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for November 5, 2003

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Amy_Madisona few minutes
MattHHi all
Elaishi Matt!
ElaisI got nothin'
Amy_MadisonIT's going to be hosted by 'The Monkeypen' from now on
Elaiscrap...I hope my pc didn't lose it's sound
Amy_MadisonCandy's boycotting the show
Amy_Madisonwe all hope that
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub windows media player isn't connecting either
MattHHIya Fiatlux
FiatLuxHello, is everyone getting connected ok?
Amy_Madisonmine is kinda cutting out sporatically as well
ElaisI'm getting dead silence
MattHI couldn't get through with Winamp, so I switch to WMP and got through, but they are not talking yet. Some cutting out here and there.
*** LornesLadylove ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
ElaisI tried WMP, but wasn't getting through
LornesLadyloveHi folks
Amy_Madisonthere on the last song from the previous show
Amy_Madisonnow there there
LornesLadyloveI know that theme music!
MattHHiya LLL
FiatLuxI'm using WMP too and got through but like Matt it's kinda spotty
LornesLadyloveI'm on WMP too, but it's coming in fine
MattHPromo music just started for me.
FiatLuxKitty is talking about her boycott now for me
FiatLuxDoes that mean for once I don't have an almost five minute lag? Wow.
Amy_Madisoncalled Eathan , hes going to get the tech guy tio see about the shoutcast probs
Amy_Madisonand the WMP probs
Amy_MadisonAH they havent done the disclamer for a while
impalergeI was wondering why the shoutcast stream wasn't working
Elaisokay, my WMP is finally working
impalergeand how come Kitty and Candy has to give a disclaimer? Are they afriad people will see this show as bad s the Reagans mini-series?
Amy_MadisonEthan's on the case. sort of
Amy_Madisoni think
LornesLadylovenow it's gotten a little spotty
LornesLadyloveI didn't think I'd get to join y'all because we had thunder and lightning earlier
Amy_Madisonthey DON"T do thier Part!!!!!!
impalergewho wants to give an opposing viewpoint to Angel"...except fans of "the OC"?
Amy_Madisonthey used to do the disclaimer everywekk, but stoped for awhile
Amy_Madisonit's just to cover their butt
FiatLuxI decided to not watch Angel tonight. I just read the wildfeed.
LornesLadyloveI'm taping it, as always
MattHHow was the wildfeed
impalergeOK, now Kitty and Candy think "Life of the Party" should have been called "Something Green"
Amy_MadisonAngel, Spike and wrestlers
ElaisAngel & Spike 4 eva!
impalergeWhy are you skipping the show, FiatLux? Do you tink next week's ep will be bigger (which it will, for one character)?
FiatLuxOh, no I'm sure it'll be good, but there's too much TV conflict here I just didn't think it'd be worth taping. I'll catch the rerun
Amy_Madisonbut not together
Elaispretty much everyone thought it was 'Something Green'
MattHI liked Something Blue better also.
ElaisI really liked the scene with Lorne and the Mirror Lorne
impalergeWell, you may be right about TV conflict...with the show up against "The OC", "West Wing" and "The Bachelor"
FiatLuxActually, IG, I did break down and read a few spoilers for the next couple eps. So much for spoiler free this year.
MattHThat was nice,,,
ElaisI'm totally spoiled
MattHSame here
LornesLadyloveSo did I...the darker side of Lorne
FiatLuxI tried to resist. I did.
impalergeI just know the barest of info about next week, but enough to predict tension that's twice as thick as "Gilmore Girls" and totally unfunny
Elaiswelcome to the dark side of the force
FiatLuxI liked how HulkLorne burst into confetti
impalergeaside from the fact that Boeanaz is directing the show
LornesLadyloveI taped Tru Calling, but haven't watched it yet
Amy_Madisondo we even have a Light Side
MattHDidn't like HulkLorne at all - looked really cheap.
LornesLadyloveI know, I was laughing at the Lorne-Hulk
impalergeI still haven't seen all of the first ep of "Tru Calling". I have it taped, and I'll get to it before round two
Amy_Madisonjust like the Hulk Movie
impalergeBut Hulk Lorne was real, not CGI
LornesLadyloveI like that it showed that he didn't like those two demons and the interesting part was that he doesn't always like himself
MattHYeah - I have it recorded but haven't watched it yet.
LornesLadyloveBut coming from the family he did, you can't be totally surprised
impalergeit's the first time we got a 3-D view of Lorne, which we should see more of
FiatLuxLLL- I thought of you when I noticed Hulky had bigger horns too.
LornesLadyloveI was thinking the same thing...They really need to develop Lorne's character more
impalergehmmm, there's a joke in there somewhere
LornesLadyloveI noticed that too, actually
FiatLuxI'm not going there, I'll leave it up to her.
LornesLadyloveit's nice to be thought about :)
LornesLadyloveCuz I *will* go there :)
ElaisIIf you haven't been there already
FiatLux*nod* ;)
Amy_MadisonWhat about the coat the other demon was wearing
impalergein honor of tonight's ep, I bought two wrestling masks in Tijuana three weeks ago.
LornesLadylovethe Pylean jacket? eep!
FiatLux"Anyone you know?" hee
Amy_Madisonscared ya there didn't we
LornesLadyloveI'monly 5-foot too
MattHConsider what we know about Pylea - getting a Pylean jacket would be very difficult.
LornesLadyloveYeah, at least there was singing...however little
Amy_Madisonthey need to get the club back
LornesLadyloveEverybody wants Caritas back...who do we have to sleep with to get it?
Amy_Madisonor get Andy a record deal himself with all the songs he's sung
Elaisthey can't keep doing the 'make the employees sing' schtick much longer
LornesLadyloveand of course, Lorne gets knocked out again
Amy_MadisonJoss I think
LornesLadyloveWell, call him, I'll put on something lacy and be right there
LornesLadyloveAndy was honorary mayor of West Hollywood for their Halloween parade
LornesLadyloveTHank you, Candy!
impalergeSpeaking of Joss, Artode's jacket wasn't 100% Numfar, was it?
Amy_MadisonUmm.. NO! MAybe for Marti maybe
Amy_MadisonOR Fred
LornesLadyloveI'd kill himmyself for hurting Numfar if it was...I thought Numfar was cute!
Amy_Madisonor Harmony
Amy_MadisonBut now his voice is on the phone
Elaisso much for 'Cacophany'
impalergeHarmony was in the mood to party, from start to finish
Amy_Madisongood girl
LornesLadyloveWhen Angel said Lorne makes judgements, too, I was like, duh! Everybody makes judgements
MattHDuke Sebassis wasn't that menacing.
impalergeHis image was scary enough
Amy_Madisonwasn't supposed to be
LornesLadyloveI thought the blood-giving demon was handy
impalergeI bet that demon's name is Keg
LornesLadyloveI mean, if you're thirsty, there he is
Amy_Madisonit wasn't abouty him it was about Mr. Greene
LornesLadyloveI wonder if David B. farted in the limo again
impalergeany of you aware Boreanaz had knee surgery recently?
Amy_Madisonwell, that came out of nowhere
LornesLadyloveAndy H. said David likes to corner folks, and fart at them...he did it with Andy in the limo back when W&H made the offer
LornesLadylovedidn't know David had surgery...poor thint
impalergethat was from E! Online..along with some rumour about someone coming back
Amy_Madisonbefore of after his stinyt in the Crow
MattHEve was interesting in this episode
impalergedidn't mention that.
impalergeHow could Eve be interesting?
LornesLadylovesome ppl didn't like Eve having sex with Angel
Amy_Madisonthat would be the Dru epi in 2 weeks
impalergewell, since it was under a spell, his soul was safe
ElaisI knew about David's knee surgery
LornesLadyloveNo, the problem wasn't that ppl thought he should have lost his soul...they just don't like Eve. Period.
FiatLuxI thought his soul was safe because of no true happiness
LornesLadyloveI liked Lilah better
impalergeactually, I meant someone else, but if Dru's back, what will SHE think of Spike's status?
ElaisI didn't want Eve having sex with anyone
MattHI just like the way here words about having sex with Angel didn't match her facial expressions
LornesLadyloveYou want her all to yourself, Elais? :)
impalergewhat facial expressions?
Elaisno way!
MattHI'll take her then...
LornesLadyloveWell, Matt, some ppl will **** anybody ;D
Amy_Madisonjust leave me Harmony then
ElaisI just hate that they bring on a female character and have her sleep with Angel
Elaisthe only thing worse than Eve and Angel is Angel and Harmony
LornesLadyloveLorne's all mine! I call dibs! (Just in case you couldn't guess)
MattHIt has only happened twice....
Amy_Madisonwould that then now include Buffy
impalergeHarmony and Angel? ot a cance!
MattHDarla and Eve
impalergeor not a chance
LornesLadyloveAngel and Harmony are funny as boss and worker though
Elaisyes they are
LornesLadylovebring back Darla again?
Elaisthey killed her twice already
Elaisor three times, I guess
MattHWould rather have seen Darla as a ghost than Spike
LornesLadyloveI'd be like, Damn girl, don't you ever stay dead?
Amy_Madisonbe glad we have a Dru epi this season
impalergeI doubt that LLL...yu can only recycle a vampire so much. Once you can get away with, but not twice, unless it's GhostDarla
ElaisAngel staked her, she got vamped by Drusilla and Darla staked herself
LornesLadyloveme too, missed Dru
LornesLadyloveNo, impalerge, I was asking if that's what y'all were saying you wanted, not me :)
MattHDru is like Harmony - nice in small doses.
LornesLadyloveShe's all crazy and
Amy_Madisonall right.. we do get Behind the scenes
impalergeYeah...I wonder what you'd get if yu made Dru much more sane...maybe Big Bad material?
MattHI'd don't think even sane Dru is Big Bad material
impalergewell, I doubt she'd get anywhere near guilt-ridden...unless Spike makes it happen
Amy_Madisonwatch it turn out to be Harmony
LornesLadyloveHow come none of the Big Bads are part of a gay couple as a team trying to destroy the world?
impalergebecause the Republicans would ask for a boycott
LornesLadyloveHow did Candy and Kitty get this gig?
MattHNo - not PC enough. Gay couples aren't allowed to be evil.
Amy_Madisonthey did the gay couple thing. and a gay couple destoying the world would be sterotypical
impalergeI mean, "Queer Eye for the Undead Guy"?
MattHThey created it.
Elaisdead lesbian cliche you kow
LornesLadyloveSomeone sent me a hysterical "video" type thing for Queer Eye
LornesLadyloveI never remember temp characters' names until I hear them again
LornesLadyloveLike Sebassus (however u spell it)
Amy_Madisonthat's close
Elaisjust call him Big Demon Guy
ElaisI liked the slave demon but creeped out by him at the same time
LornesLadyloveI guess Fred wasn't squidged by Knox's cheery reminiscing of a blood sacrifice at the last party
LornesLadylove"Pee pee!"
Elaishe soo reminded me of dobby from Harry Potter
MattHGunn marking his territory was funny
LornesLadyloveEven funnier when Spike got a laugh out of it
Amy_Madisonah Ha
impalergewell, I heard from others it made Gunn look bad
MattHWell, yeah...
MattHBut it was still funny
FiatLuxWell he does get along with the big kitty in the white room. Cats are big at marking territory
LornesLadylovePretty kitty
Amy_Madisonand baby Conner
MattHYeah, but cats have scent glands behind their ears (IIRC). He should have been rubbing up against people.
ElaisTHAT would have been funny
LornesLadylovenow *that* would have been amusing
LornesLadylovehe could purr too :)
impalergewell, it's what happens during holiday parties
LornesLadylovewhen Lorne said Angel and Eve should get a room...I hadn't actually felt that way during their conversation
Elaisthere is zero sexual tension between Eve and Angel
LornesLadyloveLet's get the Furies back..."mmmmm...Angel!"
impalergeEve wants to make Angel the Senior Partner's....female dog. That's her real goal...unless she finaly gets a story about her
MattHCM - totally agree. I was typing that exact phrase when you said it.
impalergeDid the Furies have an unspeakable act with Angelus tha akes them say that?
ElaisI've been thinking Eve is not much better off than the slave-demon
impalergeor makes them say that?
MattHImpaler - it was never mentioned.
LornesLadyloveIt's implied that they and know
MattHKind of implie though
impalergewell, aside from the mystical sex, which reminded her of Santa Cruz, that's wat Eve really wats
LornesLadyloveat least there was nude Angel flesh
LornesLadyloveAngel flesh is always good
MattHWe don't know the actual plan of the Senior Partners.
impalergea little more than Spike flesh?
FiatLuxYeah I loved the elevator bit.
LornesLadyloveSpike flesh is better
MattHBetter nude Angel as opposed o nude*Spike
LornesLadylovewait, I don't know...
LornesLadyloveI kind of Like Angel better I think
impalergewell, if th SP's plan isn't "Angel destroys the world while we point and laugh, what is it?"
ElaisKnox is EVIL!
LornesLadyloveoh heck...male nudity is good
LornesLadyloveThank you! Knox is definitely evil!
LornesLadyloveOr worse, he doesn't care who he works for
MattHI would really hope it was something more subtle
Elaistrue, LLL
MattHI really like Knox.
LornesLadyloveI don't
LornesLadyloveI feel, if you're going to be good or evil, you should at least enjoy it
Elaishe seemed a bit creepy in the 'Life of the Party' ep
impalergeKNox seems OK, but he hasn't shown anything that's linked to evil science
MattHPersonally I'd like to see a few of the gang offed.
LornesLadylovebut he has mentioned his enjoyment of evil
LornesLadyloveWhich members, matt? (Say Lorne and I'm coming to your home and pulling your ears."
MattHNot Lorne - Lorne I'd like to see back at Caritas.
LornesLadyloveI gotta go get some more soda...brb
LornesLadyloveLorne flesh, I want Lorne flesh!
Elaisyou want to eat Lorne?
LornesLadyloveback...and yes, in a matter of speaking
LornesLadyloveI look good in green :)
impalergewell, if Lorne doesn't get Caritas back, can he at least produce a musical?
MattHFred - definitely would like to see Fred bite it. Spike too. And either Wesley or Gunn.
LornesLadyloveI heard there will be a musical Angel, but don't quote me on that
LornesLadylovenot Wesley
Elaisthat would be cool!
LornesLadylovehe's cute
ElaisIf we can't get our all naked, all gay ep
impalergeWell, they should lose Spike at the end of the season...and wo can they have a musical Angel if Lorne's the only good vocalist?
* MattH retches...
LornesLadyloveLorne and ...oh, what's is name? The singing demon in Buffy musical?
LornesLadyloveI want an all naked ep, but not all gay
MattHUgh. all naked, all gay. Yuck
impalergeSweet...that's his name
LornesLadylovePart gay, maybe...but Lorne not gay, cuz it helps my fantasies if he's straight :)
LornesLadyloveSweet! Yes! He and Lorne belong in an ep together
impalergeTalk about a battling duet!
MattHI've read some fanfic with them together.
Elaisa little singing a little dancing
impalergeand then Broadway...and 26 Tonys
LornesLadyloveWhat???? There's fanfic with Lorne that I don't know about? Where? Is it NC-17?
LornesLadylove(By the way, shameless plug: Lorne fanfic -
MattHIt was Not very good, IIRC. Lorne and Sweet were having some sort of singing duel.
LornesLadylovenet, I mean
LornesLadyloveOhhhhhh...I haven't checked in a while...ever since they pulled adult fanfic
ElaisI haven't been to in a long time too
MattHI generally avoid NC-17 fics, most are just PWP - and I need plot.
Elaispretty much for the same reason, LLL
ElaisI think there is an though
MattHI have found some good HP fanfic on it recently. Was up until 2AM last night reading it.
LornesLadyloveI meant to send a post to several of the groups I'm on to remind them of this chat...try to get more ppl here...but I forgot...sent the messages just as I got on
LornesLadyloveMost of mine have some plot
LornesLadyloveLike, Lorne seeks Willow's help to look human in one...then it's sex, sex, and sex
LornesLadylovewhat's HP fic?
MattHHarry Potter
LornesLadyloveYeah, I have bookmarked
LornesLadyloveYeah...Lorne letting them take his sleep seemed, well, stupid
ElaisHP is a pretty big fandom
LornesLadyloveD'oh! Harry Potter, I should have known that
ElaisI haven't read much of HP fic, but know there is a lot out there
MattHIt has about 5 as many fics on as BTVs fics
LornesLadylovethose of u using Trillian...I couldn't find on their site what the difference is between free and pro versions...can u tell me?
MattHHere is an excellent Harry Potter/BTVS crossover - post Order of Phoenix/post season 7
Elaisfraid not, LLL
MattHSince I use the free version (I'm cheap) I can't really say what the pay version does.
LornesLadylovewell, you're helpful, aren'tcha? ;)
LornesLadylovedo the free version have ads?
MattHEven negative data is data.
Elaisno ads, LLL
LornesLadylovewell, there's a plus
MattHNo ads in either version.
LornesLadylovebut it works with xp, right? Mirc actually doesn't work with windows xp...I have to re-type settings everytime I use it, and I can't set up DCC get/send/chat because the settings won't stay
MattHI use Win2000, but haven't heard any problems with XP
ElaisI'm no help again, LLL. I've got Win98
impalergesame here...I had to re-enter this chat room in the Favorites section
LornesLadylovethe .ini files are in the same dir as the program, and I can't change or edit files in the Programs dir
LornesLadyloveYeah, I can't set this chatroom into the channels folder
MattHAre you logged in as an Administrator?
LornesLadyloveMy boyfriend is the admin and I'm not allowed to use the admin account to make changes
MattHHave him change the authorization for those files then...
LornesLadyloveI asked him why he won't make me one...he says he has no problem trusting me, but he's not making me admin
LornesLadyloveHe says it's a "non-issue"
MattHSounds like it is an issue to you...
LornesLadyloveit is
LornesLadylovelike I said...Lorne got knocked out...again.
Elaisat least he wasn't bashed over the head
LornesLadyloveThe writers like him unconscious
MattHUnlikely he has a concussion from this.
LornesLadylovethis is true...he was shot instead!
LornesLadyloveyeah, that would be cool!
MattHAs long as he wasn't shot in his rear end...
LornesLadyloveoh yeah...left butt cheek
impalergeThe writers like Lorne knocked out? Since when is he a relative of Giles?
LornesLadyloveI want to spank him, but I worry about sending him to the hospital (hospital for demons)
MattHYeah .... being knocked out should be Wesley's job.
Amy_Madisonit has been for awhile
Elaisspank him on the right butt cheek
LornesLadyloveLOL, there's the solution
LornesLadyloveso simple, yet *I* didn't think of it
Elaisunless that is where they put his liver
LornesLadyloveoh, hadn't thought of that
impalergenow Kitty and Candy wonder who is next in W and H's list? I have an idea...
LornesLadylovedoes he have a liver?
Elaisgood question
MattHW&H can do anything except put a two-bit investigation agency out of business.
LornesLadylovenow they'll put Lorne in one-moment scenes again, just watch
impalergebut it can send the "two-bit" firm into damnation
Amy_Madisonwe need a epi wher Ethan (not producer) comes back
LornesLadyloveoooohhh guest stars
impalergewell, Etan can be a client who turned to W and H to get him out of jail in Nevada (see "a New Man")
Amy_Madisonsort of like the 'Chaos Bleeds' book
MattHEthan Rayne would be interesting...has anyone on Angel met him. I know Angel was involved in the eps he appeared in on Buffy, but I don't think they met.
LornesLadyloveok, goody...I can go get some more diet soda
LornesLadyloveI REQUESTED THAT!!!!!!!
LornesLadyloveThat's my song!!!!
impalergeah, Faith's other theme song
Amy_Madisonwell, in less YOUR Rob Zombie, It's Not REALLY your song.
Amy_Madisonbut we know what you mean
MattHLag. song just started for me
LornesLadyloveWell, it's on the CD I won from Fangoria
impalergespeaking of which, do any of you think "Tru Calling" will last 13 episodes if "Skin" didn't even last three weeks?
LornesLadyloveSkin is cancelled?
Amy_Madison6 epis
LornesLadyloveGood thing I didn't "get into" it
MattHNot up against Friends.
LornesLadyloveI haven't seen Tru Calling yet (on tape), but I heard it's too convoluded (did I spell that right?)
impalergeWait, "Friends" is up against "Tru"
Amy_Madisonand they'll be a boxed set like they're doing for Firefly
LornesLadylove*shakes hair back and forth to the music*
impalergeI pre-ordered "Firefly" through Amazon
* MattH falls asleep
Amy_Madisonas did I, a fewmonths ago
* LornesLadylove kisses Matt on the forehead then cuts it for blood
LornesLadyloveOoohhh, I love that song1
Amy_Madisonoh no, not these 2 again
Elaisoh yeah, gotta get Firefly
* MattH stands around, looking innocent. ;-)
Elaisas well as Smallville, Buffy, Angel, Chicago...
impalergeget it now and shipping is free!
LornesLadylovenot wild about Firefly, but liked the companion girl
LornesLadyloveI want Angel season 3 DVDs
impalerge"Chicago" I already have, and I might get "Finding Nemo" tomorrow
ElaisI've heard the first ep of 'Tru Calling' isnt' all that good
Amy_MadisonI have them
LornesLadyloveyeah I heard that
Elaisbut hopefully it will get better in future eps
Elaisgotta give it a chance
impalergewell, let's make a judgement on Tru after four weeks
Amy_Madisonthe unaired is a little better
Elaisthey made it worse?
LornesLadyloveI like Eliza though
Amy_MadisonSarah probably doing SD#
impalergeHey, did they say Charisma coming for the 100th show? Well, someone followed my suggestion
MattHSad no Buffy on Angel.
LornesLadyloveyeah, she's coming for 100th ep
Amy_Madisondestroying her career even more
LornesLadylovewhose career, Sarah's?
Amy_Madisonno she's not
impalergeno SD 3!!! Maybe SMG wants to just rest, but she'll be around for the end. Even she knows it's that important
LornesLadyloveI have wondered what she'll do now...will she be able to get movie and TV roles, or will she just...go ...away?
LornesLadyloveI don't watch GG, but I like Danny
Amy_MadisonWaiting for Buffy.. The NExt Generation
Amy_Madisonand 7ofDawn
impalergeThat would be Dawn
Amy_Madisonand her Bald watcher
impalergebut finding new and witty Slayers would be helpful..or even Demon Hunters who weren'e exactly Chosen but can do that job
impalergethye can be played by guys...the Demon Hunters, that is
Amy_Madisonlets get 'Tales of the Slayer' Started
Amy_Madisonthat should keep them all busy 4 awhile
MattHOr "Chronicles of the Key of Dagon"
Amy_MadisonThe 'Glory'Files
LornesLadyloveHow about a cooking show with tips on cooking werecreatures?
impalergeI thought werewolf meat should be eaten raw
impalergeor it gets that human taste
LornesLadyloveOh, right...I said, "cooking" didn't I?
LornesLadyloveSilly me
LornesLadyloveok, a RECIPE show :)
LornesLadyloveooh, she has twinges!
impalergeIf Faith ever gets a spinoff, it shouldn't be as a fugutive, but as a "Slayer for hire" under the eye of the police.
LornesLadyloveOh, lovely, references to vomiting
Amy_MadisonA cooking show 'Dueling Watchers' based off of 'Iron Cher'
LornesLadyloveHow about a rocker chick that saves the day? I've heard Eliza described as a rocker chick
impalerge"Iron Cher"? Does that explain her ageless look?
Amy_MadisonIron Watchers
impalergeI summon the Iron Slayers!
Amy_Madisonoopies.. Iron Chef
* LornesLadylove grabs impalerge's booty and shakes it
* LornesLadylove test
Amy_MadisonIron Succubus Club
LornesLadylovehmmm...two commands, one action
MattHFell asleep duing Tru Calling....not a good sign.
impalergeI can top that, Matt H...Vince McMahon, wrestling promoter, gave a more compelling dramatic performance than most of the "Tru Calling" cast
impalergeon "Smackdown
LornesLadylovemy mom likes "wrasslin'"
MattHI *never* watch wrestling, so I have no comment.
LornesLadyloveI *never* watch it either
MattHFaith-Lite, Looks Great, but less interesting.
LornesLadyloveYeah, we need to write a script for Eliza
impalergebut could Eliza play a helpless damsel, or a victim?
Amy_MadisonKitty confused Candy
LornesLadyloveI saw her in a movie she did as a child, with Juliette Lewis in it (forgot the title), and she was one really cute kid
Amy_MadisonEliza as Snow White
MattHNormally that is the other way around
impalergeit was called "That Night"
LornesLadyloveThat's it
LornesLadyloveEliza prostitute
LornesLadyloveShe can play a transsexual cop who studies law!
impalergecop, yes..male prostitute...?
Amy_Madisonno way can Eliza pull off a Male prostitute
MattHWould be a real stretch for her.
impalergeyeah, too short
LornesLadyloveAmy, a male pros wouldn't want Eliza to mind
LornesLadyloveI have three cups of Nutrasweet in my system now
LornesLadylove(three 7-oz. cups that is)
Amy_MadisonA male prostitute wouldn't wasnt ANYONE to pull off.....
* MattH mutters to himself, "That explains it."
Elaisman....go away from chat a bit and I see discussion of transsexual cops
LornesLadyloveSplenda is a wonderful sugar substitute :)
Elaisyou guys are weird
Amy_Madisonwhat about David B's episode
impalerge"Tarzan" is supposed to be "re-tooled", but can the lead learn better Egnlish, and acting, before it's too late?
LornesLadyloveTHANK YOU! I take pride in my ability to be weird :)
Amy_Madisonof Angel
MattHAnd your point would be....
ElaisI think it is the shirtless quality of 'Tarzan' that appeals
impalergeFury gets #100? I thought it would be Joss.
LornesLadyloveI haven't watched Tarzan in a couple of weeks, but he is pretty :)
impalergeprettier from Lucy Lawless...who should get her black hair color back? about Eliza as The Devil???
ElaisDevil in No Dress
Amy_Madisonits only been on a coulple of weeks
LornesLadyloveLucy looks good, but better in black hair, yes
Elaisat least they got the X-Files guy on the show
ElaisMitch Pileggi?
LornesLadyloveoh yeah
impalergehaving him there is one him a show that's interesting is another.
LornesLadyloveI won't deny that I love a gorgeous actor, but it would be nice if there weren't so many "cookie cutter" parts
Amy_Madisonshe said 'parts
LornesLadyloveI meant "roles" :)
MattHMmmm, cookies.....
LornesLadyloveno no no! I'm on a diet, ppl
LornesLadyloveno cookies
impalerge"cookie cutter" is te only thing TV producers know...just take a list of stock characters, and hope people think it's entertaining before they get the joke that it isn't
Amy_Madisonas long as the rolse are buttered
MattHWell, according to Buffy, she was cookie dough.
impalergeand the best and more original cookie dough in ten years!
MattHThough I thought that explanation was half-baked.
LornesLadyloveAnd then the actors can't get real work because they're replaced by newer, fresher ppl
impalergeor not baked at all
Amy_Madisondesign Kitty, Candy and Ethat shaped Cookie Cutters. Cool Idea
impalergenewer and frsher, but not taented
impalergeI mean talented
Amy_MadisonI think that would be cool
LornesLadyloveit's so unfair to ppl who really can act, even if they're not so beautiful
Amy_Madisonand then make they're cookies and send them it
MattHDefinitely not like other radio shows...
LornesLadyloveand a cookie with "The Succubus Club" on it
LornesLadyloveColors to match the website
Amy_Madisonyeah, K & C are ACTUALLY interesting
LornesLadyloveI want Candy's job
LornesLadyloveNot Kitty's...not ready for motherhood :)
Amy_Madisonand a Cookie as well
LornesLadyloveKitty's cookie will have morning sickness
LornesLadyloveWe can make it look pregnant
MattHSo she can toss it...
LornesLadyloveWith a little baby cookie inside
Amy_MadisonLike an "Oreo"
LornesLadylovewhat a nice voice he has
Amy_Madisonno he doesn't
LornesLadyloveyes he does
Amy_Madisonas in chatting with people
Amy_MadisonHe's never been in here
LornesLadyloveohhh that
LornesLadyloveI thought maybe they meant somewhere else
MattHTrue - he should join us.
Amy_Madisonmaybe I did
LornesLadyloveBuffy Radio, the thing I've seen, is a message board
MattHShe is boycotting just to get out of Kitty Torture.
Amy_Madisonmost likely
LornesLadyloveLet's torture the fetus instead! Kitty Kiddy Torture
Amy_Madisonomeone should call in and warn/tell Candy
LornesLadyloveThe kid'll come out spouting Buffy and Angel trivia
Amy_Madisonand still not get all of it right
MattH168 shows? Wow.
Amy_Madisonit's first words....... Faith Is SOOOOOOO Hot!!!!
LornesLadyloveMaybe it'll be green with red horns...I mean, have we seen the father?
* MattH falls on floor, laughing.
Amy_MadisonI miss 'The Monkey Pen'....
LornesLadyloveWhy *do* we listen to this show?
LornesLadyloveoohhh, the ebay thing
LornesLadyloveIt was over $3,000 when I last heard
impalergeit's either this, or "Everybody Loves Raymond" reruns
Amy_Madisonpee pee
LornesLadyloveOh, god, but I'm not surprised
ElaisI love hearing Kitty and Candy opinions
MattHI like listening to Kitty suffer during Kitty Torture
LornesLadyloveNow $5300
* MattH laughs maniacally...
Elais*looks at empy pocketbook*
LornesLadyloveI just like the humor and the torture
LornesLadyloveI know...I didn't bid because I knew it wouldn't matter
LornesLadyloveI'm so po'
Elaisthe trouble was, once people heard about the ebay thing, it skyrockted
LornesLadyloveI have an idea --well, the seed of an idea-- for a magazine that I'll hopefully start with friends, but I have to develop the idea
LornesLadyloveI knew it would
LornesLadylovethen maybe I'll have money to buy Lorne all for myself ;)
impalergeHow about Angel in a wheelchair, with Spike saying, "now you'll know how I felt when you called me 'Sit 'n Spin'"
LornesLadyloveI CHEERED when Spike stood up out of the wheelchair at the end of that episode
LornesLadyloveThat was so cool, and I hadn't read spoilers, so it was a total surprise
impalergeyeah, you knoew he'd spoil Angeus' plans, even if it meant helping the Happy Meals with Legs
LornesLadyloveWhat are you wearing?
FiatLuxI had an idea for Kitty Torture; questions that sound dirty but aren't. But with the disclaimer I don't think they'd better use it
LornesLadyloveanyone can answer that
impalergeboring clothes and a Krispy Kreme hat
MattHNot necessarilly.... ;-)
LornesLadyloveI'm wearing a Celtic dragon shirt and stuff
FiatLuxLike how did Cordelia get knee marks on her back?
LornesLadyloveshe got knee marks on her back?
FiatLuxIt'd be fun just to see where Kitty goes with it
Amy_Madisonfrom the Primid
MattHFrom the cheerleaders Pyramid
FiatLuxWhen Xander is in basement talking to Anya, what does he squeeze causing liquid to spurt out?
LornesLadyloveI've seen ppl who said Charisma doesn't want to come back, and others who said she did...anyone know the true story?
LornesLadyloveHer throat
LornesLadyloveMy boyfriend Loves that ep--"Beer Bad"
LornesLadyloveHoly crap!!!!
FiatLuxSomebody really wants to see the set!
ElaisI think some people have lost their minds
LornesLadyloveIt's great that it's for charity, but these kinds of things are only for rich ppl
impalerge16 thousand bucks? Heck, they should bring home the set for that much
Elaisthey just bid without really thinking
impalergeI take eBay bidding seriously
FiatLuxMy goal in life is to have more money than I know what to do with. Must be nice.
LornesLadyloveMine too!
impalergeit is nice, and just a dream
MattHI'd figure out what to do with it...
LornesLadyloveIf you're poor and I'm poor, we can merge and be twice as poor!
Elaisso do I, impaler
impalergeI'd setle for a modest profit of 75 thousand dollars at all times
LornesLadylove2. Chitlins?
LornesLadylove3. snyder
Amy_Madisoncheesy snyder
LornesLadylove4. ?
LornesLadylove5. Fritos
LornesLadylove6. Twinkies
Amy_Madisonbad spelling
LornesLadylovec'mon, what's 7?
FiatLuxKitty needs to stay away from the Food Network
LornesLadylove8. Sex
LornesLadylove9. "You're beneath m e"
LornesLadyloveYeah wait
LornesLadyloveGrrr I'm wild-guessing here
LornesLadylove11. efulgent, what a gword
LornesLadylove12. Noodles
Amy_Madison15. gggranade
LornesLadylove17. Jacke
LornesLadyloveI'm not fast enough!
LornesLadylove18. Ashes
MattHI have about 1 1/2 minutes lag
LornesLadylove19. AShes
LornesLadyloveashes, ashes ashes!!!
LornesLadyloveI got this one!
Elaisso do I Matt
LornesLadylove20. I know what the chickofant is!!!
LornesLadylove20. Dead
LornesLadylovelying on the couch
LornesLadyloveFrom a children's show way back when
LornesLadylovehalf chicken, half elephant
impalergeRomania 1890, Brazil, 1998
LornesLadyloveyay kitty!
impalergeOk, got to prepare... Kitty!
*** Signoff: impalerge ((null))
LornesLadylovebye all, see you next week...gotta pee!
*** Signoff: LornesLadylove ((null))
MattHYeah for KItty...
MattHYeah...cya next week
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Nov 05 20:02:48 2003