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NJPHey guys
FiatLuxHey Matt
NJPSometimes you feel like a nut.....
MattHHi All
DeathIsYourArtHello *sexy voice*
Elaishey Matt
Elaissometimes you don't
NJPanother classic
NJPbehind the scenes
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* MattH sighs
MattHChat spam incoming
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
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impalergeHappy holidays!
MattHHi Impaler
Elaishi impaler!
Elaisyou're in sacramento aren't you impaler?
impalergeHi, Elias....I guess I'm still going to the W and H event in February because they've accepted my check
impalergeand yes, my HQ is still sacramento
DeathIsYourArtYou get the sunny weather for christmas.. I couldn't handle that
DeathIsYourArtI have 3 feet of now and still falling
impalergesunny, yes, but still chilly. It' will get wet, soon, too
DeathIsYourArtsnow not now
impalergeI'd like the snow, though, as long as I didn't have to drive through it
ElaisJames Marsters and his band Ghost of the Robot are playing at the Crest theater January 3rd
impalergeHmmmm....Saturday..DARN! I have to work that night
impalergebut maybe I can see them rehearse
impalergeor hear thenm
impalergethem, I mean
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MattHPie is a staple?
impalergeit's a food group
Elaistalking about pie is pretty controversial
impalergeonly among those who are on the Atkins Diet, where Pie is verboten
Elais*bops to the theme song*
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Elaisseems like there are a lot of people doing theses on Buffy and/or fandom
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MattHWell, Buffy fans put the "fanatic" back in "fan"
ElaisI was at a con where they had some college kid interviewing the fans
ElaisI've always wondered what kind of grade she got
Elaisis everyone ready for the holidays?
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MattHNot really
ElaisWB Amy
MattHWB Amy
impalergehi again
ElaisDown to one last present
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LornesLadylovehi guys
impalergeHi, Triple L!
LornesLadylovemy bf wanted to play games on the puter last week :)
LornesLadyloveI got a little cold I think :)
MattHOh, were you gone ;-)
Elaiswhat kind of games does your bf play?
LornesLadylovehe plays MindSweeper and Diablo lately
LornesLadylovehi amy
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FiatLuxI'm back
LornesLadylovehey Fiat!
MattHWB FiatLux
DeathIsYourArthello again
FiatLuxA friend of mine requested this song.
FiatLuxYou just don't think of country music when you think of Angel
Elaisgood song
LornesLadyloveI like country music
MattHI certainly don't
impalergeI'm partial to Martina McBride
ElaisI don't like country music in general, but like some country songs
LornesLadyloveI like modern country, basically the country-rock stuff
DeathIsYourArtYay Amy
LornesLadyloveOnce in a while I like other songs countyr
FiatLuxI did the dedication
MattHQuality conversation? Us?
FiatLuxWell I didn't want to scare people off
Elaisperhaps we need to raise the level of discussion
MattHMust we?
impalergeyay presents!
impalergeWe had a "secret Santa" thing at the radio station holiday party last night...but I had to leave the party--and didn't get a thing
Elaisyeah, I got suckered into doing the secret santa thing tomorrow at work
impalergeyeah, I had to leave the party because it was scheduled before my regular overnight shift
impalergegood food, though
MattHI hate participating in doing that sort of thing - I always get somebody who I have no idea what to shop for.
FiatLuxReindeer and monkey? There's a combo
LornesLadylovei'm actually ordering my bf's gift right now, a computer game he wants
DeathIsYourArtYou think it will get to you in time LLL
LornesLadyloveoh yeah, on
ElaisI got something pretty neutral....a scented candle
DeathIsYourArtwhat scent?
LornesLadylovethose are great...if you lose them, just smell for them!
Elaisthose big-ass popcorn tins are good
LornesLadyloveI'll be getting some cheap tins cuz I'm making cookies for ppl this year, can't afford gifts
Elaishave not idea what scent it is
MattHKitty Stickers - awesome
LornesLadyloveand I'm making a red velvet cake for my boyfriend and me and guests
Elaishomemade cookies are good too
LornesLadylovewell they're having fun aren't they?
MattHSounds like it.
LornesLadyloveI'm planning on making 5 diff kinds of cookies
impalergesure are. Who wouldn't want toiletries that wash away your sins?
Elaiswhat kinds of cookies?
impalergeSanta cookies, right?
impalergeOK, what's with the squealing?
Elaisbath and body kits are okay
MattHThey need a webcam
DeathIsYourArtyes they do
ElaisI've given those as gifts myself
impalergethey should broadcast fro their house, or either house
ElaisA webcam would be great!
DeathIsYourArtWe should find a way to get them one... i say this now that I am out of money of course
MattHBandwith costs would be pretty high.
LornesLadylovesorry, was working with the form...I'll answer the cookie question...
LornesLadylovedon't have the cookie cutters yet, but hoping to find Santa among others
LornesLadylovesugar, gingerbread, chocolate sugar, snowballs, and lemon cinnamon
DeathIsYourArtohhhh cookies
LornesLadylovecome on over impala, I'll share cake with youtoo
Elaischocolate sugar...yummmmmmmmmmm
MattH"Confessions From A Professional Fan"
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
LornesLadyloveI figured I'd do some basic cookies...since I've never made cookies you use with a cookie cutter before...and one or two special cookies (hence, the snowballs and lemon cinnamon)
FiatLuxI haven't had any christmas cookies yet
Elaisi might be able to talk my mother into making some christmas cookies
Elaisor just plain cookies
LornesLadylovei've had (non-alcoholic) eggnog
FiatLuxI'm going to make some bourbon balls, but I keep running out of bourbon :)
ElaisI've never had eggnog, alcoholic or otherwise
LornesLadyloveTwice I've drank a quart of eggnog this year
* MattH chuckles
FiatLuxI like boiled custard
MattHI prefer non-alcoholic eggnog
LornesLadyloveLOL...I considered bourbon balls, but decided to go simpler...besides, some kids are getting these treats
Elaisboiled custard?
LornesLadyloveI don't drink, so no alcohol ever
LornesLadyloveI was considering making marzipan, but decided not to...I still haven't tried it yet
FiatLuxWhen I was kid my grandmother made double-bourbon bourbon balls. Man I love my grandmother. Keep the kids quiet.
impalergeand stoned?
MattH"Interesting People" - an interesting choice of words
FiatLuxWell that's just a side effect.
FiatLuxI'm not really sure what's in boiled custard. I just buy it in the store, but it's good.
LornesLadyloveI love milk desserts and treats, but oh so fattening
Elaishave you ever tried something called tiramisu?
impalergeisn' that a rich cheese dessert?
DeathIsYourArtAre there people who haven't?
MattHI haven't
FiatLuxI've only had it once
LornesLadyloveno, it's not cheese
LornesLadyloveIt's one of the most wonderful desserts in the world
DeathIsYourArtreally? Okay I used to have a lot of greek friends... there was always Tiramisu
*** colleen1 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
impalergehello, colleen
LornesLadyloveIt's got ladyfingers soaked in espresso or whatever coffee it is
LornesLadylovehi colleen
MattHHiya Colleen
LornesLadyloveIt's got a creamy part too, but i don't think it's cheese
colleen1Hey guys.
LornesLadyloveTiramisu is soooooo goood
colleen1I see I'm just in time for dessert.
Elaisokay, now I'm finding fansite on tiramisu
LornesLadylovethere are dessert fansites?
LornesLadyloveI guess I shouldn't be surprised
Elaisthere are a couple of italian restaurants...they might have tiramisu
FiatLuxDo they wear shirts with pictures of tiramisu on them?
impalergeif there are major fansites like Spam, there's one for tiramisu
LornesLadylovecertainly there are sites for chocolate
LornesLadyloveI used to have a page dedicated to choc :)
Elaisthere a fansites for everything these days
DeathIsYourArtBut chocolat edeserves one
MattHYeah, but that's *chocolate*
FiatLuxGreat, now you guys have me craving chocolate
colleen1There's a Buffy fan named Taramisu. She runs the Mr. Gordo site.
* MattH mutters "mmmmm..... chocolate....."
LornesLadyloveI'm always craving something
LornesLadyloveYes, you're right colleen...I know of her
Elaismy boss gave me a bag of christmas candy..I got plenty of chocolate here
LornesLadylovemy bf brought home chocolates from a Hallmark store yesterday
ElaisTaramisu? Good name
MattHI've read some of her Mr. Gordo fics, IIRC.
DeathIsYourArtthere goes that LLL bf again with the spending of money
LornesLadyloveit's only a few chocolates
FiatLuxI have got to get me one of those!
LornesLadyloveI've had one...he got raspberry cremes and some filled with Grand Marnier
DeathIsYourArtYep... bf with money
LornesLadyloveI hate raspberry
LornesLadylovebf doesn't have much money...he always complains he can't pay all our bills lately
colleen1Umm.. raspberry. More for me ;)
LornesLadyloveNo, the bf eats the raspberry ones :)
ElaisI like raspberries (the fruit)
LornesLadyloveyeah, the fruit I like, but not candy fillings or flavors
DeathIsYourArtgive him 2 back
MattHI had to pick raspberries when I was growing up....I have hated them ever since.
impalergewell, you could always cancel it
MattHCancel the gift
colleen1And you gave him all the raspberry candies, too.
FiatLuxHe wouldn't do it Before you ordered it
LornesLadyloveHe gave me the finger cuz I teased him about eating the bananas *he* bought but I claim for myself
DeathIsYourArtpicky isn't he
LornesLadyloveI should cancel the was just made, not shipped :)
MattHOh, well that is different. Totally understandable.
DeathIsYourArtcancel it and give him the 2 finger salute
LornesLadyloveHe better get me something good for xmas
impalergeor give him a video game that doesn't work on his game system
LornesLadyloveYeah...let me go see if I can get a Mac version
*** victoria6 ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
victoria6hi everyone!
MattHHiya Victoria
LornesLadylovehi victoria :)
impalergehey, new blood
DeathIsYourArthello Victoria
victoria6i'm known as tufchic or whatever on the list
DeathIsYourArtmmmmm blood
* LornesLadylove whips out vampire teeth
LornesLadylovetufchic or whatever, long name
impalergeforget the teeth, get a straw
* MattH mutters "a fresh victim"
LornesLadyloveThe flesh is good, too, but fattening
impalergeactuallym the skin is the fattening part
LornesLadyloveisn't flesh and skin one and the same?
LornesLadyloveyou wear Depends?
victoria6i think the flesh more refers to the muscle fat part
LornesLadyloveahh...I am uneducatated in the ways of the anattomee
MattHTrue no one is watching....
MattHListening yes, watching no.
colleen1Flesh = meat
LornesLadylovered meat or any meat?
DeathIsYourArtokay now you are being picky LLL
colleen1Any meat. Even chicken meat.
MattHIn the Buffy closet....
DeathIsYourArtIn the coffin...wait that is not admitting that you are a goth..nevermind
victoria6aw darn dinner is ready
DeathIsYourArtbye bye Victoria, thanks for the blood
*** Signoff: victoria6 (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer))
DeathIsYourArtAnyone else having weird MIRC problems
MattHNo - not using MIRC
DeathIsYourArtokay just me
LornesLadyloveI'm using mirc but no probs
Elaisthat's what I love best about Kitty and Candy
impalergeKitty and candy are a morning show in the making
DeathIsYourArtHow can you not love kitty torture?
MattHWell, by being Kitty
DeathIsYourArtshe loves it deep down
MattH*Very* deep
DeathIsYourArtIn a kinky place
colleen1I'm not crazy about Kitty torture, I think because she doesn't seem to enjoy it.
colleen1Usually I like trivia.
MattHThat is why it is so much fun...
FiatLuxCan you all still hear them in them in the background?
MattHYeah, but now it has stopped.
FiatLuxOk, I was afraid the voices were back ;)
MattHI"m afraid when they go away....
MattHThey're back!
MattHThe voices that is ....
colleen1It's the voices in Buffy's head.
LornesLadyloveI just read there's a rumor Angel has been signed for a 6th season already
LornesLadyloveAlso, there's an Angel RPG game core book
MattHReally? I thought that was still up in the air.
LornesLadylovewell, it's just a rumor on an MSN list...I think it still is
impalergeI think it's pretty logical we'll need a sixth season, because I'm guessnig Angel is going to really be defiled in his attempts to reform W and H
DeathIsYourArtohhh defiled
DeathIsYourArtI love that word
colleen1Angel and Spike, getting defiled together?
FiatLuxYou know, I was just thinking that. De-filed
impalergestained, desecrated, etc
* MattH shudders
LornesLadyloveLorne can defile me
colleen1That's okay. Angel and Lorne share the real, true love.
LornesLadyloveover and over again
DeathIsYourArtdevoured is a good one too.... all the d words
impalergenoooooooooo, I doubt that'
LornesLadyloveLorne's mine, and I will stake Angel if I hafta
DeathIsYourArtdo it do it
* MattH goes into convulsions at the thought of Angel and Lorne
colleen1Yeah? Does he call you pastries?
LornesLadyloveI will...seriously...don't care that Angel's sexy...Lorne is MINE
LornesLadyloveyes he does, and lots of other sweet treats
* LornesLadylove watches Matt on the floor and grabs the video cam :)
colleen1I'm thinkin' MattH's not a big slash fan.
impalergeLorne is Triple L's Green Bliss
LornesLadylovethank you!
ElaisLoren can call me 'cookie' anytime
colleen1Guess he wouldn't want to read my Harmony/Dru story.
MattHNot really....Canon stuff is fine.
LornesLadylovehe can call me anything as long as he calls me :)
ElaisI heard Andy read a slash story involving Lorne and Angel
impalergeHarmony/Dru? No, Darla/Dru, maybe
colleen1and a bar of soap.
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
LornesLadyloveyes he did
LornesLadyloveI know that story
DeathIsYourArtwhat did he say
LornesLadylovewho was it that told him to read that, his agent? I forgot
ElaisI think pretty much 'ew'
LornesLadyloveIt also involved three fingers
colleen1He thinks it's funny
colleen1Nick Brendon said "You guys make us all gay"
LornesLadyloveat End of Days (I think), someone suggested Lorne and Clem get together
colleen1Yeah. It was Clem
colleen1In Tampa
LornesLadyloveno, someone in the audience, then James Leary walked in
LornesLadyloveAndy called him his "boo"
DeathIsYourArtawww cute
LornesLadylovebut it might have been Tampa...I forgot which video it was
colleen1No. Little boo is another story. People were discussing who Lorne should end up with (he thinks Fred)
colleen1And James Leary yelled out "Clem" from the back of the room
LornesLadyloveyeah...that's what I'm talking about...he said Fred, then someone called out Clem
LornesLadyloveoh, it was James that was?
LornesLadyloveOk, thanks...I just heard the voice
LornesLadyloveI was at Cleveland, but Tampa was too far
colleen1You should have seen Robin Atkin Downes and James Leary doing Kirk/Spock slash on stage.
colleen1I hear the cocktail party in Cleveland was much better.
impalergeLeary and Mart Lutz did great Deullnig Schwartzeneggers in San Diego two months ago
LornesLadyloveI saw them on video, but I don't remember the Kirk/Spock stuff...if it was on the tape...I didn't watch the whole tape yet
Elaisthat must have been hilarious
LornesLadyloveYeah, people were having a good time in Cleveland
colleen1We were KILLING ourselves.
DeathIsYourArtI need to go to thesse things
LornesLadyloveDrunk ppl :)
DeathIsYourArtYAY to drunk people
colleen1The Tampa party was too crowded, and Joe Motes hovered over JM.
LornesLadyloveon one of the posting boards I used to post to, one woman found Andy Hallett to be offensive
colleen1Andy can be. The Paul Lynde story is pretty bad.
LornesLadyloveShe said he dropped his pants to show off his tattoos during the con (not at night) and she didn't like him doing that when her kid and others were there
ElaisAndy is better when he can play off of someone else, I think
LornesLadyloveYeah, I know his Paul Lynde story :)
colleen1He did that in Toronto, but he was really drunk.
LornesLadyloveHe often is drunk at these things
colleen1Well, yeah.
ElaisI think that's when Andy does the dropping pants thing
LornesLadyloveThe buffy/angel cons have been more adult than the Star Trek ones I've been to
LornesLadyloveJames Leary with that satire video on porn
Elaisthat was a very funny satire
LornesLadylovedid he get that term from the movie Orgazmo?
Elaisvery adult, but very funny
LornesLadyloveyeah I thought so too
ElaisI'm not sure
LornesLadyloveI don't mind the adult stuff, but I know some ppl do
MattHI always wondered how many people listen to the show.
LornesLadyloveWhen Andy Hallett was on???
LornesLadyloveHe was on the succubus club show????
impalergelast year, I believe
LornesLadyloveAND I *MISSED* IT???
DeathIsYourArtyep way back when
impalergeit must be in the archives
DeathIsYourArtit was a long time ago
DeathIsYourArtthere is no mp3
LornesLadylovewell, er, there must be a copy
LornesLadyloveTHERE MUST BE!!
DeathIsYourArte-mail them for it
* MattH pats Lornes Lady Love on the back.
LornesLadyloveI will contact Ethan
LornesLadyloveEthan will have a copy for me, or face the consequences!!!
DeathIsYourArtthe will talk about him now
impalergepay any price....almost
MattHThey do have a tape for each episode
colleen1I like it when the writers are on. Very informative
Elaisi think they've had almost every writer on the show?
DeathIsYourArtnot Joss
Elaisyes, the shows with the writers are always fascinating
Elaishence the 'almost'
DeathIsYourArtNEED Drew Goddard back
LornesLadyloveI sent a message to the list, but I am emailing Ethan personally too
colleen1He promised to french kiss the unspoiled. I'm still waiting
colleen1Drew Goddard, not Ethan
MattH"we see underwear" -- probably makes the quote livejournal
Elaisif Drew is at the W&H Review, we'll pester him to go on Kitty and Candy
Elaishmmm, it might be good to get Ben Edlund on the show
colleen1Oh, yeah.
MattHK&C do fine interviews....I don't understand the criticism
colleen1It was because they didn't play hard ball with the writers.
ElaisK&C are being themselves
LornesLadylovewell, we love them
DeathIsYourArtpicky finatical people with no live like to bitch about everything
MattHWhich I understand why they don't - they want the writers back.
colleen1There was all that Steve DeKnight thing too.
ElaisI think they were a bit too giggly in one interview
Elaiscan't remember which writers though
Elaismaybe the one with Drew Goddard and David Fury?
colleen1That was a good one.
* LornesLadylove rocks
MattHThe voices are back.... ;-)
ElaisFury only has to open his mouth and everyone starts complaining *g*
impalergebut it proves we care
MattHHeh ... I like Fury
colleen1Fury's a really good writer. A lot of people found him too 'fundamentalist' about Spike.
colleen1But then he seemed to change his tune in the last interview.
Elaisoh yeah, lets not get started on the Spuffies hatred of Spike
impalergedoes he think Spike could be "reformed", and not just pure evil?
colleen1He didn't before (he said, not really how he wrote the character, though)
colleen1Last time he said Spike always had some of his humanity, always had a bit of soul. Can't remember his exact words.
ElaisI think he's changed his view a little bit
colleen1I think he had too, cause Spike wanted his soul, and it didn't fit.
MattHWell, the way the show worked out, he had to.
colleen1Didn't fit his preconceptions, I mean. Not that Spike's soul didn't fit.
colleen1"Spike! You're soul's too big! Gonna need a shoe horn."
colleen1soul horn?
DeathIsYourArtIf Joss says it fit then it fit. And ya, it took Fury a while even last year he had some trouble with it, but this year he has come around
colleen1He's a darn good writer.
*** A-AXEL-Member[p ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtAnd even though he was not a big fan of Spike, i loved the way he wrote and still writes him
colleen1It's Doug Petrie who disappointed me, after As You Were
*** A-AXEL-Member[p has left #thesuccubusclub
MattHKitty Torture!
colleen1I'll stay tonight. My daughter's out of town, so she's not trying to phone.
LornesLadyloveI've got to go...this cold's bothering me...see y'all next week :)
impalergeyou mean next year
MattHIn January you mean
colleen1bye lll
MattHCYA Then
LornesLadylovebye all
LornesLadyloveHappy holidays
*** Signoff: LornesLadylove ((null))
MattHThese are easy!
MattHThe Harvest
colleen1Scott Hope
DeathIsYourArtthese are really easy
MattHWas Scott really her boyfriend?
colleen1It's a Queer as Folk injoke.
* MattH grumbles about the declining standards of Kitty Torture questions.
colleen1cell phone
impalergeor the declining standards
DeathIsYourArtthis sucks
colleen1Cause they're so general.
MattHThis is no fun...where is the pain, suffering....
DeathIsYourArtthis is a good one.. I actually don't remember this one
DeathIsYourArtColleen rocks
MattHthe calling of Candy a "beyotch"
colleen1Saw the movie
MattHIt was in Becoming
MattHAnd Lie To Me
colleen1Didn't say I could spell ;)
* MattH does the dance of victory
DeathIsYourArtshe will tell you
DeathIsYourArtbut she could have meant I believe in you
colleen1Someday she'll tell you.
colleen1Naw. she meant I love you.
DeathIsYourArtI want to believe that but then he rejects it...stupid boy doesn't know when to shut up
MattHI still think Buffy was lying to him...
colleen1Look in her eyes.
colleen1How couldn't she love him? He's Beeeooutiful
MattHI was
colleen1And much better than broody guy
DeathIsYourArtWhat Spike said was right unfortunately ...according to Joss...damn him for being the god of this verse
*** victoria6 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
victoria6i'm back!!!!
DeathIsYourArtI know he is beautiful...YAY Spike
DeathIsYourArtSeeing red
colleen1Jane Espenson says she loves him.
DeathIsYourArtdamn I missed the answer
colleen1No, Molly. YOu're right.
colleen1Amanda was later.
DeathIsYourArtYep Amanda I suck
impalergeoh yeah
colleen1Miss Kitty the impaled
DeathIsYourArtexactly Amanda died in chosen
DeathIsYourArtwhich is what they were talking about
MattHThat is too easy!!!
colleen1Yeah. Molly was when Xander got de-eyed
MattHWillow's goldfish
MattHKitty should get no credit for this question.
DeathIsYourArtI know
DeathIsYourArtshe kicked ass ...damn her
impalergeman, Kitty, you got amnesia?
victoria6or early senile dementia
impalergeeasily cured by rewatching past episodes
MattHKitty can answer the easy questions....
colleen1I like season 6. Not a popular opinion.
colleen1It was when I got REALLY addicted.
victoria6i liked it in the end
MattHSeason 6 would have been good except for all the Spuffy
MattHand the stupid magic addiction thing
impalergeseason three. still the gold standard
colleen1No. Not ENOUGH spuffy
colleen1But ditto on the magic addiction
* MattH growls....
DeathIsYourArtDon't dis the Spuffy
DeathIsYourArtit was a good storyline overall 6 and 7 together
MattHVery poor execution
DeathIsYourArtNot the point...
victoria6i really liked season 7 even with the whinny wannabes
DeathIsYourArtSo did I
colleen1Hard for me to say. Didn't really watch until the end of four
DeathIsYourArtEspecially now that I have watched it all again
MattHI disliked all of the plot holes and unfinished plots
Elaisgotta get going guys!
impalergethey should have gone to 26 eps for the final season.
Elaissee ya in the new year!!!!
DeathIsYourArtSeason 7 could have used at least 6 more epi's
*** Elais has left #TheSuccubusClub
colleen1I like aspects of seven (Spike) but not the potential stuff
colleen1Xander should have had a episode.
victoria6i didn't mind the open ended and unresolved plots
DeathIsYourArtI liked the concept behind the potentials, I just would have liked someone to shut them up every now and then
colleen1They sucked up airtime from the core.
DeathIsYourArtKennedy should have gotten a pounch or two
impalergewell, gotta go! Happy Holidays, and remember.. with updated news links!
DeathIsYourArtHappy holidays
colleen1And what was up with Giles?
*** Signoff: impalerge ((null))
MattHI think 7 should have focused more on the core 4, also.
DeathIsYourArtSeason 5 had PLOT holes
colleen1They were symbolic of the dimensional rift.
DeathIsYourArtLets take it as red that season 7 needed more epi's
MattHTrue - although I liked season 5
victoria6i didn't think it really did
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
victoria6would have been nice to have a two hour finale though
DeathIsYourArtWhy was there a dress if they didn't know the key was a girl? Why was it blood in the scrolls if the key was just energy?
MattHBetter editing for season 7 was needed...Turok-han all of a sudden becoming weak, dropping the "from beneath you it devours" plotline etc.
MattH"Dawn was made from me"
DeathIsYourArti think they were worried that they were over doinbg it
colleen1That's what my daughter said. "What if they made the key a chair? How do you get blood out of a chair?"
DeathIsYourArtMy favorites were season 2 and 7 with honourable mention to 6 and 3...see I just love so much Buffy that I can't really choose
colleen1If two Slayers at the same time made the First activate, wouldn't a world full of Slayers make him really powerful?
MattH2,3,1,5,4,7,6 in that order for me
MattHWe don't know what the flaw in the Slayer line was...
MattHAnother plot hole
colleen1Which is one of the plot holes!
DeathIsYourArtinteresting...we should write Joss and make him write an essay or something with the filler
colleen1and the First first showed up when Angel came back.
colleen1So maybe he just doesn't like Champions coming back.
MattHFor all we know it could have been due to the Buffy/Faith body swap
MattHOr the creation of Dawn from Buffy
colleen1Anyway, why believe a bunch of eyeballs glued together, anyway?
DeathIsYourArtMaybe the first was just worried that faith was becoming good or something....I don't know
victoria6hee hee
MattHYeah, demons are so reliable...
DeathIsYourArt11 here
colleen1We had our local Buffy Christmas party Sunday night.
DeathIsYourArtHow was it
victoria6where do you have those parties?
colleen1Harry Groener and James Leary both called on Speakerphone.
DeathIsYourArtlucky lucky
colleen1It was at a local pub. Way fun. Played kitten poker and Buffy bingo.
colleen1Jan 28?
colleen1That's so long!
victoria6meet up in the valley?
victoria6too far for me
* MattH begins to sob quietly
victoria6how fun!
DeathIsYourArtpoor Matt
victoria6i'm more near long beach
colleen1* Colleen pats matt on the shoulder
MattHI really nned to get to one of the Valley meetups - I live so close by.
victoria6i had my dark shadows club party on sunday
DeathIsYourArti used to live across the bridge for 6 I am back in canada... in some ways YAy in others boo
colleen1Even if he doesn't yet comprehend the glory that is Spike
colleen1Dark Shadows? I love Dark Shadows.
victoria6yes i'm a big fan
colleen1Do you know Elaine from BAPS?
colleen1victoria as in winters?
victoria6me nick name
victoria6have a web page too
victoria6next year i'm going to be coordinator of the club
MattHAll I saw was the miniseries....Really liked it.
victoria6there is rumor of a new show on WB
colleen1I met Jonathan Frid at a play. Lovely man.
colleen1Seems to hate DS, though, from what he said.
victoria6yes he does
victoria6it was done on a shoestring
MattHThats sad
victoria6and he is terrible at remembering his lines
DeathIsYourArtOkay, I am off... I have to get up at 5am for work tomorrow GRRRR. Have a wonderful holiday whatever you celebrate
victoria6nite death
colleen1He said he's glad it didn't play in Southern Ontario so his family couldn't see it.
MattHBye Death
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
victoria6the sets used to move
colleen1Only it did, for a little while, cause I watched it.
victoria6gravestones fall over
colleen1I have the blooper tape.
victoria6very kewl the bloopers
victoria6and the many many really truck hole plot line holes
colleen1Well, I'm off.
victoria6gravestones change dates
MattHSame here. See you all in a month or so.
victoria6well let me know if you ever want to come to ds things
colleen1Are they in the States?
victoria6or if there is ever a buffy thing in the south bay
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Dec 17 20:05:45 2003