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MattH'Lo all
Marlowe'lo matt
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JezebelHey all
MarloweI might be going to the Ghost of the Robot concert only
Marlowehey Jezebel
JezebelDo y'all have mono coming out too like in the studio?
JezebelOnly one ear!
impalergeneralI have duo mono
Jezebelduo mono? That's cheating. Either one of my speakers is screwed or it's the output.
Marlowewhat do you do at the radio station impaler?
impalergeneralI am a bord operator, working overnights...also do some news reporting, too
impalergeneralOf course, my main reporting is on my website. I'm going to do a mid-term review of Angel, which I now call "As the Apocalypse Turns"
JezebelThat's a good one IG
JezebelI guess that was better than All My Armegeddons
impalergeneralIt's the truth....multiple romantic triangles, a sudden pregnancy...whatever happened to clobbering demons?
MarloweDays of our Unlives
MattHWhatever happening to Angel brooding....?
JezebelI miss broody Angel
impalergeneralYou really have to wonder if we'll have a show left after what will happen on "Angel" in 2003
JezebelOooh you spoiled person, you! I know a few people who are pretty worried. I don't get to watch ATS as much anymore.
MarloweI'm pinning my hopes on Faith *g*
Marloweshe is all I'm looking forward to on the show now
MattHHaving Faith in Faith to save the show (at least for those episodes)
MarloweI seriously wonder if Charisma will be on the show next season if Angel is renewed
JezebelDunno, haven't heard about next season at all for Angel or BTVS really
impalergeneralI don't know all the details of what will happen...just the one that is guaranteed to ruin the show. And I don't mean Faith showing up.
JezebelMaybe it'll be okay IG. Does anyone know how "it" will happen yet?
JezebelI don't.
impalergeneraland I am not even including the WB playing "Hide and seek" with the show, moving it again. Between that, and getting set up as fodder for "American Idol", he's in big trouble
JezebelI have to admit I don't miss it very much when I don't get to watch. I'm still in front of the TV at 8pm on Tuesdays, but...
impalergeneralWell, since "Angel" may not come back until "Birds of Prey" ends on January 15th, it could be the week after. Or maybe we'll still see him on Sundays in January until the 22nd.
JezebelEthan torture?
Marlowewhen Charisma's baby is due, Jezebel?
MarloweI thought March
impalergeneralI hear it's March. Oh, Anya is Jane Powell again, I hear
JezebelMarch is what I hear too.
JezebelWhat's this song?
JezebelI don't recognize it.
MattHIt's unfamiliar to me also/
MarloweI guess Kitty and Candy won't be able to dicuss Angel next year
Marlowesince Angel is moving to Wednesday
Marlowenot that they actually talk about it much now
MattHDoesn't seem much of a loss to me...
MattHAngel has gone really downhill
MarloweI hope Firefly gets more eps picked up
Marlowei really liked the last two episodes
MattHThey were pretty good.
impalergeneralSame here. I am really looking forward to friday's ep and the pilot
Marlowehow about Buffy Matt?
Marloweuphill or downhill?
MattHMuch improved since season 6
JezebelI've watch the pilot of Firefly 'cause a friend of mine works at a paper that got sent the show, but then it was never aired.
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JezebelI haven't seen any others ones yet. My Fox station is very messed up
impalergeneralReally? I wonder if copies of the Firefly pilot are available on ebay?
MattHI got it on usenet.
JezebelI'd sell mine.
MattHThe pilot didn't do much for me, but I have liked the last couple of episode.
impalergeneralwell, I can wait two weeks
MattHHe remember the sexy dance, but nothing else....
JezebelSchool Hard. Ahhh
JezebelGood times...
JezebelMy little brother, he's 21 now, had such a crush on Dru. He doesn't even really watch Buffy but he's seen some with her. Crazy she-vamps really get him going.
impalergeneralahhh...raw Spike! You know, if we make him semi-vampire..and do the same for Drusilla (thanks to Darla as an Angel)..we may have something there
JezebelThat is actually something I didn't want to know about my brother.
impalergeneralI'd like to see Dru sane, but really sickened at what she's done. She'd be putty in Spike's hands
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MattHYeah - that would be too much information.
impalergeneralBUT I'd like to see her learn to handle it
JezebelMy brother shares too much, it's true
NJPfrom the moment Spike first saw Buffy in the Bronze.......did they know all the way back then?
JezebelI think I'd actually feel sorry for Dru if she were souled and/or sane.
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MattHI don't think at that point they had plans to keep Spike beyond season 2
MattHI liked Inca Mummy Girl - thought it was funny.
impalergeneralSpike is still alive because he's HOT in an evil way. That's why Joss kept him around
MattHPlus James Marsters is such a great actor.
JezebelI agree. He's gotta get an Emmy.
impalergeneralYeah. They've got to keep Spike in some way, as an Emergency Watcher but NOT anywhere near Buffy
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JezebelI've already forgiven souled-Spike. Some from the writing but I think it's more JM's acting.
MarloweJM *sigh*
MattHI would love it if Spike moved over to Angel and found out that he is the souled vampire all the prophecies were talking about.
Marloweoh yeah
MarloweI would pay a LOT too see Spike and Angel in a scene together
JezebelYeah, the interaction. There are so many ways that could go, I couldn't even guess.
JezebelWhat do you think?
impalergeneralThat is actually another reason why we need a 13-episode season to end both shows next year. Spike and Angel fighting over Buffy? It's too good to pass up
MattHI would want to see Wolfram and Harts reaction....
Jezebel"Damn, wrong vamp! Forget Angel, get the peroxided one."
JezebelYou think they'd fight over Buffy? I suppose Angel really wouldn't like the idea of her and Spike. In a real relationship or anything else.
MarloweCordy is supposed to be Angel's luv now
JezebelAnd how would Buffy take that?
Marloweperhaps Spike Angel and Connor can get into a three way over Cordy
MattHWhich I can never buy ... it just seems so forced and artificial.
JezebelEeeewwwwww I can not say that enough
MarloweI mean in a fight over Cordy, not in a some kind of menage a trois kind of thing with Cordy
JezebelOh okay :)
MattHConnor has more chemistry with Cordy than Angel does...
MarloweCordy and Connor were icky enough for me
impalergeneralCordy is not Angel's new love. She has said she has her doubts over going that far after experiencing what he did as Angelus
MarloweI have to agree with you there, Matt
impalergeneraland considering what's coming up, she'll probably driop the idea altogether
JezebelDo you think Buffy would have the same problem if she actually "experienced" what Angelus did and felt?
JezebelI liked Cordy and Angel as brother and sister more.
MattHTouch question - my instincts say no...
impalergeneralAs Buffy said, "I know what you did because you did them to me", but she also said that if he didn't have the faith that he could overcome his dark side, it was all for nothing
JezebelI think Buffy knows what vampires are capable of; that's why she's so forgiving of Spike I guess
impalergeneraland when it came to Spuffy Love, it took two to tango (even if it was a sick tango)
JezebelHey who hasn't used someone for sex to make them feel better about themselves?
JezebelOh that was a rhetorical question, nevermind, I know nothing about that.
MattHIf you say so.... ;-)
JezebelHalloween was the first full Buffy ep I've ever seen. It got me hooked.
MattHHalloween was excellent - liked Ethan a lot.
MattHPlus GhostWillow... drool....
impalergeneralI'm surprised Ethan hasn't shown up yet. Surely he'd be happy to be th ehuman host of The First
MarloweI would love to see Ethan again....
MattHEthan seems to have a strong instinct for self-preservation.
JezebelI don't know. He may even be above that. He's into destruction and chaos but...
Marlowebut I imagine he would be more likely to show up on Ripper (if that ever gets off the ground)
MattHHe is into destruction and chaos - just not his own...
JezebelOk I know spoilers are bad and evil and well, etc. but I need to know about Giles. Is he dead? Is he alive? What's going on?
Marlowewell, he comes back next week
Marloweso he is alive in appearance
MattHUnknown - and I am very thoroughly spoiled.
impalergeneralWell, if we can hug Giles, that's Santa Joss' way of saying "Merry Christmas."
impalergeneralif we can't....then it's "unhappy New year"
Marloweso am I, Matt
Marlowespoiled and then some
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JezebelYes I've heard he's back, but ME is evil and maybe he's a First apparition
TheDhampyrBitsydarn mom!!!
impalergeneralThat's come across my mind quite a few times. Again, if we can hug Giles, that will help
JezebelI'd love to see the Scoobies hug Giles. That would be a perfect Christmas present
TheDhampyrBitsykept me off for an hour!!!
MattHApparently one of the scripts says that he is not supposed to touch anyone.
impalergeneralwhich means he's The First
JezebelYeah that's what I'd heard. Makes me sad inside.... I'm so confused
MattHIt could mean that ME is teasing us...
impalergeneralor sewn back together by the coven in Devon
MarloweI definitely think ME is messing with us
Jezebel"Watch my head, it might not be sewn on too well."
impalergeneralJust remember, hug good, no hug bad
TheDhampyrBitsyI just hope the Jack Ryder thing isn't true...
JezebelWho wouldn't hug Giles when he comes back? It's gotta be a gimmick from ME
JezebelWhat Jack Ryder thing? I haven't heard
TheDhampyrBitsysupposedly he's gonna play Dawn's watcher!!
TheDhampyrBitsybut he looks more girlie than Connor and is prettier than Dawn...
JezebelOh I have no idea about the whole SlayerDawn thing. I think I'm coming out against it.
MarloweI do NOT want to watch Dawn the Vampire Slayer
TheDhampyrBitsyI'm not against Dawn being the slayer...but that would never happen...
MattHI'll wait and see. I would prefer not, but Joss has a way of pulling hats out of rabbits...
impalergeneralDawn shouldn't be a full-fledged Slayer until at least 19. By that time, we can see her as a woman
Marloweyeah, I still kind see her as a 14 year old
impalergeneralBUT Buffy should still be the Slayer Supreme, the equivalent to Eisenhower or Colin Powell of something like that
TheDhampyrBitsyJoyce said that Buffy wouldn't choose her and I think thats what she was refering to...
JezebelBut I thought Slayers are called when they are around 15 yrs. It's getting kinda late for Dawn
MattHI think in the mythology of the Slayer, most Slayers get called earlier than that. Buffy was 15 and Kendra and Faith were probably about that age.
impalergeneralsince the WC is...not....maybe they can change the minimum age for Slayers.
MattHThere is probably some leeway.
impalergeneral17 should be just right
TheDhampyrBitsythe CoW doesn't determine the age of the slayer...
MattHThe WC doesn't select the slayers - who or what does that is unknown.
JezebelYeah 17 is good but a new slayer means knocking off Faith right?
MattHYeah - that is what worries me....
Marlowethat is what scares me,
Marlowedo they have to kill Faith?
MattHUnless they just drown her for 2 minutes.
TheDhampyrBitsyif all the candidates who are about Dawn's age are dead then a younger one could be chosen...
impalergeneralor maybe the "Chosen One" rule can be overcome more than it already has
MattHOnly time you get a new slayer is when the current slayer dies ..
JezebelMy thinking is that it is random, no one control it's but maybe they can guess and have lots of girls in training.
JezebelWhen the Slayer dies one of them 'might' be called.
impalergeneralI'd think maybe the Slayer Force can admit there's been potentially more than one Slayer, and OK an expansion draft...especially The First tries to increase the number of Hellmouths
TheDhampyrBitsyI have the solution to this whole "Chosen One...or Two" business...
MattHIn the movie, there was a birthmark associated with the slayer candidates.
MattHIt was removed shortly after Buffy was born, which is why the watcher's did not find her.
JezebelBut the birthmark thing flew out the window with the TV series
TheDhampyrBitsysimply start a new line of slayers and when the current slayer dies so does the first line of them...Buffy would become the First...
impalergeneralin the movie, Buffy had it removed at least recent enough for her to remember the "hige hairy mole"
MattHIt has never been mentioned. I have the Origins graphic novel, but it has been a while since I have read it.
MattHImpaler - you are right, I misremembered.
JezebelWhat worries me is Dawn being "created from" Buffy. That came out of nowhere and it's probably gonna have an effect on the Slayer line.
MattHNot entirely out of nowhere - just mostly out of nowhere.
impalergeneraland support the need for a Slayer Army, whic would be more effective these days
MattHI want to know what if anything Dawn being the Key still means. I have trouble believing that her sole purpose was to be able to destroy the world.
impalergeneralI thought it was just to open all dimensions, which could be used for good or evil. I guess maybe they'll let her convert those powers into something more Slayer-ish
TheDhampyrBitsythe whole slayer power thing reminds me of The Dark Age...when Eyghon's host died he'd simply jump into another host...though Eyghon preferred to possess one of his followers he didn't seem averse to jumping into anyone...
MattHThat was the initial idea - but we have not seen hide nor hair of those abilities, except during 'The Gift'
impalergeneralMaybe Dawn's power would shove most demons into another dimension, but also allow other demons to come into our world
impalergeneralso, in the end, the number of demons is cut by a third, but what we have now are tougher
MattHIn the pre-season 5 interviews, MT mentioned that Dawn was supposed to channel evil spirits or some such like that.
impalergeneralwell, that could come in handy. Seeing that now wil help
JezebelOf course that could just be something she was vaguely told about Dawn and said in an interview.
TheDhampyrBitsydemons could always come from other dimensions...I guess they're just happy where they are...
JezebelIf I were a demon I think I'd be happy in my demon dimension, but maybe I'd want to go to the Buffy dimension and chow down on some stupid humans.
impalergeneralor maybe catch a baseball game?
TheDhampyrBitsyno way...Buffy is probably a friggin' legend///
JezebelI can see the monsters and such; "Oh wait, the Slayer, ok nevermind. I'll hang here"
MattHDepends on how much contact between earth and the hell dimensions there is
TheDhampyrBitsyI'd say "Look it up. Under Slayer, The."
JezebelDid you all enjoy the "Dramatic Kitty rendition moment"?
MattHLarry was seen in Halloween
TheDhampyrBitsydon't tickle lil kiddles...especially ones who are werewolves...
MattHI loved BBB - since Xander is one of my favorite characters...
TheDhampyrBitsyXander was in top form...though I loved him in Buffy vs. Dracula the best...:D
Jezebel.... bator...
TheDhampyrBitsyyour excellent spookiness...
MattHXander episodes have always been good - The Zeppo is my favorite.
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impalergeneralWait..I thought Joss wrote "Passion"
JezebelMe too.
JezebelMaybe he just rewrote it a lot. I don't remember the credits.
Marloweno, I thought Ty King wrote Passions
Marlowedrat....lost my connection to the succubus club
JezebelI have no idea..... I don't pay enough attention
JezebelHey, I lost it too.
Marlowehaving trouble getting back on...
JezebelI'm doing the Windows media stream
Marloweme too Jezebel
impalergeneralsame here
MarloweI tried Winamp, but it kept dropping the connection to the show
JezebelOk I got it back.
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MattHStarted before it dropped...
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JezebelI pretty much restarted Windows media and picked it back up
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TheDhampyrBitsybloody connection...
MattHI tried it, but it wouldn't reconnect.
* TheDhampyrBitsy grumbles
MattHI was sick during Becoming II, kind of delirious...
MattHMade for an interesting experience.
TheDhampyrBitsyI had to switch to Windows Media...anyone else have any trouble...
JezebelYes, me too trouble
MattHI had to switch to Winamp from Windows Media
JezebelI've got Win Media up now though
Marloweoh goody...
TheDhampyrBitsyI got a weird commerical thing just now...
JezebelI have satisfaction that two big manly men I know cried about the last few episodes of Season 2.
MattHFrom FEFnet?
MattHI admit nothing....nothing I tell you. ;-)
impalergeneralI actually stopped watching Buffy when Becmoing II was shown the first time because I was in the middle of covering elections. When I saw it a few months later, I was stunned and shocked. Good thing I waited until after the new season statred to see it all.
JezebelWell, I have the whole "PMS" excuse. LOL
TheDhampyrBitsyI stopped watching during season 4...mainly so I wouldn't barf every time I saw Riley...*sigh* s4 had so many good eps...
impalergeneralI would have been very upset if I saw it the first time. Angel gets punished for something that wasn't his fault..that could have been stopped. But on the other hand, Angel had to be punished for his crime, and love wasn't enough to pardon him. He had to be punished first before getting conditional probation
MattHAngel didn't do anything wrong... Angelus did.
TheDhampyrBitsyAngel feels responsible for what Angelus did though...
JezebelI know IG, it's just so complex, that's what I love about BTVS. The feelings and consequences...
MattHDoesn't mean he is, though.
MattHThe Wolfram and Hart massacre, yes
MattHBut that was a good deed, as far as I am concerned.
TheDhampyrBitsyyeah...Spike feels responsible for what he did...
MarloweI'm going to head on out guys
impalergeneraland yet I pray Buffy and Angel are reunited again, and can live as they soon as they kill that 35-foot demon with a popsicle stick
Marlowesee you all later!
JezebelOf course I suppose Spike is going through the same thing, but it's different for me because I never really saw him as good (soul having)
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TheDhampyrBitsyewwww...B/A shippers re scary....
MattHWell, if I have a ship it is B/X
impalergeneralhey, I know B/A should fight for what they deserve, and God knows that is what it will take
TheDhampyrBitsyI never saw Spike as good but never as truly evil...
MattHThat's cause they never really showed it.
TheDhampyrBitsythe spotlight was stolen by Angelus...
TheDhampyrBitsyand the thwarted by the Initiative...
TheDhampyrBitsySpike's opportunity to be evil has always been averted...
MattHOn the show....He did a lot of nasty stuff before it.
JezebelIf Spike never had the chip I don't think he would have ever gotten a soul. Of course I agree with Kitty, I didn't see him going to specifically get his soul when the show aired.
TheDhampyrBitsyhe would have been alot more successful if he hadn't tried to settle in Sunnydale...
JezebelBut since they're ramming it down my throat that he went to get a soul I'll accept it.
TheDhampyrBitsyIf Spike ever had a chance to be truly evil I'd like to see it...evil Willow was a fantasy of mine but it wasn't done in the right way and ended up being kinda corny...
MattHEvil Vampire Willow was awesome
JezebelI didn't like evil Willow.
JezebelWell I suppose it was kinda OK, but it just made me sad. Which I guess was the purpose.... but,
TheDhampyrBitsyI would have loved evil Tara...though that would have really made the Kitten's mad...
JezebelI don't think they could get any more mad :)
MattHThat's true
MattHThe Crusades - that was Nick Night.
JezebelHey I've never thought about evil Tara. That would be cool to see.
TheDhampyrBitsyeven though I loved Tara dearly I was always kinda suspicious of her...even after Family...
MattHI've read some fanfic with an evil Tara in it.
JezebelOh, it broke my heart when she was shot. I still blame it on Giles! If he was around...
TheDhampyrBitsyI blame Giles for Willow going evil...
TheDhampyrBitsypartly anyway...
impalergeneralnot that much
MattHI doubt that he would have been in the house at the time.
JezebelYeah, remember Giles getting all down with her about bringing back Buffy, he could have stopped her.
TheDhampyrBitsyGiles should have taken a firmer hand in Willow's magickal training...he basically let her run with scissors...
MattHWe don't know how much magical training Giles has...
TheDhampyrBitsyGiles was obviously a man-witch of some degree...
MattHOther than season 6 finale, we only see him cast 2 spells and participate in a 3rd.
JezebelBut his magic stuff seemed to be kinda specific, so maybe he doesn't have broad experience.
TheDhampyrBitsyyeah...but judging by what Ethan could do I think he has alot of experiance but he simply doesn't want to use it...
MattHWillow also mentioned that he was using borrowed power.
TheDhampyrBitsyWillow had borrowed power too...
JezebelThat was just for fighting Willow though
MattHNow that I think about ... Xander has done as many spells on the show as Giles - Love Spell, Summoning Sweet
TheDhampyrBitsyGiles spellcastings-B,B,&B;Primeval,and Intervention...
impalergeneralWell, I must be going. Please visit my website for a review of "Angel", the season so far.
JezebelThey are running late!
TheDhampyrBitsyhe he
MattHLeft out Xander's particiopation in the joining spell
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ()
JezebelI'm out as soon as K & C go too.
MattHSame here ...
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JezebelBye bye all! See you next week?
MattHOf course
JezebelOk then!
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