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MattH'Lo 'all
impalergeneralWell, next week is IT!
MattHSuccubus Club - 4 years old - wow :)
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impalergeneralGee, and I didn't send an anniversary card!
Amy_Madisonedable cake... who would have thought
FlipleyHi Amy
FlipleyHi Matt
Amy_Madisonwhere's gthe PIE
FlipleyHi David
FiatLuxHi all
FlipleyHi Fiat
MattHHiya Fiat
Amy_MadisonIronic. TSC = anniversary show and FX = the prom
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FiatLuxI suck
Marloweheyas fliply, david
Marlowedid they say they only got one e-mail?
FiatLuxI didn't e-mail
Marloweeek! neither did I
FiatLuxWe suck
MattHI didn't realize it was the anniversary...
Amy_Madisonok, I just called in to say congrats
FiatLuxGood for you!
MattHIt was on Usenet
Amy_Madisonoh no!!!! there going away!!!!!!
MarloweI just sent an e-mail
impalergeneralMe too.
impalergeneralYeah, I ws relieved how they explained Gles...except about how that came to be
Marlowehe's not the FE, but I still think something is up with Giles
MattHYeah - it has only been what...six episodes...?
impalergeneralWell, he could be a SOLID astral projection
MattHThough he did get the best line of the night...
Marlowethey really haven't used Giles much at all
MarloweI'm almost wondering just why he's there
impalergeneralBecause he's the only poncy sod who's alive
Amy_Madisonit's in the script
impalergeneraland should finally build the Much Better Watchers' Council
Marlowescript for which show, Amy?
MattHSince they could only get him for 10 episodes one would think that they would use him better.
Marlowemy thoughts exactly
impalergeneralmaybe his big moment is during the home stretch, when another fighting girl shows up
MattHWhat little Buffy/Giles interaction was very good, very similar to season 1 & 2.
MattHI thought they were too slow..., not too fast
MattHI've always felt that if Candy thought it, that was the best evidence against it ;-)
MattHIt only looks like they are sitting on things.
impalergeneralYeah, the chip is gone..and she'll expect Spike to be Angel II....poor sap! What may happen to him will make him do something no chip can stop
Flipleythey get Giles for AT LEAST 10, not necessarily ONLY 10
MattHOne hopes that it ends up being more than 10.
Flipleyfeh, he's got his own show later......this one's called "Buffy" lol
MattHI just hope Ripper gets picked up in the states...
FiatLuxWell there's always BBCAmerica
MarloweI just got BBCAmerican
MattHNot on Basic cable... what can I say... I'm cheap.
Marlowewatched an ep of Manchild
Marloweit was okay, but a lot shorter than I thought
Marlowedid anyone think that Warren/Adam was looking pretty slender?
FiatLuxOh yes, at first I was a little uncomfortable seeing a 20 year old girl go down on Giles.
Marlowedidn't see any of that in this particular ep
FiatLuxAdam might have lost weight but I didn't really notice
MattHBeing dead dampens the appetite.
MattHExcept for blood ;-)
MattHOf course your metabolism is slowed down a whole lot, so diets are really hard.... ;-)
Marlowea real DIE-t
* MattH groans
impalergeneralThis discussion is silly..the chip as a plotline has lasted for too long. It will be out next week, then we'll see if the soul can keep him frmo being evil...any more than it would keep Enron people from robbing widows blind
MattHCheap government contractors....they falfisied the work....
impalergeneralBy the way, anyone see Christain Kane in that CBS Enron was OK...and Shannon Elizabeth there didn't hurt, either
MattHI am really disliking Amy... wish she was still a rat.
impalergeneralAmy is STILL a rat
MattHYeah - I just meant the furry, cute kind (ok she is still cute... very cute)
Amy_MadisonHEY...... Thanks alaot
impalergeneralWell, Amy, you didn't have to be as evil as body-stealing mom
impalergeneraland acting like Faith in justifying that spell isn't any good either
Amy_Madisonthat wasn't miy fault
MarloweI thought the Enron was okay too
Marlowenot GREAT, but okay
MattHFirst introducing Willow to a magic pusher ... then hexing her...
Marlowestill think there's more to Amy
impalergeneralI know, I mean the TV Amy, not the one with us...and it was interesting that Amy caused trouble because she was jealous of Willow. It just reminded me of what Faith was doing
impalergeneralWell, Amy coudl see that power is one thing, but being loved is another
Amy_Madisonand NO! I'm NOT the First
impalergeneraland hopefully it will involve a leson that doesn't require going back to being a rat
* MattH pokes Amy
Amy_Madisonand I'm still trying to find that mayself. The Love part that is
MattHGuess not...
MarloweI wondering if the First is appearing to Amy in the guise of her mother or Rack
MattHHer mother isn't dead
impalergeneralNo, she's still in a cheerleading trophy, having enough of being stuck in her "glory days"
Amy_Madisonjust trapped in the cheerleading statue. I'm still a little mad at that . But that was Buffy's fault
impalergeneralI'd like to see her "released", and be amazed at what Amy has become...right before she runs screaming
MattHWe don't know what happened to the trophy after they rebuilt the school
MattHYeah - Amy had an easy time teleporting Kennedy
Amy_MadisonI'm going to try to find it. in anothr epi
Amy_Madisonthat was tough. I'm still getting over that
MattHIts been six years... deal already...
impalergeneralYeah, and maybe Amy's mom may try to absorb herslef into Amy. Gee that's an idea..two witches in one
Amy_Madisonlet me think...... No
MattHYeah... but that's what Catherine Madison would say ....
impalergeneralYeah, I think Amy will have to be asked if she really thinks it's worth it...and admit that it isn't
impalergeneralif she wants to be loved, have HER do some Willow-like stuff
impalergeneralYeah, and she'll get love...slow and sure
Amy_Madisonit's still not fair. i have to work twice as hard, and only get to be half as poweruf as her
MattHBut you're prettier...
MattHAnd that's saying something...
Amy_Madisonmaybe if she wouldn't have been the big bad, it would have different. well, that and killing my friend Rack
MattHRack was nobody's friend and he treated you like dirt...
Amy_Madisonnot the best of friend, but still
impalergeneraland would you be sober enough to do that hex if rack still had you under his spell?
Marlowewonder who took over Rack's business now?
impalergeneralNo one, I hope
Amy_Madisonit turned into a Kinko's now
MattHTotally a neighborhood decays bad businesses are replaced by evil ones...
impalergeneralSo, what do people think of a pop star appearing on Buffy after all..and it's not Britney?
FiatLuxThat's why I can never find my local Kinkos it has an invisibility cloak.
Amy_Madisonactually, it still rather an evil place, so I think it got turned into a Starbucks
MattHCan she act?
impalergeneralWell, we'll find out next week. They seem to like girls with one name on the show
FiatLuxIs anyone watching Angel now too?
impalergeneralAshanti is a singer who usually appears with rappers like Big Pun
MarloweI wonder who approached whom
MarloweI can't imagine anyone actually wanting Ashanti
MattHNot for another 2 hours.
Marloweabout 10 minutes for me
Amy_Madisonmine comes on in 2 hours. on the West cost that is
Marlowewill be going soon
Marlowecan't wait to see Angelus...
impalergeneralAngelus as hannibal Lechter..that should be interesting
Amy_MadisonI just bind my time on Weds. and wait for Kitty Tourture
MattHMmm. Kitty Torture....
Marlowebetter get going, will have to download the rest of the show later
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MattHQuestion - If I like torturing Kitty, does that make me evil?
Amy_MadisonYES. You are now the First Evil
impalergenerala kitty...yes;
* MattH pokes self. Finger goes in....
Amy_Madisongoes into what
MattHI am doing like the show... having a cliffhanger... ;-)
MattHAfter all - it tooks six episodes to find out if Giles was the first.
impalergeneralonly because Joss likes to mess with us...and be as paranoid as the Scoobies
MattHThey are insufficiently paranoid.
Amy_Madisonor a paripheral visionary
impalergeneralI can't believe they didn't see Angel. Couldn't they just read off a plot summary?
Amy_Madisonor the spoileras
impalergeneralI sent them an e-mail, saying they could read off my review of "Awakening" on my website
MattHI have too admit - despite knowing that Angelus was coming back, I fell for the episode... hook, line and sinker...
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MariWillowHi all..
impalergeneralHi. YOu musty be new
Flipleyhi mari
MattHHiya Mari
FiatLuxHi Mari
MariWillowYep I'm new to the room
MariWillowHi Matt, Fiat
impalergeneralWelcome to the jungle
MariWillowHi Flipley
MariWillowlol thank you
MariWillowHi Amy :)
Amy_Madisonhiya for the mind of the First Evil. Opps, sorry, I mean Amy
MariWillowYou thought Amy was the First too, huh?
impalergeneralfor the mind of the first evil?
impalergeneralAmy will try to hook up with the FirstEvil, with very unsexy results
MattHIsn't the First Evil all mind ...?
FiatLuxYou only want me for my non-copereal body.
Amy_MadisonHey, Eve was cute, so yeah, I might try to hook up with her
MariWillowthe First Evil is a crab looking thing with horns and glowing eyes
MariWillowEve had a craptastic accent
MattHThat can take the form of any dead person....hmmm....
FiatLuxI'm from Kentucky in US and I've never heard a worse accent.
MattHMakes necrophilia kind of interesting ...
MariWillowI'm from OH in US Fiat :)
Amy_MadisonHey, remember Amber's for the south too
MariWillowmy boyfriend is from Ashland, KY
FiatLuxI've been to Ashland a lot.
MariWillowI was there back in July.
MattHI'm jest a California boy... :(
FiatLuxI was in California last year :)
FiatLuxNear San Diego for work. Didn't see any sites though
MattHIf I knew about the show, I would have listened...
Amy_Madisonsorry, I meant FROM the south.
impalergeneralHey, they mentioned me
MariWillowlol who are you?
Amy_Madisonwho me
MariWillowno, impaler
*** Signoff: Flipley ()
impalergeneralOh, I'm from CA, have my own website, and keep pushing B/A
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FiatLuxWB Flipley
MariWillowWB Flipley
MariWillowI remember the days of having a website
MariWillowi miss it
MariWillowaww Amy don't sniffle
* MariWillow hands Amy a Hershey's kiss
Amy_Madisonits okie
FiatLuxGo VIPs
FiatLuxand listeners!
MariWillowlol Flipley, your loved.
MattHThey should put a photo of Ethan up on the site.
MariWillowyeah they should
FiatLuxI remember when they advertised on the Old Bronze that's how I started listening
MariWillowThat's how I started listening too
Amy_Madisonthis MP3 is going to be worth having
impalergeneralYeah, that's how I heard of the show
FiatLuxOh yeah, I hope Joel gets it.
MariWillowJoel is good about it, I'm sure he's on it.
Amy_MadisonI've only been here for the last 1 1/2 years. I got a link to the last Jane intervoew thing
MattHI am recording it, if he doesn't get it.
Amy_Madisonwe're talking about Joel. Of course
FiatLuxYay you, Matt!
MariWillowI've only been listening to the show as a weekly thing since Jane was there last May
MariWillowThanks Matt :)
MattHI've been listening about episode 100 or so.
MariWillowActually, I could never get the show to work because I have a crappy computer lol
MariWillowbut I always tried, and then I fixed the computer and voila.
FiatLuxI started around the start of the fifth season I think.
Amy_Madisonhe's tghe mud for the tent poles that are Kitty and Candy
impalergeneralUh-oh...this is the farewell address
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MariWillowoh i hope not
MariWillowwelcome Jo
impalergeneralAnother new member?
FiatLuxHi Jo
MattHHiya Jo
Johi everyone!
MariWillowThey are staying!!!!!!!!!!
Jodoes anyone here know voodookiller?
FiatLuxNo, not me.
Amy_Madisonwouldn't that make that a TSC spin-off
MariWillowlol yeah
MattHCan we still have Kitty Torture?
FiatLuxWow a spin-off. heh
FiatLuxOh gotta have the KT
Amy_Madisonyou have to email them about that one
MariWillowKitty Torture is cool
Amy_Madisonit is neccissary
MariWillowyes it is.
MattHIt wouldn't be the same without Kitty Torture.
Amy_Madisonthis is how i feel most of the time. As in the music I mean
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FlipleyDoing a little searching, huh Amy?
squeshwlasnie znalazlem cos ciekawego... , o ile posiadasz komorke, bo mozesz sobie serwisy zamowic informacyjne za darmo, mi 3 smsy dziennie przychodza, aha loga sa i melodie, a jak sie wysilisz to za darmo masz doladowanie kuponu, musisz tylko pracowac z nimi.
*** squesh has left #thesuccubusclub
FlipleyDang, I don't know polish yet
FlipleyI'm going to Poland in a month
MattHWe've been Squeshed...
MariWillowuh ok lol
Amy_Madisonkind of Ironic for TSC
FlipleyAlso Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria
MariWillowhow so?
Joso no one knows voodookiller? does anyone know dis?
MattHNope...not I
Amy_Madisonnot knowing what they wasnt to do, but then decideing to stay, cause like it or not, the TSc is a family
MariWillowahh \
MariWillowyes it is
FlipleyI'm the pushy older brother
Flipleyand the bratty younger brother at the same time
MattHSpit personality is kinda par for the course around here...;_0
Amy_Madisonsplit personallity, HUH
Amy_Madisondamn spelling
MattHI can't tipe eithor...
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Amy_Madisonhey, I'm watching Buffy
impalergeneralam I the rakish absentee father?
MattHYou mean Hank Summers?
FlipleyYOU WISH! lol
impalergeneralYeah. Why can't we see him the Buffyverse?
Amy_Madisonthat would lead into Dopplegangerland again
FiatLuxWasn't he in Spain last they said? When Joyce died?
MariWillowYeah he was in Spain with his secretary
FiatLuxI liked tonight's Angel
Flipleysssshhhh lol
MattHDon't spoil it...
FlipleyWest coaster here
Amy_Madisondon't say a thing.....
MariWilloweast coast here and i don't get it til tomorrow!
FiatLuxNo spoiling, I wouldn't think of it.
MariWillowbecause my WB sucks.
impalergeneralall we know is that angelus is the new Hannibal Lechter
MariWillowno spoilers
Amy_Madisonbetting time
MattHI think Hannibal Lecter was scarier....
impalergeneralonly because he eats whole body parts?
Amy_Madisonespecially in Los Angelus
FiatLuxAnd possibly sexier but those might just be my issues.
* MattH groans painfully
Amy_MadisonKT Is staying
*** Jo ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
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MariWillowwb Jo
Jothanks mariwillow
Amy_MadisonKitties and torture
MariWillowokay something funky just happened to my connection. i got an unknown error
Amy_Madisonso did I
FiatLuxMe too with the error
MariWillowi had to switch to winamp
MattHI was using Winamp
Amy_Madisonhop it's ok
MariWillowi was using media player
Amy_Madisonelectric backsratcher
Amy_Madisonjust like the cartoon
MariWillowa protection spell?
MariWillowwhat episode are we talking about? lol
MariWillowi missed it
MattHOlder And Far Away
Amy_MadisonOlder and father away
Amy_Madisonthe security thing
MariWillowoh right..
MariWillowafter patrol massage or something
MariWillowsee i was close
MariWillowthe security tag
FiatLuxDuh duh dum, a cliff hanger.
MattHHalfrek & Dawn
Amy_Madisonwho's cliff
MariWillowI wish I could go to the pie party :(
FiatLuxYay for the CarpeDi SO
Amy_Madisonso do I
FiatLuxI'm stuck with the sour grapes party at the Beta
MariWillowi get no parties
impalergeneralI heard this song ONCE on the 4:30 in the morning
MariWillowoooo wait i get to go to a buffy meetup party tomorrow night
FlipleyWhere's your BuffyMeetup, Mari?
MariWillowIn Columbus, OH
FlipleyI've been avoiding the ones here in SF, even though they're only 5 blocks from me lol
FlipleySCARED of who I might meet, since there are some Bronzers I just want to whack lol
MariWillowWell I've always wanted to meet more Buffy fans
MariWillowthere are so little actually around me
impalergeneralsame here
MariWillowall my Buffy friends, aside from my best friend are out of state
Flipleylol.....I'm a spooky loner, I
FlipleyI'll keep my Buffy friends to a special few lol
Amy_Madisonyou're not to far from me
MariWillowso when I saw the link for the meetup site on someones opendiary ( i followed it and signed myself up
MariWillowLOL well I met my boyfriend and our circle of friends through Buffy
MariWillowwho's not too far from who?
Amy_Madisonnaked twister
Amy_Madisonkitty poker
*** Jo has left #thesuccubusclub
Amy_Madisonnot kitty
impalergeneralI'll be going too.
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ()
MariWillowNo kittens!
MariWillowI met Clem
MariWillowI've got pictures with him
Amy_Madisontking about how hot Faith is
MariWillowand I've met Lorne, and the Grooslug also
MariWillowalso, Jeff mariotte and I are buddies, and I've met Christopher Golden.
MariWillowThe MidOhioCon is awesome.
Amy_Madisonblood ties
FlipleyIt sounds like good times
FiatLuxSeeing Red?! heh heh
MariWillowOh it's a great time.
Amy_Madisonhaving b-days
MattHCandy gave her that question.
MariWillowis this blood?
Amy_Madisoncounting money
MariWillowcelebrating her birthday
MariWillowstealing things
Amy_Madisonhas no life
MariWillowdark blue
MariWillowlol i know, me either
MariWillowbreak it
MariWillowdaddy issues
Amy_Madisoncant get out
MariWillowBuffy, Dawn, Angel, Wes, Giles, Xander
MariWillowshe can't leave
MattHI hate that last question.... Grrrr....
MariWillowyeah that wasn't a good question
MariWillowthat was a good show :)
Amy_Madisonyeah, that narrows it down
MattHShe isn't really sorry for missing Angel ;-)
MariWillowlol i know she's not
MariWillowbut I personally can't wait because I'm a huge Angelus fan
Amy_Madisonme to sorty of
FiatLuxHappy Anniversary Kitty and Candy
FiatLuxWell, I'm gonna go now. Bye all
MariWillowHappy Anniversary K, C, and Producer Ethan
Amy_Madisonsee you next week, maybe
*** Signoff: FiatLux ()
MattHCYA next week everyone
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ()
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