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MattHHi all
MarloweDrew should be fabulous
MattHOne hopes.
MarloweI was able to meet him at the PBP party earlier this year
MattHOf course, after 2 weeks without the Succubus club., anything would be good.
Marlowevery tall and very handsome
MattHWhich is useful for radio ;-)
Marloweyou bet...being able to remember what he looks like while he talks makes it better *g*
MarloweI didn't get much chance to say much other than "Urk" to him
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MattHHeya, luxy
FiatLuxHey all
Marlowedon't think I've met you before, luxy
Marlowebut hi
FiatLuxI lurk at the Beta and been lurk listening to SC for a couple three years.
MattHWell, CM, Kitty & Candy agree with your re: Drew being tall and handsome.
FiatLuxI thought I'd come in and see what people think about Drew. Dachelle must be giddy right now.
Marloweoh can check him out at
Marlowethere's a pic of him and me in the gallery section
MattHSo I see ...
MattHHis first writing job ?!? And he gave us Dirty Girls? Wow.
Amy_Madisonsorry, i gotta go. computers messing up and I'm losing the stream
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
Marloweyeah, that says a lot right there
Marlowesome people were comparing him to Joss himself
MattHWell - I like his writing ;-)
Marloweit would be great if Drew moved over to Angel
FiatLuxHilarious story about Drew hearing spoilers.
FiatLuxI'm missing Angel tonight. Forgot to set the VCR.
Marlowebummer, lux
Marlowenext to last ep too
FiatLuxI'll have to sulk after the SC
MattHIt should be on usenet already.
MarloweI usually use bitorrent
FiatLuxI'm on a dial up. And an eight year old computer.
Marlowethat truly sucks
MarloweI was on a dial-up last year
FiatLuxI have no chance! I'm lucky to get the sound stream
Marloweswitched to a cable modem
Marlowedo you read the summaries at
FiatLuxYep. That's where I'm headed tomorrow.
FiatLuxI used to wildfeed there but I'm clean now.
MarloweI go there a lot myself
MarloweI'm still waayyyy addicted to spoilers
Marloweyou don't have anyone that can send you a tape, then?
FiatLuxTomorrow night I should find out. I have a friend near here that might be taping tonight.
FiatLuxI'd cross my fingers, but it makes typing harder.
MarloweI'm impressed so far
MattH"Faith is so hot" - ;-)
Marlowethat gets me every time too
Marlowethe Anya scene in the Body
MattHHe was in Firefly .... the job perks.
Marlowecool story
Marlowepeople will have to start looking for drew in that ep
MattHShows how thinly spread Joss was too.
Marloweoh yeah....
Marlowethree shows running
Marlowenow we're praying for one show now
Marlowedamn, I'm seriously jealous of Drew
MattHI can understand that ;-)
Marlowegeez, where can I get that kind of luck?
Marloweor talent even?
Marloweit is really nice to listen to a writer actually talk about an episode
MattHEspecially one who was a fan first.
MarloweI thought pretty much all the writers were fans first
FiatLuxI don't know. Some shows new writers that come in mid-run seem like they've never seen the show.
MarloweI thought Steve and Drew G both stated they were fans
FiatLuxThat's gotta be another thing that makes Buffy good.
FiatLuxI love the continuity.
MattHIt has been fairly decent.
Marlowejust fairly decent
MarloweStargate is pretty good for the continuity
MarloweI sometimes wished there was a 'continuity person' type job on shows
MattHStargate is excellent for continuity. Not as arc-driven as Buffy so that is easier.
MattHYeah. Especially for heavily arc-driven shows.
FiatLuxYeah, a separate third party to say, "Nuh-uh, she wouldn't say that."
MarloweI do think they have someone on Stargate that does keep the continuity in line
MattHIt is Joss's job to say "she wouldn't say that".
Marloweany one of us would volunteer for the job!
FiatLuxBut like you said, with him doing 3 shows. It kinda fell by the wayside.
MattHWell, duh!
Marloweneat tidbit
Marloweabout falcon crest
MattHI want to know how that pig lived so long in the basement.
MarloweI thought Selfless was the best title
MattHLiked the title - t hough the episode was so-so.
MarloweI personally thought it was a great ep
FiatLuxI liked the Olaf flashback. Cracked me up.
MattHThe flashbacks were excellent but I didn't like the one to OMWF. While I loved the musical, it just seemed out of place here.
MarloweI agree
MattH"I want to be tortured with Drew" - Funny
MarloweAngel is on...gotta go guys
Marloweback next week
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FiatLuxCan K and C go over tonight? Someone coming in after them?
MattHNormally there is someone after, but they haven't said.
FiatLuxGo Drew with the sarcasm!
FiatLuxI agree
MattHSomebody honest about promos. It is a sign of the apocalypse.
MattHReference to Xander's speech to Dawn
FiatLuxI'm losing the feed. Hopefully Joel or a backup got it recorded.
MattHI am recording it.
MattHSo far , only one inconsequential interruption *knock on wood*
FiatLuxWoohoo Now if I can get an Angel tape for tonight I'll have a Wednesday.
FiatLuxIt's not Drew Goddard lucky, but not bad :)
MattHNotice the First was also losing it's voice. Kind of continuity problem there ;-)
FiatLuxWho knew the First was a method actor.
MattHWell, it has had a lot of time to practice.
FiatLuxI liked the scene where the First was asking Caleb who he wanted it to be next.
FiatLuxIt was just funny that this great evil would take time to play dress up games with Caleb.
MattH"I take requests" - Sarah was excellent
MattHIt is not like the first probably has an appreciative audience that often.
FiatLuxOh yeah.
FiatLux"And for my next trick... famous dead presidents!"
FiatLuxThink of the possibilities hehe
MattHWell, if it could be recorded electronically, it could make a killing in Hollywood. After all, dead actors can't sue for the use of their likeness.
FiatLuxIt wouldn't be much of a prop actor. Ya know with the incorporeal thing and all.
MattHYeah .. probably woudn't need a stint double though
FiatLuxKitty Torture
MattH80% - it was the first one I sent in. ...
MattHHer hair
MattHAnya was talking to D'Hofryn
MattHThe sock puppet of love
MattHCaffeine makes him jittery/keeps him up
FiatLuxKitty is doing as well as Drew. Or Drew is doing as bad as Kitty. Which ever way you wanna go.
MattHPretty much
MattHZombies don't eat brains ;-)
MattHIn the Jossverse
FiatLuxOnly if their zombie masters tell them to
MattHKicking ass
MattHWe are family?
FiatLuxIf Joss finds out about Drew's torture score he'll fire him
MattHDoubt any ot the writers could better
MattHHyena people
FiatLuxNot too bad.
MattHIt will probably be like Star Trek - sequels for years.
MattHTime for me to go. Hope to see you next week.
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