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MattHHi all
impalergeneralThe baseball game got rained out, so I am here!
Marlowegood time to be a few writers on the show tonight
impalergeneralYou know it! It's great to hear from three of them
MattHProvided the connection holds...
impalergeneralYeah, I know. I heard of the problems
impalergeneralweird weather? A raindrop?
MarloweI hope they make it to the show soon
impalergeneralWhat? OK. Oh, wait, I live in California
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
impalergeneralHello, FiatLux! Where are yu from?
MattHNever admit that you knew you were breaking the safety codes!
FiatLuxHey y'all
impalergeneralWell, how many firemen are listening to this show?
impalergeneralYAY Kitty!
FiatLuxOooh presents!
impalergeneralmmmmmmmmmmmm.....Chocolate cake!
Marloweforgot about the birthday...will need to send a e-mail
impalergeneralI did that before I got here
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* Drop19 waves
MattHHiya Drop19
FiatLuxHi ya Drop
Marlowehi Drop19
impalergeneralI'm waving back
Drop19I figured with the show ending in 2 weeks and all I'd pop in, better late than never and all that ;)
impalergeneralWell, welcome to the jungle, even if that's someone else's line
Marloweregular listener Drop?
Drop19hehe, isn't that Jim Rome?
impalergeneralBesides, it may not be over...unless the WB like to ignore advice from USA Today, TV Guide, the futon critic....
Drop19I've listened off and on, usually depends on whether I have classes
Drop19ahhh too true, there is still Angel
Marloweyou're a college student?
Drop19yup, i'm a many year senior
impalergenerala professional student, eh?
Drop19yeah, I've found I'm very good at it ;)
impalergeneralyou ought to be a T.A. or something like that
FiatLuxThat's what I want to be when I grow up, but I ran out of money. There's only so many loans out there.
Drop19well, I'm hitting the end of the loans cycle so yeah, time to be a big kid and get a teaching credential sorted out
Drop19and yeah, T.A. isn't such a bad idea, at the moment I'm applying at a couple of local movie theatres for summertime
impalergeneralOh, music to have pre-battle sex by
Drop19just to make sure, what's the spoiler clearance in here?
impalergeneralYeah, Willow and Kennedy were burning up the sheets, weren't they?
FiatLuxYep, I bought that CD collection from an infomercial.
impalergeneralwell, don't mention the future. let us find out for ourselves
Drop19I don't read any advanced stuff at all, just wanted to check more if it's cool to discuss 7x20 or 4x21/22
MarloweI think the were just warming it the sheets up Impaler
MattHFine by me, the others may be unspoiled
MarloweI wasn't impressed with the Willow/Kennedy scenes
impalergeneral7x20 was yesterday, and 4x21 was last that's OK. Oh, Fury's coming? WOW!
MattHOn one of the Xander lists I am on, everyone seemed to hate it.
impalergeneralwell, they were heating the sheets as much as UPN would allow. Otherwise, it could have been like FHM pix
FiatLuxI was cracking up when Anya and Xander were waxing the floor.
Drop19hehe, I mostly hang out at the Amber Benson board, I'm sure you can imagine the general consensus there ;)
impalergeneralEven though it bugged me that Spike was doing what Angel would have done for Buffy, it was a great episode. It also proves the iT's are not that much better off without Buffy.
impalergeneralor SiT's
MattHAhh...I miss the Tara/Willow fanatics ;-)
MarloweI saw those FHM pics of Aly
impalergeneralwell, it would have been nice having the real GhostTara to be a guide for Willow.
Drop19um, just raising hand, not a fanatic, just fan, not mad about kennedy or anything :)
MattHI didn't like those pics as opposed to some of the other ones out there
impalergeneralI saw those pix, too. That Aly is not a shy girl at all
MarloweThere's always the Spuffies
FiatLuxYa hear on the news that Wal-Mart won't carry FHM or Maxim or other mags like that?
Drop19actually i'm pretty ambivalent on kennedy for the most part
Marlowethey are almost as rabid as Tara and Willow fans
Drop19I was surprised Wal-Mart ever had them
MarloweI don't go to Wal-Mart for the magazines anyway
impalergeneralWell, Wal-Mart's decision won't hurt those mags. They'll be sold elsehwere, like convenient stores
MarloweI go to Borders
FiatLuxYeah that's what Barnes & Noble is for
impalergeneralWell, Borders is a classy source for mags like Maxim
Drop19Aren't those places for sitting around and reading things without buying them?
impalergeneralso is Tower Books in sacramento
MarloweBorders is pretty much the only bookstore in town
impalergeneraldo you like in a small town, Marlowe?
impalergeneralor live in a small town
Marlowenot a small town, but not a big one either
FiatLuxOf course I live in a podunk town that just got a B&N, they got lobbied by the churches here to take all the "gay theme" mags off the shelf
FiatLuxBut I suppose Maxim is safe ;)
impalergenerallike what, "Time" or "People"?
Drop19we have 1 B&N and then just recently got a Borders a few months back. There were a few Mall bookstores but those all got shut down or incorporated
FiatLuxWho knows?!
Drop19it'd be rad to have Tower for books or music
Marlowepopulation is about 50-60 thousand
impalergeneralHmmm, it should have an independent bookstore, or two
impalergeneralIs it close to a bigger city, Marlowe?
Marlowebiggest nearby city is Denver and probably 4 or 5 hours drive
impalergeneralWow! That is isolated. I used to live in a town that small. Didn't like it.
Marlowedrew greenberg!!!
Drop19whooo RRK
Marloweit's about time she was on the show
Drop19"Help" is just about my favorite ep
MattHFor this season I probably like Help or Dirty Girls best
impalergeneral"Conversations with dead people" for me
Drop19DG and CWDP rocked too
MarloweSelfless is great
impalergeneraloh, yes!
Drop19the season started out really strong, the middle wasn't bad but lost a bit of momentum
MattHCWDP would be a close 3rd with me.
MarloweBeneath You is up there for me
impalergeneralactually, it was ungrateful traitors
impalergeneraland Spike thinks the group kicked her out because they were jealous, or at least Giles was?
Drop19I was on the traitor side ;P
impalergeneralWell, Buffy would also be willing to be on that side, because she didn't like herself at that point
MattHSame here. Good slayer does not necessarily mean good general.
impalergeneralbut it could mean good fighter...and maybe now she'll say her ideas, and ask for something better--if the others wants her back..and they better
Drop19I think it's interesting because Buffy *was* right, but I think her plan was still a bad idea
impalergeneralThat is the reality, Drop, but what will the others think when they do see that she was right?
MattHPlan - what plan?
FiatLuxI hope Joel is getting this recorded. My feed is cutting in and out bad
impalergeneralwill they still point out that her plan was still bad...but also agree that can't possibly survive without her?
Marloweit's still working okay for me
MarloweI'm sure with the writers, on Joel will be recordeding it
FiatLuxIt's probably just my connection. Happens a lot
Drop19I have a feeling it will be more of a "told you so" moment, but I hope that it's more of a compromise moment
impalergeneralWell, this week Buffy makes progress...but Faith may be afraid she doesn't.
impalergeneralIt will be a compromise where both are wrong, and will get real from now on
MattHI don't want to see an "I told you so moment" - Buffy is better than that.
impalergeneralNo, she'll admit her plan was bad, and will listen to the others. Together, they'll do much better. It's why she's lasted this long
Drop19Really hoping for a big reconcilliation with Giles and everyone pulling it together before the big fight
MattHWIth only 2 eps left, there ain't much time.
MarloweI'm wondering how much of this was scripted because of the spinoff potential
impalergeneralI don't know. Giles may not be ready to forgive her, mainly because he's struggling with the fact that she's not the unquestioning Slayer and he's not the commander a watcher is supposed to be...but he'll have to accept that
MattHI wonder if we will be watching Buffy spinoff's 20 years from now.
Marlowethe Faith spinoff, the Ripper show, etc
impalergeneralWell, how about "Slayers: The New Blood"?
Drop19"Andrew: Little Magician in the Big City"
Marlowegood one, Drop
impalergeneralincluding a SON of Buffy spinnnig the take? So much for the "girls only" requirement
impalergeneralor spinning the stake
MattHNah...we have already seen that a slayer's son is nothing special... ;-)
impalergeneraluh, if Wood was trained like Nikki, he would have done OK.
Drop19Well...the comic Fray had some interesting stuff to say on that
Drop19the lineage bit
MattHI haven't read Fray 6 or 7 yet.
impalergeneralwhat, guys can't do the job because they'd use it to get chicks?
Drop19it all blurs together for me with issues coming out so spread apart
Drop19and nah, I wont spoil it just in case anyone hasn't gotten there or might read it later
Marloweluckily, the last issue comes out next month
Drop19is it officially coming next month? Cool
FiatLuxOk, after this story Fury is not coming on the show.
impalergeneralwhat is it with people urinating in food?
Drop19is this an ongoing theme?
MattHNo - thank god
Marlowethat'll put me off pretzels for a while
impalergeneraland I thought the writers were in small priavte cells, contemplating the mission that is their job. Silly me.
* Drop19 makes a note to never have food jars in an office/classroom
Marlowewhoes got the unusual laugh? Jane or Rebecca?
MattHRebecca think...
MattHthat was *I* think. Can't type... :(
Marlowei got the gist, Matt :-)
impalergeneralBunnies? AHHH
impalergeneralI've got a rumour...told in the e-mails, but I'll believe it when I see it
Marlowerumour about what?
impalergeneralabout the last scene of the show. Again, I don't believe it unless it actually exists.
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MattHHiya Amy
Marloweof Angel or Buffy?
Drop19Hi Amy
Marlowehi Amy
impalergeneralYes, that's abother thing...shouldn't Amy Madison help the First?
Amy_MadisonShe won't let me
Drop19I've been wondering if that was going to happen
Drop19but is Amy evil or just malicious?
impalergeneralThe First isn't a she...only when it feels like it.
Drop19This has me really wanting to go get some ice cream or something
impalergeneralit depends. She said it's all about power. I'm surprised she hasn't made a move..unless she's cleared out of town..and to L-A. She's an Angel episode waiting to happen
MattHAm I the only one who thinks the First Evil is overrated? When I think of firsts I think like the Wright brothers plane - not as good as stuff that came later.
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Drop19Hi Buddy
impalergeneralWell, he's made a woman-hating preacher superman. That's bad and dangerous
MattHYeah but compated to contest
buddyignore me, i'm just looking around
* Drop19 looks the other way
Drop19Caleb does rock, it's a shame we didn't get to see more of him
MattHI do like Nathan Filios as Caleb
*** buddy has left #thesuccubusclub
Amy_MadisonJANE!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippie
impalergeneralthat's Fillion
Drop19I hope he lands a great show over at NBC
MattHI said I can't type... ;-)
impalergeneralWell, we should know next wek if his show, a Florida version of "Cheers" hopefully without romance, will work
Drop19hmmm, I hadnt heard anything about it yet
Drop19could work
impalergeneralWell, the writes say that Joss decided it would be the end a lot sooner than SMG did
Amy_Madisonniether di I
impalergeneralsome interview with Aly "claims" that she found out about the cancellation through an SMG interview. After what Jane said, Aly may have been a victim of misquoting
Amy_Madisondid anyone see the article in the Star
impalergeneralno, we read real newspapers where they don't have the ugliest celebrity pictures possible
Drop19oooh greenberg on smallville maybe?
impalergeneralGreenburg's headed to Smallville?
Marlowesmallville needs to have good writers
Drop19I like the concept/characters/actors, but the show hasnt clicked with me
MarloweI have been disappointed with much of Smallville this year
MattHYeah...some experienced Buffy writers could help it.
impalergeneralYou know, Buffy is one of the few shows I've stuck with from beginning to end
Amy_Madisonme to
MarloweI know people who stuck with X-files from the beginning to the end
impalergeneralThe last show that I've had this much loyalty was MASH
Drop19I didnt get in til mid-season 5
Amy_Madisonme too
MarloweFX has Amends on right now
Amy_Madisonfor X-Files i mean
MattHOriginal Trek for me...when I was about 8
impalergeneralFX and the DVD's will show the relative newbies what they missed..mainly because the WB wasn't available in most cities
Drop19scheisse, Amends is my favorite non-"Help" ep
Drop19watch that or continue listening...
Amy_MadisonIronic, but still 'First' First Evil
impalergeneral"Amends" rules!
Drop19perfect cheese ending. :)
impalergeneralah, but it's the ideal cheese ending for the typical Xmas episode
Amy_MadisonThat would be Restless
Amy_Madisonactually had Cheese
impalergeneraland Buffy and Angel also rule!
Amy_MadisonVAmp Willow
Drop19trust me, when I say cheese I mean it in a good way. Justifiable cheese.
impalergeneralI know. That's what I meant
Amy_Madisonas did I
Drop19k, gotcha :)
Amy_Madisonplus Amends is all snowy at the end
impalergeneralwell, Buffyand Angel are rare shows where their words actually have a point to them. Can't say that about "Home Improvement."
Amy_Madisonmaybe K&C could do a live show next year
impalergeneralThey're planning on doing that
Amy_MadisonI mean a 'call in' type show
Drop19stupid question, is the show on delay?
impalergeneralYeah, if only we had that
Amy_Madisonnot sure
impalergeneralTo me, Caleb used his collar to get girls, he was kicked out, blamed God, and is trying to take revenge with help from the First. It's like Jimmy Swaggert going Satanic
Amy_Madisonwhat do you mand 'going'
Amy_Madisonok, that was wrong
impalergeneralas for a Buffy vs. Buffy fight, it's a good thing it wont' come to that. Angel already did it, and so did Xena (sort of),so why copy it
impalergeneralIs this Avril Lavgine trying to be Buffy?
impalergeneralor just an attempt to recreate the end of season two in song?
Drop19It's on the soundtrack but I completely forget who did it
impalergeneralaint' gonna go out and Slay no more......
impalergeneralIt's by "Hepburn", and it was usually played before the "Morning Zoo" started in Sacramento
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
Marloweooh, Angel is on now!
Drop19good good ep
impalergeneralSo, does Lilah explain how she got seven vampires to die for her so she could come back from Hell?
MattHProbably like Holland Manners...a contract that goes beyond death.
impalergeneralYeah, that would work. he was there to show Angel real Hell...which led to very surprising things
MarloweI'm glad Lilah is back
Marlowei was afraid she was gone from the show for good
MattHOff course, Angel spent hundreds of years in "hell" so it could be understandable that he was a little disappointed.
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Drop19wb Matt
impalergeneralActually, Buffy at that point in the abandoned house was in her "Anne" mode...just getting by, denying her true self
MattHNote to self - hitting the Escape key in Trillian is a *bad* idea.
impalergeneralSpike as a jester? Nah, looks too buff
Drop19maybe when he was Angel's lackey
impalergeneralSpike didn't like that in season two..and I'm sure if they tried that again next season, it will work even less
impalergeneralRRK's moaning? Must be all that sex she put into the script
Drop19I'm not really sure that Spike would fit into Angel dynamic
impalergeneralHe works only as someone who's good or bad whenever he feels like it. Period.
MattHI just want to see Angel's expression when he learns Spike has a soul.
impalergeneralOK< that should happen, along with Giles and Wesley having a pointless drunken fight
impalergeneralbut they're too drunk to land any punchesd
FiatLuxOh drunk Giles is hilarious.
Drop19lots of broken bar furniture but neither one makes contact
Drop19that would be brilliant
impalergeneralyeah, it's like Angelus unbale to find a Hapy Meal with Legs..whcih is how getting his soul back wasn't so traumatic
FiatLuxI liked the Tab thing. Funny to me 'cause my Mom drinks Tab all the time. I can't stand it.
impalergeneralWe know what the note says...Dear Spike, it's clobbering time, and I have to do said clobbering. Thanks for the talk
MattHShe likes Tab...definitely her judgement is off.
impalergeneralYou can't find Tab, just Diet Coke
Drop19I have to drink non-sugary stuff, but I'd sooner drink out of Fury's pretzel jar than drink a Tab :P
FiatLuxWe have Tab in Kentucky, too much of it if you ask me.
Marlowecan't remember if I ever had Tab
impalergeneralDiet Coke is Tab with a name change
Drop19some grocery stores carry it but not too often
FiatLuxYeah my mom's diabetic so I guess it's necessary but still
FiatLuxI'm a Diet Pepsi gal myself. Well actually I'm a regular Coke gal
Drop19I go through a two litre of diet pepsi a day. Can drink diet coke if it's all that's around, but the sugary stuff is just too evil
Drop19last night's show had sex in it?
FiatLuxGo Drop!
impalergeneralSpike and Buffy were the most erotic because sex wasn't needed
FiatLuxYeah what was with the tongue ring?
impalergeneralwho had the tongue ring?
Marlowethat was icky
Marloweshe licked willow's neck
impalergeneralOh, I remember..the overdressed FHM scene
impalergeneralThat scene was rather kinky for 8:45 PM pacific
FiatLuxThat reminds me IP, about Faith in her bra rolling around
Marloweand it was a tongue stud, not ring
impalergeneralAngel and Spike? Yik!
Drop19oh jeez, here comes the w/t stuff
impalergeneralKennedy like Nixon?
impalergeneralKennedy like Riley? That makes sense!
MattHKennedy's a Bitca
impalergeneralbut Kennedy's not exactly Captain Cardboard
Drop19she has some personality, but it seems like being spunky is sort of her big characteristic, and she doesnt vary from that much
MattHI liked Riley
Marloweyeah, spunky and that's about it
MattHThought he was wrong for Buffy, but I liked the character
Drop19Riley was okay, I don't love him or anything but I think he gets a raw deal
* Drop19 runs to get soda
Drop19so if one character gets a spinoff down the line, who would you guys most like to see?
MattHFatih. Second choice would be Dawn (but not as a Slayer)
Drop19loved Dawn's line about the Turkish/English translation last night
impalergeneralWesley, running a Slayer Academy
impalergeneralDid you notice dawn was getting more helpful? Maybe she'll play a big role between now and the 20th
Drop19hmmm, Alexis deserves to lead a show
Drop19even if he was in that goofy George Harrison video
Drop19brb quick
Marlowegotta jet guys!
Marlowetalk to next week!
Marlowenice to have met you Drop
*** Marlowe has left #thesuccubusclub
impalergeneralThing is, you never see that version of "I've Got My Mind set on You.", just the other one with George Harrison playing wih the moving furniture
Drop19eek, telemarketer
Drop19from what I heard Harrison wanted the furniture one, but the record company insisted on something more "commercial"
Drop19but it's been like 10 years so I forget
impalergeneralyeah, abd that's the version we see, not the other one.
Drop19I made some screengrabs off a copy I found of the Alexis version, goofy goofy stuff
FiatLuxI watch some movie on Lifetime a couple months ago with I think it was Aly Shedy and had Alexis as a blonde horny dentist.
MattHI liked seeing the Mayor again
impalergeneralMayor Evil Guy is trying to get Faith and Buffy to kill each other..and they both lose
Drop19The Mayor was always fun
impalergeneralIf the First looked like the mayor, that would have been cool
Drop19there was a really strange BtVS comic Jane wrote that involved the ghost of the mayor possessing all these dead animals and things and trying to torment the gang some more
MattHI read that. It was pretty good.
impalergeneralINteresting...but Faith would have been a better target that he could use against Buffy
Drop19I don't know how likely it is, but it would be cool to see more of the staff working on the Buffyvere comic stuff in the future
impalergeneralno doubt, we will see faith going against Buffy because she's afraid Buffy will kill her...and get upset some more when she doesn't
MattHNah... Faith's moved beyond that
impalergeneralBut she still thinks Buffy's out to get her. She hasn't moved that far
Drop19I never cared for Faith until this year
Drop19Well, Buffy and Spike are both bringing up the whole "trying to steal my life again" business
Drop19justifiably so, but they haven't been giving her any chance to prove herself
impalergeneralwell, she should ask for that...then have th elast laugh when she proves she's really sorry
MattHRRC has some unusual metaphors...
Drop19was that RRK or Jane saying that?
Drop19I'm mixed up
Drop19ahhh ok
MattHI think.
Drop19lobster shells...
* Drop19 writes this down for future use on message boards
impalergeneralToo bad Anya can't remake "Vengeance, Unlimited."
Drop19"The Succubus Club: The Crustaceon Episode"
FiatLuxThis show seem to be going fast. Time flies...
impalergeneralfaster than usual
MattHYeah -- I think it is because the guests were late.
Drop19it's a shame they couldnt give each writer their own ep, but then we'd lose the interaction :-/
impalergeneralImagine playing this for the soliders before they stated the war against Iraq
impalergeneralThey wouldn't do what Faith, Willow, Kennedy and Wood were doing, but...
FiatLuxOr maybe they
Drop19I think a lot of them just arent even sure how to react
Drop19a friend of mine was still on possible re-call for Marine duty, but was lucky to get a full discharge just a few weeks before the troops were being deployed
impalergeneralbloody, romantic and inevtiable? Just like what James martsers told people in Sacramento
impalergeneraland I am worrying about Buffy's health at this point
MattHI better have tissues handy then...
Drop19lol, "a shout out to myself"
Drop19eeeek, I gotta watch Gilmore Girls now :(
MattHI have yet to see an episode
impalergeneralwell, then, I hope jane can create the most awkward Lorilei-Emily reconciliation possible, follwoed by Rory telling both of them to grow up
Drop19same here
impalergeneralc'mon, that will happen. How else will Emily finally go to Lorilei's house for dinner?
impalergenerallet's just say Buffy's no Tommy Franks
* Drop19 pictures Tommy Franks in red leather pants
MattHSMG is a Republican though.
impalergeneralNerds, eh? At least we have nice cars!
Drop19"I've read some good *books* lately"
impalergeneralwell, I'm off. Remember...
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
MattHWhat is about red shoes?
Drop19uh oh.....lesbian cliche
Drop19I guess he has a pair of red shoes he wears a lot
Drop19I met him very very briefly at San Diego Con 2 years back, but didn't pay attention to his shoes unfortunately ;)
FiatLuxWow, the Noble Savage in reference to the lesbian cliche, that's deep.
MattHmmm...Noble Savage lesbian sex....mmmm
FiatLuxThat's a lot better than comparing it to the indestructable dog cliche
Drop19d'oh, just when it gets incredibly interesting as opposed to fun
Drop19indestructable dog? I missed that one i'm thinking
FiatLuxNow it they could just find out that Pocahontas was gay....
FiatLuxYeah, in shows the dog can't die 'cause that'd be too sad.
Drop19is that why everyone protested Married With Children so much? Because they killed Buck? ;)
MattHYeah...but they reincarnated him
FiatLuxSee, it all comes full circle
Drop19lol true
Drop19I'm so worn out on the frickin cliche thing at this point. the point when it crossed over into attacking the writers and their intentions that was just too much
FiatLuxGood show.
MattHCYA all next week.
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