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MattH'Lo all
MariWillowHi Matt :)
impalergeneralAh, another reular!
impalergeneralor regular
MariWillowah, well you could go to kinko's
impalergeneralHmmm...didn't think of that. I just hope when I do get pix, they actually look good.
MariWillowaww i wish i was there
impalergeneralyeaaaaaaaahhhhhhh....but I have to work tonight, then catch my plane five hours later
MattHSame here
MattHSaying I wish I was there...
impalergeneraloh, yeah....
impalergeneralGood thing I am flying in there, and just WALk all over the place.
MariWillowCoolio? lol He did a song that was on buffy?
MattHI thought it kind of quivered a little...
MattHMove to LA and help the helpless....
impalergeneralI htink Principal Wood will be talkd out of killing Spike, while MamaFirst will have th eoposing view. That ought to drive him nuts
impalergeneralor the opposing view
MattHI doubt Spike will be killed by Principal Wood... although the name (Wood) could be a type of foreshadowing
impalergeneralAshanti was too dull to be an evil demon. She needed more subtle attitude...especially towards suckers, I mean guys
MattHShe was dull...
MariWillowyes she was
impalergeneralLil' Kim, however...that would have been a better idea
MattHSo long as they got someone who could act.
impalergeneralMaybe some of the Buffy staff are secretly glad they never did get Britney on the show
MariWillowarrrghhhh my connection is poop...i keep getting buffered.
MattHShonda Farr did a good job as the robot. Britney might have been able to handle it.
impalergeneralyeah, but how about a demon who is dull except for her glowing eyes?
MattHSo got the job due to affirmative action for Slayers...
Amy_Madisonnot exactly
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MattHLoved Giles' drawing
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impalergeneralYeah, but you'd think he could have taken art courses
MattHMaybe he did ...
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impalergeneralnow music for a Slayer to run away by
MariWillowdoes anyone know the song that played during the promo last night? i'd like to d/l it
MattHNot I - sorry
MariWillowit's ok
MariWillowworth a shot
impalergeneralAh, the Bob Fosse wannabe demon is here!
impalergeneralHis next plan...."Chicago" wins Best Picture by a unanimous vote
MariWillowhmm i think impalers connection is faster than mine because your ahead of me
MariWillowhey chicago was great
impalergeneralI switched to Windows media Player
MattHI have a little netlag, but not much.
MariWillowhmm i tried it but it kept giving me errors
MariWillowmaybe it's fixed
impalergeneralYes, Chicago was great, and it should win best picture...unles the old f*rt vote gives to "Gangs of New York"
MattHI am using Winamp so I can record the show.
MariWillowi was using winamp but it keeps stopping
MariWillowbut it's nice to know i can download the mp3 later :)
MariWillowi always miss stuff due to a craptastic connection
MattHMust be the connection - I haven't had any problems lately (knock on wood..)
MariWillowhey did anyone else notice that the Chao An girl was the same girl that played Shelby Woo on Nickelodean?
impalergeneralReally? I didn't even notice.
MariWillowI swear.
MattHI don't find Dawn annoying at all...
impalergeneralthe more weapons dawn has, the less annoying she gets
MattHSince I don't get Nickleodean, I can't comment.
MariWillowI don't find Dawn annoying anymore...of course I thought her 'get out, get out, get out!' thing was funny
MariWillowoh well it was yrs ago that show was on Matt\
MattHHer get out routine was find the first time... not the second... but I blame the writers.
MariWillowlol i always thought it was funny
impalergeneralafter she wasn't the Key, it was hard for them to decide what she'd be
MariWillowand teenage girls really are annoying. they hate the world and everyone in, it was true to life.
MattHBuffy has killed a human... one of the Knights of Byzantium
impalergeneralbut it was self-defense, since they were throwing stuff at him
MariWillowdoes that girl sound like the new SIT Amanda to anyone else?
MattHMaybe...I get all the SITs confused (except for Kennedy)
MariWillowthe one that Dawn found. the girl in the school.
MattHOh...her...maybe... It might be the mike.
MariWillowprobably is but that's who she's making me think of lol
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MariWillowwb Amy
Amy_Madisonhi again
impalergeneralHi there
MattHWelcome back
MariWillowlol robin wood
Amy_MadisonRobin wood what?
impalergeneralWait, he mentioned his first name in the season opener
MariWillowdid he? i never caughti t
impalergeneralI think it was reevaled well before eysterday
MariWillowhmmm...probably. i'm oblivious to lots of things lol
MattHGood episode ... like the comment about Giles her the Harbringer's shoes squeaking.
MattHWow...I must be psychic. They just mentioned the squeaky shoes.
Amy_Madisonthat was precious
Amy_Madisonthere in a different position
MattHEden Studios - didn't they do the Buffy RPG?
MattHBut the ratings have dropped...
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impalergeneralnot this got its highest numbers of the year
MattHOh ... I haven't followed the ratings lately.
impalergeneralI just hope "Angel's" numbers get a jump this wekk...even if it's going off for three weeks because the WB is "protecting it"..or throwing in the towel.
MariWillowit's going off for 3 weeks??
MariWillowthere is an angel tomorrow and an angel next week....i didn't know it was going on a break
impalergeneralyeah, the WB is showing th elast two eps of "Birds of Prey", then a "Lone Ranger" movie the week after that. Call that throwing in the towel?
impalergeneralThere's no "Angel" next week
impalergeneralapparently the WB is not competing against the "Batchelorette" finale next week. "Angel's" too puny
MattHYeah...they are holding off Eliza Dushku until after the sweeps...
impalergeneralEliza could kick the Batchelorette's butt
MariWillowi hate the wb
MattHShe could kick my butt... and I'd thank her ;-)
MariWillowlol kinky
MattHCrud - lost connection
MariWillowme too
MariWillowi got a unknown error
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MattHOn the plus side - I didn't have to hear the speaker...I think she should show K&C a little more respect
MattHHiya Light-Boy
FiatLuxHey all
impalergeneralI missed some of her comments, too. Maybe she hates the fact our little group is growing up
FiatLuxYou all have connection problems too?
MattHYep for about a minute I lost connection
MariWillowyeah, but i couldn't get it to reconnect
MariWillowi had to switch back to winamp
MattHWMP has been a little flaky lately for the Succubus Club.
MariWillowso i've noticed
MattHBuffy has never been big on forgiveness
impalergeneralonly because she's done things she is ashamed of...and the fact that she has abandonment issues
MattHDo all Slayer's have abandonment issues? Faith certainly did, and Kendra had cause (though we didn't see if she had a problem with it)
MariWillowokay, when the heck was gangsters paradise on angel?
MariWillowi missed a step.
impalergeneralI don't remember, either
MattHYou've lost me...
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MariWillowtalking about the music they are playing
MattHI tuned it out. ;)
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FiatLuxIt was the one where Gunn sold his soul, it was in a flashback I think
MattHI am repressing that episode
MattHLike I do with most episodes of Angel
MariWillowah..i bet it was.
MariWillowi love angel. i don't like cordelia anymore
MariWillowi don't get to see angel til tomorrow
MattHI have never really been interested in Buffy RPGing...which is strange as I have been into RPGing since the late 70s.
MattHVampire - The WOD...ugh.
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MattHI have never done any LARPing.
MattHWitchcraft looked good
impalergeneralAHA! There's Flipley
impalergeneralWhen I arrive, I'll have "business cards" to pass out
MariWillowi wanna go to the pbp
* MariWillow cries
MattHThere, there....
impalergeneralDo you live too far away to travel?
* MattH pats MariWillow awkwardly
MariWillowi live in columbus, oh
MariWillowit's a money issue
MariWillowbelieve me, if i had the money i'd so be on a plane.
MariWillowunfortunately, i don't
MariWillowi've always wanted to go to a pbp :( i'm sad that i never will get to go to one now.
impalergeneralI;m lucky to go because I was able to find a Motel six near the Hollywood Bowl, plus cheap fares that are now cheaper than driving (thanks to higher gas prices)
impalergeneralBesides, mariWillow, there's always conventions
MariWillowyeah i know and i go to the local one, the MidOhio Con, but it's not the same. It's not ALL buffy & angel.
MariWillowthere is just mark lutz, andy hallet (lord knows I love them both and they are great guys) and James Leery (clem) came this past year, and he's a complete doll too, but it's not the same.
impalergeneralWell, only few cons are like that...mainly in the UK. I'm lucky I was able to go to this one with a minimum of cash!
impalergeneralIf you visit Bronze beta, I will give reports on there
impalergeneralif I can find a public internet computer
MariWillowlol ok
impalergeneralor visit my website at
impalergeneralwhoa..Who Wants to Torture Kitty...with three lifelines!
MattH3rd question was tough
MattHHairy eyeball
MattHSesame Street
MattH11 pounds
MattHOnly cause Candy was *really* generous...
impalergeneralanyone home?
MattHI am
MariWillowi'm here
impalergeneralJust checking
MattHI think Gunn is doomed...
impalergeneralMy guess is welll..I'm hoping Lilah, but I think it's someone else
MattHI don't think Angelus will kill Gunn...I just think that he is going to die soon.
impalergeneralOh, well...that could be bad.
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MattHHiya NJP
NJPhey matt
impalergeneralHi there!
NJPanyone watch Angel tonight? (scuse me "Angelus?")
MattHNick - btw thanks for all of the posting on the board. I find your posts really insightful
impalergeneralIt's an hour away here in CA, but I have heard rumours
NJPthank you
MattHNot yet - it doesn't come on for another hour.
NJPI wont spoil but it is really quite good....and maybe...just maybe...someone (or thing) from Buffy makes an appearance...
MattHI am already spoiled....I know most of what happens
impalergeneraloooooohhhh? That better not mean this person will count this this as one of this person's three appearances, mainly it's officials starting March 5th
MattHI hope not.
NJPno, no Faith......some *thing*
impalergeneralYeah, I think this person will be in a big chunk of eps starting in three weeks as their only hope against...well, what seemed to be a good idea at the time
NJPI'll say this: Angelus "The Beast has a boss."
MariWillowno spoilers please
MariWillowi don't get it til tomorrow night
impalergeneraland does it come in many different morphy flavors?
impalergeneraldo't answer that, because it could be smoeone else
NJPdon't know. just guessing.
NJPIt's just nice to have two really great hours a week now.
impalergeneralthey'd be better on the same network
NJPI've just felt like Angel was limping along for a while now
NJPSorry, Kitty, I want Angelus around for a *long* time
impalergeneralIt willlimp again once this Angelus arc ends
NJPYou know, if there is a Faith spinoff, it could end up on the WB
NJPjust as easily as UPN
MattHI hope there wil be a spinoff
NJPseems like they could be setting up Kennedy and Principal Wood
NJPfor life after Buffy
impalergeneralthere should be....and should serve as a platform for a more satisfying Buffy farewell if this season is the last, and they don't have time for a better story (especially if Angel also goes)
NJPWell, according to reports, both UPN and WB have agreed to open the crossover gates for the finale
impalergeneralyeah, but that's been reported since last month when the WB bigwigs have said they wouldn't stop such a story
impalergeneraland UPN would never object to Angel visiting
NJPBoreanaz is quoted as saying he will be in the Buffy finale
NJPdone deal
impalergeneralthat's not a spoiler, just a fact that has been said
impalergeneralUPN officials have said if Angel wants to be on Buffy, go ahead. Wee don't know for sure yet.
MattHThe question is wether or not Angel will have a 5th season
MariWillowi'm out of her..bye ppl :)
MattHCya MariWillow
NJPTV guide yesterday...he was interviewed and said he was scheduled to appear.
impalergeneralYeah, and if this week's show get LOWER ratings, it may be the end
MariWillowbye Matt
*** Signoff: MariWillow ()
NJPScares you, doesnt it. Whedon may be off teevee next year
impalergeneralOh, NJP, I wasn't aware of that
NJPtime for bed, guys, catch you all later
MattHI don't have as much emotionally invested in Angel, and I didn't really care for Firefly
*** Signoff: NJP ()
impalergeneralWell, I'm still hoping he'll give us one last crossover mini-series to wrap everything up
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