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Marlowetrying to save a few $$ for other cons
Flipleyhey matt
impalergeneralWell, I don't go across the country to other cons..only ones I can walk too..with the exception of the PBP
Marlowesay howdy to the guys for me anyway, David
FlipleyAlready into the spit talk lol
MarloweI'm in South Dakota so walking isn't an option
impalergeneralAre you trying to watch Angel while SC is going on, Marlowe?
Marloweit is not on yet for me
Marlowewill be in an hour though
impalergeneralOh, I thought you were in the Central Time zone
Flipleywhat state are you in, CM?
Flipleyand not deranged lol
MarloweSouth Dakota
MarloweWestern South Dakota
Marlowecentral time zone is on the other side of the state
Flipleywhat city do you fly out of?
MarloweRapid City
Marlowenearest big city is Denver
MattHSound like the Girls Got Rythym
impalergeneralGee Flipley...
Flipleyit was supposed to just be chocolates and cookies, because I didn't know what flowers she liked lol
MattHStill - nicely done
FlipleyWe've been close....went to Vegas together lol
impalergeneralI woked 16 straight days at the Holidays at my radio station...and got more than 1300 bucks!
impalergeneralnaturally 300 is devoted to the PBP
impalergeneralThe SiT's are called Junior Miss Slayers at TV Without Pity
MattHKendra didn't last long, though.
MattHYeah, but I don't read TV W/O Pity much anymore. They aren't any fun any longer.
impalergeneralThat's because she couldn't apply her training to living as a regular person....which is essential these dasy
impalergeneralor days
impalergeneralSiT's should be trained as if Slaying was an extra-curricular activity
MattHI think it was more to the fact that her training prevented the mental flexibility to resist Drusilla's mind control.
MarloweI still go to TWoP
impalergeneralWell, what if SiT's are not called before their 19th birthday, but they still have the skill. Can they call themselves "Demon Hunters" until they become Watchers?
Marlowebut not really for the Buffy/Angel forums
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MattHAnyone can call themselves a Demon Hunter
Flipleyhey buffyradio
impalergeneralOr maybe they can call themselves "Sangos", after the demon hunter in "Inuyahsa".
impalergeneralI mean Inuyasha
MattHThe Master also said Here Endeth The Lesson - In "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date"
impalergeneralThe problem with these SiT's is that whoever was chosen don't seem to be the cream of the crop..or even know what they're up against
MattHHiya, buffyradio
impalergeneralAt least the number we have, half of that should have that commitment, yet still demand to go regualr teen, then young adult, stuff
MarloweBuffy herself didn't know
impalergeneralNo one is after Wesley because we're all supposed to pretend "Angel" doesn't exist in Buffy's world...dam WB!
buffyradiono kidding
MattHWesley is no longer affiliated with the Council
impalergeneralI've been saying this for years...splitting Buffy and Angel in two networks really eliminates story ideas that should have happened long ago
buffyradiodushku is pulling it off, tho
impalergeneralMaybe not that a WB official say he wouldn't object to seeing Angel on Buffy late in the season...if it was really necessary.
impalergeneraland I say, having Buffy and angel together for a mini-series together...not just one episode--and not the First disguising himself as Angel
impalergeneralI've said 13 episodes, but I guess six would do...if they rushed thing a bit
MattHI just want to see Angel react to Spike having a soul... probably one without a pesky true happiness clause.
impalergeneralExactly, there's so many revelations that will upset both Buffy and angel, that would take up two eps right there
impalergeneralYou need more room to have them also realize they've both been basket cases without each other, and how they must unite again to protect humanity, and like that. Like I said, a 13 hour mini-series is the way to go, and I think that SMG should agree to that.
buffyradiothey'd because best buds and bowl a lot
buffyradiobecome, rather
impalergeneralI hope you don't mean spike and angel...they'd do a lot worse to each other with bowling pins...and I don't mean the fiberglass kind
impalergeneralGiles is dead and Bruce Willis-like in a Sixth Sense way
MattHI don't think Giles is dead
Flipleyit was a cold California night lol
MattHI think it is a red herring
impalergeneralWell, whether he's alive depends on how determined Joss will be in making that spinoff
MattHThe eye was lame, but Anya's lines' were great
impalergeneralWell, the eye had one good line
MattHAnd one important one
impalergeneralyeah, but did he mean Buffy...or does it think the Slayer isn't a blonde?
MattHGiles' comments afterward about Buffy coming back make me think the Eye said other stuff
impalergeneralWell, everyone deciding Buffy must die to save the world is somehow unfair...and maybe that helps the First even more
MattHI think that it is Buffy's 1st death that caused the problem. Her failure to call another slayer on her 2nd death is what probably alerted the First to the flaw in the line.
impalergeneralSo, MattH, maybe we should get a third Slayer now to make up for the failure to call up another one after the second death?
buffyradioheh lightly kill faith just a little
impalergeneraland if you can...maybe the new rule is :for every generation, there is a chosen one...per major metropolitan area"
MarloweI've seen someone theorize that Buffy is now the slayer after Faith
buffyradioslayer region 4
MattHNo - I don't have a resolution. I think that the problem ended when Buffy died the second time. When she was resurrected the second time the problem reoccured, the First was clued in to the problem
impalergeneralWell, maybe it will be set up that you can have a "Chosen One", followed by Slayers of "lower rank" but still important. Buffy is Eisenhower, Faith is Colin Powell, Dawn can be a Colonel and the SiT's are buck privates
MattHI don't think there are degrees of Slayerness. You either are or are not.
impalergeneralWell, you can use the same system in grooming new ones
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Amy_MadisonCandy's online
MattHHiya Amy
FlipleyHi Amy Madison
buffyradiohi amy
Amy_Madisonalmost forgot about tonight
Marlowehi Amy
Amy_Madisonhi all
Amy_Madisonare they going through a song right now???
impalergeneralSo...anyone get the S3 DVD's of Buffy? I tried to find them at Best Buy or Suncoast, and they are not available. I got mine through Amazon
Flipleygot it in mail yesterday...Amazon
MattHI got region 2 DVDs a long time ago
impalergeneralAnyone LOOK at them?
Amy_Madisonso have i
FlipleyGo Aimee Mann....i requested the other song, though.....
Amy_Madisonok thatt answers my ??
MarloweI got the S3 dvds. Haven't had the time to watch them yet
impalergeneralYou know, I should get a DVD that isn't Region 1 (US and Canada) just to see if it will work on my computer.
FlipleyI like "THis is How it Goes" better
MattHYou will probably have to change the region to get it to work
MarloweI was able to get my region 1 dvds of season 5 to work on my computer
impalergeneralBut otherwise, it will work, right?
Amy_Madisonusually they do
impalergeneralLike I said, if I can get one of anything that isn't region 1, I will.
MattHYou might only be allowed to change the region on your computer a limited # of times though.
MarloweI meant region 2 dvds
Marloweall these regions are confusing!
Amy_MadisonI got the R4 of S5
MattHI have S5 - haven't watched them yet.
Amy_Madisonso, is Angel schedualing confusing anyone. Other than K&C
MattHMy replay TV should pick it up, but I need to go check
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Amy_MadisonIS @candyBot candy from the show
impalergeneralno, that is a trivia program
Marloweit isn't confusing me, but it does conflict with listening to the Succubus Club
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MattH!help trivia
Amy_MadisonAnya getts to hit him
Amy_Madisonand speaking of cartoon's
MattHCandy liked something about Dawn... it is a sign of the end of the world... ;-)
impalergeneralDoesn't Beljox's eye look like the multi-eyed dog in Greek mythology..without a head?
MattHWhat multi-eyed dog?
Amy_Madisonwhich one was that
impalergeneralI think its name was Argus
MattHArgus was a god, I think, not a dog
Amy_Madisonok, now I'm gonna have to call Kitty and explain this
Amy_MadisonNO he didn't
MattHThey are both the same thing.
Amy_Madisonyes, but she's right. Buffy's still a slayer, but faith is THE slayer now
MattHYes, but Chosen One and Slayer are synonymous.
MattHThat's why they are the "Chosen Two" ;-)
Amy_Madisonyes, but If one dies, the other takes over
impalergeneralMaybe the eye's upset there is more than one Slayer...and someone may object
Amy_Madisonbut that's not supposedto happen
impalergeneralWell, I am sure Buffy will demand to see the eye..and it will say, "who's this girl?"
Amy_Madisonand they will have to say , This WAS thje slayer
MattHBuffy seldom does the logical thing
Amy_Madisonmaybe with better spelling though
Marlowegotta run guys....Angel will be one soon!
*** Marlowe has left #thesuccubusclub
Amy_MadisonBelJox's Eye is the next Hallmark ornament
MattHIt was very 'ehhhh' episode
impalergeneralonly for paranoid people
impalergeneralGnarl is the grinch after a cocanie addiction
Amy_Madisonthe next 2 Hallmark XMas ornaments - BelJox's Eye and Candy's 'Monkeypen"
Amy_MadisonIF you guys want to see a good Buffy cartoon -
MattHI have all of them except the very last one they did.
impalergeneralK and C should know "Living Dead Girl" was from 5 by 5
Amy_Madisontheir still working on getting the site transfered, but thier ISP sucks
Amy_MadisonCandy should at least
Amy_MadisonI was watch 'Innocence' today. one interesting line from Angel talking to Spike about Buffy
impalergeneralYou mean the "the way to kill a Slayer is to love her" line
Amy_Madison'She more powerful that any slayer you've face before. To kill her, You have to love her"
MattHNot that Angelus managed it...
Amy_Madisonwonder if they might play with this later on
impalergeneralWell, maybe the First should pretend to be Spike for a while. That should work
Amy_Madisonno, but Spike could use it for this season. Or the FE/Spike
Amy_MadisonTHAT WAS 11 CANDY
Amy_MadisonYEah Look at the Kitten Board
Amy_Madisonespaeically, the W/T fanatics
Amy_MadisonA buffy spoof simpson's episode
MattHRandom thoughts - wasn't that what we just had?
Amy_Madisoni think
Amy_MadisonI guess there going to do ramdoner thought
MattHHeh - using more dice
Amy_MadisonRandom Kitty Torture thoughts
MattHSimposns has been on 11 years, IIRC
impalergeneralactually, it's 14 years of the Simpsons
MattHThat sounds about right - it was Married With Children that was 11 years.
impalergeneralHitty has the same attitude towards Angel as the WB programmers do
impalergeneralor Kitty does vs. Giraffe or Angel vs. wolfram and hart?
MattHI don't really care for Angel
MattHThough when Faith shows up...
impalergeneralI bet that by the time Faith shows up, everyone will be watching American Idol and The Batchelorette by then.
MattHNot I
impalergeneralme neither, but I think Angel(us) will be staked twice by this
MattHMaybe we'll get a decent Buffy spinoff if Angel is cancelled
impalergeneralThe First lady is the ringleader?
Amy_Madisongreat another blonde girl
impalergeneralSo Lady MacBeth IS trying to kill THE Presdident, huh?
Amy_Madisonwell, they have the monkey pen
Amy_MadisonWE'll still listen
impalergeneralWell K and C may be the tentpole..but Angel must be the neglected tent at the WB
impalergeneralThey should keep the show going if Angel still exists
Amy_MadisonYEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TITTY KORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FlipleyHow much for the Pre-Party, David?
impalergeneralI think it was 35
impalergeneralGotta go!
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ()
MattHWow - leaving before Kitty Torture.
Amy_MadisonKitty '24' Torture
MattHYay - Kitty Torture
Amy_MadisonI missed the heart tooo
Amy_Madisonthe HAIR
Amy_Madisonskieke killes him
Amy_Madisonafter he put the pole through the shesk
Amy_Madisonshockes in pain
Amy_Madisonchip goes off
Amy_Madisondawn, Buffy
Amy_Madisonnot the Gnarl
Amy_Madisondoogie hoiser fanfic
MattHI just read a simpons/Buffy crossover fic.
MattHAbout what I thought when I read it :_(
Amy_Madisonpush the guy tdown the stairs
Amy_MadisonCheerleader Dawn
Amy_Madisonthat vamp guy, In a crpt and stakes him after he tells B the Spike sired him
Amy_MadisonAn 'All-Kitty-Torture Show
MattHShe'd go insane...
Flipleygreat show tonight
Amy_Madisondo who here reads spoilers
MattHDefinitely a great show.
MattHI am thoroughly spoiled.
Amy_Madisonheard a new one about Cordy
MattHYes... do tell
*** Signoff: Flipley ()
Amy_Madisonseems that CC is in fact Prenant
MattHYep - that is correct
MattHWhich is probably we had the entire Cordy/Connor thing.
Amy_Madisonan, of coursr the one about AH anf AD now engaged, but that ones on the web everywhere
Amy_Madisonthey had to do some rewrite along that stopryline
Amy_Madisonfor that reason
MattH"And yet, I just can't seem to care"
MattHI watch Angel, but I no longer like it
Amy_Madisonabout Cordy or AH
MattHSorry, I was quoting Holland Manners and then Angel
MattHWhen he locked the lawyers in with Darla and Dru
Amy_Madisonyesp, so that one last night
MattHI used to like Cordy, but she is no longer bitchy enough for me
MattHAlmost all of the characters I liked have gone.
Amy_MadisonI blame Firefly.
Amy_MadisonOnly because that shoe diverted JW aaway from the othere shows
MattHLindsay, Broody Angel, Doyle, Holland Manners
MattHFirefly was responsible in part, but the real problem started with Angel's Epiphany
Amy_Madisonalthough the 'Evil-Hand' was cool
MattHWell, yeah ... but that was with Lindsey
MattHI do like what they are doing with Wesley and Lilah
Amy_Madisonthat's why I liked it
MattHI have never gotten into Fred. I actually know something about science, and so poorly written technobabble irritates me...
Amy_MadisonI think they should get together. If only to spy on eath other's side
MattHI am spoiled about that too...
MattHI think the entire evil lawyers thing has run its course, though.
Amy_Madisonbut on the bright side, faith is going to be back
MattHYes, but once she leaves ....
MattHAnyway, I have to take off. CYA next week
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