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for February 11, 2004

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MattHHi al
Elaisoh thank god
ElaisI managed to get into chat
Elaishi matt, impaler!
MattHHas it been difficult
ElaisI could get into the chat room last week
ElaisI mean, I couldn't
MattHHmmm...we were up....
ElaisI have no idea why I couldn't get in
Elaistried like a million times
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Fiat
Elaisheyas Fiat
impalergeneralsorry, I had to set up the RealPleayer
impalergeneralwell, one week and counting
impalergeneralLA! the W ahd H Revue
DeathIsYourArtoh.. I had blocked that from my mind
Elaiscant' wait to get there!
impalergeneralsorry...I didnit mean to put it back in your mind
DeathIsYourArtThat is okay.... it has been one of those days
MattHMy sympathies
DeathIsYourArtI'm not even sure I want to see tonights Angel. I'm expecting serious retcon from the preview
* MattH gives Death a hug
DeathIsYourArtThank you Matt
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JezebelHi it's Fiat.
impalergeneralhere's a hug, too
DeathIsYourArtThanks impaler!
JezebelApparently I'm still here
DeathIsYourArtohhh shows on...yep still excited
impalergeneralyes, hello there
Elaishi, jezebel and your evil twin....
JezebelI'll wait until I go away and try to log in again.
JezebelAm I the evil one?
MattHAre you?
impalergeneralso, did everyone like last week's show?
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MattHYep - I take back every nasty thing I ever said about Cordy
LornsLadyhey everyone
JezebelWell I know Fiat is the good one, so I guess so. Any one want to smoke tobacco and have drugs?
MattHHiya LL
LornsLadyCordy's hair looked fab in that ep
impalergeneralme, too. I hope she haunts Buffy in Rome
* MattH claps for Kitty and Candy...
LornsLadywhat did he say? what of the month?
JezebelI couldn't get Windows Media Player to work
LornsLadyWinamp might work, Jez
impalergeneralSC wins employee of the month!
LornsLadyohh cool
JezebelYep, but I have a lag
*** Signoff: FiatLux (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))
MattHDJ of the Month .... awesoem.
JezebelCongrats K&C
MattHI'm always lagged....
DeathIsYourArtHey LL, sorry I didn't reply to your last e-mail it has been a very busy and evil week
LornsLadyoh, it's ok, D...I get busy too
impalergeneralsorry, I just wanted to check my connection was still on
DeathIsYourArtya you are still around
JezebelI'll be right back as my usual self.
*** Jezebel has left #TheSuccubusClub
MattHNo you are not here...and not having this conversation....
impalergeneralCongress thinks Janet Jackson's baring of a breast is an al-Qaeda plot..thus the hearings
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtit is all a dream
FiatLuxI'm me again
LornsLadyimp, tell me that's a joke
impalergeneralof course it is....but some people may believe that
impalergeneralwhy else are they wasting time on this
LornsLadyI'm going to show my boob in public...look at all the press you get
MattHOnly if you do it in the halftime show of the superbowl
LornsLadyI am proud to announce that I exercised today!
impalergeneralthe ironic thing get a better view of the breast on Yahoo than on TV
MattHOf course ... the internet was designed to be a porn delivery system,....
FiatLuxDid I go deaf or did they go off?
LornsLadythey're still talking
MattHThey're talking on my end....
FiatLuxOk, it just had a snag.
LornsLadybut they blinked out on me a few mins ago...
LornsLadyanyone here a winner in the Angel giveaway?
impalergeneraluh, no
LornsLadyme neither
MattHI hate in when they talk about chocolate.... ;-)
LornsLadyI know! I'll be craving choc, and I just ate dinner a bit ago
FiatLuxI just ate a Lindor Truffle. They're so good!
LornsLadyI could make hot choc, but that's all the choc I got
impalergeneralanyone ever try low-carb chocolate?
MattHWhat's the point?
LornsLadyno...and now some are arguing Dr. Atkins was like 250 lbs. when he died, with a heart problem...the family says that he gained the weight after he hit his head and went into a coma
impalergeneralRush Limbaugh says some group fronted by PETA is trying to smear him so it can convince his that eating meat killed him
LornsLadywho knows?
MattHI find the second theory more believable than the first....since when do people on IV's get fat.
LornsLadyactually, the family is saying it's water, more than fat
LornsLadyand as I understand, PETA has that kind of reputation
impalergeneralmusic would make a great theme song
impalergeneralIs Spike talking like the teacher in "The Wall?"
impalergeneralnot much talking so far...but the music's great
Elaisthe music is always great
impalergeneralc'mon, Kitty and skeerd?
LornsLadydid they say they're coming into the chat room??
Elaiswoo hoo!
MattHI don't think their computer works well enough.
impalergeneralBRING IT ON! BRING IT ON!
LornsLadyI like Andy naked
MattHLL - like we didn't know that....
LornsLadyi just wanted to make sure you did know
impalergeneralBRING ANDY ON?
MattHI was checking my referrer logs on my website yesterday - somewhat was looking for pictures of Andy Hallet and his girlfriends...
LornsLadyYeah, bring Andy on!!!
LornsLadywait, what?
LornsLadyhow many girlfriends does he have?
LornsLadya friend of mine was trying to find out if he had a girlfriend about two months ago
impalergeneraland how quickly can they be....away from him?
LornsLadyFer shurr!
ElaisAndy would have to beat 'em off with a stick
LornsLadyDid you see the Angel gang on Ryan Seacrest?
LornsLadyA stick wouldn't stop me :P
impalergeneralnope...missed that
LornsLadyI taped it
Elaisi saw a clip on the net of the show
Elaisjames should never ever wear a black turtleneck
MattHAny good?
ElaisAndy looked good
LornsLadyyeah, but he looks skinnier this season
* MattH prepares by sacrificing a goat.
LornsLadyDavid did the most talking
DeathIsYourArtwhy should James not wear a black turtleneck?
MattHWe had goats when I was growing up - I do an excellent goat impression... ;-)
LornsLadyJames looked good
Elaismakes him look too pale
LornsLadyI like goats Matt
impalergeneralJames+turtleneck=too preppy?
MattHBecause it brings out his pasty white skin?
LornsLadyyeah, his hair really stands out
LornsLadyok the ladies are gigglebots
DeathIsYourArtYa why is he the only vamp that Joss asks to be pale? David has a tan
DeathIsYourArtJames looks good no matter what though
MattHNews Headling - Pregnant Radio-Show Host Assaults Co-Host
impalergeneralmaybe Angel is more swarthy than Spike
LornsLadyyeah, James is a honey
FiatLuxI guess Angel gets a little of the right light through those necrotempered windows
impalergeneralwell, so can Spike, right?
DeathIsYourArt*sighs in happiness* James = pretty
LornsLadyJames is kissable
impalergeneralKitty's right...getting rid of Lindsay looked too easy...but is it really?
LornsLadyI hope I can get the money to get my pic taken with him at MR
MattHI hope we see more of Linday
DeathIsYourArtwell I had naughtier thoughts but okay I'll go with kissing
LornsLadyyeah, imp...I thought he'd be around a little longer
Elaisyeah, pics are expensive, LLL
impalergeneralagain, wellllllllll.....
MattHI like the "take the phone call thing"
*** Spinet ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtya I felt cheated by Lindsays leaving
LornsLady$50 for James...more expensive than the others
LornsLadyhi Spinet
Spinethi everyone
MattHHiya Spinet
impalergeneralwelcome to the chat group
Elaishi spinret
DeathIsYourArtThey had to put it up due to the fact that the police don't like to hand over officers for riot control. And yes it has gotten that bad in the past
LornsLadyOh I'm sure...ASH is also $50
DeathIsYourArtit goes to charity doesn't it?
LornsLadyBut I ordered my Andy photo shoot, so I'm happy
LornsLadyI think a portion of it does
*** Spinet has left #TheSuccubusClub
MattHMan I wish they had a webcam
LornsLadywell that was a short visit
impalergeneraldid we scare Spinet away?
MattHEasy come...easy go.
FiatLuxWebcam is a good idea.
LornsLadyI have a crush on you, Matt
impalergeneralonce boradband is dirt cheap, all websites will have webcams
LornsLadyI want high-speed NOW
MattHAt which point, it will won't be that interesting....
impalergeneralyeah, it was too easy. He should have had a plan b, even if did involve Eve blowing up real good
Elaisyeah, but I bet you'll have to pay for the webcams
impalergeneralThen again, I have heard something that will upset a lot of people
LornsLadyI loved Harmony torturing Eve...too bad Eve gave in too soon
LornsLadyWell I don't wanna know, esp. if it will upset me
impalergeneralwell, what could she do without Tattoo boy?
MattHYeah,,,Angel didn't even have a chance to give her tips.
impalergeneraldon't worry, LL, I won't elaborate. We'll all find out soon enough
MattHUmmm....put a bomb in the basement.
MattHI'm spoiled but may have some of my dates off.
* LornsLady thinks happy thoughts involving Lorne...hell, they're effin' ecstatic thoughts!
impalergeneralshe's dead, Jim! Kinda Twilight Zone-ish
LornsLadyYeah, I figured she was dead
DeathIsYourArtIt is killing me not to be spoiled but I enjoy the shows so much more without them...but again killing me!
MattHI had no suspicion that she was dead....her having the good hair should have raised red flags....
LornsLadyI know the feeling D
impalergeneralI thought she was going to glow, then fade away..hopefully to haunt Buffy
LornsLadyI did guess she was dead towards the end
LornsLadyLOL imp
FiatLuxI had a tear rolling the second time I watched it.
impalergeneralThanks, but I think it should happen if and when we get a season six
LornsLadyYeah, I was kind of mad, too...I really wanted more for Cordy
MattHThe fact that she didn't taste like a demon should have been a red flag also
impalergeneralshe's a ghost, thus able to unvanish somewhere
MattHOn the other hand, they could have dragged it out too long....
LornsLadyPoor Angel and Cordy...they just can't have love
impalergeneralsure they can, just not with each other
DeathIsYourArtI thought it was fitting, sad and dramatic and beautiful
MattHAngel can't have love....Cordy was up for grabs.
LornsLadyso that was her in the bed when Angel and Wesley entered the hospital room? They just didn't see her face?
MattHWhat Death said....
LornsLadyNo, Imp...Joss doesn't let anyone have love...not for long, anyway
LornsLadyJoss doesn't believe in happy endings...*grumble!*...which makes things more predictable
impalergeneralwell, not while we're in the middle of the show. Towards the end.....maybe he'll break down
impalergeneralas long as he gives us happy endings that are ridiculously difficult to earn, that's good
MattHI doubt it...Joss is EVIL... EVIL I tell you!!!
impalergeneralah, but we can tell him things, somehow...
impalergeneraland beg and plead...
MattHAnd he can mock and
impalergeneralwell, maybe being a dad could change his attitude
LornsLadyOH! One thing I wonder...if Angel sings and Lorne reads him, will he know about Conner?
Elaishe's been a dad for a while
Elaisgood question, LLL
MattHLorne doesn't seem to be reading much of anything lately.
impalergeneralexcept the blankness of celebrities
LornsLadyya noticed that, huh? I just thing this W&H thing is all wrong
MattHTo quote Cordy "Well, DUH!"
LornsLadyLorne can do the job, and do it well, but he doesn't belong in PR...he belongs in the spotlight
impalergeneralwell, it can't last past next season, since Joss always changes things
MattHI think that's the point.
MattHI don't think it will last into next season.
impalergeneralTrye! How about "On Air with Lorne?"
LornsLadyI hope there *is* a next season
impalergeneralbeter him than Ryan Seacrest
LornsLadyLOL, that's an idea
LornsLadywith singing!
MattHJoss likes to close by blowing up things...I think we will see W&H blown up.
LornsLadyI could live with that
Elaisthat's a good possibility
impalergeneralas long as no one has torn down the Hyperion, there is a plan b...with some sacrifice
MattHThey have torn down the set....
Elaisa permanent shutdown of the LA branch of W&H
LornsLadyGunn defends W&H a lot lately...but that could be to throw us, that maybe he really isn't turning towards the dark side
DeathIsYourArtI love when there is little hints to old Buffy.. I'm actually really enjoying tonights epy. Not as much as Damage of course but I'm having a good time =>
Elaisi think he's in too deep
Elaisand doesn't realize it
impalergeneralwell, the fact that he loves the toys W and H has given him may be a sign he doesn't want to give them up
DeathIsYourArtGunn is the signified monkey, the trickster
MattHOr he could be totally corrupt...this is the second time he has shown a propensity to dealing with the powers of darkness.
MattHAfter all, he sold his soul for a truck.
LornsLadythis is true
impalergeneraland it wasn't even a Hummer (because they didn't exist back then)
MattHHmm...I'd say Lorne was more Trickster than Gunn.
DeathIsYourArtAnd he had the robots in his office
MattHThe real reason we know he is evil is ....
LornsLadywait a minute
ElaisI think J. August himself is into robots
MattHBecause he is a lawyer now.
LornsLadyMatt, don't you be questioning Lorne's goodness...I'll pummel you.
ElaisI think Lorne is pretty much untouchable
DeathIsYourArtThe signified monkey is an African book, and it speaks of a trickster and a fertility like creature with a large falice. Spike bugged gunn about the size of his...when he was a ghost
ElaisI don't think W&H could ever get to him like with Gunn
LornsLadywe know Lorne has some self-doubt, because of the Halloween ep
LornsLadyI don't either Elais
impalergeneralI think you misspelled "falice", but I'm afriad to spell it correctly
MattHAhh...I am more familiar with the AmeriIndian version of Trickster - Coyote, Raven, etc.
DeathIsYourArtwhatever... I have never had to write it actually, and my spelling is horrible.
LornsLadyphallus, for the record
MattHI agree with Candy 3 & 4 sucked.
Elaisah, thanks, LLL
impalergeneraltold you I was too afraid to spell it right
impalergeneralyes, Connor bad
MattHI didn't like or dislike Connor....
impalergeneralbut Connor as anything except Angels son but still has original strength...maybe
DeathIsYourArtPanthar symbolism: represents courage and personal leadership. "Puma" comes from the Inca word for "power". As a totem, they teach us to follow our own personal vision - if others follow us, great, if not, so be it.
MattHSnarky Cordy was fun...Goody-goody Cordelia sucked.
DeathIsYourArtand now I spelled that wrong
DeathIsYourArtI suck
ElaisSt Cordy was just plain wrong
LornsLadyI read Charisma is hoping for the role of Wonder Woman...I think Sarah Michelle Gellar wants it too
ElaisI would rather see Charisma than SMG
ElaisSMG is too teeny to be Wonder Woman
DeathIsYourArtI think they got the Sarah rumor from her skit for the mtv awards where she played her
LornsLadyme too, I think she'd be great as WW
impalergeneralWell, compare Lynda Carter to either SMG or Charisma..the choice is obvious--unless Lucy Lawless suddenly gets interested
MattHSMG is a wonderful Buffy, but she doesn't have the body (height & weight) for Wonder Woman.
Elaishey, i forgot about that mtv skit
DeathIsYourArtCharisma will be perfect, hopefully she will get it... she got playboy
MattHI mean, Wonder Woman is built like an Amazon...;-)
impalergeneralI've tried to forget it, because it has Jack Black
MattHLiked watching the commercial with Doyle...nice touch.
Elaisvery nice touch
Elaisand in widescreen too
impalergeneraljust a reminder of the mission...too bad Glenn is gone, too
MattHHero Angel is great ... brooding hero Angel is good too....
LornsLadyI thought Lindsey had gone off towards the good side (maybe not all the way there) when he left, and he came back all venge-filled
impalergeneralit was all due to jealousy, thought he was beyond that. Well, I guess we'll never know
MattHSame here - I want to see why Lindsey changed his mind.
impalergeneralunless he finds another hole back to the real world
impalergeneralmaybe being a wandering attorney wasn't so financially rewarding
MattHIt would have been interesting if he really *was* a messenger for the PTB....
DeathIsYourArtI know
LornsLadywhat was that thing inside that chamber or whatever?
ElaisI'm hoping too see Lindsey back again this season
impalergeneralif that was true, Matt H, why try to take over W and H?
DeathIsYourArtI can't believe he is gone... why would you get rid of someone that hot?
Elaissome kind of tentacle thing
MattHTo destroy Angel chose *not* to.
LornsLadyD, they didn't kill him, he presumably went off to end up being tortured...but he could be back (no, I haven't heard anything)
impalergeneralwell, Angel will have to destroy W and H in thr end. Some things can't be "born again"
DeathIsYourArtI wan't him back... next week looks funny yet really really silly... *shakes head*
impalergeneralwell, I won't say if I'v heard anything, either
FiatLuxI just saw the previews for next weeks Angel. You guys have to see it.
LornsLadyI like the humorous eps
DeathIsYourArtThere still could be
MattHWell, I was planning on it ;-)
LornsLadyI like to see Angel smile
DeathIsYourArtSpike just needs to figure it out himself
impalergeneralThat I have heard of....but I won't get specific--except that Sid would wonder about it
impalergeneralI bet Spike cna have a destiny...that he can make
LornsLadySpike's destiny is to be with DeathIsYourArt
impalergeneraland that he can still exist with it
DeathIsYourArtI fully agree witht hat
LornsLadyI knew that would prick her ears up
*** hanna|OSH ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtyep... I am all ears (eyes) now
LornsLadyhi hanna
MattHHi Hanna
*** hanna|OSH is now known as hanna_gamgee
DeathIsYourArtSpike needs to fix up that apartment, he ate a decorator once, some things stuck
MattHMostly the tendons
DeathIsYourArtI want the asian carpets etc...
DeathIsYourArtI want to be under the asian carpets
DeathIsYourArtwhoops did I say that out loud
LornsLadyno, you typed it
LornsLadyout loud
DeathIsYourArtthanks for the clarification =P
DeathIsYourArtPay attention to Gunn tonight guys
LornsLadyI will watch Gunn anytime Lorne is not in a scene
impalergeneraldoes it have something to do with what i said about him today?
LornsLadybecause you can't ask me to not watch Lorne
ElaisGunn is an acceptable substitute
MattHFred does it for me....
DeathIsYourArtthere is something small but important about gunn in this epy
Elaisif James or Lorne are not available
LornsLadyFred can't have you,'re mine
DeathIsYourArtohh Harris she wants you
LornsLadyI'd choose David before Gunn
LornsLadyyees, I have a crush on Matt
MattHSorry, MT or Eliza D get first dibs...
hanna_gamgeeId take David or James
impalergeneralah, but who to coose?
LornsLadyHey, I get first dibs on Eliza before you
* MattH wanders off to a happy place ....
DeathIsYourArtjust bump them off LLL
LornsLadyI feel like having a crush, and I've decided it will be Matt...for no particular reason
DeathIsYourArtSounds like a good idea to me
LornsLadybut he makes me laugh...just don't tell my boyfriend
DeathIsYourArtI need one too
LornsLadywell, you can have a crush on Matt too...or heck, any other one of us
FiatLuxMe, me, pick me!
MattHIf I only had been this popular in school...
FiatLuxOh, did that come off as needy? :)
DeathIsYourArtno no not needy at all
MattHMaybe just a smidgeon....
DeathIsYourArtlol just kidding
FiatLuxNo problem, I have desperate down pat.
DeathIsYourArtThat is always something to be proud of he h ehe
FiatLuxEverybody has to be good at something
DeathIsYourArtI bought tales of the Vampyyyyres today, the first 3 have been released. I haven't read 2 and 3 yet. I got hom late
MattHI wish I could be good at being rich and succesful....
DeathIsYourArtAnyone else read these?
LornsLadyme too Matt
DeathIsYourArtrich? Successful? what are they?
FiatLuxI didn't even know it was out yet. I've read the Tales of the Slayers.
DeathIsYourArtI haven't read that yet
MattHDon't know - but I hear they are good things.
DeathIsYourArtThe first one has a little story on what happened with Spike and Dru in Prague
impalergeneralyeah, accidentally funny
DeathIsYourArtI'm making a list here... when is everyones birthday?
* MattH prays for Ethan's health.....
impalergeneralJune 18
DeathIsYourArtI don't need the year or your current age
LornsLadyMarch 4
FiatLuxWe're not laughing with them, we're laughing at them.
LornsLadyTomorrow, really, Matt?
hanna_gamgeeJuly 15
FiatLuxSept. 28
hanna_gamgeeHappy bday MattH
FiatLuxHappy B-day Harris!
impalergeneralyeah, mee too
DeathIsYourArtMine is on Friday...the 13th he he he 2 days
MattHWhat kind of GF are you, that doesn't know my Birthday? ;-)
hanna_gamgeehappy early bday DeathIsYourArt
FiatLuxYeah, some crush you have LLL, don't even know his birthday.
MattHYep - happy Birthday Death
LornsLadyshame on me1
FiatLuxHappy birthday to you too DIYA.
MattHI bet she knows Andy Hallet's birthday.
LornsLadyWell, yeah, I do...
DeathIsYourArtthank you and big hugs and kisses to birthday boy (tomorrow) Harris
impalergeneraldo you go to Andy's house, fully wrapped?
FiatLuxThat reminds me. I'm leaving on Friday to visit my grandmother for a week or so. So I won't be here next week.
DeathIsYourArtimpaler..what is your b-day?
impalergeneralJune 18, as I said
MattHExcuses, excuses.
DeathIsYourArtwhoops missed that one sorry
LornsLadyI don't know where Andy's house is...and if I did I wouldn't be so stupid as to show up uninvited...he'd get a restraining order for sure and I'd be in jail!
MattHYeah...that sort of thing is for Letterman fans
FiatLuxBut you could frame the restraining order and always treasure it was from Andy.
LornsLadyI hadn't thought of that Fiat!!!!
LornsLadyGod, I've totally been looking at the thought of imprisonment and being told to keep away as a BAD thing!!!
MattHI forgot that they were doing Classic Buffy...
FiatLuxYou just have to have perspective.
MattHCharisma's Dead!?!
MattHOh...just Cordy....whew...
* LornsLady pats Matt on the's ok, Matt, darling
LornsLadythanks for setting me straight Fiat
MattHIt isn't like Cordy can't return anyway...dead people come back all the time.
MattHin the Jossverse.
LornsLadytrue true
Elaisvery true
hanna_gamgeethough she probly wont
FiatLuxI like IG idea of Cordy haunting Buffy. If Spike can come back and haunt Angel, why not?
DeathIsYourArteveryone still there? my MIRC is acting weird
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
impalergeneralwell, something has to get Buffy back to LA
*** DeathIsYourArt ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
LornsLadywb D
MattHNo, DIYA, none of us is here...
DeathIsYourArtthanks... I got pinged and then I was just gone
FiatLuxWB, is it working now?
MattHWB, by the way
DeathIsYourArtthank you thank you... all is fine now
DeathIsYourArtnothing to see here
MattHDoubt we will see Buffy until next season.
DeathIsYourArtya *sniffle*
impalergeneralwell, she has said she'd be more likely to returnin a season six
DeathIsYourArtI think it will be a nice long build up though
DeathIsYourArtI still don't know where they will go with the rest of the season so maybe it is better she will not show until next year
FiatLuxIt has a nice beat and you can dance to it.
hanna_gamgeeIs there definetly going to be a season 6?
impalergeneralbesides, SMG is in Japan, making a movie we will actually see..and want to
DeathIsYourArtWell some people say yes already, others say wait until Fox and WB put it in writing
impalergeneralis this a tech-pop versionof the Buffy theme?
FiatLuxReally? Is it supposed to be good? I've just heard the basic stuff about it.
LornsLadyI don't think they've said yet if there will be or not
MattHI'll wait until Season 6 is over.
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
MattHThe show has a format? I thought is was just kinda random.
FiatLuxThirty bucks. Wow. She's dedicated, thanks Candy.
DeathIsYourArtthere is suppose to be a format..they never stick to it though
DeathIsYourArtwell sorta never
impalergeneraldidn't we hear this song last week...from the real singer?
DeathIsYourArtBut it always fun
DeathIsYourArtit is*
FiatLuxI like Spike singing it better
impalergeneralyou mean Sid Vicious
MattHI prefer Sinatra, myself.
DeathIsYourArti want Spike to sing for lorne
hanna_gamgeeme too
LornsLadyI want Lorne to sing for me
DeathIsYourArthe will sweety. One day
MattHThat would be good...have Angel be jealous 'cause Spike can sing.
LornsLadynaked, fresh out of the shower :)
DeathIsYourArtspike? oh oh you meant lorne
DeathIsYourArtsorry I had a pretty visual
LornsLadyboth of them naked and fresh out of the shower, how 'bout that?
DeathIsYourArttoo slashy... not any fun for me
LornsLadyno, coming for US! Not for each other
MattHPlease, I didn't need that visual....<>
DeathIsYourArtsorry Harris...
LornsLadyoh matt, I can give you visuals that will make you scream
DeathIsYourArtohhh baby
* MattH mutters "the horror...the horror"
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
DeathIsYourArtHey Harris control your girlfriend
LornsLadyNo man can control me!
DeathIsYourArtnot even Lorne?
LornsLadyI am an American woman, free to be me!
DeathIsYourArtYou are no fun
MattHI know better than to try...
LornsLadywell, Lorne can
LornsLadyanything he wants, I'll do it
LornsLadyexcept pain
LornsLadyI want to get the Angel RPG core book and I don't even play RPG
DeathIsYourArtI wonder if I can find that at my comic book store?
DeathIsYourArtI can't believe I am going to a comic book store again... can get it at a couple of and I think has it
FiatLuxI have to go three towns over just to find a comic book store.
DeathIsYourArtone day... no rush. I need all the DVDs, after that I am not too obsessive about it
DeathIsYourArtpoor fait
FiatLuxI'm the same way when Willow cries. Breaks my heart.
DeathIsYourArtAnd Nick played evil so well =>
DeathIsYourArtmust get a cup of tea
impalergeneralpeople should see this episode to show that Nick can go evil
MattHMy fave line by Giles: "He’s turned into a sixteen year-old boy. Course, you’ll have to kill him."
DeathIsYourArtAnd Wish of course
FiatLuxI like when Giles says, I'm going to get my books and look stuff up.
impalergeneralyeah,forgot about VampXander---the other Spike
DeathIsYourArtWho has never wanted to kill their principal... And they are right, I don't think you could get away with that now... you can't even show a breast without a federal investigation
hanna_gamgeevery true
MattHVampXander wasn't as interesting as VampWillow
impalergeneralyou can say that again
DeathIsYourArtshe also had more lines though
MattHTrue...Xander's line to VampWillow in
MattHDopplegangland was great.
MattHAbout him being a bad-ass vampire in the Wishverse.
DeathIsYourArtohya that was classic
impalergeneralGnarl was the Grinch gone horribly wrong
FiatLuxI wonder if Xander ever got checked for trichinosis?
DeathIsYourArtGentlemen were the worst for me. probably the only time tv has scared me. I watched it at 2am by myself in the dark
LornsLadyyeah the Gentlemen were a nightmare
MattHThe Gentlemen were scary...I think it was the background music.
LornsLadyTheir ever-smiling ghouly faces, silencing you and taking your heart while it's still beating in your chest
DeathIsYourArtGnarl looks like the goblin from Legend
impalergeneralor that they looked like Mr. Burns
DeathIsYourArtHe was based on Keithe Richards
LornsLadyBut they were funny, too, silently applauding their heart-removal technique
FiatLuxAll grinning and with the golf clap. Creepy
DeathIsYourArtI hated the fact that you couldn't even scream your pain out in HUSH... then the Riley kiss just made me want to heave
impalergeneralthey were like realtos meeting their sales targets
impalergeneralI mean realtors
DeathIsYourArtha haha
LornsLadyBut they should have just gone to the next town, handed a note to someone and had them scream
MattHI liked Riley....
LornsLadyyou were the only one Matt
MattHNot true....check out the FINNatics site.
LornsLadyNo, Matt, someone made that site up for a joke
DeathIsYourArtHe served his purpose and I get that. I knew what he was there for. And I actually think Marc Blucas is a nice guy. I just hated Riley as Buffys boyfriend. I would kill someone that clingy
hanna_gamgeeHe was annoying
FiatLuxI didn't like him toward the end. He was getting "all about me"
LornsLadyit's a hoax, Matt...Finn has no fans :P
MattHI didn't like the way he was at the end, but for the most part, I liked him.
DeathIsYourArtI just found that he had to be more than attached to buffys hip. He wanted in on everything. And his way was righ because he was the male. She saw how tutonic he was in the beginning and then just forgot about it once they started to sleep together.
MattHSorry - I have corresponed with Starcrossed, who has written an excellent Faith/Riley trilogy.
LornsLadyI was kidding Matt sugar
hanna_gamgeewell Faith can have him
DeathIsYourArtAnd in the end with him being bitchy about her not telling him everything first and not leaning onhim...please. Sorry my mother is about to die, lets take care of your ego. Forget that I need to be strong now
impalergeneralbut canhe survive her?
MattHI know...I just chose to get on my high horse to get your goat
hanna_gamgeeprobly not
* LornsLady kisses Matt
* MattH wonders what is with all the animal metaphors.... chooses not to go there.
DeathIsYourArtSacrifice the goat
MattHPlease...not in public....
* MattH gets a feeling of deja-vu....
LornsLadydon't feel my deja-vu!!!
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
* LornsLady slaps Matt's hand away
MattHThat brings back feelings of deja-vu, also ;-)
DeathIsYourArtWhat I found funny is that the only one of my friends that really liked Riley was a gay guy.... I wonder if guys like that type of male?
MattHWell, I am straight, so I doubt that is it....
FiatLuxWell you know Riley is a lesbian. He told Buffy so.
* LornsLady can vouch for Matt being straight...he can't keep his hands off her deja-vu
DeathIsYourArtmaybe he is non-threatening to males or something
DeathIsYourArtI wasn't talking about Harris
hanna_gamgeeI can see why
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
DeathIsYourArt*high-five to hanna*
LornsLadyno, Matt said he's straight
hanna_gamgeeI wasnt talking about matt
LornsLadyI know, but I was responding to Matt
*** WheelsOfJoy ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtI need to make some kitty torture
MattHHiya Wheels
LornsLadyhi Wheels
MattHYeah, get me some of that Kitty Torture!
DeathIsYourArtrofessor X
DeathIsYourArtProfessor X
WheelsOfJoyIm so excited to be here!!
DeathIsYourArtAre you now?
impalergeneralwere are you from, wheels?
impalergeneralor where
FiatLuxThis is an exciting place!
WheelsOfJoyMiddletown NY They said hello on the air!
* LornsLady waves from southern NJ
WheelsOfJoyHi NJ
MattHSeason 2, Eps 2
DeathIsYourArt*waves from north of the boarder wheels*
MattHSpits on them?
DeathIsYourArtmatt you are in a lag
MattHAlways it seems
FiatLuxI'm right there with you Matt.
MattHTara's Mom was supposed to have changed when she was 20
*** ToasterPastry ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHNick does good Kitty Torture
LornsLadyhi TP
MattHHiya PopTart
DeathIsYourArtodd number
*** victoria6 ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
LornsLadyhi victoria
victoria6i there i made it!!!!
DeathIsYourArtwhere are these people all coming from?
MattHHiya Victoria
LornsLadya bunch of new ones all coming in
FiatLuxHello Toaster and victoria
ToasterPastryToast is nice tp doesn't sound so good
victoria6i've been lurking for quite some time
MattHUndead cat
DeathIsYourArtmatt you are still in a lag
*** CTCP: hanna_gamgee pinged you.
DeathIsYourArtWhere are you from vic?
victoria6los angeles
MattHI am always in a lag....every show
LornsLadyare any of you from spoiler-crypt?
victoria6but no go Wolfham & Hart party
victoria6going instead Sci-Fi grand slam
victoria6on sunday
impalergeneralwhere's that?
DeathIsYourArtawww sorry... I'm in Montreal so there is no way I am going either
LornsLadyohhh vic, I want to go to the grand slam in march (is it?)
LornsLadywith Andy Hallett...sigh!
impalergeneralOh, must be massive convention
LornsLadyi'm too far away
victoria6i'm so glad someone is going to go!!!!!
victoria6it's everything
victoria6mostly star trek
hanna_gamgeeI wish a convention would come here *sigh
impalergeneralStargate and Farscape?
LornsLadythe one in march is mostly buffy, I think
victoria6but always wanted to actully meet in person some angel/buffy fans
LornsLady4. 14
DeathIsYourArtdarla and dru
victoria6yes those shows will be there too
LornsLadyI will be meeting lots of buffy/angel fans in june at moonlight rising
LornsLadyI wish I lived in LA, though :)
victoria6it's ok
impalergeneralI'd settle for being in Long Beach
victoria6traffic is the worst
WheelsOfJoyWhere is Moonlight Rising located?
*** Signoff: ToasterPastry ((null))
victoria6hey i'm actually across the bridge from there
LornsLadyLake Harmony, PA this year
impalergeneralDru re-vamping Darla
FiatLuxI freak out in heavy traffic. I don't think I could drive around LA
hanna_gamgeeIs that neat Philly?
DeathIsYourArtare you in San Pedro vic?
LornsLadywell, I want a career in LA
victoria6hey it's easy to get downtown from here
LornsLadyIt's around an hour or so from Philly
LornsLadyin the Poconos
DeathIsYourArtI lived in San Pedro for 6 months. I was not a fan of L.A though
LornsLadyThe MR site is
victoria6i've seen that site
WheelsOfJoyWhat guests going to be at moonlight rising?
victoria6it's pretty there
DeathIsYourArtbecause the vamp insulted him says he is baby soft
LornsLadyAndy Hallett, James Marsters, James Leary, Anthony Stewart Head, Danny Strong, Adam Busch, the guy who plays Andrew
LornsLadyand Iyari Limon
victoria6better then grand slam
WheelsOfJoythank u
impalergeneralthat I'd like to go to
DeathIsYourArtIf I get to keep my job i have to try for moonlight rising
victoria6but........ Mark Verheiden is going to appear
victoria6he's going to be the new writer for the Dark Shadows pilot
victoria6very curious about him
victoria6plus one the old DS stars will be ther
victoria6not going to fest this year
victoria6must get kitchen fixed
LornsLadyD...if you go, you're invited to our party :)
DeathIsYourArtsame as buffys second
DeathIsYourArtthank you
DeathIsYourArt*hugs LLL*
FiatLuxMy mom talks about watching DS when she was in high school. She had a thing for Barnibus
LornsLadyand breakfast get-together, too
victoria6yes i'm going to go to that
LornsLadyMy mom used to watch that
victoria6seems like fun
LornsLadyyou're going to what, victoria?
LornsLadyMoonlight Rising/
ElaisI wonder how they'll do Dark Shadows?
DeathIsYourArtohhh breakfast too... can James deliver it in my bed?
FiatLuxI've seen a couple shows on Scifi. It's funny watching old soaps.
victoria6the buffy breakfast in march at grand slam
hanna_gamgeeI wish
victoria6it can be
LornsLadyLOL Death, I's for us fans but I intend to let Andy (at least) know he's invited
victoria6they took it off at the end of the year
LornsLadyI meant a breakfastget-together at Moonlgiht Rising, vic :)
victoria6soap net my get it
DeathIsYourArtI'll take what I can get...suck up to Andy and get closer to James an inch at a time
victoria6oh yes would like to hugg that one i would
LornsLadyI only wish I could go to the VIP party
FiatLuxSo you have a whole plan, Death?
LornsLadyschmooze with the stars
WheelsOfJoyCan someone tell me what is a good site to learn Buffy/Angel Conventions?
DeathIsYourArtof course
LornsLadyWheels, where did u say you were from? announces them
MattHNice Kitty Torture, Nick.
LornsLadyyeah, is a fab site!
impalergeneralOK, until next time...
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
victoria6gets all the scoop
DeathIsYourArtOh well. I must be off. I have work to do before bed time and it is 11pm here...and I get up at 6am grrr
DeathIsYourArtnight night everyone
MattHBye Death
*** Elais has left #TheSuccubusClub
victoria6nite nite
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
LornsLadybuffy cons include,
FiatLuxI'll see you all in two weeks
victoria6i never seem to get here (has had Andy Hallett)
LornsLadywell, try
FiatLuxBye all.
LornsLadysee you Fiat :)
MattHWhat LL said
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
victoria6mostly work out after work on wednesday
victoria6generally my turn to cook too
LornsLady - to be updated SOON
victoria6oh yes i've see that site
victoria6like much
LornsLady for Lorne fanfic and writer's resource
LornsLadythanks :)
victoria6is mine
victoria6but all dark shadows so far
LornsLadycool, I'll bookmark
victoria6nite wheels
LornsLadybye Wheels
MattHWell, the chat transcripts are at
victoria6nice to meet you
victoria6yes seen that one too
victoria6sweet of you to put
WheelsOfJoybye nice to meet you all too!!!!!!
LornsLadytake care
WheelsOfJoygood night
victoria6i do check out the clicks
victoria6nite hanna
LornsLadybye hanna
*** Signoff: WheelsOfJoy ((null))
MattHBye Hanna & Wheels
*** hanna_gamgee has left #TheSuccubusClub
LornsLadyI'm out of here too, bye all
MattHSame here
*** Signoff: LornsLady ((null))
MattHSee y'all next week
Session Close (#TheSuccubusClub): Wed Feb 11 20:06:33 2004