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FlipleyHey Matt
MattHHiya Flipley
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FlipleyHi David
impalergeneralHi there
MattHHi Impaler
impalergeneralHello there. So, Flipley, have you developed your PBP pix?
FlipleyBeen working 12 hours days upon return...have to take them in tomorrow
impalergeneralWow! Those are long days!
impalergeneralwhat do you mean 8-8?
Flipley8am to 8 pm
MattHOuch - I've done that. No fun.
FlipleyEarning OT for my Euro trip
impalergeneralHmmm. The last time I did that, I was cracking crab at the height of crab fishing season at a processing plant
FlipleyI'm in my office, not quite as rigorous lol
Flipleyleaves me time for this lol
impalergeneralLucky you. Say, I tried to enter my post in the Bronze beta yesterday, but it kept rejecting my posts. I sent an e-mail to the administrator, but I have the feeling I may be forced to move elsewhere
Flipleyhaven't had a problem, but I don't post there often
impalergeneralWell, I keep getting a note saying I'm not authorized to post there, and if the administrator decides not to answer my e-mail, I just hpe will put up with me
Flipleythat's strange...did you get any warnings about inappropriate posts prior to this?
impalergeneralnope. They never sent me any complaints. This happened before with TV Without Pity, but they decided to give me another chance, and I'll try to be more careful somehow
impalergeneralI'm just not surprised when someone decides to freeze me out of an internet posting board without warning. I just think I've been a BB vet for so long, they should at least tellme why they want me to nevr darken their board again
FlipleyI wonder if the Bronze is about you busting into the PBP Saturday
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Flipleyhi HS
MattHHi Hiddensky
hiddenskyHi. Finally remembered to tune in and log on in time. :)
impalergeneralWell, Flipley, it probably is, but I would never have gotten inside if one of the guests hadn't given me her guest pass. That's how it happened. But if they decide they don't want me back, that's the way it goes
MattHDefinitey don't want Kitty to change the ending.
impalergeneralhello, hiddensky
MattHNo Kitty Torture :_(
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Marlowehey guys!
impalergeneralHello to Marlow
impalergeneralMarlowe, that is
Flipleyhi cm
hiddenskyhi, Marlowe
MattHHiya CM
*** hiddensky is now known as HiddenSky
impalergeneralOh, CM, my review of "Get It Done" is on my website. It gies my opinion about how Buffy may have made the right decision
MarloweI think she made the right decision too
Marlowehi Matt
MattHI was just getting to like Angel again, and then they take it off for 2 weeks
Marlowei thought no new eps until March
HiddenSkyYeah, the hiatus is killing me. Although the weirdness of spoilers for 4x18 is doing the same. :P
impalergeneralYeah, I mean, take a look at what Angel's Fang gang did. That proves the Proto-WC, who is too much like the modern one, hust doesn't get it.
impalergeneralor just doesn't get it
MattHor 3 weeks, ;-)
impalergeneralor just "Slayers"
impalergeneralirate listeners? Nobody doesn't like K and C!
MattHThe irate person last week was in the class - I don't think she was a listener.
impalergeneralthat proves my point!
impalergeneralhmmm....maybe K and C should notice that "Buffy" is borrowing an idea from Angel (Wood/Holtz) and vice versa (reviving angelus/making Buffy more powerful and less human)
Flipleyborrowing or paralleling?
MarloweWood isn't quite as bad as Holtz yet, but he is getting there
MattHI don't think they have made Buffy more powerful - she had the opportunity and turned it down.
impalergeneralcome to think of it, Buffy borrowed both of them from Angel
impalergeneralOK, paralleling. That's what I said before in my review.
impalergeneralBesdies, if Buffy got that extra power, she would mourn her friends even less...or not at all (even Dawn), and may eventually be worse than the First
MattHI was just getting to like Angel again, and then they take it off for 2 weeks
MattHWe don't know what would have happened if she had taken the extra power.
MarloweI'm not sure what they're doing with Anya now
impalergeneralWell, blame the WB. They don't have any faith that "Angel" canhold up against "The Batchelorette"..and how can a blue-masked Lone ranger be better than Angel?
Marloweshe seems to be regressing
MarloweI saw a promo clip of the Lone Ranger
MattHI wonder if Anya will survive the season...
Marlowethey think westerns are how now?
impalergeneralwell, if you know what Emma Caufield's plans are for the future, you already know
HiddenSkyGood point, MattH..wouldn't be shocked if she didn't
MattHWesterns can be good... but you need *good* actors and writing.
impalergeneraland that may not be in this Lone ranger movie
HiddenSkywell, yeah, but they could've found another way to write her out...but I could see her dying
MarloweI know she been kinda wanting to get out of the acting thing
MattHShe is? I though she just wanted out of the role...
impalergeneralwhat does she want to do?
MarloweI'm not sure, I don't think she has said specifically
impalergeneralall right... a more positive Sarah MacLaughlin song to end a season
MattHEnd the season on a positive song - definitely a sign of the end of the world ;-)
HiddenSkylol, yeah, not like Season 2 (I'd be bawling right now if they were playing that)
Marlowespeaking of Anya
HiddenSkyif she dies, my guess is her "purpose" brings about her death
MattHCandy saying real nice things about Dawn.... another sign of the Apocalypse...
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impalergeneralWell, maybe dawn will have a's overdue
MattHProbably will turn out to be an expert lockpicker ...
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Marlowesorry about that...had to reboot the computer
impalergeneralyes, hi there
impalergeneralare you on Win 98?
MattHWillow was useful long before she was a witch.
impalergeneralyeah, but Willow can't put the First in a file, and hit "delete"...say, that might work
impalergeneralbu tthen the First would undelete itself, so....
MattHUse the internet to hypnotize everyone so they can't see or hear the first.
Marloweyes I am
HiddenSkyheh, 404: First not Found
MattHHmmm, maybe the first is actually Bill Gates
HiddenSkyI could buy into that... Bill Gates=Evil
Marlowechecking out an emma caulfield site
Marlowelooking for articles...the most recent thing i've found is a chat transcript the end of January
MattHAngel didn't fight as well when he was Buffy-whiped (to quote Spike)
impalergeneralhow about when he went into Clint eastwood mode whenhe "fired" his staff?
MattHHe fought really well then
impalergeneralWell, maybe Buffy should be like Angel in Clint eastwood mode. That's the best of both worlds (somewhere between angel and angelus)
MattHCertainly he would be more interesting.
impalergeneralWell, Buffy was like that, too, in season two.
MattHDid Wood know about Dawn
impalergeneralAs for Wood, well, I think he can be talked out of killing Spike..and the First would want to prevent that
Marloweprobably not
Marlowehe wouldn't be able to survive a fight with Spike, i think
impalergeneralIt's not like Holtz. Spike doesn't know who Wood really is, but it will give him pause when he does
MarloweI don't think he's fought many vampires
MattHWho, Wood?
impalergeneralhe said he did, while a watcher trained him
MattHSome - he said that he had never fought 2 at once.
impalergeneralHe's...what, 35? I'd think he nailed at least 50
Marlowein the ep First Date
Marloweperhaps not vampires of Spike's age
HiddenSkyThat would be sad if he had more experience than Wesley did upon arrival in Sunnydale, but not surprising
impalergeneralwell, a vamp is a vamp. He does know what to do,and could have gotten into the Watching Game if the WC knew about him
impalergeneralWesley was fresh out of the academy. he didn't know squat about Slaying...not in real life, that is
MattHWesley had only faced 2 vampires, and those were under "controlled conditions"
Marlowedidn't have much reaction to news that the WC was gone
impalergeneralhe does now, of course, because being with Angel is a more effective education. He could "watch" Faith, if she needed it.
MattHWell, she would need someone good at the "book-learning." I like Faith, but I just can't see her as research gal.
impalergeneralMaybe no one is weeping for the WC because no one liked the management style...apparently invensted by those Shadow guys
HiddenSkyThat's a dynamic I'm eager to see...Faith seeing the "new" Wes
MarloweWood is going to get one heckuva education
impalergeneralor give one
MarloweI'm presuming he's been pretty much a loner in the slaying business
MattHAt least he didn't get turned into a puppet.
impalergeneralbut if you mean getting "education" about vengenace, I agree. maybe he ca teach it to the Gypsies who cursed Angel
Marlowethe only problem I had with the shadow play thing was the chains
MattHYeah - shoulda been ropes.
Marloweno forges back them
MattHDidn't realize that until *you* brought it up, though...
Marlowesomeone else brought it up as well
impalergeneralWell, they see the Slayer as a weapon, or as I put it...they get a girl to kill the vanpires--so they don't have to. That idea alone is where they went wrong. You teach a Slayer, and help her do the job until she can do it herself.
Marlowethey also mention the book was in Sumerian and the Old Guys were speaking Swahili
MattHI must have missed that post.
MattHThe book must have been written after the creation of the slayer.
impalergeneralwell, it must have been passing down oral history
Marloweotherwise, I thought the shadow play was cool
impalergeneralthe guys were speaking Swahili so that we fans wouldn't notice
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MattHHello Amy
Amy_MadisonEEPPP!!!! I almost forgot again
Marlowehi Amy
impalergeneralHi amy
HiddenSkyhi amy
Amy_Madisonat least I did'nt miss Kitten Torture
MattHNo matter how much power they have, it won't be enough.
MattHNo Kitty Torture tonight
MattHAnd I am *not* joking :(
impalergeneralI agree. The chance Buffy was given would wind up destroying her.
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Amy_Madisonmaybe buffy's turning into 'W
impalergeneralMaybe she already has the power, and is just reluctant to use it...which puts her ni the same boat as willow
MattHHi Bob
impalergeneralhellow bob Dean
Marlowefirst time here Bob Dean?
HiddenSkySomething may happen that'll make her really wish she had it, but I think she made the right choice because it would've consumed her
HiddenSkyhi bob
impalergeneralBuffy was pretty bad *ss when she had to be in the early days. Maybe she has to recall that
Amy_Madisonmight be another reason Faith is goming in
impalergeneralwell, there's a Slayer who doesn't care. She might fit the bill
MattHGot to disagree with K&C - the First Evil doesn't seem to have *any* power.
Amy_Madisonnot on it's own
impalergeneralIt just has to exploit what's in others. Maybe it can die due to being ignored
impalergeneralbut then the big Demon army will pay attention to the First
Amy_MadisonGiles has say that in the beginning
MattHThat's why they should focus on people who the first could influence. Making everyone else blind and deaf to the first could effectively neutralize it.
Amy_Madisonpiccies = good
Amy_Madisonscanning piccies = really good
impalergeneralbut that's not much of a battle. no one will ever think of that
MattHSort of like Glorie's weakness was covered up by the fact that no one could remember it.
impalergeneralagain, maybe Buffy already has the power to win. She just has to tap into it, and accept what she'll be by doing so. Same for willow..and they both must say they did what they had to do.
impalergeneralAndrew the "guestage"
impalergeneralhe's doomed
MattHEither him or Xander.
impalergeneralnoooooooo....they wouldn't dare kill xander!
MattHI hope not.
HiddenSkyI don't think they'll kill Xander. He's the heart of the group and it would be a big blow if they did.
Marloweanyone but Spike
HiddenSky(Of course, they've killed Buffy, so what am I saying? *shrug* *wink*)
MattHOr Spoke could Shansu
MarloweI've noticed that Buffy has been looking particularly good lately
impalergeneralYou know, "Entertainment Weekly" didn't like this episode...but then the review was written by someone who doesn't know the show
MattHRe: killing Buffy - been there, done that. Been there, done that.
MarloweSpoke? Spike's Evil Twin?
impalergeneralBuffy should live, but maybe be too scared to Slay because it makes her feel unclean...unless Angel snaps her out of it. That's an idea
Amy_MadisonSpiky = Spike + Kitty
Amy_Madisonthat's better
MattHMy guess is that Buffy will somehow lose her powers, correcting the imbalance in the Slayer line.
impalergeneralThe only thing wrong about that idea, MattH, is that she'll be killed off by a vampire 30 seconds later--and I don't want to see that
MattHShe is beginning to sound more like Giles in pushing the SITs, so she and he could be instrumental in rebuilding the Watchers council.
impalergeneralI would like her to stay in the Slaying game as a Watcher,and maybe be a pretty good Slayer anyway.
HiddenSkyYeah, I don't think Buffy can go to being a "regular" person.
impalergeneralbecause she shouldn't be. Otherwisem, she wouldn't be Buffy
MattHBeing a Watcher is *not* being a regular person.
MattHBut she'd have to develop a British accent.
impalergeneralunless you get a job that provides a paycheck
HiddenSkybut it's not the high octane life she's been leading...the slayer essence is part of who she is
impalergeneralwatchers don't equal brits. No one says it has to be
MattHThat was a joke ;-)
HiddenSkyI mean, she loses her powers and works at Doublemeat Palace? Don't think so.
impalergeneralOK, but I'd like to see watchers of all races and creeds
MattHIt may be that the WC still has assets elsewhere. Giles would likely know.
MattHOf course they do. I doubt Sam Zambuto was British.
MattHAlthough it is possible.
impalergeneralYeah, he may have been jamaican
impalergeneralor frmo the Bahamas
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ()
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MattHHiya NJP
HiddenSkyhi, njp
NJPHey Matt
MattHNice posts on the mailing list.
NJPHi guys
Marlowehi NJP
NJPlots of good stuff this ep
MattHYeah on both BTVS and Angel
Marloweshould be more good stuff coming up on Angel
NJPI opined on the list this that I think the army of ubervamps and the sun blotting may be connected
impalergeneralHi, NJP. You're becoming quite the commentator
MattHWell, Faith...duh... (channeling inner Cordelia) ;-)
MattHI think the FE may be behind what is happening in LA as well.
impalergeneralWell, despite the fact there is a connection, it's something the WB is trying not to mention
impalergeneralor it's an evil being that may become the FE's wife
MattHI don't think the FE has a gender.
NJPthanks. I think that they have two separate stories that can be "connected" in an indirect way
NJP(Possible Spoiler)
Marlowethey better be connected
impalergeneralwell, its gender can ge negotiated
NJPGina Torres is going to be doing some Angel eps
impalergeneralI heard about that. Just don't tell us who she could be. I have a guess, but I won't mention it here.
impalergeneralIt's connected to last week's show, right?
impalergeneralOoooooookay! That may explain what has happened
NJPI think that Willow's upcoming appearance on Angel may involve catching the LA crew up on Sunnydale Events and vice versa
HiddenSkyyeah, I think there's an indirect connection between the two plotlines
MarloweI hope so
NJPIf the sun eventually goes black all over the world then the ubervamps could rampage at will
Marloweit would be one heckuva coincidence
impalergeneralWell, I am guessing Buffy wil have just reruns next month while Angel has new episodes. that way, they'll both be at the same level of the story by April
MattHNot too mention that they may need someone who has a better track record at casting spells... which I never would have thought I would say about Willow.
HiddenSkyit's one of those "non-crossover" crossovers...with crossovers :)
impalergeneralI have some idea what Willow will do. Think "early Buffy history"
MarloweAngel is supposed to appear on the last ep of Buffy
impalergeneralor sort of early
NJPAnd we have Faith crossing over as well
NJPLots of plot opportunity for folks in LA and Sunnydale to coordinate things
impalergeneralHe should appear more often than that for a more effective crossover
MattHI don't like too many crossovers.
MarloweI hate for it to be a token appearance
NJPThe trick, creatively here, is to have two relatively independent stories that share a connection.
impalergeneralsame here. That's why I've ben pushing for a six to 13 part miniseries to wrap up both shows
Marlowepost anywere NJP?
MattHWell, Angel is already connected to the FE.
NJPthese days just on the succubus club mailing list
NJPI used to do the Voy Boards but I am going spoiler free this year
NJPAnd damn glad of it
impalergeneralI usually visit the Bronze beta, but it's been rejecting my posts lately
Marlowewhat's been happening?
NJPReminds me. The writers usually log in the night after. Wonder if Petrie is hanging out tonight?
HiddenSkyAt the Bronze Beta? No posts so far.
impalergeneralWell, all I know is that I get a note saying I am not authorized to post at the Beta. Otherwise, i would have told people my review was ready. If I am banned, they should have told me.
impalergeneralIf I am banned, well, it was fun while it lasted.
NJPHe hasn't been around a lot lately, I think. I heard he's into movie script writing these days
Marlowethat's odd
NJPJust write the webmaster and ask. Could be a mistake
impalergeneralOnly that I didn't get a warning
impalergeneralI did. he hasn't answered my e-mail. I have apologized for anything I may have done. It may not help
impalergeneralIf I never get an explanation, well, again, it was fun while it lasted
impalergeneralBy the way, Cm, again, thanks for the CD
Marloweno problem,
NJPI'm not much for the Bronze Beta (or the old Bronze) I got to the show later and never really liked the linear board
Marloweyou e-mailed artie?
Marlowehow about phoenix
impalergeneralno, I e-mailed "" Isn't that artie?
NJPthe kids seem to be really bothered by that audience member who got all hinky about Buffy
MarloweI'm not sure, I've never tried contacting either of them
Flipleyfeh, they're over it now lol
impalergeneralNo, I didn't do that. Again, though, I'm just afraid I'm persona non grata anyway, and if there is no recourse, then I accept it
NJPReally. Ought to read Television Without Pity. Now there are some folks who *detest* Buffy
impalergeneralYou bet...and the great thing is you can detest other shows out there
FlipleyThey don't write about the ideas, and they're not as funny as they used to be at TWoP
Flipleyso it's no fun reading their snarkiness anymore
NJPIn order to write really effective funny snark, you have to like the show on some level
impalergeneralWell, just be less snarky and more straightforward
MattHI used to like TV Without Pity - but the Buffy I watch seems to be very different from the one they watch.
NJPthey used to but it has changed and they don't like it anymore
NJPwhich is their privelege but they shouldn't be writing a snark column
impalergeneralMaybe they want Buffy to be Bufframbo, and they'll love her again
MattHI still like their Smallville recaps
NJPbecause it comes across as just whining and bile
NJPthe Angel recaps are funny and snarky
MarloweDavid , try
impalergeneralThey seem to realy be more snarky about Gilmore Girls, but they are worried about what Rory's "nemesis", Paris, will do
HiddenSkyit really depends on the recapper
MattHSometime the Angel ones are good. Which I think is strange considering that I think it is the weaker of the 2 shows.
NJPThe recapper who does Angel, likes Angel
MarloweI rarely read the Angel/Buffy recaps
impalergeneralI will, CM, but I don't think now is the time. If I am "not authorized" at this time, then I just just lurk at the Beta, not post
NJPThe two recappers who do Buffy, Ace and Sep, are locked in the High School Years
NJPand hate everything since Grad Day II
Flipleyvery true
MarloweI do go to the Buffy forums
NJPI used to do limericks over there
Flipleysomeone pays for limericks? lol
NJPthey have a sometime thread
MarloweI do think the moderators over at TWoP are cracking down harder lately
NJPmost of them are pretty awful.
impalergeneralI think I know why I am persona non grata at the BB. I won't mention it, but if they are that angry at me, then I will stay out.
MattHI've never posted on the forums, but I used to read them. Then they banned some people I liked and I gave up.
FlipleyIt's because you're a rebel, David lol
MarloweI don't think you were the only on David
impalergeneralYes, the moderator sat TWOP are a tough bunch. That's why I would rather be straightforward in my reviews, or they may kick me out of there, too
NJPI used to get on Usenet. Then I got into a running battle with some one named Sarah T.
NJPAnother one who couldn't get past season 3
MattHI know of her... usenet used to have some good Buffy posters, but I don't read them much anymore.
impalergeneralWell, season three is the summit for me on Buffy, but there's a lot to say about what happened afterwards
impalergeneraland what is to come
NJPThe show has changed and evolved. It isn't what it was. If people don't like that, it is understandable
HiddenSkyI think S3 was definitely some of the best, but what's happened since isn't chicken feed.
NJPjust dont hang around complaining that it *isnt* what it isn't supposed to be
MattHI have like all the seasons. Season 2 & 3 are my favorites, but I would but 5 was very close.
Marloweanyone here know a lot about Animal House?
MattHNot a lot ... I haven't watched it in years.
impalergeneralToga! Toga!
NJP6 years of college down the drain!
MarloweI'm seeing a comment comparing Kennedy to Neidermyer
impalergeneralI've seen that film a few times....Neidermeyer, DEAD!
MattHYou're all worthless and week.
NJPWell, inasmuch as The Master was played by the fellow who was Niedermeyer....
impalergeneralI don't think Kennedy the SiT is as uptight as Neidermeyer
MattHI remember Neidermeyer more from Twisted Sister videos than I do from Animal House.
Marlowehe's that guy?
Flipleyshe's not uptight at all....she was just enjoying her power last night until she realized she didn't know what she was up against
impalergeneralyeah, then he becomes a heck of a vampire guy!
NJPMark Metcalf
NJPI think Kennedy was written a little shallowly last night
impalergeneralsome are expecting her to be like Faith and turn against Buffy...even though Amy Madison has already done that
HiddenSkyit was so hard to like her last night
MattHI think Kennedy is a little shallow. She hasn't been through the fire like the rest of scoobies.
impalergeneralwell, if Kennedy learns, she'll be OK...or not
NJPWell they seem to be bouncing between the "older" Kennedy..necessary to put her into a relationship
NJPand "immature" Kennedy which fits more with the SITS
FlipleyUm, you can be "older" and still immature lol
Flipleyesp. in that situation
impalergeneralwell, that explains "Old School"
HiddenSkyAll those writers and K&C didn't meet Drew Goddard? Or have they just not gotten to him yet?
impalergeneralc'mon, Joss has a kid now. He's busy...yet he SHOULD be on the show
HiddenSkyoh, there's my answer, LOL
NJPFlip, definite true but they need to find that in the character
MarloweDrew Goddard was HOT
HiddenSkyI've seen the pics, he does look like a hottie! (I had a PBP ticket but couldn't make it to LA. :( )
Marloweare you a Minion?
HiddenSky#52 :)
impalergeneralGee, you missed a lot. It was my first visit to Hollywood...and it's pretty interesting!
NJPI was in LA in the summer. Did the Buffy location Grand Tour
HiddenSkyI was hoping some family members would help me out, but no one had the $ for my plane ticket. :P Driving from PA would've taken longer and cost as much in the long run.
Marlowesorry to hear that Sky
impalergeneralwhat I should have done was visit a "fun run at Hollywood Boulevard that had lots of one-hit wonder bands
NJPWhat part of PA, Sky?
HiddenSkyI was in LA this summer for a weekend and was really hoping I'd make it back..hopefully I'll make it to a PBfP one of these days.
HiddenSkyI'm from suburban Philly, currently attending Penn State.
NJPHappy Valley
NJPI used to be a PSU fan.
HiddenSkyYup! :)
NJPNow I am an OSU fan
Marlowethere might be PBfP in New York
HiddenSkyGrr... (Ohio State, right? Not Oklahoma State?)
impalergeneralCandy got a free Season two DVD set??
MarloweThere is a group of Burgh Bronzrs
NJPYep. I used to live in NE PA
NJPNow I'm in the home of the Buckeyes
HiddenSkyYeah, I'll have to ask around about the Burgh Bronzers since State College is a bit closer to there as well as the South Jersey contingent. NYC would work, too.
NJPShe runs a radio show. I'm surprised that they arent showered with this stuff
Marloweyou go to the beta?
FlipleyAn internet radio show lol
Marloweor at least lurk there?
HiddenSkyWho are you asking? Moi?
NJPPie Reminds me. Going to the Vulkon thing in Cleveland in april and some folks on the mailing list were thinking about doing a pie thing
MarloweI'm going to the Vulkon thing too
NJPAre you on the mailing list?
Marlowedon't think so
NJPWe should put something out there soon
HiddenSkyYeah, I was AWOL for a few weeks prior to the PBP, though, as the disappointment was setting in. I've posted a few times since then, though, once it became inevitable I wasn't going on Saturday.
NJPYahoo kitty and candy group
Marloweyou might try getting a hold of OldManFan at the beta
NJPOnce again Angel gets the short shrift
MarloweI believe he's one of the burg bronzers and can get you more info
HiddenSkyit was a good Angel ep, too...oh, well
impalergeneralgreat, five minutes to comment on the ending of last week's show
NJPHey, after 7.22 they may have nothing but Angel to talk about
impalergeneralI'll say.
HiddenSkyI think I saw one of his posts mentioning the Burgh Bronzers earlier..I'll look into it
NJPThere was an internet story (EW) with a Boreanaz interview where they implied that this season was it
impalergeneralyest some UPN officials are claiming they can get SMG to do another season on a part-time basis
MarloweI saw that....
impalergeneralyou mean for Angel? Well, the WB's programming departent is to blame for that
NJPI think UPN picks it up in a hot minute
NJPespecially if they get a spinoff from Buffy
impalergeneralnot to mention the end of W and H, it seems, and what SciFi Wire is saying will happen soon.
NJPThis isnt a loser like "Roswell"
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MattHWell, since between the two shoes they will have 11 years worth of programming.
NJPI liked that show in the first season
NJPpains me to think of how they screwed it up
impalergeneralAgain, guys, Joss should give up a final mini-series to wrap up both Buffy and Angel next season, then set up the "new blood" to take over
impalergeneralor give us same mini-series
NJPThere is a distinct possiblity that Whedon may not be *on* tv at all next year
HiddenSkyUPN isn't in a good boat right now, though
NJPscary, huh?
impalergeneralThat'll drive him nuts. Maybe he'll direct his newborn kid
HiddenSkyLatest news is that UPN's loss of Disney kids programming diminishes their network status so they're not even on WB's netlet level
Marlowewell, there is that spinoff that keeps being bandied about
MattHWell, I'd miss Buffy, but I never got into Firefly, and Angel I can take or leave... it wouldn't affect me much either way.
impalergeneralnamely the one with faith, huh? If they do that, I just hope she isn't "on the run", but just someone who prefers to "wander around".
impalergeneralthen she can set up shop in Boston with her new watcher...kate Lochley
NJPUPN seems to be trying to get back to what worked for them before the WWF (excuse me, the WWE) thing with shows like Abby.
NJPThat might preclude going into more of the genre stuff
HiddenSkyUPN's lacking a coherent vision right now...not enough programming to forge their identity
impalergeneralwouldn't it be strange if the WB winds up airing any Buffy spinoff?
NJPWell, the guy who drove Buffy off the WB, Jamie Kellner just resigned from AOL/Time Warner
impalergeneralUPN is actually CBS jr. if Viacom decides to close doen UPN, it would do so without a tear
NJPI think Les Moonves wants UPN to be the rebroadcast network for CBS
impalergeneralhe also ruined wrestling, but it's just as well
MarloweI still like Smackdown
MattHIt wasn't so much him driving Buffy off, is that UPN was willing to pay a lot more per episode.
NJPKellner had the power to match any UPN offer but chose not to
NJP(He was the WB president at the time)
HiddenSkyViacom needs to make up their mind, then - netlet or an outlet like ABC Family or FX for the parent network
impalergeneralBecause Gilmore Girls are better
NJPThe success of this instant repeat business has yet to prove out
MattHAngelus is awesome.
impalergeneralUPN could merge with TNN, which would really be bad
NJP24 worked mostly because people had to tune in if they missed the original broadcast
HiddenSkyThe Buffy/Abby commercials crack me up. I applaud them for even trying to bundle the two into one ad campaign.
impalergeneralyou mean Lorne is EVIL?
NJPI am convinced that Angelus isnt really here
HiddenSkyI think Lorne read what he saw...I point back to Cordy's line about leaving it all behind in the cage..I think the spell was designed to trigger the loss of his soul once he left the cage.
impalergeneralThat's an idea, sky
HiddenSkyAngel was his old delegating self in the cage...he was jumpy when trying to cover when he went upstairs.
MattHHiddenSky - I didn't think of that. That is a good idea.
NJPThen again, if the FE could wipe memories, it could cause Loren to misread Angel
HiddenSkySo, I'm convinced he did regain the soul temporarily.
HiddenSkyAngel also had the line about it being temporary.
impalergeneralHe did say he wasn't sure how long the spell would last
MattHSo, did the soul return to the Mor-Ping?
impalergeneralMy guess is the Mor-Ping will be cracked, and they'll have to recover the soul in another way....which involves calling someone from Sunnydale
HiddenSkyThat's my guess, too.
impalergeneralIt's predictable, really
MattHThey mentioned that the Orb of Thesallah is needed for free souls...
NJPconvenient plot point: if the soul was out there in the ether then they could just get an Orb and return it
NJPthis way, they cant
NJPthey have to find the bottle o'soul
HiddenSkyYeah, soul in a jar
MattHYup. It may be out there now and they don't know it. After all, they asked the shaman *before* they did Cordy's spell, which may have released the soul from the jar.
NJPLogically, one would be suspicious of Cordy as the bottle thief
impalergeneralYeah, it may have zapped into Angel..and Cordevious probably is the soul thief
NJPExcept that if Cordy is channelling the FE, then why wouldn't she just destroy it
NJPThen again, I could see Wes hiding it from the others in his protective watcher way
HiddenSkyBut why would Wes hide it then go through all that to try and restore the soul, etc. when Angelus clearly leaves them in danger? (But he's not the only dangerous one.)
NJPIt was originally Wes's idea. He may have suspected a mole.
NJPBring back Lindsey!
MattHGod, someone should have
impalergeneralI'll say. I mean, does he have a thriving legal practice...despite an old truck?
impalergeneralWell, til next time....
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MattHThe PTB have never provided detailed information on how to accomplish something... just warnings. That should have been a red flag.
NJPYeah, I'm out of here
NJPNight all
Marlowenight all!
MattHCYA next week
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