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Flipleyhey matt
MattH'Lo, All
impalergeneralBut yu can't recycle the second season of angel. he'll wind up losing fans...his Fang Gang for sure
MattHAngel had no where to go be up...
MattHbe = but
Marlowehopefully not like Cordy did last season
MattHActually, I liked her better as a higher being than I do now. Of course, I liked the BTVS Cordy best of all. Or Ats Season 1 Cordy
Marlowefrom Ascending the Heavens to boinking Connor
impalergeneralI'l agree with that. She may be snippy, but she knew what was going on, and still wanted to help
impalergeneralNow she's a victim of circumstance..and worse
Marloweyeah, I liked the snarky but caring Cordy
MattHShe isn't snarky enough anymore
Marloweshe's getting some of the snarkiness back, but the rest is gone
Marlowewanting to help the helpess etc
impalergeneralYeah, that mision is lost in the apocalypse problem
Marloweshe doesn't seem to care about any of the other characters
MattHI miss the Angel that was looking for redemption...
MattHHe got some good brooding in, which was nice.
impalergeneralThat's the worst loss of all
impalergeneralThat sun theory is to explain why whatever happens on Angel isn't happening on Buffy...along with the "different networks excuse"
Marlowei liked Gwen
impalergeneralGwen is someone Professor X never met
MattHGwen is gorgeous
MarloweI loved her scene with Gunn
MattHMaybe in a spin-off.
MattHAdd Gwen, get rid of Fred
Marloweor Cordy
impalergeneralHmmmm..Miss Static Shock or Miss Brainy Girl with no hips
MattHAlso get rid of Connor and Gunn. Restore Cordy to season 1 Cordy.
impalergeneralGwen wouldn't fit on Angel. Not paranormal enough
impalergeneralShe should be on Birds of Prey
Marlowethat's a good idea
MarloweI only watched an ep of Birds of Prey
MattHWe don't know why she has her powers...maybe she is part demon and doesn't know it.
MarloweIt was okay, but it was't very superheroey
Marloweis Cordy still a demon?
impalergeneralshe has a demon brain to get the visions
Marloweshe did the floaty thing and the healing thing
MattHShe got her memory back - she broke it off as she saw what he had really done as Angelus.
Marlowebut she should also have had memories of what he had done as Angel
impalergeneralI just gave the SC a note about that
impalergeneralBut you have to wonder, can the Angelus plot twist work again, especially when it's done for a good reason--yet certain to backfire?
MattHAngelus is so BTVS Season 2....
MattHBeen there, done that
FlipleyBoring-Anus is better as Angelus, though
impalergeneralYES..and that's why I think it will hurt the show in the long run more than help it
Flipleyhe puts a bit of effort into the part
Marlowepretty convoluted way to get Angelus
Marlowemuch as I would like seeing Angelus...
MattHYeah - the problem with Angel has always been its Star...
Marlowethey probably could have done a flashback ep of Angelus
impalergeneralOnce angel is restored, will the Fang Gang believe in him again? Will ANGEL believe in himself again..or think there's no way he can atone for what he is?
Marlowelike starting from scratch again?
Flipleythat's so Alias
MattHI've never watched Alias, so I can't comment.
impalergeneralThe only way Joss can outsmart us is to figire a way that Angelus actually helps humanity in a big way..and do it sincerely. Maybe that restore shis soul faster than the other way
Marloweyou liked the last ep of Alias flipley?
Flipleynot so much as to make it must-see tv for me, I'm afraid
Flipleythey lost me by making Sydney cry so much, and wasting Merrin Dungey (until now), plus the whole playing up of the romance angle seems forced
impalergeneralWell, they were selling the bikini shots of Sydney more than the plot...and I suspect what will come will be worse than what they think they killed
Flipleythat was all about keeping the Stupor Bowl audience....
Flipleyand hoping they'd stick around for future eppies
FlipleyI guess that's why I didn't enjoy it as much as I should, it seemed so ratings-driven
impalergeneralYeah, but that didn't work...since they waited until 11 PM Eastern to show the ep. I mean, why should Bon Jovi be part of a trophy ceremony?
MarloweMerrin? is that Dixon?
FlipleyI stopped watching Alias regularly late last year, but I'll still catch it if I'm home
FlipleyMerrin Dungey is Francie
Flipleyand Francie clone now
MarloweI knew that they tailored that ep to grab new viewers
Marloweyeah, for a sec there I thought it was Will that was killed
MarloweI really didn't care for Francie at all, she seemed little more than a backdrop
Flipleyshe was mere window dressing...they dropped her best plot
Marloweher and Will?
Flipleyher fiancee that got caught cheating? was initially supposed to be with a GUY lol
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Flipleyhi FiatLux
Marlowehello fiatlux
MattHHiya, FiatLux
FiatLuxHey there.
Marlowefirst time here?
FiatLuxI just had to come in and see if anyone else cracked up when KC went all sarcastic on Angelus
impalergeneralSure. I still say it's going to backfire...and hurt the show
MattHWell, since we get Faith back at the same time, it might be a wash
FiatLuxI love obvious sarcasm! Oh I caaaan't wait!!!
MattHOf course, she could show how bland and uninteresting the other characters are
FiatLuxOne bad plus one good?
impalergeneralAnd we break even?
FiatLuxNo we are still sad and angry :)
MattHI am pretty much bored and indifferent myself ;)
Marlowehow long have you been listening to the show fiat?
impalergeneralLet's face it....bringnig back angel seems like a "well, this is the last season; let's get this out of the way" idea
impalergeneralor Angelus, I mean
FiatLuxCM: Since in the middle of the fifth season
MattHI am beginning to get the feeling that this is Angels last season also....and that doesn't depress me at all
impalergeneralOnce yu do the "Return of Angelus" plotline, there's not much left to do...except crossing over to...say....John Doe?
FiatLuxI agree, it's like they just want to be able to break up the set to do a buffy spin off
Flipleyhardly lol
impalergeneralBelieve me, Matt H, the WB programming department has the same feeling.
MattHYeah...rumor has it that Eliza Dushku may be interested after all.
impalergeneralIt would sure explain putting it on against "Americna Idol"
Marlowethe Beast guy won't be around much longer either
MattHI think the Beast is working for t he FE, myself.
impalergeneralI heard that, and one possible reason how that will be done
MattHI hope so, the other obvious way for a spinoff is to kill Faith...
FiatLuxThat's also getting on my nerves. How SDale acts like LA doesn't exist and vice versa
impalergeneralIt's not the show, it's the WB forcing LA to pretend S-dale doesn't exist
MattHYeah...A phone call or two wouldn't be out of order
FiatLuxYeah but can't they just call?
impalergeneralI think Angel would have benefitted frmo a few more crossover appearances, even from Xander and Willow
MattHIt makes sense that they would share information...
FiatLux"Hello?, yes I understand." click?
impalergeneralExactly, of course, it's too late to take advantage of that..or so it seems
FiatLuxI've seen tonight's Angel and they're may be a vague reference to something like that, or maybe I'm just wishing too hard.
impalergeneralYeah. It would have been gold seeing Giles check up on Wesley..
MattHNot too hard....
MattHWhat I really want to see is everyones' reaction to Spike having a soul...
impalergeneralThat is SOLID GOLD...and we won't see that either
FiatLuxWay too much funny background info to get into.
FiatLuxJust watching Xander and Willow's reaction to what all has happened to Cordy
FiatLux"HIS SON..." uh
MattHYou're what ?!? And Angel's son is the father ?!?
impalergeneralShhesh...accelerated soap opera aging gone wild!
FiatLuxLet the world ender and carpenter get their minds around that :)
Marlowebetter get going...Angel is coming on soon
Marlowenice to have met you FiatLux!
FiatLuxYou too. Bye
Marlowehope to see you nex time
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MattHI don't think he looks like a 13 year old girl...he is really boring though.
impalergeneralmakes yu wish Connor was played by Hayden Chrstiansen
impalergeneralalias the future Darth vader
impalergeneralGunn and Wesley on Celebrity Boxing? Hmmm....I foresaw this fight except Wesley wouold fight Giles
impalergeneralWhat both shows have here is a failure to communicate
MattHKitty Torture - Who and hoo
Flipleywoohoo for beating Michigan
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MattHWesley is the most complex character on the show right now.
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FiatLuxHi again
MattHWelcome back
MattHM.E. is definitely playing with Candy
FiatLuxI think I'm gonna have to restart my computer. I'm having audio problems. BRB
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Flipleyeverybody's dying out tonight, Matt
FlipleyI'm IMing with Mia, so I'm a bit out of it
MattHSawright, I was just reading the latest installment of Tenhawk's Journeyverse.
Flipleywhat the heck is that?
MattHFanfiction. Xander centered. Crossovers with about every show in existance.
MattHTenhawk manages to pull it off really well.
FlipleyDoes Xander end up on Scrubs?
MattHNope.... Some of the characters are from Dogma, Hercules,. SG-1, Beverly Hills Cop, Charmed, Brimstone and a whole lot more.
FlipleyScary nerdland, I'm not sure I want to visit lol
MattHI would be dubious hearing that description too. Tenhawk has a really good sense of drama, though. So of his coauthors works bore me to tears, though (Others have started writing in his universe)
MattHI'm big into reading fanfic ;-)
FlipleyI can't handle
FlipleyI'd rather read something professional, if I'm going to read outside of work lol
MattHMost fanfiction is dreck, but about 5% is good and 1% really good. Some of it really is professional quality. Ryan Kinkor's Harsh Legacy was an alternative Season 6 and is *reall* well written. Adam Windsor wrote an incredible Faith story called Watching Your Back which is also really good.
Flipleygot a link for them?
MattHBoth are are archived on my site in e-book format (Need Palmreader) for this. "Watching Your Back" is at in html format. The first few episodes of Harsh Legacy are here: and may be on
MattHMy site is
MattHMost anything by M. Scott Eiland is good also.
Flipleythat name sounds familiar...published author, or Bronzer? lol
MattHUsed to post a lot on usenet in the buffy newsgroups. Very prolific.
MattHChecked . Ryan has posted all 18 stories in Harsh Legacy there:
MattHNever watched American Idol....
FlipleyI don't make a habit of it, but these early stages include some pretty funny clips
MattHIn general I don't watch much TV (with a few exceptions ;-) )
FlipleyI don't play video games lol
MattHNeither do I - once in a blue moon, maybe.
Flipleyand so I'm in front of computer for work, and this, mostly
MattHI get that. I am a major computer geek - but I like to program and create stuff more than play games.
Flipleyyour job?
MattHRight now I am working as a Access Developer at Nestle, but that job ends Friday (I am a contractor). I have been mostly Access Programming since last May.
FlipleyAccess is okay, though
MattHWell, its not Delphi ;-) but it can do some nice stuff.
MattHJust wrote my first Access add-in recently.
MattHInteresting Kitty Torture...
Flipleyaha...did you get a CS degree from college?
MattHNo. My degree is in Molecular Biology
FlipleyI hire scientists/faculty for a basic science department in a teaching hospital
Flipleyyou read my IP? lol
Flipleyworking late tonight
Flipleyfiling, but not really working lol
MattHKinda . I checked my webstats and that was the last entry.
Flipleylol yep, Epidemiology and Biostatistics here.....
MattHI liked the science of Molecular Biology, but after a year and a half of grad school... I decided lab work wasn't for me.
Flipleythere ya have it.....
FlipleyI went to law school out here, hated it, but loved the area and stuck around
MattHKind of how I ended up in LA.
Flipleyyou going to PBP then?
MattHI don't think I have ever posted on the Bronze (any version)
Flipleyit's a tad strange, particularly since I'm not a 20 year old, but I am meeting friends and taking a break from work
FlipleyI'm not a regular Bronzer, but had a great time last year, and since this is the last one, figured I should do it again
MattHThis is tough Kitty Torture. Nick is really impressive.
MattHWelcome To The Hellmouth
MattHsnakes - Jenny Calendar
MattHProphecy Girl
Flipleygood call
MattHCandy gives too many hints
Flipley9 ways to skin them
MattHMore than one way to skin a cat -
Flipleyrather, more than one way to skin them
MattHI like that line of the mayor's
MattHGetting up out of Angel's bed
MattHThe Prom
MattHDidn't know the bonus
MattHTurns into faith
MattHthen turns back
MattHThat was an easy one
FlipleyNew Moon Rising
MattHNew Moon Rising
MattHI wouldn't have got trixie
MattHI don't think that guy was a mindsuck victim. He was too lucid.
MattHCat peed on the hot plate
Flipleynerd lol
Flipleycan't leave a math problem alone
MattHI prefer the term Geek.
MattHHey - I *like* math
FlipleyI'm a dork, I knwo all the differences
Flipleyknow, even
MattHI am just waiting for Kitty to do better on a Kitty Torture than she did on my first set of questions...
Flipleysee ya, matt
MattHCya next week
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