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for January 28, 2004

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MattHHiya Impaler
impalergeneralHi everyone..and welcome back
DeathIsYourArtHello everyone and Happy New year (very late)
Joelsephhi guys
DeathIsYourArthi hi
Joelsephseen the new angel
DeathIsYourArtI'll see it in 5 I will only be around during commercials
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Elaisthank goodness we're back!
Elaisheyas, matt, impaler
MattHHiya CM
Elaisgood night tonight, new succubus club, new smallville, new angel
MattHYou just described my schedule tonight perfectly...
impalergeneralI'm back. I had to make some ajustments to my computer
impalergeneraland I'm also looking ahead to the W and H Revue in three weeks!
DeathIsYourArtyou lucky californian you
impalergeneralI owe it all to success in eBay, cheap flights and web surfing
DeathIsYourArtI am broke.. I can't go anywhere...ohhh Angel is starting
Joelsephis next week cordys return?
impalergeneralwell, someone will be upset after getting out of bed
Elaisyup, Cordy is back next week
impalergeneralI mean, who will tell her Schwartzenegger is governor?
impalergeneraland who can convince her W and H didn't do it?
MattHCould be worse - she could wake up after 40 years and find Schwarzenegger aas president
Joelsephand that eve gets to be a regular but she doesnt?
MattHAfter they pass the 61st Amendment
*** JustJoan ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Joan
Elaishi Joan
JustJoanhi guys :)
Elaisyou got your flight from ebay, impaler?
JustJoanI'm new, if you all were wondering :)
Elaisare you from Australia?
DeathIsYourArtHello Justjoan. ANd welcome
JustJoanhey, yes, how did you know? my IP showing *blush*
impalergeneralNo, I raised the cash to afford it plus hotel from eBay. You find the most imteresting stuff in thrift stores...even brand new
impalergeneralor interesting
JustJoanPerth, Western Australia - I'm supposed to be at work, but have a cold.
impalergeneralNow I have to tell the IRS how successful I it gets its cut
Elaisdo you when Angel will be starting in Australia, Joan?
impalergeneralWHAT? She missed the first half? She must have been confused by the second half.
JustJoansoon, I think. I download it off Usenet
MattHYeah - she's a slacker
impalergeneralsince we have someone from Australia, I won't say what was inthe second half
JustJoanKitty is sick AGAIN!!
Elaisare you current on eps, then?
JustJoanyes, except the one that's on... kinda now, is it?
Elaisit will be on in an hour for me
impalergeneraloh, well, if you saw "Soul Purpose"...did you think the "rebuilt LA" set looked chearp?
impalergeneralor cheap?
JustJoanto be honest, I didn't notice
impalergeneraltell me, JJ, do you get "Six Feet Under"?
JustJoanYes, but we are way behind and it's on at such a dumb time, I don't get to watch it
JustJoanI think I've seen maybe half an hour in all
impalergeneraloh, well, someone from Buffy will join the cast this coming season
impalergeneralfor four eps
JustJoanI'm just so excited to be able to listen to TSC actually live
Elaisoh yeah, Michelle Trachtenberg
* JustJoan considers being sick every week (like Kitty!)
impalergeneralyep, as a Britney Spears type
JustJoandidn't someone mention that on the mailing list? IIRC
MattHMichelle Trachtenberg?!? CM, you yanking my chain?
Elaisthat's on hbo, right?
*** NJP ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
impalergeneralno, it's been confirmed. Just check my "Alumni Report" section at
Joelsephi always liked MT, call me strange is you want
MattHI am a DawnWorshipper....
impalergeneralwell, you can like her a lot...since she is of age
MattHWelcome, NJP
impalergeneraland she's in "Europtrip"...and how
DeathIsYourArtDawn guest starring is going to be great
NJPHey Matt
NJPTractenberg is doing 6 eps of "SIx Feet Under"
MattHI'll have to DL them, then.
NJPBig Knews. David Schwimmer will be directing on Alyson Hannigan's new show
Joelsephwhat new show?
impalergeneralyep, that's also in my "Alumni Report" section...all the cool news I happen to bump into
NJPShe signed to do a new comedy on NBC next year
impalergeneralAH will be in a sitcom about siblings...AH is the "ex-dork workaholic" and her brother is a slacker. They're not close
impalergeneralall on
NJPSounds like Tru Calling without withour the dead people
Joelsephsitcoms always sound lame when they are summed up
JustJoanhmm sitcom. I hope it's okay. so many sitcoms suck
impalergeneralor Tru
Joelsephits all about the chemistry between characters
MattHJust started getting into is beginning to grow on me
Elaislike mold, matt?
JustJoantoo predicable by far IMO. I stopped downloading it after 4 eps. every Gig costs me money here
ElaisI've tried watching Tru calling, but never could get into it
impalergeneralare you aware what will be added to "TC"...a 90210 alumnus who could be evil, and Tru's version of "Groundhog Day"
NJPSO WEIRD seeing Tru looking so geeky in HS--not Faith
impalergeneralme neither. I wind up watching "Without a Trace"...TRULY cool show.
DeathIsYourArtoh spare me... It just does nothing for me
impalergeneralYeah, I saw that ending from th elast new ep
DeathIsYourArtTru that is
MattHWell, I like mushrooms, and mold is a fungus....;-)
impalergeneraland the best fungus for pizzas
MattHI saw the first couple of has gotten better
NJPNice to have the girls getting back to form....
NJPIt has its ups and downs.
NJPDushku acting style is improving
NJPSome of the premise is still stilted and mechanical
impalergeneralI jus want someone to force Simon Cowell to he can justify insulting those who can't
MattHMuch of the show is repetitive (and I am not talking about the day resets) and formulaic....but I am beginning to like the characters.
impalergeneralwell, so is "Murder She Wrote" and "MIssion Impossible". I am surprised the sister that's hooked on cocaine is finally trying to kick her habit
ElaisI like Harmony, guess that's why I liked this show
Elaisbut I do agree that Harmony is much better in small doses
impalergeneralmy favorite line of hers is "drinking is one of my problems"..this coming two weeks after Britney's wild night in Las Vegas
Joelsephharm is pretty funny
MattHI didn't like "Murder, She Wrote" or "Mission: Impossible"
JustJoanI enjoyed Harm's Way very much
NJPI think Candy is thinking a little too much on Harms Way
MattHI enjoyed Harm's Way, but it was too much Harmony....
impalergeneralhe's that good tonight, eh?
DeathIsYourArtThis is kicking storytellers ass
ElaisI'm spoiled for tonight's ep...did they put up a warning for the show?
JustJoantom lenk is on tonight????!!!
DeathIsYourArtno no warning
JustJoancan't wait to get it then. Hurry up cappers and post already!! (I miss the wildfeeds)
impalergeneralI have a weekly review of the show. It's usually ready by midnight, Pacific time, or abut 2 PM Australia time
impalergeneraland I mean tonight
Elaisjoan...try this site
Elaisit has a detailed recap of tonight's show
Joelsephwesley and gunn wouldnt be nice to harm, they hate vampires
JustJoanoh no. I can wait a few hours. It takes a few hours to d/l anyway. :) prefer not to be spoiled anyway
Elaiswes liked Harmony enough to hire her
impalergeneralhowever, we should remember who "chose" Harmony to help Angel
Joelsephhe see's her qualties but he doesnt like her
JustJoanone thing that bothers me about Harmony this year, is: what is her motivation for "giving up"?
JustJoanit's not like she has a chip or a soul, so why?
Elaisgiving up what?
ElaisHarmony needs someone to follow
JustJoanbeing evil, pretty much
DeathIsYourArtI completely agree with you Joan... SHe is screwing with the code big time
JustJoanwell, it's really Joss screwing with it
ElaisI wouldn't be suprised if she leaves if someone else gives her a better offer
impalergeneralHarm said she wasn't good being evil, but she is at least hiding from those who could be upset by that
Joelsephthe code?
MattHI never got that Harmony was really into being evil...too much work
impalergeneraland she missed following Cordy
Elaisshe had no trouble betraying the gang the first time
JustJoanI dunno, what about her minions and her Dawn kidnap attempt?
Joelsephshes a souless vampire, its really hard for her to be good
MattHAnd she mentioned later to Dawn how hard it was....
Elaisshe can never truly be good, without either a soul or chip
JustJoanshe wasn't that good WITH a soul either though
Joelsephdont want to open a can of worms here
impalergeneralbut she's getting by on otter blood
Joelsephbut the chip didnt make spike "good"
MattHI don't think the Chip made Spike "good"
Joelsephdude you read my mind
impalergeneralit muzzled him...being a fool in love was the real catalyst in what he did for Buffy
impalergeneralor fool for love
DeathIsYourArtHarm just needs to do more evil and screw up more and it will seem a little more with demon
MattHSo, if Harmony gets chipped, falls in love and ends up getting a soul... she can be good
JustJoanoh no, I agree, the chip just stopped Spike hurting things, he was still evil
impalergeneralor gets a sip of blood from a Morah demon....remember?
Joelsephbut they cant make harm actually do anything evil and have angel find out
Joelsephor angel will have to kill her
MattHWhich makes the Shansu thing kind of pointless... Angel already knows how to become human....and he turned it down
DeathIsYourArtI am not going to say anymore about tonights show except ... I think the writers just screwed with history
impalergeneralwell, Matt H, he should get another chance..with added conditions he dreams up
JustJoanwhat, again? I'm still getting over what they did with Normal Again (Buffy having been in an asylum)
MattHLike that's a first....
impalergeneralare K and C resigning?
MattHHuge announcement?!? I don't feel good about this....
DeathIsYourArtWe should have a nickname for everytime they do something completely out of character in someones past
DeathIsYourArtIs that was you call it?
MattHShort for "retroactive continuity"
MattHYep - used all the time in comic books
impalergeneraljust like inserting a sister who didn't exist before?
DeathIsYourArtya but this is the antithesis
DeathIsYourArtokay then THAT is what happened here
MattHThat was actually handled well (from a plot point anyway)
impalergeneralif you say so...I'll know in three hours
JustJoanwell, if K&C quit, I will cry... a lot
JustJoanI'm very attached to TSC
MattHCausing lots of griping in comic discussioons, also
JustJoanmaybe, they are just going to tell us what sex Kitty's baby is
impalergeneralthat would be better
JustJoanOMG, what is this?
JustJoan(teach me to go out of the room in the intro)
impalergeneralwait, isn't this Gary.....WOW, it's the real deal!
JustJoanoh, hang on, now I recognise it
Elaiswell, it might be hard for Kitty to continue the show with a new baby
impalergeneralI guess they couldn't find the "Sid and Nancy" version
JustJoanwell, I mean, fair enough for Kitty and baby, but *sniff*
impalergeneralI agree....five years is a nice run for internet radio, though
NJPFive years is a long time to do anything
DeathIsYourArtokay the writers just redeemed themselves. This show rocks
MattHMaybe it is something great... like getting Joss on the show .....
impalergeneraloh! Again....three hours..I will know
JustJoanoh, Amber singing! Yayness
Elaisthat would be a miracle
ElaisI think they've had ever other writer on the show
MattHLove this song...
NJPMaybe they are going to the AM Drive Time Radio.....
ElaisLOVE this song
impalergeneralKitty and Candy, the MOrning show? That would scare Howard Stern!
JustJoanI was at Moonlight Rising last year and Amber and Tony sang on stage
MattHSwitching from KLBC to another station?
impalergeneralAmber was at Buffyfest in San Diego. Nice gal
Elaisheard they had some problems singing
Elaisthey forgot the lyrics
* JustJoan loves Amber. in a nice, hetero way of course :P
impalergenerallet's hear her on AI...and dare Simon to be mean
JustJoanyeah, they needed a scriptbook, and had to do it twice.
JustJoanI think we as fans forget they prolly don't hear it as often as we would ;)
* MattH says "Ditto" on the loving of Amber... was some time ago when they did the musical number
Elaiswe do tend to forget that the actors can't remember every single line
JustJoanbut it was a really great moment.
impalergeneralsparkly chums?
MattHChums full of carbonated water as opposed to the ordinary stuff.
JustJoanhey, Candy's asking the same sort of questions I was about the show
impalergeneralfor what Candy is asking...I wonder if she tasted a lot less vamp blood than the vamp tasted her blood...and thta's why she's not so evil
JustJoando you think that would make a diff? so what if Spike turned someone now? would they not lose their soul?
MattHWell, he had a soul in S7 and he turned people....and they were evil
impalergeneralwell, there must be some reason why Harm is a vampire who has more free will that a vamp should have
MattHI think Harmony is still evil, she is just not an *active* evil
JustJoangood point.
impalergeneralthat'll work
Elaisthey have to keep a pretty close eye on Harmony
MattHShe probably doesn't have a clear idea of what evil is
*** Signoff: Joelseph ((null))
MattHCM - True, more due to her incompetence than her evilness, though.
Elaisbut she doesn't really have a clear idea what good is either
MattHDon't forget, she wasn't the only souless vampire working for W&H
JustJoanI thought that was the lamest reason ever for Spike not to go to Buffy
JustJoanI mean... coming back from the dead? Surely that's an entrance enough
impalergeneralwell, if Spike left he'd lose the battle for Shanshu by forfeit...and the writers just couldn't do that
impalergeneralmaybe he wants to be Shanshu'ed first
MattHImpaler - we don't know that...for all we know said souled vampire ends up doing his great deads in Europe.
JustJoanor should I say.. coming back from the dead... again?
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
impalergeneralwell, having Spike be mofr "Angel-ic" in Europe would help.
MattHHiya FiatLux
JustJoanwell, the thing is, that obviously if Spike went to Buffy, there would be no Spike on Angel and also a big hole in the show
DeathIsYourArtI'm so happy I could cry
FiatLuxHey guys. I totally forgot about the succubus club and Angel!!!
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
*** DeathIsYourArt ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtI'm so happy I could cry
impalergeneraldon't worry...they were goofing on "Harm's Way"
FiatLuxI'm a little depressed about missing a new Angel and SC
impalergeneraland there will be a big announcmeent next week..the 5th birthday of SC missed tonight's Angel?
JustJoanYou've only missed half of SC
FiatLuxBut good news from me is; I have a new computer! That's what I've been doing. Playing around with it.
MattHWell, the SC chat should be available on MP3, and I will be posting the chat transcript as usual.
Elaiswhat kind of puter did you get fiat?
JustJoanahh... losing time into the great geeky black hole
impalergeneralcool! is it much more powerful than your old one?
JustJoaneww that sounded really gross... sorry guys
* JustJoan settles for grooving to ComRo
FiatLuxLet's just say that compared to my old one this a piece of super-technology.
impalergeneralDVD burner?
FiatLuxOh yeah, baby! :)
impalergeneralId like to get a DVD recorder to replace by VHS copies, or edit them down...but I'm waiting
DeathIsYourArtokay Angel is over I can now turn my radio up
FiatLuxOk, now that I have this nice new machine, where can get an Angel episode for download. Like tonights for instance. I want to obtain it in a perfectly legal way of course. tomorrow
FiatLuxI'll write that down DIYA. Thanks
DeathIsYourArtno problem
impalergeneralyou have broadband, right Fiat?
FiatLuxUh, no. But don't think any less of me. I can just try to download like in the middle of the night or something. Any suggestions? is another good site
impalergeneralI have dial-up, too
impalergeneralTor like rpize
impalergeneralor prize
DeathIsYourArtDial-up doesn't matter. uses bit torrent and it can be stopped and started again without losing info etc..
FiatLuxThat sounds like something that would come in handy for me. Hey what's going on with the SC?
impalergeneralwe have a guest
JustJoanbit tottent is your best bet if you are on dialup, IMO
JustJoanjust get the divx or xvid file, so it's small
MattHMake sure you have the proper codecs then...
JustJoanyeah, codecs always a challenge :P
JustJoanman, the sound is bad
FiatLuxOk. I'll just take it one step at a time :)
FiatLuxI've looked into Kazaa
MattHUse Kazaa-Lite *not* Kazaa
MattHKazaa is loaded with Spyware
impalergeneralregular Kazaa evil..according to record industry
FiatLuxYeah, I have a couple programs that detect spyware and adware.
MattHThey probably don't like KazaaLite either
FiatLuxNot to be paranoid, but I've really gotten into security lately.
MattHKazaaLite has been hacked to work without the Spyware...
DeathIsYourArtMake sure you get Kazaa lite from the Kazaa site. RIAA uses their version of it to spy on people. Kazaa is taking them to court for screwing witht he program
FiatLuxI saw a program called Black Cat MP3 Privacy that says it shuts down RIAA scans
DeathIsYourArtI REALLY want to go to the party =<
JustJoanor you can use PeerGuardian
impalergeneralI'm just glad I live in th esame state as the party...and that Southwest Airlines exists
JustJoanI want one of those Tshirts!
DeathIsYourArtLucky you.... Damn Quebec
impalergeneralI just can't look at it until next week
JustJoanwish I was even in the same country! :P
impalergeneralWell, won't there be some type of BuffyFest in Australia soon?
JustJoan18,000 km is a bit far to go just for a party though
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Amy!
JustJoanah, I'll be going to Moonlight Rising in June anyway :)
DeathIsYourArthi Amy
impalergeneralthen you'll meet a lot, JJ
JustJoanmeet a lot of what?
impalergeneralfans and cast members, that is
JustJoanoh yeah, I did last year too. it was a blast!
DeathIsYourArtSpikes coat was auctioned off...damn fox... I want to know who got that
impalergeneralprobably in some closet somewhere
JustJoanthough the hotel left a lot to be desired if anyone went
JustJoana ticket!!!
FiatLuxI want a prize!
JustJoanI want to go!! *waaahhhh*
impalergeneralI have a ticket..or at least it's waiting for me
impalergeneralhow about a free night at the Century Park Plaza? That I could use
Amy_Madisonwhos the guest
Elaisthere's a Holiday Inn Express near the plaza, impaler
Elaismuch cheaper place
impalergeneralyeah, and there's a Travelodge less than a mile away. That's where I'll be
DeathIsYourArtI wish I actually could take time off of work.. I can't even attempt to get the ticket
impalergeneralit's 55 bucks a night WITH breakfast and free fridge
JustJoani could quit my job now and fly out. but of course if i quit, who's going to pay for it?
*** hanna_gamgee ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
FiatLuxHmm. Could I get a flight and hotel if I won?
MattHHiya Hanna
ElaisI'm staying at the plaza, sharing a room with someone
impalergeneralwell, if this was sShowcase item at the Price is Right....oh, hellow, Hamma. Welcome!
FiatLuxI'll bid one dollar, Bob!
DeathIsYourArtI'll bid $500 if I could get someone else to pay for the plane ticket. I have friends down there that Ic ould stay with
FiatLuxAlright, I know one you knows this; what was the title of the Angel ep. tonight?
DeathIsYourArtDamn my loan for needing to be paid back grrrr
FiatLuxI knew it. Thanks DIYA
DeathIsYourArtyour welcome
FiatLuxI'm just too lazy to look it up :)
impalergeneralI should buy this week's US TV Guide..which talks about the 100th episode...and the Hollywood reporter's special issue on that event--if I can find it at Tower Records Friday
hanna_gamgeeI want to buy that.
impalergeneralwhere are you from, hanna
FiatLuxHmm, I might spring for the TV Guide. I did by the Hollywood Reporter when Buffy's 100ths aired.
JustJoana friend of mine is getting one for me :)
impalergeneralnear DC?
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
FiatLuxI eBayed it. Cost more than it should probably. Maybe I can find it at our Barnes & Noble
hanna_gamgeeyea near DC
FiatLuxWhere did Amy go?
impalergeneraldo you listen to Don and Mike, hannah?
MattHMay have lost connection
DeathIsYourArtAfter tonight , I bow down to The Ultimate Drew Goddard
*** colleen1 (hillerup@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
FiatLuxI'm doing a search on WinMX for shows and videos now. Anyone know more about that app?
impalergeneralOK, good enough for me. I'll take lots of notes
MattHHiya Colleen
colleen1Hi guys.
DeathIsYourArtIsn't it the middle of the night for Amy
FiatLuxDIYA, did Goddard do this one? I'm a minion, ya know. Gave money for a goat last year. Heh.
DeathIsYourArtsacrafice the goat he he he
colleen1Steve and Drew
DeathIsYourArtYes Goddard did damage with DeKnight
FiatLuxDeKnight, an infamous writer that I like.
DeathIsYourArtWhat was the birthday website they listed for Drew?
FiatLuxAnd I loved Tara. Don't get me wrong.
DeathIsYourArtWo's beeping?
MattHThat was Ethan
DeathIsYourArtEveryone loved Tara. Joss made that call
colleen1Hey, Joss killed Tara. DeKnight was just following orders ;)
FiatLuxI think he did a good job. If he had to kill her off, at least it was entertaining and emotional.
JustJoanwell, it was still heartbreaking
FiatLuxI didn't know it was a boy. Last I heard it was inconclusive.
hanna_gamgeeI still wish he hadnt of done it.
JustJoanyeah, I thought they weren't going to tell us
DeathIsYourArtwell they did
DeathIsYourArtNow I must go shopping. I LOVE baby shopping
hanna_gamgeeHave fun
FiatLuxI'll have to grab the MP3 from Joel I guess to catch the first half of tonight.
MattHSuccubus Club without Kitty Torture? - Heaven forbid
colleen1I don't like kitty torture.
colleen1Cause Kitty doesn't seem to like it.
DeathIsYourArtDeep sown she likes it, it is just funnier when we think she is being teased
JustJoankitty likes it. it's an act.
MattHThat's what is so fun about it....
DeathIsYourArtWhere is Lornes love?
JustJoanhey, I don't know that one!
FiatLuxYeah, I thought there was someone missing
DeathIsYourArtShe should SO be here
impalergeneralOK, if I was would be...Krevlornswatch
impalergeneralof the Deathlok clan
colleen1I thought it would be Andrew hallett.
DeathIsYourArtI know, I just think Lornes love should be the one to win it... I can't get to Californisa
impalergeneralno, that's his stage name
colleen1Do any of us really know anyone's real, true name.
JustJoanwell, just as well I can't get there, huh? else I'd be really disappointed!
JustJoanmungojelly or rumpleteaser?
DeathIsYourArtI think I am going to e-mail Lorneslove and find out where the hell she is
DeathIsYourArtGO MATT
NJPJust kidding....
MattHTwas an easy question.
impalergeneralyay matt
JustJoanmatt's a stalker?
DeathIsYourArtYou have to take pictures and make a website for the review Matt. Hope you win the Vamp prize
MattHGuess that means I'll have to get a camera.
MattHLucky....I couldn't have ponied up the $119....
DeathIsYourArtEthans producing skills are failing him
Elaisyou won matt?
colleen1Congrats, matt.
Elaiswicked cool!
MattHYeah...the H stands for Harris
DeathIsYourArtcool he he he Xander
Elaisman, this ep of Angel is gooood
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtI am calling you Harris from now on
colleen1It's an awesome ep.
DeathIsYourArtHello again Amy
JustJoanwell, I didn't know because I've only seen the Pylea arc once :P
DeathIsYourArtYou loved this nights epi too ? he he he
hanna_gamgeeyea it was great
JustJoancongrats matt!
impalergeneralwe'll see you there
colleen1I'm really liking this season, and this was one of, if not the, best ones.
DeathIsYourArtI KNOW
DeathIsYourArtThis one is right behind destiny for me...maybe it will even beat it once I watch it a second time
FiatLuxArgh! Quit torturing me about how good tonight's ep. was. I missed it!
DeathIsYourArtYou'll get it soon
Amy_Madison1. rock paper scisors
FiatLuxI'll try to get it tomorrow.
DeathIsYourArtThsi is why you get satelite ... alternate time zones
MattHHe always picks rock
FiatLuxI've got DishNetwork. Can't afford all the stations.
MattHWearing robes
FiatLuxEww. I knew that was coming.
Amy_Madison4.rats '
Amy_Madisonmetions booksd
DeathIsYourArtIneed to watch the beginning of season 2 again.. I always start with School Hard
MattHHe had under 10' for consulting books
FiatLuxThat's because School Hard rocks.
JustJoanwell a friend has had my S2 for six months!
*** SnOOz (FU@ has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Snooz
SnOOzhi :)
DeathIsYourArtDon't piss off the pregnant lady
*** Signoff: NJP ((null))
SnOOzwho's preg?
Amy_Madisonjust called her kid CONNER
SnOOzsup tonight?
Amy_Madison3 muskateeras
MattHStandard Succubus Club....
DeathIsYourArtspank your inner moppet
Amy_Madisonspank som,ething
colleen1Kitty must have had quite the youth, if she thinks being naked is the same thing as kissing.
SnOOzWhat's the standard succubus Club chat?
Amy_Madisonjust like this
MattHWhenever the Succubus Club is on, we are here.
FiatLuxI'm also lagging Matt (a.k.a. Harris)
DeathIsYourArtweird random topics and the occasional buffy
SnOOzit's not alwqys on?
DeathIsYourArtYAY Harris
DeathIsYourArtIt was off for christmas break
SnOOzI see
MattHNo. Wednesdays on at 6-8 PM PST
MattHWhen school is open
SnOOzThis the whole group?
DeathIsYourArtIt starts (pm EST on Wednesdays. They announce when they will be off air
DeathIsYourArt9 not (
MattHWe are missing Lorne's Lady Love, Joel, NJP and a couple others.
DeathIsYourArtalmost the whole group, we have some lurkers and a few other people that come in and out
Amy_Madisonshe said in and out
SnOOzInteresting name...thought I'd look
DeathIsYourArtWe should get Ethan on here
JustJoanand I'm new
hanna_gamgeeIm pretty new
Amy_Madisonand Im old
SnOOzme 2
FiatLuxI feel so good for Kitty getting the "clog dancing" answer
MattHArchives of past chats can be found at my website :
impalergeneralshe puts a crucific down its throat
DeathIsYourArtWelcome Snooz. We are listening to the Succumbus club radio show at and we talk abotu Angel episodes and past bufy epis
impalergeneralor crucifix
JustJoanyou archive the chat? scarey
Amy_Madisonoh no not again
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JustJoanthat's Succubus Club without the M
Amy_Madisoni hate that girl
impalergeneralfro the annoyingone
DeathIsYourArtthanks i keep doing that m thing
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SnOOzweeel...never watched either I'm afraid, sorry I'm more of a CSI, Startrek, Monster Garage kinda guy, oh and COPS and Serve and Protect...being an A.Cst RCMP and all lol
DeathIsYourArtnight night everyone. See you next week. Enjoy the episode from tonight it rocks
MattHWelcome back Fiat
FiatLuxI have no idea what some of these new button on this computer are.
DeathIsYourArtohhh you are canadian
DeathIsYourArtI watch CSI too but this is not hte place for that
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DeathIsYourArtI'm from Quebec
FiatLuxOh, CSI. Yep DIYA and SnOOz
SnOOzahhh Camasava?
DeathIsYourArtAnyways I really should go. I have to be up really early for work tomorrow
SnOOznice to meet you
DeathIsYourArtit is Comment ca va but I got your meaning. Night Snooze
JustJoanyeah, I'm going to go and be sick in bed for a while, which is what I'm supposed to be doing. cyas next time I'm off. :)
SnOOzcan say not write
DeathIsYourArtI got what you meant
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DeathIsYourArtbye everyone
colleen1Bye gues.
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colleen1Anyone who didn't see the ep yet - enjoy. Good one.
MattHI will. Smallville 1st
FiatLuxG'night everybody.
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Elaisgood night all!
MattHCYA Next week
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