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impalergeneralwell, I'll put Travelocity through the paces, but driving to Oakland would be OK
Flipleyhey Matt
Flipleyyou can always check last second fares and other deals by registering at ""
impalergeneralThanks, I'll try that
FlipleyThis was a great week (artistically) for Mutant Enemy
MattHI liked both Angel & Buffy. Firefly didn't do anything for me.
impalergeneralI'll say. The apple carts on both shows have been smashed, big time, eh?
MattHI understand why Amber Benson decided not to do last nights episode.
impalergeneralPersonally, I think Big Bad 7 is hijacking Spike's body, so he can feast with no consequences. whether he likes this arrangement or not is another matter
Flipleythe recent Amber discussions happened way too late to affect this episode
impalergeneralAmber must have been tipped off that this was coming, and she must have been reluctant to go with it. Using Cassie was a nice touch.
FlipleyI liked Firefly except for one or two jarring moments acting/dialogue-wise with the Doctor
MattHI thought so.
Flipleyfor last night's episode, not using Tara made sense
impalergeneralDr. Simon Tam is quite a surprise, isn't he? He'd make a great hero
MattHI just can't get into Firefly. Like the opening music, though.
Flipleyit's a tough conceit to buy, but once you're in, it's a solid show
impalergeneralThat theme song would make a good Tim McGraw song
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MattHHello Amy
impalergeneralAmy, hi
impalergeneralYou know, we haven't seen the real Amy Madison lately. Surely Big Bad 7 would want to use her against Willow, right?
FlipleyHey Amy
Flipleypossibly....I was just sorry that Harmony didn't come back from Mexico with the boys ;0)
Amy_Madisondon't knopw
MattHMmm. Maybe Harmony is really the power behind the big bad.... ;-)
Amy_Madisonsomeone thought that was Harmony that spike kiied at first
impalergeneralHarmony? Nah! Otherwise, Spike would still date her
Flipleysomeone needs glasses lol
MattHReally - didn't look a thing like her.
Amy_MadisonI know
FlipleyMaybe it'll be a "widdle Fear Demon"
MattHNah... Joss never repeats himself ;-)
Amy_Madisoncan't be. Jonathan got kikked
MattHNow that is kind of sad. I always liked Jonathan.
FlipleyNo, he's "Short Round"
Amy_Madisonwould hav been better to kill off the othereone
Amy_Madisonand I it's a new scool. where did the pentagram come from
MattHLess shock value.
MattHGood question - maybe Xander is the big bad and he planted the pentagram there.
impalergeneralDon't worry. I am sure Andrew will join his "hero" Warren before long. maybe BB7 will even arrange it
impalergeneralXander didn't find any pentagrams, but that doesn't mean he dug around to see if any were buried
MattHProbably - I am thinking this BB is one to go through minions quite regularly.
MattHHe did mention that the area under the school is constantly rearranging itself.
Amy_Madisonand a pentagram, on a dirt floor.. in the basement????
impalergeneralthe pentagram looked like a demonic manhole cover
Amy_Madisonthat's right
Amy_Madisonand the FOX problems
FlipleyAnd the demon on the floor looked like the flash in Cordy's memory at the end of Angel
impalergeneralWell, it's too bad both shows will have separate Apocalypses. It would have been better to combine the two
impalergeneralMaybe Buffy loses, but gets a chance to avenge the loss on Angel in 2004,,,in case there is no 8th season.
impalergeneralI still say a 13 episode miniseries is the best way to wrap up both shows
Amy_Madisontoo bad about the toon series though, that would have been cooolll 2 C
impalergeneralThing is, if Buffy said all those things to Giles, he would have told her that the Slayerettes have more of an idea of what she goes through (especially Willow). So, Buffy would realize they know how she feels, and they won't leave!
MattHVery bad about the series :_(
impalergeneralNaturally, BB7 doesn't want that, or it's getting a good deal killed. That's why we have BB7 out to split everyone so that Buffy would be easier to kill
MattHQuestion - was the vampire Buffy killed really a vampire or the BB?
impalergeneralI think it was a real vampire. He wasn't known to Buffy, but he was real. he did admit he was connected to an all-around evil.
Amy_Madisondon'ty know
impalergeneralJoss sings!
impalergeneralKai sounds good, and on key, too
MattH"Warren's" actions were very in character for Warren, unlike those of Joyce or Cassie/Tara.
impalergeneralYou can say that again. Maybe Warren has made friends with BB7
Amy_MadisonYEP he does!!!!!!!!!!
impalergeneralThis CD should get a Grammy for EXISTING!
MattHI don't know about that - it is good, but not *that* good
impalergeneralDid you know a Canadian cable channel is rerunning "Once More.." uncut? When is it our turn?
FlipleyJoyce didn't do anything but be dead and warn Dawn.....Cassie was right in character until the end
Amy_Madisonwhen WE gat the DVD's
impalergeneralOk, here comes Joss as Spike....
MattHI'm waiting for the DVDs ...
Amy_Madisonnot yet
Amy_Madisonwhere are you
Amy_Madisonthe S3 DVD's are out in feb. I think
impalergeneralWOW! Joss has got Spike's part down, even the deep tones. He should be Rogers and Hammerstein
MattHMe? North Hollywood, but I have a multi-region DVD player.
Amy_MadisonI'm getting my S5 DVD on the 25 of this month
MattHI have S5, but no time to watch it yet.
MattHJoss isn't bad....
Amy_Madisonthe UK has the S3's already, just go to Amazon.Uk
Amy_Madisonor a place that I know in Aus
MattHI have S2 Angel , and have for months, but still haven't had any real desire to watch it.
impalergeneralHolden was the nastiest vampire we've had in some time...because he looked so helpful
MattHHe was really interesting character.
Amy_Madisonfor once a Pysch Vamp insted of a 'phyched out' vamp
* MattH groans in pain
MattHSpike may have been treated badly, but he deserved worse.
MattHBuffy? Self-righteous? Nahhhh...........
impalergeneralBuffy's wrong. The Slayerettes have a good idea, Willow more often. Giles would tell her that, Holden wouldn't, because he's not supposed to
MattHWell, most Slayer's don't come back from the dead ... twice
Amy_Madisonor even once
impalergeneralBB7 is hijacking Spike's body, so he can feast without pain or conscience. We don't know if he's happy about it
impalergeneralBuffy didn't ask Holden because it would have ruined the story structure
MattHAlso, another Slayer probably won't be called if Buffy dies again, as one doesn't seem to have been called after she died the second time (that we have seen)
impalergeneralFaith has to die to get another Slayer recruited
MattHSo Joss has said....
impalergeneralwhich is why we have the Hooded guys getting rid of canddiates
MattHOf course, Joss never lies ....
impalergeneralI mean candidates
Amy_Madisonits sill up to Faith right now
Amy_Madisonhe has once... sort of .. about killing off Tara
MattHHmm, forgot the smiley
Amy_MadisonKittu Torture Soon....
MattHYay, Kitty Torture...
Amy_MadisonInsane Kitty Logic......
MattHMuch more illogical than Insane Troll Logic
Amy_MadisonWOO HOO
impalergeneralNext on Angel, "Tabula Rasa"...but done much better!
MattHI liked Tabula Rasa :(
Amy_Madisonso did eye
FlipleyPlease watch Firefly this makes the difference between renewal and cancellation.....if the four of us watch :-)
impalergeneralWell, I'll be around. I would like to know which of the crew would actually do something awful to River and Tam
Amy_MadisonI always do. except that one time. i think it was the second epi
impalergeneralwho I suspect will be the future ancestors of Fred Burkle
MattHSince I don't have a NIelsen box, I doubt it. I do watch it, but end up fast forwarding/skipping lots of stuff.
impalergeneralif only the ratings counted people who tape shows on TiVo. Firefly's ratings would increase 35 %
Amy_Madisonwho's going to PBP
impalergeneralI hope to...if I make the first cut
Amy_Madisonthat me......
impalergeneraldid you get an e-mail confirmation?
Amy_Madisonhow do it work actually
MattHNot I
Amy_Madisonnot yet
Flipleynor I yet
impalergeneralMe neither. I registered in the first five minutes..that's all I know
Amy_Madisonbut I haven't been home since I registered righgt at 4:30
MattHThat should be Buffy Afterglow...
Amy_Madisonmoney pants
Amy_Madisona monkey with a cold
MattHAsked for a movie, something old...
MattHWell, I am not too fond of the French...and as all monkeys are French.
Amy_Madisonso are the fries
Amy_Madisonchocolate monkeys
Amy_Madisonnow it's Kitty Tortue ^_^
MattHNot for me yet - they are still talking about registering for last year.
impalergeneralmy bet is 15
Amy_Madisonmy bet many
Amy_Madisonnot crap
Amy_Madisonthats 1/2
Amy_Madisonhot dog hut
Amy_Madisonthier scripts
Amy_Madisonher script
impalergeneralgee, Jack Paar was less tempermental
MattHThis is a wonderful Kitty Torture....
Amy_Madisonbut that's why we all lover her
Amy_Madisonbrok into his own car
MattHHotwiring a car
Amy_Madison6 1/3 out of 15
MattHWe all love Kitty....
Amy_Madisonsee this is when I should have called in. 2 songs in a row
impalergeneralCandy was asking too much from "Spin..."
Amy_MadisonLorne is BB7 for Buffy
impalergeneralAngel steal stuff from Buffy? nooooooo...
MattHThey didn't bring up why Cordy lost her memory in the first place or how she got knocked off of Cloud 9
impalergeneralI'm sure they'll get to that Sunday
MattHAngel finally mentioned his real name.
impalergeneralno, he did that before. I think it was in "Dear Boy"
Amy_Madisonshe saw BB7 from Sunnydale maybe
impalergeneralBB& frmo Sunnydale is not whatever'c comnig to L-A..but could be its brother
Amy_Madisonevertime there is a light epi "like this" there is always something BIG that follows the newt week
impalergeneralI don't think Cordelia emphasized "were" in "we were." But you get the feeling she knows it wouldn't work.
MattHWell, there is that pesky true happiness thing...
impalergeneralI still say the Gypsies who cursed him should give him gradual amnesty...except that what's coming would cancel all that
impalergeneralBoth angel and Buffy leaves? NO! I still want that 13 episode miniseries before we call it a saga
impalergeneralWell, until next week...
Amy_Madisonsee ya
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