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impalergeneralHi Matt
MattHHiya impaler
impalergeneralwe must be early for the Faith Fest
impalergeneralDid you buy last week's EW with the Buffy cover?
MattHNo - downloaded the images.
impalergeneralI was very surprised how quickly people scanned it. I just built a new web page with a summary, some major quotes from SMG, and some comments on what will happen next. I called it "ByeByeBuffy".
MattHSo where is everyone?
impalergeneralGood question....unless they built a new chat room
MattHDoubt it - there would have been an announcement on the list.
impalergeneralyeah, that was a joke. I would think the others would want to talk Faith..unless they're looking at their old Faith eps
impalergeneralI just hope they don't kill off Faith. I mean, Eliza needs an option in case that "time travel" pilot doesn't work out
MattHTwo people I don't want to see killed - Dawn & Faith.
MattHEspecially as a spinoff may be delayed for a little while.
impalergeneralDitto. Make a spinoff with those two, plus Spike and Wesley
MattHMixed feelings about Spike. I think the whole "souled vampire" thing has been done to death. Also, one of the rumors I have heard why Eliza turned down a spinoff is she didn't want to do a F/S pairing.
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impalergeneralYay, marloew!
impalergeneraloops, I mean marlowe
Marlowehey guys!
MarloweI wish they would have Angel on another night
MattHHiya CM
MattHI dled Angel, but haven't watched it yet ;)
Marlowehey matt
impalergeneralWell, putting it back on Sundays might help
Marloweit will be on in an hour for me
MarloweI watched Five by Five and Sanctuary last night
Marlowegetting into that Faith mood
MattHQuestion is not what day Angel will be on...but whether it will be on next season.
impalergeneralYu are not kidding! The Lone Ranger instead of Angel last week...even if Tonto's sister was cute?
impalergeneralI think the next two weeks will tell us one way or another.
MattHDidn't watch the Lone Ranger - any good?
Marlowei didn't even bother watching the Lone Ranger
impalergeneralSame here.
MarloweI've heard the network suits still interested in Angel
Marloweso it sounds like it should get renewed
MattHDepends on ratings...
MarloweI'm keeping my fingers crossed though
MattHAnd what they do after the Faith arc.
impalergeneralWell, that's what they've been saying...but things could change. I would believe the WB cared about Angel if they didn't waste half the sweeps month
MarloweI'm really wondering what they'll do after Faith leaves
impalergeneralFor example, they could have shown the end of "Birds of Prey" now, instead of two weeks ago
impalergeneralWell, the real issue is if Angel's Fang Gang will still have faith in him even after they got a front row seat to his dark side
MarloweI only watched an ep or two of Birds of Prey
impalergeneralIf they don't have that faith, then he'll be left alone
MattHCharisma Carpenter said Angel is going in a very different direction next year, which could mean a lot of things. It could have a lot to do with a the ending of BTVS
Marlowethe gang will presume that Angelus killed Lilah?
MarloweI've heard Joss say essentially the same thing
impalergeneralWell, unless Cordevious stabbed Lilah twice, they may wonder why there's just the one hole in her neck
MarloweCharisma has said she will take a short maternity leave and come back
impalergeneralThat could mean the real Cordelai coudl come back from...wherever she was
impalergeneralbecause Cordevious is clearly a fake
MarloweI'm really wondering though. Considering the long hours the actors put in, can Charisma really handling that and take care of a baby?
impalergeneralI am sure Fox will provide some day care for the kid
Marlowewhen did Cordy become evil?
Marlowedid she come back 'wrong' like Buffy?
impalergeneralWell, if you mean the real one....that's not her. That's my guess.
impalergeneralor that's really Cordy, only possessed with evil stuff
MattHI don't necessarily think that is her either.
MattHA lot of actresses handle series while having kids - I don't think that is much of a big deal anymore.
MarloweI hope they thin the ranks a little bit next season on Angel
impalergeneralI think the only ones left will be Angel and Lorne, and maybe Wesley.
MattHWould be a good idea - keep Wesley & Angel. Kill off the rest and add someone new.
MarloweI want Connor to go first!
impalergeneraldon't we all?
MattHEither kill Connor or fix him. He has the potential to be a great character, but they need to figure something for him besides (I hate Angel)
Marloweyeah, the angry teen bit is way old
impalergeneralToo bad he can't be "reborn" somehow...just leave out the "I just kil Angel" part
MattHFixing Angel would be nice too - he needs to brood a little more... ;-)
Marloweor get a soul-cleansing thing
impalergeneraljust give Angel a pulse, while he keeps everything else (especially the demony strength)
impalergeneralor is that vampire-y strength?
MattHToo fanfiction-ish
impalergeneralNah. I think the old excuse of the curse has to be modified somehow. we know he wants to atone, but he should know he'll actually benefit from trynig
Marlowethat curse thing should be done away with
impalergeneralThat's why I wish the Gypsy clan who cursed him would come back to try to kill him at first, then decide to keep him on retainer to fight certain major demons.
Marloweit seems more trouble than what's it's worth
Marloweit was fine on Buffy, but doesn't really work on Angel
MattHThe true happiness thing has run its course - but it was needed to keep him and Buffy from getting together.
impalergeneralAfter all, the Kalderash is partially responsible for bring back Angelus the first time by not telling Jenny Calendar why it's important Buffy and Angel shouldn't be "too" happy
MattHAnd probably still is.
MattHI don't think there is much left of that gypsy clan.
impalergeneralThere may be a few left, or at least enough to be curious enough abut the curse
Marloweit will be really neat too see Buffy and Faith together again
MattHYeah - will there still be the sexual subtext between them?
impalergeneraland Faith would be surprised abut what Buffy had done since "who are you?"..even to the point that Faith finds herself as the "ggod girl"
MarloweI don't think so
impalergeneralor good girl
MattHWell, Buffy has only killed one human, compared to Faith's two (that we know of)
impalergeneralyeah, but what would Faith think about Buffy hooking up with Spike?
MattHThat Buffy is in a rut...
impalergeneraland how they did?
impalergeneralI may be wrong, but maybe Faith may act "holier than thou" for a good three seconds
MattHNice point K&C make - what will Willow & Faith's relationship be like? After all, Willow has also killed a human and tried to destroy the world to boot.
impalergeneralActually, that's a good point. Faith may be more likely to act "holier than thou" towards Willow, pointnig out it's sometimes too easy to be bad.
impalergeneralthen again, that might scare them BOTH
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MarloweI don't think Faith had much interaction with Willow
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Marlowewb matt
MattHThanks - Trillian was acting screwy.
impalergeneralhiccup on the computer?
Marlowewill Faith remember Dawn?
MattHNo comment - I am spoiled...
impalergeneralNow that's a good question. I bet she avoid any serious questions
MattHIf so, I'd like to know Dawn's relationship with Faith before she went bad.
Marloweso would I...
impalergeneralI'm sure Joss and his minions will think of something. I mean, the "reality adjustment" must have included everyone.
impalergeneralwhen Dawn was "added"
MattHI would still like more on this Key business...I doubt the key was created to destroy the universe and only at one specifice time in the far future. After all, Glory said the key was as almost as old as she was.
Marloweit must still be important for them to mention it this season
Marloweif Buffy goes, will Dawn go as well?
MattHAlso a good question - technically Buffy is Dawn's guardian.
impalergeneralI don't know....anyone suspect Dawn will sacrifice her life as Buffy sacrificed hers two years ago?
MattHWe know something is happening with Dawn - "Buffy won't choose you". I don't think it will be Dawn dying - Joss is seldom that obvious.
Marlowedarn, I was hoping Dawn would turn back into a key
MattHI hope not - I like Dawn ;-)
MarloweDawn's been okay this season
impalergeneralI still connect what the alleged ghost of Joyce said with what Cassie told her..."Whatever happens, it's not your fault."
MarloweAngel should be on soon
Marlowelook forward to reading your review David...
Marlowesee you guys later!
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MattHI'm back
impalergeneralLucky Ethan!
MattHI haven't bought any of the Watcher's guides...
impalergeneralReally! Do you prefer just having the episodes?
MattHYeah - and the shooting scripts.
impalergeneralThat makes sense. Anyway, is a new site that advertises a new book on Joss that will be released next month.
MattHI heard about that. Not really interested myself.
impalergeneralDidn't SMG talk about "The Batchelor" on Conan last year?
MattHMaybe - I don't watch talk shows.
MattHIf Spike doesn't die, maybe he could Shansu...
impalergeneralnot before Angel does!
MattHMaybe the prophecy doesn't refer to Angel at all...
MattHIt would be a nice twist
impalergeneralWell, if it didn't, then what was "Angel" really about? if it's not about redemption, then it's just "Forever Knight."
MattHEspecially if the first's interest in Angel was due to that and it actually referred to Spike.
impalergeneralNo, Angel is meant for the "shanshu"
MattHI loved Forever Knight. Didn't get to see the last season. I much prefer Nick Night to Angel.
impalergeneralWell, the final season of "Forver Knight" ended harshly..and I'll just leave it at that
MattHI know how it ended - just didn't have the cable station it was on.
impalergeneralOh, K and C are upset over why SMG hated season six, huh?
MattHI like the fact that SMG is very in tune with the fans. K&C are totally wrong here.
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impalergeneralWell, SMG at least proved she could do something new and scary...just in time for "bringing" Buffy back.
MattHHiya Chris
Chris1697hey matt
MattHMost people don't get sabbaticals.
impalergeneralHi Chris...
Chris1697hey impalergeneral
impalergeneralSMG should have just said she was tired, and wanted a rest...period
Chris1697what yall been talking about
MattHBTVS and Angel ;-)
Chris1697ha ha... what specificly
impalergeneralbut giving up the show for yet another grade-z romantic comedy that makes "How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days" look like "Annie Hall"?
MattHDirections show will be taking, possible spinoffs, SMGs comments re: season 6, what Faith's relationships with the scoobies will be like, etc.
impalergeneralthey're just also excited about tonight's "Angel"
Chris1697so is SMG leaveing
impalergeneralyup, and Joss has said they're closing it out
impalergeneralSoshe'll have more time to do Scooby Doo..then come to her senses and get some more substantial roles
MattHShe may make some guest appearances in a potential spinoff.
Chris1697she just want more money... i'll send her money if they wont cancel the show
impalergeneralThat's the only justification of a fifth season for Angel..bring Buffy back for the end
impalergeneraland we mean lots of episodes, or about four
MattHI don't think that was it. SMG and Joss have both said that she would like to end the series while it is on top. I can agree, although I am kinda depressed that it is ending.
Chris1697Angel dosent have much more time lift eaither... for a vampire that dosent age angel is starting to look old
Chris1697left not lift
impalergeneralWell, that, and the fact that yuo wonder how much the WB is really supporting the show.
Chris1697so what kind of spin off are they talking about doing now
impalergeneralIf they hold back a show during sweeps, that's a bad sign. we know "Dawson's Creek" is on its last legs, but acting as if it likes "Angel" then putting it off the air for three weeks, you have to wonder
Chris1697however they did move it to a better day of the week
impalergeneralThere's lots of possibilities, but I wouldn't be surprised if Joss takes a year off before he makes "Slayers: The New Blood", or whatever it will be called.
Chris1697who will be in slayer:the...? do you know?
impalergeneralIf that is what happens, maybe Eliza will come back as Faith, in case her "time travel show" doesn't work out
MattHI don't think there will be a spinoff next season, except possibly as a midseason replacement.
impalergeneralI am just suggesting "Slayers: The New Blood" as a title. I have no idea who will be in it.
Chris1697hey if you want to send an e-mail to the kitty/candy were is the best place to send it
MattHA spinoff might not have a slayer at all.
impalergeneralWell, havnig the star of a spinoff as a Watcher (hello, Giles or Wesley) would work
Chris1697ok... well i email them about something last week and they havent answered me back yet...
MattHOr not be based around the hellmouth...
impalergeneralIt takes a while for them to respond to e-mails, but they do
MattHThey get tons of e-mail.
Chris1697did any of yall notice the "cheese man" in the ep not last night but the week before... the new one
MattHI heard about it, but didn't notice it.
impalergeneralPrincipal Wood will get Holtz's syndrome, thanks to the First
Chris1697i never understood what he was all about... do yall know
MattHMaybe the spinoff will be centered around the Cheese Man.
impalergeneralJoss says the "Cheese man" doesn't represent anything.
MattHJoss has been known to lie.
impalergeneralIt'll be in his bio coming soon to bookstores
Chris1697he was in the visions that the guys had in mexico
MattH19 out of 20 - awesome. Her best score ever...
impalergeneralI think it was 19 of 40
impalergeneralbut still very good
MattHI'll take what I can get - She got 20 out of 25 on the first one I sent in. I still feel the shame of sending her the easiest Kitty Torture (although it was the first sent in by a listener)
impalergeneralAt least you made history
MattHHave you heard the song, "History is made by stupid people"?
impalergeneralNo I haven't
MattHPIty - it is very funny. I haven't wanted to make history since ;-)
impalergeneralActually, a bigger worry is "History is written by stupid people"
MattHWell, yeah, but that is not as funny ;-)
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MattHHIya Amy
impalergeneralHi there, Amy
Chris1697peace-o, i am going to go and watch angel... ya'll have a good nigh
MattHCYA Chris
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Amy_Madisonalmost forgot. been concentation on waiting
Amy_Madisonfor the return
Amy_Madisonmmmmmm FAITH
impalergeneralwell, it's an hour away in the Left coast
Amy_Madisonjust watching Riley leaving
Amy_Madisonand then Ethan
MattHI am lagging a little.
Amy_Madisondamn, I missed the show
impalergeneralWell, there's the download tomorrow
MattHIt should be downloadable.
impalergeneralWell, gotta go.
Amy_MadisonI know, soon
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MattHI can send you a copy of the chat transcript if you want.
Amy_Madisonthanks. I can never find out how to on this thing
MattHwhat is your e-mail address?
Amy_Madisonthanks again
MattHNo problem (I think) ;-)
Amy_Madisonok, I go then now
MattHCYA next week.
Amy_Madisonsee you next week
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