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MattHHi Amy
Amy_Madisonthey came in early today again
MattHSo I noticed
MattHAnything interesting so far?
Amy_Madisonjust Kobe talk for now
Amy_Madisonthey were talking possiblr baby names
Amy_Madisonbut they went off the air for a few seconds while Kitty told candy her first possible names
MattHWhat - they are keeping them secret? :(
Amy_MadisonCandy put on a link for a servey thingy called "name Kitty's Baby"
MattHOK - thanks
*** Elais ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya CM
Elaishey matt!
ElaisI have to wait an hour for life of the party
Amy_MadisonOh No. Ethan's Not there
Elaisshould be a pretty good Lorne ep
Amy_MadisonI have 2 hours
Amy_Madisonand Angel Sex
Elaisyeah, we had nekkid Spike
Elaisnow we get nekkid Angel
Amy_Madisonnot enuf though
MattHToo much for me... eyes, my eyes!
Amy_Madisonof eather Spike nor Fred
Amy_MadisonEthan.... YOUR LATE.....
*** impalerge (~davidmell@ has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
ElaisI want to see nekkid Wesley one of these days
impalergeAT LAST! HI guys
MattHHiya Impaler
Elaisglad you could join us
impalergeYou wouldn't believe how hard it was to finally find this place
Amy_Madisonyeah, cause WB is too conservative
*** LornesLadylove ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
impalergewell, hey gave us partial nudity...the parts the public can see
impalergeHello to LLL
MattHHiya Lornes Lady
LornesLadyloveHi impalerge, MattH!
Amy_Madisonnot much
LornesLadylovewhoa! too loud
Elaishow have you been doing, impaler?
LornesLadylovethey're eating??? I want some...why do i have to be on a diet?
impalergeWell, our station has been busy covering the wildfires
impalergeI learned new radio skills, too
Elaisyeah, I heard the smoke and ash were really bad
impalergeKitty's snacking for two
LornesLadyloveif somebody gets me pregnant, can I eat for one?
MattHThe sun looked blood red when I drove home yesterday.
LornesLadylove*goes to find boyfriend*
impalergeWow! OUr station is really covering it becaue what is happening now could happen in the Sierras...very easily.
MattHOr to Colorado
Elaisor to South Dakota
MattHActually, I heard on the news today that there are wildfires in Colorado now.
LornesLadyloveI haven't seen much news because my bf watches DS9 at the time I used to watch the news
impalergeAre they in the middle of Colorado?
impalergebecause everyone is looking at the SoCal fires, and some have even suggested that God is punishing the state for electing Arnold
LornesLadylovegood grief
Elaisthat pretty paranoid
LornesLadylovesure is
MattHDon't know where actually. Lot of talk about how a lot of Colorado firefighters and equpment are in SoCal right now
impalergePeVayne was really feeding other poor souls so that he won't go to Hell
ElaisArnold himself is enough punishment
MattHGray Davis was punishment enough
MattHHey - I voted for Arnie...
LornesLadyloveyeah, the last ep had me questioning God in the Buffy/Angelverse
ElaisI was a bit annoyed that both Angel and Spike both believe they will be going to hell
LornesLadyloveit's one thing, allowing bad things to happen when you're alive, but isn't it when you're dead that you get into Heaven ifyou've been good?
MattHTheir demons should be going to hell, not them.
LornesLadyloveYeah, Elais...frankly, if I thought that, I'd be way more depressed and broody than those two put together
Amy_Madisonthey don't have to go, they're RUNNING it
ElaisI don't think there is a Christian heaven/hell in the Angelverse
impalergeYeah, whatever happened to "the mission" and "helping the hepless" as a vocation rather than a time-killer? Angel must be getting cynical. he needs a Whistler
LornesLadylovethat's true too
MattHWell, Buffy was in "heaven"
LornesLadyloveI don't mean Christianity, but there's a heaven and hell
Elaismaybe a heaven dimension?
Elaissimilar to a hell dimension?
impalergewell, I still don't beleive that because she didn't see her mom. Maybe it was a "Heavenly" warehouse. if they ever bring her back, that should be confirmed
Amy_Madisonwould explain (sort of ) the white room
LornesLadyloveand as far as them going to hell, where's Darla? When she came back to see Connor, was she from Heaven...and is the vampire who was her in Hell?
MattHDidn't they mention something about thousands of heavenly dimensions in one episode?
impalergeI say she's in Purgatoy
Elaiswhere did Joyce go?
Amy_Madisonto a new series
LornesLadyloveOr that episode that I like to pretend never happened is the reality, where Buffy's nuts
Amy_Madisonoh wait, not yet
impalergeyeah, as the editor of the school papr...and a target for Paris
MattHI took a step, and there conclusions lay.
MattH"Normal Again". Hated it - Dawn wasn't real...
Elaison Gilmore Girls?
LornesLadyloveIt's cliche, too
impalergeyeah, Danny's on that show now
LornesLadyloveThey did the same type of thing on Star Trek: DS9
Elaismust be a upcoming ep, then. I haven't seen Danny on Gilmore Girls yet
LornesLadyloveI don't watch GG
impalergeYeah, when Sisco was a "dreamer" in an asylum. That wasn't right
LornesLadyloveI'm not exactly normal...can't I at least lose my mind in a world with Angel and Lorne?
Amy_Madisonthat one is close to the Buffy in a mental institution' thing
LornesLadyloveyeah, that's what I meant
Amy_Madisonand they did one in the 4th season of Chamed
LornesLadyloveand back in St. Elsewhere, where it was all in the mind of an autistic boy
LornesLadylovelike I said, cliche
Amy_Madisonand JR in the shower from Dallas. SDamn that's old
impalergeThat St. Elsewhere ending actually gave the show some respect...that it was all in someone's mind...but it was an interesting world
ElaisI don't think I ever watched St. Elsewhere
LornesLadylovebut a slightly similar thing in Identity was actually done rather interestingly...but I predicted the killer right off
MattHMy favorite is still the ending to Newhart.
Elaisbut I heard about that infamous ending
LornesLadyloveI saw very few eps of St. E
ElaisI remember Newhart!
impalergeWell, that show was from nearly 20 years ago. You can't even find it on Nick at Nite
LornesLadyloveyeah, whatever happened to Chad whatsisname, the boy?
Amy_Madisonor DVDs yet
impalergeI remember Newhart, THAT was an ending.
LornesLadyloveI was hoping more ppl would join our chat this week...maybe ppl haven't learned mirc yet
LornesLadyloveor other irc programs
Elaisor maybe they are in AIM
LornesLadyloveI don't even have prefs set on this thing
LornesLadyloveBarely remember any commands
impalergeIt took me a while to find this channel. I was wondering why I kept staying in my own chatroom
impalergeBut the SC website has clear instructions now
LornesLadylovethat's what I don't like anymore about irc...there's so many channels and networks, searching for a room is impossible if you don't already know what room you want to go to
MattHI still have the e-mail from last season giving directions to the chat room.
LornesLadyloveLike if you just decide, hey, I wanna chat...maybe about buffy...maybe kittens...I don't know...
LornesLadyloveand jsut figure you'll search for a general chatroom
impalergethe internet is a big place
Amy_Madisonalmost TOO big
LornesLadyloveI found this room easily, but I've had experience with irc and mirc...a lot of ppl haven't
LornesLadyloveyeah...sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the Net
MattHI have very little experience with IRC, but Trillian makes it easy.
LornesLadyloveyeah, i meant to ask...where do you get trillian? I mean, I'm sure tucows would have it, but what's their main website?
LornesLadyloveis it free?
MattHThere are both free and pro versions (I am using the free one).. URL -
Elaisyeah, I'm on trillian
Elaisit's very easy
impalergeHmmm, maybe I should consider that
LornesLadylovei'm checking the site, thanks
MattHIt allows conenections to ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, AIM & IRC
LornesLadyloveoh that's mentioned that before, Matt...that's why I was interested
impalergePeVayne the mad scientist
LornesLadyloveI've tried a couple of AIM chatrooms (from the site), and it's 99% spam and sex requests
Amy_Madisonthat's a big prob with the AIM chats
Elaispevayne the mad doctor
MattHIsn't that what AOL was about in the first place ;-)
LornesLadyloveI wish they'd just solidified Spike
Elaisi'm pretty sure he''ll eventually be solid
Amy_Madisonthat's coming up. hopefully
impalergeDoes anyone think what's happening to Spike is similar to Lister from "Red Dwarf'?
impalergethe annoying hologram guy
LornesLadylovebut I wish they'd gotten that part overwith
MattHYeah - I doubt the FX budget could handle him being intangible for the entire season.
ElaisI remember Lister
Amy_Madisonthat was Rimmer
impalergeOh, that's right
Elaisyup, with the big H on his forehead?
Amy_Madisonthat's ok
LornesLadylovethe show keeps halting on me
MattHThere was an AU version of Red Dwarf where it was Lister.
Amy_MadisonI had one of those for conventions
LornesLadyloveNever watched RedDwarf
impalergeWell, eventually he became a hard hologram, so he can throw things and such
MattHRed Dwarf is hilarious
Amy_Madisonfinally coming out too
Amy_Madisonwell, one and 2.
Amy_Madison3 pretty soon
impalergeYou bet! I've seen the first four years, but I understand it had another four years of wildness that you can't get here
MattHI downloaded all the eps. ;-)
impalergeBBC American used to show it, and I wish it would again...even if it does have "The Office"
Amy_Madisonmy friend just saw season 8, I think
MattHSeason 8 was ok...
Amy_Madisonall shows go downhill eventually
impalergebut more crowded and less funny, right (from what I have heard)?
Amy_MadisonI haven't seen it yet. I only have 1/2
MattHYeah...I won't spoil it, but they did something to the setting I just didn't like. The core characters were still funny.
Amy_Madisoni liked 'Backwarrds' though, that was cool
Amy_Madisonkinda sick too
Elaisit is very difficult to keep a show funny and fresh after so many years
MattHThere were a lot of episodes that were "kinda sick"
LornesLadyloveI am amazed at shows that do
impalergeNow they're talking about Spike and Angel trying to bond against their better judgement
Amy_Madisonsame thing is going to happen to Fiends
MattHNever liked Friends myself...
impalerge"Fiends?"...the undead "Freinds"?
Amy_Madisonwell, there going to have to eventually
LornesLadyloveEven new shows, I don't know how they come up with new ideas...not that they really do, but sometimes they manage some surprises
Amy_Madisonthe bachelor
LornesLadyloveMaybe it's because of the Trillian website, but the show keeps blinking on and off for me
MattHEnnh - don't watch reality shows myself.
LornesLadyloveI watched Friends for a while
Amy_MadisonI'm waiting for 'Survivor - the Moon' Or 'Space Station'
LornesLadyloveI hate to admit, I've watched a few reality shows
LornesLadyloveMost suck
impalergeI only watch the end of any of those shows, but if I'd watch one every week, it woud be "Amazing Race"
LornesLadyloveBut people are stupid...they'll humiliate themselves to be on tv
ElaisAmazing Race is good
Amy_Madisonthe first one or two epis are ok, then they suck
impalergewhen they're money involved, people will eat bugs or wear them
Elaissurvivor is actually interesting to me this year
Amy_Madisonat least theregoing cross country
LornesLadyloveyeah, I want to watch the end of Joe Millionaire 2, but don't care to watch every week
LornesLadylovethis new one with a woman saying looks don't matter so they fix her up with geeks, uglies, etc., might be interesting
LornesLadylovei've seen a couple Amazing Race s.
impalergeMaybe Joe 2 will choose the one who really wants the butler
LornesLadylovethey say there's going to be a twist...probably that he really is rich...his daddy is, anyway
Amy_MadisonJoe M 2 chooses the LEsbian
Elaisthat would be funny!
LornesLadyloveI just like to laugh at these stupid women who are really in it for the money, making fools of themselves on tv
impalergebut is it funnier with accents?
Amy_Madisonor it comes down to the one who falle for Joe M --- The Butler did it
LornesLadyloveI don't know any of the women...haven't watched yeah
LornesLadyloveLOL impalerge
LornesLadyloveI watched The Anna Nicole Show, except for the last one of season 2
ElaisI watched only one ep of that *shudder*
LornesLadyloveLOL...she's spoiled and weird
LornesLadyloveI've seen a few Osbornes too
impalergeah, but would anyone say "Newlyweds" also has that "shudder" factor?
LornesLadyloveI liked Newlyweds
impalergeor maybe Jesican Simpson is faking us out just so that she can really appear in "Chicken of the Sea" ads
Amy_Madisonthe newlywed game
Amy_Madisonno, that's Britney's future
impalergeeither that or "Victoria's Secret"
LornesLadyloveit's sad that so many stars, especially today and especially female ones, are pushed into the ceiling of superfame, then they're tossed away like trash
LornesLadyloveCHOCOLATE. give me chocoalte
Amy_Madisonget some from Kitty
MattHThat has always been true
impalergeThat's because they'e nothing real behind them. We get the image, while the core, if there is one, is hidden away
LornesLadyloveAre there pics of Candy and Kitty on the Net? I haven't seen what they look like
impalergeHate to say this, but it looks like Justin Timberlake may surprise us all yet
LornesLadyloveI know, but it's still sad
Amy_MadisonCandy hasn't got that part of the site up yett.
impalergeI have a picture of them...with me...from the PBP last Feb.
LornesLadylovejust wondered what they look like
Amy_Madisonbut I have some of the older ones from the site
impalergeit's at
LornesLadyloveThe PBP!!! WAAAAAHHHH!!! :(
LornesLadyloveI never got to go
impalergeYes, yes...but BuffyFest may be its successor. At least I hope so.
LornesLadylovebut I can't go to Buffyfest either!!!!
ElaisI think there is Angel get together being planned for next year
MattHThe Tick? Saw a couple eps - too bad it was cancelled.
ElaisWolfram & Hart Annual Review
LornesLadylovesomebody love me and pay my way and give me transportation and buy me whatever I want (Andy Hallett) at the con
ElaisTick was great
LornesLadylovewell, they need one on the east coast
Amy_Madisondepends on where it is, cause it may have t o move cause of fire damage now
impalergeCleveland, the other Hellmouth?
impalergewhich I bet is so small, it's been filled by now
MattHWell - it would explain the Drew Carey show.
impalergeor Lake Erie, the only flammable Great Lake
LornesLadyloveI'm so excited for tonight's ep...Lorne needs more airtime, and it's great this is a Halloween ep
LornesLadyloveI'm going to Moonlight Rising next year, at least
Amy_Madisonand a Fred Epi as well
impalergeis that in the UK?
Amy_Madisonreminded me of Ghost
LornesLadyloveam I lagging?
MattHI am - Winamp lags by about a minute or so
Amy_Madisonand on the other Hand. she has different fingers
MattHI like it - talking about Angel and then mentioning how much they miss Buffy. All I can say is same here.
impalergeCandy's right....Spike's recovery should take some time...even if it only happens on sweeps weeks
Elaisthey are running the season 7 eps on FX
Elaiskinda nice
LornesLadyloveCrap, I think I'm lagging
impalergeYep, just saw Same Time, Same Place. I guess the arrival of the SiT's should be next week
LornesLadyloveprobably because I'm downloading impalerge's page :)
*** Signoff: LornesLadylove ((null))
MattHI hope it isn't Fred that brings Spke back
Elaisprobably not
Amy_Madisonnot Angel either
Amy_MadisonWatch it be Harmony
impalergeRemember, only my web page has a fake weekly report from Eve, who can't compete with Cordelia...or even Dawn before we knew she was the Key
Elaisit would be very funny if it was Harmony
Amy_Madisonsaving her 'Blondie Bear' from something
impalergejust as long as Dru is there to see it...and realize she made a big mistake
Amy_Madisonwho Dru?
MattHI like Harmony , but she is beginning to wear on me
impalergeAngel's just jealous over what Spike has....takes away Angel's uniqueness--talk about ego
ElaisHarmony is good in small doses
*** LornesLadylove ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
impalergeDru is Spike's ex-girl...and the one who sired him
MattHWelcome back
LornesLadyloveHope this is better
LornesLadyloveI stopped downloading the pic page, I'll look at it later :)
MattHLLL - you on dial-up
LornesLadyloveyeah, 56k
Amy_Madisonthat's what I had to do, it was kinda meeeing with the show
Amy_Madisonand yes, me 2
ElaisAngel will be on soon for me
LornesLadyloveIt's already on here
MattH2 hrs to go here.
LornesLadyloveI'm taping it
impalergeYou must be in the Mountain time zone, Elias
LornesLadyloveLorne, Lorne, Lorne, wheeeeee!!!
LornesLadyloveMe so happy
Amy_Madisonjust don't let the VCR get jammed
LornesLadyloveHow did I fall for him? The nose, the chin...not what I'm usually attracted to, but I always fall for the "different" ones
Elaisyes Impaler
LornesLadyloveYeah, that would suck
Elaisand call me CM, impaler
MattHI thought it was the horns
Elaisfor Christopher Marlowe *g*
LornesLadyloveOh, god, yeah, the horns!!!
impalergehey, you're under an alias, CM?
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Lightboy
LornesLadyloveHey Fiat!
FiatLuxHi ya.
ElaisI go by either Marlowe or Elais, impaler
Elaislong time no see, Fiat
FiatLuxI decided to watch Angel and catch the first hour of SC on MP3
FiatLuxDid I miss anything?
impalergeLots of interesting comments about Spike, and discussions about reality shows
LornesLadyloveyou missed James Marsters coming here and chatting with us, is all
LornesLadyloveHe was nekkid, too!
LornesLadyloveYou missed it!
FiatLuxOh is that all? Video cam, huh?
Amy_Madisonyeah, that was a fun discussion
impalergeyeah, he showed us what the WB hid form us!
Amy_Madisonkitty liked his nakkedness
FiatLuxI was a little dissapointed with the amount of nekkidness. I thought there'd be more.
Amy_Madisonlots of OOOH's and AHHH"S
LornesLadylovehe promised to fix me up with Andy Hallett
LornesLadyloveI want an all-nekkid ep
Amy_Madisonnext week. Andy Hallet's going to show us what the HORNS are REALLY for
MattHFriend of mine used to do Karoake with Andy Hallet.
LornesLadyloveAn evil mage rids the world of clothes and it's up to Angel to save the world
FiatLuxGood Lorne-centric ep tonight.
Amy_Madisoncool, nakked Frad and NEkked Harmony
LornesLadyloveMatt, I'm jealous!
impalergedon't give us details. We're still on the West Coast
LornesLadyloveYes, Lorne and Halloween, two of my favorite things!
FiatLuxNo spoilers. Don't worry
MattHYup...they went to the same Karaoke bar.. Don't know if he still does.
LornesLadyloveYeah, I'm on the east coast and have it taped, but haven't watched yet
impalergeIf it's all Lorne, trying to set up Legally Blonde: the Next Generation"...consider us warned
Amy_Madisonthat's what W&H should do. Get back the KAroke BAr
LornesLadyloveDon't mistake my "obsession" for real obsession...I'm not a stalker...but...GOD, I LOVE ANDY HALLETT!!! :P
LornesLadyloveYES! A petition for Caritas!
Amy_Madisonyou just play one on TV right
LornesLadyloveyou got it
MattHAll stalkers deny being stalkers...
LornesLadyloveI really am more "normal" but when I talk about Angel, I like to get "into character"
FiatLuxI watched Angel on TNT this afternoon and it had Caritas with Angel singing Mandy. Good times
MattHDefinitely would like Caritas back.
Amy_MadisonNot as stalker, I just play one in Caritas
LornesLadyloveTrue...but I really have no time to stalk
LornesLadyloveI thought they'd bring Caritas back in the hotel, since Lorne sort of suggested it
LornesLadyloveso much for that hope
FiatLuxMy friends and I are gonna start a business. Hire a stalker. Makes you fell important.
LornesLadyloveCan I work for you? I need money
impalergeif we can't have Caritas, can Lorne at least produce a musical version of "The Wolfman"?
LornesLadyloveThe Wolfman...a werewolf movie, you mean?
impalergeor any horror flick, like "Halloween"?
LornesLadyloveThey should have an ep where he sings during the whole thing, shirtless
FiatLuxGreen pecs
LornesLadylovesomeone drew a pic of him in a robe with the shoulder sliding off
LornesLadyloveit was sent to me
Amy_Madisonkind of a weird seeing him as a gay character in 'Chance'
LornesLadyloveGod, I want to see that movie
Amy_Madisontrying to hit on James
LornesLadyloveand get the two audiobooks he did
impalergeyeah, but consider JM in an even stranger situation in the same film
MattHHow was Chance?
Amy_Madisonnot bad
FiatLuxI went to the site and read the script but haven't seen the movie.
impalergeGreat. I reviewed it as part of my BuffyFest section. Someone call the Sundance Channel!
LornesLadyloveI will be looking for someone to work on a project with me, when I've decided what the project will be
LornesLadylove*passes out caramel apples*
FiatLuxSticky fruit on a stick. My favorite.
impalergethanks....haven't had those in a while, even virtually
LornesLadyloveI just bought some...too lazy to make my own
LornesLadyloveTruth is, I don't wanna wash all that caramel out of the pan :)
FiatLuxYeah I know, unwrapping all those caramels gets to me.
LornesLadylovecaramel apples are one of my favorite treats
LornesLadyloveoh, Andy! They're talking about Andy!
MattHI haven't had caramel apples in years
FiatLuxI used to go to our county fair every year just for the caramel apples (and the Tilt-a-Whirl) but then it got too scary with the carnies
LornesLadyloveI used to get them at Atlantic City
LornesLadyloveThey said Andy Hallett again!!!!
LornesLadylove<-- harmless nut
LornesLadylove<-- needs more excitement in her life
Amy_MadisonHarmless!!! what's that.....
Amy_MadisonMOSTLY Harmless
impalergeshe's harmless unless she finds his address
MattHIt's like Pavlov's dog and the bell. Mention Andy Hallet and LLL begins salivating
impalergejust salivating?
impalergewhat about the "wooooooooooooooo:?
LornesLadyloveSeriously, I'm playing around...maybe I go overboard, but seriously, I wouldn't stalk or harm Andy
LornesLadyloveI'm salivating in more ways than one for Andy
impalergejust stare at him, right?
LornesLadyloveHe's on my desktop
FiatLuxThe worst you'd do is drool on his shoe.
LornesLadyloveI've met him, and yet he lives
LornesLadyloveHe's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
FiatLuxAnd oddly enough he's not living chained in your basement. LOL
LornesLadyloveHEy, there's an idea!!!
impalergeno, that's nextweek
LornesLadyloveIf I had a basement
LornesLadylove(apartment dweller)
FiatLuxOk, closet maybe?
Elaisa heckuva lotta Lorne tonight!
impalergehow about a laundry room?
LornesLadyloveyeah, we got 6 closets!
impalergeI've got a closet...and it's too small
LornesLadyloveLotta Lorne, yay!
impalergewell, at least I have an idea of what's to come
LornesLadyloveHey, a friend of mine and I are trying to figure out something...
LornesLadyloveAndy was with a girl at ...what was it...EoDs? Some event
LornesLadylovewe were wondering if she was his girlfriend...anyone know? She has brown or dark hair
LornesLadylovethey touched james marsters, ooh
FiatLuxI was thinking about Marsters. Does he have a girlfriend?
LornesLadyloveI don't know if he has a girlfriend, but he has a kid
impalergewhoa, didn't know that
LornesLadylovePoor sweet Merl
LornesLadyloveGone but not forgotten
LornesLadyloveI think his kid is 7
impalergeI've met Amber Benson, and Groo...and saw Andy twice
LornesLadyloveI saw Groo too
LornesLadyloveAndy twice for me as well
impalergeOh, James Leary was at BuffyFest..and was funny!
LornesLadyloveJames Marsters once
MattHI'd like to see Groo come back
LornesLadyloveJames Leary once too
impalergeJM was in Sacramento last January
FiatLuxI've met no one.
FiatLuxPity me
LornesLadyloveOh, and Ethan Rayne...that actor
Elaisyeah, James Leary is a very fun guy
LornesLadyloveI do, I do, Fiat...we'll have to get you to a con
ElaisI hope he guest stars on Angel soon
impalergeJOSS! I must meet that guy...just to thank him. But I'm busy with work, and so will he, etc
LornesLadyloveIyari Limon was also at one con with James L and Andy
FiatLuxI don't know what the deal is; for some reason they don't do cons in Kentucky LOL
Amy_Madisonwent to his concert
LornesLadyloveMy sister lives in KY
FiatLuxI'm sorry ;)
LornesLadyloveThere was a scifi and/or comic con in Ohio, I think
Amy_MadisonI live very close to Sacto myself
LornesLadyloveShe and her husband complain it's getting too built-up...I was like YAY when I visited her, cuz it's so boring there!
LornesLadyloveShe lives in Ashland, just over the bridge into Ohio
FiatLuxI've been there. I live more south.
FiatLuxMy little brother lived in Ashland for awhile
LornesLadyloveI'm sorry
LornesLadyloveAre you Kentucky-born?
FiatLuxYep, born in really Western KY
LornesLadyloveSo you have the accent
LornesLadyloveIs it soda or pop? :)
FiatLuxOh yeah.
FiatLuxIt's co-cola
LornesLadylovegood southern cooking
LornesLadyloveI don't know if she still does, but my aunt in Ohio used to make her own sauerkraut and hot kraut, string beans, and other stuff
LornesLadylovecan it all up
FiatLuxWhen I was little Mom used to can all the time.
FiatLuxWe had a big garden
LornesLadylovewe used to get big bags of string beans, peas, and other stuff, and shell'em, peel'em, or whatever
MattHWe canned a lot of stuff when I was growing up - fruits/vegetables/jams...
LornesLadyloveI liked that song that just played
Amy_Madisonturning herself on???/
LornesLadyloveIt's handy if you can turn yourself on
Amy_Madisonor Ethan turning her on
LornesLadylovenever heard of Zombie Mechanic
LornesLadyloveyay, scary movies!!!
LornesLadyloveJust saw Pinata: Survival Island the other night, with Nicholas Brendon, Jaime Pressley, and Garrett Wang
Amy_MadisonGwen.... Oooooooooooo
FiatLuxI'm doing nothing for Halloween, doubt if I'll even watch scary movies
LornesLadyloveGwen's the electric lady, right?
impalergeI have to work on Halloween
impalergeyep, although I like to call her Pikachu Girl
Amy_Madisonthe one that made out with Gun
LornesLadyloveI don't think we're doing trick or treaters, because we never found out if or when they're holding Halloween here
LornesLadyloveThis is our first year for Halloween here
LornesLadylovePikachu Girl, that's cute
MattHI would like to see Gwen Raven again - prefer her to Spike actually.
impalergeGwen is bound to come back sooner or later
LornesLadyloveGunn and Gwen didn't just make out...they went all the way
FiatLuxNo trick or treaters for me. I live so out in the country
Amy_Madisonlike Dawn on Holloween
LornesLadyloveI guess Fred doesn't know that yet, but weren't they trying to stay together ?
LornesLadyloveLorne in a dead human's body...yuck
impalergesince Mr. Necromancer's out, that's unlikely
LornesLadyloveYeah, speak sister!
LornesLadyloveNaked Lorne!!!
LornesLadyloveShe said Naked Lorne!!!!!
LornesLadyloveLet's get Willow to cast a spell for him
Elaisa naked Lorne would be very interesting to see!
LornesLadyloveto make him human...I wrote a fanfic with that idea
FiatLuxKentucky shout out!
LornesLadyloveI think his nipples and doo-whacky would be red
MattHWould Lorne even want to be human?
LornesLadyloveGood question...sometimes I don't like being human
Amy_Madisonthat's what they were talking about
FiatLuxdoo-whacky?! hehe
LornesLadylovehis thingamabob
MattHI like Opus - my second favorite Penguin
LornesLadylovei like penguins
ElaisI love Opus
LornesLadyloveI saw a baby one hatched on tv a couple weeks ago
ElaisBill the Cat
MattHAck! Thppt!
* MattH coughs up a hairball.
* LornesLadylove feeds MattH some hairball remedy
LornesLadyloveand some beer
LornesLadylovewho are these girls, anyway? Kitty's a teacher, right? What do they do when not doing the radio show?
Amy_Madisonother stuff
MattHI don't know what Candy does..
FiatLuxI just assumed they lived in the internet until Wed. night
Amy_MadisonI don't think they said
LornesLadyloveCan I live there too?
MattHFor the next few months, Kitty will be gestating.
FiatLuxLike Angel and co. live in the TV.
LornesLadyloveI'm pretty sure Kitty mentioned her class last week
Amy_Madisonexcept for kitty
FiatLuxYeah Kitty appearantly
LornesLadyloveI want to be in Cali, but I guess I don't want to right now
FiatLuxapparently gets out enough to get knocked up
impalergeI am in Cali and far away from the fires...but also realize it could have been us
LornesLadylovewell, hope it goes well for her...hope Daddy's there too
MattHIt isn't very pretty around here right now.
MattHYeah - Mr. KItty
FiatLuxI guess there are perks to living in KY after all *shrug*
Amy_MadisonI called just now to ask Ethan to ask they what they do
LornesLadyloveI'm not too bright on this...what caused the wildfires?
LornesLadyloveOur news just had assholes who tortured a poor little puppy (it lived, but geez)
Amy_Madisonwas started I think cause by an arsonist.
MattHOne case was stupidity - guy setting of a flair gun. The other cases are thought to be arson.
FiatLuxThere's been different fires right?
Amy_Madisonor at least one of them
MattHThey caught one guy who tried to start a fire yesterday (or today).
FiatLuxSan Diego is the only place in Cali I've been
Amy_Madisonive been to a few RHPS casts in that area
LornesLadyloveAll that ash and having to clean up, it's just a shame
FiatLuxWell Rancho Bernardo too
Amy_Madisonor areas
Amy_MadisonRocky Horror
LornesLadyloveT-t-t-t-t-touch me, creature of the niiiiight!
Amy_Madisoncant blamer Arnie though
MattHSomeone will -
LornesLadyloveI hope he turns out to be a great governor
Amy_Madisonas soon as the other one leaves
MattHWell, Grayout Davis managed to lower the bar quite a bit for him
LornesLadylovedarn it, show's blinking off and on again
Amy_Madisonbut shouln't complain about that nowe
FiatLuxYou too, I thought it was just on my end
Amy_Madisonthat's not the most important thing right now, the Fires are the big concern
MattHYeah - Kitty Torture!
FiatLuxThis song was on Angel?
Amy_Madisonor should be. Polotics be damned right now's off again
LornesLadyloveI can't hear it yet
Amy_Madisonwhen was this on Angel????
LornesLadyloveI don't remember
MattHI don't recall hearing this song on Angel.
Amy_Madisonit's a low, when they have to use a rap-ish song
FiatLuxI remember when they had Gansta's Paridise
LornesLadyloveIt would be nice to be Fred right now...surrounded by all these yummy men
Elaismaybe on a Gunn ep?
MattHI'd rather listen to Amish Paradise
Amy_MadisonI bet you It'll be from Warzone
Elaisso would I, Matt
LornesLadyloveI was thinking the same thing
Elaisany Wierd Al song would do
LornesLadyloveNow you're talking!
LornesLadyloveLove Weird Al
LornesLadyloveWhatsisname didn't like Al producing that song
Amy_Madisonhow bought.... i bought it on EBay.....
impalergeI think thta was Coolio
Amy_Madisonas a song for Angel
LornesLadyloveCoolio, yeah
LornesLadylovemy dryer just stopped...I'll switch the 2nd load after the show
Elaistoo bad, I thought the video was brilliant
LornesLadylovecracked me up
LornesLadylovei hope tru calling is better than ppl are saying
impalergeWe'll find out tomorrow
FiatLuxI'll probably watch it
MattHI hope it is better than the screener.
Amy_Madisonthe vamp
impalergeor the 13 minute clip available on the net die
Amy_Madisonvamped a nkille her
LornesLadylovegod, like I'd remember that
FiatLuxNo way Giles knows about sex!
Amy_MadisonSpeed racer
LornesLadylovesure he does
MattHTell that to Olivia
LornesLadylovehe almost got some before whatsername was killed
Amy_Madisonor MANCHILD
LornesLadylovethe girl who played Olivia was in a vampire movie (as a vampire)
LornesLadylovecheese sandwiches
Amy_Madisonthe hair
LornesLadylove9. serpent?
Amy_Madison3 toed snail
LornesLadyloveI have no idea
FiatLuxManchild. cooking naked
Amy_Madisonthe WB Frog
FiatLuxLove BBC America
LornesLadylove15. not punish her
LornesLadylove17. "through the rabbithole"?
Amy_Madisonno not Blah
LornesLadylovebeats me
Amy_Madisonnakked Kitty
LornesLadyloveSpike is not naked enough...enough said
LornesLadyloveoh geez, I don't know
Amy_Madisonevil Kitty Twinkies
LornesLadylovewith yummy cream filling
Amy_Madisonevil Kitty Twinkies
FiatLuxEVIL cream filling
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LornesLadylovewe got a kiss!
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
impalergeOk, until next time..
*** Signoff: impalerge ((null))
LornesLadylove for me
FiatLuxI'm gone too.
Amy_Madisonsystem got stuck
LornesLadyloveyeah, i gotta get to that laundry
LornesLadylovesee y'all
FiatLuxbye all
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MattHL8R All
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