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MattHHiya Tara
*** Elais ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya CM
Tara_maclayIts behind the scenes
Elaisdidn't even bother with the winamp...went strait to WMP
MattHHeh - same here. Changed my buffering too - hoping to get rid of some of the lag
MattHAhh - the joys of working in a theme park.
Elaishow do you change the buffering?
MattHRight click on the player - select options and click on the performance tab
MattHNever even heard of that poster.
Elaisclick the 'Buffer' radio button
Elaismissed the name of the poster
MattHBuffy Library poster encouraging kids to read
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Tara_maclayOk, how do you save it to make it a MP3
Elaishmmm, he wants me to watch his webcam
ElaisI don't think so
MattHSame here
MattHWMP doesn't have capturing abilities, although there are some add-ons that can be purchased.
Elaisi think there is another listener that makes mp3s of the show available after it airs
MattHJoel Hume
MattHI used to record it, but he does much better recordings
Elaisyeah, that's him
Tara_maclayI know. But I think Joel has had somwe trouble with the WMp/MP3 thingy
MattHNormally he uses Winamp, but the Shoutcast stream hasn't been working.
Tara_maclayA show that I had DL twice from 2 weeks ago. kept having popping sounds in it
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Elaiswoo hoo!
Tara_maclayWOO HOO That's us
Elaishi Fiat
MattHHiya FiatLux
FiatLuxHi guys.
*** impalerge (~davidmell@ has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHWelcome impaler
impalergeHad a tough time getting my ISP to work
impalergeI se they're talking about us
ElaisAIM was giving me major headaches earlier tonight
FiatLuxHi Kitty!
* MattH Grumbles, "It doesn't have to be mIRC"
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impalergea Wolfram and Hart get together? A successor to the BP?
impalergeor PBP
MattHHiya Joelseph
Joelsephhi guys
FiatLuxWell maybe people who have a different chat program will know, Matt
FiatLuxHi Joelseph
Elaissuccessor, I believe
impalergewell, whether I can go depends on a few things
*** Signoff: impalerge (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
ElaisI don't think anyone from the PBP committee is involved in organizing the Annual Revue
FiatLuxI'd love to see the coffee commercials. All my friends had crushes too.
Joelsephits not tasters choice here
FiatLuxAre you in the UK?
Joelsephits "nescafe gold blend"
Tara_maclayonly if ASH advertises it again
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Joelsephi saw ASH in a new show on TV today
FiatLuxI remember thinking the accent was all sexy and "exotic" hehe
MattHI liked Lineage, but didn't like the ending. It should have been really his father for it to be truly dramatic
Joelsephhe had a small part as this slimy business guy
Joelsephthey cant have him really kill his own father
Joelsephthat would be pushing the character too far
FiatLuxBut Wes thought it was his father at least for a bit.
Joelsephhard to bring him back from that
FiatLuxSo he did go through the emotions
Joelsephanyone seen tonights angel yet?
Elaisit would have been more dramatic, but having his real father still alive ups the angst
rtasmioseen it
Joelsephi liked it
Joelsephgood fight
Joelsephnice flashbacks
Joelsephsuprise ending
FiatLuxIt's on right now here.
ElaisI haven't seen it, but I'm totally spoiled
MattHStill, after the Gwendolyn Post thing I would think you would always call and check when unexpected visitors from the Watcher's Council show up
Elaisthe ending is very surprising
Elaisand bodes well for the future
Joelsephim spoiler free and it really suprised me
MattHI have my doubt about the veracity of some of the spoilers lately...they just don't feel right
Elaisit is a heckuva cliffhanger
Joelsephthe only one i know is the Charisma one
Joelsephbut thats impossible to avoid
rtasmiomost of the spoilers going around is as true as they ussually are
rtasmiosame sources
FiatLuxYeah that spoiler is pretty out there. Like Spike joining the cast this year
ElaisI think the spoilers this year are unusually accurate
MattHTensai is generally pretty good.
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Joelsephi stopped looking at spoilers in season 6 cause i felt like they made every twist fall flat
Joelsephim glad i did
Elaisthat is one drawback to spoilers, Joel
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LornesLadyloveHallo luvs!
ElaisTriple L!
Joelsephhi LLL
LornesLadylove*Takes a bow*
LornesLadyloveI'd-a been here sooner, but my bf had to make a phone call
Tara_maclayEvikl Inititive Bots
MattHExcuses, excuses
LornesLadyloveso, I'm seeing three new names, and missing at least one
MattHI didn't care much for the cyborgs myself
LornesLadyloveI wasn't a cyborg fan either
MattHImpaler is having ISP problems
Joelsephit is kindof a twist on the usual demons-of-the-week
MattHThe Chat Room had a mention at the top of the show.
Elaisthey were okay for one ep, I'm not sure I want to see more of them though
LornesLadyloveI like the thing where Wes killed his dad, though (but really didn't)...really interesting
Joelsephi get a feeling they will be connected to the main story arc
ElaisWesley torturing that one ninjabot was cool
MattHUnfortunately, they didn't appear to be a one-shot type thing.
*** impalerge (~davidmell@ has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
LornesLadyloveyeah it was
LornesLadylovewell, hello Imp, dahling!
MattHWelcome back, Impaler
impalergesorry. My ISP betrayd me again
ElaisUPN impaler
LornesLadylovewhat ISP are u using?
impalergeor betrayed
impalergeaccessbee, a Sacramento Bee company. Usually it works fine
Joelsephbroadband or narrow
LornesLadyloveah...I'm on Earthlink...everytime the company gets bought out, my service gets better
LornesLadyloveNetcom had lots of disconnects...MindSpring was better, still with, Earthlink gets hardly any
Joelsephthis song is atmospheric
FiatLuxMine is called Surfbest but it has the same local numbers as Earthlink
LornesLadyloveI want broadband :/
LornesLadyloveEarthlink might own it...they own LOTS of other isp names
Joelsephis winamp working?
LornesLadylovedidn't know if I was gonna make it tonight...thunderstorms were predicted, but all we had so far was rain
FiatLuxI'm using Windows MP
Elaishaven't tried it Joel
LornesLadylovei'm using WMP
Joelsephyes it is a pain
MattHI didn't even try Winamp this time
Joelsephat least they love me
impalergeI'm sticking with WM because RealPlayer isn't picking up the Winamp feed for some reason
FiatLuxBut they shouldn't LOVE you.
impalergeElias, do you know who is organizing the "Wolfram and Hart" get together?
ElaisAllyson and Maya formed their own
Elaisthey are the ones organizing the W&H Annual Review
LornesLadyloveis that a con?
impalergeIt's like the PBP
Joelsephlike the PBP?
LornesLadyloveoh, I so wanted to go to a PBP, but they're in cali and they stopped the pbp :(
Elaisit is similar to the PBP
impalergeIf anyone can get a ticket to the review, color me there. If there is a waiting list...well,...
MattHPBP = Posting Board Party
*** Signoff: Tara_maclay ((null))
LornesLadyloveI signed up for the site, but I don't know if I'd actually get to go to any meetings, because it's farther away than I'd like
Elaisthey are doing things a bit differently this year
impalergeOK, I just hope they'll take my money for the event
LornesLadyloveI'll take your money
impalergeor at least let me take a peek
impalergeYou will, LLL?
Elaisthey have 325 slots available, but if they get more than 325 people signing up, they will do a lottery
LornesLadyloveI'll take anybody's money, if it's valid
MattHI like Eve...
Elaistix are $104
Joelsephi figured out something about eve tonight
impalergeOh, if there's 325, we can pray for a webcast
Joelsephshe looks like Haley Joel Osmond
Joelsepha hot Haley Joel Osmond
MattHExcept cute
impalergedoes this mean Eve can see dead people?
Elaisin the lottery, they will randomly shuffle the people who have signed up
Elaisthe first 325 people get in
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
ElaisI think the registration lasts about a week
MattHWB Amy
LornesLadylovehey, amy!
Joelsephhi AM
Amy_Madisonhi again
Elaisit is not really a 'first come/first serve' like the PBP was last year
Amy_MadisonWPM and winAmp both failed on me
Joelsephim recording OK so the MP3 should be fine
Joelseph*fingers crossed*
MattHFor which we all thank you
Amy_Madisonwho's got the new Buffy mag
ElaisI flipped through it, but didn't buy it
LornesLadyloveI only got the Angel one
FiatLuxYep, the MP3 has helped me much
Amy_MadisonNice Willowy episode
Joelsephno prob
ElaisI'll probably just be buying the Angel mag
Elaisyeah, Joel, the mp3s really help out
Amy_Madisonthe next Angel Mag is Dec 23 and its spike filled
Joelsephhe is the new thing on the block
Elaisit sucks that the US is getting the Angel mag so late
ElaisI think the UK people are several issues ahead of us
MattHI never read the mags anyway
ElaisI buy the SFX mags
MattHI prefer Angel to Spike...
impalergeElias, I "e"'d you about the W ad H thing
Elaisok, impaler
FiatLuxI'd pick up a magazine every once in a while if I was in a bookstore
LornesLadyloveCandy sounds like my friend Jen
MattHHis family is now a jacket
Joelsephthe internet seems to make magazines redundant now
LornesLadyloveI like Angel better, too, but I love SPike
LornesLadyloveYeah, but I prefer to read magazines than to read anything online
Elaisthe SFX mag is packed full of stuff and it is much easier to read than a website
impalergenot quite. You have to pay a subscription to get ito certain websites, and I don't mean just the nude ones. Salon and EW are two examples
LornesLadyloveHey, does anyone have Cult TV #97?
Elaisthe one good thing about the net though, is that people will quite often do scans of the magazine
MattHI was never interested in either of those sites - I read very little dead tree material anymore
impalergeW and H does't believe in Thanksgiving until after the Apocalypse takes place...and they're the Last Ones Standing
LornesLadyloveI saw a post from about stuff Andy Hallett said in the zine, but they only had #98 when I got to the store...I just wondered if there was more
Amy_Madisonyeah, couse theres one that I want a scan of
MattHPangs was great
Joelsephi loved the conversation where willow is going on about the indians rights
Joelsephand spike just shoots her down
MattHSpike was great in that episode.
Joelsephthat was my favorite season for Spike
MattHFavorite line - "Spike has a had a trip to the vet and doesn't chase the other puppies anymore"
FiatLuxI like the scene where everyone is arguing and Buffy is mixing stuff. She jumps up and yells, "this is wrong. It needs more milk"
LornesLadyloveis anyone going to donate for that 100th episode Thank You ad for Angel?
MattHI wasn't planning on it - I'm broke.
LornesLadyloveI am too, but if I do, it'll be in January
Elaisanother ad?
Joelsephwhat will that be in
Elaisvariety and/or hollywood reporter
LornesLadylovesome ppl are putting an ad in the Hollywood Reporter to Thank the ppl of Angel for giving us the show
LornesLadylovethey want $15 from each person, but any donation amount is accepted has some info...I forgot the URL for the main page
MattHI have only so-so feelings about the show...Buffy was the show I loved.
LornesLadylovewell, I loved Principal Snyder on Buffy, and they killed him off
Joelsephi like it alot
LornesLadyloveNow I love Lorne, and if they *dare*...oooh, I'll be sooooo mad!!!
Joelsephbut i dont empathise with the characters like on Buffy
Amy_MadisonFlutie All the Way
LornesLadyloveSnyder was just misunderstood
*** Signoff: rtasmio ((null))
LornesLadylovehe had a rough childhood
LornesLadyloveis quitting IRC like quitting drugs?
MattHWhy would anyone want to uinderstand a troll like Snyder?
LornesLadylovewell, u c...I was a Quark fan on DS9...then Armin moved to Buffy...I felt bad...he was teased as a kid...and so was I
LornesLadyloveHe just needed TLC
MattH"you used to scratch all the time" - I hope that makes the quote list.
Joelsephhe was great in Band Candy
LornesLadyloveLoved Band Candy!
Joelsephthat was too funny
MattHI liked Quark, but generally dislike DS9
JoelsephDS9 was great!
LornesLadyloveI loved ds9
ElaisQuark and Odo!
MattHI knew after the first episode with Snyder that he would be eaten as well.
Elaismy fav characters on DS9
Joelsephthe last good ST show
LornesLadylovewhat a great pair
MattHDidn't like Odo.
Elaishe's like Spock
LornesLadyloveyeah, Armin wanted to go out like Flutie
MattHST:TOS was my favorite show growing up.
JoelsephOdo was so so
MattHAll other Star Treks pale in comparison
LornesLadylovehe was hilarious
LornesLadylovewith Quark
JoelsephTOS was funny
LornesLadyloveI like Porthos on Enterprise
JoelsephKirk used to defeat super-powerful beings all the time by hitting them on the back with two hands
LornesLadyloveand i like Archer's butt
LornesLadyloveOh, and T'Pol is TOTALLY HOT!!!
MattHSpock was my hero growing up
LornesLadylovewho's Drew Goddard?
MattHI spent hours in front of a mirror learning to raise one eyebrow above another.
Joelsephi cant do that
FiatLuxHe's a writer on Angel, he was a new writer on Buffy last year.
LornesLadyloveI can only do that with my left eyebrow
Joelsephlike some people cant roll their tounge
LornesLadyloveI've tried and tried with my right one, but it isn't happening
LornesLadyloveOh, thanks
LornesLadyloveI can roll my tongue
MattHAfter many years of practice, I can do both.
LornesLadyloveAnd I can roll a cinnamon ;)
LornesLadyloveKnox sucks
MattHI like Knox...liked him better as a vampire though.
LornesLadyloveYou go, Kitty!
Joelsephwe havent seem alot of him though
LornesLadylovewe've seen enough
Joelsephsee candy agrees
FiatLuxI'm indifferent too. Haven't really seen enough
LornesLadylovehe's eeeeevil
MattHWow ... I am finally in agreement with Kitty about a character
LornesLadyloveand not cool evil like Spike was
Joelsephwe havent really seen them go into his character though
Joelsephhe just turns up and explains a device or something
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
LornesLadylovehe reminisced about a sacrifice...that's eeeevil
Elaisknox is definitely eeevil
MattHOr Old Testament Jewish
impalergeJack Black as King of the Frat Trolls
LornesLadyloveMatt, you know what?
Joelsephfaith might be got but TRU is definitely cold
MattHI used to, but What won't return my calls anymore
LornesLadyloveI'm going to marry you!
LornesLadyloveYour sense of humor turns me on
impalergenot yet. Her show is good for at least tomorrow, and up to Christmas
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornesLadyloveI still haven't seen any eps of Tru Calling...just taped over the 1st ep, the only one I had
MattHUmmm...don't you have a boyfriend
LornesLadyloveyeah, what's that got to do with anything?
Joelsephkinda quantum leap starring faith lite and her irritating family
impalergeTru is a formula show, but man, does she carry it well. the rest of the damily doesn't excet for the guy who heas the morgue. He's got a show in him
MattHBeing half-asleep does improve the quality of Angel watching.
impalergeor damn family (damn+family=damily)
Amy_Madisonbut +5 bonus point for using Kitty signature phrase
impalergeor animal sacrifice with pie...and football
impalergeGiles, really, that's him
JoelsephASH is talented
impalergestill, he needs more southern twang
ElaisEliza looks good in Tru, but I havent' be able to get into the show
MattHI would like to hear him do a full version of this song.
LornesLadyloveASH giggles a lot...he's so cute
impalergeat least he doesn't scream out "Feel Like Makin' Love", like Kid Rock (his big mistake from the AMA's a few das ago).
MattHI can't get into Tru either...sad.
Joelsephhave you heard his real accent
Elaisnot really
Joelsephhe sounds more like Spike
LornesLadyloveYou want to get into Tru? You cheating on me???
Joelsephthan Giles
impalergeYou mean JM? Sure. I have a link where he gives a brief PSA about giving blood to the Red Cross
Joelsephno James sounds nothing like Spike
LornesLadyloveI'm hyped on four hours of sleep and aspartame
MattHI was wondering if you'd pick up on that.
FiatLuxThat's funny having Spike doing a Red Cross PSA
MattHExcuses, excuses
JoelsephASH has a cockney accent IRL
ElaisI know Tony has a different accent than Giles, but I don't really remember what Tony actually sounds like
impalergeI didnt notice that real accent when he was on MI-5
Joelsephhe sounds like Spike (the character spike)
LornesLadylovehey, they mentioned us
Joelsephbut the accent is quite as exagerated
impalergeoh yeah?
LornesLadylovethey said something about the chat room a couple of times, like a hey
impalergeyeah, come down here
impalergeI was talking to K and C, by the way
MattHI'm not feeling very loved by Kitty right now
Amy_MadisonI called it
Amy_Madisonhere we go
Amy_Madisonme on the phone
MattHWhy don't we get Producer Ethan in here?
Joelsephshe loves us for real
*** NJP ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
Amy_Madisonsorry, had to do that
Joelsephhigh praise
FiatLuxWow, we are cool!
impalergeHello, NJP
LornesLadylovehi NJP
MattHHiya NJP
NJPHey guys!
LornesLadylovewe got press!
impalergeyeah, we're the Holy Pie
*** hanna_gamgee ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
NJPTonite's Angel........wowowowowowowowowowowwowowowow
impalergehey, I'm press..kinda...because of my website
LornesLadylovemore new ppl!
LornesLadylovehi hanna!!!
Amy_Madisonit's more the the Holy handgramade
MattHHiya Hanna
LornesLadyloveMy site has mentioned SC
Joelsephyeah tonites angel - best of the season
hanna_gamgeeAwesome show.
NJPthat ending
impalergemmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Hershey's
LornesLadyloveno spoilers!
NJPsumbudy's been woooorking out......
impalergeyeah, it's 7 Pm in the west coast
Joelsephyeah where Snyder comes back - awesome
MattHToo late, I am totally spoiled
NJPno spoilers
NJPtwo words
LornesLadylove:P Joel
NJPkiller continuity
* MattH reeks like a week-old haddock
impalergewell, hat could mean who visited tonight
* LornesLadylove moves away from Matt
impalergebt could it be the first Buffy import since Spike?
Amy_Madisonsure they don't pay us
impalergeand that's just a rhetorical question
NJPyeah Andrew
Elaishi NJP!
NJPhey Elais
hanna_gamgeeAndrew eek
Elaisboy that opening scene of Angel couldn't be any slashier
Joelsepharrggghhh spoilers my ears they burn!!!
NJPshhhhhhlassssh bad
LornesLadyloveNO SPOILERS!!!
NJPand the fanfic typers are working overtime
LornesLadyloveI taped the ep
impalergewaaaaaaiiiiiiittttttttttt, how did what they just said possible? And what about another certain lawyer?
NJPc'mon we know that blondie bear and the big fluffy puppy have had the ***hots*** for each other for centuries
impalergewell, just more than a century
impalergevolunteers, eh? I'll get my axe!
impalergeseriously, if I lived in LA, I'd go for that, schedule pending
Joelsephunfortunately im a little out of the neightbourhood
impalergeslightly, yes
LornesLadylovewhat? It's volunteers for the Angel party? Well, damn, I'm nowhere near LA
*** hanna_gamgee is now known as Angelslassy
NJP"Take a nooner!" Priceless
NJPimpalerge.....misdirection? fake spoiler? prayhap
impalergewell, I'll know for sure at 10 PM
LornesLadyloveit's 10:12 pm right now
impalergePacific time, that is
Angelslassy10:12 here too
LornesLadylovei know what u meant...i was just being a smartass
LornesLadylovewhere u at, Angelslassy?
LornesLadyloveI'm in NJ
AngelslassyIm in VA.
NJPwhere in NJ? LLL?
LornesLadylovehey, neighbor!
LornesLadyloveSouth Jersey
impalergeVA? close to DC?
Angelslassysort of
Angelslassyyea near dc
NJPI used to live in Hopewell
LornesLadyloveno way!
LornesLadyloveI used to live in Bridgeton, then Millville
NJPActually East Amwell
LornesLadyloveBorn in Bridgeton :)
MattHKitty is being mean to Candy again...
MattHI love this show. ;-)
LornesLadyloveI'm in Vineland now, moved a few months ago from Absecon
JoelsephKitty would never be mean
LornesLadyloveKitties are for petting
NJPIm all the way out in Oh-Hi-Oh (GO BUCKS!)
Joelsephoh wait
LornesLadyloveI got family in Ohio
impalergeyou mean Buck-eyes
LornesLadyloveand more in Kentucky
NJPLovely state, Kentucky
NJPSo green
LornesLadyloveno it's not's blue! Blue grass :)
NJPHorses and Bourbon
LornesLadyloveI was just in KY in July, visiting my sister and her family
impalergename that tune!
FiatLuxI'm just in KY now
LornesLadyloveI'll name it "Hal"
NJPWatching that first intro (to WOTH) gave me far we've come
Joelsephlike an old musical friend
LornesLadyloveMy sister lives in Ashland
LornesLadyloveno, KY
LornesLadylovei have an uncle and family in Ironton, OH
LornesLadylove*Hands out vanilla meringue cookies*
NJPfirst ep funnies....Giles touseled hair
FiatLuxI didn't watch the first season either. I still regret that
NJPBuffy's pusj up bra
NJPpush up bra
Elais*eats vanilla meringue cookie*
Joelsephi never started watching still mid season 4
Elaisthansk LLL!
impalergeoh, yes, when she had to compete with 90210's cleavage
FiatLuxThere was no way I was going to watch a show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Joelsephi missed so much
MattHI watched the first epsidoe - I was hooked the moment Darla vamped out.
LornesLadylovethey're no fat, and only 20 calories a cookie
NJPtasty. I love vanilla
Amy_MadisonBuffy's Cheerleading Outfit
FiatLuxPlus I saw the movie and didn't think it was all that great
LornesLadylovethey taste like Lucky Charms marshmallows, but not chewy
impalergewhat changed your mind, FiatLux
AngelslassyI saw the movie recently it was odd.
impalergeAngel, maybe?
MattHFor me it was "Love at first bite".
LornesLadyloveyeah, I was gonna pass on the series too for the same reason...I started watching because Armin joined the cast
FiatLuxI moved into a little apartment and the only TV station I could get was WB
LornesLadyloveoh, I LOVED that movie...George Hamilton was a sexy Dracula!
FiatLuxSo I watched and got so hooked
impalergeI lived in a town where no one could get the WB
NJPthe weird Willow
MattHHe was good.
Joelsephoh yeah anyone seen the original pilot with the other willow
impalergeI have it at home
Joelsephso strange
LornesLadyloveno, i don't think so
FiatLuxI think I started watching during summer reruns after season 2
MattHThe other pilot wasn't nearly as good
MattHAlyson is a much better Willow
NJPThey went another way with the "uncool" Willow
AngelslassyI started watching rather late.
impalergewell, when you're making a pilot for 50 bucks, you have to cut out stuff like special effects
Joelsephi have a special affinity for alyson hannigan
Amy_MadisonI wasnt to get a copy of that
NJPAnd absolute chemistry with SMG
LornesLadyloveeveryone loves willow
LornesLadyloveAly is so pretty
MattHFX are worse in the pilot too
NJPWhen she stabs one of the vamps with the pool cue--he *thumps*
Amy_Madisonstill wasnt a copy
MattHSMG was really gorgeous 1st season. Not too skinny
impalergethe meek will eventually kick ass
NJPSlayer Baby Fat
LornesLadyloveyeah, my bf says SMG looks "gaunt" now
JoelsephBuffy was more sassy back then
impalergeyeah, early Buffy looked more plump and healthy
MattHBuffy hadn't died twice back then.
FiatLuxThe slaying has really weighed on her in the past seasons
NJPAnd the hair just changed almost in every scene
Amy_MadisonPre Scooby Doo
LornesLadyloveHollywood screws up women
Joelsephshe changed so much
Angelslassyseems too
MattHBeing killed tends to knock the "sassy" out of most people
Joelsephyou obviously havent seen spike this year...
Angelslassywell spike is a exception
MattHSpike is not sassy, he is snarky - there is a difference.
impalergeBack then, Giles tried to be a boss, and not try to understand Buffy. That's why he's still alive, and the poncy sods aren't
NJP"Too British?" Hee
impalergefrom too British to too American, who knew
LornesLadyloveThere are college courses on Buffy and Angel now
AngelslassyThere are?
LornesLadyloveyeah...a teacher in another chat room I was in recently had to do a lecture on Angel1
LornesLadyloveJust like there are classes on Star Trek
FiatLuxThe writing really snagged me. I loved the smart comedy and characters
LornesLadyloveI loved the comedy and the other stuff
Joelsephbuffy is all about the writing
NJPStar Trek is studied as a cultural artifact; Buffy is studied as a literature
LornesLadyloveand the slaying!
MattHThe delivery was great , plus the foreshadowing - "maybe you can blow something up"
FiatLuxAfter I got into the show I was going around quoting the show all the time
FiatLuxNo one else I know watched and they had no idea what I was talking about.
NJPHey kids, after season two there was more than "one girl"
Joelsephpeople are like that with me now
MattHYeah - 3 vamps in one night used to be a big deal. By season 5, she was doing 1/2 a dozen vamps in as many seconds.
Joelsephi buffyise something and they look at me like im crazy
FiatLuxAnd trying to explain the show to someone. They just stare and sometimes back away slowly.
Joelsephright there with you
impalergeI hope you grabbed them and showed Buffy to they could understand
MattHI've tried to convert people...they just don't get the majesty that is Buffy ...
Joelsephyou say "but the characterisation is so good!" and they just go yeah....right...
impalergeEmmy voters, huh?
MattHI liked season 1 to 3 Cordy
NJPif you had to convert someone with ONE ep....which one?
FiatLuxI did get one guy to start watching. And my Dad even watches every once in awhile
impalergeI think I snagged one guy...and he was sending episodes to me from Canada
LornesLadylovea lot of ppl won't give the series a chance because they didn't like the movie, and no matter how much you explain that the movie and the series are different, it doesn't matter
MattHOne guy I know liked the movie better....
Joelsephwell some people are crazy
impalergebecause Ben Afeck was in it?
MattHI hid the body real well. ;-)
NJPbut he had the hots for Swanson?
AngelslassyI wish I had watched it fromn the beginning.
impalergeoh, NJP, that was a better reason
Joelsephthe master was good
LornesLadylovei didn't start watching it till later in the 1st season
NJPHey, the movie had an oscar winning actress in it
FiatLuxHillary Swank?
MattHI saw the move after I was hooked on the show.
impalergeThe master was great, kind of like a Power Ranger villian only with better writing
NJPLuke Perry was good as (S)Pike
Joelseph"what do you think 5.1?"
Joelsephafter the earthquake
MattHHe had a really evil sense of humor
FiatLuxI was a senior in high school and the movie we wanted to see was sold out so we went to Buffy
Joelseph"ah the feeble banter part of the fight"
FiatLux"You've got something in your eye."
MattH"Something in your eye"
Joelsephsome great lines
NJP"you're strong. I'm stronger"
LornesLadylovei saw him at a con
MattH"You have fruit pucnch mouth" "Wha?"
Elaisreally, LLL?
Joelsephwas he hulking
FiatLuxI like Buffy faking Luke out at the Bronze.
Elaisdidja get his autograph
LornesLadyloveI've also met Andy Hallett, who's my #1 guy
LornesLadyloveI only got Andy's...couldn't afford the others
LornesLadyloveit was at CreepCon
impalergeI have as well
NJPAndy is really a nice guy
Elaisyeah, the cost of autographs at cons suck
Joelsephyou have to pay for autographs?
LornesLadyloveAndy is funny, sexy, hot, adorable, sweet, a total babe, and he has soft hands
Elaisand very nice to look at
NJPNot as much as the jokers who buy those extra autographs and get 10000 things signed and hold up the line
LornesLadyloveat some cons, you have to pay for autographs
LornesLadyloveat others, it's included with your registration fee
impalergeBuffyFest does that, that's why it's better
MattHLLL - tell us what you *really* think.
LornesLadyloveand sometimes it's both...some actors/celebs will sign for extra
LornesLadyloveOk Matt
NJPSome of the lesser stars make a decent income getting paid for autographs
NJPClem and Inari Lymon did real well at the Cleveland con
LornesLadyloveyeah, but I can't afford $25 for a bunch of autographs
LornesLadyloveI was at Cleveland Vulkon
NJPMe too
LornesLadyloveI wanted to hang with friends, but only saw some for a bit
JoelsephHey Iyari can you sign this "To Joel, sorry for Kennedy"
LornesLadyloveAre you going to be at Moonlight Rising?
MattHJesse was never mentioned later in all seven seasons.
NJPIll check it out
LornesLadyloveAndy, James Leary, and the Troika will be there
impalergethat is in NY, right?
NJPEric Balfour has had a great career since Buffy
LornesLadyloveMore importantly, *I'll* be there!
Joelsephwhats he in now?
LornesLadyloveNo, it's in Bushkill, PA, unless they change the venue
Joelsephi saw him the other day
JoelsephEric Balfour that is
MattHTrue - but I think Jesse merits a least a mention from Xander or Willow
FiatLuxYeah weren't they supposed to have been friends for a long time?
LornesLadyloveThe website still says June 18-20 in the title bar, but the correct date is as it says on the page, June 4-6
NJPYeah but they knew a lot of vamps who were friends or acquaintences....
NJPThey never mentioned Larry (and Xander had better reason to remember him)
LornesLadyloveoh yeah, and Iyari Limon and Common Rotation will be there
MattHThe first I saw the Witch, I had this total feeling of deja vu as the story was direct lift from Mercedes Lackey's "Jinx High"
NJPSpeaking of Xander getting together with old friends......
NJPFunniest moment of S4.....the slap-fight with Harmony
NJP"Harmony has minions?"
Joelsephoh yeah with the dramatic music
LornesLadyloveBuffy was in hysterics
impalergeand Ruffles have ridges
NJPMercedes was in top form tonight
NJPnuf said
NJPBushill in June....might make that
impalergeit's near Philly, right?
LornesLadyloveLook for Andy...I'll be the one floating all around him with hearts in place of my eyes
LornesLadyloveWatch out for my drool pools
impalergeyou mean the drool river
Amy_MadisonKItty Torture
LornesLadyloveI don't exactly know where it is...I mean, it's a ways from Philly, near the Poconos
Joelsephmore character
MattHNo beach
NJPIt's on the Jersey border about 50-60 miles north of the Water Gap
NJPhi right back atcha
MattHI knew that quote...
Joelsephkittys getting into the groove now
NJPSpank her inner
Amy_Madisonaspank Kitty
LornesLadyloveDarla is married to the guy who does the voice for the Cryptkeeper, u know
Joelsephdrop the collins tude
NJPspank her inner moppet
impalergeoh yeah
Elaisreally. LLL?
ElaisI did not know that
NJPJohn K....
Elaisbut, cool
LornesLadylovereally and truly...i saw their house on a show about stars' houses on TLC or Discovery or whatever channel
NJPHe played an eastern eurpoean place kicker on "First and Ten"
LornesLadyloveThey have crosses around their house, too
MattHYeah - but that doesn't explain the restraining order.
Amy_Madisonstudy '
LornesLadylove11. the Scoobies :)
JoelsephDJ Candy
NJPJohn Kassir
LornesLadylove12. chocolate
LornesLadyloveyeah that's him
Amy_Madisonhas a life
LornesLadylove13. she's the prom queen
NJPOther odd couple: Madeline Stowe and Brian Benben
LornesLadylove15. Sour puss
LornesLadylovethat's just a silly guess
NJPum um
LornesLadylove18. expelled
NJPjust like "deliver"
LornesLadylove19. credit cards
LornesLadylovesomething about credit carsd
Joelsephshell be nice but not at that time of the month
LornesLadyloveI knew that was wrong
LornesLadylove20. xander
Joelsephthat was a tricky one though
LornesLadyloveI got them all right after I heard the answers
NJPOh, we LURVE you kitty....but KT is FUN
LornesLadylovewhat, no weekly chats after the 17th till Jan?
MattHKitty Torture is my favorite part of the show...
impalergewhoa, the SC is famous!
LornesLadyloveBut I have no life!!!
AngelslassyWhy not?
LornesLadyloveThis *is* my life!!!
FiatLuxIs Angel on next week?
MattHWe do care about Kitty
LornesLadylovei don't think so
AngelslassyIts not?
LornesLadyloveShe should have her baby on webcam and let us watch
Joelsephmy thursday mornings are empty without my SC
impalergeno, Josie and the Pussycats will be on next week...and no, I don't know what we ever did to deserve it
LornesLadylovewe should meet here anyway
FiatLuxEww, I don't wanna see that LLL
LornesLadyloveScrew Josie and the Pussycats
Amy_Madisonhave the devibrery on webcam
LornesLadyloveThat movie is like being on drugs
AngelslassyThat suxs
impalergeno, only Tara Reid
Joelsephdepends on the drug
LornesLadyloveI liked Tara, yes
LornesLadyloveI didn't see the whole movie, but it's a weird movie
impalergethe movie a a 100-minute product placement attempt, even if that was the joke
LornesLadyloveoh I know what she'stalking about
NJPWell. Maybe two out of three......
MattH"If the Apocalyose comes, beep me!"
NJPLet no man go where Carson Daly has been before......
LornesLadyloveI have to pee
impalergedoes that include Jennifer Love Hewitt
FiatLuxI think a lot of men have gone where he's been
NJPThank you for sharing!
LornesLadyloveYou're welcome...wanna know about my last period?
NJPUpper Cretaceous?
LornesLadyloveI'm so damned cute
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
Elaisbefore I forget, impaler
LornesLadyloveshe didn't say goodbye...AGAIN!!!!
NJPWell, beddy bye long all
Elaisyou have e backatcha
LornesLadylovebye NJP
*** Signoff: NJP ((null))
LornesLadylovethat site
impalergeWell, gotta prepare...
*** Signoff: impalerge ((null))
FiatLuxI'm gone too.
LornesLadyloveBye! Happy Thanksgiving!
Joelsephsee you guys
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
Elaisgood night all!
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