaBronzeI met sissy
eirefaeriethey shouted out to you, cash
Cashmeremissed it
FlipleyYeah, Mia met ME!
MattHI despise Michael Moore
impalergeneralThat movie was in Sacramento recently, and so was Michael Moore
Tara_maclayKitty went to the opening in NY????
Tara_maclayok, who else is the one from Sac????
BitsyTheStregaI loved Roger and economics teacher showed it in class...
impalergeneralMIchael Moore balances out Rush and all the pinheads who blame President Clinton for what the al-Qaeda has done
CashmereI like Michael Moore
MattH2 idiots <> 1 smart person
Tara_maclayalso Sweet Home Alabama
*** oldbdeyes has left #thesuccubusclub
BitsyTheStregawas Roger and Me the one where the lady skins the rabbit...
MiaBronzecomplete random comment....
Cashmereoooooh...I wanna see 8 mile
Sundownerlooks awesome.
MiaBronzedoes anyone else think that the purple M&M's look funny in the package?
Sundownersame director as la conficential.
Tara_maclay'Phone Booth"
Cashmerecurtis hanson
impalergeneralReese Witherspoon's new flick? I didn't like it because it was so predictable..and the ending was really lame (her "gimme a divorce" mantra doesn't sound true..and I'll keep it at that).
Tara_maclaytoo bad they pulled that cause of that DC crap
FlipleyGood for Ethan
impalergeneralIf Rober Ebert says Eminem can act better than Prince, I might see that movie
eirefaerieoooh, restless!
eirefaerieokay, 12.5
FlipleyEminem = Takes on the easiest targets....has good producers
eirefaerierestless means she must have watched it a couple of times
eirefaeriemutated bay of pigs!
Cashmereimpaler general, I think Eminem could pull it off...his whole "controversial" attitude is an act, anyway
Tara_maclayEminem Vs Vin Deisel
eirefaeriesomething like that
eirefaerieFBI warning
eirefaerie(i just watched restless yesterday)
eirefaeriewillow, xander, giles buffy
FlipleyBay of Mutated Pigs
Tara_maclaymiss kitty
eirefaeriemiss kitty
eirefaerieher name
Tara_maclayhavent found her a name
eirefaeriea ball of yarn
Tara_maclaysame thuing
eirefaerieand MKF is at WIllow's mom's house (so sayeth joss)
Tara_maclaynot crap
BitsyTheStregadamn...I am lagging...
eirefaeriedid anyone notice the bullet hole in the wondow in Restless?
eirefaeriei just noticed it yesterday
eirefaeriedon't think so
impalergeneralThey don't plan seasons more than a year in advance
eirefaeriewillow goes to look out the window, and the thing is right there
eirefaerieand the the first
MiaBronzeimpalergeneral...thats not true.
impalergeneralUnless someone saw the ep, and decided that's what will happen to tara
MiaBronzeThey do plan things more than a year in advance
MattHJoss does
eirefaeriecounting down from 730
eirefaeriethe cheese guy was before the curtain
eirefaerieputs the cheese in order
impalergeneralbut the bullet hole and tara's death? Maybe they saw the bullethole first, then connected it to Tara
eirefaeriemaybe . . . i don't think so, though
eirefaeriei still think Restless is the key to everything
CashmereI eat cheese slices.
eirefaeriewhich is why i watched it yesterday and took lots of notes
BitsyTheStregathe cheese guy was kinda off to the side...
eirefaeriedamn, she's fast
Tara_maclaynew car smell
eirefaerieand, speaking of that
Tara_maclay? gravity
eirefaerieppl say that Spike is wearing that same suit in Tabula Rasa
Tara_maclaynot crap
MattHKitty isn't suffering ... something is wrong
eirefaerieis that true? I didn't get agood look
eirefaerielol, it's restless - it stays with you
eirefaerielol, that was such a funny line "i've learned how to drive by gesturing emphatically"
MattHForeshadowing to triangle
eirefaerieindeed, matt
eirefaerieno furniture
eirefaeriein xander's dream, both Joyce and Tara speak without moving their lips - we were trying to figure out that one yesterday
Sundownerooh. i think i might be lagging. bummer.
BitsyTheStregacheese suit...good idea...
MattHI am the Giles apt. question
eirefaeriei know that the closed captioning is not the same thing as what they say
eirefaeriewe're two ahead of you, matt, i think
MattH*at* the
BitsyTheStregadang it...bloody powerlink...fastest my ass...
CashmereI'm going to vegas in DECEMBER
eirefaeriebleed on the couch
Tara_maclayon the ouch
CashmereI can't remember details about restless...I need to watch it again
eirefaeriethat's such a great ep
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Tara_maclayAnya must...lots of funny references...
Tara_maclayMAybe its Buffy and Willow
eirefaerieand spooky ones . . . (cue spooky music)
CashmereI remember lines...
Cashmerebut it's all weird in my head
Tara_maclayDone Done Done......
BitsyTheStregaLike a shark...on land,with much less fins...and on land...very good!!
impalergeneralDon't worry, Candy. I know what you mean
eirefaeriei love it when she starts laughing
eirefaeriehey there, killer
Flipleymah jong
eirefaeriei can't remember what he says though
eirefaerienever mind
Tara_maclaywho had 11
eirefaerielol at the two of them
MattHI had 11
MattHBecause it is no fun if Kitty knows the answers.
impalergeneralYeah, Kitty should suffer for wanting Buffy as a vampire
MattHYeah. I am going to have to polish up my questions and send them in.
MiaBronzeWe have to let her win every now and again.
BitsyTheStregado a theme next guest characters or season finales///:)
MiaBronzeor she won't want to play...kinda like the carrot in front of the horse.
MattHSaid the guy who gave her the best score she has ever gotten :_( do another one of those
MiaBronzeSome of us route for her. :) lol
Tara_maclaysort of likee how many times has buffy dies and in which epis
impalergeneralBY the way, Seth Green is on Caroline Rhea tonight...for those who live in places where she's shown against Conan
MattHNever again! I learned my lesson. The only one who suffered during that version of Kitty Torture was me.
impalergeneralIN sacramento, the ep's already been shown, but I taped it
FlipleyMia, you have to IM me.....shall I open up yahoogroups again?
MiaBronzeWhy would you suffer?
MiaBronzeI would love to IM you angel...
MiaBronzeAre you on AOL?
Tara_maclayok, whos' in Sac
impalergeneralAre you from Sac, Tara?
Tara_maclayand who has IM
Tara_maclayactually, Folsom
Flipleycan't be on AOL
Flipleyat work
Tara_maclayand NOT the prison
MattHEvery time she got a question I wrote right and she did it so easily... it was painful.
MiaBronzeUmmm, alright, let me try to sign on to Yahoo..
Tara_maclayyes we did see cordy.
impalergeneralI think Angekl fights a villain who should have been on "Birds of Prey"
Cashmerewesley & lilah! go wes!
Tara_maclaythat's ok Candy
MattHAngel threatening Lilah was good.
impalergeneraland no one rememebrs that Gunn dies for ten seconds?
impalergeneralBoy, it's too bad when the writers freak us out, and we forget about it a few seconds later
MiaBronzeOh man..I love Wes/Lilah..
Tara_maclayand smelling Wes all over her
Cashmerewe DO CARE
MiaBronzeFlip...I am on Yahoo. Can you see me.
eirefaerieyeah, but that was a quick death
eirefaerieone commercial break - i wasn't panicked
MiaBronzeSee....Kitty doesn't want to do it. YOu need to make it easy.
impalergeneralI thought Gunn would be a zombie or something
FlipleyI'm in the SC chatroom lol
CashmereI wanna see four star mary, dammit
impalergeneralmaybe my previous theory that Connor will become Angelus Jr. may happen
MiaBronzeI am on my way honey
MiaBronzeAll I want Connor to become is dead
MattHAgreement on the Connor thing.
MiaBronzeYah Matt. :)
MiaBronzeFlip. I am there, where are you?
impalergeneralNo, he has to ally himself with Justine first
MattHI don't think even Connor is that stupid
CashmereMia! Connor will grow into less annoyingness
MiaBronzeNo, he just need to not be there.
MiaBronzeI know Cash...
impalergeneralWould you prefer he has an auntie Lilah?
MiaBronzeYou think he has hottie potential
MiaBronzeI just don't like him.
MiaBronzeI would prefer he not even be on the show, thats what I prefer
Cashmeremia you have to spot hotties when they are very young
impalergeneralNo, I say Connor will play a key role in a plot twist that will increase Alias' ratings by 20 percent
eirefaerielol, impaler
MiaBronzeCash honey. I have my hottie.. lol
Tara_maclaysorry, emailing K&C
* eirefaerie dislikes Connor immensely
MiaBronzeI don't need to spot any more..
eirefaerieof course, he's less annoying than he was as a baby
* BitsyTheStrega likes Lilah immensely
eirefaeriemaybe every year (perish the thought) he'll get more cool
MiaBronzeHmmm how do I do that again?
eirefaerieLilah rocks. I liked how she knew about Justine in the closet. Stupid Justine.
eirefaeriemia, /me
oldbdeyesJustine must die
eirefaerieand then whatever it is you wanna say
* MiaBronze thats right!!
* Cashmere loves four star mary
* eirefaerie loves cheese
MattHMakes me miss Oz though
Tara_maclayyeah, but WHAT does she teach the children??????
impalergeneralHow about Pikachu Girl?
Tara_maclaydoes she teach Kitty Torture
Tara_maclayI loke that one
* MiaBronze loves Cashmere & Flipley
eirefaeriei miss cordy
Cashmere*smoooootch* Mialet
Tara_maclayshe'll be back
eirefaerieeven St. Corduffy. just charisma carpenter in general
oldbdeyesI want Queen C back
impalergeneralYeah, Cordy wasn't put on "Angel" to be Patron Saint of Neon Signs
MattHI hope she'll be back
eirefaeriehe he
MiaBronzeWith the rumors to her being pregnant..who knows
Tara_maclaynow that was good
MiaBronzesame with SMG....she is wearing some baggy shirts..
MattHIn SMG's case, I think it is to hide her skinniness
eirefaerieoh, god, can you imagine them working a pregnancy into either script?
oldbdeyesDawn seems to have a better figure
impalergeneralWhat about on SNL? Didn't she show a lot of flesh in the "Christine Aguilara" sketch?
eirefaerieamen to that!
Cashmerelmao...that's what my husband said about Fred
Tara_maclayBuffy preggers by Spike
MattHWell, yeah - Darla...
Cashmerealso, he said, don't piss off the skinny chick
MiaBronzeI have heard she is expecting...but completly not confirmed
eirefaerieDawn's a hottie lately, which is a little disturbing
impalergeneralGOD NO!!!! Besides, it's too "Angel".
Tara_maclaysomething to do with what happened in DMP
FlipleyI just think that they don't make clothes that can be tight on SMG, she's so skinny
MattHHeh, I always thought Dawn was hot. ;-)
eirefaerieoh, they yelled at Phantom Dennis!
eirefaeriepoor Phantom Dennis! I *heart* PD
MattHPoor Phantom Dennis...
Tara_maclayI want them to keep Phantom Dennis though
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eirefaerieme too
eirefaeriehe's so cool
oldbdeyesI miss Lorne
impalergeneralAt least Dawn isn't a pop star, or Avril Levigne (although she could be a Slayer).
eirefaerieand, in birthday, with his little hat and blower thingy
oldbdeyesCan't wait to see him on the next ep
MiaBronze*sigh* Lorne
eirefaerielorne will be there next week, which is of the good
* MiaBronze misses lorne..
MattHDon't we all miss Lorne.
Tara_maclaythe epi is mostly about him anyway
MiaBronzelots of awsome stuff Sunday!! :)
MattHI miss Caritas also
MiaBronzeI can't wait to see it!!!
Tara_maclayLorne and Clem
oldbdeyeshe will be absolutely fabulous
eirefaerieyep - our weird-skinned demon friends
impalergeneralAngel's terrible at apopogizing
MattHWhich is kind of strange as I kind of dislike the entire "demons infest LA" idea behind Angel
Flipleynext eppies all about Lorne and Anya
eirefaeriehe really is
Tara_maclayCaritas should reopen in the hotel
impalergeneralNow that's an idea
Tara_maclaynot the same epi though
eirefaerieI've never liked Angel (the character) I've often wanted to stake him
impalergeneralThat should keep the hotel funded
MattHI like Angel better when he is brooding
MattHHappy Angel is *so* wrong.
impalergeneralMaybe Angel is as thoughtless as Buffy..hint, hint
MattHWesley gets better and better though...
eirefaerieyes he does
MattHAs thoughless as Buffy... that takes some work.
Tara_maclayWEs and Lilah
impalergeneralThink about it...she doesn't realizes how she's affected Spike, while Angel can't convince Wesley he's sorry
* eirefaerie has lascivious thoughts about Wesley
oldbdeyesI think Wesley and Lilah are a better version of Buffy and Spike
impalergeneralLilah better than Buffy? Think again
eirefaeriehe's come a long way from S3 of Buffy
MattHNot as skinny, anyway
oldbdeyesBuffy=Wesley, Lilah=Spike
eirefaeriehmm . . .
impalergeneralNow that makes sense
eirefaerieSpike's much sexier than Lilah. ;)
oldbdeyesseason six Buffy and Spike
oldbdeyesI don't think Lilah is going to lurky to get a soul, though *g*
eirefaerienor will she look half as good with bleached hair
MattHShe probably just sold hers ...
CashmereSin City, Babeeeeee
eirefaeriei loved her and angel's interaction, though
eirefaerie"I'm evil. I do evil things."
Tara_maclayhow much did she get for it though
impalergeneraland I eat evil food
oldbdeyesheee, Angel smelling Wes on Lilah
eirefaerieand i burp evil burps
eirefaerieshop early, avoid the rush
Tara_maclaywhich lesbian
impalergeneralOK, until next time...
Tara_maclaynngf fg
Tara_maclaygfg rg
eirefaerietiny jewish santa
Sundownernight everyone....
eirefaerienight, kids
Tara_maclaynbn dfnbd h
Tara_maclayh hdrh
Tara_maclayth hjerjej
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MattHnight all
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Tara_maclayj djtjh h
oldbdeyesnight everyone!
Tara_maclayh thwryusw5y
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