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Elaishi Matt
Elaisgood to 'see' you again
MattHHello all
ElaisI'm also known as Marlowe
MattHOk.. Christopher Marlowe I "know". Didn't know anyone by the name of Elais ;-)
MattHA teacher that can't spell...doesn't suprise me ;-)
Elaisdid you have fun over the summer Matt?
MattHSummer? Didn't really notice that.
Amy_Madisonbut that what the mp3's are 4
Elaisso glad there are mp3s of the show
ElaisIf I miss a show, I can listen to it later
MattHYeah...It is nice...especially when the stream is acting wonky.
MattHGee... why don't Kitty and Candy just say "Be my deputy!"
Amy_Madisonhow do I connect to the show through the winamp thingy
Amy_MadisonI'm loast on that
*** ChiaraP ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
ChiaraPhi ^__^
ElaisI just click on the winamp link on the website
Amy_Madisonnot yet
Elaishi Chiara
MattHDownload the Winamp link and double-click on it.
MattHHiya Chiara
Amy_Madisoni dled it aalready, but after that
Elaisamy, did you click on the 'listen live' thing on the succubus club site?
MattHOpen up Winamp and make sure (KLBC Internet Radio) is in the Playlist
Elaisit should take you to the klbc site
Amy_Madisonyes, and it started in my real player
Elaisat first, my windows media player came up
Amy_Madisonnow it says no mpg header found
ElaisI had to close it down and re-click on the winamp link
MattHOn the site, right-click on the Winamp link and do a "save-as"
Amy_Madisonalready have it dled
ChiaraPhave you already installed it?
Amy_Madisondamn... BBL havta eat now
MattHIf it worked once, just go into Playlist, select the entry and click the paly button
ChiaraPCTRL L and you can past it
MattHArghh...they are discussing Vampire the Masquerade. :(
*** LornesLadylove (LornesLady@ has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya LadyLove
ChiaraPreally? how much am I lagged?
LornesLadylovehi everyone
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
ChiaraPthey are speaking of full monty!
FiatLuxHello. Good to see the chat up. Even though it'll probably crash my ancient computer.
FiatLuxI'm willing to take the risk :)
MattHHiya Lightboy
LornesLadyloveI haven't mirced in so long...forgotten most of the commands and stuff...and I'm not running the latest version
MattHHeh.. I am not using mIRC at all. ;-)
LornesLadylovepirch, by chance?
MattHDoes Yahoo, IRC, ICQ et. al.
ElaisI'm using trillian too
LornesLadylovethe show's coming in loud and clear at least
FiatLuxI'm using an old version of mIRC. Well it was new three or four years ago.
FiatLuxWas there a mIRC 3 or 4 yrs ago?
LornesLadyloveI should get something like that...I can't run icq except from Netscape, which doesn't have all the xp
LornesLadylovemore than 3 or 4 years ago :)
MattHYes...IRC has been around since the 80s, mIRC since about 1997 or so.
LornesLadyloveit would be nice to be able to chat with people who have yahoo, icq, etc., without having to open three or more different programs
FiatLuxI have Windows 95 I was so proud of that when I upgraded from Win3.1
FiatLuxNow I'm ashamed
MattHYes... feal shame (to quore Anya) ;-)
LornesLadylovewell, if and when you upgrade, don't go with 98...very buggy for some of us
MattH98 is better than 95...much better
FiatLuxI used to be so hip with computers then I dropped out of computer geekdom.
LornesLadyloveyes, but there are problems...some programs wouldn't work for us
LornesLadyloveit's hard to keep up
LornesLadyloveI don't know how doctors do it
FiatLuxWhat do you all think about Gunn and his new knowledge?
LornesLadylovethere's going to be side effects
LornesLadyloveI wouldn't trust W&H to do that to me
Elaisa helluva character development shortcut
FiatLuxI'm taping Angel right now.
LornesLadyloveI'm taping it too...always do
MattHRe: "Unleashed". I noticed that the dead werewolf switched back to human form. In "Phases" (BTVS Season 2 Werewolf episode), they didn't. Two different types of werewolf or jsut a M.E. screwup.
Elaisdifferent type of werewolf, Matt
LornesLadylovetv's in a diff room, so I can't watch while listening to SC...but I wouldn't want to divide my attention anyway
ElaisI think he said so on the show
FiatLuxI'll give the benefit of the doubt and say diff breeds.
LornesLadyloveWith BtVS/AtS, things aren't set in stone
LornesLadylovedifferent vampire sires for Spike, for instance
MattHRe: Gunn, well W&H are evil. I just wonder what this bargain with the "big cat" was.
LornesLadyloveyeah, I wondered about the cat too
LornesLadylovestill, they needed someone on their team to get the lawyer knowledge if they're going to be with W&H
MattHThe different Sire thing for Spike could be explained away as him speaking figuratively...this seems more like a continuity error.
MattHNot like they ever have those ;-)
LornesLadyloveI'm not sure I like them being at W&H, but I'm giving them a chance
LornesLadyloveI have a problem with Lorne at W&H...I can see him running an entertainment department, since he ran Caritas, but he should be in front of the cameras
MattHI'm not sure I like them having Spike...
LornesLadyloveI love SPike being there, but he's going to overshadow Angel
FiatLuxTonight's ep better do something good for the Spike story line.
LornesLadyloveyeah...i don't like him stuck at W&H
FiatLuxHe needs something to do.
ElaisI love Spike, but's going to be tough to keep him from taking over the show
LornesLadyloveif anyone knows spoilers, please don't tell...I try to avoid them
MattHHeh...I read the wildfeed.
Elaisso did I, Matt!
ElaisI agree with your 'heh'
FiatLuxI'm going spoiler free this year. I was hooked bad on the wildfeeds for the last couple years
LornesLadylovewhat does that mean...I've heard "wildfeed" but don't quite understand it
MattHMatched spoilers that I heard a month ago anyway.
ElaisI'm an unrepenting spoiler whore
LornesLadyloveI like to be surprised
MattHWildfeed is the feed sent by the networks the day or so before the episode airs to the individual stations.
FiatLuxI'll probably break, I have looked at some very general spoilers, very general
LornesLadylovehe's unique all right :)
Elaiswildfeed is the airing of an episode to local tv affiliates right?
LornesLadyloveoh...not that I want to listen to the wildfeed, but where do you get it?
Elaisoff a satellite
LornesLadyloveah...we don't even have the premium channels anymore...cost too much
ElaisI think extremely early in the morning
MattHTHen kind people type up summaries and post them on the web.
FiatLuxAngelsacolytes I think is the site I used to read them
LornesLadyloveI sleep all morning...i'm a late night person
FiatLuxIs that right?
LornesLadyloveoh, thanks Fiatlux
ElaisI got to angelsacolyte for the wildfeed
MattHC-band satellite dish ...costs about $1000
Elaisthey haven't switched to digital yet right?
MattHThe spoilerslayer generally puts out a link.
LornesLadylovewow...not that I'll listen to wildfeeds, but...Matt, will you buy me the satellite dish? :P
Elaisspoilerslayer is a one-stop shopping place for spoilers
MattHRight after I get me one ;-)
Elaisyou watch wildfeeds, not listen to them
LornesLadyloveawww, you're so sweet
LornesLadyloveok, watch
LornesLadylovewill you buy me a car, too? A viper like Angel's would be nice
MattHI probably won't be getting one for another 10 or so years, though ;-(
LornesLadylovePoor's hard these days
LornesLadylovehow do you guys feel about Harmony on the show?
ElaisHarmony fits in pretty well
LornesLadyloveI like her in this role
Elaisbetter than Spike, I think
LornesLadyloveSpike isn't supposed to fit in...he's someone to conflict with Angel
MattHFits better than Spike, but the jury is out on both of them as to whether or not I like them on the show.
FiatLuxShe's good comic relief in small doses. Takes me back to old Buffy days
MattHI'm just tired of Spoke. Saw too much of him on Buffy.
ChiaraPemm do you guys call me pathetic if Isay I'mmissing buffy?
ElaisI can never get enough of Spike
LornesLadyloveWell, with the nudity in this ep, you'll see plenty of him!
LornesLadyloveMe neitehr
Elaisbut I wouldn't mind some focus on Gunn or Wesley
LornesLadyloveI want focus on Lorne
Elaishim too
LornesLadylove(hence, my nick)
ChiaraPLOL Wonder why I guessed that :P
LornesLadyloveI'd like to know more about Wes and his dad
Elaisyou should meet Mia, LornesLadyLove
MattHI like Lorne, but I liked him better at Caritas.
LornesLadyloveyeah, I miss Caritas...they need to reopen that...they still live at the hotel (Lorne, anyway), right?
LornesLadyloveShe's been at at least one con that I was at, and we were feet apart, and we still missed each other!
MattHI don't think so - the set has been torn down.
LornesLadyloveoh? Rats
FiatLuxYeah, I'm not too sure about the living arrangements. Did they all get new apartments from W&H?
ChiaraPWell somewhere they(joss Iguess or directors) said the hotel is not more available
ChiaraPI loved the hotel!
Elaisthey destroyed the Hyperion set
LornesLadyloveme too!
ChiaraPCan I say that this is crazy? they( Fangs Gang) haven't any place "safe"!
Elaisseems like only Angel has a W&H apartment
MattHThey haven't said On-screen what has happened to the Hyperion.
LornesLadyloveI wouldn't sleep there...honestly, I'd be sure cameras were everywhere, and I don't want W&H in my bedroom!
MattHAngel has been seduced by the necro-tempered glass.
Elaiswell, no point in mentioning it if they are trying to bring in new viewers
LornesLadyloveI think so too, Matt
FiatLuxLast week Fred said she thought she saw the hotel from Angel's window.
ChiaraPit'slike fight a battle and having your sleeping bad in the biggest squeare of enemy!
FiatLuxMy Succubus Club feed cut off. BRB
MattHWell, nothing will be happening in Angel's bedroom thanks to that Pesky Gypsy Curse Escape Clause
LornesLadylovehaha, true
ChiaraPwell maybe someone else will use that room...
MattHAngel should have just kep the Gem of Amara
LornesLadyloveWhen Spike was in the bedroom, I wanted him to sing, "I'm Henry the VIIIth, I am, I am.." a la Ghost
LornesLadyloveyeah he should have
ChiaraPsigh I want a not ghostly Spike!
LornesLadyloveYeah, let's solidify him and make him not stuck to W&H
MattHYeah then he will run after Buffy and leave LA.
LornesLadylovethat's a good question!
ChiaraPLast year it was all so slowly.. I mean the whole Jasmine things.. and The relationship with Connor...
LornesLadylovefrom Kitty, I mean
LornesLadylovegod, I was bored with that
FiatLuxYeah, he's just taunting people like the First while he's all ghosty.
ChiaraPwas so slowly...
Elaisi'm ringing!
LornesLadyloveringing? do they know it isn't the First?
Elaisphone ringing on the show
ChiaraPok.. I know it's spike... but... isn't strange he's likethe First?
LornesLadyloveanyone going to be at Moonlight Rising con next year?
LornesLadyloveBushkill, PA
LornesLadyloveI'll be there :)
MattHSince I live in CA, I sincerely doubt I will be there.
LornesLadyloveI wanna live in CA!
LornesLadyloveI'm in NJ
ChiaraPItaly here :P
MattHTemperatures were about 95 where I live today.
LornesLadyloveCool! Italy would be great to visit
LornesLadyloveOh, I love hot weather
LornesLadyloveI need a law firm or whatever like W&H to offer me Angel's what if they're evil?
ElaisI will be going to Moonlight Rising
MattHHeh...If I need a lawyer, I want the evilist one I can get.
ChiaraPwell But Fred, all of other can be "evil".
LornesLadyloveAnd on that note...Fred said not everyone at W&H are evil, but Knox said he just basically wanted a paycheck...if he knows they're evil and work for them, he's evil too
LornesLadyloveSuper, see you there...I'll be drooling over Andy
LornesLadyloveI'm hopeless when he's around :)
LornesLadylovealthough I hate that he smokes
ElaisI'll Drool over Danny Strong
LornesLadyloveDanny's a cutie
ElaisI don't like the smoking thing either
LornesLadyloveit's so bad for his voice
LornesLadyloveamong other things
ChiaraPI love Adam :P
LornesLadylovethe half demon half human frankenstein guy?
ChiaraPnope Adam Bush Evil Warren
LornesLadyloveI loved when he killed his "mother"
LornesLadyloveOhhh that one :)
LornesLadyloveyeah, he was a good character, good actor
ElaisGeorge Hertzenberger is Adam?
ChiaraPbut the guy who played Adam ,sorry Idon't remeberhis name, his quite cute too. Nice person
LornesLadyloveKitty and Candy are right on that point
LornesLadylovetoo easy
ChiaraP:( I can't ear - buffer
LornesLadyloveMost things I have trouble getting, but this comes through nice and smooth for me
Amy_Madisonhiya Lorne
LornesLadylovehi Amy :)
MattHGot the stream yet, Amy?
Amy_Madisonnice to see everyone still showing an interest in the chatrrom
MattHHeh..No one was here last week. :_(
ElaisI wish Impaler was here
LornesLadyloveI want a Lorne nude scene, but poor Andy would have to go through so much makeup, and I don't want Lorne in a relationship...I mean, I do, cuz I want him happy and it would be interesting...but I'd be jealous :)
ElaisI missed last week ep
Amy_Madisonbeen working fine through mine WMP player
ChiaraPwell in my case is just a strong coffee that let me bein chat!
ChiaraP4 am here
LornesLadyloveI missed last week's Succubus Club, couldn't hear
MattHAre Lorne's horns different this year? They look different to me.
Amy_Madisonhe was good in 'Chance'
LornesLadyloveit's nearly 10 pm here
ElaisI think Andy was definitely being Andy in 'Chance'
LornesLadyloveI want to get Chance, but can't afford it yet
Amy_Madisonyeah, they're not fake anymore
ElaisI think they put highlights in his hair
MattHNot even 7 PM here in LA
LornesLadyloveyou mean you think he's gay, or just his personality comes through?
FiatLuxI'm still thinking about seeing Lorne's green butt :)
Amy_MadisonThe horns are fake this year
Elaishis personality, Lornes
LornesLadyloveMatt, I'm coming to live with you, ok? I really belong in CA
Elaiswe all should live in LA
LornesLadyloveLorne's heart is in his left butt cheek...I keep thinking, if you smack him on the butt, could you cause an arrhymthia?
FiatLuxI'd move
FiatLuxJust need lots of money, but then I'm there in LA
LornesLadyloveok, Matt, we're all coming to live with you...make room
MattHLOL - I'm not trying to get out of LA..
LornesLadyloveYeah, money's the issue for me too
ChiaraPoh I was wondering... It's jsut me or Spike's accent is really different this year?
LornesLadyloveI'm scared of earthquakes, but I'll come there
LornesLadyloveI hadn't noticed
FiatLuxI noticed that too Chiara, sound more lower class Cockney like
Amy_Madisonhaven't been A quake in quite awhile
LornesLadyloveI want an acting career...always have
MattHSpike = Angel Lite - all the soul, without the guilt
ChiaraPjames is using what he learned in UK last summer?
Amy_Madisonhe's been taking pointers from Mr. and Mrs Denisof
Amy_MadisonI think
ChiaraPIf he says Cheers he's
MattHLast major quake I was in was the Northridge quake. Man, that was a mess.
LornesLadyloveI guess Spike won't be evil again, having seen Hell...that would scare one into being good
LornesLadyloveyeah, Alex and Alyson got married...that's so sweet!
Amy_Madisonnever know
Elaishe won't be season 2 evil
ChiaraPI don't guess this is why he won't be evil...
FiatLuxOr Spike could just try harder to not die.
ElaisI saw the wedding pics...Alyson and Alexis look so happy
Amy_Madisongood 'ol Blondie Bear
LornesLadyloveI want to look like Alyson...they're such a cute couple
MattHWell, Alyson always look good, but she was gorgeous in that dress.
FiatLuxThey'd make pretty babies.
LornesLadyloveI like babies, but I'd rather have puppies
Amy_Madisonnot yet
FiatLuxMe too LornesLL
Amy_Madisonhow about Kitties
Amy_MadisonOh, that just Kitty
LornesLadyloveAlyson has a new comedy series next year
MattHI rather have cats
LornesLadyloveLove kitties too:)
LornesLadyloveBut I'm a dog person
FiatLuxI have a ferret and rats. Same difference... almost... kinda
ChiaraP<-- dog person
LornesLadyloveI love all animals
Amy_Madisonand you can use them for money too
LornesLadyloveAwww, critters!
Amy_Madisongood for playing poker
LornesLadyloveI've had hamsters, would like to have ferrets and rats
FiatLuxThere's a plus for kittens
MattHI love most animals, especially barbecued.
LornesLadylovenow you sound like my boyfriend :)
FiatLuxooooh Matt! LOL
LornesLadyloveWe pass a field of cows, he goes, "Dinner!" or "Steak!"
FiatLuxHow about werewolves? Hmm...
LornesLadylovePeople Eating Tasty Animals
MattHNot into canine meat...
LornesLadyloveI like werewolves...they're just big doggies that need TLC
FiatLuxI have a ? 'bout that. Would they have to eat her raw?
Amy_MadisonClem Burgers!!!!!
FiatLuxOk that sounded wrong but you know what I mean.
ChiaraPNOOOO poor Clem!!!!
LornesLadylovehow come werewolves are always taller than the person they come from?
ChiaraPemm more space for the hair?
Amy_Madisonhe need to guest star
MattHAm I the only one who thought Clem was actually ALF all grown up.
FiatLuxALF had total male pattern baldness?
LornesLadyloveOh, I got a con video with Andy and James L ...someone suggested they pair Lorne and Clem
MattHMaybe Melmac'ians get hair as they get older.
LornesLadyloveI have an autographed pic of ALF somewhere
MattHI can just see Clem going into Willies and ordering "cat juice"
LornesLadyloveI want to see that scary face Clem can make
LornesLadylovesorta like Beetlejuice
LornesLadylovewe don't know that they eat the kittens
MattHProbably a Richard Nixon mask...or maybe Phyllis Diller
LornesLadyloveMaybe they just like to cuddle them?
FiatLuxIf they ever make cholesterol free cats, Clem'd have it made.
MattHNot White Werewolf again .... grr...arrghh.
FiatLuxOh did you hear Candy about Kobe? Oh that was good.
MattHThe actor was on Enterprise. He plays Doctor Flox.
MattHI am a little lagged.
LornesLadyloveI missed it...had to go wake my bf...he wants to see the new SouthPark
LornesLadyloveI do too, but I'm having fun here
Amy_Madisonlooks like a good Idea for Kittis new book
ElaisAngel is off to a good start
Elaisyou have ALF, Lornes?
ElaisI love ALF
LornesLadylovehis autograph, yes
LornesLadylovebut i'd not allow him to eat my cat
LornesLadyloveif I had a cat, I mean
LornesLadylovewe have a bird
Amy_Madisonhad to call Kitty to see how BAby Conner was doing
MattHWell, Alf can get a cat, the cat will eat the bird, and then he can eat the now well-fed cat.
LornesLadylovenobody's eating my Loki bird!
LornesLadyloveshe should name the baby Horton
LornesLadyloveor Oswold or Aloicious (sp?)
Amy_MadisonI tease her about Conner
FiatLuxHorton hehe, that's an old inside joke with my friends during high school. It's not a good thing to be a Horton
MattHDoes she know the sex?
ChiaraPWho? ;P
FiatLuxI heard that Chiara :)
Amy_Madisonnot yet
LornesLadylovemaybe it's a demon
FiatLuxLast week's Angel did anyone catch the SC shout out from Gunn?
Amy_Madisonshe's going to post ta sonogrm pic when she has one to the site
LornesLadyloveoh cool
MattHUmmm, I didn't - pray elucidate.
FiatLuxHe was talking to Angel about the necromancer and said "Who doesn't love pie?!"
MattHI suppose that would qualify.
LornesLadyloveWhy was the Neck Romancer bad? Just because he wanted to romance the necks that vampires love to bite? That wasn't nice
FiatLuxHey I'm reaching but I'll take what I can get.
LornesLadylove<-- Queen of Corn
MattHI've heard that joke.
FiatLuxHee hee. Yeah necks can be romantic.
LornesLadyloveI made it up...what? Somebody came up with it before me? Surely you jest!
LornesLadyloveI wanna neck with Lorne :)
MattHI never jest.... and don't call me Surely. ;-)
FiatLuxNow that's a new joke!
Amy_Madisonthat's my info
FiatLuxMy teachers weren't as cool as Kitty when I was in school.
LornesLadyloveI had a couple cool teachers
ChiaraPnor mine!
FiatLuxNow I have a couple friends who are teachers and I think "You're teaching small children? That's scary."
MattHI had some really cool teachers...but I was the class nerd, so I might be biased.
LornesLadyloveNowadays the children are having children with the teachers
FiatLuxTeacher's Pet, teacher's pet, Matt's the teacher's pet!!!
LornesLadyloveClass pets belong in cages
FiatLuxWhere any of them giant praying mantis'?
LornesLadyloveWe haven't had a horror movie about a giant preying mantis since the black and white movie days
MattHBut we did have a Buffy episode about it. (Season 1, Episode 4 - "Teacher's Pet")
LornesLadylovetrue enough
FiatLuxI don't know if I've even seen one of those movies. The giant ants and spiders freak me out enough.
LornesLadylovewhatever happened to the eggs in the closet?
LornesLadyloveI love spiders
LornesLadyloveI love horror movies
LornesLadyloveI love horror movies about spiders
FiatLuxI think I've even seen one with giant carnivorous bunnies.
MattHXander hard-boiled them ...;-)
LornesLadyloveI won a recent Fangoria contest and got House of 1000 Corpses DVD, music CD, and a t-shirt for the movie
MattHNot really into horror myself, except for Lovecraft
LornesLadylovevorpal bunnie
LornesLadylovebunny i meant
LornesLadyloveI've got to read some more stories by Lovecraft...loved the one I read several months ago
LornesLadylovefavorite author of horror is Bentley Little
FiatLuxI want to see the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I've never seen the original though. Not sure I wanna pay full price
LornesLadyloveI want to see it too, but ppl aren't happy they remade a classic
LornesLadyloveI saw the original, it was gross...
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
LornesLadylovethey say it's based on a true story, but some say they just say that to hype sales
MattHIf it wasn't true then, it probably is now what with copycat killings.
LornesLadylovecould be
FiatLuxI looked that up. It's not really a true story but there was a guy who killed people and dug up corpses and make furniture out of bodies
LornesLadylovethere are some seriously f***ed up people in the world environmentalist...he is seriously into recycling.
LornesLadylove*slaps matt at the back of the head*
FiatLuxThey said it was the basis for Psycho too 'cause he was way into his mom and freaky like that
LornesLadylovea real momma's boy
* MattH rubs the back of his head.
FiatLuxHe wore skin suits like in Silence of the Lambs too.
FiatLuxI love me some Patsy!
LornesLadyloveI like her too
LornesLadylove*gettin' jiggy*
FiatLuxGetting jiggy to Patsy Cline? Hmm, there's something new :)
MattHCan't hear this song without thinking of Xander in "Prophecy Girl"
FiatLuxPoor Xander
LornesLadyloveHe's such a lovable lub
MattHSeriously underused in later seasons. :(
FiatLuxI just realized that I really liked Anya. She grew on me.
LornesLadyloveme too
FiatLuxWatching reruns on FX I appreciate her more.
LornesLadylovemy bf wasn't into buffy, but after I got more into Angel, he got into buffy and star trek: ds9 (my former fandom)
MattHI liked the character initially, but I think she should have left after the break-up... Seemed kind of forced after that.
MattHDIdn't care much for DS9, I much preferred Babylon 5.
LornesLadyloveI loved Quark...and thus, I loved Principal Snyder (he was only mean cuz he was picked on in school)
FiatLuxI never watched either so forgive me for this question but they're Star Trek spin-offs right?
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
FiatLuxWB Amy
LornesLadylovewb Amy
LornesLadyloveyeah, tng, ds9, voy, and enterprise
Amy_Madisonlost the connection
MattHWhat they said
FiatLuxI liked TNG but not so much the original. Watch a few Voyagers
Amy_Madisonwhat about the cartoon
MattHI still like TOS the best...Spock was my hero when growing up.
LornesLadyloveI don't think the cartoon is considered a spinoff
LornesLadylovebut what do I know? :)
FiatLuxThere's a cartoon?
Amy_MadisonWht!!! Kitty is having Candy'd Love child
LornesLadyloveyeah, the animated adventures
LornesLadylovehow romantic
MattHCartoon was an extension of the TOS. Aired about a year after the original show with the original cast.
Amy_Madisonnot all of them
MattHI have a few of the episodes. Animation was c***
FiatLuxI like cartoons. Was excited when I heard about a Buffy cartoon.
LornesLadyloveI love Nip/Tuck
FiatLuxWell I wasn't born then so I guess I missed the cartoon
LornesLadylovePoor Dr. Troy got that botox injection you know where in the ep with Ari
LornesLadyloveAre you calling us old?
MattHIt can be found on Usenet occasionally and probably Kazaa.
MattHI feel old.
LornesLadyloveJust let me lift my cane and I'll whomp you!
FiatLuxI mean no, of course not!
LornesLadyloveBy jiminy!
Amy_MadisonHEy!! Just cause my Birth certificate was f'ed up by the dr's and says 1870
LornesLadyloveNow I don't feel so old
Amy_Madisonand it's actually LEGAL
MattHYeah, but you're a witch... they stay young for a long time.
Amy_Madisonto use
LornesLadyloveI've taken to lying about my age because I don't look my age and I'm losing weight
LornesLadylovethat's hysterical
FiatLuxOk, I'm not that young, just had a b-day and I'm starting to feel my age.
Amy_Madisonandf your 12
FiatLuxYou can get social security Amy! And senior discounts
Amy_Madisonand I do
LornesLadyloveI get social security...
LornesLadylovehad it since before I was 18, but had to fight for it after 189
LornesLadyloveer, 18
FiatLuxNaw, I was born in '75 I still get carded sometimes. But I think it's because I'm short :)
Elaissorry for the non-chattiness...still watching Angel
Amy_Madisonnot SS, dues SSI count though. But that's cause I have sziegures too
LornesLadyloveI'm only 5'0"
LornesLadyloveI'll watch Angel later, so don't tell me anything
Amy_Madisonsorry, bad spelling
FiatLuxMe too! Go shorties!
MattHSSI counts as disability.
LornesLadyloveI have panic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder
LornesLadyloveyou're as short as me? wow! I don't feel alone anymore
* MattH starts singing "Short People"
* LornesLadylove smacks Matt
Amy_MadisonNo NONE BUBBA
LornesLadyloveoh goody, I remember how to do actions!
FiatLuxAre we the same person LLL? *Remembers to take Paxil*
Amy_MadisonIT's gotta be CONNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LornesLadyloveI'm on Paxil CR!
MattHSo Kitty and Candy are looking for Pimps?
LornesLadyloveand Anafranil
Amy_Madisonpron movies
LornesLadyloveI just read something that said sexual voyeurs and exhibitionists may have a type of OCD
MattHMany of them are lysdexic as well.
Amy_Madisonsuper friends
LornesLadyloveKitty Torture!
LornesLadylovevoyeurs and exhibitionists need each other
Amy_Madisonnipple peircings....... Oh Kitty torture
FiatLuxWell I've never had the urge to expose myself. Not much on voyeurism either. Maybe my OCD is on the fritz
LornesLadyloveLOL...I have OCD, but don't want to expose myself either...well, not to someone who doesn't want to look anyway
Amy_Madisonwhos getting the GOOD Radio Sunnydale
LornesLadyloveI wanna peek at Andy, so I guess that makes me voyeuristic
FiatLuxThat reminds me of the joke about the sadist and a masochist. The masochist says to the sadist, "Go ahead, hurt me."
FiatLuxThe sadist says, "No."
MattHOr you're just into "green"
LornesLadyloveI love that demon!
Amy_MadisonKermit The Frog
LornesLadyloveI've written fan fiction with Lorne that would make many blush
Amy_Madisonsend it to the group
Amy_Madisonbetter yet, Send it to And'y Agent
LornesLadyloveI can send the URL for all of it...don't know if they'd want adult fanfic sent to the list
FiatLuxDoes your fanfic say what he really uses those horns for? ;)
MattHMade my day when Lorne sang "Its not easy being green". I was waiting for theat since the first episode I saw him in.
LornesLadyloveAndy's agent? I have her email, but I think I'd shock her, and if she tells Andy, I'll die!
LornesLadyloveI have ideas for those horns :)
FiatLuxRestraining orders are just another way to say I love you, ya know.
LornesLadyloveI write kinky stuff...wrote one last year for Halloween
LornesLadyloveNah, I'd never hurt
MattHWell, what is the URL?1?
ChiaraPGuys I call it a night!
MattHCYA Chira
ChiaraP^_____^ or a day :P
LornesLadyloveok, Chiara, take care!
FiatLuxAlrighty Chiara
LornesLadyloveSee ya next week or on the list
ChiaraPHow Good is this song?
LornesLadyloveyou're still here?
ChiaraPI can't Switch theradio when it play "out of this word"
ChiaraPThis is... Impossible for me...
LornesLadyloveCan we talk about you when you're gone?
MattHLike we won't anyway ;-)
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LornesLadyloveI love this!
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LornesLadylovewhat episode?
LornesLadyloveoh the bunny thing
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHWB Amy
Elaiswelcome back, May
MattHKitty Torture just getting started for me...lag..
Amy_MadisonI need that URL afain
LornesLadylovejonathan's wearing...
*** LornesLadylove is LornesLady@ (Jennifer )
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LornesLadylovea diaper?
LornesLadylovebody lotion!
Amy_Madisona see-tru swimsuit
LornesLadyloveme no don't know chess
Amy_Madisona very old one
Amy_Madisonthrough the door
Amy_Madisonthey need to get a webcam in the studio
LornesLadyloveI forget
LornesLadylovethat would be neat
MattHSome of that fiction is seriously disturbed.
Amy_Madisonlove puppy
LornesLadyloveOh...the fics I wrote are by Jennifer...I think Lorne's Ladylove is mentioned too, but just in case, I'm Jennifer
Amy_Madisonkatherine with a K
MattHIt mentions L:orne'sLadyLove. The warning on "Caritas Costume Ball" is scary all by itself.
LornesLadyloveThank you!
LornesLadyloveI love to make ppl wonder about me
LornesLadylove"Smile because it makes people wonder what you're up to"
MattHI'm wondering...
LornesLadyloveand I have so many other fic ideas, but I need to concentrate on writing for much-needed money
Amy_Madisonsomething from the new CD
MattHI just read fanfic...I don't write it.
LornesLadyloveI like sexy fanfic
LornesLadylovewith Lorne
MattHLike that is a surprise...
LornesLadyloveI'm not into all that kink...but I love to write it
Amy_Madisonthe calander
LornesLadylovegirls like him
LornesLadyloveoh, geez, I don't know
LornesLadyloveDarkHorse...I should have known
MattHIs Fray finished yet?
MattHFray is a comic set about 400 years in the future. Melaka Fray is the first slayer in hundreds of years.
Amy_Madisonits the baby
LornesLadyloveohhh...I don't know much about comics, except they were only 35 cents when I was a kid
LornesLadyloveand I love some of the art
FiatLuxI have 3 or 4 of them. #1,2, like #5 or 6
MattHI have up though 5
ElaisI have all the Fray comics
LornesLadyloveI'm a-Frayed
Elaistook damn long enough to get the last couple of issues
FiatLuxThere's no comic stores around here.
ElaisI think they'll have a trade paperback the end of the year
Amy_MadisonI have a fey of them
Amy_Madisonso you guys later
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MattHKitty was Tortured...My day is complete.
LornesLadylovehey, she didn't give us a chance to say goodbye
FiatLuxI kinda like that, but I kinda don't. They always come out with "special" stuff after you already buy all the old stuff
LornesLadyloveI'm hurt
FiatLuxWell I suppose it's goodbye time now.
Elaisso glad chat is back up again
LornesLadyloveI gotta go check email and stuff like that
LornesLadyloveI'll be back next week, and of course I'm on the list
Elaisyeah, loved talking with you guys
FiatLuxSame here
LornesLadyloveme too
MattHCYA L8R - Like next week
Elaisgood night everyone!
LornesLadylovebye all!
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FiatLuxTalk to you guys next week
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