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for May 28, 2003

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*** Topic of #thesuccubusclub: The Last Succubus club show of this season... 8 pm - PT
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Marlowei'm going to try to come back into the SC chat room
ChiaraP*and* would be nice if radio could start AGAIN!
ChiaraPHi Matt!
Marlowebe right back
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MarloweI'm back!
Marlowehi Matt
ChiaraPwhat was the problem?
Marloweit kept asking for my NickServ and password??
MattHIs KLBC working? I can't seem to connect.
MarloweI'm using trillian
Marloweme neither, Matt
ChiaraPnope Matt...
ChiaraPit doesn't...
ChiaraPand since here it's 3 am I'm starting to feel vvvvvvvvvvvery disappointed!
MattHI can understand that
ChiaraPand In italy Tonight they "forgot" to air Buffy!!!!!
Marlowe"NickServ - marlowe is owned by someone else. Please choose another"
Marloweif this is your nick, type: /msg NickServ identify
Marlowethose are the messages I'm getting in this chat room
ChiaraPMarlowe put a _ after the name
ChiaraPor somethign like that
Marlowedo I have to back out of chat?
MattHYou look fine from my end.
ChiaraPno you can type just /nick new-nick
*** Marlowe is now known as new-nick
ChiaraPlol you can change newnick with whatever nick you prefer. I forgot to nmention :P
new-nickI'm new-nick now?
new-nickso I am!!!
new-nickoh well...
ChiaraPthe /nick change your nick with the word you write after
*** new-nick is now known as Elais
Elaisokay, how's this>
ChiaraPI guess fine
MattHIf you want to be "Elais", just fine
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ElaisI use 'Elais' at a couple boards
* ChiaraP use Chandramas but it's too long for mirc
* ChiaraP want the radio!!!!!!!
MattHJoel posted that he isn't getting anything from KLBC either.
ElaisI don't know the number for the Succubus Club radio room
ChiaraPhave we answer too?
MattHNeither do I
ChiaraPoh the site it says + phone +
ChiaraPno idea how use it...
ChiaraPbut maybe you can
ElaisDon't have long distance anyway
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* ChiaraP is a little forbitten to make intercontinetal call :P
ChiaraPHI Lux
MattHI can understand that
MattHHiya Luxy
ChiaraPespecially at this time :P
FiatLuxHi all. Just checking that I wasn't the only one not hearing anything.
ChiaraPno one can :(
MattHNo answer at that phone #
FiatLuxDarn radio station! No answer? Hmm.
MattHAssuming that was the right # - I called the one listed on the website.
ChiaraPI didn't understand Flipley e-mail...
Elais(562) 938-4300
Elaistry that one...I got it from the site
ChiaraPcan you hear that?
MattHThat is the one I used - got a message "there is no one to take your call".
ChiaraPEileen said with WM but I can't hear that anyway
FiatLuxSo the studio is still locked up?
MattHSame here.
ChiaraPbut they are out of the studio?
MattHI am thinking the server might be overloaded.
ChiaraPhttp:// with Windows media
FiatLuxOoh, ooh, there. I got it. Music at least.
ChiaraPdoes anyone know if Winamp works too?
Elaisokay, I used Media player with that link
MattHYeah - got music here too.
ElaisI'm getting music and that's all
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*** Now talking in #thesuccubusclub.
*** Topic of #thesuccubusclub: The Last Succubus club show of this season... 8 pm - PT
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ChiaraPre MAtt
*** Mode change "+o MattH" for channel #thesuccubusclub by ChiaraP
ChiaraPso we have to change Topic time?
ChiaraP:( I got disconnected
MattHSame here
ElaisI got disconnected as well
FiatLuxMe too
Elaiswe could talk about the fang awards, but I've forgotten the categories already
FiatLuxWhat was your write in for the best line?
ChiaraPaccording with last year category....
MattHI forgot to vote :_(
Elaisum,,,"I wasn't thinking about you when you were here" for Angel
Elais"Every Night I save you" for Buffy?
Elaisoh, those are for last years. sorry
MattHMy fave - "So... you think I'm evil because I take teenage girls on a camping trip and I don't touch them???"
Elaisthis year I put down 'In my plan we are beltless"
Elais"Like Riding a Biker" for Angel
Elaisokay, we're back to the music
Elaisthat's a very good one, Matt
ChiaraPmine is "I don't wanna be this good looking and athletic. We all have crosses to bear." but really no idea about Angel.
Elais"We are gods!"
ChiaraPI voted the faith one Go mushroom and be eaten by an bear or simething like that
MattHYeah, Faith had some good lines including the one about "hot chicks with superpowers"
ChiaraPok one think about last season of Buffy... NO ONE EXPLAINED US (sorry I'm yelling) Why Giles acted strange the whole season!
MattHThere were a lot of things not explained - like what the flaw in the Slayer line was.
ChiaraPon Windows palyer there's again music
MattHYeah. No K&C yet though
ChiaraPsigh it's 3.30 am !!!!
ChiaraPI can't wait so much!!!!!
ElaisI was reading that Buffy said in the finale that both her and Faith would have to die for there to be another slayer
Elaisthat might be the flaw, that there were two slayers
ChiaraPshe said that?
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ChiaraPHI Maquina
MattHShe didn't
Elaisin 'Chosen'
Maquinahi ChiaraP
MattHIn the shooting script, that was speculation.
ChiaraPI have to read the script. I don't remember thisline
ElaisI think the script itself says might not have made it on the air
MattHDidn't explain how Faith was called when Kendra died if that was the case.
ChiaraPwell I guess it's enought Faith death for activate another one...
Elaistrue Matt, didn't think of that
ChiaraPbyethe way I always found strange this not activateanother slayer thing.
ChiaraPby the way:P
FiatLuxI fanwanked that it had something to do with making Dawn, since she suposedly has slayer blood.
MattHPersonally, I think it was Buffy's death the second time not calling a third slayer that exposed a prexisting flaw that resulted from her coming back the first time.. (the nature of that flaw being undetermined)
ChiaraPmmm his this one Tom Waits?
ChiaraPHIs= is
MattHIt may also be that in was not so much a flaw, but the fact that there could be more than one slayer at a time that worried the First, so it decided on a premptive strike to prevent what Buffy actually did, i.e. activating all the potentials.
ChiaraPand yea Iagree Dawn Should have Slayer power since she is made from Slayer's blood
ChiaraPI like the idea Matt.
MattHI actually would prefer Dawn to have some Key powers that don't equate to destroying the universe.
Elaiswhat are we getting now?
FiatLuxYeah, who is this guy?
ChiaraPNO Idea...
FiatLuxThis is almost as bad as Buffy being pre-empted.
MattHI have heard this on KLBC before - an extreme left wing speaker from the 60's or 7o's, IIRC. We are still on recorded broadcast
Elaisso they're aware of the problem, I guess
ChiaraPmmm I don't know... I prefered music :P
FiatLuxOh, come on, the locks can't be that tough. All three of 'em should be able to break in :)
ChiaraPlol LUX!
MattHNo - this is intermixed with music
FiatLuxThis just throws off my whole Wednesday night.
FiatLuxWas this supposed to be the last one of the season?
ElaisI don't know if this means they won't be able to reschedule the show
ChiaraPyep Lat of thhis season
MattHIt was supposed to be the last.
*** ChiaraP has changed the topic on channel #thesuccubusclub to (null)
Elaisgod, who picks this music?
ChiaraPa drunk monkey?
MattHHey, don't insult drunken monkeys!!
ChiaraPTrue, sorry but this drunk monkey was well know as a bad tast monkey and other monkey were making it fun everytimes...s o it become more drunk :P
Elaismight just bug off and watch the FX buffy reruns
ChiaraPSo lucky having FX reruns... I had!!!
FiatLuxI just got an e-mail from the list.
ChiaraPI mean I haven't!
FiatLuxNo show tonight they'll try to reschedule
ChiaraP:( BUAHHHHHHHH ;________;
MattHYeah - I am working my way through season 4 DVDs. I have season 5 & 6 on DVD and haven't watched them yet - I wanted to do everything in order.
Elaisthanks Fiat....
* MattH sobs quietly...
Elaisyou got the uk dvds?
ChiaraPIn Italy we are at 5 season
MattHBought a Multi-Region DVD player several years ago, just for Buffy.
FiatLuxFirst no Buffy Tuesday, and now no Succubus Club Wednesday. What is the world coming to?
MattHSucks. I would say Succubus Club should move, but to where?
FiatLuxMatt, what kind of extras does the S4 DVD have? I have mine order.
ChiaraPI would love to now the Easter eggs
MattHThe UK one has some commentaries and stuff. Nothing that special. No easter eggs that I know of.
FiatLuxDoesn't Candy have to drive quite a way to the station. Don't think she's too happy right about now.
MattHI'd be royally p.o.'ed in her shoes.
ChiaraPguys how was your 1st tuesday after Buffy?
MattHWell, the shakes have mostly stopped, but I still get dizzy now and then. ;-)
ElaisI'm doing okay...
FiatLuxAnd I've mostly stopped bursting into spontaneous tears.
Elaisnew stargate and Amazing Race shows will help ease the pains
Elaisgeez, you think the guys would give Kitty and Candy a heads up on the locked doors
MattHI don't get Sci-Fi network. I get stargate via downloading it.
ElaisI've been catching the reruns of stargate the seem to run 24/7
Elaisalmost caught up with all seasons except for the last eps of season 5, I think
MattHThe reruns only go through season 5 for the moment. Season 7 starts in a month or so.
Elaiswell, I think the sci-fi channel is running seasons 1-4 on Mondays
ElaisFriday is season six
ElaisI thought ABC had season 5
ElaisJune 13 premiere date for stargate
Elaisguess I head on out guys!
MattHYeah - same here. See you all when the next show is on, whenever that is.
Elaissee you either next season or when kitty and candy get that last show up
FiatLuxOk, see ya Elais
ChiaraPmmm guys what about Angel? I mean I saw just the last season...
ChiaraPwas it good?
*** Elais has left #thesuccubusclub
MattHSeason 4 was (IMHO) the best since the middle of season 2. It was pretty good.
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