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impalergeneralor 65 bucks for two nights, right..including the discount
FlipleyThe holiday inn is at 2005 No. Highland, the American Legion is at 2035 No. Highland, and the REnaissance is at 1755 No. Highland
FlipleyHi Matt
impalergeneralbecause that is a better rate and deal than the other options I have been looking into
FlipleyCan't beat the location
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MattHHiya V
VHi Matt
Flipleyhi v
impalergeneralHello, V
Vhello Flipley
Vand a hearty hello to you too
Vso what's going on today?
MattHNot a lot
impalergeneralSame here, just work
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impalergeneralbut I'm getting enough overtime this holiday season to pay for the trip
Vditto, except only semi-work
Vtrip where?
Vhello Amy_Madison
FlipleyHi Ms. Madison
impalergeneralto the PBP, or the vicinity of it, unless I get a chance to buy a ticket
FlipleyPosting Board Party in February, V
MattHI'm feeling kind of surly - how bout the rest of you...
FlipleyNew Buffy on the 17th: Bring On The Night
Vyeah, makes the break just that much nicer
impalergeneralYes! Maybe we'll see Giles seemingly not dead...although it's still 50-50
impalergeneralThere is a poll on the UPn site asking people if they think Giles is alive...and 90 percent said yes.
Vthat's just cause they don't think Joss would do that to them
MattHThe reason he is alive is because Kitty thinks he's dead
FlipleyDon't read the TV Guide description if you don't want to be spoiled on that and other issues
impalergeneralBut I have a deep fear that joss will aciidentally cancel that "Ripper" spinofff all for the sake of yet another tragic plot twist
Vit was pretty cheap to string it out til then
Flipleyonly one eppie stringing out...could have been worse lol
MattHCoulda been until January
Vwell the Ripper thing could be reset to earlier - or a dopplegangland situation
Amy_Madisonis here something wrong with the stream. It keeps breaking
impalergeneralBelieve me, I avoid spoilers. All I know if something from beneath us is ready to devour, and I don't mean turkey or pumpkin pie. From your comment, Flipley, I have a feeling we will get FakeGiles
VI'm spoiler free too
Vstreamcast is working fine for me
impalergeneralI prefer to theorize how the First/BB7 can trick Dawn
impalergeneralor anyone else, for that matter
MattHI am spoiled thoroughly but have seen nothing re: Giles one way or another.
FlipleyMy Wincast is working fine on my RealPlayer
impalergeneralWell, ASH IS expected to come back, and hopefully in a good way. Otherwise, a "Ripper" spinoff would be too short because it would make no sense to see him before he met Buffy, or his year without him.
Vbecause you're avoiding it? or is it just unknown?
FlipleyMatt, you can go to, check under "TV Listings" for Tuesday, December 17th, and see for yourself lol
MattHI saw that
Vmust not look must not look!
impalergeneralCome to think of it, if Real Giles does live through this, shouldn't he dabble in rebuilding the WC?
Amy_Madisonok, i switched over to my Realplayer. I'll try it for awhile
MattHLogically, yes
Vthe WC building didn't really look the same
Amy_MadisonHim and Ethan
Vit was similar, but still...
Amy_Madisonnot Producer Ethan, the baddie Ethan
MattHEthan is more likely to destroy than build
VEthan was never part of the WC was he?
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MattHNot to my knowledge
FlipleyHey there made it!
KibaRikaHi folks!
MattHHiya Kiba
Vhi KibaRika
KibaRikaYeah, I downloaded yIRC... freer than MIRC!
Amy_Madisonthey never said anything like that
Amy_Madisonget Ehatna and Olivia to help giles
KibaRikay'know. I am so nuts. I'm thinking about calling up ME and saying "It would be great publicity for Firefly if Joss and Tim went on the Succubus Club!"
Vwell, they've got to have operatives all over - maybe that's who Giles is supposed to 'gather'
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MattHWhat we know about Ethan is that he was friends with Giles when Giles *wasn't* associated with the WC, i.e his Ripper days
Vhello Marlowe
MattHHi Marlowe
FlipleyHe CM
impalergeneralWell, whatever operatives live through this, they can create a new WC
KibaRikahey CM!
Vbut is it for sure that that was the main WC building?
KibaRikaI doubt those operatives would want to create a new WC.
KibaRikaV, pretty darn.
impalergeneralIt would make sense for Etahn to link with the First, convinced that he'll be a Big Man...then finding out the truth in a fatal and embarassing way
Amy_Madisonwe know Quintin will survive. he's kinda cool though
Vyeah, but I've still got that little niggle of wondering - since it was obviously a different building that blew up
KibaRikaI liked the Halo Friendlies before they were on Buffy... I'm a dork.
MattHWhere'd you pick up that tidbit?
impalergeneralNo, harris Yulin is on 24. Travers is gone
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Vno - I just mean it looked like a different building - I don't really know
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impalergeneralIt was the WC building.
oldbdeyeshey guys
Amy_Madisonwell, ]i have to go somewhere tonight, Damn, I'm gonna missthe show
MattHI think that was simply poor photography.
Flipleyhey there bd
oldbdeyesI was just checking the shooting script for Never Leave Me
FlipleyCatch the MP3 tomorrow, Amy
MattHWith any luck you well be able to DL it.
Vbye Amy
Amy_Madisonsee you guys later. And I always get the MP3's
MattHCYA Amy
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oldbdeyeshow big are the mp3 files?
KibaRikammm it's warm here. I like central heating
impalergeneral8 to 11 MB
oldbdeyesI'm on a dial-up
oldbdeyesthat might take a while to download
FlipleyYou don't have to download them permanently, bd, you can just listen to them from site
Vthe mp3 ones are bigger aren't they? like 17 or so?
Flipleyit's pretty quick on my work server, but I bet it's pokey on a home dialup
oldbdeyesoh, thanks Flipley
Vhee that's my usual method Flipley :)
oldbdeyesI bet Spike becomes a real boy
KibaRikayou mean he's not a real boy now?
Vyeah, with the vampire prophecies and all
impalergeneralEither spike gets staked, or he resolves to "fix" Drusilla, soul and all. Wouldn't that be karma after she revamped Darla?
MattHBack to the beginning - having a batlike vampire as a major villian also
KibaRikaplease, they just love him cuz he's hot ;-)
MattHPretty much
MattHI think he's another sleeper
Vthat would make sense with his non-existant reaction to finding a dead body
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FlipleyI think he's just looking for job security...his first year on the job, and there's a body in the basement? Gotta get rid of it!
FlipleyHi DB!
TheDhampyrBitsyhey all
MattHHi Bitsy
TheDhampyrBitsymom wouldn't give up the PC...:(
KibaRikaI wonder if he'll get eaten.
Vwell, I guess he did say he knew what weird things go on, but still
VGlories minions - cute?!?
KibaRikaI have a question.
TheDhampyrBitsyI liked her leperous minions...
KibaRikahere's a thing.
KibaRikaDid the First make Spike cut himself to bleed him?
Vwell, I thought they were funny, but not cute
KibaRikawho cut Spike?
MattHI thought the Harbringers did that
impalergeneralI thought some else cut Spike
FlipleyThe Harbingers, Kiba
impalergeneralThat's right. A couple left the house
TheDhampyrBitsyI loved Xander as Dracula's minion...what kind of title is "your excellent spookiness"?
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KibaRikaok Harbingers.
FlipleyThe Unholy Master.....Bater
oldbdeyesso glad we are getting a new ep later this month
TheDhampyrBitsycrap...forgot to write my weekly Harbinger adventure...will do that tomorrow...
KibaRikaI miss Mia and Steph
impalergeneralYeah, can't they join this place?
FlipleyMia no likey and Steph veddy bizzy
TheDhampyrBitsydarn...Drew Goddard...must ask something...
Flipleyhe's gone
Flipleydoncha think?
impalergeneralwell, the only way this season can be ruined is a dead Giles
TheDhampyrBitsynoooooooo....*sniff* mean ole Flipley....
impalergeneralwell, Joss is busy. He hasn't got time to be a genius on one show
MattHHe may soon have no shows to be a genius on.
Flipleysadly, that's possible...but I think unlikely...both UPN and WB need shows
oldbdeyesI think Angel is still good for another year
MattHAssuming the WB renews it.
oldbdeyesFirefly may not get the rest of the eps ordered
FlipleyI think it likely will, even though they've moved it around 4 times
VI'm worried about how they seem to be shoehorning in the pregnancy
oldbdeyesthis might be Buffy's last year
impalergeneralIt may be good for another year, but if the WB has moved it three times in two years, and it seems like it's headed for an end-all apocalypse, I doubt it
oldbdeyesI'm sure Joss has contingency plans
Von Angel
impalergeneralThat's why I support a 13-hour mini-series to wrap up both shows, and set up the idea of a successor series.
TheDhampyrBitsylove was more of a love rhombus...
oldbdeyesanyone trying that 'Taken' miniseries?
TheDhampyrBitsyI'm taping it...I can't watch it till the weekend
impalergeneralI get the feeling Sci-Fi 9with its col new logo) will re-run the first ten hours over the weekend
impalergeneralI mena cool new logo
impalergeneralI'M NOT LISTENING!!!
TheDhampyrBitsynearly headless Giles...
MattHI know - Giles will be the new Defense Against The Dark arts teacher at Hogwarts
KibaRikaI wish Faith would show up at my house.
impalergeneralHey, better than Kenneth Branaugh
MattHDon't we all.....
impalergeneralwaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiittttttt, Pikachu Girl hasn't freed her yet
TheDhampyrBitsyASH as Lupin...that could work...
KibaRikaKenneth Branagh? I thought he was great.
KibaRikaGiles can be the new Dumbledore.
impalergeneralWell, I haven't seen the Harry Potter movies
oldbdeyesI've seen both
impalergeneralDumbledore minus 230 years
MattHGood films, but not as good as LOTR
oldbdeyesyeah, what MattH said
KibaRikaBranagh played Lochart just right.
TheDhampyrBitsyHarry Potter is on a different level than LoTR
KibaRikaBut the movies don't capture the spirit of hte books
impalergeneralwell, what does?
KibaRikawhereas the LotR movies capture the spirit of the books very well
oldbdeyesBranagh was the only think I enjoyed about Harry Potter
KibaRikaMmm. I liked Tom Riddle.
impalergeneralWell, I dodged that spoiler K and C almost sent us
TheDhampyrBitsyI liked Colin Creevy...he was adorable...
MattHThat's what I meant. There was one scene that I actually thought was better than the books (in LOTR)
KibaRikaLotR has a good mood
KibaRikaoh oh oh Oklahoma yay!
TheDhampyrBitsyanyone watch the LoTR special tonight?
KibaRikaI got it off the internet
oldbdeyeswatching The Amazing Race
Flipleydon't spoil me on the Race, I'm on West Coast
FlipleyI LOVE that show
Flipleyjust hoping "Oh Brother" doesn't eat it tonight
oldbdeyesI loathe Flo and Terian
FlipleyWho doesn't? lol
FlipleyI think Ian is the OV
oldbdeyesI'm really feeling the hate for them tonight *g*
Flipleyno mas
impalergeneralhey, isn't that Amber?
impalergeneralThis song had Top 40 all over it!
Flipleyum, in what world, David? lol
MattHMy favorite song from OMWF
impalergeneralC'mon, put THIS song against anything Nelly Furtato sings!
FlipleyIt doesn't have a beat or any urban sensibility
impalergeneralor even DRRTY
FlipleyIt's also not country
impalergeneralhow about Adult Comptemporary?
FlipleyShe's also a bit above her range, and it sounds a tad forced
impalergeneralit could be worse...Britney could have made this song!
FlipleyYou can hear how forceful she is when she drops her register in the Giles duet
KibaRikahey CM thanks for Oklahoma!
impalergeneralWhat about "Selfless?"
* TheDhampyrBitsy takes a break by the railroad bridge
MattHI new she was going to bring up Dawn, grrrarrrfghh.
TheDhampyrBitsyanyone here the Jack Ryder rumors??
MattHJack Ryder?
impalergeneralHey, once dawn tosses demons around with one hand..maybe due to seeing Goku fight on "Dragon Ball"...that would be a good sign
TheDhampyrBitsysome guy off Eastenders
FlipleyBy the way, Drew Goddard DID stop by again
impalergeneralover at the Bronze Beta?
KibaRikaalright, I'm off.
KibaRikalater kids.
*** KibaRika has left #thesuccubusclub
Flipleyshe's off to watch South Park lol
FlipleyI'll have to catch the rerun, it's opposite the Amazing Race for me.
Flipley2 hours of Around-The-World-goodness, and not in a dirty way
oldbdeyesI'm on the second hour Flipley
oldbdeyesI never understood 'DragonBall'
TheDhampyrBitsyhe he
TheDhampyrBitsyDragon Ball is pretty good...its Dragon Ball Z thats weird...
impalergeneralI just dropped a line to Drew. I think he's stil there. Anyway, he's telling people to trust in Joss. If Giles isn't dead, we should
MattHAngel jumped the Shark with his Epiphany
impalergeneralYOu should see th euncut episodes, Bitsy. All I can say is they go a little farther in Japan than we do
impalergeneralI think Angel jumped the shark with "Rain of Fire."
TheDhampyrBitsyI'll have to look up that term...
FlipleyI enjoy Angel quite a bit, but it's not Buffy
MattHJump The Shark? - Refers to an episode of Happy Days
MattHwhere Fonzi jumped his motocycle over a shark
* TheDhampyrBitsy never watched Happy Days
MattHNever watched Happy Days?
TheDhampyrBitsynot really...
MattHVery lucky - I don't know if it is Good Luck or Bad
TheDhampyrBitsyI watched stuff like Bewitched and I Dream of Jeanie
TheDhampyrBitsyI miss The Bionic Woman...that was a funny show...the sound fx were great...
MattHJaime Summers was hot.
impalergeneralBuffy is Jamie Summers only taller and more bionic
MattHI like to think they are related.
TheDhampyrBitsyhe he...:)
MattHK&C's grades are too easy. I'd give Angel a D-
FlipleyNot in the TV continuum, no way
Flipleyin the ME continuum, maybe....
impalergeneralto me, mainly because of "Rain of Fire" and what they've done to dull Cordy, C minus
MattHI have high standards. Most shows I give an F, or lower
Flipleylower than F? lol
FlipleyWhat school system are you in? lol
TheDhampyrBitsygive it a super on Fairly Oddparents...:D
oldbdeyesI really, really really HATE Flo!
MattHMy fifth grade teacher did it. It was so he could show poor students making progress, even if they still didn't make the standard set etc.
Flipleyewwww, don't spoil me BD!
oldbdeyesdon't worry, just expressing my love for the show *g*
oldbdeyesbesides, you could easily hate Flo in any ep
Flipleyquite true
oldbdeyesthey're not grading on a curve are they?
MattHYay - Ethan
impalergeneralOK, I'm going, guys. remember...(Link:
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Flipley3 little indians left
TheDhampyrBitsyhe he
TheDhampyrBitsyI'm twisting my dreadlocks...I started them two days ago...:)
MattHThese are tough questions
TheDhampyrBitsypoor Kitty....
Flipleyblech, the eppie was just a month ago lol
MattHThe best Kitty Tortures are the tough one.
TheDhampyrBitsyha ha ha...maybe she doesn't tape it...
MattHYeah - didn't Kitty say that was one of her favorite episodes
TheDhampyrBitsyno writers till the new year...
MattHYeah - they mentioned that earlier.... sigh
MattHBye all - CYA next week
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