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for October 23, 2002

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eirefaerieyeah, Ultimate Drew came through
eirefaeriehey matt!
MattHHello All
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MiaBronzeHi guys.
impalergeneralHello there
Amy_Madisongood backstory for Anya
MiaBronzeHmmmm do we have to pay for this chat past the 30 day trial?
eirefaeriei was just thinking the same thing, mia
impalergeneralI already have
eirefaeriecause i'm what they like to call "poor"
MattHI take it you are using MIrc?
MiaBronzeMe too. Don't think I will be paying for me.
Amy_Madisonno. .ve been on this for aleast a year
Flipleyhola Mia!
impalergeneralBy the way, last night's show was the best non-musical show in 18 months
MiaBronze*smooch* hello my handsome Flip. ;)
Sundownerit's one of those honor system type things...
MiaBronzeAmy, you haven't paid?
Amy_MadisonBehind the Scenes
impalergeneralI paid ten bucks for it
FlipleyDid any of you feel sorry for these poor KLBC guys whose show precedes the Suc Club?
MiaBronzeIt says something like registering...I am I don't want to pay.
MiaBronzeBrownies!! Did Shy send them brownies?!
Amy_Madisonno no no.. she saud BUNNIES
eirefaeriethe hip-hop guys? i think they like to say "succubus"
impalergeneralWell if you don't pay for this, wouldn't yu be cut off?
Amy_MadisonI haven't yet
impalergeneralOh. well, ten bucks is stil worth it
MattHAre you talking about the service or the chat software?
Amy_Madisonand it's over a year now
MiaBronzeIt wants $20 from me.
MiaBronzeAlright Amy cool. I will take your path. :)
MattHI use Trillian - freeware ;-)
Amy_Madisonthat's good to
Amy_MadisonKitty Giggles
eirefaeriedancing to Nerf Herder
FlipleyI'm behind
Flipleyno Nerf Herder yet
MiaBronzeThere are lots of things about Trillian that I don't like. Like that my buddies on my buddy list can see that I am signed in. Even when I don't want to be seen.
MattHSame here
FlipleyMia's all about her privacy
MiaBronzeFlip. I programed the theme song as my cell phone ring
MattHYou can be invisible if you wish.
Flipleyexcept when
Amy_Madisonactually dancing to that OMWF song last night
MiaBronzeOh Flip. You know it. Except with you. You knoq it all
MiaBronzeDRUNK?! Me?! lol
Flipleya little vino and she's a wildcat!
impalergeneralBoy, if Emma Caufield was born 40 years sooner, she'd be Jane Powell
Flipleyscary reference, David
impalergeneralWell, she'd clean up in MGM musicals
Amy_Madisonsomebody needs to make an MP3 of that song
FlipleyNick Brendon is no Donald O'Connor
MiaBronzeMatt. I can be invisible yes. I am on AOl, but the people on my buddy list, who have Trillion. Can see me.
eirefaeriei'd get a shirt. lol
MiaBronzeIt sucks. I mean, if I had Trillion, I too could have the advantage. lol
MattHHmm. Didn't know that..
MiaBronzeFlip!!! I didn't see it either
FlipleyI was shocked that some people didn't get the irony of her song lol
MiaBronzeThey are talking to you
Flipleywhat what what, Mia?
eirefaerie"miss lame-ass made up maiden name Harris"
MiaBronzeYou will hear it in a bit.
impalergeneralI got the irony of her song..she thought she'd have a new identity as Xander's wife (whcih is a little than being Olaf's woman)
Flipleygot it
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impalergeneralI thought it was made-up lame ass maiden name Harris. Oh well
MiaBronzeShe did send them the brownines!
MiaBronzeI knew it!
xBitsyxI wonder what happened to my other name...
eirefaerieeh, whatever, impaler. lol
MiaBronzeLori is such an angel
Flipleyshe is
MiaBronzeI was supposed to meet her this week, but it fell through
MiaBronzeShe is a few hours away from me
MiaBronzein Iowa
* xBitsyx pouts cuz she doesn't know who Lori is
eirefaeriedamn this buffering!
FlipleyNotSoShyGirl = Lori, Bitsy
eirefaerie"what are you, high?" lol
xBitsyxhe he...
impalergeneralLast week's Firefly was Jaybe as the reluctant folk hero
xBitsyxdarn...I'm behind!!
impalergeneralor jayne
FlipleyDrew's episode is this week
Flipleyon the 25th
Amy_MadisonKeep Kitty Torture
impalergeneralThe 25th? Where are you watching delayed Buffy?
eirefaerieUltimate Drew! All hail!
FlipleyFirefly episode
MiaBronzeyep yep
eirefaerieand a yay for Dachelle mean "Out of Gas", with half of the original pilot
Flipleyno, "Safe", which is Drew Greenberg's Firefly episode, is on this Friday
MiaBronzeLOL....they are yelling at you Flip
eirefaerieflipley, this is surreal
impalergeneralYou sure? I thought it was "Out of Gas"
Flipleyoh wait.....the website says BOTH of them
Amy_Madisonwatch them forgeet again
Sundownerlol Flip - better call back
impalergeneralCrud, the Angels just scored
Amy_MadisonAnya and the bunnies
MiaBronze*yes I want the angels* guide says out of gas
impalergeneralI'd root for the Angels if they battled anyone except the Giants
* xBitsyx is Aud were wrong?!
Flipleywhat do I trust? TV Guide or
Amy_Madisonthere was a good story that linked her Bunny fiear the the scene in MP-HG
eirefaeriedo not trust tv guide
Amy_MadisonThe acsent was Slavic
impalergeneralMaybe it's great Aud was renamed Anya. Otherside, a Swedish car would be named after her
FlipleyGeography NOT her strong point lol
Amy_Madisonand what exactly was the favor that Willow made with D'Horrfen
Amy_Madisonnot really
eirefaerieamy, i imagine it'll come up later
impalergeneralI sure hope Willow doesn't become one of "his girls". Someone compared him to a pimp, but it sure would make an interesting episode
FlipleyHopefully Willow just finked on Anya and that caused D'Hoffryn to show up
Amy_Madisonmost likely
impalergeneralWell, D'H may suggest that...unless he gets skinned.
eirefaerieD'hoffryn in a wide-brimmed purple hat and some gold chains
impalergeneralAh, but what kind of caddilac would he drive?
Amy_MadisonAn AUD
eirefaerieit'll have to have gold rims
impalergeneralYeah, Helfrek got nailed! Now we'll never know if she really knew Spike back then.
Amy_MadisonBReak already??/
eirefaeriei figure that's supposed to just be a nod to eagle-eye fans, I think
eirefaerielike a "yeah, we know, we're using the same actress" sort of thing
impalergeneralThey should have just said that she was..then offed her
eirefaeriemaybe halfrek will make her way back - it's funny, cause I didn't particularly like her, and then when she died, I was all "Ooh! Hallie!" *whimper*
impalergeneralThe Baltics include Yugoslavia, maybe the Ukraine
Amy_Madisononly if they have need to bring back Cecilly
MiaBronzeDid Kitty say she isn't one to go on in emails? I hope she's kidding. lol
Amy_Madisonfraid not
Amy_MadisonI think
MiaBronzeMan....her and I email small novels
FlipleyIt was Swedish, wasn't it?
MiaBronzeFlip darling?
Flipleyyes, Mia?
MiaBronzeChat? No work?
eirefaeriethe language? i think it was scandanavian (same thing? I dont' speak either)
FlipleyNope, the meeting was cancelled....thank goddess
MiaBronze*Happy Mia*
impalergeneralInsane in the membrane?
eirefaeriethat motto is good - me likes
MiaBronzeThey loooove you
impalergeneralshouldn't it be "multiple orgasm that is Buffy and Angel"?
eirefaeriecould be total nonsense that Drew made up
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Amy_Madisonemail them that
eirefaeriethe cuddling after the multiple orgasms that are Buffy and ANgel
eirefaeriedoes that mean that last season, the sex wasn't as good?
eirefaeriehey shuggie
eirefaeriedidya hear your dedication?
MiaBronzeLast season, sex was porn
Shuggieyeah :)
eirefaerietee hee
Amy_Madisonporn and chicken
eirefaerieporn and chicken . . . was Angel the chicken?
Amy_Madisonactually her it would have to be porn and brownies
Shuggieor turkey?
eirefaerieoh! I heard the coolest Angel spoiler today - which of course I won't talk about, but it excited me immensely
Shuggieep 7?
impalergeneralBuffy shouldn't be that nice to Spike. It's too season three with the wrong guy
eirefaerienope- later
Shuggiedon't tell me :)
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eirefaeriethough Steve keeps dangling ep 7 around, doesn't he? Tease.
eirefaeriehey cm
impalergeneralAll I know about angel in the future makes me convinced there won't be a season five..and I'll keep it at that
xBitsyxI wonder if anyone besides Willow will remember Xander's lie...hmmm...
eirefaeriei think it'll come up again, bitsy
MiaBronzeWhen it's over, its over. All things come to an end
impalergeneralWillow will ask about it, but xander will clear it up. He won't go far enough to apologize to angel for obvious reasons, but I wish he could try over the phone
MiaBronzePlus, I think they HAVE to end Buffy and Angel together
impalergeneralDAMN RIGHT!!
impalergeneralBut they should be a couple, and figure out how to stay that way when they're not slaying. Then we know they accomplished something
MiaBronzeNow if Lorne would get his own spin off. That would be good. :)
xBitsyxdo you really think they can shanshu Angel and do everything I've read in the spoilers in one season??
oldbdeyesThat would be really cool!
Amy_MadisonLorne heeds to put out a CD
FlipleyI think they have to end with Spike and Xander together
impalergeneralOh dear, the Angels are up 3-0. Well, Gene Autry must be happy up there
eirefaerielol, flip
MiaBronzeBitsy it almost wasn't a go for this year.
* xBitsyx loves Spander
oldbdeyesworld series, impaler?
impalergeneralYup. The Gian's gloves and bats aren't working
impalergeneralGiants, I mean
MiaBronzeI don't want to be negative towards Angel, because it's a great show, but I just don't know.
oldbdeyespoor player who blames his equipment *g*
xBitsyxI know...
MiaBronzeIt scares me that WB is basicially screwing the show...
oldbdeyesI'm loving Buffy way more than Angel
oldbdeyesAngel just seems a little off for me this year
impalergeneralThe ratings are OK, though...almost to last year's numbers
FlipleyAngel is apparently doing pretty well on SUndays
Flipleybetter than last year's numbers
MiaBronzeOh man, this year it's same. Angel is just amazing.
Amy_Madisondid she just say, giyls's like a sleeper hit, like Alias
MiaBronzeI read something about it somewhere
impalergeneralI'm just worried about what they have planned in the nest three months, which I say will end the series
xBitsyxI love the show but Angel is bloody stupid...
eirefaerieand his hair sticks straight up, bitsy
impalergeneralAlias is getting all the attention, not to mention lena Olin
FlipleyDavid Mello, Mr. Doom and Gloom lol
MiaBronzeActually both Alias and Angels ratings are poor, but not for that network.
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xBitsyxI hope Miss Kitty is in the next ep...
impalergeneralWell, if you knew what they have planned, you might think I have a point. The spoiler is in
MiaBronzeI don't need spoilers
Amy_Madisonbeen a long time for her
xBitsyxspoilers are harmless in moderation....
eirefaeriei miss miss kitty - of course, she will be the Big Bad this year, I can just feel it
impalergeneralneither do I, but when it comes up in internet conversation, I just stay vague to those who don't know them
Amy_Madisona big majority of the spoilers are wrong though
MiaBronzeThats right. Lots of them are...some aren't however
xBitsyxI wish I still had my inside connection...*sigh*
mavhcspoilerslayer is quite good, but I've tried to avoid them now
impalergeneralespecialy the Angel spoilers I have heard
eirefaeriemy problem is I need too many spoilers . . . all the way to wildfeeds and such. That's why, this year, no Buffy spoilers at all - and I'm loving it much more
oldbdeyesI hit spoilerslayer every day
MiaBronzebut bottom line, we the fans can say it's over, but no one knows it, until it happens
mavhcjust download the wildfeed
impalergeneralIt's better to be shocked than to know ahead of time
xBitsyxI miss the shock...shock face is funny...
MiaBronzeThey are many Angel spoilers.
Amy_Madisona good rule.... Read spioilers if you wasnt, but until they are actually shown don't go by them
eirefaerieyeah . . . i was just miserable for a month when i knew that Tara was going to die/ Spike as going to try to rape buffy - better off not knowing
MiaBronzeI read the wildfeed for The Gift
MiaBronzeIt was THE LAST one I read
xBitsyxWillow seemed spooked by her blackeyed moment...
mavhcdon't see why that would make me miserable
MiaBronzeI was SO dissapointed with it
mavhcI just download the preair vcd and watch that
eirefaerieyep - better off not knowing
Flipleyoh my goddess, the GIft was excellent
eirefaeriewasn't it?
eirefaeriesecond Buffy to make me cry
impalergeneralNo was a great way to end a series two years too soon
MiaBronzeIt was, but not when I knew how it was going to end
xBitsyxI certainly didn't expect the Buffster to die...
eirefaerieand i liked how everyone came together for that brief shining moment
mavhcand now we have the suicide music on the omwf cd
MiaBronzeSo I don't read the wildfeed anymore
impalergeneralwell, I just hope no more Buffy death scenes. this isn't Xena
mavhcit's amusing being able to watch buffy before it airs in usa
xBitsyxdo you think the ripped out hearts was a wee nod to Restless...
eirefaeriedrew goddard is our continuity fairy!
eirefaerieoooh, bitsy, i didn't think of that!
eirefaeriei'm obsessed with restless right now
xBitsyxme too...
mavhcwhy Restless?
eirefaerieoh, michelle branch
eirefaerietabula rasa
eirefaeriemakes me cry
mavhcwhy Restless and ripped out hearts?
xBitsyxloads of spoilers in restless...
impalergeneralI think Xander had to keep Buffy from telling her that Willow was trying to restore Angel's soul only because he thought it was too late. I thought she knew Willow tried anyway
eirefaeriecause xander got his ripped out in restless, mavhc
MiaBronzeHell no DAvid. He did it because he WANTED Angel dead
mavhchmm, suppose so
eirefaerieit wouldn't have helped anyway, i think
impalergeneralThat's what I meant. He thought it was too late
eirefaeriewhat's she going to say "hey angel, just wait a few more minutes, we're trying to get your soul back for you"
MiaBronzeI don't think he thought it was too late.
impalergeneralSomeday Xander has to make peace with Angel, even if the WB tells him not to
eirefaerieoh, they've made peace 100 times over in smutfics
impalergeneralThat doesn't count
eirefaeriei want you . . . but i'm not giving in this time
* eirefaerie remembers Tabula Rasa
impalergeneralThis version by Michelle is pretty good. better than the regular version
eirefaerieoh, yes
mavhcanyone want the anya song mp3?
Shuggiethis is not the version from the ep is it?
eirefaerieyou know, when i got her cd, i heard the original version, which I didn't like (like Joss, i feel it's over-produced)
mavhcdoesn't sound like it
MiaBronzeFlip. Check PM. *ping ping*
ShuggieI've heard 2 or 3 versions and the ep one is the best ever
eirefaerieand I remember thinking "gee, i hope they release the acoustic version on the radio"
eirefaeriebut, oh no, they made it even more pop-like
eirefaeriemavhc - the version she sings in TR is live - this is the acoustic version that Joss originally heard
mavhctake some mozart, add a drum beat and lyrics about love and sell it for millions
impalergeneralActually, someone took some Mozart, added a dance beat and German lyrics, and it became a hit for Falco
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eirefaerieall hail Ultimate Drew! (it's a minion thing)
*** Bailey has left #thesuccubusclub
mavhchah, truth preempts irony again
FlipleyPM, Mia?
eirefaerieloved the reprise of Mustard Man/ Parking Ticket
eirefaeriewish i could have heard it better
*** BaileyChaseFan ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
mavhc# oh no, mustard on my shirt -- my shirt, I'll never get it out -- my favourite dress shirt -- dry clean it -- how could you -- mustard
MiaBronzeBCF!!!! Yah!!!!
FlipleyPM, Mia?
BaileyChaseFanfinally :)
Flipleyhey BCF!
MiaBronzeUmmm yah Flip... PM...
BaileyChaseFanafter the thing decided to name me Bailey
FlipleyPM what?
eirefaeriethanks mavhc
MiaBronzecheck your other window
FlipleyWe were all most there for a sec, BaileyChaseFan
MiaBronzeHmmm....firefly petition. This isn't good.
FlipleyWhat window, Mia?
mavhcthere's a petition for everything
Flipleymoist, not most lol
impalergeneralThe point of the end is that Anya realized she's never been to her..and it's about time she went that way
eirefaerieflip . . . look up near the task bar
eirefaerieMia's name should be flashing
eirefaerieclick on that
mavhclove or vengence, either way, 110%
MiaBronze*smooch smooch BCF* You didn't want to be Bailey? lol
BaileyChaseFanheh :)
MiaBronzePass it on
eirefaeriebuffy's not so much strong at fighting as she is clever
mavhc haha
impalergeneralThe effort to save the Serenity has begun already, eh?
MiaBronzeApparantly so.
mavhcoddly;config=htdig;method=and;format=builtin-long;sort=score;words=firefly doesn't list it
MiaBronzeWell, it was giving to me by a "reliable" source....I am just passing it on. If you don't want to sign it. Don't.
MiaBronzebut I figure I would send it along
FlipleyOh, I'm #603
impalergeneralThat's a good point the SC gals are facing...Anya wanted to go because she didn't think there was a "me" to save
MiaBronzeI like the show, but I am not addicted
oldbdeyesyeah, darn good point
mavhcI have signed it
mavhcI love firefly
MiaBronzeI think it's a great show
oldbdeyesfirefly is okay
oldbdeyesbut it is not Must see tv for me yet
MiaBronzeAnd the Dr....alright to look at. Purrr
eirefaeriespeaking of the mayor - oh, i want S3 DVDs now!
FlipleyI do, but Friday's are tough...I stupidly missed last Friday
MiaBronzeme too Flip
Flipleyand it was a good one....just caught the last ten minutes
mavhcdownload it
impalergeneralFX is plugging a Buffy Halloween marathon. Just five hours but it's something
eirefaerielol . . . we scare candy
eirefaerieyeah, i wouldn't consider five hours a marathon, but it'll be nice - i hope i have time to watch some of it
mavhc5hrs, 26miles
mavhcs6 is great
oldbdeyesis it the all the halloween eps, impaler?
impalergeneralseason six bad, season six go away, etc.
eirefaeriethere are only three, aren't there?
oldbdeyesI liked season 6!
FlipleyI was wondering if they were going to be able to do phone interviews
*** Cashmere ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
mavhcwhat's wrong with s6?
FlipleyI don't think they have the technology, so it will be some sort of weird, them talking to Drew, then repeating what Drew said to us l ol
FlipleyHey Cash!
FlipleyHey BD
xBitsyxseason six was good...
eirefaeriei liked S6 - but it sure as hell was depressing. This season's still dark but not as depressing-i-want-to-kill-myself way
MiaBronzeOH!! I love this song
eirefaeriehey Cash!
mavhcdepressing is great
eirefaeriedepressing is great, but not when there isn't a happy moment in sight
FlipleyI say they had to go through Season Six so we just didn't see them as overgrown high schoolers
Flipleyand that's especially important now that they're back AT the high school!
xBitsyxwell...I liked it because it was all about character season 4...
eirefaerieoooh season four
Cashmerehey flipley & CM
FlipleySeason 4 - I LOVED "Living Conditions", don't know why others didn't so much
eirefaerieif there was ever a shudder-worthy season . . .
MiaBronzeHi CASH!!! *smoochies*
impalergeneralSomeone asked if all the halloween eps will eb shown next Thursday. I don't know. I just saw the promo.
FlipleyI like the silly ones too that remind me of the joy of being young
Cashmeremialet! *smoootch*
oldbdeyeshow is Oz?
eirefaerieactually, i liked almost all the S4 eps, i jsut hater Adam, the initiative and riley
Cashmerequite evil, CM
oldbdeyesis he as adorable as ever?
xBitsyxif you delete Riley from s4 its slendid...
Cashmereuh huh
*** Signoff: impalergeneral (QUIT: )
Cashmereadorable, but EVIL
MiaBronzeCash..I am driving to Ohio baby! lol
FlipleyRiley = One hunk o'beef
Cashmerewow! what is it? 6 hours?
Flipleyand I'm not a vegetarian!
*** impalergeneral (impalergen@66.42.91.h513=) has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Cashmere30 to ft wayne, then 33 to columbus?
Shuggiewb impalergeneral
mavhcLiving Conditions was quite funny
eirefaerielol, flip, but I'm afraid of mad cow
impalergeneralSomething jiggy with my computer
MiaBronzeYep Cash...about 6 hours
Flipleywash your feet! lol
eirefaeriei loved living conditions
BaileyChaseFanhay Riley brought Graham and Graham is of the good :)
MiaBronzeLOL... ;)
Cashmereyou'll pass my hometown on the way, mialet
ShuggieI love the shot of Willow eating the sandwich at the end
eirefaeriei liked forrest
Flipleyyep, some serious bricks of beef there, BCF
Cashmereyup. Warsaw, IN
Shuggieextreme close up
eirefaerielol, yeah
eirefaerietee hee
MiaBronzeI printed directions on mapquest.
MiaBronzeHope there right
mavhcbeing the maths geek that I am I took all the ratings from GEOS (fan surveys) and found that both halves of s6 were rated higher on aveage than s2 part 2
xBitsyxforrest was cute...just annoying...
Cashmereit's not a difficult trip, mia, just BORING
FlipleyHalfrek was a hoot
MiaBronzeAre you traveling by yourself?
Shuggiewill we ever find out if she was Cecily?
Cashmereno shuggie. we didn't
xBitsyxpoor Hallie...guess we'll never know if she's Cecily...;)
Cashmeremia? you talking to me?
FlipleyKitty's bad...really bad lol
Amy_Madisonshe shouldn't have done that. Kitty torture in on All The WY
MiaBronzeYep Cash
MiaBronzeYou driving alone or with the Hubby
Flipleyyep, we'll have to do it.....
Cashmereah...well..since the trip is only 5 minutes for me to the con, yeah, I'll be alone *g*
MiaBronzeIt's not far for you?
Amy_MadisonHallie and cecily were the same actress i think
MiaBronzeOh wait...your not IN your hometown
Cashmeredude...Easton is like 5 miles from my house!!
ShuggieKali Rocha
mavhcbut probably not the same person
Cashmereyou'll PASS my hometown on the way, mailet *g*
MiaBronzeI was going to say, you could drive with me lol
mavhcstoopid americans and their repeats :-) could stop and get my twin sister...but I would NEVER subject you to THAT
Flipleywooohooo for AImee Mann
MiaBronzeThanks Cash
xBitsyxoi!!! we is not stoopid!!
xBitsyxI love Aimee Mann...
oldbdeyesare you and the twin opposites, Cash?
impalergeneralI think the Breeders will be heard in "Him"
mavhcmagnolia soundtrack person?
Cashmereuh huh...CM, she looks like Buffy--size 2 and blonde
Cashmereand I'm...well...not *g*
oldbdeyesI was wondering...if you are a spoiler whore....
Amy_MadisonI will
Cashmereoh, she's a lawyer...she doesn't watch too much tv
oldbdeyesoh, she's worse, then
Cashmerelmao. well...YEAH, CM. *g*
eirefaerielol, it could be like Regis when he was auditioning hosts
impalergeneral"X" doesn't exist anymore
Amy_MadisonCandy's gonna turn Kitty ON!!!!!!!
MiaBronzeCAndy turned off her Mike! lol
FlipleyBreeders will be on AND Aimee Mann will be on
eirefaeriei can just imagine kitty jumping up and down right now
eirefaerieyay minions!
eirefaerieyay dachelle!
Amy_Madisonthat's not the way I mean
* Shuggie is minion #89 :)
impalergeneralThis show is way too Morning-Zoo-ish
* eirefaerie is Minion #55
Amy_MadisonKitty is smart
* Shuggie does the secret handshake with eirefaerie
Cashmere*snerk* we're not smart *g*
eirefaerieyay! the secret handshake
MiaBronzeI don't know if I am a minion
* eirefaerie tells Shuggie that we're better than other people
MiaBronzeNo one is better than others. :(
* xBitsyx isn't a minion...
eirefaeriedachelle and i met for lunch last week, and we did the secret handshake
oldbdeyesI asked to me a minion
eirefaeriesorry, mia
*** Sundowner has left #thesuccubusclub
MiaBronzeShe is so cute!
impalergeneralwe fans are smart. the Emmy people aren't
eirefaeriethat's what Drew says
oldbdeyeswanted to wait until I saw Drew's ep
MiaBronzeKitty said hi to me.. *G
CashmereNO!!! I sent one. ;)
MiaBronzeeire it's alright. *hugs*&
FlipleyKitty is so desperate lol
* eirefaerie hugs Mia
MiaBronzehow do I do that again?
eirefaerie(i like you, even if you aren't a Minion)
mavhcoldbdeyes: no faith in drew?
MiaBronzeYou tell me EVERY chat
MiaBronzeAhhh thanks...
eirefaeriewe do! we agree!
Amy_Madisonthe chatroom was me!
oldbdeyesI have faith now *g*
Cashmerethat was me
Cashmerethat was me!!!
eirefaerieyay Amy
CashmereI rooted for kitty!
eirefaerieyay Cash!
Cashmereshe needs the encouragement
MiaBronzeShe does..
Amy_MadisonWe need to star a 'We Love Kitty' Fan club
eirefaerie"you're getting love, now shut the hell up"
xBitsyx{{{huggles}}} for Kitty!
MiaBronzeAmy, we used to have one...I don't know what happened to it
Cashmereplus, I'm all about the schadenfreude, I'm just glad it's not cashmere torture ;)
eirefaerietitty korture?
Amy_Madisonalright Titty Corture
Cashmereoh good lord
MiaBronzeI don't kno how we lost it. lol
xBitsyxha ha ha!!
MiaBronzeTitty Corture? lol
eirefaeriemy insides would obliterate? who's that from?
Cashmeredamn us???? *g*
Cashmeremy money's on KITTY
Amy_MadisonPLACE YOU BETS!!!
MiaBronzeGo My Kitty!!!
impalergeneralThe Giants scored at last
Cashmerego kitty, go kitty
eirefaerieno eps? hmm
*** Alinat ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
AlinatFlying space pie
*** Alinat is now known as j33uk
impalergeneralThe laughter and idiocy? Even more than Tom Green?
eirefaerieooh, this is a cool one
MiaBronzeStart Over? lol
Cashmeremulligan, mia
eirefaeriethe body
Cashmerethe body
Cashmerewoo hoo
MiaBronzefool for love
MiaBronzeThe body?!
eirefaeriei think she said it was too sad to be a fave
MiaBronzeBecause of her Mommy
eirefaeriethe zeppo
Cashmerewoo hoo
CashmereI'm on FIRE
eirefaerielol cash
eirefaeriewe do!
eirefaerieand Hush
j33ukFaith so is hot
Cashmerehush is one of my all time favs
eirefaerieexcept i didn't put in FFL
Cashmerecause I love silent moives
MiaBronzeYou hear her rustle for papers...
eirefaerieMy Way
eirefaerieFool for love
Cashmeremy way
eirefaerieo mean lovers walk
Cashmeresid vicious
eirefaerieyay us!
xBitsyxlook!! Kitty is doing an Olaf impression!! ;)
impalergeneralAre they hiding their babies and beadwork from her?
MiaBronzeMan GO Kitty!!!
eirefaerielol, impaler
impalergeneralYay! The Giants tied it!
eirefaeriefull of grace
j33uk*G* Swedish friend says the stuff they were speaking last night sounded like Viking Swedish, so was sorta accurate
eirefaeriewinter is cold, and bitter . . ,
Cashmeregood lord...really...Viking swedish...that's cool
MiaBronzechills up to the bones
FlipleyAnd Emma Caulfield was SO quick with it, I thought it had to be gibberish...I am SO impressed
eirefaeriethat is impressive
eirefaeriei wonder how long it took them to learn that
MiaBronzeI thought it was just jibberish. I mean, Emma just cranked out the dialog.
Cashmerered! i knew that
MiaBronzeand fast
Cashmereit soooo iS
Cashmereit soooo is
j33ukApparently (because my friend only knows modern swedish) there were real words in there...just a little muddled by pronounciation + it's old Viking stuff
eirefaerieit is
j33ukthaaaaaaat's my name
Flipleyour Americanized Brit!
j33uknow with 10% less communism
j33ukhey Mia!
eirefaerielol, jamie
*** Signoff: oldbdeyes (Ping Timeout)
MiaBronzeOh man..I love these girls
*** trillback ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Cashmereno freakin' clue
Flipley*hugs, with slight copping of feel*
eirefaerieme niether
eirefaerielol, good call, amy
* j33uk steps away from Flipley
trillbackis that jamie I see?
* j33uk looks around
trillbackafraid of flipley's evil hand, jamie?
j33ukUnless the other Jamie's have bred
j33ukIt iiiiiiiis evil
j33ukweevil evil
eirefaeriewhat? push push in the bush? ack, my ears!
Cashmerewhich jamie? cause I only know one
Amy_MadisonI can't wait to get this MP3/Rm
j33ukJamie... I jamie
j33ukI think
j33ukUnless... There are evil shadow Jamie's, out to steal my soul
trillbackyou sure about that?
j33ukor worse... my pie
impalergeneralThey'll never have time for Angel at this rate
FlipleyIsn't it nice for you to hear this show before midnight, Jamie?
j33ukIt iiiiis... Yet I'm still gonna be waking up tired
eirefaerieno sound :(
CashmereI love this song
trillbackthey haven't been able to do much Angel discussion have they?
MiaBronzeMan thats right! They better talk about Thaw!
j33ukWhoever came up with school at 7:00am deserves to die
Amy_Madisonnot yet
eirefaerieokay, this is weird - my stream says it's playing
eirefaeriebut i get no sound
trillbackcould we get a Lorne song on?
FlipleyWhat school starts at 7 am, except for extracurriculars?
MiaBronzeYAH YAH!!!!
trillbackhe's done quite a few numbers already
MiaBronzeI don't know who you are trillback, but if you like Lorne, we are golden. :)
j33ukThis evil school here in PA... It's a regular school as well...Just. Evil. *cries*
FlipleyIs it Quaker or something?
j33ukregular state school
Flipleyand are you a sophomore or junior?
BaileyChaseFanmy highschool started at 7:30, I got to school every day at 7-7:15
j33ukI'm a soph-o-more
j33ukI get to school at 7... weevil bus
Flipleyand you get out at...?
MiaBronzeMan I wish!
Flipleythat's the tradeoff....I went from 8 am to 3:30
MiaBronzeI used to be in school past 3:3
BaileyChaseFanI got out at 3
CashmereI luuuuuuv Bush
j33ukBut by the time you get out at 2:30
FlipleyYou get out at 2:30, Jamie, you can hold a full-time job, too!
j33ukYou're deaaaaad
FlipleyHow lucky for you
BaileyChaseFandidnt get home until after 4 thanks to the stupid bus
j33ukYes! The full time job on my nonexistant green card! This is surely a great plan
Flipleyoh've heard of dishwashing
Flipleyor cash payments
j33ukdish.....washing? *thinks* Dishwashers do that, they're automatic, snuh
Flipleyor farmwork
eirefaerieokay, finally back
FlipleyBE A MAN! lol
eirefaeriethat was weird
eirefaerieis it on "Irvine Welsh" for everyone else
FlipleyIf you have PBS, watch tonight at 9 pm for a great doc on SF Public Defenders
Flipleyfeaturing a friend of mine, Jeff Adachi
Cashmerered shirt of evil
eirefaerieblack pants
eirefaerielol, amy
Cashmereblack coat, black pants, leather jacket
Cashmereblack t shirt
j33ukI'm noticing a black theme
Cashmereall black
Cashmereall black
MiaBronzepolka doT?!!! lmao!!
Cashmerethe same damn thing
Cashmeregood lord
eirefaeriesame thing?
MiaBronzeblack t-shirt
xBitsyxyeah kitty...we saw the nekkid spike...
eirefaeriei see him almost nightly in my dreams, bitsy
Amy_Madisonrats eyes
Cashmereeye of newt
xBitsyxme too...
eirefaerieeyes of newt
eirefaeriei may be love's bitch
MiaBronzeI was going to say frog
Cashmerenice vocabulary
impalergeneralwhat is this, Sunnydale Spellig Bee?
eirefaeriewhat rhymes with effulgent? it's a perfectly perfect word as words go
Flipleyyes, David "Spellig" Bee lol
eirefaeriebut the problem is, nothing rhymes with it, you see
eirefaerieEllen rocks
eirefaeriefirst person to graduate from UC Sunnydale
MiaBronzeANGEL!!!!! Come on. Candy better be nice!!
FlipleyCandy likes the Angels? She's WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVILLL
FlipleyShout out to Kitty!
MiaBronzeI love the Angels.
impalergeneralQuick! Arrest Kitty!
FlipleyYou're from Chicago, you don't know baseball lol
CashmereI'm singing...
eirefaeriea sing a long
Cashmerecause karaoke is like crack to me
MiaBronzeSHUT UP!!! *bap*
impalergeneralIsn't it illegal for anyone in LA to rot for the Giants, who are tied 3-3 i the sixth
eirefaeriei don't know what the song is yet
eirefaeriebut i'll sing
FlipleyAnaheim is NOT L.A.
impalergeneralor root for the Ginats
CashmereI'm bouncing my head
eirefaerieyay! that's my bestest friend!
Cashmerewhoo hoooo
eirefaeriei'm calling her right now
FlipleyCall her something "good" for me....a Giants fan
eirefaerieyay go sassyeggs
eirefaerieand she's not picking up . . . stoopid mandy
MiaBronzeAndy sang this in Toronto!
FlipleyCould he be MORE of a black woman?
CashmereI just did a cool disco move...wish you guys had seen it
MiaBronzeUmmm no. L(
trillbackgot my foot working
Flipleythat too lol
FlipleyThere's a party going on right here
eirefaerielol . . . i just called Mandy and told her that everyone around the world was singing along
MiaBronzeI think he sang this? lol I was a little, well drunk
Flipleya celebration to last throughout the year
MiaBronzeNo..I think he did sing it.
eirefaerielol, mia
* xBitsyx has no dance...
MiaBronzeDamn, I can't remember
* eirefaerie has much dance
Cashmerehow much did you drink mia?????
* eirefaerie is getting "jiggy with it"
* j33uk slow dances
MiaBronzeYes...I think he did. I kinda remember dancing
FlipleyDon't hurt yourself, eire
MiaBronzeCash. it was more than I drank in Columbus with you
Flipleygetting jiggy leads to back strain
eirefaeriei'll try not to, flip
trillbackdoing 'jazz feet'
MiaBronzeThere are other things that lead to back strain too Flip, but they are fun!! lmfao!!
FlipleyMia was on the grape in Toronto, the whole time
eirefaeriemia, you lush
j33ukmy first observation about Americans... Light weights, such light weights
MiaBronze*doing the hand disco thing* I am SO not.
Flipleywhere's the other hand, Mia?
eirefaeriehey, bite your tongue, jamie
MiaBronzeon your read Flip.
eirefaeriewe of the irish-american descent are no lightweights
MiaBronzeJamie honey.
MiaBronzeI could take you anyday! lol
FlipleyJamie, our 16 year old Alkie
j33uk*G* True dat...But kids around here are hilarious... One beer and they're off their arse
j33ukI'm not an Alkie
j33ukI'm more Anakin
Flipleyso sorry for you
FlipleyI'm more alkaloid
j33ukI'm having sex with Natalie Portman, I feel sorry for you
Cashmereeirefaerie...I'm Irish AND I'm dangerous in drinking...just ask mia
MiaBronzeYep, and I am Italian and Scottish..
MiaBronzeWe make a wonderful drinking combination
eirefaerieoh, i have the feeling that the entire PBP will be spent in a drunken haze
j33ukheh.... I'm scottish
impalergeneralThey just showed the cast of Firefly watching the game at Pac Bell Park
FlipleyGerman, British, Irish, Scottish.....I'm a walking colostomy bag
j33ukBrit and scott
eirefaerieaw, they sang for Mandy.
Amy_MadisonKity and Candy Kareoke
impalergeneralThe cast must be busy telling people their show exists
MiaBronzeActaully eire, gotta stay sober for you can remember it.
FlipleyToo bad the game won't be over during the show....I'd call Candy and laugh in her ears as the Giants win
MiaBronzeIt's worth it. they all work so hard,native american,various european...and possibly puerto rican...:D
MiaBronzeNo!! Angels have to win!
Amy_Madisonwhos actually going
impalergeneralYEAH! I said the Giants would win in six
FlipleyThat's American, Bitsy!
eirefaerieah, hell, the only way I'll be non "sit next to the wall all by myself" girl is if I'm drunk off my arse
Cashmereduuuuuuude. vegas rocks
MiaBronzeDavid.... do you say anthing nice? lol
FlipleyYes, he just did, about the Giants
eirefaerietot PBP, amy?
Flipleywe're all PBP'ing, right?
eirefaeriei'd have liked to Vegas with the girls
MiaBronzeVegas rocks..
j33ukMy homecoming dance on Saturday (also my b-day) any recommendations?
eirefaerieI am!
CashmereFURY did an awesome job
MiaBronzeOh it was THE BEST TIME!!!!
eirefaeriehappy birthday - don't have sex
trillbackso am I
Amy_MadisonI wanna go
eirefaeriethat's my reccomendation, jamie
impalergeneralI should go to Vegas smoe time...and bet a limited amount.
Amy_MadisonBut I heard that you have to be in theknow
j33ukmy present plan... fire, alcohol
MiaBronzeYah much a day. it's SO fun!
Flipleyyou don't have to gamble in Vegas......
Flipleywhat a bioootch
MiaBronzePlus, going there with friends is the best
eirefaerieoh, but your destiny will go away if you gamble, impaler
MiaBronzeI mean....Flip and the girls were awsome!
eirefaerieAmy, have to be in the know for what (and with whom)
Cashmerekitty, they show sopranos on Monday...that's when I watch it
eirefaeriedid they do lounge singing, mia?
Cashmeregod, I need a tivo
impalergeneralOf course. that's why you should bet a limited amount. I've been to an Indian casino once, and got tempted real quick
MiaBronzelol...we sang to ourselves. lol
Flipley"little bits and pieces of Andy?" lol
Amy_MadisonI thought I heard that somewhere
eirefaeriefor PBP? not "in the know" you have to be known
Amy_MadisonFred looked cute in the green makeup
MiaBronzeYep!! Evil LOrne!!!!
eirefaerieyeah she did . . . also the lingerie
eirefaeriemmmm Fred
impalergeneralSome Bronzers thought she was too thin, but she sure didn't look that way
Flipleyoh, she's SKINNY!
eirefaerieshe is too thin
Amy_Madisonthen that leaves me out
CashmereI'd just like to add on a personal note: Andy Hallett smells heavenly. *g*
impalergeneralShe shold have visited the Buffet a bit more often
eirefaerieshe and sarah need to eat some cookies
eirefaeriedoes he really, cash? do tell
trillbackyou sniffed Andy?
impalergeneralteh size of manhole covers
eirefaeriewhy's that, amy?
Cashmereoh god YES
trillbackhave you no shame, woman?
Flipleyshe was snorting coke off his horns
FlipleyVERY Vegas
eirefaerieCash doing lines of blow off of Lorne's horns? LMAO
impalergeneralAnyone notice the geography was wrong?
Cashmerenot that
CashmereI hugged Andy last year
Amy_Madisoncause I don't know anyone
eirefaerieyeah, i did, impaler
FlipleyThat was Mia's cologne on Andy, all rubbed off
CashmereI love a man that smells good
Cashmerethat could be flipley
MiaBronzeLOL.. Flip...
MiaBronzeCash was SOOO cute that night
CashmereI was drunk
MiaBronzeYou came up to me and was like..
impalergeneralYeah, Cordy as the Goddess of Neon Signs? Big deal
MiaBronzesomething about him hugging you, and your friend told him something..
MiaBronzeI can't remember
MiaBronzeand then he hugged you. lol
Flipleythese girls SO don't pay attention to Angel.....
Flipleyobviously, Cordy got booted out for interfering
Cashmerelol. my friend told him I thought he was adorable...then he hugged me
MiaBronzeRight. It was her punishment.
Cashmerecordy got the boot
eirefaeriei like to think that Angel got the chef girls destiny and she got his
MiaBronzeI sent them a LONG email about it...guess they deleted it
CashmereI hope cordy is snarky now
MiaBronzethats right Cash!!
CashmereI want snarky cordy
impalergeneralrelax, Kitty and Candy..the nightmare is coming soon
eirefaerieso Angel won't be shanshu'd, but he'll make a hell of a souffle
MiaBronzeI knew it was somthing
Flipleyoh, wait until a later eppie, cash
MiaBronzeI couldn't remember. lol
Cashmerelmao, mia
FlipleyThe Snark is Back!
CashmereI was BRIGHT RED, Mia.
MiaBronzeNo Tequilla shots for me this year
Cashmereoh, I'm all about the tekilla shooters
Flipleywe're moving up to Jagermeister shots
FlipleyBecause we're all girl-drink drunks!
Cashmereno jager, flipley...rumplemintz ROCKS
impalergeneralBad Angel=dead series. Trust me
MiaBronzeIn Disney World I had Liquid Cocaine. Remember BDF?
Flipleypoint proven
MiaBronzeBCF? lol
FlipleyYes, we'll trust you, la la
eirefaerieman . . . i am missing out
MiaBronzeThey were walking around Pleasure Island selling these test tube shots
impalergeneralI am hoping Joss can figure some way out of this...or should start doing so
MiaBronzelol..I mean, not the 1st thing you expect to see in the land of the mouse! lol
impalergeneralKitty and Candy want Angel dead? Oh, no....
Cashmerelmao. mia that's funny
FlipleyMia moves to FL and becomes a coke whore....YEA!
xBitsyxha ha ha...
MiaBronzeOh I would LOVE to move to Florida.
BaileyChaseFanback, I steped away. waht did I miss?
impalergeneralThen again, Angel Investigations can exist without Angel....but if he's there to atone, let him succeed!!
MiaBronzeLOL...BCF. I was talking about Disney
MiaBronzeand the shots of liquid cocaine
Flipleyyou'd be one Sweaty Betty,'s HUMID there...think Chicago in August all year long
MiaBronzeat Pleasure Island.
impalergeneralOtherwise, what's the point?
BaileyChaseFanah, those things burned my nostrils and I didnt even have one
MiaBronzeYah, but my friend lives in Florida. I would LOVE to be near...
BaileyChaseFanI could smell them from like 5 feet away :)
Cashmereshe canna take noooo moooore
Flipleyyour special friend?
MiaBronzeshe lives there flip
BaileyChaseFanPI was much fun :)
Flipleyyour special friend that doesn't visit once a month for 3 days, then
MiaBronzeShe'e one of my best friends. I would love to live less than 48 hours away from her.
MiaBronzelol Flip.. lol
BaileyChaseFanok eeww
Flipleyyou both need to move to Vegas or LA, get the heat and not the humidity
MiaBronzeok eww me? me eww?
MiaBronzeflip eww right?
MiaBronzehe's piggy
BaileyChaseFanmy skin always gets dried out in LA, at least in FL I dont need to take a bath in lotion :)
Flipleyok, SF then
j33uklotion bath, interesting
Flipleynear me!
CashmereI think it might be the smog, in LA
Cashmerethat's bad for your skin
Flipleyfog = moist
MiaBronzeYah the smog is sucky
Amy_Madisonthey getting close to the end
MiaBronzeyep Amy almost sweetie
MiaBronzeThats what I hate about this time of year
eirefaerieConnor - what an ass
MiaBronzemy hands are SO DRY
MiaBronzeDie Connor Die
FlipleyConnor is
Amy_Madisonjust sing up for the bronze. Hope to hear from some of you.
CashmereNO!! Eire...connor has potential!
Cashmerehe does
eirefaeriethis wouldn't happen if you lived in Texas, mia
Flipleylove the gray characters
j33ukSiiiiiing, sing sing siiiiing
impalergeneralConnor should be Angelus Jr. rather than Angel going evil. That is MUCH better
eirefaerieoh, he's okay, but he needs a haircut
FlipleyLilah is on a deathwatch, though
Cashmeregod, Eire...texas is HOT. damn hot
Amy_MadisonHelp ne get know so I can spend money at the PBP
MiaBronzeAmy. I am Mia on the Bronze. :)
eirefaerieand a personality
eirefaerieTexas is hot? Hon, Texas is Hella-Hot!
Cashmereeire...there is potential hottieness in connor
FlipleyJamie, doy ou look like Connor?
Flipleydo you
Cashmerewe went to austin in August, was like vacationing on the SUN
eirefaeriehe looks like he's twelve! (Dachelle says he's hot, too, I just don't see it)
j33ukI have been compared
eirefaeriemeanwhile . . . Wesley . . .
Flipleythere ya are
MiaBronzeLilah is awsome!
Flipleydon't diss the Connor, Jamie's going to stunt double for him
j33ukor take over from him
Amy_Madisonok thanks
MiaBronzeConnor needs to die
* eirefaerie swoons thinking of Wesley and phone sex
j33ukYes! Let him die and me take over
MiaBronzeGive me a knife
FlipleyJamie, Mia wants your character to die
Flipleyshe's weeeeeeevil
eirefaerieyou came to Austin, Cash?
j33ukNo... I'm gonna take over from Connor and... Bob-Irish
Cashmereyup, eire...two years ago
MiaBronzelol...I want Connor gone
CashmereI love Austin
Cashmeresixth street *g*
FlipleyBob's your uncle!
trillbackCashmere as been everywhere!
impalergeneralMaybe Fred used a spray gun
Amy_Madisonsee all of you later
eirefaeriei hate it! but i'm from houston, and austin is so different
CashmereI'm old, trillback
Flipleybuh-bye, Amy
eirefaerieby amy
eirefaerieand yet, austin i remain
impalergeneralSo, until next time...
*** Signoff: impalergeneral (QUIT: )
eirefaerieokay, i am gonna go hang at the Beta for awhile
CashmereI'm composing thoughts on selfless
CashmereI'll be posting in a bit
eirefaeriesee you kids later . . .
eirefaeriecool, cash
*** Signoff: Cashmere (QUIT: )
trillbackI look forward to reading them Cash
j33uklaaaaaater folks, don't do anything illegal, illicit or immoral without letting me in on it!
*** Signoff: eirefaerie (QUIT: )
trillbackCash is quick
* xBitsyx waves
*** xBitsyx has left #thesuccubusclub
MiaBronzeNight guys!!!
*** Amy_Madison has left #thesuccubusclub
trillbacknight all!
*** trillback has left #thesuccubusclub
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Oct 23 20:02:06 2002