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MattHHiya CM
Marlowehi Matt
Marlowesee the Biography special on Buffy on A&E?
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impalergeneraland hello
MattHDon't get A&E. I'll probably dl it from usenet = someone is bound to post it.
MattHHiya Impaler
impalergeneralMatt, you don't get A and E? You must not have Cable. I am taping it tonight.
MattHI have cable - just basic cable. I got it so I could get a decent UPN picture and for internet access. I really don't watch that much TV
MarloweI just saw it a minute ago
impalergeneralhow was it?
Marlowenot bad
impalergeneralany tape of them filming the fniale?
Marlowekind of sketchy, though
impalergeneralsketchy? about the plot of the show?
Marlowenot that I could tell
Marlowehow they described each season
Marloweno mention of Tara's death or Spike's attempted rape
impalergeneralwell, how can you condense seven years of a show that isn't getting as much respect as it should into two hours?
MattHlzh compression?
impalergeneralthe attempted rape I can understand, but skipping Tara's death?
impalergeneralwait, Marlowe, is the A and E show on Buffy over already?
Marlowefor me, David
impalergeneralMinear's here? WOW!
MarloweI'm on mountain standard time
Marlowewow, Minear actually made it!
impalergeneralOh, so it's still going on. I though it was two hours, and it's still going on in the east
impalergeneralyou must have the east coast feed, Marlowe
Marloweonly one hour David
impalergeneralOh, then maybe I can see who survives the end of Dawson's Creek after all
MattHI think I watched the first four episodes of Dawson...then got bored.
MarloweI have never watched Dawson's Creek
impalergeneralI didn't see any of them, no matter who beyond cute Katie Holmes is
impalergeneralMinear saying "abandoned"?
Marloweoh god, the pretzel story
impalergeneraluh, the secret comes out!
impalergeneralyeah, you'll never have these stories published anywhere
MattHDoubt it would sound as funny on the printed page.
Marloweprobably not
MarloweI think Angel was better written than Buffy this year
MattHIn some parts. I think the last half of Angel this year was awesome,. but didn't care for a lot of the early portion of the season.
impalergeneralI'll say. The plot lines were better co-ordinated than over at Buffy, where they stalled too much. You could have cut out a few shows, and have more room for a better ending. We could have lived without "him" for example
impalergeneralAh, the theme song for "Harsh Light of Day"
MattHHey, I liked "Him"
impalergeneralwell, the jacket kidnapping was funny
MattHI think they should have killed off Anya in Selfless...she has been a non-entity since.
MattHI think they haven't actually showed the First Evil as being that dangerous...they keep talking about it, but it doesn't seem as threatening as most of the other big bads.
impalergeneralWell, the First can't do the heavy work. It needs whoever would be more effctive at the right time, which explains yesterday's ending. The Master, Angelus and Mayor Evil Guy were classic evil guys
impalergeneralthey were hands-on types
impalergeneralwell, running new shows ten weks in a row can do wonders for ratings
MattHThe problem is that the First ability to manipulate people just doesn't seem that decent. It would be nice watching it corrupt a member of the scoobes. for example. The triggering of Spike wasn't that imptessive.
impalergeneralIt enhanced the uncertainty of his redemption, which is all you could do. It would also have helped if Willow or Dawn were corrupted.
impalergeneralDawn would have been a more tragic choice, except dawn would be allowed to fight it to the point that she would have gone either way
MattHOr Buffy...
Marloweif home was the pilot for the next season, next season should be fantastic
impalergeneralThat would ahev worked too, since it spent a lot fo time as FirstBuffy, the Buffy slayer
MattHOr corrupting Giles would have been nice, as opposed to that fakeout on "is he dead or not"
impalergeneralNow THAT is an idea!
impalergeneralStella Dallas Place? Is that Connor's new address?
MattHAlso. an emphasis on the Watcher's Council. prior to them being blowing up would have been good. As it was, I had no real no emotional attachment to them one way or another.
impalergeneralYeah, but I hope a new WC can emerge, even if it's from the corrupt mass that is the W and H office...kind of like it was now
MattHIt just would have been nice if Jasmine had been named Landru... ;-)
Marloweyeah, the Will of Landru
impalergeneralYeah, she is the Blessed Cannibal Goddess, but no one fights, so....
Marlowepretty good Star Trek ep
impalergeneralJasmine Landru...perfect new-age name
impalergeneralyeah, and when L-A finds out the truth they act just like it's the red hour
MattHStandard LA reaction to news - set some cars on fire. ;-)
impalergeneralyeah, and we don't have the excuse of the Lakers winning
MattHI thought the whole Angel/Cordelia thing sucked....
Marlowegee, the writers themselves hate it?
MattHAs did the whole "higher being" thing...
impalergeneralyeah, they figured out what is forbidden for Buffy is forbidden for everyone else. making her an evil pawn would have been better
Marloweabout time they admitted it :-)
impalergeneralGood. It's nice to admit mistakes. All she could do was righ a slot machine and wake angel up
impalergeneralI mean rig a slot machine
MattHI liked how all of the last four+ years was merely a set up for bringing out Jasmine. I have never liked the "PTB as good guys" concept.
impalergeneralthe PTB's haven't been good guys since the snowstorm in Amends.
Marloweare the Senior Partners PTB?
MattHAt the time, they seemed to be good... saving Angel provided visions for guidance.
impalergeneralthey're not good guys
MattHI don't think the senior partners are part of the PTB. I think in many ways it is a choice between evils. The obvious evil and the evil that does good that is actually evil.
impalergenerallike the good goddess with the maggot center
MattHThe maggot stuff doesn't bother me...eating people does.
MattHOooh...a DC comics reference....
impalergeneralfor me, it's both
impalergeneralCordy as Mrs. Freeze? Is she in a snow-globe?
MattHIt would have been interesting to have a good character that is really ugly...All of the good people on Angel and BTVS are good looking...
Marlowenot Mr Freeze, Mr Freeze's wife
impalergeneralI said Mrs. freeze. Maybe Cordy can communicate as a disembodied wise-cracking voice
impalergeneralThat should keep her part of things
MattHI guess telling Angel to chill under those circumstances would be a bad idea... ;-) if Cordy is "Mrs. Freeze"
Marlowesorry, you Did say Mrs.
Marlowenice to know that the fans can be right sometimes
MarloweI'm wondering how they'll fit James Marsters in the show
Marlowecrap...I've lost the show
impalergeneralwell, I am beginning to suspect he'll be there in a form that is unexpected...considering what happened last night'
Marloweoh good, I've got it back
Marloweyeah, I have no idea what he'll be on Angel...human/vampire/something else
Marlowekind of glad Cordy and Connor won't be back
impalergeneralI like Cordy as the comatose body with the ability to communicate through a disembodied voice. That would be better than her just still
impalergeneralI think W and H prefers dead employees. They don't have to be apid
Marloweis Lilah the only dead employee?
impalergeneralthere's Holland Manners, too..remember?
MarloweI mean currently
MattHI'd like to see Holland Manners again/
MarloweI already knew about Hollad
impalergeneralWell, I think there may be others
impalergeneralmaybe the current staff are all undead
Marloweare the rest of the people are W&H the zombified lawyers or brand new people?
MattHWell, their boss is undead,
Marlowelucky UK people
impalergeneralwell, maybe half and half
Marlowethey get the unaired eps of Firefly
Marloweyay on the dvd
impalergeneralthe UK has respect for its TV shows..they make 13, they show them ALL
MattHSci-Fi channel canceled "B5:Crusade" cause they don't like "space shows"
impalergeneralcan't say that about Firefly, or even Just Shoot me
impalergeneralSci-Fi doesn't like space shows? That makes no sense
MattHIt doesn't make sense, no.
MattHBut since when is making sense a requirement for Hollywood.
impalergeneralwell, that sure explains why movies with alleged grown-up actors only appeal to fifth graders...*cough*SweetHomeAalbama*cough*HowToLoseAGuyIn10Days*cough*
Marlowehmm, the Wonder Falls series actually might have a chance
impalergeneralwell, it depens on whether people like the idea of talking Hummel figures
impalergeneralthere's another show where a teen talks to God disguised as a lunch lady or homeless guy
impalergeneralCBS is making it
MarloweDrew Goddard is moving to Angel?
impalergeneralwell, someone has to come they can't have god as the CEO of a major corporation or a lawyer. A homeless guy is so stereotypical.
MarloweI was hoping he would move to Angel
impalergeneralwell, the first shall be last, the last shall be first, and all that
MattH1st two seasons of BTVS were 16mm
impalergeneralgee the WB gave Angel no respect..until now?
impalergeneralYeah, the REAL employees knew a fifth season of Angel+refugees from Buffy=big ratings boost
MattHEspecially since Smallville will be the lead-in now.
Marloweyeah, the execs grew another brain cell
impalergeneralno, they grew one
MattHWell, they could move the date of the Succubus club to Thursday.
impalergeneralHmm....boring wrestling or Succubus Club? Seems obvious to me
MattHI don't watch any TV on Thursday, so it would be a good use of the time.
impalergeneralEmma Caufield..the next Jane Powell!
MattHI didn't care for this song - I liked her duet with Xander much better.
MarloweI wonder if they can move the show to a different night
impalergeneralWell, at least it's a second chance for Joss go get a music Emmy nomination
MarloweEmma has a nice voice
impalergeneraloops, she just got stabbed
MattHMy favorite song was Tara's song to Willow. Talk about a nice voice...
impalergeneralMaybe Amber can get involve in a Buffy spinoff in '04 or '05
MattH"Thanks - Catty" - ROFLMAO.... ;-)
Marloweheck Amber can probably write and direct the spinoff
impalergeneralyeah, Spike and a fight to the death for six months--or not would be nice to hear her and Andy Hallet in a duet, though.
Marloweheee, now i'm envisioning Tara singing 'under your spell' to Lorne
impalergeneralSpike didn't ruin Buffy
MattHI am not thrilled with JM going to Angel.
MarloweI totally thrilled
Marlowebut not sure how they would fit him on Angel
MattHUnless he Shansu's ... that would be hilarious.
impalergeneralHmmm....considering what Spike's situation is should be almost impossible to put him in a believable situation. But what do I know?
impalergeneralHe better not Shansu....until Angel does.
MattHAfter Wolfram and Hart gave the office to Angel...the wrong vampire with a soul...;-)
impalergeneralAngel's not the wrong anything. Spike is!
Marlowehah! so the networks did want James Marsters to be on the show
MattHI just think it would be hilarious...all the propehcies that have been yanking Angel around...can you see the PTBs and Senior Partners "Whoops, never mind!"
impalergeneralor maybe the PTB's will cancel the cancellation of the "perfect day", but he gets to keep his vampiry powers.
MattHToo fanfictiony....
impalergeneralmaybe, but the PTB's owe Angel big for making him think HE was the Chosen Undead One
impalergeneralyeah, bring back Pikachu Girl
MattHLike they care...
impalergenerala new girl who will try to take some Fang Gang souls? Maybe a threat to Lilah? Makes sense
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impalergeneraloh, a new person! Hello, Lord
LordLost connection to the server
MarloweThe Lord formerly known as Matt?
LordYeah.... how do I change that again?
Marlowegot no clue
MarloweI've always been myself
impalergeneralme too. I don't have too many aliases
Lord\nick MattH
MarloweI like this song
Marlowekind of trippy
*** Lord is now known as MattH
impalergeneralall this info tonight means I'll have to update my review.
MattHFigured it out (obviously)
impalergeneralMIss Pope, why have you been wearing black for a month?
impalergeneralI wouldn't watch Scooby Doo, mainly because of what I've heard about it
Marlowethe first Scooby Doo or the sequel?
impalergeneralthe first one
MattHI plan on renting the video once of these days.
MarloweI will never rewatch it
MarloweCan't imagine being that bored
MarloweScrappy must die!!!!
impalergeneralFreddie Prinze Jr. as a blonde is just wrong somehow
impalergeneralthen again, Freddie in any movie....well, you get the idea
Marlowetotally wrong as Freddie
MarloweSMG as Daphne was also a mistake
impalergeneralcouldn't Katie Holmes do that?
MattHI liked him in "She's All That"
impalergeneralor is she too smart for that?
MattHThe movie played well in its target demographic.
impalergeneralthe WB, the network that Slaying bult..and it should admit that
MattHNext Tuesday is going to be painful...
impalergeneralwell, I have my suspicions on who will NOT be left standing..aside from Anya
MattHAny SITs wearing red will die....just a prediction
impalergeneralKennedy was the only SiT that really bloomed, Amanda a close second.
MattHI don't recall K&C loveing season 6 during the season.
Marlowecan't remember myself
MarloweBut they do like the season now
MattHI should be getting the Season 6 DVD's shortly.
impalergeneralwell, they had time to reflect..and that they knew Buffy's resurrection wold be difficult. It's not like getting over Chicken Pox
impalergeneralSpike as the new Fonzie? I don't recall him saying aaaaaaaay.
Marloweyeah, there's article about Spike as the Fonzie
MattHSmashed was the episode where "Spike ruined the show" ;)
impalergeneralit's in Salon.
Marloweyou need to subscribe or a day pass to read it
impalergeneralI think the article said he ruined things after "Conversations..."
MarloweI've seen the article posted at other boards
MattHI like Dawn and I am not a "younger audience"
impalergeneralSo Spike was a vicious killer to impress Dru, yet could have had more humanity without her?
impalergeneralif so, why do we need angel?
MattHI was watching Surprise again tonight...I have always liked the human qualities of Spike. I just don't like Spuffy...I think it is a load of BS (or B/S)
impalergeneralAMEN! It was a cheesy knockoff of the REAL love story
impalergeneralbut it was necessary because Buffy needed someone now that Giles had left.
MarloweI kinda like Spuffy
MattHIf I have a ship ... it is B/X.
impalergeneralit was one of those things where you had one choice, and it's pretty lousy
Marlowebut I can live without the Spuffy
MattHI like the interaction between Buffy and Spike...I just didn't like it as a romantic entanglement.
impalergeneralIf Angel never existed, it could have been Xander, but could he had coped with being the boyfriend of a superhero in the long run...or could he have cheated on her with Willow (oh, wow, what a possibility)
impalergeneralFrom the rumours I have heard, I THINK I know what the joke suggests. I won't say it, though
impalergeneralit's icky..I'll say that
Marlowethat would have been an interesting way to go,David
MattHGod that is funny.
Marlowethey need to get their own show *g*
Marlowethe Drew, David and Tim hour
MarloweI'll miss Minear
impalergeneralFox is giving its list of new shows tomorrow. We should know by then
impalergeneralyeah, David, sing about getting the mustard out!
impalergenerallesbians have no sense of humour? Since when?
MattHCheck the Kitten board
MattHRiley was lesbian
impalergeneralcoming soon...David Fury in a musical Tuide commericial about getting the mustard out
impalergeneralI mean Tide commercial
impalergeneralwell, it's been fun. Remember....
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Marloweexcellent show tonight!
Marlowesee you later Matt, Lord of the Chat
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