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JezebelGee they're just starting and it seems like I've been listening for a half hour already.
JezebelOh yeah, I have.
impalergeneralI will be going to the Pre-PBP. I know that...but it seems unlikely I'll be in the main event since nearly everyone has paid admission
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FlipleyAnd even worse news, David: some of the listees showing as "not paid" are actually volunteers for the event who don't have to pay
Flipleyhi NJP
FlipleyOh strike that, looks like they've finally highlighted the volunteers
impalergeneralcan't they just breathe in, and let a few in the Waiting List to come in?
impalergeneralToo bad those who can't come in can't even look into a keyhole or something, and see what is happening.
Flipleyokay, creepy.....
impalergeneralhmmm...I see what you mean, but I REALLLLLLY want to get in there
Flipleyask a VIP to take you as a you know Joss?
Flipleyokay, that wasn't too helpful
impalergeneralof course not. Otherwise, i'd drill my idea of ending both shows with a 13 hour miniseries into his head.
impalergeneralBut not right now...he's waiting for his new kid to be born.
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Flipleyhey CM!
Marlowehey flipley
Marlowedid they come on early?
impalergeneraland trying to find a new home to his other child, Firefly (hey, UPN, want to be more than the WWE/Star Trek channel?)
Flipley35 minutes early
FlipleyHey CM, can't remember....are you hitting the PBP this year?
MattHAnything interesting in that 35 minutes?
Flipleyyou workin' it?
Marlowecoming as a guest
Flipleyjust fun chatter and cupcake talk, plus some Kitty singin', Matt
MarloweI'm flying in Wednesday...
impalergeneralI'll come in The Thursday before
Flipleyyou and da OldManFan, I see that now
MarloweI e-mailed Kitty and Candy about joining them on the show
FlipleyI'll be in Long Beach that Wednesday...Me, Candy and Mia are staying that night on the Queen Mary
Marlowebut I believe there are quite a few other people who want to go as well
FlipleyMia and I are joining the show
Marloweyeah, I haven't had word back on how they were handling it
Flipleythey're looking into getting a bigger space for the bigger group
MarloweI'll be at the hotel behind the PBP hotel
Marlowehaven't figured out yet how to get to Long beach
Marlowea cab ride is very expensive
Flipleyyou TOTALLY shouldn't have to do that....we can work that out between us
FlipleyI'm driving down from SF, so maybe I can do it.....Mia's driving down from LA I think
Marloweoh, you live in SF?
Flipleyyou have my e-mail?
FlipleyI'm driving down too; no flights this trip
MarloweI think so.
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FlipleySend me or Mia e-mail regarding your needs/schedule to get to Long Beach, if you decide to, and we'll work it out
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Flipleyby the way, there's also a Long Beach stop on the subway
Marlowesorry, I lost the chat room for a bit
Flipleyactually, light rail, not just subway
Marlowethe subway?
FlipleyI said if you said me and Mia e-mails with your schedule/locations, we'd work it out
Flipleyor you could take light rail system from LA to Long Beach
impalergeneralI just sent an e to K and C about what I think happened to Giles after he apparently got killed.
Amy_Madisonokie back now
FlipleyOR maybe Giles isn't dead BUT it is an apparition anyway
FlipleyBecause Giles, under the influence of Eyghon, was considered in a death-like status, back in The Dark Age right?
Amy_Madisonsince were talking about literail
Flipleystate, not status
Flipleyyeah, that's one of them lol
Amy_Madisonhow do i get from the main train station to the hotel
Marloweonly one I've got *g*
impalergeneralGiles as "astral projection" was one of the ideas discussed in the bronze beta. I think the witches in devon are behind it
FlipleyRed line goes from Union Station to Hollywood and Highland, Amy
Marlowewill send you an e sometime later tonight flipley
Amy_Madisonand red line is what??? just asking not being smug
FlipleyJust because you're in LA, people, be not afraid of mass transit!
FlipleyLight rail/subway, Amy
Flipleysounds good, CM
Amy_MadisonOh..... thankies's a link:
Flipleythat shows the map
Amy_Madisonchecking that one now
Flipleyas you can see, the Hollywood and Highland is one of last stops on red line, right before the Universal City/Universal Studios stop
MarloweI've ridden the buses in LA
Amy_Madisonkitty doesn't like what happent to Spike. Gee that's a first
MattHI thought the episode was a little flat
FlipleyI liked it a heck of a lot
Flipleyso many clues in it, so many things to think about
Flipleybut not a "satisfying"-type eppie, I get that
Amy_Madisonand Dawn's punching that other guy
MattHHow many times has Buffy fought something tougher than her - The Judge, Mayor McSnake, Adam, Glory? The ubervamp just doesn't seem in that league.
MattHLots of interesting stuff... though
Amy_Madisoncause he's not supposed to be
Amy_Madisonah... yay
impalergeneralThe TH Vanpire is tiugher because he's immune to wood...and he was born before Holy water, so that won't work, either
FlipleyHOWEVER: I don't think the ubervamp hid because of the sun
FlipleyI think he hid because of the Giles/Giles-apparition....remember, ONLY Giles said that the thing wouldn't be out during the day
impalergeneralWell, it must have seen "Giles" or whoever it really was....
Amy_MadisonYAeh long time viewers
MattHWe don't know that about Holy Water....
Amy_MadisonGiles = Uber Watcher
impalergeneralwell, if the vampire was born before everything, including religion, it may not work
Marlowethen sunlight wouldn't work either impaler
MattHGiles = Obi Wan Kenobi
impalergeneralThe only First Good I can see is the First Slayer coming back from the dead..
impalergeneral's happening here
MattHEspecially with Andrews/FE conversation about striking me down, coming back more powerful than before etc...
Amy_MadisonYay ...experience from the movie
impalergeneralThe SiT's never heard of Buffy...they couldn't respect her until they knew her
Amy_Madisonshe got scared
Amy_Madisonand it's the principal
impalergeneralNotice none of the SiT's didn't even throw a punch?
Flipleythey don't have the strength
Amy_Madisonbut Dawn did
impalergeneralDawn knows what it's all about
Amy_Madisonbut that was a good puch though
FlipleyI wonder if the "When did (Dawn) get so scary?" line will end up being more than a throwaway line?
Flipleyit already seems to have some truth to it
impalergeneralLook at it this way..she'll finally have a plotline, but I suspect she'll be tricked into the arms of the First
MattHOr if her being the Key is useful for more than destroying the universe...
Flipleypunch-throwing, Spike-threatening, football player-pushing, slapper
impalergeneraland maybe sacrifice herself...but still live....just (I hope)
Amy_Madisonok, Kitty, you're INSANE
Amy_Madisonthier on to something.... Yaeh, mild drugs
MattHKitty = Insance <> News
Amy_Madisonwhich explains why Kitty's INSANE
impalergeneralif the ghosts of Giles and Joyce are no friends of the First, we should be told that..but also say they're neutral
Flipleybut you're all forgetting...the First Evil is part of everything
impalergeneralUntil Principal Wood does something to help Buffy, he's evil because he's not helping
Amy_MadisonJoyce was just Joyce. She didn't seem to be meniching
Amy_Madisonsorry, bad spelling
Flipleymenacing lol
Amy_Madisonhe's not harming her either
impalergeneralShe seemed to be less encouraging in her second appearance, but she was right when she told Buffy to wake up. Once Buffy did, she became more commanding than Bush!
Amy_Madisonthe only thing that he was mainly concerned with was her getting back to work. If she could
FlipleyHere's something interesting about Buffy's last speech: stirring, BUT: will it play into the whole "power" thing? Will Buffy's reach for power exceed her grasp on it?
MattHWell, they are certainly shoveling something ;-)
MarloweI think Joyce was Joyce too
impalergeneralGood point, Flipley, but I ask this about the First...if it does win and destroy everything, does it accidentally kill itself because it's no longer the First Evil if there's no good to contrast it?
MarlowePrincipal Wood has to be a whistler type character
Amy_Madisonyes, she is
FlipleyExactly....we'll see what happens
MarloweI look forward to finding out
Amy_Madisonas in agreeing
impalergeneraland afterwards, will there be life from the rubble..or at leats enough to help Angel get a fifth season?
Amy_MadisonI think everyone is
Amy_Madisonunless we get to decorate the ruble first
Flipleyit's quite exciting to have the mindfucks in the season be constant, and not just crucial turning points like in Seeing Red, or Innocence, or Bad Girls
impalergeneralI mean, if UPN will pay any price for an eigth season, there's got to be something left from the show to keep it going.
Amy_Madisonand maybe theis also ties into Angle's apocolype as well. i mean with Faith and all
Flipleymethinks so
MattHI noticed Faith got a mention on the show last night.
Flipleyprepping us for her return
MattHAfter a long time of ignoring her existance
impalergeneralYeah, but the WB will pay any price, even its own dignity, to prevent any connection frmo forming, justifying the need for a 13 week crossover in early 2004..or something like that
Marloweshe will rock in both Angel and Buffy
Amy_Madisonalthough I did hear something that Emma won't do an 8th
impalergeneralSome say Faith is a goner, but at least atones, but I'd like to see her live and set up her own Slayer practice in Boston
MattHI was wondering why Anya was back with the Scoobies....
MattHI'd like to see Faith live, but I am getting worried.
Amy_Madisonthough she won't end up like Tara
Amy_Madisonthere not going to do that again
Marloweyeah, I've heard Emma she won't do another season
impalergeneralbut they have...with Giles...maybe
Amy_Madisontime to go get the shooting script
Flipleythe shooting script has too many spoilers lol
Amy_Madison10 piont to Kitty for using the word Frollic
Marlowethe shooting script from which ep, Amy?
Amy_Madisonlast nights
Amy_MadisonKITTy FIGHT
impalergeneralYES! Bob Newhart's second series was a dream!
Amy_MadisonSpoongeBob Newhart??
MattHI loved the Newhart ending - but I can't watch any of the episodes in rerun anymore - It ruined the series for me.
MarloweLarry, Darryl and Darryl
Amy_Madisongo W/K
Amy_MadisonI agree with K&C
impalergeneralwell, what if the real Tara comes back to say, OK, go ahead and date!
Amy_Madisonabout Willow and Kennedy
Amy_MadisonI've been on the WillTara group and it's a big argument now
Amy_Madisonand then there going to fun into Faith
Marlowethey took a long time getting Willow and Tara together
Marlowethey are putting Willow and Kennedy together almost immediately
JezebelIs there a group of librarians that will get all upset and write angry letter and such if Giles dies?
Amy_Madisonwillow's not they type for a one night stand
MarloweKennedy might be
Marlowebut we've barely seen her
Amy_Madisonhe can't. their still in talks about his other Buffy related show
impalergeneralwhat other Budffy related show? If Giles is dead, how can he hunt ghosts?
Amy_Madisonwhat if Giles dies. but it turns out that it wasn't really him
impalergenerala Giles clone? Too weird
Amy_MadisonRipper.. the one the BBC is working on with ME
MarloweI thought they were going to shoot Ripper starting in May 2003
JezebelI was pretty bummed when I found out they're not doing a cartoon.
JezebelGM Mike!
Amy_Madisonye, but if Giles dies, they can't do the spinoff can they
impalergeneralactuallu, SciFiWire said there may be a cartoon show after all....whcih will be shown sometime next year. I'd like to know how, of course. Could they draw that fast?
Marlowethat's why I don't think Giles is dead
Amy_Madisonthere's talks on that too I think
impalergeneralLet's home for "astral projection" while in a coma
Marloweyeah, I thought the animated series was dead in the water
JezebelI hope the cartoon is back on. I like cartoons!
Amy_Madisonsome article about SMG doing the voic for Buffy
JezebelIf they can make ASH look younger they could do a pre-Buffy Ripper series.
MattHI have mixed feelings about the cartoon... It could be great, but then I think about the original Star Trek cartoon :(
Amy_Madisonit also depends on the timeslot. they cant do certain things if it on to early
impalergeneralby the way, who would show it..Kids WB? FoxBox? Cartoon Network?
MarloweI thought Fox
FlipleyA few quick things, now that I'm back: People reacting to Kennedy hitting on Willow are just looking for something to bitch about....both Kennedy's actions and Willow's reactions were totally reasonable.
Amy_MadisonFOX KIDS
JezebelI don't remember a Star Trek cartoon?
MarloweI remember the Star Trek cartoon
impalergeneralthere is no Fox Kids in the US. It's called FoxBox
FlipleyThe cartoon, on Fox Kids, will be starting after all, but that had to be wrong about SMG being on it
MattHThe scripts were ok - but the animation....
FlipleyAnd Giles could TOTALLY be dead....Ripper could be set in Season 6
impalergeneralmaybe it's a Buffy cartoon special, Like the animated Xena and Herc movie
MarloweI hope not. I saw the Animated Xena and Herc movie
impalergeneralI know. The animation was HORRIBLE!
JezebelBut Ripper would only be one or two seasons if it's set in BtVS season 6. BBC series has only 8? 10? episode a year
Marlowe6 I thought
impalergeneralI thought it would be six. It wouldn't last long
FlipleyOr he could be a ghostly ghost hunter lol
MarloweI've always wondered why they only do six eps at a time
impalergeneralwell, there was a British TV show about a dead detective that helped his living partner
Amy_Madisonnot nessicsarily, remember Doctor who
MattHCourse Dr. Who episodes were only 15 or so minutes each.
Amy_Madisonthose eps tended to change each year
impalergeneralthose episodes were 25 minutes each
Amy_MadisonBYE GM MIKE
JezebelWow go Ethan!
JezebelThey should market that.
Amy_Madisongetting a discount for his own gift
JezebelSomeone should help K&C and him to come up with some good rules
Amy_Madisonfor what
impalergeneralnext year, Kitty Torture becomes the hottest Xmas present
JezebelFor the board game he made. He said he didn't have real rules for winning
Amy_MadisonMR Sambouto
Amy_MadisonI thought they said open eath opther
JezebelMaybe make more cards where they have to act out a scene from Buffy. I'm a big Cranium fan, can you tell?
FlipleyCM shoutout!
Amy_Madisonwill they be making more Kitty Torture Games
JezebelOk, who is Gary Oldman?
Flipleythe actor who played Sid Vicious in "Sid and Nancy"
Amy_MadisonDr. Smith In Lost in Space
Flipleyand Dracula in FF Coppola's version of Dracula
Flipleyand the messed up rich guy in "Hannibal"
JezebelOh, okay. He did his own singing in Sid and Nancy?
Amy_MadisonCount Drc in Dracula with Winona Ryder
Flipleygood voice not required
JezebelI didn't know he played the disfigured guy. I new about Dracula
Flipleywell, he WAS buried under a ton of latex in Hannibal lol
Amy_Madisonhe played all of them
JezebelYeah when I have a cold I sound like the Sex Pistols
Flipleybut in the flashbacks, you can absolutely tell
Flipleyare you a Brit, Jez?
JezebelNo but with a scratchy voice and a stopped up nose I sorta sound like it
*** buffyradio ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Amy_MadisonI want one
impalergeneralwelcome, buffyradio. I'll be downloading you tomorrow
FlipleyHey BR
JezebelI've never listened to buffyradio, when I get a better connection I'll download some.
impalergeneralthe Succubus Club has invented its own board game, BR. Maybe yuo guys shold work on that
buffyradiopeople want us to do a musical but i don't know about that
Flipleylol....Be afraid.....
Amy_Madisoni alread called in to Ethan. He might make more
Flipleythat's a lot of work for E
impalergeneralIsn'tthe "I got a theory" scary enough?
JezebelMaybe I should call in and talk to Ethan. I'm thinking of getting a job at Target.
Flipleymy goodness, the economy sucks now
JezebelDon't I know it!
Amy_MadisonHEnce I said MIGHT
JezebelI'm a slacker now and make more in unemployment insurance then I would at Target.
Marlowesad, but probably tru
JezebelAt first sleeping till noon was fun but it gets old. And mooching off the gov't won't last forever.
impalergeneralI know what you mean.
MattHI did the unemployment thing for about six months....
MattHGot old real quick
JezebelAnyone need a freelance electro-mechanical engineer? Will work for Buffy spoilers :)
Amy_MadisonI have SSI myself
Amy_Madisonbut that's because of a medical prob
MarloweI did the unemployment thing for only a month
Marloweseems like getting unemployment was a full-time job
FlipleyWhat the HELL are fudge-filled Jingle Bears?
JezebelMy mother got denied SSI, she's been out of work longer than me. She has diabetes and had to have her foot amputated.
FlipleyBecause you know what that sounded like.....
JezebelBut she still can't get SSI.... don't know what the deal is.
MattHI had a killer severance package from my job, so didn't really have much incentive to find work.
JezebelJingle Bears, Jingle Bears,...
Flipleyouch, is everyone unemployed here?
buffyradio<<-- barely employed
impalergeneralI'm not. I have a jobm, but I work vampire hours
buffyradioso i won't complain
MattHNot now - I have been working since May
buffyradiodoes showering in the morning count as employment?
JezebelOk so great, I'm the only one without gainful employment?
impalergeneralif yuo're testing soap
MattHOnly if you smell so bad people pay you....
Jezebellol IG
JezebelIn this weeks Entertainment Weekly they had Buffy as a good show for this season in 2003 preview
buffyradiofreelance soap-tester
Amy_Madisonthanks for the heads up
impalergeneralThe first half of season 7 offset the stink of what was left of season six before Evil Willow
JezebelDon't knock that. I went through about a week after I got laid off where I didn't even shower. I've embraced personal hygiene since then
JezebelI shave my legs now and everything
impalergeneralshaving important
JezebelWhat's your guess for Kitty Torture score?
impalergeneralI should score 100%
Amy_Madisonslaying, slaying and slaying
Flipleyscrew shaving, it's all about the full wax, from Sweden to Brazil!
buffyradioha flipley
Amy_Madisonsleeping outside , camping out
JezebelWaxing scares me.
Amy_Madisoncamp out
MarloweI'm flashing back to that waxing ep of 'Friends'
JezebelI tried the EpiLady when it first came out. Badness happened; I didn't even get much past my ankle.
Amy_Madisonserving girl
buffyradiointernet feed is behind... amy is like a question and a half ahead
JezebelMaid or something
buffyradioit's quite psychic ;)
Amy_Madisondude getting married
JezebelOh yeah I remember
JezebelIt was at the first of the episode.
JezebelYeah I'm lagging or Amy is psychic
Flipleypsychotic lol
MattHI'm lagging at least a minute or 2
Amy_Madisonarm or laeg
JezebelBoth arms would be worse than just one arm
Amy_Madisonmistletoe abouve the belt
JezebelWhat every man wants for Christmas a mistletoe belt buckle.
Amy_Madisonsournded by kids
Amy_Madisonsourounded by kids and fam
buffyradioon crossbow question
Amy_MadisonKitty = Insane
JezebelI know I want to die surrounded by many monkeys
buffyradiorhesus monkeys?
MattHI'd like to be surrounded by beautiful women, but if monkeys are your thing.... ;-)
Amy_Madisonbuffy and angel
buffyradiothere's always a monkey
MattHAnd its always French
Amy_Madisonthe monkey pen is MINE
Amy_Madisonand with pants
MattHNo, the Hippo stole the Monkey's pants
impalergeneralhas Kitty EVER seen an episode?
Amy_Madisonsort of
impalergeneraland remembered it?
MattHShe remembered enough about The Freshman :(
buffyradiothe monkeys like beets
JezebelSomeone should really send in a "Throw Kitty a Bone" trivia. With Monkeys and My Mom as answers.
Amy_Madisonmany miles
MattHBut she'd get those wrong
buffyradiocarl sagan would be proud
JezebelI like harbingers too
buffyradiothe year of the monkey
JezebelYa think Ethan will beat Kitty?
Amy_Madison1630 rovello
Amy_Madison1630 Rovello
Jezebel"It's a house, near Hadley" I've seen The Body a few times :)
FlipleyWho's helping Ethan?
Amy_Madisonthe gym
Amy_MadisonKitty is
Jezebel3 maybe?
Amy_Madisonjenny Olivia
JezebelEric Balfour
Amy_MadisonQueen c
buffyradiohe's gabe on six feet under
Amy_Madisonthe chip
JezebelI had a friend in 2nd grade named Eric Balfour
JezebelSo I remember
buffyradiowas it him?
Amy_Madisonla forge
impalergeneralWell, I'll be going now...
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ()
Marloweso endeth the Amazing Race
Flipleysssshhh, don't spoil me Marlowe
JezebelI didn't know the city either
Flipleyplease please please say no more
Marlowe<<----lips sealed
Flipleyremember, I LOVE that show......gracias
MattHEthan is pretty good - for the episodes he has seen.
JezebelDid they ever say for certain that Kendra was from Jamaica or just going by the accent?
JezebelKissing Toast
buffyradiokitty is doing well on ethan's questions hrmmm
MattH8 months
Amy_Madisonme rayne
JezebelDead air
Amy_Madisonjust like Kitty
Flipleynight all!
JezebelAlright time for me to get
MattHBye all
Amy_Madisonbye till the 8th
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