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for November 26, 2003

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MattHHi Amy
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Joelsephhi all
MattHHeya Joel
Joelsephis anyone else equiped to record the show?
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Joelsephmy net connection is a little squirly tonight
MattHOnly if the winamp stream is working
Joelsephi can only get WMP
Joelsephi have it working now
Joelsephbut im paranoid
MattHAll I have is StreamRipper
Joelsephi think ill be okay
Joelsephis angel on tonight?
MattHNope. Josie & The Pussycats is on from 8-10
Joelsephim in UK, its 2am here...
Amy_Madisonhopefull they'll come in soon
Joelsephis smallville on tonight in US?
*** impalerge (~davidmell@ has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
Joelsephim kinda like that show
MattHNope - that is the 1st half of Josie & The Pussycats
Amy_Madisonnot sure
MattHHiya Impaler
impalergeHi guys!
Amy_MadisonI wonder when Candy's gonna open the new store
Joelsephi want a shirt that says
impalergecan you imagine Auntie Kitty and Candy's homemade pies
Joelseph"on a scale of 1 to 10, it doesnt suck"
Amy_Madisonas long as I can get a flayling monkeypen tshirt
Amy_Madisonor a 'Kitty 2: The search for Pie"
Amy_Madisonor a 'I made the Chatroom cry' bumper sticker
Amy_MadisonI'm protesting this show T-shirt
impalergeor a "buy this t-shirt...bitch...OK?" T-shirt
Amy_Madisona tshirt with the disclamer on it
Amy_Madisonand a pic of alll 3 or them
impalergebaseball caps with Kitty ears
MattHYay - the're on!
Amy_Madisontoo muck like the Josie ears
Amy_Madisona Kitty barbie doll
impalergeyeah, what was I thinking...unless the ears make us go to our computers and tune in
Joelseph2 minutes till they mentioned pie
Amy_Madisonmy episode
Joelsephwhatever happened to amy, id like to see her again in angel
MattHI liked "The Witch"
Amy_Madisonas did I
impalergeif she got out of town before the Sinkhole from Hell, it's possible
MattHI could tell
Joelsephshe kicked kennedy's ass, shes okay by me
MattHThat was an excellent fight scene.
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MattHThe flashbacks kinda sucked
Amy_Madisonthe cup of perpetual Mountain Dew
Joelsephhi LLL
LornesLadylovehi all
impalergeI would have loved to see Angel and Spike fight over Dru...then see them fight over the show
LornesLadyloveIf you guys love me, make sure I check the tv in about 25 minutes...I have to manually tape Enterprise for my bf, and it doesn't have an exact starting time because of basketball
Joelsephthey did make up for it by beating the crap out of each other though
LornesLadyloveDru's the only one of that posse who hasn't gone at least semi-good
impalergeI'd like to see Dru being "forced" into doing something decent
MattHShe is too insance to go good
LornesLadylovelet's hear it for insane vampire chicks!!
Amy_Madisonthank you
impalergewell, do Mohra demons restore sanity as well as pulses?
MattHProbably not
impalergeah, but what if they did?
MattHDru was driven insane before she was turned
Joelsephwasnt she insane before she was a vamp?
LornesLadyloveDru went insane because of the visions partially, then because of Angel and Darla being vampiric in front of her
MattHAngel drove her insane, then he turned her.
LornesLadyloveTheir evil ways, sexing it up, blah blah
impalergethe visions scared her, not drove her nuts
LornesLadylovewell, yeah, but they helped by making her unstable...
LornesLadyloveshe thought they were given her by the devil
MattHTorturing and killing her family one by one, etc.
Joelsephangel killing everyone she knew drobe her nuts if i remember
LornesLadyloveSo, Angelus has a talent in creating insanity
LornesLadyloveseems to me that would be a good trait for a vampire
LornesLadylovebieng evil and all
impalergewhich is why it finnally became his turn to be driven nuts, thanks to the Gypsies
Amy_MadisonFaith and EVE
LornesLadylovethe Gypsies didn't turn him insane...they just brought back Liam's soul
impalergePlease, don't join them together
MattHI could go for Faith & Eve....or Gwen
LornesLadyloveEvil is annoying
impalergebut th eguilt drove him nuts...but more guilty than nuts
LornesLadyloveright...but Angelus wasn't driven insane, Angel/Liam was
Amy_Madisonbut its good for bussiness
impalergeI'd like Gwen to roast Eve, since we know what she really wants to do
LornesLadylovewell not insane, but u know
Amy_Madisonevil that is
LornesLadyloveAngelus is as evil and un-guilty as ever...his problem is that he's stuck inside Angel's body, unable to do anything
Joelsepheve is toatally gonna die this season, now shes a baddie
LornesLadyloveplease! please let her die
impalergeif only she can be eaten by a snake
MattHI like Eve, but I would really enjoy watching her die...
LornesLadyloveAlthough seeing the LIndsey-lookalike at the end was nice
Joelsephis it not the real lindsey
impalergeor be devoured by a banana slug, the mascot of the college she "attended"
LornesLadyloveI know
impalergeMaybe it's some evil guy who possessed Lindsay
LornesLadyloveBut I avoided spoilers, and it hasn't been revealed yet
LornesLadylovedon't tell me if u know
impalergeI don't. It's a guess
LornesLadyloveI mean, it's not revealed that that isn't lindsey...but I'd heard a peep and knew that already...didn't know he'd be in this ep though
MattHI hope it is Lindsey ... the show hasn't been the same since he left
impalergeor his tattoos would be so big
LornesLadyloveI didn't mean u impala...I didn't want Joel to tell if he knew
LornesLadyloveI wanted Spike to be solidified fast, and I guess I couldn't ask for faster
LornesLadylovebut I really meant soon :)
impalergeSpike was a fool for love back then, even when he started to enjoy blood-sucking
Joelsephwho were you rooting for in the fight, spike or Angel?
LornesLadyloveit was funny when his mom wanted to shag him
LornesLadyloveSee, I wasn't--I can't pick between SPike and Angel
impalergeAngel, because otherwise his show would be "Fonzie-ized" by Spike Candy's choice of language
LornesLadyloveAngel's been working longer to become human again, but Spike deserves it just as much
impalergeand when that happens, why are we here?
Amy_MadisonTHAT'S IT!!!! Kitty and Candy shaped PEEPS!!!!!!!
LornesLadyloveI love those things...marshmallow peeps
impalergeI still say if there's a tie, the Shashu should awad duplicate rewards.
LornesLadylovedid anyone try the chocolate bat peeps for Halloween? Yummy!
Joelsephi feel that Angel has gone through more to achieve redemption for im rooting for him
LornesLadyloveI thought both would somehow drink from the cup at the same time
MattHYeah - each can become t he other (as humans)
impalergeif Spike proved he really wanted it, too. It seemed he tried to model himself after Angelus anyway
LornesLadyloveBut still, if both being what they are unbalances reality, who knows if there's the possibility for both to be human
Amy_MadisonAngel gets the Shanshu profecy by helping SPIKE
LornesLadyloveI loved when dru said, "Look what I made"
Joelsephi sympathise with them both though
impalergeor maybe Eve's pimp is responsible for the "unbalance"
LornesLadyloveI say let's kill Eve and see if things can be balanced again :)
LornesLadyloveHow many votes for torture as a method to eventually (slowly) kill Eve?
MattHMaybe there isn't any inbalance.
impalergeonly if HigherRealmCordelia makes it possible
LornesLadyloveCordy, Cordy, we miss you
LornesLadylovethe real you
impalergeCharisma will be on "MissMatch" again in two weeks
LornesLadylovegood...i like Miss Match
MattHI've missed Cordy since Season 1 ;-)
LornesLadyloveeven if I've missed eps because of Boston Public
Amy_Madisonthey find out that the real Cordy has now moved to 'The White Room'
impalergeCC's character on that show is what Cordy would be if she lived in LA all the time
Amy_Madisonno! that's not what going to happen
LornesLadyloveJust let's have her not actually be out of the realm...not only was evil cordy evil, but she wasn't possessed by a demon, she *was* the demon
LornesLadyloveand kill the demon-Cordy who's in a coma :)
impalergeHuh, Amy? I don't know about that, but if it's to balance ot the Big Cat, I'll acept that. Just as long as she makes Eve explodes, or makes her a big banana slug
LornesLadyloveToo bad Gunn didn't finish what he started...if that would actually work
Joelsephis CC on Boston public now?
impalergeWhat I'd like to know is what Wesley will do once he's told about the Cup, and Angel thinking his destiny never existed
LornesLadyloveno, but I watch Boston Public
LornesLadyloveI'm confused about the whole show, but I'll take whatever they give me...I'm whipped
JoelsephAngel is just uncertain but you know he will bounce back
Joelsephhe is the true hero of the show after all
MattHRocky III -analogies....but Gunn is the one who got the "Eye of the Tiger" or panther in this case
JoelsephSpike is the anti-hero who gain redemption
LornesLadyloveI want to think they're not going to Hell, but Joss doesn't do the expected, so he might very well let them end up in Hell if we were to see their lives to the end
MattHSpike isn't really interested in redemption.
Joelsephhe just makes out that he doent care
impalergeMaybe they'll be in Hell, but someone leaves the door open..wide open...
Joelsephhe toatally DOES care
LornesLadyloveWhat *is* an anti-hero exactly...not a bad guy, but not really good, either?
Joelsephhe just wouldnt admit it
impalergeIf Spike is told he can be a hero, but in the style of an SOB, he'll take it
MattHI don't think so...technically, souled Spike isn't guily of unsouled Spikes crimes. Plus, guilt is Angel's schtiik
LornesLadyloveAngel isn't guilty of unsouled Angel's crimes either
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornesLadylovehey, Fiat!
JoelsephSpike doesnt feel guilt but he still wants to be a good guy, to make a difference in the grand scheme
FiatLuxHey guys
MattHTrue, but he seems to think so
impalergewell, what if spike is forced to take care of someone else...or train a Slayer. He'd do it, but pretend to be upset about it
MattHHiya FiatLux
LornesLadyloveWatcher Spike
FiatLuxA watcher scoffs at gravity.
impalergebut only after he gets a pulse
MattHBeing a hero <> seeking redemption
Joelsephexactly souled spike acts all bad-ass, but he is a good guy at heart
LornesLadyloveThe show needs more nudity
Amy_Madisonand a webcam
MattHNot really...
Joelsephkinda like a blood drinking han solo.....
LornesLadyloveyes. really.
FiatLuxMaybe Angel will move to Showtime?
MattHHope nope - I don't get any Premium cable channels
LornesLadyloveGod I hope not...We don't get that channel anymore
FiatLuxSpike can guest star on Six Feet Under
LornesLadylovewe gave up the premiums to save money
FiatLuxHere too.
Amy_Madisonneed good pics of Kitty and candy.. I going to try to make K and C Sims
LornesLadyloveI want the Sims game
LornesLadyloveand the Hot Date thing...can they have sex, or is it too not adult?
MattHHey - they're talking about me!
FiatLuxI have the Sims. It's totally adictive.
Amy_Madisoni gjust got the 'making magic' one
MattHAnd the chat room...
LornesLadyloveI have a pic of the Lorne sim, I think
LornesLadyloveoh, that magic one looks cool
Joelsephhe shoutout!
Amy_Madisonso now my W&T ones actually can do majic now
FiatLuxI've got Lorne, Buffy, the Gentleman, a couple others.
LornesLadylovehuh? THey shouted out to us? I missed it!
LornesLadyloveThe Gentlemen would be cool
MattHThere were talking about 1 word show names, then mentioned the chat room
FiatLuxIt's actually a pretty good skin.
LornesLadyloveDo they fight, or do Buffy-ish stuff, or is it just that they can do the same things any other Sims can do?
LornesLadyloveI haven't played Sims at all
Amy_Madisonjust like other sism
FiatLuxYou can make them do things but their individual personalities affect it.
Amy_Madisonjust they look like W&T
LornesLadyloveSo no sex acts? Poo!
Amy_Madisonnot really
LornesLadyloveYeah, I know...I'm a guttermind
FiatLuxThere's that vibrating bed that's kinda cute though
LornesLadyloveawww :)
Amy_MadisonI have a few hacks
LornesLadyloveoh? cool!
FiatLuxThey "play" under the covers
Amy_Madisonplus I found a marriage hack
Amy_Madisonso now mine are married
Amy_Madisonand the nude patch
Amy_Madisonis cool
LornesLadylovethat's so sweet...can I make a sim of myself and marry Lorne? :P
FiatLuxReally? I think my patch to take off the blurs when they shower messed up my game a little
LornesLadyloveblurs, lol
MattHThe last time Angel deliberately went through a series of trials, it was a waste if time
LornesLadyloveAngel should get some kind of reward, even a small one, for all he's been through
Joelsephor was it?
impalergeyep, thanks to Dru..and Lindsay. Hmmm
Amy_Madisonwell that was for Darla really
FiatLuxIsn't that how they explained how Connor came about, Matt? That he "won a life"?
Amy_Madisonthe game of ....
MattHI don't recall that at all...what episode mentioned that.
impalergeConnor was a pawn so that Jasmine could be born. It's not an "extra life"
MattHI have repressed most of Season 3
FiatLuxYeah I don't remember.
Amy_Madisonwhat season 3
LornesLadyloveThe Connor thing was too much for me
FiatLuxI have repressed also
impalergeis this a voluntary mindwipe?
LornesLadyloveyeah, what's buffy doing in europe? Who paid the way?
FiatLuxConnor who?
Joelsephi dont think so
Joelsephits kind of a dawn type spell i think
MattHWhatever remains of the Watcher's Council maybe
impalergeIf Buffy got te Watchers' Cuncil ATM, she can fund her way around the world
FiatLuxBuffy started a brothel with all the new Slayers and raised the cash.
Joelsephwhere their memories are altered
LornesLadylovethat's true
Amy_MadisonKitty's new baby Conner, that's who
Amy_MadisonI didn't know the WC had ATM's
LornesLadyloveThat's how some of us (friends who love Lorne) figure Lorne got the money for Caritas
impalergewouldn't that break laws, FL?
MattHNot in Nevada
FiatLuxNow there is a spinoff for cable!
LornesLadyloveWe think he worked in a brothel...that phone psychic gig couldn't pay that much...and in less than five years, had the $$$ to open the bar, and then it only lasted up to a couple of years and Angel and the gang destroyed it
Amy_Madisonno there's not
LornesLadyloveNot in 10 counties in Nevada
Amy_Madisonthere's all working for Lorne's old Caritas
LornesLadyloveI miss Caritas :(
MattHOnly 1 county is needed. And I am surprised you know that.
MattHThough I shouldn't be
LornesLadyloveand seeing Lorne sing
LornesLadyloveWell, I've known Nevada had brothels for a long time...but only recently did I find out it was only 10 counties
Joelsephgoodnight all, ive been up 19 hours im gonna leave the show on record - have a good night!
MattHBye Joel
FiatLuxG'night Joel. Thanks again for the MP3
*** Joelseph has left #TheSuccubusClub
LornesLadyloveI saw the website of one place...this sounds silly, but I find it offensive that the guy running it calls the girls demeaning names sometimes and sells F*'s just that I think they could do it more respectably
MattHMaybe Eve does work for the Senior partners and has just turned coat
impalergeK and C, it was the Senior Partners
MattHMaybe the Senior Partners are the Powers That Be?
impalergeEve works for her pimp, who thinks he can pull a fast one on the Senior Partners..
impalergethe SP's are EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL. The PTB just don't care
MattHIt is all just a series of gambling contests between them.
impalergeand everyone goes bankrupt
* MattH bids 300 quatloos on the newcomer (Spike)
FiatLuxI like this song.
impalergeBy the way, anyone going to the W and H Revue in LA in Feb?
MattHNot I
FiatLuxNot me
LornesLadyloveMe neither unless one -a you wants ta take me
LornesLadyloveand pay all expenses
impalergeI made the cut, and I'm ging to the Disneyland trip after the party...because I haven't been there in 20 years
FiatLuxI also accept rides with strangers
FiatLuxI've never been to Disneyland, so it's been longer than 20 years for me.
LornesLadyloveI've never been to Disneyland either
impalergehow about WDW?
LornesLadyloveAlmost went there once, but I got sick on the way, so we went to visit my Aunt Georgia or an aunt in Atlanta of those things
Amy_Madisonanyone having prtobs with the showtcast
MattHAngel killed one of the Senior Partner in "Epiphany". Or at least it was supposed to be a Senior Partner....
Amy_Madisonis anyone having probs with shoutcast right now
LornesLadyloveI'd kill to go to Mid Ohio Con this weekend...anyone want me to kill someone for them?
Amy_Madisoneathan wants to know
impalergeand we know one of them is known as Suvarta
LornesLadyloveIt's coming through fine for me
MattHI wasn't able to use Shoutcast, nor was Joel
FiatLuxI'm using Windows Media
LornesLadyloveoh, I'm not using shoutcast, sorry
LornesLadyloveme too...WMP
Amy_MadisonAmy bit 500 on GWEN
FiatLuxWhere is Electro-girl?
LornesLadyloveMy boyfriend is away until Monday (gone a total of 10 days), I hope to get some web work done...redoing Love Lorne, for one, with more content, thanks to a friend helping out
LornesLadyloveElectro-girl used a vibrator and discombobulated herself ;)
impalergeI'm adding some Xmas-y stuff to my site, including a picture called "A ghost of Christmas past"
MattHIt is a clone
LornesLadyloveyeah, I want to do a Xmas/Winter Solstice/ theme, maybe include Kwanzaa and Hannukah, at least in the happy holiday messages
LornesLadyloveNo pressure, but if anyone gets a chance tonight, drop by and tell me which one you like best...specifically, the font style/decoration...I may be doing more to the image
LornesLadylovethey're title graphics for Love Lorne
LornesLadyloveThank you! They're being bitter at how Lorne is treated!
LornesLadylovePoor Andy, I love Andy
MattHLike the 1st obe best, but don't like the line through it.
MattHobe = one
LornesLadyloveok, thanks...I was like, the first "obe"? Hehehe
LornesLadyloveunfortunately, I can't do anything about the line...that's Photoshop's thing, one of its styles...I'm no graphic guru
Amy_Madisonyou can buy a degree for that
LornesLadyloveWell, I'm going back to college this spring...planning on taking a course in Photoshop
MattHWe already saw Beige Angel....
LornesLadyloveI got pumpkin pie and French Vanilla Cool Whip! If you get over here in the next half hour, I'll share
LornesLadyloveI'm still bummed that Skip turned out to be evil
LornesLadyloveHe was so cool
Amy_Madisonthe cup of Mountain Duw
FiatLuxI've been drooling over those french vanilla Cool Whip commercials
LornesLadyloveI haven't tried it yet, but I got some to try with my punkin' pie
MattHMaybe Clem will turn out to be one of the Senior Partners
LornesLadyloveOnly 25 calories a serving (and this is NOT lite or diet, it's regular), but my bf tells me it's the worst kind of fat for you
MattHDepends on the size of the serving
LornesLadyloveAnd Lorne will sleep with him and get to be the new boss
LornesLadyloveOh, I don't go by servings...I put it on THICK as I want
MattHLorne & Clem... let me be the first to say "ewwww"
* MattH says "Ewwwww!"
LornesLadyloveCereal...cereal is like 3/4 to a full cup for a serving...who the hell eats only a cup of cereal? I fill my bowl, and that's what?...3-4 or more servings?
LornesLadyloveSomeone suggested Lorne and Clem as a couple at End of Days...I got it on video
FiatLuxI'm not loving the visual there either; blurs of green and blubber? No
LornesLadyloveAndy and James Leary got a kick out of it
FiatLuxThink of how much make up both would have to go through to film a love scene.
LornesLadyloveI was kidding...I don't want that...I want Lorne with a woman...well, NO I don't, but if he's going to be with someone, I want it to be a woman
LornesLadylovehmmm, Candy has a point
MattH"Candy has a point" is one of the signs of the Apocalypse
Amy_Madisonthats a first
FiatLuxMy signal is cutting off. Annoying.
Amy_Madisoncandy having a point
Amy_Madisonas is mine
FiatLuxMaybe I'm just a little lazy, but maybe Spike and/or Angel just don't need to atone THAT much.
MattHAll Angel needs to do is find a Mohra demon. And he knows that.
FiatLuxIf Angel feels like he should then that is a good thing. But I think Spike feels bad and it's not like he can take any of it back.
LornesLadylovehe wants to "get some" with Harmony, who's all too willing
Amy_Madisonor the other profecy that didn't work. The son with kill the fother'
LornesLadyloveyeah, but that smoking demon made that up
LornesLadyloveYeah, that one
Amy_Madisonsame point
LornesLadyloveI think I like this song
LornesLadyloveI think
Amy_Madisonmaybe some dork made this one up too
Amy_Madisonjust that it was ACTUALLY written down for a long time
LornesLadyloveHow would Angel run W&H if he were human? You know someone there would take the first chance to kill him
FiatLuxMaybe some other immortal time traveling demon got bored and just wants to screw with people.
FiatLuxPlant false prophecies everywhere
Amy_Madisonlike kitty is going to name her baby CONNER
LornesLadyloveI still expect Gunn to have repercussions from being injected with all that law-knowledge, but the other lawyers seem ok
LornesLadyloveKitty is naming her baby Jennifer, after me
FiatLuxI used to really like the name Connor until Angel went and ruined it for me.
LornesLadyloveLOL Fiat
impalergeWhat about Steven? That's what Connor called himself
MattHYeah.. It was great in "Highlander"
Amy_Madisonor Sarjoun
LornesLadyloveAnd Holtz named him
MattHSteven? Too Bewitched
impalergeactually, Steve Connor sounds like an action hero name
LornesLadyloveI learned this week that turkeys love pumpkin pie <-- Fact of the Day for u folks
Amy_Madisonmy GF and I wasnt to name our child Glory
LornesLadyloveConnor Stevens
LornesLadyloveHow many babies are born with Buffy/Angel names since Buffy first started?
FiatLuxIf your kid turns out to be a Hell God, boy are you going to be embarrassed!
MattHTechnically that should be Glorifica...
Amy_Madisonwere actually hoping for that
MattHKitty is very scary
LornesLadyloveHow big is Kitty right now?
Amy_Madisononly in person
MattHShe is about 4 1/2 months along
LornesLadyloveok, so not too big yet
LornesLadyloveunless she's spawning a Hell God, in which case the period of gestation may be different
MattHYeah ...names could be hard if it keeps changing from a boy to girl and back again
LornesLadyloveCharlie is both female and male
LornesLadyloveAlso, Erin/Aaron
impalergeunless you have a gender neutral name, like Pat
*** Death_is_your_a ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
LornesLadylovehi Death
impalergeah, a new victim
MattHWelcom Grim Reaper.
LornesLadylovehmm...smells like Death warmed over in here suddenly
Amy_Madisonthere you answer LLL
* MattH grabs LornesLadyLove and yells, "take her, not me"
MattHJust kidding ;-)
LornesLadyloveI ain't had my punkin' pie and French Vanilla Cool Whip yet
LornesLadyloveI ain't sharing if u do that again
LornesLadyloveOh, you know those chocolate oranges? You can get'em in raspberry flavor too?...
MattHIf Death takes you, I could have it all >)
impalergeyay, they mentioned me
Death_is_your_abut you will.. I'm in Canada we already had our thanks giving, therefore, we have no November holiday
LornesLadyloveThey have three new (I think), pina colada (I just bought it but haven't tried it yet) and strawberry
FiatLuxI love Terry's choco-oranges
LornesLadyloveall with chocolat e:)
impalergewhat about last week's outdoor NHL game?
Death_is_your_aAnyone know how I could fix my nick so it all shows, r is there a limit to the characters?
LornesLadyloveYeah, it's like those, but a different company than Terry's
MattH15 char limit I believe
LornesLadyloveI think there's a limit
LornesLadylovemaybe if you took the underscores out if the rest isn't too long
FiatLuxYou could make it all one word
LornesLadylovethat's what I just said
Death_is_your_ano just 2 more characters. It is Death_is_your_art in full
FiatLuxYeah, what she said
Death_is_your_aokay I'll fix it next time
impalergeI wisely didn't tel K and about a photo of Michelle Trachtenberg in
impalergeI mean K and C
FiatLuxWhy not IG?
LornesLadylovedid anyone see the new promo photos? I LOVE the Lorne and Andy ones
Death_is_your_ahe hehe they are talking about me
LornesLadylovebut as a friend said, Andy needs to eat...he looks a bit skinny in the photo
MattHDo you have an URL?
impalergelet's just say. well, remember when Claudette Colbert showed leg to hitch a ride in "It Happened One Night?
impalergeWell, Michelle is in "Euro Trip" and her character takes a different approach
Death_is_your_awhy is she skanky int he movie?
impalergelook under "Euro Trip flashing pic"
MattHOh my god - that is a wonderful pick.
LornesLadyloveI haven't looked at the online store yet...doing it now
MattHIs Euro Trip the new name for Ugly Americans?
impalergeyes, you feel....funny, seeing it
LornesLadyloveoh's interfering with the broadcast
MattHFunny wasn't the word I was going to use
LornesLadyloveI'd gladly buy from the store, but I'm so poor...saw an ep of that show "Rich Girls"...I'm jealous
MattHI suffer from terminal DawnLust (TM) anyway
FiatLuxLoading pages cuts off the feed for me too.
Death_is_your_aI have no money *crying* I HATE being broke
FiatLuxI take it she's "all woman-sized" there?
LornesLadyloveawww, the baby "Not Evil" onesie is cute
LornesLadyloveI guess that's what a onesie is, anyway
impalergeGod, yes, FL
MattHYep, kind of skinny though.
impalergeyet she has sensuous ribs
FiatLuxI've never heard anyone use the term sensuous ribs before.
Death_is_your_ano that is definatley new
MattHIt fits, though....
LornesLadyloveI heard someone recently say eyebrows are sexy...I never thought of that before
FiatLuxMaybe what was on top of the ribs sure, but....
Death_is_your_aI think it depends ont he eyebrows in question
impalergelike Peter Gallagher eyebrows?
FiatLuxI like some eyebrows. They can be sexy
LornesLadyloveugh, Peter Gallagher
FiatLuxWell not caterpillar
Death_is_your_aunibrow = EVIL
impalergemore than caterpillars...attacjk dogs
LornesLadylovewho was the first woman to wax her eyebrows?
LornesLadylovewhat was she thinking?
Death_is_your_apain = good
LornesLadyloveyeah. Pain, good...NOT
Death_is_your_aI agree...well the bad kind of pain anyways
FiatLuxI've waxed. You really do get used to it after a while
LornesLadyloveLike pregnancy...lots of pain, and what does that result in? A person you have to take care of financially, physically, and emotionally for 18 or more years
LornesLadyloveIs that adjustment also when you wax your legs?
Death_is_your_aYa but the result is worth it in both cases...well I asume for a kid, I haven't had one yet
LornesLadyloveI've never done waxing, but I hear it's better than shaving
LornesLadyloveNo, kids are not worth it...they don't make good slaves
FiatLuxI was a good slave for my parents.
Death_is_your_ashaving your eyebrows? Or shaving in general?
LornesLadyloveshaving in general, although I was specifically thinking of legs
LornesLadyloveand what about the bikini area?
Death_is_your_ayes waxing is much better
LornesLadylovethen I must get into u wax yourself, or go to a you know, place?
Death_is_your_ashaving gets itchy
FiatLuxBikini and leg waxing is faster and lasts longer. There's not much pain after the third of fourth time you go.
LornesLadylovethat's the funny thing...I don't get itchy shaving anymore
LornesLadylovehow much does it cost?
Death_is_your_adepends, I'm in Canada ... probably different here
LornesLadyloveI have a personal question, but I don't know if I should ask here?
LornesLadylove(it's ok if not)
Death_is_your_ago ahead
LornesLadylovewell, I shaved "down there" a couple of times, and one time, part of the hair grew back in like a clump, that just felt weird, a tuft of hair, u know?
impalergewhat part of Canada are you from, Death?
LornesLadyloveCan shaving prevent that? It ook a long time before I could get it to grow back normal
Death_is_your_acan't sayt hat I have experienced that sory.. I'm no help here
Death_is_your_aAnd I can't type tonight either...grr
LornesLadyloves'okay, just wondered...I should call a place near me
LornesLadyloveif there's one
Death_is_your_aHow did we get on the subject of hair removal anyways?
LornesLadyloveI think there's one in Atlantic City or near there
LornesLadyloveI have no idea
LornesLadyloveAnything can happen in this room
Death_is_your_awe seem to be the only 2 commenting though
Death_is_your_aImpaler, I am fromMontreal
MattHNothing positive I can add to this particular conversation
LornesLadyloveSorry if I offended anyone
Amy_MadisonI love the 'I Support Kitty Torture' shirt
Death_is_your_asorry to all men
LornesLadyloveyeah, that's cute...imagine what ppl who don't know Kitty would say
Death_is_your_awhy WOW implaer?
impalergeWell, I've never connected with any Buffy fan from Montreal.
Death_is_your_aoh okay... just wondering
Death_is_your_awhere are you from?
LornesLadylovewhere is Montreal?
impalergeSacramento, CA
Death_is_your_aQuebec Candad
LornesLadyloveWhere is Quebec Candad?
Death_is_your_aand I can't spell my own country's name damn me
Amy_Madisonthey're talking about me now
LornesLadylovewe all talk about you Amy
LornesLadyloveWhere is CANADA?
Amy_Madisonso am I (sacramento) actually Folsom
Death_is_your_aAm I missing the sarcasm or do you really not know? I don't wish to offend but I am a little surprised.
LornesLadyloveNo, I'm only kidding...I know where Canada, Montreal, and Quebec are
LornesLadylove(at least I can find them on a map...if you give me a few mins)
Death_is_your_aokay... I was a little worried
FiatLuxBuffy ragged on yearbook people. I was in Yearbook!
MattHI wish we had seen more of Amy
impalergewe don't even know if the Wiccans are still keeping her form being Just Like Mom evil
Amy_MadisonI need my own show
FiatLuxAll my pictures in the yearbook *did* make me look more popular than I was.
Death_is_your_aMaybe ANgel could use a witch. If they can't get Willow bring in Amy
LornesLadyloveTell us where and when, Amy, we'll listen
LornesLadyloveAmy's bad
MattHI wasn't surprised by "The Witch" at all as I read Mercedes Lackey's "Jinx High"
LornesLadylovemaybe wesley could take up magick
impalergewith his Magic Library
LornesLadyloveyeah...he's had experience
LornesLadyloveI saw the first ep in the four-ep show of the Pylean arc
FiatLuxI caught the end of that on TNT too.
LornesLadylovethey're showing eps out of order
Amy_Madisoncan someone explain why I'm not on FIRE!!!!!1
LornesLadyloveI love that!
LornesLadyloveAngel not on fire is a good thing
impalergebecause no one's thought of it yet
Death_is_your_aburn him he he he
LornesLadyloveI like Liam/Angel's Irish accent
LornesLadyloveits sexy
impalergeor what seems to be an accent
Amy_Madisonneed more of it
Amy_Madisonthe accent
Death_is_your_aIf it sounded real I think it would be better, he doesn't over due it too much but you can tell that it is fake
LornesLadylovedid he lose it over time, or intentially change it?
FiatLuxMaybe he just had a speech impediment?
Death_is_your_ahe has been in the states longer so you could argue that he lost it over time
FiatLuxSpike's accent changed some time after he changed.
LornesLadylovewe'd need to ask Joss to confirm
Amy_MadisonI am Liam.. I own a mantion and a yaght
LornesLadyloveI'd like to know more about pre-vamp what her name was, more about where she came from, than just that she was a hooker who got an STD
Amy_MadisonI am Liam.. I Own a Mansion and a Yacht!!
FiatLuxI have that on tape and the psychiatrist guy makes Bugs repeat it over and over again like Elmer
impalergeshe did her trade in colonial Virginia, and had some land.
LornesLadyloveYeah...Liam What? What was his last name? I want to know!
Amy_Madisonthey never said it I think
FiatLuxDarla was a rich hooker?
impalergethen the Master saved her form a social disease that was killing her
Death_is_your_aI want Williams last name too
MattHI'd like to learn more about Darla also. What she did before she turned Angel, for example.
LornesLadyloveI know...that's what I'm saying...I want to know
LornesLadyloveBut rich didn't save her from disease
Death_is_your_aMORE FLASHBACKS
impalergeDarla was the Master's groupie between 1609-ish and 1753
Death_is_your_alets write Joss
FiatLuxI didn't even think women could own property back then, much less a sporting woman.
LornesLadyloveYeah was she lonely? I guess she served the master from the beginning, since he turned her
Amy_Madisonthats a good thing about Fanfiction you can make that up
FiatLuxMaster's pet. that was funny.
MattHThe problem is finding *good* fanfiction.
LornesLadyloveHow could we have a country of freedom that wouldn't let women own silly...but we did
* LornesLadylove writes the best in adult fan fiction...or not
LornesLadylovebut definitely I do or definitely I don't
LornesLadyloveit's not one or the other
LornesLadyloveI mean, it IS one or the other
Death_is_your_aJoss is doing a comic book called tales of the vampires, and Spike and Dru have a story in it, maybe they will do one for Darla too and tell us more about her. I would love to have more flashbacks though.
MattHUnfortunately I am not interested in NC-17 or slash fanfic.... :_(
LornesLadylovedon't mind me, I have mental problems :)
Amy_MadisonYou mean Tales of the Slayer
LornesLadylovedoes Joss illustrate the comic, or just write it?
Death_is_your_ano there is a tales of the vampire too
FiatLuxYeah I heard about a Tales of the Vampire coming out
Death_is_your_aand Joss just writes it
Amy_Madisonhe might do basic storyboards though
LornesLadyloveI'd like to see some angels...If demons can be good, then it makes sense angels can be bad...there should be bad angels, besides Angelus
impalergehe egts big shot artists to do the doodling
FiatLuxbrb.... gotta bring in the chicken
LornesLadyloveor is it a pet?
Death_is_your_aI would love bad creepy angels
LornesLadyloveimagine evil angels, but they're wearing white robes, with wings and a halo!
LornesLadyloveThat wouldn't work...haha
Amy_MadisonOH, You're talking about the Church
LornesLadyloveOf course, biblically, angels aren't described as having wings
Death_is_your_ascrap the white robes and you have something
impalergeand machine guns?
Death_is_your_aha ha ha
LornesLadyloveI know, but I was picturing the angels with that look but being evil, just for a cartoonish image in my mind
Amy_Madisonunless they are archangels
Amy_Madisonand why were therer angels on the ark
Death_is_your_athey can't swim?
Amy_Madisonwere there Angels on the arK
Death_is_your_aI'm not religious, so I have no idea
Amy_Madisonor at least 2 of them
FiatLuxI'm back. Yeah he's a pet.
Amy_Madisonneather am I
Death_is_your_acool, a pet chicken
Amy_MadisonKT and Gone
Death_is_your_afertility doll
LornesLadyloveI don't remember angels on the ark, but I haven't read that story in a long time
MattHKoko Pele
Amy_Madison1.coco pelly and candles
Death_is_your_athat is it
LornesLadyloveawww, I love pets too
FiatLuxI feed him chicken. He's a cannibal but he loves chicken.
LornesLadylovethis sounds like a joke, but after this special I saw on turkeys, I wouldn't mind having one for a pet
MattHDawn had a legitimate grievance, also
LornesLadylovea quarter
LornesLadyloveno, a quarter!
Amy_Madisonspikes lighter
LornesLadyloveI said, a quarter!
Death_is_your_abuffys pocket by spike
LornesLadyloveok, a chair!
Amy_Madisonjonathans's chair
LornesLadyloveI got it right!
LornesLadyloveKitty's pissed, uh oh
MattHLike that is new for Kitty Torture
LornesLadylovegod, I've got to take out the trash in a bit and cover the Loki bird :/
Death_is_your_anaked spike how can she forget
LornesLadylove5. Willow
Death_is_your_asocial services
Amy_Madisonthe social worker
LornesLadylove6. ????
Death_is_your_asecurity blanket
LornesLadylove7. To sneak in to kill buffy
Amy_Madisonnakes buffy
Amy_Madisonnaked kitty
LornesLadylove7. what Kitty and Candy said
Death_is_your_aha ha ha
MattHCut her hair
LornesLadylove9. marriage
MattHWho sits at what table
LornesLadylove10. Giles
Amy_Madisonpolice officer
MattHMeter reader
LornesLadylove11. i have no idea
Amy_Madisonall woprk and no play makes
LornesLadylove11. potty-trained
Death_is_your_aI'm at a loss
Death_is_your_ago amy
LornesLadylove12. fire hydrant
Amy_Madisoncar tracks
Death_is_your_acar tracks
MattHPaint mark
FiatLuxCSI is on right now.
LornesLadylove13. Um...thank god
LornesLadyloveI wanted to see CSI
Amy_Madisongo haunt the living like a good spook
LornesLadylove14. rubbing fur
LornesLadyloveyeah, pudding!
LornesLadyloveyou're right
Amy_Madisonrice pudding
Amy_Madisonor tapioka
LornesLadylove15. assassinators
Death_is_your_aya naked exercises
Death_is_your_akicking a can
Death_is_your_athat's cheating he he he
LornesLadylove18. he's cute
Amy_Madisonhes still aliver
Amy_Madisonarch nemisessssss
LornesLadylove19. enemy vs. arch
LornesLadyloveyeah, that's what they think
LornesLadylove20. money
Death_is_your_ano that would be spike
Amy_Madisonpain in the assesssss
Amy_Madisonlocked door
LornesLadyloveI'm just taking crazy guesses
LornesLadyloveoh yeah, that's right
LornesLadylove21. bonus: fire heydrant
Death_is_your_atraffic cone, fire hydrant
Amy_Madisontrash cone
Death_is_your_amail box
FiatLuxforgot the tree
Amy_Madisoncandy's monkey pen
Death_is_your_adamn that tree
Amy_Madisonshe got 3 out of 20
Death_is_your_athat is bad
LornesLadylovebetter than me
FiatLuxPoor invisible cat
MattH40% Old Man Fan did a great job
impalergeIjust remember the invisible sex scene
Amy_Madisonthey need a webcam
LornesLadyloveloved that
Death_is_your_ayah invisible sex with Spike
impalergeyou bet they need a webcam
LornesLadyloveand when whoever it was that walked in on them
LornesLadylovethat was funny
Amy_Madisonan invisible webcam
MattHThey do need a webcam
Death_is_your_aI just remember repeating the phrase " I want her job"
impalergeanyway, gotta go....
*** Signoff: impalerge ((null))
LornesLadylove and for me
FiatLuxI'm going too. Happy Thanksgiving all.
LornesLadyloveand LL is being redone :)
LornesLadyloveHappy Thanksgiving to all, even outside the US
Amy_Madisonbuy everyone see you next week
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
LornesLadyloveBye till next week y'all
*** Signoff: LornesLadylove ((null))
Death_is_your_abye bye everyone
MattHYeah.. CYA L8R
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Nov 26 20:03:36 2003