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MattHHiya CM
Marloweit seems like forever
MattHOr 3 weeks,,,,
Marloweoh good, writers on the show
MattHWell, they probably don't have anything to do anymore ;-)
MarloweJane has a job on Gilmore Girls
MarloweI know Marti is working on a developing another series
MattHYeah - I may actually watch that now that BTVS is going away...
Marlowebut yeah, it is sad that some (if not all) of the writers are moving on
MarloweI don't know if any are moving over to Angel...
MattHWelllll.... depends on the writer ;-)
MarloweI guess we'll have to wait to see if it Angel is renewed
MattHWould be interesting if it wasn't.... though I am actually liking it now.
Marloweit's been kind of a crazy season...
MattHMaybe things can be more focused with only one show.
Marlowedon't know if that will be enough for Joss....I'm hoping he'll be interested in a spin-off next year
Marlowebut it will be nice for him to focus on fewer projects
MattHI'd like that...I'll miss a lot of the characters.
MattHNo more space dramas for him, at least ;)
Marlowelucky buggers in the UK will get Firefly with the 3 unaired eps
MarloweI've heard rumors of a dvd in the works
Marloweit took a while for me to like Firefly
MattHI watched a few shows plus the unaired pilot .... I saw the potential but thought the science was off.
MarloweI had no problem with the science, it was the western theme that bugged me
MattHWestern's in space are possible, but Firefly wasn't what one should be.
MattHCall him Splinter...
Marloweman, I should have re-watched the eps
MarloweBuffy, I mean
MarloweRanking of Angel by season: 2, 1, 4, 3
MattHI am lagging - I may be 1-2 minutes behind.
MattHRe: ranking of Angel 1,2,4,3 for me. I could skip (with a few exceptions) everything after Epiphany until Faith returned.
Marlowethis season's Angel has been kind of all over the map
MattHYeah. but it least it had some real high points - I don't really remember anything from last season at all.
MarloweI really didn't like the baby/Connor thing
MattHYeah - I've repressed that. I liked Darla though...
MarloweWesley's turn to the dark side was the best part
MattHThat was good. I disliked Sajahan(sp) immensely...seemed kinda weak villain-wise.
MarloweI hated that guy
MattHHe was boring...which I consider the worst crime of any TV character
MarloweHoltz was more interesting
MattHSomewhat, but I dislike the thought that he had Angel on the run for very long...if an ordinary human can threaten the scourge of Europe that way, then Slayers aren't that special.
Marlowehe seemed to have a small army with him for a while
MarloweI thought he was after Darla originally
MattHRe: this season - I really liked Orpheus...I like the way they interacted with the flashbacks.
Marloweyeah, that is my favorite ep this season...
MarloweI'm heavily spoiled and I don't think the rest of the eps will surpass that one for me
MattHI'm somewhat spoiled for Angel, and am totally spoiled for Buffy
MarloweI'm totally spoiled for Buffy
MarloweI hit the Buffy spoiler sites almost every day
MattHI just joined Tensai's mailing list - the spoilers come to me.
MarloweI most go to the spoiled rotten site
Marlowewhen do you get Angel matt?
MattHI check it out occasionally
MarloweI sometimes go to the fanforums site as well
MattHI really don't check out fanforums unless there is a specific link
MarloweI thought James looked a little old in the flashbacks
MattHAgree re: the age - I noticed that myself. Re: poor generalship, I am so surpised that they didn't get a copy of that song and play it before Spike was released
Marlowewhen Buffy freed him from the chains?
Marloweyeah, I thought that was really dumb
MattHYup - that was poor generalship
MattH"Aside from the whole killing part" ..... hilarious
MattHIsn't "mentally-healthy vampire" an oxymoron
MarloweI loved Drusilla, brief though her appearance was
MattHYeah - her reaction was priceless
MarloweI wasn't impressed by the slayer
MattHNot short enough
MattHAlso - seemed kind of old for a slayer.
Marlowethe actress was too old?
MattHYeah ... if the kid was born before she became a slayer, that means she was probably called when she was in her early 20's.
MarloweI was thinking she was 16 when she got pregnant
MattHMaybe - she looked like she was in her late 20s
MattHMaybe it *is* different for each vampire....
Marlowegiles was really off in this ep
MarloweGiles is not Giles
MattHYeah - I did not like him. What if it had been Buffy who had been triggered by the First?
Marloweooo, that would have been good
Marlowebetter get going matt, Angel comes on for me soon....
MarloweI'm real glad I got a chance to talk to you! I've missed the SC chat
MattHSame here - I enjoy the chat as much as the show.
Marlowegood night!
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