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impalergeneralNot yet, but I hope to do so soon
impalergeneralHello MattH
MattHHiya - couldn't connect to
impalergeneralI have the same problem for a while
MattHHad to find a different server.
Marlowehi matt
MattHHiya CM
impalergeneralGuess K and C are saying the FG's paranoia is making them jump to conclusions about Angelus
impalergeneralThis proves my point the FG will not have as much faith in him after he gets his soul back
MattHWe don't know was their idea (Wesley's, but they went along with it) to take his soul away anyway.
MarloweI don't know....Angelus hasn't killed anyone yet
impalergeneralYeah, but it seems that, if they have to, they'll tell faith to kill off their "mistake." Of course, he'll be brought back, but what if he learns the FG was willing to sacrifice him? Now, he has said that if he turned evil, the FG has the righ tto kill him,..but what if losing the soul was their idea?
Marloweall he's done is mess with their heads
impalergeneralThat's the best part, CM> Wouldn't it be ironic that he'd come back to maim and kill humans, but never gets the chance? Might make restoration easier, but it's still ironic
MattHWell, they think he killed Lilah...and he may have killed some people offscreen. I think they may use this to bring back broody Angel.
impalergeneralWell, if he did kill people offscreen, where did he have the time? As far as I know, the story arc has been constant, with no room for long breaks between episodes
impalergeneralBesides, there was a serious shortage in humans at the time
MattHHe has wandered about LA a bit...
Marlowethey seem to have multiple arcs going in Angel and more if the spoilers are correct
impalergeneralwell, maybe he'll get a real meal tonight
Marlowehe did get some from Lilah
MattHProbably just not the same, kinda like eating leftovers.
MarloweI loved the Wesley and Lilah scenes
MattHYeah - hopefully we will see more Lilah.
impalergeneralAs FirstLilah, you mean?
MattHMaybe - maybe not.
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MattHHi, MariWillow
MariWillowis anyone else having a terrible time with thier connection?
MariWillowHi Matt
impalergeneralI tried three times before I got on
MattHI couldn't get Winamp to work at all.
MariWillowi finally got winamp to work
MariWillowbut it keeps going in and out
impalergeneralI have the same problem. I went to the WM player
MariWillowand media player kept going insane and saying it was playing but i was hearing no sound
MattHIt took a long time to buffer enough to hear anything
MariWillowyeah here too, on winamp
MarloweI'm on media player too
Marloweusually I use winamp
MariWillowusually i use media player
MariWillowi can't get it to work tonight
MariWillowi'm using winamp and now i keep missing huge chunks
MattHI normally use Winamp cause it is easy to record the shows, but I couldn't get Winamp to work tonight. Had trouble getting to the chat room also.
MariWillowi had trouble too
MariWillowit kept telling me the room didn't exsist
MattHI had to use a different server.
MariWillowarrgghhh buffering is killing
Marlowehmm, are they going to bury Lilah?
MariWillowi'm going to have to listen to joel's mp3 i guess
MattHHopefully he was able to record them.
MariWillowyeah hopefully
MarloweI've heard they were going to let DB ad-lib a bit
MariWillowi've heard that his entire angelus act was all adlibbed
MariWillowi think the internet is having a heartattack tonight
MariWillowi'm having a terrible time with everything i'm trying to do online
MariWillowim's aren't working right, my connection keeps slowing down, i can't get the show to work right.../me ugh
MattHInternet Traffic report says NA is ok. Doesn't mean much though
MariWillowit's probably just aol. aol blows.
MariWillowarrgghhh does anyone else ever get a patpatpatpatpatpatpatpat sound sometimes?
MariWillowgreat. it's just my crappy computer.
Marlowegotta go, Angel is on
*** Marlowe has left #thesuccubusclub
* MariWillow cries
MariWillowI don't get Angel til tomorrow
MariWillowstupid columbus.
MattHI dl'ed it from the Internet last night.
MattHOnly watched about 1/2 of it.
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impalergeneralHello FiatLux!
MattHHiya Lux
FiatLuxHey y'all
MariWillowHi Fiat
FiatLuxThis is the first time I've missed most of the first hour to watch Angel.
FiatLuxThank goodness Joel exists
* MariWillow attempting to use media player again
MariWillowAmen to that.
FiatLuxAny highlights that I missed?
MariWillowhey guys i think i'm gonna go.
MattHConsensus was that Faith was hot.
MattHThey all seemed to like the episode.
FiatLuxNight MariWillow
MattHCYA MariWillow
MariWillowNite Fiat
MariWillowBye Matt
FiatLuxWell of course Matt, that goes without saying
*** Signoff: MariWillow ((null))
MattHBut they said it a lot ...
FiatLuxShe was hot tonight also.
MattHI've seen the 1st half of the episode. I thought she was awesome.
MattHBut that goes without saying...
FiatLuxI'm almost certain anyone sexually attracted to females will be drooling.
MattHEven those that aren't might will be.
FiatLuxYeah! heh I was so envious. I want to be Faith!
FiatLuxI'm starting to get tempted by Angel spoilers. I haven't really watched Angel regularly for a couple years.
impalergeneralI stay away from all spoilers because I don't want to know what's coming next, except for bits and peices
MattHThe last 2 episodes are good.
impalergeneralor pieces
MattHI am totally spoiled.
impalergeneralyou mean of Buffy or Angel?
FiatLuxPeices or pieces, I'm so eating up Buffy spoilers. I feel bad. But I like it.
MattHBuffy definitely, not as much Angel cause, its Angel...
FiatLuxYeah, I guess I'm the same way. Earlier this season when I really started to get into Angel again I swore I'd be spoiler free.
impalergeneralyeah, well, please don't tell me. I just know that we get a new problem, and I am just wondering how it fits into what has happened so far.
FiatLuxI haven't read any Angel spoilers yet. I'm still trying to hold out.
impalergeneralI just suspect that Dawn is going to set something off, leading to, well, somethign we've seen before--sort of
impalergeneralbt that's my guess
FiatLuxA Key thing?
impalergeneralwell, now would be the time
FiatLuxIt might work, is she still a key? Does she open anything?
MattHIt would be nice if that was brought up.
MattHWe never really knew waht the Key was meant for...
impalergeneralAside from what happened at the end of "The Gift", but they shoud have tried again. Otherwise, why have her at all?
FiatLuxI'm still a little bitter about the whole "made from Buffy" thing. I don't know where that came from
MattHIn interview prior to Season 5, Michelle had mentioned that Dawn was supposed to have some sort of powers.
impalergeneralWell, they should have followe dup on it, instead of just a throwaway line on the first half of "Belonging"
MattHI think that was what Dracula was for...I think the monks created him to get a sample of the Slayer's blood ...
FiatLuxI've heard that theory but I don't know. I don't buy it.
impalergeneralwell, even so, if they made dawn, let's get some use out of her!
impalergeneralIt's all about return for your investment
FiatLuxYeah, I wanna see some pure green energy.
FiatLuxOr at least some result from her.
MattHI think the real idea was to bring in the little sister...which I actually like.
FiatLuxAnother thing I read was that ME just brought in a younger teen for the demographics.
MattHI doubt that - they already had some of the best demographics.
FiatLuxThat may be partly true, but I hope they didn't pander that much
impalergeneral"pander" is not in Joss' vocabulary..but it is in the WB suits
MattHI doubt Joss pandered to it...Marti might have with that whole BS thing.
impalergeneralI think Spufy Love was Joss'
impalergeneralsince he wanted Buffy in a "what do I do now" mode
FiatLuxOooh, yeah I may be a little prejusticed against Marti Noxon. I just think the metophors were a little heavy handed.
FiatLuxMaybe it could've been handled better. But I can see the over-all arc.
impalergeneralWell, execution was her department in the metaphors Joss suggested
MattHThe entire "magic is physically addicting" arc sucked.
MattHWould had been better to deal with the psychological addiction to power...
impalergeneralTrue, was a case taking the worst possible option..but the only one there.
MattHIt could have been handled better.
FiatLuxExactly Matt, I think power is the real thing Willow needed.
impalergeneralI guess "Wrecked" will be remembered as the episode that derailed season six..and "Seeing red" as the one was put it back
MattHActually, I thought it got off the rails at Bargaining... :(
FiatLuxI agree about Wrecked. What was happening there. It didn't make sense at the time.
MattHI don't think Wrecked makes much sense even now...
MattHOnly episode I dislike more is Weight of the World
FiatLuxI didn't 'not' like Weight of the World but I did think that it could've been done in another episode; not an episode of its self
MattHI just kept getting this feeling of deja vu...
MattHI just kept getting this feeling of deja vu...
MattHI just kept getting this feeling of deja vu...
FiatLuxI can see me 40 years from now saying, "I watched Buffy when it first came out."
FiatLuxOf course that'd be a lie since I didn't watch it till the end of season two.
MattHI just wonder how many spinoffs it will have.
MattHOriginal Star Trek had 72 episodes....
impalergeneralAnd you'll probably have your homemade DVD copy of how yu taped the first show
impalergeneralI have a feeling we won't get any spinoffs until Joss has a chance to tak a breath
FiatLux'Cause I was too stuck up to watch some stupid show called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Although I did go to see the movie in the theater.
MattHI watched from the very beginning. I didn't become a real fanatic till about season 4.
FiatLuxIt was either that or Pure Country and I got vetoed.
MattHI didn't see the film prior to the show, for which I am very glad.
impalergeneralI gto hooked once I got episodes from Canada from season one
FiatLuxYep, the movie threw me off
MattHI was hooked on the opening scene - sort of Love At First Bite... ;-)
impalergeneralI did see the show first, then the movie..and wondered why one was great and the other...wasn't
impalergeneralIf I was Joss, I would have included links to the movie...even if it was done wrong
MattHI could see Joss's elements in the movie and could see what was missing.
impalergeneralor more maybe unveil a relative to her first watcher
FiatLuxI saw parts of the movie on cable not too long ago and I could tell what was Joss and what was others that thought would be good.
MattHJoss has a lot of negative things to say about directors who think they are writers ;-)
MattHHard to believe he did the first draft of the X-men script.
impalergeneralWell, I only wish that somehow, someway, MST 3000 got a copy of the original movie..and attack 9with their special guest star, Buffy!)
FiatLuxThat would be good!
MattHKitty Torture ... Woo Hoo...
FiatLuxYeah Matt, I heard only a couple of his doctored lines made it to the movie
MattHOne line was unchanged...Wolverine's reply to Jean Grey about saying something only Wolverine would say. I think Storms line to Toad was unchanged, but was delivered completely differently than Joss envisioned.
MattHWonderful - lost connection to the show.
FiatLuxUh-oh, my sound went off.
FiatLuxI'm gonna back out of the room here and try to get re-connected
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MattHWelcome back
FiatLuxhey again
impalergeneralHi there
FiatLuxDid you have any luck getting back the broadcast?
FiatLuxI just got 'em back but they're cutting in and out.
MattHJust about 30 seconds ago.
FiatLuxKitty Torture!
FiatLuxWhat ya think the score's gonna be?
FiatLuxOver half?
FiatLuxI'll go a little higher 14
MattHDo you have anythging other than tweed?
MattHBuffy upset with Angel
MattHDad was transferred
MattHswimsuit competition
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MattHCold hands
MattHLon Chaney?
MattHAll you can eat moron bar
MattHSuch a good episode
impalergeneralwell, until next time...
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
FiatLuxI'm pretty much gone too.
MattHCYA next week
FiatLuxI'll try to catch you next week.
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