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japjershould we know this ethan guy?
MattHProducer Ethan? Yes.
ChiaraPhi Matt
MattHHi all
ChiaraPI guess so...
ChiaraPWow What deep voice...
ChiaraPThe Ethan's one I mean
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ChiaraPuff Buffering again
ChiaraPmmm what if we goout and someone that the op?
MattHNot necessarily. I've been alone in the chatroom and not been the op.
ChiaraPthe first one has the's automatic, Iguess..
ChiaraPBut it's ok...
* ChiaraP start drowling about this all cake talking
japjersee they're beginning in 10 minutes
ChiaraPahhhhh OK!!!!!!!
ChiaraPsorry I didn't understood that
MattHYeah - this is just "Behind The Scenes" - what they do if they get on the air early.
ChiaraPah It's the first time I listen it "live" I just found Candy & Kitty a couple of days ago...
japjersee i told you so!
MattH'Sawright - newbies are always welcome :-)
japjerit's only the 3rd time i'm listening too though :)
MattHI started listening about episode 100
ChiaraPohhh Cool!!!!
MattHAnd kicking myself for not listening earlier.
ChiaraPI mean here in my place I find barely people who can speak about Buffy
ChiaraPYeah, Matt I really know this feeling!
ChiaraPso find soemthing like this it's just so neat!
*** Marlowe ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya CM
ChiaraPhi ^______^
Marlowehi mat
Marlowehi Chiara
Marlowehey japjer, first time here?
ChiaraP<<-- 1st time
Marlowebeen a listener of the Succubus Club long?
japjerfirst time in this channel ya
ChiaraPI found it just a couple of days ago...
japjeri started about 3 weeks ago
japjerheard about this on a forum
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Amy
MarloweI've been listening to the Succubus Club for one or two years
ChiaraPHI Amy ^___^
Marlowehiyas Amy
Marlowewhen did you start listening Matt?
Amy_Madisonhi guys
MattHAround episode 100 of succbus club (approx).
Marlowewow, an old-timer!
ChiaraPI'mdownloading all the past shows
japjerand this is episode..?
MattHAbout 160 or so
MattHSo what is the gift already?
Marlowea box!
ChiaraPthe are worldless!
ChiaraPit's what?
MarloweI'm not sure
MattHLot of thought went into that gift.
Marloweokay, charms
Marloweof various Buffy items
Marlowesounds extremely cool
Amy_Madisonshe needs to scan it
ChiaraPmmm no idea what it can mean, sorry...
Marlowea charm bracelet probably
ChiaraPoh! Understood thanks!
MattHMy guess - the special end song is "Where Do We Go From Here?"
MarloweI hope they scan it...the gift sounds beautiful
Marlowekinda wish I was that thoughtful!
ChiaraPyep I agree with both
MattHI loved the finale. Not a great story, but very good.
MarloweI liked the finale....
Marlowewish it was a two-hour one though
MattHYou and me both
Marloweone hour is just not enough to cap 7 years
ChiaraPI realized just yesterday how much I missed Joss...
MattHI feel so empty inside - like a friend has died.
Marloweknowing Spike will be on Angel helped a lot
Marloweso do I...sigh
ChiaraPI guess he should had to drect and write at least 3 or 4 episode.... if not a twohours episode
MattHYeah - he should have had more of a hand in this last season.
ChiaraPMatt this is what Ifeel too.
MarloweI had heard he was doing the season premiere of Angel
japjerya i heard it too
ChiaraPthey are already doing that?
japjeri don't think so
MarloweI don't think Joss writes Angel as good as Buffy
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
ChiaraPEven If Angel is a good show... It's not Buffy...
MattHThey left tons of openings for spinoffs
japjerhe writes it very different
ChiaraPBuffy's deeper and funnier
japjeri wonder how they're gonna deal with all the slayers on angel
ChiaraPand sweeter... with more introspection than Angel.
MattHYeah - Angel doesn't have the same hold on me. And I really don't care much for Spike...
japjermaybe AI really DOES become evil
japjerand the slayerarmy has to stop them
japjerAngel investigations
MattHI don't get the feeling that we will be seeing many slayers on Angel.
ChiaraPBut Vi I hated all of them!
japjeri think the spell will be dispelled like in the first few eps
japjerI liked the d&d playing girl
ChiaraPyep... You guess it will be a spell?
japjerya her
MattHI liked the Trogdor the Burninator reference.
japjeranyway, i did like angel better this season
ChiaraPI didn't understood this one
japjeri've watched stuff about it after the ep, haven't heard of it before
Marloweto bad Amanda died
MattHAngel has gotten better. Surprising that CC is not likely to be back for more than a few episodes.
ChiaraPI was more sad about Spike & Anya....
japjerwell i've always 'hated' spike
ChiaraPDefinetely I didn't
MattHI just realized - we will probably never know why Anya hates bunnies.
MarloweI think Angel was definitely better than Buffy in the last half of the episodes
japjerwasn't it explained in selfless?
japjeri thought it was
MarloweI'm not surprised about CC
ChiaraPIt wasn't enought for justify a terror, I guess...
MattHShe liked them in Selfless. I don't recall it explaining why she hates/fears them now.
MarloweI thought it might have been too much of a reminder of her old village life with Olaf
ChiaraPyeah but then why being afraid of them evenwhen she hasn't memory in Tabula rasa?
japjeryup and the fact he cheated, because rabbits reproduce alot too, like Olaf
MattHThe fear seemed to strong for that.
japjerMaybe when she became human it was put there permanently
Marlowei guess that will be yet another unanswered question
MattHI figure it is something that happened when shew was a demon
MattHYeah, like what was the flaw in the Slayer line ... lots of unaswered questions.
ChiaraPI always thought she made someone be eaten by bunnies... :P And she got scared (become scared?)
japjerwell im holding on to the olaf-selfless theory :)
MattHWell, I'm sure a lot of the writers listen to the show.
japjerheh ya
MattHDidn't care much for the Hospital scene in "End of Days"
japjerthat was touched
japjerwasn't it?
MattH7x21 - whatever the title.
ChiaraPI found it funny and I was scared to death because they were so calm... so Ithought there was some demon or caleb or whatever ready to kill them :P
japjerthat's end of days, but a hospital scene?
ChiaraPEnd of days
MattHWheelchair fight et. al.
japjeri thought about the willow/xander hospital scene
japjerwhich wasn't even in touched...
MattHThat was a good scene - the wheelchair fight scene just seemed bland.
japjerYou LUUUUUUUUV them
ChiaraPI so hate buffering time!
MattHYeah - it is annoying.
japjerheh, no broadband?
MattHPlenty of broadband. Just recording the show.
ChiaraPnope just 56 k modem still...
Marlowea Faith spinoff would have been so good
japjeri'd like a slayer spin-off too after seeing chosen
ChiaraPProbably it could be at the same level than Buffy!
MarloweI switched from a 56K to a cable modem earlier this year
MattHSome good B/X moments. Some of the people on the B/X lists I am on have hated this season though.
japjerlike dawn, giles and willow going to a new slayer every week
MattHDawn was prepared - paid attention to Joyces warning in Conversations With Dead People.
ChiaraPabout not become a "chosen"? yeah
ChiaraPJoyce said she wont' choose you
ChiaraPok it was Joyce or st Evil?
MattHAbout Buffy not choosing her.
MarloweI have to say now that it was the First
japjerI think it was Joyce, FE was at willow's
ChiaraPbecause it sayd Buffy was going to become bad....
MattHI don't think it was the FE. No indiciation that the FE can be in more than one place at a time.
ChiaraPand it's what FE alwasy do mix a liewith a true thing...
japjerya if it was the FE it would be more understandable, but i don't think it was sadly...
MattHIt is also possible that Joyce was referring to an event that has yet to happen, e.g. something that could take place in a possible spinoff.
ChiaraPI mean if was joyce... why scared Dawn to death?
ChiaraPoh.... mmm
MattHCould also possibly refer to using the amulet
japjerin what way?
japjerbtw i LOVE how they talked so easy about the FE in ATS
ChiaraPjoyce couldn't know that They were going to have the Amulet
MattHIn the place of Spike. Dawn is more than human also...although not physically stronger than human.
japjeroh yeah, here you got an amulet, and if you want you can go...or not...
ChiaraPoh yeahhh.... true I forgot that!
MattHDead people seem to have access to information sources that living ones don't in the Buffyverse. She could also have been relaying information from a higher/lower/sideways power. ;-)
japjerThough dawn never even got the idea of wearing it
japjerBut uhmm, if buffy would have worn it, she wouldn't have died, right?
ChiaraPyeah and then she could say them to move some stuff from home out of town!! they lost EVERYTHING NOW! and are all unemplyed :P
japjerwell,maybe they got some stuff in the bus :)
ChiaraPI guess it cold burn her too...
MarloweI think if Buffy wore the amulet, it would have killed her
ChiaraPI guess it too
Marlowethat may have been why Spike wanted it
ChiaraPexactely in the sme way it killed spike...
MattHTrue. We don't know what resources the WC (remnants thereof) have access to.
japjeroh and continuity error!: when the step out of the bus, the right side is in the shadow, then when xander and andrew talk about anya on that side the sun is RIGHT on it!
Marlowedidn't Angel mention the amulet was purifying?
MattHScrubbing bubbles
ChiaraPno idea I didn't understood muchof what he said... honestly :P
MattHWhen the ocean floods it, there will be no ring around Sunnydale :)
ChiaraPI'm waiting the script
MattHI used the closed captioning.
MattHI just hope there is a reference to the destruction of Sunnydale on Angel. Hard to see people repress that.
japjeri don't think they will
japjerit's been more the otherway around
ChiaraPthey never will!!!
MattHThere's another [Hellmouth] in Cleveland. To quote Oz: "Actually, it explains a lot"
MarloweI don't see them mentioning it either
japjeri mean on Buffy, they never even talked about either the blocked out sun NOR Jasmine
MarloweI wonder how they'll get Spike on Angel
MattHThe time sequences may have been off, but what was happening in LA could have been taking place about the time the services (power et. al.) went off in Sunnydale.
MattHPull him out of a box.
MattHWhy quit when you have a winner...?
japjerno, cause faith and willow were back by then
ChiaraPmm power got away just when faith was there...
japjerso they at least should have known about the sun
ChiaraPso no jasmine... but the not-sun situation was differetn
ChiaraPgrrrr I'm starting to type in a dislessic way... sorry :P
MattHJoin the club
japjerheh, i like the word
japjeraxecalibur :)
MattHInteresting that Willow looked like the old woman when she was using the axe (made by the old woman et. al.) to activate all the potentials.
ChiaraPit was so strange when she Cocooned...
japjeri agree matt
japjerdidn't think of it before
japjeri just thought about it being the opposite of grave-willow
MattHWe didn't get a nifty incantantation or see the First Slayer like the enjoining spell, which was kind of a bummer.
ChiaraPpure power
ChiaraPpure energy
ChiaraPthe good side of power...
Marlowethat was cool
MattHLiked Willow's line though "That was nifty"
Marloweblack/white magic
ChiaraPI guess I'm quite laggedfrom Radio....
japjerwell im gonna listen it better some other time...
japjerand it's off...
MattHSince this is the only time we have seen Willow go white, does that mean that *all* the other spells she has ever cast were black magic? Including restoring Angel's soul (her eyes went black the second time)
ChiaraPmmm good question
japjerthe eyes going black was just her CHANNELING her black magic power, not the spell itsself being evil
japjeri think
japjerbefore chosen, she thought she could only be truly powerfull while using teh 'dark side of magic'
japjerthat's why she was afraid of it
MattHWhich means we can't use the color of WIllow 's hair/eyes to determine whether or not a spell as black or white. I should also point out that we have never heard the term "white" magic on the show. All magic is dark.
japjeronly according to connor :)
MattHIf Buffy is cookie dough, it explains why so many of her plans have been half-baked :-)
ChiaraPwell Tara never used black magic.. .just magic... (but the time in family)
japjerya, it's like saying regular cheese, everytime you mean it
japjeryou just say cheese
MattHActually, no magic on the show has every really been good. The soul restoration spell is still a curse with a loophole. According to Spike and Giles..."Magic always has consequences". What are the consequences of this last spell.
Marlowewonder what kind of cookie dough Buffy is?
Marlowechocolate chip?
ChiaraPshipper of what???
MattHMacadamia Nut.
japjerso let me rest in peace!
japjergood magic has good consequences
japjer(not that i know ANYTHING about wicca)
MattHDoesn't seem to be the way magic works in the Jossverse. Also, Jossverse Wicca seems to have no relationship to real Wicca.
Marlowelove this song
japjerthe consequence of the soul-curse was Angel being on the good side, becoming a champion of TPTB
japjerwell it's slightly related
MattHThe PTB are not good...we have since learned that.
MattHThough I always suspected it.
japjerwel the champion of good then
ChiaraPwell if you remember hush it was clear that wiccan group has anything to do with Power.
japjerhe DID do alot of good, for who doesn't matter
ChiaraPBut Tara had it anyway
MattHWell, he did end world peace ;-)
japjeror so JASMINE says
*** CTCP: ChiaraP pinged you.
MattHNo we - could see it ;-)
MattHJasmine of course, being one of the powers....
MarloweI've always wondered whether or not the Senion Partners are PTB
japjerwell, maybe she got kicked out, because she wasn't like the others anymore
MattHJoss's verse is very Lovecraft/Moorcroft. The only good is that which human's created. All the supernatural powers are evil or at best indifferent to human beings.
japjerI really need s1+2 reruns of angel
japjerwhat about Lorne?
MattHOh, since when has Lorne given good advice. The first time, he got Angel into a joust and it has gone downhere from there.
japjerhey chiara!
ChiaraPwhat I did?
MattHChiara - are they referring to you?
MattHLoved Dawn in Chosen.
ChiaraPoh No idea... I was buffering :P
Marloweyes, I was impressed by Dawn in Chosen
japjerbut his intentions were good
ChiaraPbut I emailed them earlier so it could be
japjerDawn didn't annoy me at all this season
MattHRoad to h*** is paved with good intentions.
japjerexept maybe the dawn-ep
Marloweoh, Chiaslut
Marlowefrom Big Brother
MattHI have been a Dawn Worshipper from Day 1. I really liked Dawn this season.
japjeri hated her in season 6
ChiaraPI loved Dawn all this )season... but in end of days
japjershe didn't have a purpose all season (6)
japjerwith the taser, lol
japjerloved it
ChiaraPI missed a lot the connection between Spike & Dawn.
ChiaraPand I hated she didn't cared at all he died...
MattHWell, Dawn is like Buffy .. she can hold a grudge.
japjeri'd like connor and dawn to hook up together, go to auntie Fred and walk around LA tasering (is that a word) people :D
MattHOnly in fanfic will that happen.
japjerwell i guess her opinion of spike changed when he RAPED her
japjerin contrary of buffy
MattHAttemped rape...
ChiaraPI'm really really lagged!!! i listen them Just now wondering about my name!
MattHIt not like he murdered Jenny Calendar.
ChiaraPI'm a Dawn Connor shipper.... but I would love she could kick his ass about working in team!
japjerya, but chipped spike is alot like souled spike, angel is very different from angelus (probably some problems he got himself)
ChiaraPemm how can I say to the girl I'm Chiara like Chianti ;)
Marlowehmm, Dawn and Connor could meet in college!
MattHConnor doesn't do much for me. D/X I could go for
*** sqslayer34tty ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
ChiaraPit would be cool!
MattHHiya sqslayer
MarloweI'm watching the FX reruns....Spike is the prisoner of the Initiative
japjerdawn/xander is like cordy/connor!
sqslayer34ttyi kicked off my comp downstairs
MattHNahh... Xander never changed Dawn's diapers.
MarloweI've heard of stories pairing Spike and Dawn
japjerbut he DID babysit her
MattHYeah ... when she was 14.
ChiaraPso is going to be a xander /Dawn?
MattHI didn't like Cordy/Connor because it seemed so forced, not because of the so-called mother relationship.
japjersorry i just don't see it, dawn/spike is more believable
MattHI've seen fanfic which pulled it off quite well.
ChiaraPplease no!!!
Marlowedawn and spike isn't all that different from Buffy/Spike
MarloweBuffy and Angel i mean
japjerBut not on screen, i can't imagine it
ChiaraPThat's the real why they didn't make Spike/Dawn close again!
MarloweBuffy was what 16 when she met Angel?
japjeri know, that's why dawn/spike is better
japjerxander has morals
ChiaraPyeah.... but Spike met her when she was 12!
japjerangel watched buffy too
japjerwhen she was young
MarloweSpike can wait!
MattHI don't think it is a matter of relative ages... just one of chemistry.
japjeryep, and i don't see it between xander and dawn, at least not in THAT way
ChiaraPok, probably it's just because I can't see Jm kissing MT!
japjerheh, that's wrong too
japjerwhat's MT's age?
ChiaraPshe will be 18 in october I guess
japjerand JM is like 40, right?
MarloweJM is 40, 41 in August
Marlowehow old is David B?
japjerhe just turned 31 or 32 or something
japjertoday or yesterday or something
*** Signoff: sqslayer34tty ((null))
MattHAccording to imdb, he should have had his 32nd birthday 5 days ago.
MattHI think he looks older than JM.
ChiaraPhonestly JM seemed younger.
japjerwell ya,but i don't think it's because DB looks old
ChiaraPin the second season JM seemed a 20-something
MattHDB has aged noticeably in the past view years.
*** rr|b0ff ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Marlowewho is younger, Angel or Spike?
Marlowethat's what I thought.
japjermaybe angel got turned when he was older
MarloweJames is older than David, but Spike is younger than Angel
MattHSpike was turned in the 1880's or thereabouts. Angel was turned in 1750s.
MarloweI would have guessed Spike was in his mid-twenties
japjernah, i'd say his 30's
MarloweI meant when they were turned
japjerthe faith/wood scene
MattHI am thinking that Spike was younger ... but that is just an impression.
rr|b0ffthe uber suck
MattHI liked the Faith/Wood scene
japjeri didn't hate it
MattHED really pulled it off.
ChiaraPthe one in the school basement? I found it nice!
MarloweI was indifferent
japjeri would've rather see more xander/anya or xander/willow
ChiaraPand he was the first who wanted soemthing more from her...
MattHWell, the first to mention it.
MarloweI wonder if Wood would have been on the Faith spinoff
MattHProbably. I am just hoping Tru Calling takes off.
ChiaraPof course ;P
ChiaraPguys can you tell me when there is the first song?
ChiaraPI have toswitched off winamp and restart it...
MarloweI heard some people want it to tank so Eliza will be available for a Buffy spinoff
japjerheh, well i wouldn't mind, if the spin-off was a sure thing
MattHMixed feelings about that concept. It tanking doesn't mean there will be a Faith spinoff.
japjerbut i like what i've read of tru calling
ChiaraPI liked the idea of slayer's school...
ChiaraPeven if Idon't like SIT very much
japjerya, i don't need faith that bad
MattHWell, I never watched Early Edition or 7 Days which had similar plots.
Marloweyeah, the concept of Tru Calling is a little 'been there, done that'
japjeri LOVED early edition :D
japjerwatched it with my brother
japjerwell most concepts are
japjerJohn Doe sucked
MattHYeah...Buffy just drafted hundreds of other girls to her fate.
ChiaraPyep but no one is going to be alone-..
Marlowenot really
Marlowei think they have the choice of whether or not to become slayers
ChiaraPthey say they weregoing to conctat Slayers on all the world
japjeri think it'll be reversed really quick
MattHIt didn't look like that to me. It just seemed to happen.
ChiaraPnot reversible
japjerwhy not?
MarloweI don't think it is reversible either
MattHNot without a lot of muscle relaxants
japjerheh, well the power was NEVER in the muscles, look at SMG
MattHThere is nothing to indicate a slayer can revert to normal.
japjerwhy not, if they use the axe?
MattHIt is not in the appearance. However, giving Buffy muscle relaxants in Helpless did take away her strength.
ChiaraPok why they keep to cal it Scythe when obviously it was an axe?!
Marloweit probably sounds cooler
MattHThe axe provided a conection to the potentials and the current Slayer. It probably did not provide the power.
japjerwell i think willow could do it
MattHIf they could have, why wouldn't they have removed Faiths after she went bad?
japjerAnd since she and AH are still alive
japjer+ wesley on angel :D
japjerthere was no need to
japjeralso, they never seemed to think about it
rr|b0ffi think
MattHRogue Slayer - great need.
rr|b0ffi think it's felicia
MattHThere has never been any mention of a slayer losing her powers in the series.
MattHI play D&D every other week. Loved the Trogdor reference also.
japjerbut there has never been mention of multiple slayers not acquired by ressurection
ChiaraPwell they changed therules....
japjeryup,all i wanna say, is that if the writers want it to happen, they wouldn't really break continuity
MattHTrue - but we saw how the First Slayer acquired her powers as well as the an indication that more power was available.
MattHIt wouldn't break continuity if they built it up right. If it were to happen in the hypothetical next episode would be a break in continuity (IMHO)
japjerit would be lame, but not an error in continuity
japjerbesides not counting willow, the characters on Angel are usually way more powerfull than the ones on buffy
MattHI am afraid that we are going to have to agree to disagree here.
japjerTPTB could do it right away
japjerto balance evil and good
MattHWell, the cinematics right away.
japjernooooo, buffering!
japjerwe'll see...
ChiaraPtell me about that,,, I'm listening just now the D&D discussion
MattHWe do not know that about the PTB either. They have not seemed to interfere with the Slayer at all.
japjeryou also got the musical number now?
MattHHmmm. Connection jumped there
MattHYep. Skipped part of the show.
ChiaraPhere too...
japjeri loved this the first time i saw it
japjerespeccially the disney-ending :D
MattHI loved it the 20th time I saw it. The ending didn't do much for me.
ChiaraPok i switched off and turnng on...
japjeri mean, the ending of this song
japjerwith the dusting
ChiaraPmusic now...
MattHOh that... yeah ... really good
Marlowegoing through the motions
japjeragain, lost connection...
MattHGrrr.arrghh... connection problems. Hope Joel is ripping a good copy.
japjerand i just wanna be alive
Marlowespeak of grr, arggh
japjernice to hear it agan :)
japjeroh, damn..
Marloweanyone see the 'Grr Argh' guy at the end of the ep
japjeryep :)
ChiaraPyeah he turned towad us :P
ChiaraPmmmm lost signaL?
japjersame here...
Marlowelost the connection twice now
japjer3 times...
japjerthe birds already started yapping
japjerI have to agree with DB on this: birds SUCK :D
japjerah, im getting something again
Marlowethird time and I'm getting the song again
MattHYeah - same here . I am switch to WiMP
MattHThey are talking about Spike falling from the sky naked.
japjerthey're thanking people who emailed here
Marloweokay, I'm on media player
MattHWell, fanfic is all we have left ...
* MattH sobbs quietly.
* MattH shrugs
Marlowethank JOSS for Angel
ChiaraPbut it's Joss Mail?
MattHSo was Firefly...and I didn't care for that all.
MarloweI didn't get into Firefly until towards the end
japjeronly saw the pilot
*** Signoff: rr|b0ff (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
MarloweI'm planning on getting the Firefly dvd's though
japjeror the first ep it was, right?
MattHI might
japjerthe pilot was the series finale too?
Marlowethe original pilot was 'Serenity'
japjerwell i saw the first ep available
japjerwith the guys getting sucked up by the engines
MarloweI think that ep was the 'Train Job'
japjerya, something with a train too
japjerwell it never aired here sooo
MattHI downloaded several eps...including the unaired pilot. I like my SF hard and this just wasn't.
Marlowetoo much western theme going on
japjerit could be good, i think it would be great if it got a few seasons
japjerbut then we probably wouldn't have Jasmine...
japjeror we would, just not the RiGHT one :)
japjerthe hammer!
MattHDagon sphere
japjerheh yeah
Marlowebetter get going guys
Marlowenice to have met you japjer, Chaira!
japjeryou too
ChiaraPbye !!!!!!!!!
Marlowea pleasure as always, Matt!
*** Marlowe has left #thesuccubusclub
ChiaraPlookingfor the sphere!
MattHI wonder why Kitty is always so worried about being spoiled -- she'd never remember them.
MattHGlory didn't pretend to be her friend
japjerwhat question are you at?
MattHWhy did Dawn what Ben to change into Glory
japjerhave sex!
MattHNow on number 7.
MattHGet the bot.
japjerkitty knew it earlier...
japjeri won't spoil it then
MattHI have just been reading a whole lot of Buffybot stories...very funny.
ChiaraPbuffy bot!
ChiaraPslap him
MattHSerious lag on my end.
japjer14 im at
MattHCudgel is a club
ChiaraPno presto
ChiaraPpresto :P
ChiaraPuntil the end of the world even ti fit happen tonight
japjerok you knew all of those?
ChiaraPyep :P
ChiaraPIknwo them... whn I understood what she is asking :P
MattHKitty is threatening the Monkey Pen...
MattHWe "band of buggererd"
ChiaraPno idea what she is askingnow...
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MattHShe is a schoolteacher and she doesn't know the Saint Crispin's speech?!?
MattHWelcom back Amy
japjerblock th epath
japjeror something
Amy_Madisonhi again
ChiaraPRE Amy
MattHThey were running out of superlatives.
ChiaraPbecause she is an hero?
Amy_Madisonsomething happened to my connection, so I havta wait for the mp3
Amy_Madisonbut I got it fixed sorta
MattHMy connection has been iffy all night.
japjerwe all had the problem
ChiaraPdeath is your gifht and spike speakign abiut blood
japjermade out of dawn
ChiaraPyeah !
japjermade out of buffy i mean
japjerand spike ya
japjerit's always about bloos
ChiaraPwhat the monk saidto her yeah! Youwere right
MattHWould have been better if ME had set that up better (Dawn being made from Buffy)
ChiaraPBuffy Anne Summer - She saved the world a lot
japjerand her year of death
japjerShe saved the world...a lot
japjerdon't forget the dots
ChiaraP1983 - 2001 ?
ChiaraPoh true!
japjer81 i think
Amy_MadisonI heard a spoiler a while ago that said they were going to tell us what happened to MKF
ChiaraPto what?
Amy_Madisonbut I never heard anything in the last 2 epis
Amy_MadisonMiss Kitty
MattHAn accident with a crossbow. Dawn mentioned it before she was chloroformed
japjerbest friend
Amy_Madisonoops, I missed it. I'll check again, but thanks
ChiaraPbut kitty is theone who made thequestion or the other one?
MattHThe implication was that Dawn left out a crossbow and Miss Kitty got the pointy end of a quarrel.
ChiaraPguys I really have to go 5.18 here ....
japjerheh ya
MattHCYA next time.
ChiaraPSure wed?
MattHWell, over here it is.
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MattHOne more Succubus Show for the season.
MattHCYA next week.
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed May 21 20:21:48 2003