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impalergeneralI'm here, too
impalergeneralWinMedia stream doesn't work
MattHWorking for me
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paradymeI'm using winamp
impalergeneraland does it stop every two minutes?
MattHI used to use Winamp a lot, but Media Player seems to have a more stable connection (at my end anyway)
paradymeI had a lot of problems with winamp last week, but I'm trying it one more time
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MattHHiya, NJP
paradymeso, what did everyone think of Sleeper?
MattHIt was good. Thought last weeks was better.
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paradymeyeah, I found this week's a little weak too
MattHI'm just tired of Spike - I have no more interest in him.
paradymesame here
paradymehe just bores me
MattHNutso Spike/Pathetic Spike are just not as interesting as Villanous Spike
paradymeoh I know...I miss me some evil Spike
MattHSo much for stable media player - just lost the stream.
paradymeI was wondering if it was just me, but did you get a flashback to Amends during Spike's "I need to die" speech?
MattHMust have been just you - I can see the similarites now that you bring it up. I never thought I 'd say this, but David Boreanz played a better tortured vampire than Marster's does.
impalergeneralI don't think so. By the way, both of the streams don't work now
MattHI am back up.
impalergeneralI'll second Matt H's comment on who can be tortured better. Spike was born to be bad, not repentant
paradymeyeah, DB did play it better
MattHOne of my chief gripes with Angel is that he isn't that depressed and brooding anymore.
impalergeneralHe's lost his mission..any incentive to become more than he is now.
paradymeI know, he's so happy now...that might change though, after last episode
impalergeneralYeah, he realizes Connor is a chip off the old a very bad way
MattHI did like Apocalypse, Nowish.
paradymeI did too
impalergeneralSo did I..except for the ending that assumes there is no tomorrow
paradymenow, here's my question...the Beast looked a lot like the thing on the symbol Jonathan and Andrew dug up
MattHHmmm - I didn't notice that.
impalergeneralWell, there are rumours that this apocalypse and the one in L-A are the same thing. My guess is Buffy and Angel will never know that, thanks to the Idiots TV Network, I mean the WB
MattHMaybe thats M.E.s way around the no crossovers rule - a shared Apocalypse.
paradymeso I'm wondering if maybe Jonathan's blood kind of awakened the Beast
paradymethat wouldn't surprise me
impalergeneralwell, Faith can also get around that, too, since she's not the star and can't help the ratings that much
MattHI think she might help the ratings quite a bit - but I am a little biased :)
paradymelol she would totally help them
paradymeI have a friend who isn't watching until Faith comes back :)
impalergeneralI mean that the WB doesn't want Buffy on "Angel" remind her she's not needed anymore. Besides, that would help "the enemy" that is UPN.
impalergeneralPersonally, Joss should put his foot down and demand a crossover, and if the WB cancels Angel if he goes that far, well, there's someone else who will show it the next day
MattHI understand that - I think the key thing re: no crossovers is the UPN/WB thing.
paradymestupid WB
MattHBTW - Where is everyone? Every week it looks like this place gets emptier and emptier.
impalergeneralAlso, if what's happening on Buffy is THE END, how would Angel exist next year, as a post-apocalyptic L-A story where we see Road Warrior and Blade knockoffs battle the new L-A government, Wolfram and Hart?
paradymeI don't know...maybe they are all in shock over the end of last nights episode
MattHWell, that would be true if the BB succeeds... I doubt it will ;)
paradymeand maybe the BB just wants to suck Sunnydale into Hell or something
impalergeneralI thin the best BB7 can have is a draw, and NEXT season would be the final battle
paradymeif there is a next season
impalergeneralif there is one for Buffy. For Angel, maybe
MattHOne can only hope ...
paradymeweren't they supposed to be deciding that soon?
MattHProbably have at least a couple more months.
MattHI doubt SMG will be back, though.
paradymeI know
paradymeshe needs to make Scooby Doo 2 and 3 :)
paradymeFaith the Vampire Slayer has a nice ring to it :)
impalergeneraland ruin her career even more? I'd opt for Buffy!
MattHThat would be Scooby Doo Doo and Scooby Doo Doo Two
impalergeneraland I meant SMG, too
MattHI doubt that starring in a TV show would ruin her career.
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paradymeme too
paradymeand then there were two
paradymedo you think Giles is dead?
*** impalergeneral (impalergen@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHNope - I am a spoiler whore though.
paradymelol so am I
MattHAnd he is signed for 10 eps.
impalergeneralI avoid spoilers...and quite often
MattHOf course, that doesn't mean he is still alive.
paradymewell...that doesn't mean he can't die
paradymeexactly, we do have a shapeshifting Big Bad on the loose
impalergeneralYeah, I bet they'll just show that ending scene frmo a different angle, and Giles escaped..or the axe guy suddenly drops the axe becuase someone from behind kills him
paradymeI watched that scene a few times, and that axe was sooooo close to his neck
impalergeneralSomeone suggested a fake Giles will come in for the real thing...which should ruin any chance of that "Ripper" series.
paradymenot really...they could always set the "Ripper" series during Season Six, while Giles was in England
MattHYeah - that is kind of depressing - where you know the hero dies.
MattHNot like that we ever see that on Buffy.
impalergeneralI have heard that if the "giles" that comes to Sunnydale is fake, a lot of fans will dump the show even before the end. Of course, if that is the case, Buffy will probably die anyway
paradymeyeah, when is Buffy EVER depressing
paradymeyeah, that ending ticked a lot of people off
MattHCrud - lost connection again.
paradymeI know, I've lost mine at least four times
MattHHopefully, I'll be able to get the mp3 later.
impalergeneralsame here. It's the only way I listen to this stuff
MattHLast weeks ep did remind me of the Yoko Factor
paradymeyeah, a little bit
MattHHave we seen anyone touch the BB? I am thinking it might be intangible.
paradymeI don't think so
paradymebut it can sit down and touch things
paradymejust not people maybe
MattHHave we seen it pick up anything?
paradymethe Harmonica
paradymeit was playing that last night
paradymeI'm assuming
MattHI figured the harmonica was part of the illusion - not really there either.
paradymewell, then no, we haven't seen it pick anything up
paradymeall we've seen is Cassie being able to sit down and put her hands on the table
MattHAlso - quite possibly an illusion
MattHThough the Summer's place was trashed.
impalergeneralIt could create forces, then
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paradymehopefully they'll answer these questions soon
MattHJust not interested in Candy torture.
impalergeneralHI. I can't hear a thing from the show because both streams don't work
paradymeno, Kitty torture way funnier
paradymeit wouldn't be torture if they asked Candy
Marlowestrange, I'm on Windows media player and I can hear the show
Marloweyou're going to that JM signing in Sacremento, impaler?
MattHAs I can - *knock on wood*
impalergeneralI do, and I will be there.
MarloweI didn't make it to the PBP either
MarloweI apparently signed in 4 minutes too late
impalergeneralYeah, but I am debating hanging out anyway...with a battering ram, just in case
impalergeneralI hear it was "sold out" in two minutes
MattHI didn't even try.
Marlowe30 seconds I heard
MarloweI think I'm still going
Marlowegonna try for the pre-party Friday night
impalergeneralsame here
impalergeneralmaybe they'll be scalping of tickets...but then again, that could cost me more
impalergeneralwhat was th eticket price last year?
impalergeneralThat's reasonable. I can afford that...if they'll let me in!
Marloweoh, are you talking about the pre-party?
MarloweI don't think they have set the price for that
impalergeneralthe pre-party was 75, eh? I mean the main PBP. That would be 125 right?
MarloweI thought you were referring to the cost of the main PBP last year, that was 75 I think
MarloweI have no idea how much the pre-party cost last year
impalergeneralDo K and C think the real Giles is a goner, and we'll get the BB7 version of Giles this season?
paradymeKitty thinks he's dead
MarloweI don't think so...
Marloweas far as I know, Ripper is still on the plate
Marlowethe show, Ripper
impalergeneralMaybe fake Giles will come in, then scarface Giles will come in with two episodes left
MarloweIf Giles was the fake one, it would be pretty hard for the BB to maintain that disguise
Marloweand he would have to fool everyone, not just one person
MattHKitty generally tends to be wrong on these things, though.
impalergeneralBB7 can be at seven places at once. It could pull it off
Marlowebut for how long?
impalergeneraluntil it's too late to stop it, of course
MarloweWillow twigged on to the fake Cassie fairly quickly
paradymeit only needs to last an episode or two
MarloweASh is scheduled for 10 eps
MattHGenerally - because the BB overplayed it hand. I could never see Tara telling Willow to kill herself.
paradymeyeah, never
paradymelol Kill Dawn
impalergeneralHe's got seven to go. So..maybe BB7 imitation Giles can show up for four episodes, and be found out after that time. then, scarface Giles comes in for the end, and maybe dies to save everyone
MattHWhat Joyce said was minor by comparison.
MarloweI'm more worried about Spike being dusted, than Giles being killed
MarloweI'm not worried about Giles
MattHUnnhn - Spike should have been dusted ages ago.
impalergeneralIf the Axe guy does drop his sword so he doesn't finish his swing, Giles will be scarface, but alive
MattHMaybe Giles will duck...
MattHI mean people outrun explosions on TV/Movies all the time...
impalergeneralat that angle? Only if Joss remembers how they kept chaning the endings in the weekly movie serials
impalergeneralor changing them
MattHIt looked like the axe had least a foot to go.
MarloweI was thinking more along the lines of some kind of magic shield
impalergenerallooked like four inches. They'll change the angle so that we were seeing things the week before
impalergeneralKNowing Joss, we'll probably see Giles again without any explanation of how he wasn't beheaded. this guarantees the real one is dead, and this is the fake Giles
MarloweYa never know, do you?
MarloweYou know Joss could just be evil enough to kill Giles
MattHI trust in the Joss....
MattHMore the fool me...
Marloweyou said it, Matt
impalergeneralIf Giles does get killed, that gaurantees that Buffy will die in the end. He is the only one who can help her, since angel is forbidden to see her or say her name, by the Idiots TV Network
MattHHe isn't the only one - there is always Faith.
impalergeneralShe'll be killed before that happens
impalergeneralMy guess is that the only one left is dawn, who decides if she dies, this whole reality where Big Bad 7 has won will be cancelled. Thus, everyone is alive again except Dawn
MattHDon't think so - had this been Season 5, I'd agree... but been there and done that. While Joss will repeat himself, he is not that repetitve.
MattHToo Hollywood.
impalergeneralNo. I don't think Joss has resorted to a "reset button" yet. It's not like season five because it involves Dawn
MattHAnother Buffy Internet Radio show?
Marloweyeah, I saw someone put up some kind of link to it
MarloweI have checked it out
impalergeneralShe'll think that this has all come about because he is the Key..and that her true purpose has sacrifice herself and end this reality where BB7 has won
MattHSorry - just don't buy it. Joss has used a couple of reset switches for single episodesm but I can't see him doing it for a couple of seasons.
impalergeneralwell, I don't want to see Buffy die. That should not be her reward for seven years of excellent service. She should get someone else
Marlowewoo hoo!
Marlowewriters in da Succubus Club
impalergeneralI also don't want to see her run away, and wander like a forsaken person, born to protect the human race but forever exiles frmo it.
impalergeneralwhich writers?
paradymeDrew Greenberg, Jane, and Rebecca
MattHMaybe she'll retire.
impalergeneralRetirement is good, then she'll see someone who's got he ability to slay, too. THAT is what her future should recreate the Watchers' Council but with more common sense (among other things)
MarloweI was hoping Giles would recreate the Watchers' Council
impalergeneralIf he ducks next Tuesday, he will. Otherwise...
MattHHmmm... I am lagged by about 2 minutes.
impalergeneralI'm lagged by ten minutes ebcause of the WinAmp stream
MarloweI wonder if they want to screen questions from the kitten board
*** herenow ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
herenowHey! I made it.
MattHWelcome here, herenow
Marlowewelcom, herenow!
impalergeneralHi tehre
Marlowego by any other handle, herenow?
herenowalso known as strangestgirl
Marlowejust posted to you over at the beta
herenowwent to the site and found the destructions... but thanks!
Marlowegood, I'm fairly clueless on this IRC stuff
MarloweI'm glad kitty and candy laid the smack down on the questons for the writers
Marlowedrew was great the last time he was on the show
herenowI'm really new to it also... I haven't been able to catch the show- what am I missing?
impalergeneralwell, Kitty thinks Giles is dead
MattHThere was a lot of Sympathy for Spike.
Marlowelove Kitty and Candy for that
impalergeneralof course. He's only a puppet for BB7, whch considers Sunnydale as its puppet theater
*** TheDhampyrBitsy ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
TheDhampyrBitsyfinally found the room...
herenowYay! Just got it. Have they done kitty torture?
MattHNot yet
impalergeneralDhampyrBitsy? Must be made to get the little demons like Gachnar. Anyway, welcome
TheDhampyrBitsyno torture yet..
MattHAbout to start...
TheDhampyrBitsydamn...I'm really behind then...
herenowthis is number three I think...
TheDhampyrBitsyI'll listen to it on mp3 on friday...
TheDhampyrBitsy*sigh* I'm excited about the PBP...:)
herenowI love the background music
TheDhampyrBitsyI'm surprised they don't want to talk about Angel...the last ep was actually pretty good....
Marloweyeah, it is great that there are mp3s of the show
MarloweI'm on a dialup, so I probably wouldn't be able to download the show
Marlowethey don't really like angel this year
MattHEven good Angel doesn't interest me as much as bad Buffy.
* TheDhampyrBitsy hugs Marlowe
Marlowethey would probably just say 'ewww' anyway *g*
herenowmarlowe- when I was using dial up I could get it
TheDhampyrBitsyI liked Angel alot better in the past...
herenowI'm with you MattH!
TheDhampyrBitsyseason 1 was pretty good...
MattHAfter the Epiphany, Angel has been all down hill
TheDhampyrBitsyhe he..
TheDhampyrBitsythe wholw Pylea thing was weird to me...
MarloweI actually enjoyed the pylea thing
impalergeneralThis week's ep was good...until the ending. I could just see the shark-jumping along with the meteor shower
TheDhampyrBitsyI wish I had watched those eps though...I was confused about last seasons references...
Marlowethey lost me when they started with the St Corduffy bit
MattHThe ending didn't bug me, but C/C doesn't bug either.
MarloweI was disappointed with the meteor shower
herenowSt. Corduffy- someone smush her name with Buffy's? It's funny
MarloweI wanted to see a little more destruction
TheDhampyrBitsyI was waiting for a meteor to crash through Connor's window and fry him and Cordy...
MattHYeah - Apocalypses just aren't what they used to be...
MarloweI'm not sure who exactly came up with the St Corduffy
impalergeneralI don't know. I think "Angel" is pretty much destroyed, not inclduing what's coming that should be the last straw for some
Marlowegotta get some more of those plagues
MarloweCharismas pregnancy>
MattHI miss Lindsey and Holland...
herenowI get the St. Cordy thing- just wondered about the -uffy ending. :)
MarloweI think it is a smushed version of Cordy and Buffy
TheDhampyrBitsy*sigh* why don't the baddies blight mens cattle or women anymore...
impalergeneralthe producers tried to "Buffy-ize" Cordelia by making her part-demon.
herenowoooh. okay.
MattHWhich makes C/A remind everyone of B/A, and we know how well *that* turned out.
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impalergeneraland why Cordelia said what she said to case any of you didn't see Sunday's ep
TheDhampyrBitsyCordy is a hypocrite...
MattHHiya,. MrCreepyFace
MrCreepyFacehey :)
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herenowhas everyone seen the most recent angel?
impalergeneralI have. Like I said...great...until the meteor shower
herenowjust wanted to not spoiler anyone
TheDhampyrBitsyCordy must have really believed she was gonna die...
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TheDhampyrBitsywhy else would you boink someone you all but breastfeed?
herenowAny theories on what happens to Giles?
MattHI doubt she really sees Connor in that light.
impalergeneralStill, was it really necessary to do that only to explain Charisma's condition?
herenowcouldn't have been angel evidently. So I guess they needed a donor-lol
TheDhampyrBitsyGiles is alive...
MattHWhy - She has been a higher being. Maybe it was an immaculatte conception.
impalergeneralwhat's that, DB? You think Giles may have ducked?
herenowoooooh. Good one. Maybe too far fetched (as if!)?
MattHBetter yet, maybe Cordy doesn't know how....
TheDhampyrBitsyGiles knows whats happening...poor Nora and her Watcher...
impalergeneralor is fake Giles coming in to fool everyone?
herenowI kind of want fake Giles
*** MrCreepyFace ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
TheDhampyrBitsywell....according to spoilers...
herenowOnly because it would be evil and wrong
impalergeneralYeah, so BB7 can kill Slayers to be faster.
impalergeneralor Slayers-to-be
TheDhampyrBitsynevermind the spoilers...
TheDhampyrBitsyanyone with a brain can see what is gonna happen...
herenowbut I'm guessing not, if there may actually be a ripper
impalergeneralScarface giles would work, too. He and Wesley would have something in common.
MattHWesley has a lot in common with Giles nowadays...
impalergeneralWell, I doubt Giles would make it with evil lawyers dressed up as schoolgirls
MarloweI was praying that they would have it be Groos baby
MattHRipper might.
Marlowebut that her pregnancy was suspended to to becoming a higher power
Marlowethat was creepy, Lilah as Fred?
impalergeneralit also shows Lilah doesn't have enough inner confidence to be Queen of Hell, which she expects
MarloweI liked the hooves on the Beast
MattHI liked watching Lilah watch the Rain of Fire...
impalergeneralYeah, no athlete's foot on that guy
herenowOH- here's a question. I don't see angel- relegated to wildfeed summaries- what IS Connor?
TheDhampyrBitsyI've got a theory...that Quentin Travers will be back this season...
MattHAccording to a lot of people - an Annoyance.
impalergeneralhe's supposedly Angel's son, but if it turns out that Darla was a surrogate for something, look out
herenowoh-meant human, whatever?
herenowQuentin Travers should be the BBBE
MarloweQuentin is evil enough on his how
herenowlol- got it
impalergeneralNah, he should be teh only Watcher's Council member who doesn't die..and is forced to help Giles create a new council
TheDhampyrBitsyI love Travers...he he...he reminds me of a W&H lawyer...
Marloweyeah, travers is great
herenowlol at the gacking
TheDhampyrBitsyTravers needs to step down as head council guy...
herenowdoes anyone know the name of the ep where they come to tell Buffy about Glory? It was on today and I'm terrible with that stuff
TheDhampyrBitsyeven though I'm sure they "vote" for head guy I'm sure that it has always been a Travers...
impalergeneralNo, he should be Watcher Emeritus, then advise Giles, Wesley and Buffy on creating a new case some of the old ways still owrk
MattHChecked out TV for next weeks episode description.
Marloweyeah, Checkpoint
impalergeneralwork, I mean..and I hear K and C throwing up over the ending of Rain of Fire
Marloweas most of American
Marloweexcept those few who think Vicent Kartheiser is a hottie
herenowick. partridge hair.
impalergeneralI mean, couldn't Cordy come back pregnant, as Xena did after she came back fromthe dead for the second time?
MattHDon't think he is a hottie - it doesn't do anything for me one way or another.
herenowthere will be some big angsty reason for it down the road...
impalergeneralHe looks like some guy who was too scrawny to be in Hogwarts
TheDhampyrBitsyhe he...
Marlowehe would be too old for Hogwarts, I think Vincent is around 24
impalergeneralyeah, but looks two-thirds of that age
herenowhee hee. concord
TheDhampyrBitsy14 year old girl...ha ha ha!!
herenowwhich Drew did they talk to?
MarloweI'm heading on out, nice talking with you guys!
*** Marlowe has left #Thesuccubusclub
impalergeneralWell, if next week is the last for 2002, and we see Giles all safe and sound without finding out why, then it's the BB7 Giles.
herenowoh yeah. And december for reruns of everything...
TheDhampyrBitsyGiles isn't the BB...
herenowto reinforce the conspiracy theories ;)
MattHThe BB may be impersonating giles though
impalergeneralWell, if we see giles duck, he'll see Xmas. I'm hoping yu're right DB.
TheDhampyrBitsythe BB is either First Evil,Lillith or the First Slayer...
impalergeneralOr the Daddy of the Master, mayor Evil Guy, Glory and all of the above. By the way, who's Lillith?
MattHVillain from the comics
TheDhampyrBitsytoo many l's...Lilith is the right way to spell it...
impalergeneralOh, well, that's a different universe
herenowhave they said first evil yet? On the show?
TheDhampyrBitsyLilith was supposedly the first woman...
impalergeneralNot yet, but that has got to be a prime candidate
MattHSome of the comics are "official" - Fray for example.
TheDhampyrBitsyShe wanted more sex than Adam wanted to give so she boinked demons on the side...
herenowHave they said that it's just the first? Or have I been bronzing too much?
impalergeneralOh, the unofficial first wife, eh?
MattHThey haven't said...
impalergeneralwell, so long
herenowdemons. now that's a new take on that story
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ()
MattHPlenty of clues though
MattHBy all
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Nov 20 20:03:24 2002