Succubus Club Chat Transcript

for December 3, 2003

Editor's Note: We had a troll visit the chat room this week. I have deleted some of his more offensive lines, which is why the conversation appears more disjointed than usual in some places.

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DeathIsYourArtCan either of you hear the show because I have nothing
Elaishi matt!
ElaisI have nothing as well
Elaistried winamp and WMP
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MattHI can't get anything either
Elaisbummed i missed listening to the show live last week
DeathIsYourArtThey were doing behind the scenes and then switched to the radio and now... nothing
impalergeOh, you can't hear anything either?
ElaisI keep thinking I've gone deaf or the pc isn't working
MattHNo error messages, WMP says it is streaming, but no sound.
DeathIsYourArtsame with windows
*** NJP ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusCLUB
impalergesame with winamp
NJPwhere did they go?
NJPI was listening at 8:00 and they came on real early
DeathIsYourArtthey went to the bathroom and Ethan took nothing
NJPplaying with the phones
MattHUnknown - Maybe they accidentally hit the off switch.
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NJPsaid they were having computer troubles, didn't they?
DeathIsYourArtI don't know
impalergemaybe that's it
FiatLuxHi, am I the only one not hearing anything?
* MattH sighs
MattHNope - no one can hear anything
impalergeso.....anyone see Josie and the Pussycats last week, or saw an Angel DVD instead?
DeathIsYourArtThis whole conversation will be repeated for everyone who comes online until they fix it LOL
ElaisI wouldn't watch Josie even if someone paid me
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impalergebecause I'm getting ready for LA for the W and H revue. They should have my check by now
LornesLadylovehi all, Matt
LornesLadyloveI almost forgot, till I saw that Angel was coming on ;)
DeathIsYourArtHello LLL
LornesLadyloveI'm getting no feed
DeathIsYourArtneither are we
LornesLadyloveoh ok, so I'm normal
Elaiswe're all getting the sound of silence
MattHWell, you aren't getting any feed anyway... ;-)
LornesLadyloveno not really...I'm as abnormal as it gets
NJPon the mailing list there are messages too
LornesLadyloveI mean, I just saw Eliza Dushku in Wrong Turn a few days ago...inbred cannibals is pretty abnormal, moreso than I
impalergemaybe Kitty and Candy are broadcasting, but they forgot to turn on their mikes
impalergeand the radio station, too
DeathIsYourArtI think Ethan did something, it went off when the girls were in the bathroom
NJPMaybe KLBC is a little behind on their electric bill.......
DeathIsYourArtLLL if you are more normal than nbred cannibals then what fun are you?
Elaisperhaps Fury or Minear decided to kill them off
LornesLadyloveI just watched The Simple Life
ElaisParis Hilton and Co?
LornesLadyloveyeah...saw the first one too
impalergeReally, LLL? Will you recover from the pain?
LornesLadyloveI tell u what...
LornesLadyloveI'd trade places with either of them in a second, except for the farming thing
impalergeI saw a clip of Paris saying "what's a Wal-Mart?". That's all I need. Besides, Julia Stiles is cuter
LornesLadylovein the first one, the girls needed a 3-or-so yr old boy to save them from a bug
Elaiseven in the sex tape? ;-)
LornesLadyloveYeah, Paris asked if a Wal-mart was a place that sold walls
LornesLadyloveand Nicole Richie said she "heard" Wal-mart is where we like to "hang out"
LornesLadyloveeven in the sex tape
impalergethen again, there's no Wal-marts anywhere near Beverly Hills..or they don't watch TV
DeathIsYourArtThere is an add for walmart he he he
LornesLadyloveI'd take the publicity of a sex scandal to be rich, hell yeah
impalergewho needs their lifestyle. Just get their wallets
Elaisall the cool kids hang out at wal-mart
DeathIsYourArtScrew the money, I just want the rights to ripping hteir arms off and beating them to death with them
impalergeif there's nothing else, that is
LornesLadyloveThey didn't last one day at the dairy farm where they were given jobs
LornesLadylovethey were pouring water in the jugs to make the milk jugs look fuller
impalergeand that was the show these moneyed moronic girls for what they are...or in a more severe way than what MTV's "Rich Girls" does
LornesLadyloveI saw one ep of Rich Girls...stuck-up theme song
LornesLadylove"You wish you were one of us"
DeathIsYourArtoh my god
impalergebut what if we found a "spoiled" socialite that admits she was "forced" to be in an FFA class as a kid..and did great
LornesLadyloveWell, Paris and Nicole weren't raised to know about us "common folk"
impalergeyou'd never see that on TV
LornesLadylovewhat's a FFA class?
impalergewell, couldn't Paris even attempt to be a motel maid to know the business her dad owns
impalerge"Future farmers of America"
DeathIsYourArtYa that is what she needs to be in a maids uniform
LornesLadyloveher little dog, Tinkerbell is cute though
DeathIsYourArtpoor dog
LornesLadyloveI still would love to live their lifestyle
impalergedoes the dog wish it was in Legally Blonde 3? Of course not
LornesLadyloveThe 3 yr old little boy gave Tinkerbell a cheese sandwich and put the dog on a children's sliding board
LornesLadyloveIt's the same type of dog in Legally Blonde though
impalergeTinkerbell must be wondering why it's aprt of the show when we're too busy looking at paris
LornesLadylovedid anyone see the sex tape?
LornesLadylovehere, I mean
MattHNot I
impalergeI'm waiting for the widescren edition..and the day I can afford broadband
LornesLadyloveI've not seen it, but I wondered exactly what happneed in it
NJPbad lighting.
NJPI've seen porno spam mail better done
LornesLadylovehow old are these girls anyway?
LornesLadyloveA friend said she read that 60% men prefer cuddling to sex...
impalergethey're in their 20's..about three times their IQ
LornesLadylovewhich is why we're so inundated with cuddling spam
MattHDon't believe what you read....
LornesLadyloveyeah, we were laughing about that
LornesLadyloveAll those cuddling sites, ruining our kids' futures
DeathIsYourArtohh a blip..maybe they are coming bak on
LornesLadylovei heard it too
Elaisa blip!
NJPBTW a note on the mailing list indicates that they are aware of the problem and are working on it
Elaisand another blip
impalergegee, this is almost as enteraining as hearing the SC
LornesLadylovethanks NJP
MattHI head the blip....
LornesLadyloveI don't go through mail while here because the more programs working, the more problems I have
NJPWell, at least they know for next time.....DONT FLUSH BEFORE BROADCAST!
MattHI seem to have about a 3 hr delay in getting Yahoo group messages e-mailed to me.
MattHNope -the show went down the toilet.
LornesLadyloveI hear voices
LornesLadylovedon't tell my shrink
NJPabout time
MattHOn and off
Elaisokay, I'm hearing voices as well
DeathIsYourArtI hear them too... your secret is safe with us
Elaiscomplete sentences!
* MattH does the Dance of Joy!
DeathIsYourArtahhh stop blipping
LornesLadyloveI missed the season 4 ep after Lorne's head was cut off today
LornesLadyloveI slept right through it
impalergethey're bliiping on in the WMP, not WinAMP
DeathIsYourArtoh how rude
LornesLadyloveI'm using WMP
MattHIs there a shoutcast stream today?
Elaisokay, now is sounds better
LornesLadyloveit's sounding good so far
MattHI hope that makes the quotes list
LornesLadyloveNothing! My favorite topic
NJPstart the show
MattHWinamp isn't working for me, but WMP works.
FiatLuxSame here
MattHYeah.. start the show!
*** colleen1 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornesLadyloveit's coming through fine for me
LornesLadylovehi colleen!
colleen1Oooh, got it!
NJPAnd so when the Great Actor collapsed on the stage.....
MattHHiya Colleen
impalergeHello for one more
colleen1Finally figured this out. And hi.
NJPAnd when it was suggested that he be given an enema.....
NJPThe person was told that the Great Actor had died....
DeathIsYourArtha haha wrong song
NJPTo which he replied...well, it might not help....but it certainly cant hurt
LornesLadylove*grooves to buffy music*
impalergehey, they're starting with the Buffy theme
colleen1I'm late, and yet I didn't miss anything :)
NJPYeah, just straight to Teacher pet tonight
NJPAka The Rubber Bug show
LornesLadyloveJust idle chitchat
DeathIsYourArtYou missed us talking about Paris Hilton though
colleen1Not really sure exactly who she is, and don't care.
MattHWhat a riveting conversation that was, too.. ;-)
LornesLadyloveI just learned who Nicole Richie was tonight
colleen1Some heiress chick, right?
DeathIsYourArtyou wouldn't even if you did know
NJPLionel's daughter
NJPAll Night Long
LornesLadyloveyeah, colleen rich girl on a farm tv show
LornesLadyloveyeah...Lionel redid "Brick House" with Rob Zombie
impalergeat least Nicole has enough brain power to defend Michael Jackson..and quite well..on CNN
LornesLadylovethat was...special
LornesLadylovewell, Nicole's heard of Wal-mart...she's cultured
impalergeshe watches TV
LornesLadyloveI have punkin pie
LornesLadyloveand French Vanilla COol Whip
colleen1Or, as they say on the Simpson's - Sprawlmart.
impalergehey, so do I
colleen1I have no pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving was early October here, and it'd be stale.
impalergeoh, you're from the Great White North, colleen?
LornesLadyloveI bought another pie at thestore, so this one's fresh
colleen1The slightly white north at the moment.
DeathIsYourArtWhere in Canada are you from Colleen? I'm from Montreal
impalergecool! Do you watch Ed the Sock?
colleen1Nick Brendon is shooting here. We may go stalk him tomorrow night.
DeathIsYourArtdo that
Elaisthat tv movie right?
colleen1I have seen Mr. Thesock.
impalergeyes, for that ABC Family movie
LornesLadyloveEd the Sock?? Do I even want to know?
MattHPost a report to the mailing list
colleen1LLL - no, not really :)
DeathIsYourArthe is a music VJ who makes fun of everyone
LornesLadyloveNick Brendon? Coolness
impalergehe claims Triumph stole his act..and may have a case
LornesLadyloveget his pants for me
LornesLadyloveTriumph from Conan?
MattHDidn't a vampire kill a bum...
impalergeYup. It's been brought up a few times on MuchMusic
LornesLadyloveI'm planning on making cookies and maybe other stuff...cakes, possible gingerbread house, for xmas this year
FiatLuxYep Matt, the forkguy
DeathIsYourArtthe Mr Spanky moment is on Angel right now
MattHWhich makes human death #3
colleen1Mr. Spanky. The ep that launched a thousand slash fics.
colleen1Well, this whole season is doing that, actually
DeathIsYourArtyes I know
ElaisI've always wanted to eat a gingerbread house
DeathIsYourArtMaybe Spike was right when he called Angel Peaches, and poofter etc
LornesLadyloveDid you hear that several TV studios are banding together to make it illegal to write fanfic?
DeathIsYourArtevil evil people
colleen1Fox doesn't like it. Joss does.
impalergethat's not right,. They should just steal the ideas and deny everything
Elaisgood luck trying to shut down fanfic sites on the net
LornesLadyloveWell I didn't hear that...I just wondered if anyone did :)
LornesLadyloveI made it up
LornesLadyloveI'm hyped on aspartame, so sue me
colleen1They go after sound files etc.
impalergewell, it produced some clever remarks
LornesLadyloveI know, but I was just kidding as far as teh tv studios banding together and stuff
colleen1Fanfic - not so much. Some of the authors (Anne Rice eg) have fought it.
LornesLadyloveI would love it if I made a show and ppl fanficked it
DeathIsYourArtOr anyone who trys to publish modified photos or anything degrating to the shows. You just can't publish
ElaisI know that there book writers that don't like fanfic about their creations
impalergeOK, death is...that makes sense
LornesLadyloveAs a writer, I would love it if I wrote a book and it got ficked
NJPFanfic follows Sturgeon's Law
NJPThey'll only go after people with big sites like Gossamer
LornesLadyloveDon't know that area of law
NJPSturgeon's Law? Named for the late sf writer Theodore Sturgeon?
colleen1I had my first internet fic on Gossamer.
LornesLadyloveIt's a violation of copyright, yes, but it's like ppl who dress as a fave character...admiration
MattH90% of everything is crap
colleen1Cause it was Mulder/Scully
NJPRight one Matthew (Matthias?)
LornesLadyloveas long as ppl don't make money off it, I think it's a good thing...stirs creativity
LornesLadyloveFloor matt
colleen1There's a Buffy fanfic convention in Vegas next summer.
LornesLadylovebath matt
LornesLadyloveI'm going to one in PA next summer
DeathIsYourArtrecently Fox gave a cease and desist order to one site that took out an add witha modified pic without permission and wrote that thye perfered the show before and want a return to earier Jossverse
NJPNo studio is going to pay lawyers to sue people who write the stuff
NJPthey'll just hit the ISPs
MattHYou would have to prove damages...
MattHAnne Rice got fanfic based on her stuff off of
ElaisI think I still have fic up a
NJPThe theory is that there is only so much interest in a story/characters
colleen1I have a few. Had to take a few off ;)
DeathIsYourArtwhat is it called?
LornesLadyloveI think I have one or two there
LornesLadyloveBut when they stopped allowing adult fics, I stopped posting there
MattHI liked the episode, but really disliked the big bug fight scene.
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NJPif that's exhaused, in theory the owners of the intellectual rights
NJPhave lost money
MattHExpect a spam message any second now. is a new one I just learned about, but I heard they just got a donation to keep them alive for another couple of months
NJPI love that red satin dress
MattHTwisting The Hellmouth is good for crossovers
LornesLadyloveand there's or com which I don't know the status of
LornesLadylovearg, spammer
colleen1Most of my stuff is at
LornesLadylovemine is on my site at
MattHI don't write the stuff, but do read a lot of it.
DeathIsYourArtohhh I have to check that out
NJPI have an old atxf post somewhere
Elaisthe 'Xander is a Virgin' thing is still funny after all these years
LornesLadyloveAnd if anyone writes Lorne fics, please send them to me for
MattHI have converted some for reading on my Handspring Visor (Palm based pda)
colleen1I have some with Lorne in, but not as main character.
LornesLadylovewhich, by the way, is being redesigned, with new stuff thanks to a friend helping out
MattHYep - got the spam post.
LornesLadylovewell, main character is preferred but if he's got a significant role, I could post it
NJPCosmic Coincidence: on SF Channel there was an old 60's OUter Limits ep
NJPtoday....the one about the "bee" lady
colleen1I'll think about writing some. Love Lorne.
impalergeah, Giles the troubadour (rather than Pirate King) sings
LornesLadyloveI should put nudie pics of me online and force it on ppl...they pay if they don't wanna look :)
colleen1Insects all around.
colleen1Andy's a sweetie.
Elaisso glad to hear Tony is so busy these days
LornesLadyloveHe's sooooo cute
colleen1And tall.
LornesLadyloveI'll be seeing him at Moonlight Rising
ElaisI heard the kareoke thing at the Mid-
NJPGreat pirate outfit
impalergethe bee lady had it tougher... she had to grow and look sexy. the Bug Teacher was already tall
DeathIsYourArtHe might be the next doctor WHo
ElaisOhio con was good
LornesLadyloveTall, heck yeah...I'm only 5'0"
colleen1I don't think Tony wants to be DW.
MattHThat's Buffy-sized....
colleen1Unless he's changed his mind.
NJPYeah, Cleveland was fun.......DUCK!
impalergeASH has it all. I'd accept him as the 9th Doctor
LornesLadylovewait that's not right
MattHURL is off....
LornesLadyloveCleveland was a good one
colleen1Or 10th, if the animated computer series with Richard E. Grant counts.
LornesLadyloveI know, hang on
impalergenot on real TV
DeathIsYourArtoh I forgot about that one
MattHIt doesn't ....grrr.
colleen1Cleveland was the one last year I didn't go to.
LornesLadyloveI went to cleveland, not tampa
NJPASH had a nice turn on MI5
colleen1Vice versa.
LornesLadyloveI will be at Moonlight Rising next year though
DeathIsYourArtI never have the money to go to any of them
LornesLadylovelivin' in an Amish paradise...
NJPAnyone going to this Wolfram and Hart thing?
impalergeis MR a UK con, or is it in NY?
impalergeI am..unless they return my check
LornesLadyloveDeath, my ability is dependent on my bf, so it's mostly luck
LornesLadyloveno, MR is a PA con
DeathIsYourArtI want that kind of boyfriend
colleen1Wasn't it NY last year?
LornesLadylovePay me, I'll rent him out
LornesLadyloveum, it might have been, I don't remember
LornesLadylovebut it was moved this year...
colleen1I'm going to an acting conference in LA next year, and the writer con in Vegas, and a few local cons, so no MR
LornesLadylovethe date and location have changed
LornesLadyloveOh, I'd love to go to LA...acting is what I want to do
colleen1Check out the teachers.
colleen1It's my big onceinalifetime splurge.
LornesLadylovestill downloading the image
LornesLadylovewell, we should all splurge now and then, yes?
DeathIsYourArtof course
LornesLadyloveof course Paris Hilton and friends can splurge endlessly...bitches
DeathIsYourArtIf you will not spend on yourself ..who will? Okay fine..LLL's boyfriend will
colleen1Ah, but are they really happy? (Probably)
impalergebitter, are we?
LornesLadyloveandy hallett!
LornesLadylovehe'ls gonna be there?
DeathIsYourArtyay Andy
colleen1Thought you'd like that.
impalergeah, real LA sheen!
LornesLadylovePlease please please send me a report afterwards
LornesLadyloveand pics if you take'em
LornesLadylovehis agent will be there too, i see, and danny strong
colleen1I'm excited about Jonathan Woodward. Love him.
LornesLadylove:) have a wonderful time
MattHI would have liked to see more of Dr. Gregory.
colleen1But if Buffy had decent teachers, things might have gone better for her - and that's not Joss.
impalergeJOss wasn't that luck in high school, so our Slayer shouldn't be either
LornesLadyloveone thing about my bf...he's not rich and has financial strains these days, so I'm thinking my con days may be over if I don't find some money on my own soon
DeathIsYourArtPlus shiny happy people are boring
impalergeunless they're good with big axes
LornesLadyloveNot if you pluck their eyeballs out
LornesLadyloveyou should hear how shiny happy ppl scream
DeathIsYourArtbut see, PAIN
colleen1I'm flashing back to Jasmine.
LornesLadylovesome ppl like PAIN
LornesLadylovebdsm ppl
colleen1I hated last season, so don't do that to me.
LornesLadyloveI didn't like Jasmine
DeathIsYourArtBut those are not shiny happy people in the Joss verse
LornesLadylovealthough I love jasmine rice
ElaisI didn't mind Jasmine
LornesLadyloveJoss never lets anyone have a happy ending
DeathIsYourArtI was annoyed with Jasmine
LornesLadyloveso was i
ElaisI just liked looking at Gina Torres
DeathIsYourArtYes she is very pretty
MattHWould have liked to see Jasmine show up earlier in the show.
colleen1I wanted her to be on Firefly where she belonged. Love that show.
LornesLadyloveGina Torres gets some great roles, but I just hated the whole evil cordy thing
LornesLadyloveshe was in Cleopatra 2050 and Hercules too
colleen1And the Matrix
impalergeit was Cleopatra 2525, but it's best not to remember such things
LornesLadyloveI didn't see 2 and 3
DeathIsYourArtShe is suppose to be Dozers widow
LornesLadyloveyeah, I knew the year was sometime in this century :)
DeathIsYourArtHer character in the matrix. Dozer was one of the brothers killed in Matrix 1
LornesLadyloveohh...i don't remember much about the matrix...not a fan
colleen1And one of the little building guys on Fraggle Rock.
DeathIsYourArtYes! I watched an episode today
LornesLadylovei remember that show
colleen1My friend was a muppet.
LornesLadylovea muppet was my friend
LornesLadylovemy only friend
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
LornesLadyloveuntil he betrayed me
LornesLadyloveand I had to kill him
MattHHow many teachers died at Sunnydale High
DeathIsYourArtI want this story
colleen1The Count?
colleen1You dusted the Count?
impalergedid he fall in with the wrong crowd..the Crank Yanker puppets?
LornesLadyloveI wonder about when sunnydale completely disappeared, the animals, the kids, the ppl
colleen1One. One stake. Ha. Ha. Ha.
LornesLadyloveLOL impalerge
LornesLadylovethose are some seriously disturbed puppets
colleen1The ocean.
LornesLadyloveWant some of mine? I get lots of spam
colleen1Naw. I'm on a low fat diet.
colleen1No spam.
ElaisI've got plenty offering to add 3 inches
MattHGiles lied in the Witch too, when he said "that was my first spell"
LornesLadyloveanyone ever have Red Velvet cake? I've never had it, but I'm thinking of making one for xmas
MattHWe learned differently in "The Dark Age"
impalergewell, he didn't want people to know his "bad" period
colleen1I've heard of those.
DeathIsYourArtit is fabulous when made properly
LornesLadyloveI got the recipe from martha Stewart
Elaisthe only time I've see Red Velvet cake is in that Dolly Parton movie
DeathIsYourArtShe is a witch
colleen1Isn't she a muppet?
DeathIsYourArtno a witch , Anya said so
LornesLadyloveShe might be an evil cruel businesswoman, but gosh darn it, I love her show
ElaisI did see the 'Dinner and a Movie' folks make it
LornesLadyloveI never saw a cake like it before till I saw martha make it
colleen1Guys, this is fun, but I'm too tired to concentrate. So I think I'm going to go watch a John Travolta movie.
LornesLadyloveIt would be pretty for xmas...i'd like to make one for my sis, but sending it would be costly
Elaisit has beets, right?
colleen1Good luck with the cake, and send me a slice.
LornesLadyloveok, take care colleen
Elaisfeel up John Travolta for me, will you?
*** colleen1 has left #thesuccubusclub
LornesLadylovemirc lets you DCC cake?
LornesLadylovesee...male celebs get women no matter how old and fat they get, but female celebs just get dumped when they get older
MattHDon't know - I don't use mIRC
LornesLadylovewell, when my bf gets around to installing Trillian, I'll use that
LornesLadylovei have to enter the info every time I open mirc, because it isn't compatible with xp
MattHNot always... I read about Mick Jagger getting turned down recently.
LornesLadyloveand can't set it up to DCC send or receive
LornesLadyloveew, mick jagger
DeathIsYourArtI second that LLL
MattHThat was what the woman who turned him down said "ewww"
DeathIsYourArtIt is about time someone said it to him
LornesLadyloveI'm not saying John Travolta, Harrison Ford, and others aren't still handsome, but I really get annoyed at how females are treated differently
LornesLadylovedid i bring the chatroom to a standstill?
Elaisa guy could look worse than Keith Richards and women are supposed to 'not care about looks'
LornesLadyloveoh poo
LornesLadyloveeveryone has to be somewhat physically attracted to a person
MattHNo...the chatroom often gets quiet when K&C play music....people go to the restroom, etc.
LornesLadylovepersonality can increase that attraction, but let's get real...everyone likes to look at whatever it is that they call sexy
MattHWell, when it comes to *looking* at some one, of course.
LornesLadyloveand being physically attracted romantically
MattHPersonally, I look for bilateral symetry and a waist to hip ratio of .7 ;-)
NJPKeith Richards with Rolling Stones Money = Babe Magnet
MattHWhich makes me pretty average for a guy
LornesLadyloveMy bf said most guys like women who are well-proportioned, rather than big boobs or a tight butt
NJPKeith Richards without Rolling Stone Money = Drunk Tank
LornesLadyloveMoney or not, I wouldn't get with Keith R
DeathIsYourArtAlso the whole bad boy rocker thing helps him out alot
MattHYou bf is essentialy right.
NJPAs a great Frenchman once remarked when discussing a woman's decolletage
LornesLadyloveI think so too matt
NJPMore than will fit in a champagne glass....superfluous
LornesLadylovebig boobs are for squeezin'
MattHWell, depends on the size of the champagne glass...
NJPand floating......
MattHI personally am a hair guy....
DeathIsYourArtonly the fakes
LornesLadyloveyou like hairy women?
LornesLadylovecuz I can hook u up
MattHNo, but I like long, luxurious (head) hair on a woman.
LornesLadylovehehe...I think long hair is great on a woman
MattHOne reason (among many) that I think Michelle Trachtenberg is so gorgeous..
LornesLadyloveI've not had my hair shorter than shoulder length since I was a kid in grade school
LornesLadyloveYeah, that's what I think is prettiest about her too
MattHReally gorgeous eyes too....
DeathIsYourArtShe has hair commercial hair
* MattH goes to a happy place...
LornesLadylovenice mouth shape
* LornesLadylove throws a severed hand into Matt's happy place
MattHMmm.... lunch!
DeathIsYourArtis it a mummy severed hand?
LornesLadyloveoh gross
LornesLadyloveno, a deadie
DeathIsYourArtoh forget it then
MattHThing .... get me a beer!
LornesLadyloveI will brb...must go to the little girls' room
ElaisThing should guest star on Angel
* MattH watches the hand scuttle off....
NJPMichelle....that honker just gets bigger and bigger
impalergewhat honker are you talking about
NJPI miss Raul Julia
MattHHer nose isn't that big.
NJPThere was some photo....
DeathIsYourArtahhh they said that they would talk about my e-mail and since I wrte them I have developed about 60 better and longer theories tht dwarf and embarras the one I sent them
DeathIsYourArtAnd I can't spell tonight
DeathIsYourArtnothing new really
MattHPost your stuff to the list
DeathIsYourArtokay I will put it together.. I will have to site some other people because some people on one of the boards I frequent pointed me int he right direction.
DeathIsYourArtAnd the boards have also taught me that since I am a science major, I don't read enough. Theater, English, Psych. and Phiolosophy majors make me feel stupid
impalergeI'd have Buffy know about the "missing day" in IWRY, have her be all upset about it...then realize it was the only thing to do--but still hate it
DeathIsYourArtYES that would be good
MattHReally. most of them were ididts (the ones I knew anyway)
NJPTheater Majors - showoffs; English Majors - dull, dull, dull; Psych Majors - Clueless; Philosphy Majors...pulleeeeze
DeathIsYourArtSoem of the ones I know now are stupid but not hte ones I talk to on the boards
MattHPhilosphy Majors - "Would you like fries with that?"
DeathIsYourArttrue.. but I still love philosophy
NJPYou know what you call Liberal Arts majors?
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
MattHI do think Xander was thinking about Buffy being distracted when he lied.
DeathIsYourArtyes and he was mad at him, which he had reason to be
impalergeand Xander...and no one...had any idea Angel would ever come back, with soul
LornesLadyloveok, back
MattHAs did anyone who like Jenny Calendar
MattHHeh...I liked Dawn from the very 1st episode...I have a younger brother who was *much* more annoying than Dawn.
DeathIsYourArtI think the only thing I would change out of the entire series would be the episode Double Meat palace..god I hated that one
impalergeyou can say that again, DIYA. It was why Sarah didn't like Season six that much
MattHI would have eliminated the entire Spuffy thing in season 6
impalergeor shorten it
DeathIsYourArtIt really wasn't that long actually
LornesLadyloveI'd have had Spike sing more in the musical
MattHWould have made the Demon Biker Thing in Bargaining a Vampire gang
LornesLadyloveyou know what one I never saw? The one where Dawn dated a vampire
MattHThe Spuffy thing seemed to last an eternity.... ;-)
Elaisyeah, the Demon Bikers were pretty crude
LornesLadyloveI'm w/Kitty
MattHVampires would have worked better ....especially with the entire "vampire slayer" thing.
DeathIsYourArtI would have loved for someone to have called Riley on his clingy, condecending behaviour. I have had a boyfriend like thta before, where he wants to take over my life and be the first at everything. I felt suffocated
LornesLadyloveI just thought Riley was BORING
DeathIsYourArtYES MORE vampires
LornesLadylovenot even sexy, to me
LornesLadylovethere can never be enough vampires
DeathIsYourArtI see now why Riley was necessary but at the time I wanted him to die painfully
MattHI actuallly liked Riley....just didn't think he was right for Buffy
MattHHated his wife though....a Mary Sue if ever there was one.
*** ttyo ( has joined channel #theSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtI think she would have been interesting if her head exploded for no reason at all
LornesLadylovehiya ttyo
ttyovoutei do inferno pra zuar vs
LornesLadyloveparlez vous ingles?
MattHWell, that is some intellgent conversation there.
ttyoables espanhol
impalergeare you from Espana?
ttyoeu não
MattHI liked the Master
impalergeIs this your first time listening to the show?
ttyoalgum brasileiro nessa porra
DeathIsYourArtHello to the 3rd largest country in the world
DeathIsYourArtwait 4th
impalergeTha Master would have made a great power Rangers villain...especially if he was more interesting than the heroes
LornesLadyloveplease don't hate us americans
MattHLLL - Don't grovel....
Elaishating Bush is ok, though
impalergewe encourage it
MattHNo it isn't
LornesLadyloveBush sucks
* MattH puts on his Bush/Cheney '04 hat
DeathIsYourArtI'm Canadian, I'm not deforesting (not sure if that is a word) your country
ttyovc são ums fracos e oprimidos
DeathIsYourArtConsidering who is running for the democrates I can't blame you MattH
ttyored_eye hacker brasilian
Elaisif Dean makes it, I'm voting for him
MattHYeah ... a choice between Bush or one of the nine Nazgull.....
LornesLadylovemi espanol es mal (and I don't know how to get characters like n with ~ on top, but I know they belong there)
*** ttyo is now known as c40s
c40sagora sim
c40smas serve
c40sondes moras
LornesLadyloveWrong Turn is a good movie, speaking of "Faith"...see it if u can
LornesLadyloveand if gorey horror movies don't bother u
MattHThe more human the villain the better
DeathIsYourArtvery true
MattHAt least on Buffy
LornesLadyloveinbred cannibals are human
DeathIsYourArtshout out to the inbred cannibals
Elaisoh yeah...the Mayor is still the best villain
MattHWould have like to have seen more of Adam's human side
LornesLadyloveLoved the mayor!
LornesLadyloveI'll be meeting the Troika at MR
MattH"There is more than one way to skin a cat - and I happen to know that is factually accurate"
DeathIsYourArttake pictures then run away very fast
Elaisbooked a room yet, LLL?
LornesLadyloveno, but I will be sharing this time
LornesLadylovemy bf won't be there
DeathIsYourArthave 6 cats, no joikng about cats
LornesLadyloveI hope my bf's membership in AAA will get a discount on the room
*** Signoff: NJP (Ping timeout: 600 seconds)
c40sondes moras
MattHJust quoting the Mayor.
DeathIsYourArtokay what is with this Brazilian
LornesLadyloveDeath, type /ignore c40s
DeathIsYourArtcan anyone kick him I forget how
ElaisI thought I better get around to looking for a roommie
LornesLadyloveI believe you type /kick c40s
LornesLadyloveor /kick c40s You suck!
DeathIsYourArtI types ignore and it worked thanks
*** Signoff: c40s (Remote closed the connection)
Elaisthank god
MattHSigh...I should probably edit that out of the transcript...
DeathIsYourArthe he he
MattHIgnore wasn't working for me
ElaisI couldn't find the ignore feature
MattHNever needed to use it before....
Elaisfirst time I've seen a troll in this chat room
MattHIt would have been better if he had spoken English....
DeathIsYourArtAnd after we were so nice to the cocaine head
LornesLadyloveIf I start a sorority for Buffy/Angel fans, would u join? It's called Getta Kegga Beer
MattHCould've understood the insults at lest
ElaisI love this song
MattHI would always be willing to join a sorority ;-)
DeathIsYourArthe he he
DeathIsYourArtI am more of a Jack Daniels girl but Beer works too
LornesLadylovewhen my bf was in college, sorority girls would come and give massages (not sex!) for money
ElaisI'm a Coca Cola Classic girl
LornesLadylovebackrubs and the like
LornesLadyloveNo, Pepsi Twist!
DeathIsYourArtThat would have made my debt a lot smaller
impalergeis that still available
LornesLadyloveI don't know...he went to Drew University (NJ)
*** Jezebel ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornesLadylovehello Jezebel
Elaishi Jezebel
JezebelHi. It's Fiat. Don't know why I'm in here twice
LornesLadyloveor Fiat :)
LornesLadylovetwice more to love
*** Signoff: FiatLux (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
Elaisyou're twice as welcome, then
JezebelThere I go
LornesLadylovethat Jezebel stole my boyfriend!!!
Elaisand here you stay
DeathIsYourArtdamn he had the money
LornesLadylovei have to put the bird to bed when I get off here
DeathIsYourArtthe chicken! Say hello tot he chicken
DeathIsYourArtsorry wrong window
LornesLadylovemaking me hungry
JezebelHe says 'hi'
JezebelI just brought him in.
LornesLadylovehi back
*** You have been marked as being away.
LornesLadyloveoh that chicken
LornesLadylovethe pet!!!
LornesLadyloveForget that "hungry" thing
LornesLadyloveI so love chickens...cuddly
LornesLadyloveanyone see the story about that 39 yr old woman who had sex with two teenage boys?
impalergewas it her idea or theirs
LornesLadyloveshe said they initiated it
LornesLadyloveBut she said she didn't know how to handle it, couldn't say no
Elaissounds like that mexican movie
Elaisabout a woman and two teenage kids
LornesLadyloveshe also had them for parties in her home and served alcohol
*** You are no longer marked as being away.
impalergeand she could not say no?
Elaisguess she didn't listen to Nancy Reagan
LornesLadylovethat's what she said...she's all crying and being a victim
JezebelMy feed is cutting out again
Elais*rolls eyes*
Elaisshe's only a couple years older than me and she's that irresponsible?
MattHOld Man Fan always does good Kitty Torture
LornesLadyloveyeah, it was pathetic
LornesLadyloveshe's a lacrosse coach too (boys' team) but says she never slept with any of them
DeathIsYourArtgo impaler
LornesLadylove2. sex with spike
LornesLadylovebeing naked in public
DeathIsYourArtThat would be my dream
LornesLadyloveangel and sex
DeathIsYourArtthe sex with spike one
MattHOpening a office supply store with Giles
MattHin Vegas
LornesLadylovegood matt
LornesLadylove3. poorly
Elaisi must have a delay
DeathIsYourArtcease the fish
*** Signoff: Jezebel ((null))
DeathIsYourArtI haven't seen this episode in so long
LornesLadylove4. butt
LornesLadylove5. zounds
MattHWilllow was gorgeous in this episode
LornesLadylove7. dinner is bought
MattHAnd paid for
LornesLadyloveit's not bought if it's not paid for
MattHI'll give you that one
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornesLadylovewelcome back fiat
impalergeI have that Game Show Network special
FiatLuxI'm me again and I'm back. I'll not leave again. I'll just stay here forever
LornesLadyloveok fiat, you keep the trolls out while we're away
FiatLuxTroll watch, I've had worse jobs.
LornesLadylove8. Steve
LornesLadylove9. anti-zan
LornesLadylove9. yani
impalergeUncle I should have told yu more about the Curse Enyos
MattHUncle Anos
MattHI think Kitty should get that one.
LornesLadylove10. death and bloodshed
MattHBecause it will be the last
LornesLadylovebecause I'll be there
FiatLuxI love the "do it again" part. She's so crazy and excited
DeathIsYourArtI love Dru
LornesLadyloveoh god so did I
LornesLadylove12. heart
MattHGiant Smurf Arm
Elaisgotta run guys
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
Elaistalk to you all later!
*** Elais has left #TheSuccubusClub
impalergesee ya
MattHIf the vampire is nearsightted
LornesLadylove15. down
MattHHe needs glasses
LornesLadylovehey i got that one right
LornesLadylovewell 13
LornesLadylove17. anya
LornesLadylove17. spike
LornesLadylove17. dawn
LornesLadylove17. joyce
LornesLadylove17. armin shimerman
LornesLadyloveno it's not Jenny
LornesLadyloveNo it's not right
LornesLadylovethey they they wrong
MattHYes it is
FiatLuxCome out of the fantasy
* LornesLadylove smacks matt
LornesLadyloveit's the aspartame, ppl
LornesLadyloveit affects me
* MattH gets some mosquito repellent
MattHIt is always a good Kitty Torture when Kitty calls Candy a bitch (or beyotch)
LornesLadylove18. blowshistle thing
LornesLadylove19. dru
LornesLadylovei'm so bad at this
LornesLadylove21. bonus - i love you
DeathIsYourArtI don't remember
LornesLadyloveI'm just wild guessing
LornesLadylovetoo much pressure, too much pressure
MattHThe hippo stole the monkeys pants
DeathIsYourArthe he he
LornesLadyloveI can't take it
LornesLadyloveNews headline: Girl Goes Crazy After Torturing Kitty
DeathIsYourArtActually Candy usually markers her higher
impalergethen it wouldn't be Kitty Torture
LornesLadylovenew angel Jan 7 or 14
impalergewhat, nothing this month?
DeathIsYourArtI hope the 7th
LornesLadyloveme too
LornesLadylovethey do it every year
DeathIsYourArtsooner the better
impalergewhere did u hear this from
MattH13 1/2 out of 20. Not bad
LornesLadyloveI think two weeks have no eps
LornesLadyloveWB site
FiatLuxSounds like Kitty's been watching Charlie Brown Christmas
impalergeThanks. I'll make the changes on my site
*** Signoff: impalerge ((null))
DeathIsYourArttalk to you all next week. BYE BYE is soon to be remade
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
LornesLadyloveby all,
LornesLadylovelove y'all
*** Signoff: LornesLadylove ((null))
FiatLuxSee ya
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Dec 03 20:00:41 2003