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Flipleywell, a few people were able to get here at are you all doing on sound?
LordReally bad connection
Flipleywinamp or Media player?
LordMedia Player
VDistorted, but stable on Media Player, Winamp gives me a not available
LordWinamp couldn't connect at all
Flipleyyeah, my winamp says no play
FlipleyMedia Player sucking hugely though
Vhow so?
*** Lord is now known as MattH
Flipleyin and out
Flipleythere it goes
MattHHad difficulty connecting to the website also
*** V is now known as Vanessa
FlipleyI think I'm going to give up tonight and just listen to tomorrow's MP3, if available
impalergeneralI can't hear the show, either
MattHSound quality is bad too
VanessaWell, I've started copying the stream, just in case; but it's pretty distorted
Flipleydistorted, and there it goes again...I have to constantly reconnect
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Flipleyhey Mike
FlipleyI mean mark lol
Flipleywell, this is too frustrating, I'll give them a call and let them know.
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MattHGreetings, Paradyme
impalergeneralI just sent Kitty and Candy an e-mail about the web stream. They'll probably read it at 8:01
impalergeneralBut I added a comment about this week's Angel, and what may come
MattHProbably -
MattHI just don't like Cordy much anymore. Just kinda boring.
Vanessaamnesia is tired
impalergeneralIt's like they're stripping her completely, then trying to rebuild her--which is absolutely unnecessary
impalergeneralDid anyone want to call Cordy "Miss Tabula rasa?"
MattHWell, I like bitchy Cordelia best.
Vanessayeah, I always liked her edge
impalergeneralWell, bitchy yet totaly aware
MattHI dislike the entire demon/higher being thing also
Tara_Maclaysorry about that, had to finish dinner
MattHYou didn't miss much. Just some griping. ;-)
Tara_Maclayas usual
Tara_Maclayso, can everyone switch to this server
MattHI would have had problems if Trillian didn't already have it in the list.
Vanessait was pretty easy for me
MattHI am guessing no, though, as we only have 5 people here
Tara_MaclayI'm still new to the whole IRC thing myself
MattHI haven't really used it for many years.
Tara_Maclayif anyone knows of a more general one we can use
paradymeI didn't have a problem
impalergeneralDid you go Yahoo chat until now?
MattHNot I - I normally have used ICQ for what little chatting I do.
Tara_Maclayoriginally, I set this up in hopes that Kitty.Candy could get here better.
Tara_MaclayEathan had a real problem using the Yahoo one on his Mac
Tara_Maclayat the station
MattHI never managed to get Yahoo Chat (the Jave applet anyway) to work on my machine.
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Tara_MaclayYahoo's been having probs anyway
MattHWelcome Shuggie
Tara_MaclayI think
impalergeneralHave K and C been talking about how we can't hear them?
Vanessano, I don't think they know
Shuggieyou can't hear?
Tara_Maclaydon't think so
MattHNot yet
VanessaI can hear, but it's distorted
impalergeneralWin Amp and Windows Media both are on the fritz
ShuggieWindows Media is working for me
impalergeneralNot for me
Tara_MaclayI'm on WIn MEdia. And It's working ok
Vanessawell, I've got the stream being recorded of Win Media, just in case
MattHThe reception is getting a little better for me
Vanessacourse, Joel probably has that covered
MattHThe Cordy/Connor thing doesn't really bug me that much
Tara_Maclayhope so
MattHExcept that I don't like Connor
ShuggieI think it's no more than natural curiosity on Connor's part
ShuggieI mean I hope
ShuggieI mean he grew up without women!
impalergeneralThat I believe, Shuggie, but Cordy may be attracted to the fact that he looks trustable, aside from Mr. Bumpy Face, I mean angel
Tara_Maclaywe don't know that
Vanessalol reminds her of a girl
Tara_Maclay\there could have been Fem demons in HELL
MattHCordy is only about 21 or 22. I don't think there is that much of an age difference.
ShuggieCordy needs to sort out some boundaries
impalergeneralwell, physically, there isn't.
MattHWhat I can't by is that is was feared as The Destroyer in supposedly the worst demon dimension of them all.
MattHHe can't even handle Angel.
impalergeneralI finally made it!
MattHAngel is getting too cast heavy, I think
ShuggieJoss likes the big casts
impalergeneralThey were taling about connor, and I think they wished he was more interesting
impalergeneralor talking about it's about Cordy "singing"
Tara_Maclaynow about Lorne
impalergeneralThey don't want Lorne to be the punching bag, but they want him to kick something.
MattHI liked Cordy's choice of song. Flashblacked to the Puppet Show
impalergeneralYeah, me too
Tara_Maclayoh yeah
MattHI seem to have some lag.
MattHJust talking about Lorne now ...
Tara_MaclayOHHH Turning Kitty OFF
impalergeneralNow they're worried "angel" is turning ito Charmed, although it was "Birds of Prey" two weeks ago
Vanessayou are lagging, that was a bit ago
MattHI could never stand Charmed. Seemed very anti-male to me.
VanessaI love K's Choice
Shuggiesome people think Buffy is anti-male
Tara_Maclaymore music.... But at least from Dopplegangland
ShuggieI love this song
MattHWolfram and Hart is getting old as a villain also
Tara_MaclayLilah should just takethe whole thing over
Shuggiewho else hated the scenes between Wes and Lillah? Are we supposed to buy them as a real couple?
impalergeneralW ahd H are aiming towards some apocalypse, and I think it is time this goat should be visible, if not reached
MattHI actually liked Wes/Lilah.
Tara_MaclayYEah!!! But a couple of WHAT????????????????
MattHAnother Apocalypse - Buffy goes through about 1 of those each season.
MattHAngel still hasn't stopped his first one ;-)
Tara_Maclaywatch Amber/Tara turn out to be one of the big 'senior partners....
impalergeneralLilah is using Wes more cruelly than Buffy used Spike. At least with Spike, she was trying to feel something. Lilah just considers Wesley as her, uh, sexual device,
Tara_Maclayjust we don't know yet
MattHYes, but Lilah is "evil"
MattHReminds me a lot of the Mayor. Gleefully evil.
Tara_MaclayI miss him
impalergeneralI doubt Amber wuold turn out to be a "senior partner". I believe the Girl in the White Room as a better choice
MattHSomehow, I just don't feel that the Senior Partners are menacing...
Tara_Maclaywhen I saw that, I actually thought of Tara. Don't know why though
ShuggieI felt they were playing it like affection was creeping in on both sides. But the 'creeping' is happening too fast to be believable. I can buy casual sex with an element of danger - I can't buy anything approaching a real relationship
Vanessayeah, but does that girl grow? she sure seemed pretty powerful already
impalergeneralThe Senior Partners are the ones behind the curtain
Tara_Maclayguess cause it was just after seeing red
MattHThey have been dragging out the Senior Partner bogeyman since the very first episode.
Tara_MaclayOh great. the 'All Powerful' Wizard of Oz
impalergeneralAnd they'll skip down as the demons overrun L-A
MattHThey already did the Oz episodes....
Tara_Maclaynot exactly meant that OZ
ShuggieSenior Partner's are demons - you didn't see reprise?
Tara_Maclayyeas I did. I have the DVD's too
MattHI haven't really liked Angel since Epiphany - it has gone downhill ever since
Tara_Maclaysort of
MattHI only watch cause it is set in the Buffyverse.
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ShuggieI like a lot of S1 and 2 - there are some good episodes in S3
Tara_Maclaythey should do a 'Ethan Torture' once
MattHA couple of good episodes, but the overall story seems lacking...
*** Signoff: NJP ()
Shuggiethey're throwing up at the thought of Cordy/Connor LOL
Tara_MaclayHEy, as long as they're haveing fun
MattHI don't buy the Angel/Cordy thing either
MattHI thought the dollar thing was accidental
Vanessait looked like that to me
impalergeneralI was just sending a e-mail to K and C about what I think about Angel this season...interesting, but the nightmare is yet to come
Tara_Maclaymost likely
Tara_Maclayplus there is the thing coming up with Faith's return
MattHAnd the lack of Amber's return "_(
impalergeneralI got an e-mail from someone saying we won't see Amber Benson return. Something about not being able to come up with an agreement.
Tara_Maclaymust be thaose brownies
Vanessayeah, it's up on in the news and gossip section
MattHTensai/The Spoiler Slayer also had that
impalergeneralToo bad. I would have expected the Big Bad 7 to try to rope in Willow with a Tara look-alike
*** Signoff: Shuggie ()
Tara_Maclaybut TVguide inst always reliable either
impalergeneralDoes that mean Joss lied to TV Guide about Amber?
Tara_Maclayno nessisarily
impalergeneralIf this season is the end, I am sure she will show up towards the end
Tara_MaclayI think she's working on something else right now. I think stage work
impalergeneralYeah, she wants to be more than Tara
MattHIt also might not be the end. I am hoping against hope
Tara_Maclaywe do know that most likely the end for SMG
impalergeneralYeah, I still say they should have one last 13 episode mini-series, with maybe three Medium bads instead of a Big Bad
impalergeneralThen SMG can go
Tara_Maclaypossibly could swith over to Faith '
VanessaI'd rather see a Faith spinoff than a Dawn one
MattHMaybe not
Tara_MaclayI think a lot of peoples would
impalergeneralDepends if Eliza can fit it into her movie schedule
MattHI could do either a Faith or Dawn spinoff - I like both of the characters
Tara_MaclayI wish it could be a W/T/G spinoff
paradymeI'd watch a Faith or Willow spinoff
Tara_Maclaythough Faith and Will never quite got along
MattHWhich would make for an interesting show
Vanessayeah, need the tension
MattHEspecially since they have both killed people
Vanessaplus Wils a lot darker than she was, and if Faith is trying to go good, they could maybe meeting the middle
Tara_MaclayI waiting to see how SMGPj is going to handle Scooby Too
MattHI still haven't seen Scooby One yet
Tara_MaclayTHough it could be Faith Vamp Leather Willow
MattHMmm. Vampire Willow.... Mmmm
Tara_Maclayfinally, another one from OMWF
Tara_Maclay"Gee... Look at those", Willow (DGl)
VanessaI second the mmm
Tara_MaclayI guess they have to do something that takes a long time. the song is kinda long
MattHOr - "I think I'm kind of gay"
Tara_Maclay'Spread between my Willow Tree", Amber BEanson
Tara_Maclayok, that was bad spelling
Tara_MaclayShowtime???? No, HBO
Tara_Maclaysorry, old HBO commercial
MattHHmm. My lag is seems to be about 1 1/2 minute behind you
MattHSince I just heard the "filler" line
Tara_Maclay2 pm in Sac
impalergeneralHi. I'm back! I just added links to my website to add the news about Amber and the Angel spoilers Aint It Cool News doesn't want us to read (hint-hint)
impalergeneralCarolina Rhea is actuaklly very funny, and the show is good. Too bad only small markets can watch the show while people are awake
Tara_MaclayI'm not to trusting of AICN myself
Tara_Maclaygo to the website
impalergeneralThat's why I add links to them, but I don't read the spoilers. What I know about the future is bad enough
Tara_MaclayImpaler... and your site is????
impalergeneral it also has reviews of both shows and snide comments about certain issues
Tara_MaclayFirefly most likely wont have a 2nd season
impalergeneralWell, someone should tell SMG and Joss that they must come back next year so that this show can go on!
impalergeneralWell, it's a better reason than my reasons
Tara_MaclayI'm with that
impalergeneralAgain, though, one more 13-episode mini-series with Buffy and people from that other show is the best way
Tara_Maclayplus there is still talk about the watcher thing
impalergeneralWell, next year could be like mayberry RFD..or AfterMash...or X-Files without Mulder
Tara_Maclayit was just put on hold
MattHFirefly bores me.
Tara_MaclayTVguide did
impalergeneralIf and when Ripper is shown, we should have an episode when Giles b*tch-slaps the Watchers' Council..because he can
impalergeneralDid Joss say these things because he wants us on our hands and knees for one more season? Kneepads?
impalergeneralI bet yesterday's repeat had MORE viewers than "Angel" this week..or maybe the article is talking about the "Angels", not "Angel"
impalergeneralor "Touched by an Angel"
Tara_Maclayinapropriatly Touched by an Angel
Tara_Maclaythere we go. Connor and Dawn together
MattHConnor/Dawn - bad Fanfic.
paradymeoh ew
impalergeneralEliza would never do it for 22 shows. Mini-series, sure. But not for a full season
Tara_MaclayNeeedd......Kitty........Torture..... Must hane Titty Corture
MattHMaybe - if she is the star of the show.
impalergeneralIn fact, how about instead of a Buffy-less series, rotating spinoffs with certain characters
impalergeneralUPN Mystery Movie
Tara_Maclayif she gets top billing sure
impalergeneralHmmmm...beccome a Runaway Slayer or work with DeNiro? Nah, I still say Eliza will try to build her movie resume. It's a little better than SMG's anyway
Tara_MaclayBtvs move to rotating schedule. Willow story, Faith story, Anya Story, Dawn Story Ect Ect...
impalergeneralMaybe not an Anya story, since Emma Caufield is leaving for sure, but that's exactly what I'm looking at
MattHTrue, she has better movies than SMG. She hasn't really had any starring roles though.
Tara_MaclayOR UPN presents 'The BTVS "Slay of The Week" series'
impalergeneralBut what would be better...being a supporting player in s good movie..or star in a bunch of lousy ones?
Tara_Maclay"Wild Workd Of Buffy"
impalergeneralOK, the best song from Once More...!
impalergeneralSing it, vampire!
MattHBest would be starring role in a good film. If she shows she can carry a TV show, she might get it. Provided she has better taste in scripts than SMG.
impalergeneralActually, this song fully explains what Spike wants..and what we'd wish Buffy would do fast! She should just admit he was cute, and she blew it. Period
Tara_MaclayI liked "The Parking Ticket" Go Marti
MattHMy favorite was "Under Your Spell"
Tara_MaclayKITTY TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
impalergeneralIt would never have worked, but she should admit she was at fault too
MattHBuffy Afterglow... LOL
impalergeneralDrew Goddard doesn't know how to contact the SC? Turn on a radio, dope!
Tara_Maclayyes he does
Tara_MaclayI think
impalergeneralI just checked the Beta...Drew was around just before the show began. He might be back after it. we don't know
Tara_Maclaywe can always check
impalergeneralHe's back, I just sent him a comment on Coedy in spoiler font
impalergeneralCordy, I mean
Tara_Maclaynot really
Tara_Maclaywe're not ALL coupled
impalergeneralYou can say that again
Tara_Maclayfailing math
Vanessasanity fair
Tara_Maclaysainity fair
Tara_Maclaygetting into t his files
MattH Lag....
Tara_Maclaycouch in hell
*** Signoff: paradyme ()
Tara_Maclaytrick or treat
impalergeneralI'll call it a day. Until next time...
Tara_Maclayok, see you later then
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Vanessaride people like ponies
Tara_Maclayride people like ponies
Tara_Maclaykill them
Tara_Maclaysee you guys later
*** Signoff: Vanessa ()
Tara_Maclaylets hope to get more people next week
*** Signoff: Tara_Maclay ()
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