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FlipleyHi Matt
MattHHi all
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FlipleyHi CM
Marlowehey flipley
Amy_MadisonNo.... It comes on at 9 here in Norcal
Marlowe7 pm here
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Marloweno, that's 8
Amy_Madisonso I can listen Live(?)
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*** Topic of #thesuccubusclub: Welcome to The Succubus Club {, Kitty and Candy talking about Buffy and Angel. {}
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Amy_MadisonOMWF music .... Finally
MattHHmm - lag on my end
Amy_Madisonoh long
Amy_MadisonKitty's been in the spoilers again....
Marlowepeople either love or hate Amanda
Flipley"greased lightning" lol
MattHCandy liked what Dawn was doing... a sign of the Apocalypse...
Amy_MadisonUH Oh. thier both on a Dawn Kick....
Marlowethe only time dawn annoyed me was when she and Amanda went to confront the vampire without weapons
Amy_MadisonRun and Hide.
MattHThe End is Nigh!
Amy_Madisonand day
Amy_Madisonlike an equal all most
MattHLoved Xander's speech to Dawn.
MarloweI fell in love with Xander all over again
Amy_Madisonthere's the apocalype
MattHMore Xander is always good.
MattHWe don't know that Dawn isn't the Key - she mentioned it, but that would hardly be cannon.
MattHWhich is makes me wonder if Buffy & Xander will get together, being as it is the end of the series.
Amy_Madisonit's in the script
MattHWhich script?
FlipleyInteresting interview with Marti where she postulated that Buffy=Joss, the "chosen one" who's special (in Joss' case, it's his brilliance that sets him apart)
Amy_Madisonyes, but also remember... Glory was also a God
Marlowethey only time I remember Dawn mentioning she's the key was in Bargaing
Amy_Madisondoes that mean Joss is also insane.....???????????
MattHThe quote from the Bargaining Shooting Script - "I'm not the key - or if I am, I don't open anything anymore". Willow did believe she could turn Dawn back into the key, so I think there is still *something* different about Dawn.
Amy_Madisonuh on. now thier apploding Dawn...
MattHAs a Dawn worshipper, I am happy but still kind of freaked as *they* are doing it.
MattHAmazing how they all seem to have forgotten about Faith.
Amy_Madisonfor righ now anyway
Amy_Madisonthey'll get to her
Amy_MadisonI think
MattHI know, but the entire conversation about Buffy needing to die before a Slayer is called... the should have at least mentioned Faith dying as an alternative (though I don't want Faith to die)
MarloweI know they will
MarloweI'm hoping Faith will just show up like Giles did the end of last season
MarloweI think they did mention the faith earlier in the season when they were talking about the First Evil
Marlowethe SITs, then Faith, then Buffy
Amy_MadisonDawn turns into a professional westler
Amy_Madisonshe gets all buff
MattHThey did mention her, which makes the omission last night all the more glaring.
Flipleyfuck that faith bitch
MattHI wish...I wish.. ;-)
Flipleylol....that was a cheap attempt at a joke about people's obsession with Faith
MarloweFaith is a good character to be obsessed about
Amy_Madisonthere's nothing wrong with that
Amy_Madisonto a point
Flipleybut not to the point where people bitch for 3 years because the character's not referenced every chance
Amy_Madisonsame with tara
MattHNot every chance - just when appropriate ;-)
Amy_Madisonfor both of them
MattHBTW - I don't recall clearly - did Xander make a reference to Jesse last night?
MarloweI don't think so
Marlowehe mentioned Oz
MarloweI was at and saw some banner about Willow and Tara
MattHIn which case, Jess hasn't been mentioned since The Harvest. Considering he and Xander were best friends, a mention once in 6 1/2 years would be appropriate.
FlipleyWhat was the banner about, CM?
Marlowesomething along the lines of 'we'll be back when Willow and Tara are together'
Amy_Madisonfom a memeber of the Kitten Board
Marloweback to watching Buffy, I gess
MarloweI don't know what they think of Willow and Kennedy
FlipleyThat must be a desperate person/group, then.....wasting money...although I imagine a banner on TWoP isn't expensive
MarloweI thought $85 or something
Amy_Madisonfrom what i've seen. The Kitten has taken off ALL story that mantion Willow with anyone else
Marloweand that is just for one day
Flipleythat's mildly insane
Amy_Madisonor any tstory that doesn't mention W/T specifically
Flipleysome people need proper socialization to achieve perspective
MarloweI've seen a group of Spike lovers trying to drum up money for a Variety ad for James Marsters
Flipleythat's for an Emmy ad, isn't it?
MattHI don't bother checking the Kitten board anymore...
Amy_Madisonor anty posts (I think) that aren't W/T
Marlowejust a fan appreciation thing, I thought
Amy_Madisonyes, but they've gone really W/T obsessive.
FlipleyI was banned a long time ago from Kitten Board because I questioned the "no questions" policy after trying to talk about Vito Russo's Celluloid Closet and what the "lesbian cliche" really was
Amy_Madisonnow I love Amber, and Tara, but I'm not going to leave anything jusdt cause W/ isn't with T anymore
MarloweI think there are refugee boards where former Kitten posters go to
Marloweones who aren't quite as 'upset' over the whole Willow/Tara thing
FlipleyYou mean people who actually have watched show and get the context?
Amy_MadisonI only go there to read the stories and the post about the SIMS
Marlowemy favorite subject
MattHAmber Benson is wonderful and I'd like to see Tara back, but not that much.
Marlowethe SIMS game?
Amy_Madisonnot from the Kitten, but someone asked awhile ago if anyone thought it was strange a little bit that Kennedy resembled Jenny alot
MattHI don't think she resembles Jenny that much.
FlipleyI believe that Amber Benson has talent and that she's a wonderful person, but I didn't always like her choices as an actress
Amy_Madisonjust a liitle bit though
Amy_Madisongotta like her and Eliza in BBl
MattHI would like to see Chance, but I don't believe it has been released.
FlipleyJust like in what many people say is their favorite scene from "The Body", when Anja breaks into tears in Willow's room, I thought she overacted a bit...mostly with her hands
Amy_Madisonnot yet
MarloweI really hope they can find a distributor for Chance
Amy_Madisona gay demon bar. What is a gay demon
MarloweI want to see James Marster's performance in Chance
Amy_Madisonis that anything like a rouge demon . as wellasn a rouge demon huntere
Flipleya "rouge" demon? Is that one that wears too much makeup? lol
MarloweAmber Benson has certainly turned her talents into other areas
Marlowedirecting, playwriting etc
Amy_Madisonpossible Sundance
FlipleySundance going on now, don't think it's there
Amy_Madisonor where enver it was
Amy_Madisonthat sidewalk festival thing
Amy_MadisonUh oh. they liking dawn and now Andrew. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
Marloweactually, i thought Andrew was okay in this ep
Amy_Madisontalking about K&C
MattHWell, that is 2 of 3. The end of the world is definitely here if they liked Angel.
Marlowebetter get going, Angel will coming on soon for me..
Marlowesee you guys later
*** Marlowe has left #thesuccubusclub
Amy_MadisonBRB - gotta hava dinner
FlipleyHad to step away for a few minutes....what did they say about Andrew?
MattHThey liked him - didn't fill he was overused.
Amy_Madisonsure they are
Amy_Madisonnow I know what to ask for
Amy_Madisonyummy sushi pj's
Amy_Madisonbrain kleavage
MattHKitty is doing well.
Amy_Madisonnever mind
Amy_Madisoncomputer replace books
MattHLeft arm
Amy_MadisonGiles Drinking
MattHCandy is always funny.
MattHUncle Rory
MattHNope - I've read some fanfics about Uncle Rory
Amy_Madisonstffs things.........
MattHHolding guitar
Amy_Madisonshe remembers. Almost
Amy_Madisonshoulder blades
MattHpair of shoes
Amy_Madisonhave you guys seen the W/T cartoon
Amy_Madisonthagt i have on my site
MattHW/T cartoon?
MattHI didn't know that was your site... I am glad you rescued those from oblivion
Amy_MadisonYEA, I still had them. I hope that they come back an do more of them
MattHSame here - I used to check their site out every week.
Amy_Madisonthey had to do that to start to cover up the fact that CC is really pregnant
Amy_Madisonsaw that in a mag article
Amy_Madisongladthat Gavin is gone though
MattHThey should have left it mysterious...left Cordy not knowing how she got pregnant.
MattHi'll kind of miss Gavin, but not as much as Lindsey.
Amy_Madisoneven Lilah is cool
MattHI like Lilah - I think Wolfram and Hart are on their last legs.
MattHI agree with Gunn actually.
Amy_Madisonin this dimension at least.
Amy_Madisonblah blah blah..?????
MattHConnor is growing on me.
Amy_Madisonreminds me of Tim Curry in 'Legend'. Though he's not colored Red
Amy_Madisonliked the baby conner better
MattHAgghhh. He was so annoying as a baby.
Amy_MadisonConner's in the show' Must be Wed.
Amy_Madisonoh oh... thier going over
MattHHeard that Alyson Hannigan will be doing a spot on Angel.
Amy_Madisonthen returning to Sd with Faith
Amy_Madisonafter a big fight
MattHYep. A Willow/Faith fight. Yum.
Amy_MadisonLeaher (hopefully
MattHHmm... I just went to a happy place ;-)
Amy_Madisonhow about Cordy over Conner
MattHLeaves me cold ... they don't have any chemistry at all.
Amy_Madisonright,,,, sure...........
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Flipleyhi bit
bitwarriorhello, just passing through :)
Flipleylate joining.....are you Ethan?
FlipleyOr Kitty?
Flipleyor Candy?
bitwarriornope.. just checking out the channels
bitwarriorbye :)
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Flipleygood night all
MattHWell, time for me to go. CYA L8R
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