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MattHHello All
LornesLadylovehiya Matt
impalergeOK, girls, give us the "this is a flat-out two-hour plug for 'Angel'" speech
impalergesay, isn't this week's episode the one that David Boreanaz directs?
Elaisokay, switched to I'm hearing Kitty and Candy
ElaisI think DB directs ep 10
impalergeyeh, the WinAmp feed still isn't working
Elaiswinamp didn't work for me
impalergeOh, I thought it was this week.
Amy_Madisonactually it changes to
Elaistonight is ep 7 or 8
Amy_MadisonI wasnt a 'MonkeyPen T-shirt
Amy_Madisonepisode 6
impalergeits episode seven, which shows up a new level of tension between generations
impalergeor shows us that new level of tension
Elaisa new tension level?
impalergewell, let's say someone Wesley knos is showing up, since the episode is called "Lineage"
LornesLadyloveyeah, I'm looking forward to tonight's ep
ElaisI was waiting for this ep ever since the spoilers for it broke out
LornesLadyloveI only know the TV GUIDE synopsis
impalergeI just know the "someone from Wesley's past shows up" part. I can guess the rest
Amy_MadisonSmall Gilmoreville
impalergeor is it gnarl-ing at her?
Amy_Madisonis he 'MR. Mime"
MattHAn epiphany? Look how well that turned out on "Angel"...
impalergewhat's a disease between friends?
impalergeyeah, last week's episde title was unusually long
Elaiswas it the longest ep title?
impalergeoh, that prophecy everyone forgot about
Amy_Madisonthey took out Conner to pay for keeping Dawn
LornesLadyloveI thought Sajhan (however u spell it) made that part up
impalergethat mindwipe is eern more severe than the one he set up in "I Will Remember You"...and I bet he forgot about that, too
MattHWorth the exchange IMHO
impalergewell, as long as Connor shows up, and never remembers...or better yet, prefers what he's got now
LornesLadylovebut does Connor still have his superhuman powers?
impalergesay, different memories, like when Dawn showed up?
Amy_Madisonsonmething happens to Conners new family , and he has to turn to W&H for help
Elaisit's tough to figure out what the gang know/don't know because of the mindwipe
impalergewell, if Connor's still super-kid, maybe he could use it at a certain level, and maybe it will lead to Slaying
ElaisI'm not sure, impaler
LornesLadylovesomeone's going to remember Connor sooner or later, I'm sure
ElaisAngel still remembers would be pretty hard to come up with different memories for everyone else
impalergeYou, know, Amy, that did cross my mind. What if Connor loses his family to the recent wildfires?
MattHWe don't know exactly where Connor lives
Amy_Madisonjust an idea
Elaiswell, he was planning to go to college
impalergeIf they do remember Connor, I would hope he'll decide to be anything he wants, and decide he'll keep his new identity and reality and toss aside that ugly past for his own sake
impalergeand if he can Slay, so much the better
LornesLadyloveI just think they went too far with the whole Connor thing...I can see how a kid wouldn't be able to handle all the things that happened to Connor, but it was still frustrating that he sort of went crazy and all
impalergewell, they had to do that because they have this kid they added well before Charisma got pregnant
LornesLadyloveand Evil Cordy just annoyed me...I like real Cordy
MattHEvil Cordy was boring...
LornesLadyloveI just think they could have done the Connor thing differently
impalergelet's hope pre-Higher Power Cordy does come back for the 100th show in February..since it's not been confirmed by anyone but hinted at by E! Online
LornesLadyloveI watched "Spin the Bottle" last night on TNT...when the demon awakes, so to say
Amy_Madisonbetcha' it'll be a spell
Amy_Madisonbetcha it'll be a spell
impalergeto wake Cordy up? I prefer a very loud alarm clock
Amy_Madisonbetcha it'll be a spell
MattHMaybe she'll just wake up like Faith
impalergeyou said that
Amy_Madisonbetcha it'll be cause of a spell
ElaisIf Cordy comes back in only one will they have her leave again?
impalergelet's hope it's longer than that, but maybe she'll be in a more interesting Higher Plain
Elaismaybe she will shack up with Connor
LornesLadyloveBefore we knew what we knew about Cordy, I'd hoped this was a fake Cordy, and the real Cordy was still on the Higher Plane and eventually would re-join the team somehow
Elaisno such luck, LLL
Amy_Madisonkill us both , Spock
LornesLadyloveIf she wakes up, she could remember the whole Connor thing and maybe remind the gang
impalergehaving more than one Slayer, especially at the end, didn't screw anything up. In fact, it improved thinggs
Amy_Madisonactually, Its not either of them, the prophecy is meant for Harmony
MattHWell, she needs to get a soul first
LornesLadyloveThere's a thought
LornesLadylovemaybe Spike could give her his
Amy_Madisonand it screws up everyone
impalergeIf Candy is suggesting the Shanshu can apply to any vampire with a soul...even a set of them....hmmmmmmmmmm-----that could change things
impalergeHarmony doesn't have a soul...she just prefers otter blood
LornesLadyloveWhat if it turns out Angel doesn't really have a soul? What if all this time it was just a parasite?
Amy_Madisonbut it would sure throw everyone for a loop .
Amy_Madisonand we are talkin about Joss
impalergethen he'd be a lot more hungry right about now. No, Angel's still the Soulful One
LornesLadyloveI was only kidding :)
impalergeI'm going with the "Shanshu prophecy can apply to multiple souled vampires" idea
MattHMaybe the prophecy was referring to possessing a type of fish.
LornesLadyloveand what would Lorne have been seeing all this time, if that was the case
Amy_Madisonor Angel's soul is still in that container
LornesLadyloveI was thinking about Angel saying he will go to Hell because of all the bad he's done...but he hasn't done much bad--that was Angelus, the vampire demon--Angel should only have to make up for what he did in life...I mean, he has Liam's soul, right? So he's really Liam, not Angelus
MattHAngel doesn't make those fine distinctions.
LornesLadyloveYeah, but I do
MattHOr maybe it is due to the hundreds of years he already spent in hell.
impalergewell, that depends on whether certain people, Gypsies included, know the difference
LornesLadyloveit's all confusing in Joss' world
MattHI liked Short Circuit....
LornesLadyloveI miss Dennis
impalergeMaybe Dennis is protecting the person who's living in the apartment now
LornesLadyloveyeah, but that's sad...everytime someone leaves, Dennis loses them...and what if they try to exorcise him?
impalergewell, if Dennis is subtle, that won't happen
LornesLadyloveI miss Merl, too
MattHWell, maybe Dennis needs to lose some weight and could use the excorcise ;-)
LornesLadylove:P BRRAAAAAAPPPPP!!!!
MattHOf course he has already wasted away to nothing, so maybe that is a bad idea
Elaispoor Dennis
LornesLadyloveI could use a Dennis
LornesLadyloveRun my bath water, massage my back, turn the heat up
Elaishey! I can use a Dennis too
MattHNot very good at keeping Rogue Slayers out, though ;-)
impalergeonly if Dennis could write something
Elaishe could do that
LornesLadyloveI wonder what else he did for Cordy ;)
ElaisSpike managed to write something
LornesLadyloveSpike isn't a ghost
impalergehe used his will
LornesLadylovehe's "unique"
LornesLadyloveHis last will
LornesLadyloveand testament ;)
Elaisdennis was able to use his will to help Cordy
Elaishe was also able to wear that birthday hat
LornesLadyloveyes that's true!
ElaisI think he also popped a beer for Angel at a party
LornesLadyloveI know they weren't all close to Dennis, but you'd think they'd go back and check on him from time to time, say, "Hey, how's it been?"
LornesLadyloveThere u go! Dennis could get a job at Caritas...if he can get out of the apt, and if Lorne opens a new Caritas
ElaisI think Dennis is bound to Cordy's apartment though
LornesLadyloveI know...I meant if they find a way to get him out
MattHWhy would Dennis want to get a job? What would he need money for?
Elaisforget making Spike corporeal, lets make Dennis corporeal!
LornesLadyloveI had a weird dream a few nights, I dreamt the same type of thing (with differences) over and over three or four times...Angelus biting me on the neck
LornesLadyloveDennis needs money to
MattHGhost Tosties...
LornesLadylovepay for the apt!!!
LornesLadyloveSo nobody he doesn't like lives's HIS apt!
MattHI had a dream yesterday where I needed to use Bill Cosby's shower - very weird....
Elaisvery weird
Amy_Madisondemented, not weird
MattHHe was kind of rude, but Felicia Rashad was very nice...
LornesLadyloveyou're a bizarre one, Matt
MattHSo I've heard....first time Cosby has appeared in one of my dreams though.
LornesLadyloveI sent reminders to several groups about this chat...was sure we'd have a few more ppl...ah, well
LornesLadyloveSPike and Fred...wonder how Knox would feel about that
MattHOr Wesley
impalergewell, he'd make Spike liquid
impalergeKnox, I mean
ElaisSpike and Fred, Fred and Knox, Wesley and Fred
LornesLadyloveFred's working on a purer form of the best weed in that lab, I just know it
impalergeFred's just the Taco Belle of the Bal on this show
MattHWell, Fred is a beautiful woman with a history of insanity - Spike would never go for a woman like that.
Amy_Madisonthis is, there a big Harmony epi coming up
LornesLadyloveROFL, so true, Matt
LornesLadylovethere is?
impalergeespecially if the other nutty skinny girl may try something--which is almost guaranteed soon enough
LornesLadyloveI should buy Harmony a unicorn for her desk
ElaisI used to be interested in Unicorns when I was a teenager
impalergeAngel losng his incentive is a ad idea...especially if the "incentive didn't write to him from Europe
LornesLadyloveI like unicorns, but I prefer pegasi
MattHI think it all depends on the chef, myself.
* LornesLadylove smacks Matt...don't make me get the paddle!
MattHPlease, please, get the paddle!
LornesLadyloveThe one with spikes?
Amy_MadisonSpike has one ?????
MattHNah, I don't care that much for Spike...multiple Spikes would be too much
LornesLadyloveI'm sure Spike would like the paddle
impalergeor everyone speaking in a Billy Idol accent
LornesLadyloveI could use double talons...those are cool
Elaisvery cool
* LornesLadylove actually knows where to get some, quite dangerous, mind u
Amy_Madisonyes you can
LornesLadyloveThat would be fun for Halloween..."Look, lady...gimme granola bars, and I'll show you a trick!"
impalergeBut if Angel does a selless act because he thinks he should leave this world in a blaze of glory, would that be selfless...and he surpringly survive?
MattHGranola bars on Halloween? And people think I'm weird.... ;-)
LornesLadyloveI prefer to give out dirty sponges
LornesLadyloveI thought they were "retooling" it's cancelled now?
LornesLadyloveoh well...not a great show, but Tarzan was pretty :)
impalergedead as a snapped vine
MattHI saw 1 1/2 eps - seemed dull. Especially compared to the books.
impalergewell, moving Calvin Klein ads that can't talk just doesn't mean hit TV series
LornesLadyloveWhy are all the Buffy/Angel characters playing gay characters suddenly?
LornesLadyloveat least the males
LornesLadyloveOh, I don't care that Tarzan's cancelled...just that I hadn't heard that before
LornesLadyloveI did hear about the low ratings, though
impalergewill Tru Calling be next?
MattHSurprised Tru Calling lasted this long
impalergeit's only been two episodes...and I say it will last through mid-December..or next week
Amy_MadisonTRu got puckup up for at least 13
LornesLadyloveI still haven't seen that show...I have the 1st Tru Calling taped but haven't watched it
Amy_Madisonthey have at least 13
MattHI tried to watch it - couldn't get through an episode
Amy_Madisonwheather we'll see all 13....
impalergewe will, but not until next summer unless things pick up
Amy_Madisonthe Boxed Set will bee like Firefly will be
MattHShoutcast still isn't working
Amy_Madisonand WMP is a little spotty as well
impalergeWMP sounds too hollow
LornesLadyloveit sounds ok to me
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya FiatLux
LornesLadyloveI knew we were missing one
FiatLuxHey there. I watched Angel instead tonight
FiatLuxDid I miss anything here?
Amy_Madisondarn you
impalergeso, without revealing details, was the episode just like Gilmore Girls, only gloomier (at least the parts with Wesley)?
LornesLadyloveyou missed me having Andy Hallett's baby
FiatLuxDon't watch GG, but eh, I guess you could say a little
*** Signoff: impalerge (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
FiatLuxIs it green LLL?
*** Signoff: LornesLadylove (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
FiatLuxWhere is everyone going? Problems with the network?
MattHWouldn't be surprised
Elaiswhat happened to impaler?
Elaisboy or girl, LLL?
*** LornesLadylove ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornesLadyloveSON OF A FREAK!
MattHWelcome back
LornesLadyloveElectricity went off for a sec
ElaisWB, LLL
FiatLuxIt's really windy here, but no storms tonight
MattHWe've been having a lot of rain and lightning down here.
Elaisbad weather seems to be everywhere
LornesLadyloveno storms here, either
LornesLadylovemaybe a car hit a pole
*** impalerge (~davidmell@ has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHWelcome back Impaler
impalergeOK, I'm back
impalergeFor some reason, I lost the sow. I had to reboot
LornesLadyloveyou left too, imape?
LornesLadyloveimpalerge, I mean
LornesLadyloveElectricity blinked here
FiatLuxYeah I was wondering if it was me.
FiatLuxEverytime I hear Four Star Mary I get a picture of Devon in my head.
impalergebecause Clark isn't meant to have Lana because the comic books say co
impalergeor say so
MattHWell, like Smallville stays true to the comics ;-)
*** KLynB ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
FiatLuxYeah, where is Lois Lane?
impalergeor, and Luke and's too late. They'll never even date
LornesLadylovehey! a new person!
LornesLadylovehi KLynB
KLynBello all
impalergewelcome, victim, I mean loyal fan
FiatLuxHello KLynB
LornesLadylovehave a brownie
* MattH mutters to himself, "Fresh victims".
KLynBI'm watching Angel even as I type
MattHHiya KLyn
Amy_Madisonyou were right with victim
LornesLadyloveI just taped it
impalergeyou must be in the Mountain time zone
impalergeColorado, Arizona?
ElaisSouth Dakota over here
ElaisI hate Lana
ElaisI'm watching Angel too
MattHI like Lana somewhat...when she isn't whining.
LornesLadyloveThey need more Lorne in Angel
Elaiseveryone needs more Lorne
LornesLadylovegod, isn't that the truth!!!
ElaisI really hope they do a Lorne cd sometime in the future
MattHI like Random Thoughts.
LornesLadyloveAndy and his manager have said they just haven't worked out the details for a cd yet
FiatLuxAnybody here know who Pepe is?
Amy_MadisonOH no Candy had an Idea.... Run for the hills people
LornesLadylovePepe Le Pew?
Amy_Madisonone of the radio hosts
Amy_Madisonthe one that not pregnant
LornesLadyloveKitty's the pregnant one...I think Ethan is too...that leaves Candy
Amy_Madisonit would be a bigger deal if Ethan would be pregnamt as well
Amy_Madisonthey would HAVE something tp talk about then . no need for Radom parts then
LornesLadyloveI heard Kitty got him pregnant
Amy_Madisonwhat a lovely email that would make for them
MattHMaybe I should just post the t rancript of this chat to the mailing list.
Amy_Madisonor put it onto a webpage
Elaiswhy not?
LornesLadyloveI asked first
MattHSo people can see what crazy fun we get up to?
LornesLadyloveDo you think more ppl will come if u do?
ElaisKitty + Candy 4EVA!
Amy_Madisonyou mean more than the livejournal bits
LornesLadyloveNOT that I'm suggesting it's a bad idea...just wondering
ElaisI wrote that just in case
Amy_MadisonNO FAIR. you forgot about Ethan again
Elaishow are you liking Angel so far KLynB?
MattHMaybe - I do have the transcripts of all the chats I have been in (I think). Some of them are interesting reading.
KLynBThink I missed something...what's that thing that looks like a violin neck?
LornesLadyloveKLynB, are you on the succubus club mailing list, or from somewhere else?
LornesLadyloveoh, hey!
KLynBIs there a problem?
LornesLadyloveno, I was just wondering if I knew you from somewhere
KLynBLoveLorneLurker 8)
LornesLadyloveLoveLorne owner :)
KLynBI figured as much
LornesLadyloveHow could you tell I love Lorne? What gave me away? ;-P
MattHKItty Torture - Yay!
FiatLuxThis should be a good Torture
Amy_MadisonLots of Woo with just a little bit of Hoo
FiatLuxOh so close Kitty!
LornesLadylove3. Spike?
LornesLadyloveI'm so bad at this
FiatLuxThat's Buffy, I just saw this one
LornesLadylove4. Dawn
Amy_Madisontough love
KLynBUsual complaint: too many rounds in the gun
LornesLadylove5. Spike
LornesLadylove6. Xander
FiatLuxI have a hard time with the episodes too
FiatLuxOh that's gotta be Cordy
FiatLuxBuffy didn't say that!
impalergedark age
LornesLadylove10. Wes
LornesLadyloveoh right!!!
impalergeMayor Evil Guy in Dopplegangland
FiatLux"Yeah plus all the screwin'
LornesLadylove11. Xander
LornesLadylovein whatever ep
FiatLuxThe replacement
FiatLuxI told you I'm not good at the episodes
LornesLadyloveI'm no good at ep namexs
LornesLadylove12. Cordy?
Amy_Madison13. buffy
impalergeI Robot
impalergeYou Jane
Amy_Madisoni robot
LornesLadylove14. PRINCIPAL SNDYER!!!
LornesLadylove15. PRINCIPAL SNYDER!!!
impalergeAnya in Buffy vs Dracula
KLynBNo offense, but can you say COP-OUT ENDING!!!
LornesLadylove16. ***PRINCIPAL SNYDER!!!!!!**************8
LornesLadylove17. The One
impalergeWillow to Faith in Choices
Amy_Madisonone of the dark willow storires
LornesLadylove18. Buffy
LornesLadylove19. Willow
LornesLadylovethe dead goldfish one
LornesLadyloveyay! I got one
LornesLadylove20. Faith
LornesLadylove21. werewolf girl one
LornesLadyloveNOT 21...
impalergeF, H and T
LornesLadylovethe faith one I meant
LornesLadylove21. Cordy
LornesLadyloveBONUS: 203
LornesLadyloveaww, show's over
FiatLuxHey that's over half, not bad
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
impalergewell, until next time../
*** Signoff: impalerge ((null))
LornesLadyloveSee y'all,,
FiatLuxI'm going too. Bye all
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*** Signoff: LornesLadylove ((null))
MattHCYA All next week
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
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