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Marlowehi Matt
MattHHiya CM
Marloweheard about SMG?
MattHThat this is the last season of Buffy? Yes.
MattHEliza's pilot show upsets me means she is far less likely to be in a spinoff
MarloweI knew it was coming, but to have official word...
Marloweyeah, I was really hoping for a Faith spinoff
MarloweI have no idea what ME will do now
MattHStill possible, but far less likely
MattHI definitely don't want one of the SITs as a new slayer.
Marloweneither to I and I don't want Dawn the Vampire Slayer either
Marlowebut I might change my mind if Spike/JM is involved in either
MattHI could see a show focusing around Dawn, but not as a Slayer.
MarloweI'm praying Angel will come back next season
Marlowefrom 3 ME shows to possibly none
MattHMixed feelings about Angel...I have enjoyed the last few episodes but overall dislike most of the characters.
Marlowei really missed the dynamic between the characters
MattHI never cared much for Angel, hate what they've done with Cordy and never got into Fred or Gunn. I do like Wesley and the jury is up in the air re: Connor. I am liking him more now that I have read fanfic with him in it.
MarloweI hate what they've done to Cordy too, I did like the bond Wesley and Gunn used to have
Marlowei'm still on the fence on Connor, give him something to do other than hate his father
MattHI used to like Gunn better, but I never really liked him joining the group. Same goes to Lorne - excellent character, wrong for his current position/totally misused.
MarloweI agree
Marlowehe was great when he had the club...but he just doesn't really 'fit' anywhere now
MattHConner has potential, but not really in the current group dynamic. I agree he needs to have something other to do than to hate Angel.
Marloweman, are we going to be the only ones here tonight?
MarloweI enjoyed quite a bit of last night's Buffy
MattHMaybe - a lot of times people come in late.
MattHI enjoyed parts of it - but I thought there was far too much Andrew.
MattHThe self-referential humor was good at times, but I just find him boring...
Marlowemaybe a little too much Andrew
MarloweI wish they'd stop explaining the situation on Buffy
MarloweThe First...Slayers in Training....Hellmouth under the Principal's office is a little late to be targeting new viewers.
MattHLiked Buffy/Woods interactions
Marloweyes, I like the Spike/Wood interactions
Marlowea bit of testosterone
MattHYeah - I like the fact that Spike with soul is not acting the same way as Angel with soul. Spike is far less apologetic for his past, not mopey. Very enjoyable.
MattHI dislike the fact that Andrew is filling up some of Xander's part of the story.
Marloweat least Xander HAD a scene
MarloweI wonder if they'll pair him with Faith?
MattHI always thought they had a fair amount of chemistry together.
MarloweI really hope they have some decent Xander/Faith scenes
Marlowejust to see how they feel about each other now
MattHDefinitely - I also want to see how Willow and Faith interact. Plus Dawn - we don't know what she remembers of Faith. Be an interesting perspective.
Marloweso many interesting ways they can go
Marlowethe writers better not let me down
MattHI am just hoping they come through this alive... though I am guessing some won't (I am not counting SITs - they are red shirts)
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MattHHiya BR
buffyradiohi gang
MattHSo you enjoy last nights episode?
Marlowehi buffyradio!
buffyradioyeah, we did
buffyradiojust a good comical time
MattHCheese guy = Joss, delivering us cheese every week.
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MattHHiya impaler
impalergeneralHi Buffy Radio..and everyone else
impalergeneralI had a training class with th elocal baseball team I had to attend
MattHOk - you are forgiven then... ;-)
impalergeneralXander and Anya's last fling isn't...because this is how they started
MattHWhen I watched Anya/Xander together all I could think was that they looked so *old*... not like 21 or 22 year olds.
impalergeneralwell, TV adds ten years to those who portray teenagers
MattHTrue, but those closeups didn't help.
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MattHHi kb2spn - Bye kb2spn
impalergeneralyou say goodbye, and I say hello
impalergeneralHi there. I was held up at a traninig meeting with the local baseball team
MarloweI just sent you some e-mail
MattHAndrew knowing demon languages - not a stretch...he knows Klingon ;-)
buffyradiogotta count klingon
MattHI think Spike will not survive the season...
impalergeneralWell, if you are right, Matt, this ruins my idea of a spinoff with Wood. By the way, marlowe, I e-mailed you back...and thanks.
MarloweI'm thinking he will
MarloweI can't see them having Spike getting a noble death like Darla
MattHMaybe he'll shansu and "become a real boy"
Marlowepretty much everyone expects Spike to die in some way
MattHAnd then die... ;-)
MarloweAt the very least, I expect him to either sacrifice his soul or give his demon essence to Buffy
impalergeneralNo, that belongs to someone else..but Spike can have that, too, if he can kill a vampire with a popscile stick
impalergeneralor something tougher
impalergeneralAll right....Anya as jane Powell and Xander as jimmy Stewart (who did a musical or two early in his career)
MattHIf Spike does die, I don't see it at PWoods hands.
buffyradioi'd say his own
impalergeneralWell, he might even save Wood's skin. That should freak him out.
Marlowedefinitely not by Woods
impalergeneralthe principal, I mean
MattHI don't seeing Darla killing herself for the baby being the same... she knew she was going to lose her soul when the baby was born and didn't want to be a monster again.
impalergeneralHer son's soul redemmed her, ironically. Maybe she's in Purgatory now
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MattHHiya Amy
buffyradiohi amy
impalergeneralAh. Amy! I'm hoping her namesake will be in the "home stretch", maybe freeig her mom from the cheerleading trophy
Amy_MadisonI'm not going to do that ]
MattHWe don't know what happened to the trophy. I doubt it is still in the school.
impalergeneralI mean the real Amy...but it would be interesting if she tried it
Marlowethat would be cool
Marlowewrap up ALL the loose threads
impalergeneralBy the way, anyone notice some student almost disappeared like Marci Ross?
buffyradioit's prolly in a dump
buffyradiobecause didn't it land on the floor in the rubble?
MattHI think Wood will die also.
Amy_Madisonthat last time I saw it. It was in the old high school
Marlowethink they might close down the school for a while considering how trashed it got?
impalergeneralI don't know if all will be resolved in six more shows. That's why I keep lobbying for that mini-series, six to 13 hours, etc.
MattHOne of the shooting scripts for Season 4 mentioned that it was in the ruins
impalergeneralI have some faith in Robin Wood..I think he can be talked out of revenge, and could make Spike Redemption's B*tch
MattHSunnydale High principals are not to be trusted...he will probably be eaten.
buffyradio"I might be Redemption's bitch. But at least i'm man enough to admit it."
impalergeneralExactly! Angel could have said that if he had the chance
MattHAnything, so long as Spike doesn't start writing poetry again. ;)
impalergeneralIf Wood wants to dust Spike, he should at least explain why..and dare Spike to rebut it
Amy_MadisonSory, I was just reading my metion on the site
Amy_MadisonLet's kick it up a notch...
Amy_MadisonRuffled or not ruffled???
MattHBad pun
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MattHI don't think we know what Spike wants at the moment.
impalergeneralSpike is a fascinating guy, no doubt. He's edgier than Angel, it seems
MattHSpike no longer has a chip
Marloweit was about time....
Amy_Madisonthere asking Kitty about an episode???
impalergeneralThat demon was in "After Life", possessing people and making their eyes white
MattHEpisode 3 Season 6
MattHAngel locked the laywers in. Personally, I thought was a good deed. >:-)
Amy_Madisonsaving the world before bedtime
impalergeneralNo, if Spike dies, it should be to save Principal Wood. Then they'd be even
MattHMaybe they will both die together...
Marlowein each other's arms
impalergeneralwell, the carnage at the end will be big
impalergeneraleach other's arms? Is that you, Andrew?
Amy_MadisonI thing andrews video is going to fall into the wrong hands
impalergeneralRemember andrew called Spike and Wood's vibe as sexual tension?
MattHI was referring to that....betcha we get a lot of slash fanfics out of that
impalergeneralWell, the tape cold be the First's idea of a blooper reel...unless
MarloweI'm sure of it
Amy_Madisonit was interesting to see how the brinngers were 'turned'
MarloweI thought that was way cool
MattHKind of explains where they come from.
MarloweJr Bringers
impalergeneralyeah, from WWE High School
Amy_Madisonit was interesting to see a felmale. you really can't tell with all the black roby things on
impalergeneralequal opportunity possessor
Amy_Madisonrqandom kitty torture
Amy_Madisoncool. from the first Faith Eppy
Amy_MadisonI recognise it from the DVD openings
impalergeneralI have a copy of "5 by 5' that I found in a thrift store in Hollywood. Before faith returns next week, I've got to see that ep!
Amy_MadisonI should be getting my "OMWF" DVD this week
impalergeneralfrom where, Germany?
impalergeneralI did't know you could speak German. I know the songs are in English.
MattHI just plan to wait until the season 6 DVDs are out...should be soon for region 2.
impalergeneralwhile we in region one have to wait until the summer of 2004
Marlowewe're barely up to season 4 here
impalergeneralseason 4 DVD's are coming until June
MattHMulti-region DVD player - I live in LA
Amy_MadisonI'll be getting them too. I just got my Seasomn 5 R4's
MarloweI bought season 5 dvd and can only play them on my pc
impalergeneralYeah, I know. i should think about getting a multi-regional DVD just after I get lucky in the lottery
Marlowesame here, David
Amy_Madisonme 2
MattHThey aren't that expensive.
impalergeneralmarlowe, is the DVD program on your PC multi-regional?
Amy_MadisonAnd I ordered my Angel S3's
MarloweI downloaded some dvd program that allows me to play them
impalergeneralis there a cost to the program?
MattHI haven't ordered the S3 angels - I have S2 and haven't even watched them yet.
Marloweit was free, hold on a sec
impalergeneralthanks in advance
Amy_Madisonthe next 2 week are double repeats for us
impalergeneralLet us slaute faith, before she quits and gets a new job as a time-traveler (yawn)
Amy_Madisonhot many time can Kitty keep saying 'Faith is so Hot"
Marlowelook for DVD Genie in the Download section
impalergeneralthanks again
Amy_MadisonNO KITTY TORTURE - Next week FAITH TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy_MadisonMONKEY PAN TORTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
impalergeneralBuffyradio invades "Succubus Club"? what have I done?
impalergeneralI told Buffyradio about "Succubus Club", by the way
MattHI'll wait until I hear the show before I decide to put a hit out on you ;-)
impalergeneralIt's not that bad. they're kind of goofier than K and C..only because there are more people.
impalergeneralI guess Dawn can't be a reasonable facsimile..until 2005
MattHWhy 2005?
impalergeneralI figure by that time, dawn will have enough experience to claim that she could be a Slayer, even if she isn't Chosen--unless we get another Chosen One.
Amy_MadisonJoss want's to continue 'in one form or another' whayever that means
MattHW/o Faith, I would like a spin-off without a slayer (or souled vampire)
impalergeneralwell, he says "it's far from over." if he's got a plan that will include SMG after that "Romantic Comedy", I've got patience
MarloweI hope we know something soon
Amy_Madisontheres still Ripper and the 'toon' series
impalergeneralthe only hope: another season of "Angel" if the WB still cares about the show (which I don't believe), and Buffy can come back for the final six shows.
Amy_MadisonI think
impalergeneralI read from someone the cartoon series could be released on DVD.
Amy_MadisonWB screwed it up with the WS stuff
impalergeneralthye made eight shows, which would be a satisfying sample
MarloweI want to see Firefly on DVD as well
Marloweand see those 3 unaired eps
impalergeneralwe'd seriously need that
Amy_Madisonthat's gonna be soon I think
Amy_MadisonI heard something about it at the end of the year
impalergeneralthe Buffy books is an alternate universe, and it prefers Riley over Angel--whcih I don't like
Amy_Madisonbut that's a GUESS?
impalergeneralwell, the Firefly DVD's wil come when they come
MattHI've read most of the Buffy novels...they aren't well written. The best fanfiction I have read is better.
MarloweI hope the last two issues of Fray actually get issued
impalergeneralI just wish we'd find out more about the Blue hand group
MattHYeah - Joss is taking forever with Fray
MarloweThe only Buffy novels I've got are the ones by Christopher Golden
Amy_MadisonI'm still waiting for the Charmed DVD too, they were supposed to be on this moth but got changed to June
Amy_Madisonso you see things can get chaged
Amy_MadisonA LOT
impalergeneralFray 's final two issues will be relased, but I think it will after the Buffy finale. Otherwise, it may reveal too much about how the show might end.
MarloweIve heard April/May
impalergeneralor maybe the Frayverse is in another dimension separate from Buffy.
MattHJoss said it was canon.
MattHOf course, Joss lies ;-)
impalergeneralwell, maybe it's canon for another universe, yeah, that's it....or not
Amy_Madisonlike another dopplegangeverse
impalergeneralhey, it worked for Willow
Amy_MadisonLeather Willow
MattHYay - Kitty Torture.
Amy_MadisonI give her 10
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impalergeneralHello Crhis
impalergeneralor Chris
Amy_MadisonOh wasit, that's a '10' on Kitty's picture
impalergenerallong time listener?
Chris1697whats up
Amy_MadisonHis character sucks
Marlowehi chris
MattHHe is a lesbian
Amy_MadisonKitty beat me to the line
Amy_Madisonwith Kitty
Amy_Madisonoz left
MattHtruth spell
Amy_Madisonbuffy cant talk stay and talk to her
Amy_Madisonsmash stuff
Amy_Madison2 sec
Amy_Madisonhe's right outside
Amy_Madisondemon magnet
MattHRiley drove in Season 5 in the Replacement
MattHJust complaining about the connection... :_(
Amy_Madisonbig pile of dust
MattHDhoffr'yn mentioned where he lived earlier this season.
Amy_Madisongot to have something
Amy_Madisondetain giles car
Amy_Madisonbad spelling
Amy_Madisondoing 'something' for Giles
Amy_MadisonFaith is SO hot
Amy_MadisonWillow Is so Magically Delicious
Amy_MadisonI WIN
MattHOf course you'd know that one ;-)
Amy_MadisonI said 10
MattHYou da witch.
impalergeneralyou sure are. I thought she'd do better.
Amy_Madisonjust because they seem to be having WAY to much fun now. Now I'm really going to enjoy the MP# this week
MattHKitty always dislikes Candy after Kitty Torture...I wonder why? :)
Amy_MadisonDoes anyone hav a copy of 'Just A little girl" from Last weeks promo
MattHNot I
Amy_Madisonwe is a good place to send one, so Kitty and Candy can play it on the air
Amy_Madisondamn spelling again
impalergeneralAnd now, the end is near.....
Marlowedon't remind me...
MattHWonder if the season will end with a kiss, as foreshadowed in OMWF.
impalergeneralyeah, i know. Sorry.
impalergeneralWell, as long as two people kiss...and both of them are not Spike.
impalergeneralWhat would be worse if Joss wanting a fifth season of "Angel" and the WB tells him "no"
MattHRe: shows like this - I really enjoy Smallville. Last nights episode was great.
MarloweI thought Smallville was very good
impalergeneralAside from our Slayer, there no other show that I obsess about
Marlowei wish more episodes were like that
MattHI used to obsess about Original Trek & Babylon 5, but not like I do BTVS.
impalergeneralwho writes term papers about Buffy?
Amy_MadisonI've seen a few
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MarloweI've seen people mention writing papers on buffy for school
Amy_Madisonthere are a few people that wrie term papers about other subjects
Amy_Madisonbut sometimes use Buffy as a reference as well
Amy_Madisonespecially the W/T relationship
MarloweI've also read very high-level professional papers on Buffy
MattHIF BTVS was on one of the big 3, I doubt it would have lasted through the first 12 episodes.
impalergeneralFox should have picked it up!
MattHFox was same way, to a lesser degree
impalergeneralyep, with "Firefly"
Amy_MadisonBirds of Prey
Amy_Madisonok, that wasn't FOX though
MattHI didn't like Firefly. As SF goes, it didn't seem that special.
MarloweI only started liking Firefly with the 'Ariel' ep
Amy_Madisonexcept during Kitty Torture
impalergeneralBuffy..the show that gave the WB the right to exist!
impalergeneraland it should never forget that!
impalergeneralwell, until next time..., with a new review!
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Marlowenight David
Amy_Madisonbut it will, you can tell by how it's going to treat Angel after this season
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