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Flipleyhi Matt
Amy_MadisonI think that was the original date anyway
impalergeneralOK< so what did you guys thingk of what came from beneath last night? had to write a check late...*crosses her fingers*
TheDhampyrBitsygreat show...
MattHExcellent episode
impalergeneralyou bet!
Amy_Madisonthe date was Dec. 1. Wierd that it's also a Sun.
impalergeneralI have to go to work after this show because I'm doing some holiday shifts
MattHMy sympathies - I used to work every holiday.
impalergeneralit's not too bad. It won't afect my cooking schedule
TheDhampyrBitsycool...I'm hoping to get a holiday job...
TheDhampyrBitsyI need Disney/godson money...*sniff*
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impalergeneralditto, buffyradio!
Amy_MadisonAnyone going to the Disneyland thingy on Sun after the PBP
Amy_Madisonwish I could
FlipleyI'll be driving back home that day...missing 3 days of work is enough for me....
impalergeneralsame here. I'm only scheduled for the PBP...if I can get in
TheDhampyrBitsyI'll probably go on the thursday before...
Amy_MadisonI'll be there on Thurs.
TheDhampyrBitsyI'm getting there on wednesday...:)
impalergeneralMy plans is a three day, two night trip..unless I find an incredible motel deal
Amy_Madisonwho know's the area aound that area
Amy_Madisonok, that was bad
TheDhampyrBitsyI'm hoping to impose on a friend...;)
impalergeneralIf I could do that, I'd invade KLBC
Amy_MadisonI have space for 1 more person
Amy_MadisonI think
TheDhampyrBitsywhy is my grant check always late...
TheDhampyrBitsydarn state aid...New York is a horrible bureaucracy...
Amy_Madisontry Cali.
TheDhampyrBitsyI go to the most corrupt college in the SUNY system...
Flipleyhey buffyradio, are you Producer Ethan?
Flipleyhey dude!
buffyradiono i'm the other show ;)
impalergeneralAHA! I thought so. Say, buffy radio, have I e-mailed you?
buffyradioquite possibly
impalergeneralWOW! So, you guys based in SF or fairfield?
impalergeneralHey, Buffyradio, they're talking about you
Amy_Madisonwell, the ish is kinda a big area
TheDhampyrBitsyhmmmm...I like Hash Pipe...
FlipleyI'm IN SF lol
Flipleyno "ish" about it lol
buffyradioyou are flipley?
buffyradio<<--east bay
buffyradiowhich still has a big -ishness
buffyradioyeah it's eric
impalergeneralwe talking Oakland or Hayward?
buffyradiocontra costa
Flipleyuber-East Bay
impalergeneralOH, Concord-ish
FlipleyStill on BART line, close enough lol
impalergeneralTrust me, buffyradio, they get to the point eventually
buffyradioit's all good :)
impalergeneralThey have two hours of live air, so they can express themselves first before the big revelations
Amy_Madisondoes anyone know the area around the PBP site
FlipleyI do, a bit
TheDhampyrBitsyhe he...
Amy_Madisonyou wouldn't happen to know how far it is from the main hotel from the amtrak station
Amy_Madisonor A amtrak station
impalergeneralmaybe they need to recap everything to get the newbies up to speed.
FlipleyPBP SUPER CLOSE to hotel....a few blocks walking
FlipleyNot so close to Amtrak
Flipleywhhoops, misread that.....Amtrak not close, really, but subway is
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Amy_Madisondamn. I need to get to the hotel from the amtrak station.
impalergeneralare there other hotels closer to the PBP, even those that are moderately priced?
Flipleyyes, farther down Hollywood Blvd, but not super nice neighborhoods...not bad ones though
Flipleyhold on, Amy, I'm looking it up for you
Amy_Madisonor if the subway is close to the train station. I kinda need help with that part
impalergeneralWell, I see no shame in the word "Econolodge" long as the TV works
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Amy_Madisonthanks. and maybe the site as well
FlipleyIt's at 800 N. Alameda Street...
FlipleyI'll do a mapquest for you
Amy_Madisonthanks again
impalergeneralNo need. I want to wait a couple of weeks before I research plane and hotel rates.
impalergeneralOH, you were talking to Amy. Sorry.
Amy_MadisonI'm already in the main hotel anyway
Flipleyum, it's 7.8 miles away lol
Amy_MadisonI really wish I coud just borrow a car. or hook up with someone closer to me
Flipleyyou just have to head up Highway 101
Flipleynot sure if the subway goes that far...I can look that up too lol
Amy_MadisonI'll try after the show.
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MattHWelcome, Marlowe
FlipleyHi CM!
impalergeneralI'm guessing that Spike will go out the same way Darla did..sort of.
FlipleyHey Amy, you CAN take the line all the way
Amy_Madisondoes anyone know who's actually showing up to the PBP (guest wise) with the exceptiong of Jenny
Amy_MadisonThank you
MarloweI want a spinoff with Spike!
impalergeneralThat only happens if he's half-human...then he can train new Slayers
Amy_MadisonI heard a rumor that Robia was going to make it
FlipleyShe did last year
impalergeneralsince there's no group running Slaying, who gonna stop him?
Flipleyit was a surprise to everybody
Amy_MadisonThat's right. Spike's being trained as a watcher
MarloweI saw her, but didn't recognize her
MattHNot all the watchers were in the building.
TheDhampyrBitsyI smell fish...and I think its herring...
impalergeneralAll he needs is the desire to do that. Get it, Joss? (and have him help Drusilla, too).
buffyradio"spike, the vampire, uh, something..."
FlipleyShe's still shockingly gorgeous
MarloweI don't think they can guarantee any VIP will be at the PBP
Flipleyheavy makeup though
Amy_Madisonthought so
impalergeneraldid you know there's a Spike calendar? Is that a hint of future spinoff?
MarloweI've got the Spike Calendar
MarloweI don't consider that prophetic though
Amy_Madisonit would be cool, but I doubt it a little
FlipleyAlyson Hannigan deserves a spinoff....I'd watch that
MarloweI'd watch Faith the Vampire Slayer
MattHWho wouldn't?
TheDhampyrBitsyI'm still a Wander shipper...;)
impalergeneralJust as long as she's not "The Fugitive with a stake"
MarloweWillow and Xander can dream.....
TheDhampyrBitsyits my last grand illusion...
FlipleySpike and Xander is more likely lol
TheDhampyrBitsySpander...he he...
Amy_Madisonheard something that Willow and one of the slayere in traing people
Flipleynothing decided yet at all, I'm sure
Amy_Madisonbut, im not sure
Amy_Madisonjust people doing the rumor thing again
impalergeneralLook, just have a series of mini-series or TV movies. That should satisfy our need..and it allws the cast to go the movie route
Amy_Madisonand harmony coming back
MattHA month without new episodes - the rumors should really start to fly.
Amy_Madisonlike they haven't already
FlipleyI was hoping Harmony and Andrew would come back lol
Amy_Madisonhow about spikky as another ship
FlipleySpike and ....?
Amy_MadisonSpike and Kitty
Flipleylol....that's more Spitty lol
TheDhampyrBitsyI wonder where Amy is...
Amy_Madisonin her new apt.
TheDhampyrBitsybeing stinky...
MattHLooking for a new magic pusher...
TheDhampyrBitsyEthan Rayne?
Amy_Madisonand living with Willow and Tara (at least in my sims game)
Amy_Madisonnow He's gotta come back
impalergeneralI'll say. He can start an Evil Slayer sect since the WC is...not
TheDhampyrBitsyThe Initiative couldn't have held him for long...ohhh sith slayers...
Marlowehow about Ethan as Faith's watcher?
TheDhampyrBitsyFaith isn't evil anymore though...
Amy_Madisonand Spike as Dawn's
impalergeneralNah. She'd off him for kicks
impalergeneralTaht last idea works...if MT and JM are willing
Amy_Madisonmail that idea to kitty
MattHDo we know if Ethan Rayne has any connections to the WC other than Giles?
TheDhampyrBitsypoor MT is so underused...
MattHYeah - I'd like to see more of MT.
Flipleyfilthy pedophile lol
impalergeneralBut I'd like to see Spike help Dru first in a drastic way. The ghost of Darla may even payback for Dru for re-vamping her
Amy_Madisonnot like that..... I hope
MattHOnly in about 1/2 the states...
Amy_Madisonor Highter being Cordy helping out
* TheDhampyrBitsy gets all sniffly when she hears this song
buffyradiogood song
MattHI loved the pig
TheDhampyrBitsyme too...I'm happy it escaped...
impalergeneralPrincipal Wood is evil as long as he does nothing. Once he does something, he's OK
Amy_Madisonthe principal is evil (see dr. Evil)
impalergeneralThat would have helped Snyder, ol' Beef Jerky for Brains
TheDhampyrBitsythe principal is a pawn...poor guy...all bald and sexy...
MattHOdds are the principal gets eaten.
Amy_Madisonleave Quark alone
TheDhampyrBitsyMiss Kitty will lick him to death...
TheDhampyrBitsythats my story and I'm stickin' to it...
Amy_Madisonand kinda OH!!
impalergeneralWell, if Wood was fired by the WC because he wasn't "one of them", maybe what happened to them was almost karma
Amy_MadisonDon't Give KITTY any Idea's
TheDhampyrBitsythose watchers are a weird sort...
MattHWell, since I always thought of the WC as evil, I figure an ex-watcher is likely to be good.
TheDhampyrBitsyFray's watcher set himself on fire after all...
impalergeneralstupid, maybe..but not stupid
MattHNow that was weird...
TheDhampyrBitsythey did that kinda...Gewndolyn Post...
impalergeneralor actually the WC is stupid. they had to be callous to do their job, but they should have also had more sense
Amy_Madisonwe're talking the WC NOT the Initiative
MattHStill accurate - look at the Cruciamentum (sp?)
impalergeneralI know. The WC was callous towards Buffy's well-being
TheDhampyrBitsyI don't think the Council is dead...
impalergeneralbecause they didn't want to sympathize towards whoever has the job.
Amy_Madisonbut doesn't the WC work for Buffy now ??
impalergeneralOnly the dumb part...maybe th esmarrter ones can arrive
MattHThere is a relationship
FlipleyI've been writing the girls a lot lately lol
MattHCandy not bitching abouting Dawn.... it is a sign of the end of the world ;-)
TheDhampyrBitsyThe Council probably blowed up their HQ and may be headed towards Sunnydale right now...
impalergeneralI mayhave to change my "Watchers" page on my website to reflect their sudden fall..and suggest a better way to slay demons and such. Should I?
Marloweso Candy is responsible for the apocolypse
Amy_Madisonshe's been taen over bu the evil principal
MattHPossibly, the way it was cut makes it seem that they were blown up.
MarloweI have a theory that the principal is either a Whistler-type character
Amy_Madisonthey didn't want to leave any traces
impalergeneralThe Council faking its own death? It's not that clever. they're too busy being delusional
Marloweexplosions don't seem to be the First Evil's thing
MattHI doubt that they could fool the first.
impalergeneralYeah, the Harbingers found that Robson guy
MattHTrue, but the First Evil says that it is tired of being subtle.
Marlowecould the first have manipulated someone to blow up the council?
TheDhampyrBitsyWhy would the First use explosives on the Council??
Amy_Madisonthere are other organizations that you would want to hide from other than the First
MattHTo prevent them from reinforcing Buffy
impalergeneralSo everyone would think it was a terrorist blast
TheDhampyrBitsyit would send some harbingers to kill them all and then it might blow up the HQ...
buffyradiodo you think anyone survived the blast?
TheDhampyrBitsyno way...
buffyradio'could have' survived
buffyradiomaybe someone was in the potty
TheDhampyrBitsyTravers maybe...he's such a bastard he would...
impalergeneralmaybe the Harbingers blew up the wrong floors
Marlowewe've got over a month before we find out
impalergeneralNah, that's wishful thinking
buffyradiowell the building that blew up was quite different from the council's building
buffyradioi wonder if it was poor editing
FlipleyIt was CGI....I thought it looked fairly similar
TheDhampyrBitsyMaybe it was like in LoTR when you think the Ring Wraiths are in the hobbit's room but its really across the street...
buffyradiobasic structure was, yeah
FlipleyOf course, I haven't printed freeze frames or anything
MattHCould be a red herring,... but Josh would never do that to us ;)
FlipleyJoss might
buffyradiobut it was gray and the council's was tan
Flipleyday vs. night
buffyradioit was on screen long enough to make me wonder
Flipleyor rather, day vs. later in day
buffyradiobut the context was too strong and so it's just assumed it was
buffyradioim not one of those bullets-fired-from-gun people usually
FlipleyYes, don't get all CSI on us
TheDhampyrBitsyhe he...
Amy_Madisonwith a graveyard shrouded in "night" contu=inuasly
buffyradiogiles can't be dead cuz Ripper must go on!
impalergeneralunlesss Ripper only takes place in season six
FlipleyRipper = ghost
FlipleyGhost Watcher lol
impalergeneralghosts fighting ghosts? Nah!
Amy_MadisonGiles the friendly Ghost
buffyradiothe tweedy ghost
MattHOh, no... Kitty is talking about Vampire, The Masqerade ... :(
MattHWouldn't a pure demon be bigger...
impalergeneralmaybe it's undernoursihed. A few Happy Meals with Legs, he'll be vicious yet
buffyradiolike final fantasy video game demons
TheDhampyrBitsynot all the demons in the FF games are big...
Amy_Madisonboth of them are
TheDhampyrBitsyonly the weapons are big...;)
TheDhampyrBitsyweapons are also hella big monsters in the FF series...FYI...
buffyradioi'm thinking 8 or 9
TheDhampyrBitsyyeah...Ultima Weapon was huge...
Marloweactually, bigger wouldn't necessarily be better
Marlowemaybe this vampire can't be killed by just a stake
TheDhampyrBitsywrecking ball...
impalergeneralhow about a stake dipped in garlic and holy water?
MattHOr Cheese
buffyradioatomic fireballs
Marlowewhatever it is, it should be pretty tough to kill
buffyradioor those sour sweet altoids
MattHSince Joss likes to foreshadow things 2-3 years in advance.
TheDhampyrBitsya sword blessed by a hundred virgins??
Amy_Madisonwhere are we going to find 100 virgins?????
MattHNot in SoCal
TheDhampyrBitsyif we can't think of feasible ideas...then hide your babies and your beadwork....
impalergeneraland start tossing those meats...but not the KFC!
FlipleyOne strange thing about the "Who? Tucker's Brother" thing was that Spike would not likely know who Tucker was lol
FlipleyI also thought the Anya "Trigger" joke was a bit forced
TheDhampyrBitsyI liked the Xander/Anya/Andrew scene...
TheDhampyrBitsythe slap was a nice touch...;)
Flipleyyes, that was quite funny
FlipleyANd indeed, "Babe: Pig in the City" IS underrated
TheDhampyrBitsyXander and Anya seem so in sync at times...
MattHRoger Ebert thought it was a great film. Haven't seen it myself.
Flipleyit's a lot darker than "Babe"
Flipleydoggie torture via drowning and all
FlipleyI can see why parents weren't rushing their kids over to see it lol
TheDhampyrBitsyparents hate going to the movies with their kids...
Flipleyand I hate kids too, so that's fine with me lol
TheDhampyrBitsythats why I have to take my brother to see Harry Potter...
FlipleyOkay, I just ahte kids at the movies
TheDhampyrBitsywhat if its a kiddie movie?
Flipleybut then, I hate most adults at the movies too lol
buffyradiohey flipley
TheDhampyrBitsyI'm guilty of seeing PG movies all by my lonesone...;)
buffyradiothere's a great idea over in oakland/berkeley
Flipleyfines for cell phones?
buffyradioone indie theater is baby night only
buffyradiowell no, that would be nice tho
Flipleynot bad.....can you just leave the babies there?
buffyradioso like on mondays or something you can get in with infants and crap
buffyradioit's total mayhem
Flipleycrap too? the smell must be awful
TheDhampyrBitsycome on Flipley...babies are sweet,innocent cuddlemonkeys...
Flipleythat are tasty troll treats
Flipleyquite succulent
MattHAnd good for tribute to demons
buffyradiotributes? like a compilation album?
TheDhampyrBitsyI always tell my brother I'm going to send him to the St.Brutus Secure Center for Incurably Criminal usually works...:P
Amy_MadisonKITTY TORTURE!!!!! Dun Dun Dun !!!!!!!!!
Amy_Madisonwell, in a few min. anyway
TheDhampyrBitsysounds alot better than last years marathon...
Flipleyheheh...she said "get it up"
impalergeneralhuh-huh-huh-huh she said "get it up."
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buffyradiogotta run all
buffyradiothanks for the hospitality
impalergeneralOK, download you tomorrow or do!
impalergeneralor so, that is
buffyradiothere's plenty to d/l :)
Amy_Madison^_^ Torture Time..........
Flipleythat is SO not me
*** Signoff: buffyradio (*poof*
Amy_MadisonCandy's Yams!!!!!!
TheDhampyrBitsydamn...I'm way behind...*sniff*...
Amy_Madison10 possibly
MattHI always lag.
Amy_MadisonI Do
TheDhampyrBitsy4 minutes behind apparently...
Amy_MadisonI have the list
MattHPangs - damn.... I had some questions I was going to send in on that.... :(
TheDhampyrBitsysleepy...going to snack and maybe watch Lady Shiva...g'night...
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FlipleyMe and Mia are going to do a "Kitty Torture", so none of you send one in! lol
MattHI've done two - that's enough for me.
Amy_MadisonI still need to send mine in. But it's for Ethan
MattHI still like the idea of giving him the answers in advance, just so we can see Kitty's reaction.
Amy_Madisonfree phone sex
MattHMmm - that was on my question list...
Amy_Madisonwhat... free phone sex
Amy_Madisonof that one
Flipleyit's a yam sham
MattHSomething I didn't notice - I just read a post on usenet that when Principal Wood buried the Jonathan et. al. he acted just like Spike when he is under the influence of the First Evil.
Flipleyin other words, as if he were going about just another job....which is something a watcher might consider bearing a body at the Hellmouth
Flipleyburying, as well as bearing lol
MattHYes - but some music played as he was passing the basement and his expression changed... I have to rewatch that scene....
impalergeneralwell, gotta go. Happy Thanksgiving!!
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Flipleyyes, please RUN to that website now lol
MattHI checked it out once... .
Flipleyyes, once is enough lol
MattHNot much in the way of content
Amy_Madisonwell, gotta go for now
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Flipleytake it easy, matt!
MattHCYA next week
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