Succubus Club Chat Transcript

for November 6, 2002

JezebelI like the sour grapes party on the Beta myself Signups are next Wednesday
Amy_Madisonthank you
impalergeneralThere's a link at the Bronze beta
JezebelWhen you go to the PBP just be sure to stop by a terminal and post to us who can't show
MattHI don't think I have ever posted on the Bronze.
JezebelThat's been the highlight of my sour grapes night
Amy_MadisonI'm really gonna try to sign up
MattHOn the other hand, I live 5 miles from Universal City.
Amy_Madisoni really want to go
JezebelEvery year I say I gotta go next year, but then something else comes up. I'm so pathetic
Amy_MadisonIf I have a chance, Im a GOING
JezebelI have such a vicarious life
Amy_MadisonI have the money, and the time, just know how they handle getting people together
JezebelBuffy's on, sorry Drew can't talk.
impalergeneraland it's your script, too
Amy_Madisonwhich one
JezebelOoooh, I'm tingly just thinking about it!
MattHI think I am about to swoon... :-D
impalergeneralSo am I! Maybe they'll discuss how they can keep the show going without SMG..then realize what a dumb idea that is
MattHNot dumb if they can get Eliza Dushku she'd put her movie career on hold
Amy_Madisonread the book of 4
Amy_Madisonbuffy faith dawn
impalergeneralNot Dawn, judging from her cheerleading audition
MattHWe don't know how graceful Buffy or Faith were before they were called.
JezebelWell, she was under the influence of loooove at the time
impalergeneralyeah, I did say that. If we see Dawn dust someone, we'll feel better. After all, Cordy...well, you'll see
MattHShe has dusted a vampire - in season 6
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impalergeneralOh yeah, I forgot the blind date that didn't work out. I mena in battle, or something like it
angelfi found it!
JezebelCongrats and hi algelf
angelf<<--feels pleased
angelfhello hello
MattHTrick was underused...
Amy_Madisonwhammy for kitty
impalergeneralit's the perfect Xmas special
FlipleyCheck out the Cleavage-y SLut Bomb
Flipleyoh, wrong
Amy_Madisonthat would have been dawn last night
Amy_Madisonand Willow said that line
Amy_Madisonhungry and horney
Jezebelnaw, the three
JezebelGo Kitty, she knows this ep
JezebelGreat line!
Amy_Madisononly for a minute
JezebelShe knows this
Amy_Madisonkissing taquitoes
Amy_Madisonphone call
Amy_Madisonhe's bored
JezebelKitty is kicking ass
Amy_Madisonhow's ass though
MattHWith any luck Kitty will do better than 20 out of 25.
Amy_Madisonhe say it last week
JezebelThat is such a good point!
JezebelHe dresses fast
impalergeneralthree were killed
JezebelA hundred
JezebelGo Faith hotness
impalergeneralThis is a new record
JezebelThat is great!
Amy_Madisondamnit, I was going to call them at the studio. but now someone it on the phone her
impalergeneralwho needs songs when you have silly comments?
impalergeneralOK, does Lisa Loeb sound like Buffy singing?
MattH she got 80% on the 1st set of questions I sent in.
JezebelMaybe a little IG,
JezebelI can see Sarah singing Stay
JezebelSomeone call
Amy_Madisonwhat the show
JezebelYeah to tell them who wrote the Angel ep
MattHThere are always consequences...
Amy_Madisonthey don't have the cap to talk to people on the air. They asked people to call during the breaks
Amy_MadisonI hope ther is one more
Amy_Madisonpropably not
JezebelYeah Ethan takes the calls
Amy_Madisonbut then you can talk to Kitty/Candy though
Amy_Madisonsorry, can't
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JezebelGo Flipley!!!
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FlipleyIt's all about the pie
JezebelYou are such a pie whore Flipley
JezebelCordy kissing a 12 yr. old girl. Hmmm. ooookay
impalergeneralConnor looks like a 12 year old girl? Is that creepier than Dawn loking 21?
JezebelFor me it is.
MattHThere is nothing creepy looking about Dawn ;-)
JezebelI'm so confused right now
impalergeneralWho'd make a better Connor? Jason Biggs? Chris Klein?
impalergeneralRyan Phillippe?
impalergeneralJustin Timberlake?
Amy_Madisonno!!!! not him
impalergeneralwell, Justin's no Michael Jackson pre-plastic surgery, so....
Amy_Madisonor post either....
JezebelI'm trying to picture Timberlake as a black woman...
JezebelJust not happening :)
Amy_Madisonhate to like him
impalergeneraltil next time....
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MattHYah. CYA L8R
JezebelYep, I'm out too.
Amy_Madisonsee yoou
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Amy_Madison^_^ Matt
MattHHi all
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FlipleyMine's all good with WinAmp
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Amy_Madisonhey, at least it's not X-mas muse this time
impalergeneralWhy not? It's the Holiday season...Veteran's day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's
Amy_Madisonnot yet
Amy_Madisonlooks like Kitty's missing the brownies
impalergeneralWinamp stream keeps cutting out. Win media is OK, even if it sounds a bit hollow
Amy_Madisonthat's just Kitty
MattHWinamp is working for me (knock on wood)
impalergeneralWhy didn't they play the Breeders' version of the theme? That's cooler (and is on my website)
Amy_Madisonis it MP3'ed yet
impalergeneralI have a link to it
Amy_MadisonYay Ethan
impalergeneralIt's on the home page
impalergeneral"Him" or BBB 2002
Amy_Madisonthat's true
impalergeneralOh yeah, K and C? You give us what we want, not what we need
impalergeneralAt least that's what Joss would say
impalergeneralor is it the other way around?
impalergeneralMaybe President Bartlett wil lose the lection, and he sues to change the result and stay on the show
Amy_Madisonthat's what the people say, Joss does what he wants
impalergeneralor get the feeling President Bush had the same kind of Jacket R.J. had?
MattHAs a Republican, no I don't ;-)
impalergeneralWell, as a Democrat, I have my suspicions
Amy_Madisonisn't it ironic that Jeb goverens a state shaped like a penis
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MattHHi Jezebel
impalergeneralWelcome to the Slayer Party convention, Jezebel
JezebelHey all, this is the first time I've been here since it was on Yahoo chat
Amy_Madisonthe lovely buffy afterglow party
JezebelPlease tell me this is better....
Amy_Madisonin a way
impalergeneralMy guess is some guy sold his soul to be BMOC, and the jacket has been passed from father to son
JezebelA good way? :)
JezebelSelling a soul is always a good explaination for anything
Amy_Madisonjust like the Mayor
impalergeneralwell, how else could the jacket work?
Amy_MadisonOk, I'll tell Jane
JezebelMagic thread?
Amy_Madisonenchanted letter on the jacket
JezebelI used to have a jacket that attracted dogs, turns out there were dog biscuits in the pockets.
JezebelGo figure
impalergeneralId Dawn is supposed to be the next Salyer, should she be better as a cheerleader? You know, better co-ordination, that sort of thing?
impalergeneralactually, I meant Slayer
Amy_Madisonit also brought up aspects of 'The Witch'
Amy_Madisonok Candy said it
MattHAlso, Buffy looked very season 1 ish...
JezebelI think it was a bang thing with her hair
Amy_Madisonlonger hair though
impalergeneralThis ep had one part BBB, one part "the Witch", and nice variations of both. It just bothered me the girls were had so quickly
Amy_Madisonspike and xander = good scene
JezebelPlus a rocket launcher that's a cool throw back
impalergeneralYes, Spike and xander are becoming tolerant pals, which means this won't last, either
MattHShe did the love at first sight thing better than she did in Meego.
impalergeneralyes, especially when she ran out of bleacher
Amy_Madisonand he's taking showers noww????
impalergeneralI am sure Spike at least brushes his teeth..just in case
JezebelHey, vamps don't sweat.... I'm a purist
MattHI like the way they didn't show the entire scene of her falling off.. just the drop out of sight and the yelp.
JezebelShe's been practicing that since she was paralysed
impalergeneralThis must be the good song
Amy_Madison1 of them
Jezebel1 of 2 they said???
Amy_MadisonI actually like the Joss too
impalergeneralDoes SMG sound like Lisa Loeb to you?
Amy_Madisonoopies. I meant the Joss version
Amy_Madisoncould be dubbed
Amy_Madisondon't know it SMG actually likes to sing
impalergeneralAll I can say is that Joss better get a Grammy out of this CD.
MattHHe won't :_(
JezebelI'd say Sarah is very surprised that she has a CD with her voice on it.
impalergeneralI know, but we can dream of justice, in a world where Buffy and Angel are on Fox, and top 30 shows at least
MattHThat could be a TV show in and of itself.
Amy_Madisoni think thta 'The Host' should put out as Cd.
Amy_Madisonor all the songs that were sung for the Karoke bar
MattHTrue - I loved his rendition of It's Not Easy Being Green
JezebelAnd Lady Marmalade is a classic for him
Amy_Madisonif only to hear David fumble on Mandy again
impalergeneralYeah, but don't you think Lorne's act works better in something like the Venetian Room?
JezebelWasn't there some sort of petition thingy for an Angel soundtrack.
JezebelIs there one in the works?
Amy_MadisonI don't remember
impalergeneralIf there is one, it'd be more of a compilation of past songs featured on the show
Amy_Madisonbut from Angel
Amy_Madisonall the song from the Kareoke bar
JezebelIt'd be worth it just for the title track by DV
Amy_Madisonand to bring back Linsey to blay the gitar again
JezebelOf course
Amy_Madisondamn.... cant spell......
Amy_Madisonthat was good though Dawn and the stairs
Amy_Madisonthe villin was the evil jacket
impalergeneralI bet RJ didn't care about why he was BMOC, as long as the feeling never ends
JezebelI don't think he knew either. He just fooled himself to believe it was a great personality
impalergeneralToo bad we don't have a scene where his magic and his chicks are gone...but at least gets that he can do it himself
Amy_Madisonthen he got FAT
JezebelMaybe he goes back to writing poetry
impalergeneraland that gets him the chicks
JezebelDamn sensitive men LOL
impalergeneralif he turns his poetry into heavy metal
MattHPlayed up for the cheese... hmmm. maybe the big bad is the Cheese Man.
impalergeneralwill we have to wear the cheese?
Amy_MadisonI've learned that when they have a fun/cheezy epi like this. there's always a dark story coming soon
impalergeneralwell, that's coming by the 19th
JezebelIt's a trade off.
MattHBetter than having the cheese wear you...
Amy_Madisonnope, It's Dawn's turn for the cheese
impalergeneralWe're comforted before the demon with the scary face shows up. It's the same story on Angel, just with a sharper edge
MattHI never really find Angel comforting.... :)
impalergeneraland if you saw "Supersymmetry" you know why
impalergeneralAngel won't be "comforting" at all this season, from what i know of what's coming up
Amy_Madisonthat was buffy's doppleganger
impalergeneralsay, didn't it seem that Dawn was on one track and the train was on another track? Kind of makes the rescue pointless
JezebelIt was like a RR yard, two trains going in diff. directions
Amy_Madisonbad edit
JezebelBuffy was on one going one way on the track that was next to the train coming for Dawn
JezebelYeah, bad direction, One boo-boo
Amy_Madisonmaybe it was Amtrak
impalergeneralMan, so what if Buffy is shorter? She has vertical jump to die for, and can jump onthe demon's heads to tear 'em off
JezebelUh-uh, no one had a chance then lol
Amy_Madisonit's a light epi to set up for a slightly darker one coming up
MattHI don't think D'Hoffryn sent the demon...
impalergeneralyeah, then Big Bad 7 is due to make his move, whatever it is
JezebelFrom beneath......
Amy_MadisonI want to see Skip show up on Buffy
impalergeneralYeah, he can tell her what Angel's been doing, since the WB won't talk to her
Amy_Madisonwell, sounds like a break coming up soon
Amy_Madisondid I call it or what
JezebelYour are good
Amy_Madisonmore time on Kitty torture
Amy_Madisonjust had that Lull feel to it
JezebelI'm multi-tasking, watching the Country Music Awards too
Amy_Madisonwatching Buffy myself
MattHJust got the season 5 DVDs today. Unfortunately, no time to watch them.
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Amy_Madisonthe ones from Aus?
impalergeneralReally, how was Shania Twain's performance?
JezebelI'm still waiting for Season 3 here in the States
impalergeneralSo am I. I'd rather have that set than season two.
MattHI live in CA.
JezebelShania was good, looked great and sounded better than ever. But I don't know if I like her new song yet or not.
impalergeneralDo you see the UK DVD's on your computer, Matt?
Amy_MadisonI'm getting my Aus S5's in a week and have S3 R1 on order
MattHNo - I have a Multi-Region DVD player.
Amy_Madisongood !!!
impalergeneralCan your TV handle a multi-region DVD player?
MattHThe player handles the conversions.
Amy_Madisonno! my MR-DVD has the converter in the player
Amy_Madisonwhat kind of player
impalergeneralHmmm. I mght look into that, unless I get a non-region 1 DVD to see if my computer will play it
MattHOdyssey DV 2080
MattHHad it for a couple of years.
Amy_Madisonnot bad. Mine is a Smapo DVE-611
JezebelJust don't buy an "Oritron" DVD player. They are super cheap, but you get what you pay for
Amy_MadisonJust got a German version of the BTVS movie
impalergeneralwhat ws it like?
MattHThe movie didn't do anything for me - might like it better in German.
Amy_MadisonEathan Isn't 'something sweet'
impalergeneralWell, seeing the movie in English isn't too hot, either, except that it did inspire a much better version
JezebelI was a senior in HS when I saw BTVS in the theater. I didn't care much for it.
Amy_Madisonsame as the R1 just with more lauguages
JezebelEthan: "Yeah what you guys said."
Amy_Madisongreat. I also got the LD for it. Can't play LDs, but ...
Amy_MadisonBAD KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JezebelAny one else think the UPN promos suck?
impalergeneralI skip the promos. They're worse than negative political ads
MattHHere's an idea for Ethan Torture - Do *really* hard questions, secretly send him the answers in advance and listen to Kitty's reaction.
Amy_Madisonas long as they don't hace the WS black bars, it's ok
impalergeneralBetter just to be told the name of the episode, nothing more
Amy_Madisonthat would be cool
JezebelThat's a good idea Matt
Amy_Madisonremember, he's only seen S1
JezebelLike a secret Kitty Torture sadistic thing
MattHAnd then telll Kitty afterwards....
Amy_Madisonno, that would be called 'Torture Kitty'
impalergeneralhow about a healthy thumb up
JezebelAnother break?
Amy_Madisonsince it's buffy, it would be a 'dead thumb up'
impalergenerala sucking undead thumb up
JezebelI give it two decomposed thumbs up!
JezebelPorn..... cool....
Amy_Madisonand chicken
Amy_Madisonbad comedy channel reference
Amy_Madisonhhow about an X-rated Succubus club show
impalergeneralnah, radio porn is rather pointless
JezebelThis isn't the X-rated version? I'm sheltered
Amy_Madisonwe'll just have to fix that then
Amy_Madisonit is Kitty's 'evil' jacket
JezebelIt's 10 pm here
Amy_Madisonto Him
JezebelWow, everybody is related
Amy_Madisonbut in a good way
Amy_MadisonI hope
JezebelNot incesty
JezebelUh, that's not a word, right?
MattHIn the Buffyverse it would be a word.
JezebelYeah every word with a -y is automatically a word
Amy_MadisonI hearby make 'Incesty' an official word!!!!!!!
Amy_Madisonagain, they mention the Stupid-bus club
JezebelEven the old time listeners don't know what the hell they're talking about
JezebelBut in a good way
MattHSome times they don't even know what they are talking about...
impalergeneralI have GOT to go to the PBP, assuming I can get time off to go..but I'l try to sign up anyway
Amy_Madisonhow do you sign up