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MattHHiya Amy
*** impalerge (~davidmell@ has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Impaler
impalergeHI there! Get your Firefly DVD set yet?
MattHNope - don't like Firefly
impalergeWell, I got mine through I guess it's at several Best Buy stores
Amy_Madisonjust got mine
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
impalergeHello FL
MattHHiya Fiatlux
Amy_Madisonis the re a show
impalergethe re?
MattHSupposed to be
*** Elais ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
Amy_MadisonWhoo Hoo
impalergedid that guy say suckibus club?
MattHHiya CM
FiatLuxHi Elais
Elaisokay, I've got WinAmp on, but just music so far
Elaishey Fiat!
ElaisKitty and Candy are next!
impalergeHi, CM. Well, I guess the W and H Revue organizers have accepted my check, so I'll be there in two months
MattHI didn't even bother trying Winamp.
Elaiswinamp sounds pretty good
FiatLuxI didn't bother either. I figured it'd be down.
Amy_Madisonso, who's seen the store
MattHI glanced at it.
impalergesame here
*** DeathIsYourArt ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Death
Amy_Madisonshe stole the monkeypen again
DeathIsYourArthiya Matt
Amy_Madisondamn, I wasnt one
impalergeit is the god DIYA! Hi there!
DeathIsYourArtey Impaler
Amy_Madisontoo bad they can't sell a monkeypen at the store (yet)
DeathIsYourArtYou should suggest it, though it would be a resale which could be illegal
Amy_Madisonthough the monkeypen mousepad is kinda cool
FiatLuxIs everyone emailing Ethan now, demanding our 5 min.?
MattHWe've been robbed - 5 minutes of SC gone forever.... Grrr
Amy_Madisonim gonna call in a few minutes
impalergehey, a lot of things can happen in five minutes
impalergelast night's 24 proved that
DeathIsYourArtRerun with Spike
impalergein his non-solid days
DeathIsYourArtmakes no is Spike
impalergecan you believe we have to wait until Jan 14th for a new show?
DeathIsYourArtit sucks so much...
Amy_Madisonwhy not!!!!!!!!
DeathIsYourArtrerun hell
MattHKitty is channelling Bob Dole....
Amy_Madisonbut its a Harmony Epi..
MattHJan. 14
Amy_Madisonor is it the other way around
* MattH sobs quietly...
DeathIsYourArtit is written by Drew and Steve so it should be good
Amy_MadisonBob Dole IS channeling Kitty
*** blink452 ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Blink452
impalergehey, a new person?
Amy_MadisonYea, I red the spiolers for it
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NJPHey Matt
colleen1Hi guys
impalergewow, we're popular!
MattHHiya Colleen
Joelsephhi chaps
blink452how can you listen and chat at the same time? it boggles the mind.
Amy_Madisonfor now anyway
MattHHiya Joel
NJPadd chewing gum and you can try for Mensa
FiatLuxIt takes skill blink
Amy_MadisonHEy, we love Boggle
impalergeyou're a mere newbie. You'll get the hang of it. Just realign both halves of the brain and stuff
ElaisI've been chatting/listening/watching tv shows at the same time for long time
blink452well, I'm impressed. :)
FiatLuxSometimes I listen, chat, AND play Bejeweled
colleen1Throw in fic writing, and I hear ya.
Elaisit's kinda overwhelming at first
NJPafter a couple of go-arounds, you find that having 7 conversations at once is perfectly normal
Amy_MadisonI wasnt a pic of the Monkeypen then
colleen1Not necessarily 7 perfectly normal conversations
DeathIsYourArtyou will often write in the wrong window
DeathIsYourArtbut we don't care
NJPwell, its when you start having them without the computer that people start to stare
blink452oh yeah, that happens all the time
MattHIt makes the conversation more interesting
NJPyesterday was Double Joss Day
impalergecan't there girls broadcast from their home, like Rush does?
NJPBuffy S5 and Firefly DVDs
MattHRush can afford a home studio....
impalergeyep, both available at a Best Buy near you
NJPRush's home?????
impalergein Florida
DeathIsYourArtI'm banned from buying anything for myself until boxing day (december 26th is a holiday in Canada)
NJPSouth Florida Mens Correctional Institute?
impalergenot yet
colleen1Rush the rock group?
colleen1I bought em. Poor little credit card.
DeathIsYourArtsomeone kill that man
Amy_Madisona lot of people are pissed about the S5 discs
impalergehow come?
MattHAhemm....I like Rush
Elaiswell, everyone is raving about the Firefly dvds
Amy_Madisonthey cut the montage from 'The Gift'
impalergeOK, Republicans are welcome here
*** Unknown command: GLARES
colleen1I'm a Liberal.
impalergeWait, they CUT an episode?
Elaisthe one at the beginning?
colleen1Sometimes NDP.
* MattH glares at Death Is Your Art
Elaisor at the end?
DeathIsYourArtI don't mind republicans... I just don't like rush
Amy_Madisonno just the beginning
FiatLuxWhy'd they do that? Save space?
NJPthat's nothing. The R2 discs were actually *censored*
DeathIsYourArtI'm Canadian, I have no say in American politics anyways
NJPSeason 2
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impalergeoh, they left out the "100th episode" montage of all the stuff that happened in five years in one minute?
NJPThey clipped the whole Giles hot wiring from "Dead Mans Party"
DeathIsYourArtdamn that sucks
MattHChat Spam Incoming
DeathIsYourArtI didn't notice that
MattHOn the Region 2 CDs they did
FiatLuxIsn't that the point of DVD's to have extra stuff; not cut things
Amy_Madisonthat's another reason I love my R4 discs
impalergeut the Region 1 DVD of "Dean Man's Party " is uncut, right?
NJPa lot of the previously on Buffy were cut
Elaiscutting stuff on dvds is dump
NJPR1 is intact
colleen1They can cut all the Buffy/Riley kissing scenes from mine.
NJPit was to make a rating in Britain
impalergewell, if you can fit ten hours of 'extras" in a DVD, you should add stuff, not remove them
FiatLuxThey can't show hot wiring a car in the UK?
DeathIsYourArtAt the very least the buffy riley scene from HUSH, the one bad part of that perfect episode
impalergebecause it's too educational
NJPThe theory is that it was criminal activity
NJPBuffy discs were rating "15
NJP"Angel gets an "18" rating
DeathIsYourArtWhat Britain anything doesn't have criminal activity?
FiatLuxKilling zombie- cool Starting a car without keys- bad
impalergehmm, well, Buffy and Angel DVD's should be uncut everywhere
NJPcant be teaching your 15 year olds how to hot wire cars
colleen1I remember they cut a TNG episode in England because they thought it made a group like the IRA to sympathetic
Joelsephi learned everything i know about crime from Buffy
colleen1Don't know about the DVD
NJPSpeaking of uncut. Nice to be able to watch OMWF on DVD (R2) without cuts
DeathIsYourArtwe don't have it yet *sniffle*
colleen1Ah, Everytime Sarah Maclaughlin sings, a vampire gets his soul ...
impalergeand so will we in the six months
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
NJPJuly 4th or 6th
impalergeseven then
MattHGet a multi-region DVD player
NJPOutrage. How is it that we can have all TWO season of tripe like Alias and we've got to wait a year for Buffy?
NJPMulti regions are fairly cheap
DeathIsYourArtJoss is busy
NJPno more than any other DVD player
NJPThere are some minor distortions
colleen1There's some REALLY cheap multi regions.
impalergeI've seen a few models in SF, mainly for people who want to see DVD's from Japan
NJPIf you can find a computer DVD-Rom built before 1998 it will be region free too
colleen1Like $69 CND cheap
FiatLuxI just noticed that on my season 3 set the first three disks all say "disk three"
DeathIsYourArtnot that cheap
impalergebut would they last?
MattHMine has lasted for about 3 years now
DeathIsYourArtYou can't even get a normal DVD player for $69 canadian unless you buyy from Giant Tiger
NJPSame here
colleen1Got one at the Bay.
colleen1Another at Walmart.
DeathIsYourArtNot hte best place for electronics..
DeathIsYourArtwhat brand was it?
Amy_Madisonno its not
colleen1Some cheapy one. My daughter's works fine though. She's had it for about a year.
DeathIsYourArtDon't trust walmart. My sister got one from there, it makes all dvd's skip
Amy_Madisonthey should play the other Anya song
NJPSpeaking of which, anyone interested in Buffy Region 2 S1,S3,S3,S4 and S5 and Region 4 S2? Free to a good home
impalergeAh, Emma..considered by a website as a sexy ultra-conservative
DeathIsYourArtdid you say free?
NJPAngel Region 2 1 and 2?
DeathIsYourArtmagic word
NJPE me a snail mail and you gotem
ElaisEmma had a good voice
DeathIsYourArtokay, just got to make sure my region free dvd player is in this computer and not the one I just gave away...*crosses fingers*
NJPfirst come first served
NJPShe was pretty outrageous on Howard Stern
DeathIsYourArtahhhh... I'll miss out watch
ElaisI'm impressed with anyone who is able to hold their own against Howard Stern
NJPStern wanted her to dis SMG
NJPShe changed the subject to (censored)
DeathIsYourArtgood for her
DeathIsYourArtshe is too classy to insule her co-workers
impalergeand they could be listening
impalergeby the way, anyone see Comedy Central's cheesy awards show Sunday?
impalergeAlyson actually won for American Wedding
NJPyeah, hard to tell the awards from the phony awards
FiatLuxI caught some of it. Saw her speech
NJPThey kept going to her
Elaishow are doing, blink452?
impalergewell, this award was kinda phony, but she beat Reese Withersppon
blink452my brain hurts.
NJPWith a baseball bat I hope
Elaisspike tv had some stupid video game award show
impalergefor Legally Blonde 2? Makes sense
colleen1I hate Spike TV. The name keeps getting my hopes up.
MattHHe did have a certain Owenosity to him
FiatLuxI've seen Owen on CSI and Monk
Amy_Madisonjust remember it not our Spike
Elaisand not Spike Lee
blink452Owen who?
NJP"Strong" how can you beat this ep?
colleen1No. CERTAINLY not Spike Lee :)
impalergejust a former Country music channel that has fallen into a bad crowd
FiatLuxYeah, the judge said so
MattHThis was an excellent episode...
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
FiatLuxI remember watching the end of this ep and thinking, "What is Giles doing with a hole in his ear?"
FiatLuxGiles wouldn't wear an earring!
DeathIsYourArthe did when he was ripper
MattHRIpper would
FiatLuxYeah, little did I know :)
Elaisand he would punch you out if you dissed the earring
DeathIsYourArtColleen, in case you don't know. there is a buffy marathon on Space starting at 10pm on Christmas with the last 2 episodes of S6, then all of S7.
DeathIsYourArtI love the canadian Space channel
colleen1I know. One of the producers told me in Sept, but I had to keep the secret ;)
impalergeI wish we had that channel in the US. Add MST 3000 to it and it would be perfect
colleen1They can't run it here, because of movie rights.
impalergewell, it's just a fantasy
colleen1We're having a Buffy Christmas party in Toronto on Sunday. Anybody want to come? :)
DeathIsYourArtOh Now I really wish I was going to my friends party in Nrth York this weekend... I couldn't swing it because I start a new job on Monday
DeathIsYourArtnorth not nrth
DeathIsYourArtI could have crashed your party
colleen1I used to live in North York.
DeathIsYourArtI went to York university up until a year ago
colleen1My daughter's at Humber.
*** Signoff: blink452 ((null))
Joelsephhave a nice night people, im off to bed - leaving the computer on record
impalergeis Humber an elementary school
FiatLuxG'night Joel
MattHOk - CYA Joel
*** Signoff: Joelseph ((null))
impalergesleep tight
FiatLuxWhat episode is this song from?
MattHNo idea
ElaisI don't know
colleen1Humber's a college.
Elaisooo RoTK promo
colleen1When did you reply to me, NJP? It just popped up now.
DeathIsYourArtwhy does everyone leave so early?
colleen1On the list, I mean.
colleen1He's in England, isn't he? Joel?
MattHWell - Joel is in the UK, so it is like 4 AM there
DeathIsYourArtoh that would explain it
ElaisDon't think so
impalergeoh, he's gone to bed
Elaisoh, Joes IS from the UK?
DeathIsYourArtI didn't know where he was from is all
MattHAmy is in Australia, IIRC
impalergeis that right!
Elaiswe're everywhere
MattHI could be wrong on that....just a vague memory on my part
DeathIsYourArtI saw it
DeathIsYourArtit is good
DeathIsYourArtnot too kinky or anything, but interesting
MattHShe mentioned get Aus DVD's
DeathIsYourArtin the us you can not show a women enjoying sex and she appeared to enjoy it too much
DeathIsYourArtthat is why they cut part of the last James bond movie too
Elaisthe Smashed ending?
impalergewhat movie are you talking about DIYA?
FiatLuxYeah from watching TV I never knew I was supposed to like sex ;)
DeathIsYourArtthe James Bond movie was Die Another Day
MattH"Hello, salty goodness" - Wonderful line
DeathIsYourArtOne of her best
impalergeoh, OK. So what's wrong with women enjoying the 2003?
DeathIsYourArtThe US censored just felt it was too much, the same reason they asked that the Smashed Episode be cut
ElaisI actually thought they made the right call in cutting out that particular part of that Buffy/Spike scene
ElaisBuffy's 'enjoyment' when Spike had her up against the wall was sufficient
impalergeI agree. We're not supposed to think this was a good thing
FiatLuxI've never seen the alternative
impalergewell, it could...arrive...when the S6 DVD's come next summer
DeathIsYourArtJust because it wasn't a good relationship overall doesn't mean that the sex was bad. They made it clear that te sex was great.
Elaisyeah, otherwise she wouldn't have continued having sex with Spike
impalergewell, Spuffy love is still icky to me
DeathIsYourArtI hated that sex scene up against the wall.. That it when i knew that that relationship was not going to fix itself but get mush worse. And being a spuffy person since Becoming part2, it was hard on me
DeathIsYourArtI'm sorry I can't spell ...he he he
DeathIsYourArtSorry Impaler, I know you are a B/A fan
impalergewell, I am aware of alternative beliefs. I'm just hoping mine wins
FiatLuxI don't like the syndication cuts. Sometimes they edit really good parts out.
impalergewhich is why you should get the DVD's
MattHI don't really have a ship, but I didn't like Spuffy
DeathIsYourArtI liked what they did with that season overall. And Touched in S7 made up for everything for me
MattHDemon Spawn was Cordy
*** Signoff: NJP ((null))
FiatLuxGo Candy. Tell 'em
Elaisalmost makes me want to watch again!
MattHBuffy is best when viewed in order....
DeathIsYourArtAnd when you go back you notice patterns upon second viewing, and small references... I LOVE buffy
colleen1That's okay. B/A is icky to me.
DeathIsYourArtI don't find them icky, they just never came off as deep to me. They were sweet and innocent and a great first love for Bffy. I just felt that she needed to let go.
colleen1He was stalking her when she was 15. That's icky.
impalergebut he never expected the love he felt for her. He even said so
DeathIsYourArtSpeaking of Angel, I am worried about its future. Apparently the WB is playing around with Joss again and in an interview I read today he sounded really tired of it all
impalergeHe just wanted to help, figuring once she knew who he was, she'd have to do what's...necessary
MattHWell, technically I don't think he was stalking her. Whistler had something to show is a little different
impalergeReally, DIYA. Where was that article? I'd like to post a link to it for my website
colleen1See, I started watching Buffy cause my kids were watching Something Blue. So I started as a S/B shipper.
DeathIsYourArtYa but if you go by the whole Whistler thing, then Angel's story line should have ended after Acathla
impalergebut he was saved by the Goddess of Spinoff
DeathIsYourArtthat is the big day he saw for Angel and the only reason he intorduced him to Buffy
MattHNo...Whistler didn't say that was Angel was for.
impalergeand that he was, when you think about it..rooked
DeathIsYourArtYes he did
MattHExcuse me...I meant *all* Angel was for.
DeathIsYourArtHe told Buffy that the day with Acathla is the big day he saw for Angel
DeathIsYourArtHe never said that he was for anything else though... I like Angel, I just never got as attached to him as some of the other characters
colleen1I'm sure he's good for getting things off high shelves.
DeathIsYourArtHA HA HA
MattHTrue, but the First did, as did Doyle
DeathIsYourArtYa that always felt forced to me... to make up for the Whistler quote. I laughed when those things came up
MattHThe positon of Doyle was originally meant for Whistler, but the actor wasn't available
DeathIsYourArtI like that Angel continued. At times his journey has been very interesting. At times though I just didn't care... Bad writing
colleen1Like Doyle better anyway.
impalergethey have to bring Whistler back, especially now that Angel is doubting his role in the world
DeathIsYourArtReally? i did not know that. thank you
DeathIsYourArtya Doyle rocked
Elaisyeah, Doyle was better
MattHWith Whistler being the seer getting visions from the PTB
colleen1I always got Whistler mixed up with Willie when I first saw them.
DeathIsYourArtno no more seers
DeathIsYourArtlots of Williams in these shows. I went back and counted so many
MattHI didn't like Cordelia as a seer....
DeathIsYourArtme neither
colleen1But it made her a better person. I love the season one finale.
colleen1Now Angel and Cordy I could see.
FiatLuxI like the theory, but I think it was just the execution that bugged.
MattH*That* seemed really forced.
DeathIsYourArtya me too, or Angel and Faith. I always found that thye challenged and moved each others character forward
colleen1Only at the end, for me, when they got all mushy silly.
impalerge"forced" is right. It wasn't natural, this Angel+Cordy thing
FiatLuxI liked Angel and Cordy as family better.
colleen1Could be Charisma's acting more than anything.
impalergebecause that's what they really are
MattHWhile I can see Buffy with other people, I can't really see Angel without anyone else.
MattHWithout = With
colleen1The "two friends coming to realize they love each" works for me better than the B/A high school romantic sentimental stuff
MattHDoesn't have the forbidden Vampire/Slayer romance element, plus with the soul curse making it doomed added a lot more tension.
colleen1And a lot less sex ;)
MattHKitty is calling her kid Skeletor....
MattHNo sex = tension
colleen1I know that.
colleen1But I don't wish it on Buffy.
DeathIsYourArtI agree. B/A just seemed like a highschool romance, which is what it was. ANd to me is a starting point, not an ending
colleen1What seemed forced to me was the B/A kiss in the second last ep.
MattHActually, there are some studies that show that first loves are actually rather lasting...
MattHDefinitely agree with that kiss
MattHbeing forced
colleen1I could tell you some stuff about that Matt - but I won't.
impalergethey were out of practice
DeathIsYourArtI think they were good for one another. But I never found that B/A moved anywhere. I want a relationship to grow and evolve
impalergeyeah, that's it
MattHBuffy had moved on, Angel can't
impalergewell, the real test to see if the love is there now that ther'e nothing stopping you
Elaisodd, with Buffy/Angel AND Buffy/Spike, it was the sex that did them in
colleen1I always thought Buffy was the one who had trouble moving on.
ElaisB/A with the lack of it, B/S with too much of it
colleen1Angel's a bit of a kissing slut
MattHThe only ship I was rooting for (milldy) was B/X...
impalergedamn right
DeathIsYourArtI never wanted that. It would have hurt Willow
MattHBy season 7, I think she had.
DeathIsYourArtint he beginning anyways
MattHNot after Oz...
DeathIsYourArtYa because she was real loyal to OZ where Xander was conserned
MattHWell, when she had to make a choice, she chose Oz over Xander
colleen1I wouldn't be surprised if B/X were having comfort sex as we speak.
DeathIsYourArtI really like the B/S of Season 7. the friendship and Loyalty that eventually gave us a beginning... that didn't get to go anywhere due to death
impalergethe hopefully annual after this year W and H Revue
DeathIsYourArtI wish I had the money to visit my friends in L.A. ... You people get all the special events
colleen1Sometimes I wish I lived in California. Cool conventions.
DeathIsYourArtCanadian think alike
impalergeyeah, but I hear they're better in the UK
colleen1San Diego Comic Con also great.
* MattH chuckles
colleen1Not the Harvest.
MattHI live in LA, but never go to anything. ;-)
DeathIsYourArtdamn you
FiatLuxI can see Ethan being some diabolical ventriloquist and making up Kitty and Candy.
DeathIsYourArtwe need to live through you...therefore, go
DeathIsYourArtGO ETHAN
MattHI liked Neil Gaiman's "American Gods"
Elaisyou should check out the W&H Revue, Matt
ElaisI'm looking forward to meeting kitty and candy again
MattHToo expensive for my blood.
ElaisI liked that book too Matt
ElaisI think they'll have a mini-party Friday, Matt
MattHI might go to that
DeathIsYourArtHow do you think they should kill Eve off?
ElaisI'll see what info I can dig up on that
impalergetix are still available, including the Disneyland Trip
colleen1Eve? Slowly and painfully?
DeathIsYourArtmore specific
impalergehopefully, Eve will be killed by her boyfrined who may or may not be Lindsay
MattHSenior Partners, PTB .... anybody notice that they were never mentioned on *Buffy*
DeathIsYourArtI would like that
impalergepossibly by spontaneous dissolving
DeathIsYourArtPTB were just not as much and never seen
MattHI'd like Spike to turn her....
impalergeEve's not human, and I bet not alive either
DeathIsYourArtI would love it if lorne killed her, give him somthing to do
MattHOr maybe Harmony
ElaisChick fight!!!
DeathIsYourArtYES HARMONY could kill her
DeathIsYourArtLets write Joss
impalergeremember, spontaneous dissolving
DeathIsYourArttoo easy and pianless
impalergewho said it would be painless
colleen1Eve doesn't die. She gets demoted to the mailroom.
colleen1There's an opening there.
ElaisThe Flaying part two
DeathIsYourArtthat is where Lindsy started, that means she will come back...though death doesn't rule that out either
FiatLuxThat would be long lasting pain and suffering.
FiatLuxSend her to the Doublemeat Palace for that matter.
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha yes
colleen1The Senior Partners are actually the Watcher's c
DeathIsYourArtonly if they have the penis monster again
colleen1Hence the Dad Robot.
impalergenooooo, I don't think so
MattHPersonally, I think that the Senior Partners and the PTBs are related...
MattHJust playing a game with those funny little mortals and demons
impalergefamily feud? Maybe
FiatLuxLike they are cranky siblings trying to get back at each other?
ElaisI like that idea Fiat
impalergecain and abel..only bigger
ElaisI wish the get rid of the Senior Partners and PTB
Elaismeddling kids
MattHWell, we already saw one of the PTB....Jasmine
DeathIsYourArtThen they would have to explain things
DeathIsYourArtI want that Lizard guy who worked with Glory to show up
DeathIsYourArtHe was so much better than Glory
MattHThe one played by Joel Grey?
colleen1They didn't say that about Jasmine, did they?
DeathIsYourArtahhh stop them
colleen1And more like a Senior Partner sort of thing.
MattHShe did....
DeathIsYourArtI AM
colleen1Hey, death, they're talking about you.
DeathIsYourArtStop listening
DeathIsYourArtMy theory has evolved
colleen1Well, Jasmine was evil, so there ya go.
MattHWell, technically, Spike wasn't evil enough for Drusilla
DeathIsYourArtexactly, in her opinon he wasn't good (evil) enough for her
MattHI kind of liked Connor
DeathIsYourArtthen he tried to prove it and ended up with a chip
MattHThat is a realllll strech
colleen1I sort of couldn't stand Connor.
colleen1Like I sort of hate, hate, hate last season.
MattHThat story had potential
DeathIsYourArtno I'm not saying that he changed on his own, I just find that whenever this pattern repeated they wrote in an evolution to the character\
DeathIsYourArtsome form of change
MattHI just felt that someone called "The Destroyer" should have been able to beat up someone...
colleen1I think Spike started to change because he loved Buffy, without realizing it, and that's what Dru picked up on.
DeathIsYourArtI agree
MattHThey did retcon that in, yes
ElaisAngel was the same way
Elaisnada on Spike's father
DeathIsYourArtI think he got his teeth fixed or something
DeathIsYourArtBut his accent is really good. My family is made up of all 1st and second british heritage
colleen1I got told I had an accent.
DeathIsYourArtScottish mostly, but there are some English and 2 Irish
colleen1I know Brit fans who say he does a good accent.
DeathIsYourArtWe do ... but we don't hear it
ElaisI was think it is strange when others talk about an 'American Accent'
colleen1Oh, I think the accent starts as soon as I go south of the border.
impalergeUh, I think I was the once who said in the Yahoo group that someone compalined about Spike's accent. It was frmo a letter to the SF Chronicle
DeathIsYourArtIt depends on where in America, and where you are from originally. there are like 6 Accents depending on where in Canada you are from
ElaisThere are different Canadian accents?
MattHThere are different English accents, Cockney, etc.
FiatLuxI'm from the south and know I have an accent and my friends and family, but I never think about it until someone from another place points it out.
impalergefrom west to the maritimes, right colleen?
colleen1Even different NS to Newfoundlan
colleen1I love Firefly.
DeathIsYourArtAnd Alberta, saskatewan, and Manitoba have their own accent , B.C. has a different accent though it is suttle. And then Ontario and Quebec (English) have their own
DeathIsYourArtI spelled Sask wrong... I suck
colleen1Even eastern and central Ontario
DeathIsYourArtlus some of my friends speak broken English, bouncinf from English to french in the middle of sentences
DeathIsYourArtI CAN'T spell
FiatLuxI get it now, but at first I thought Kitty said, "the Cortizone girl"
colleen1I'm heading out. Kitty torture's not my thing.
DeathIsYourArtokay bye bye
FiatLuxbye colleen
MattHOk - cya next week
colleen1And I have a really good friend who's a B/A shipper. Just sos ya know.
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha, kill that friend
colleen1She's wrong of course, but I like her ...
*** colleen1 has left #thesuccubusclub
ElaisB/A shippers are hardy folk
impalergeand strident and zealous, and......stuff. Actually, I'm just hoping they get one more shot, and this time no one can object
impalergeI mean, on the show
FiatLuxThey have to be, they get screwed around with so much
DeathIsYourArtSPIKE can
impalergeyeah, and big hunk of wood starts sailing towards him..or he can decide to give Dru what he got
impalergea little payback frmo being dumped in season two
impalergeand if it winds up helping her, so much the better
DeathIsYourArtthey won't kill Spike again, too repetative... plsu he is the reason it is airing
DeathIsYourArtI don't think they will ever resolve it
MattHShe has already done Restless once.
DeathIsYourArtit is Chosen
* MattH starts humming theme from Jeopardy
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHWB Amy... Just in time for Kitty Torture
Elaisare you from Australia?
DeathIsYourArtcaptain peroxide
Amy_Madisonwho ME?
MattHYes you
Amy_MadisonCalifornia catually
MattHWell, I was way wrong
Amy_Madisonactually, (Damn keyboard)
MattHI thought you were from Australia...
DeathIsYourArtdrowning in footwear
Amy_Madisonno big
MattHJunior Watcher
MattHDwarf with the mystical skills of a dolly
DeathIsYourArtthat is it
MattHdoily, dolly almost
DeathIsYourArtwillows bed
DeathIsYourArthe he he
MattHPrincipals office
MattHAnya and ANdrew
MattHPulls ovpen sunlight
MattHSunnydale Sign
MattHNo talking, chewing gum, run in hallls, let vampires get past you.
MattHEthan is channelling Oz.
MattHWell, I am out of here. The chat transcript should be up on my website ( in a few minutes. See y'all next week
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Dec 10 20:06:44 2003