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MattHHi Amy, Death
DeathIsYourArthiya Amy
DeathIsYourArthiya Harris
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MattHHiya Impaler
DeathIsYourArthello impaler
DeathIsYourArtSo, who else is praying that UPN falls for it again?
MattHI don't know that I am praying, per se, but I would love someone to pick up Angel.
impalergeneralwell, aside from wrestling, I don't think UPN's parent, CBS, will allow that to happen...pity
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impalergeneralI still say 13 episodes is all you need to wrap things up
DeathIsYourArtDoesn't mean I can't hope for a whole lot more
DeathIsYourArtI want to keep these guys working
DeathIsYourArtMaybe fox will remember how much money they make from the DVDs
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MattHHiya NJP
NJPHey Matt
DeathIsYourArthello hello
NJPHi hi
impalergeneralof course not....maybe if enough stakes are thrown towards the WB execs, all incribed with the words.."We don't want retreads, we want the Original Angel", that may get the point across
impalergeneralthe retreads, of course, are "Lost in Space" and "Dark Shadows"
impalergeneralI mean, the Sci Fi Channel isn't even showing the original versions. Why make remakes?
MattHI never saw the original Dark Shadows, but really enjoyed the remake.
NJPMaybe the DVDs of the original LIS will sell
impalergeneralthat NBC made, with Ben Cross as Barnabas?
DeathIsYourArtWhat is with this "we want new programming and younger viewers" crap anyways? You betray the viewers you have for potential viewers who didn't like your last 2 original shows?
impalergeneralWell, time for the Kitty and Candy Angel funeral rant..
NJPI'll bet you that they are begging Whedon to bring Angel back by midseason next year
MattHJust read an e-mail from the Spoiler Slayer -> rumor has it that Joss will write a new X-men comic.
NJPI saw that
impalergeneraland he'll ask for zillions, a pink pony, and maybe an X-Men mini-series
DeathIsYourArtno no a blue pony
impalergeneralor a goat sacrifice, and uou call the goat "Jordan Levin"
DeathIsYourArtI LIKE that idea
MattHFor the record, I care if Kitty can't talk....otherwise how could we have Kitty Torture?
impalergeneralhow abuot this....a life-size Jordan Levin Voodoo Doll, and the really big stake Faith used to kill Konkistos
DeathIsYourArtThat is the first thing I thought about when the show got more kitty tortur
NJPAmerican Idol Torture?
DeathIsYourArtWe could sell the voodoo dolls and pay for the show ourselves
impalergeneralwel, maybe the show can talk about "24"
DeathIsYourArtoh please no
impalergeneralyeah, Jamie Keller and Jordan Levin voodoo dolls!
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MattHWB Amy
NJPhey Amy
Amy_Madisonthe show cut put, so I was trying to fix my puter
NJPAnyone else watch Alysson Hannigan on The 70's Show tonight?
Amy_Madisonnot yet
NJPOld home week for her. Dean Batali wrote the ep
NJPHe of the second season of Buffy writing
Amy_Madisonis Joel ever here on the chat room
MattHHe has stopped by a couple of times.
impalergeneralOh, that's tonight, huh? I've go tto tape that
impalergeneralhey, Dawn in a it worth it?
MattHDecisions, decisions.... has snaps of her.
NJPA little boney
MattHI know
* MattH wanders off in a happy space all of his own...
impalergenerala little Subway, she'll be fine
Amy_MadisonBad Candy.......
MattHSubway is for losing weight, not for putting it on. Just ask Dan!
impalergeneralnot always...especially if you're addicted to meatball sandwiches..and they're from Togo's
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LornsLadyhi everyone!
MattHHiya LL
DeathIsYourArtHello LornesLady
LornsLadyJust got done making up post cards for the Save Angel campaign :)
DeathIsYourArtya I have been at that for a couple days now... stupid work fax is only for work though grrr
LornsLadyCan you say, "Writer's cramp"
DeathIsYourArtI have to make some moe too... I have a nice little slogan on mine and everythign, I am enjoying the fight a little too much
DeathIsYourArtAnd wow has American postage ever gone up
LornsLadytell me about it!
DeathIsYourArtI actually was okay with the black hair surprisingly...but I perfer the platinum
LornsLadyI didn't care for that episode
Amy_MadisonThe WB did like the previews for tonights epi
MattHIt was ok...didn't really advance the season plotlines.
Amy_Madisonor so I've heard
LornsLadyI'm just not into war stories
impalergeneralIt bothered me because it was yet another "paying for your past" episode
LornsLadyor military stories
DeathIsYourArtWell Spike of season 2 was influenced by the 70s, so this is before htat. But yes it was a little strange.
DeathIsYourArtyes I thought the same thing, that Spike would not get fooled twice
DeathIsYourArtBy the way...Angel puppet is cuter than Angel
MattHNot saying much...
Amy_MadisonI wasnt one
Amy_Madisonsorry, want onwe
Amy_Madisonahhhhhh!!!! damn keyboard
impalergeneralbut it doesn't really go for accuracy, does it
DeathIsYourArtIt's a puppet...what do you want?
LornsLadya naked puppet?
Amy_Madisonno, just for nostalgia.
Amy_Madisontype styff
MattHSid the Demon Slayer
DeathIsYourArtThat was not a puppet though
DeathIsYourArtthat was a dummy
Amy_Madisonthat's whats replacing Angel
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha
MattHThey look like muppets to me...
LornsLadyBTW, has a splash page up, so we should be getting The Official Andy Hallett Website back soon!
Amy_MadisonAngel Characters.... In..... Space........
MattHMiss Piggy as the Slayer? She has the Pork Fu skills...
LornsLadyASH has a great voice
MattHYeah - they should have had him do more singing.
MattHI wish he had completed Free Bird when he sang it...
Amy_MadisonFinally .......
LornsLadyyay! they mentioned us!
Amy_Madisongotta go. Im losing the signal. plabably get it on MP3 later
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DeathIsYourArtFury is in the show YAY
impalergeneralreally, as the puppeteer?
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LornsLadyhey, no spoilers!
LornsLadyhi MrA
MattHHya MrA
LornsLadys'okay :)
impalergeneralI'm ust guessing I don't know
DeathIsYourArtBlame the writers
MrACan't believe I stayed awake till 2:30 to listen to this live
DeathIsYourArtI loved that Spike wanted to be called Captain
LornsLadyit's 2:30 am where u r? Where r u???
MattH2:30? Where you from?
LornsLadyYeah, I did like that too
LornsLadyJolly good! Hello from South Jersey, USA!
MrAhowdy ho
DeathIsYourArtHello from Montreal
impalergeneralhi from soggy Sacramento (but also drying out)
MattHI just sort of overlooked Spike
MrAI'm so devestated by the cancellation, I can't sleep.
DeathIsYourArtHope you don't have school or work early in the morning MrA
DeathIsYourArtawwww we are too
MrAI work in a bar. I'm semi-nocturnal =]
LornsLadywell, we're fighting for another know about and, don't you?
MattHSpike turned people when he had a soul - his spawn were just ordinary vamps.
DeathIsYourArtgood for you. I have a day job and I am completely nocturnal. The wonders of coffee
MrAWell, holden was not typical
MrAHe was much more sensitive than your average vamp
MattHIn a psych 101 sort of way
DeathIsYourArthe was manipulative... I liked him
impalergeneralwell, when you have a psych degree, you have the urge to boss people around
MrAHe was much cooler than Knox
LornsLadyI'm glad we haven't seen Knox lately
impalergeneralKnox....I barely remember a Knox that showed up at the start of the season
MattHWe saw more of him than we have of Knox
impalergeneralwell, unless Knox is a Senior Partner in disguise, he'll stay invisible
MrAtwo seconds of Knox is too much
MattHI like Knox
LornsLadyI'm staring at you in shock, Matt, and utter dismay
MrAI second than theory
* MattH mutters about being "persecuted"...
MattHThe Rasputin reference was good.
DeathIsYourArtchanging the subject?
MrAheh heh
LornsLadyActually it's *Fred's* liking Knox that bothers me...saying he's not really evil...yeah, right!
impalergeneralI wonder if he'll be part of next week
MattHWe don't know that he is evil...working for W&H is not conclusive evidence.
MrAGoing for knox when you could have Wesley. It thought Fred was meant to be smart
LornsLadythat too, MrA!
MattHI don't care fro Knox/Fred, but I really don't care much for Fred.
impalergeneralwhat on our minds about Angel being about the%#%$^&^%^**^&%^ b*astards
LornsLadyMatt, he was reminiscing about the slaughter on Halloween! EEEEEEVIL
MattHBut did *slaughter* anyone?
MattHThere was supposed to be a "he" before slaughter...
MrAHe doesn't have to be evil to deserve damnation
LornsLadymaybe not, but I think anyone who knows what this company does and has the choice to get another job that pays well is evil
MattHEven if he is evil, I still like Knox....I liked Dru, evil Spike, the Mayor, etc... being evil is not a reason for me to dislike someone.
MattHSo all of AI are evil, according to your reasoning, LL
LornsLadyOh I'm not saying you can't like an evil character...certain ones are meant to be loved in fact (the ones you mentioned, for example)
LornsLadywell, I think they are wrong, misguided, gave into temptation...but not evil
impalergeneralTo get into the mood, why not see "The Puppet Show" from Buffy season one before seeing this week's show?
MattHSee, Sid *was* a is even in the title ;-)
LornsLadyand let me tell you something about my reasoning, Matt...You couldn't comprehend how I's beyond your grasp
impalergeneralyeah, that's why my review this week will be "written" by Sid...soemthing to look forward to...
LornsLadysome would call it illogical or insane, but they just don't understand
* MattH reaches for the straightjacket....
LornsLadyI'm not crazy!
MattHI didn't *say* anything.... ;-)
LornsLadyyou said just didn't use words to say i
*** Signoff: NJP ((null))
impalergeneralI have the WB's "explanation", Joss' response and comments from fans and writers on my website
impalergeneralincluding ArchAngel's eloquent response to the dumping
LornsLadyI have a mention of the cancellation and the "Save Angel" websites on Love Lorne and Sassy Devil
DeathIsYourArtDon't forget the site LLL, I know you are a member
LornsLadyI also have a redesign of both sites, Sassy Devil most recnet
LornsLadyI will be sure to add them to my links :)
MattHI never liked Charmed.... too anti-male for my taste.
impalergeneralremember the ad for last weekend's "Charmed", asking "make a wish?" Well, how about trading "Charmed" for "Angel"?
LornsLadyI love Charmed, but there are issues I have with it
LornsLadyLOL, imp, great idea...I still haven't watched that ep, but I have it taped
impalergeneralwell, Alyssa Milano as Barbara Eden? No comparason to our fav vamps
impalergeneralbut if you could combine the two....
LornsLadyI agree with what they're saying
impalergeneralI'm still in favor of the Jordan Levin Voodoo dolls
LornsLadyJust tell me how much to pay and I'll send it right out
impalergeneralyeah, Vanilla Ice is more valuable than David Boreanaz? What kind of bizarro world did we wake up in?
MattHSmallville is kind of dark, but it doesn't have the supernatural element.
impalergeneralSmallville is teen angst with scifi alienist stuff
MattHI don't watch reality shows at all....I just turn off the TV
DeathIsYourArtThe evil TV demons must be stopped we need a hero...oh wait they killed him!
LornsLadyI watch a few...but as a whole, I don't like them
impalergeneralno, they fired him
DeathIsYourArtclose enough
impalergeneralreality shows are cash cows? They're Mad Cash Cows, and the Frog has acquired the disease
DeathIsYourArtboth of them
impalergeneralAmerica are full of lazy TV viewers
impalergeneralor is full of them
DeathIsYourArtohhh next week is going to be GOOOD
impalergeneralyou bet, because JOss is making it, but there will be something we may not like
DeathIsYourArtI just want Spike not to get hurt... No one ever loves him
LornsLadyI love him!
LornsLadyNot as much as Lorne, but I have a place in my heart for the blond vamp with a soul
LornsLadyeven when he was the evil vamp without a soul :)
DeathIsYourArtI know we do...but... all the women he loved didn't return it
impalergeneralI sure care who Buffy winds up with...and he better be formerly Irish (but it will take 13 episodes to reach that point)
MattHBut you bitch at me for liking Knox...
DeathIsYourArtI don't want the ship solved and I love Spuffy, but it will upise too many people either way
DeathIsYourArtI don't want fans upset
MattHBuffy is still half-baked...
DeathIsYourArtupset...I can't spell
MattHLike all the Tara fans were upset when Tara was shot.
impalergeneralwho can spel when we r maddd??
LornsLadyMatt, I don't mean to bitch at you...I just feel you're misguided :P
DeathIsYourArtI know you care Impaler, and really deep down I do too...but since I know that people will be upset either way, I would rather they didn't solve it.
MattHI expect that something big gets blown up in the finale....Joss likes explosions.
impalergeneralmaybe, but it should reach a point that she'll "lean" towards one, and it should take 13 episodes to reach that point
DeathIsYourArtYou are getting pushy, and I don't want to discuss who she should be with, we have done that a few times. I respectfully disagree with you
impalergeneralwell, if the show ends with another crater, you can expect a developer to fill it within 24 hours and construct a new office building
impalergeneralthis is LA, after all
DeathIsYourArtThey should sell pebbles from around the crater on ebay
impalergeneralindividually numbered with a certificate of authenticity
LornsLadywell you're all talking like it's over...we're fighting for the show, don't give up!
DeathIsYourArtI don't want the Jossverse to end... I'm just not ready
impalergeneralme neither. one more year. That's all we ask
DeathIsYourArtI know, trust me I am fighting...
LornsLadythis is a cool song
DeathIsYourArtOne more year *fingers crossed*
MattHThe Jossverse is like Star Trek - I expect we will be seeing it for many years.
DeathIsYourArtOperation "Avenging Angel" is progressing nicely, quickly to the Angel-mobile away!
impalergeneralwhat really gets me is that the WB claims "Angel" doesn't repeat well, whcih means people will see an episode once, but not twice. Well, since the WB doesn't repeat all of Angel's eps, they're forced that way.
LornsLadySpeaking for myself, when Angel reruns, I usually watch it
MattHI don't watch the repeats....
impalergeneraland so do others. they wnat to relive the past, and get the DVD's
DeathIsYourArtI watch them on Space here in Canada because they show it in order
impalergeneralbut they cut stuff out, right?
DeathIsYourArtwe don't censor in canada
LornsLadynot that she would live to be "wrinkly"
impalergeneraloh....they do on TNT in the states, to squeeze in more ads
DeathIsYourArtThey can swear and show partial nudity and we let it air
LornsLadyyou don't censor in Canada? But Canada is making hate speech laws...that's censorship
impalergeneralin that case, maybe the Super Bowl Halftime show should have been shown only in Canada
DeathIsYourArtThey are trying to connect it to the hate crimes law, but it will not pass
DeathIsYourArtWe are kicking out our new PM soon anyways
impalergeneralcould the voters turn to the Canadian Alliance?
impalergeneralor whoever is the opposition party these days?
DeathIsYourArtI'm not impressed with any of the members of our government
impalergeneralneither are we...they're still arguing over Florida 2000
DeathIsYourArtLet it go man... the dmocrates dropped the ball, that is why they lost, it was their own fault ...And I say that as a liberal
LornsLadyyeah, our government is frightening
impalergeneralyeah, but who's admitting fault? It's better to point fingers
impalergeneraland easier, but it doesn't exactly solve anything
MattHAnd call peope Nazis
DeathIsYourArtya but that is fun
LornsLadyI don't want Bush to get another four years...*shudder!*
impalergeneralThe OC slew Angel?
DeathIsYourArtI don't think so but Fox is seen by more that the WB'd be surprised how mant cities don't have WB affiliates
MattHLL - I am afraid you and I will have to agree to disagree on this one.
* MattH raises a Bush/Cheney '04 sign and starts marching around the chatroom.
LornsLadyOn Bush? I guess we will
LornsLadyI won't rant, I'll not get into that topic
DeathIsYourArtyes lets get back to the fact that Joss is GOD
impalergeneralif the WB asks James Marsters to be Barnabas Cllins in Dark Shadows...
MattHGOD doesn't have his shows cancelled....
impalergeneralespecially if he stars in one on CBS
DeathIsYourArtGod doesn't have the impact he used to
impalergeneralin more ways than one
LornsLadyLOL, I love Joan of Arcadia
* MattH pats Death on the back
LornsLadyOr she...if there's a god...everyone's beliefs count
DeathIsYourArtvery true
MattHOh no, the big announcement....
DeathIsYourArtThank you Harris, I feel better now
DeathIsYourArtKitty is pregnant
LornsLadyThey mentioned Andy!!! Woooo
DeathIsYourArttherefore, she needs to spend time withthe baby
*** colleen1 (hillerup@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
colleen1Hi guys.
impalergeneralno, our Wednesday nights will be a bit emptier
LornsLadyhi colleen
MattHHiya Colleen
colleen1Just started listening.
impalergeneralthey discussed "Why We Fight" and why it was kinds dull
impalergeneralkinda dull
colleen1I liked it.
colleen1WWII drama and all.
LornsLadyboring to me
MattHI figured this was the big announcement...still sad though
DeathIsYourArtis seemed quiet and stagnant to me. there were thigns I liked, but it didn't move to me
colleen1I really like historical stories, so I liked it.
DeathIsYourArtI knew they would stop with the baby coming too
impalergeneralyeah, it was inevitable....they would have made a cool FM Morning Zoo team
colleen1She'll want to spend as much time as possible with it.
LornsLadyI'm glad I got to enjoy this season, since I didn't hear it other seasons
colleen1Blast. Have to reboot. Grr.
colleen1In a bit.
*** Signoff: colleen1 (Client Quit)
DeathIsYourArtHey kitty and Candy, if you read this, give us your e-mail addresses so we can reach you once the show ends
impalergeneralsame here!
MattHHopefully, the Yahoo group will keep going.
LornsLadyYes, please! We'd like to keep in touch
impalergeneralespecially when we can talk about the Firefly movie
DeathIsYourArtWell we have each others websites bookmarked (mine will be up one day) so that is one thing
DeathIsYourArtI do swear that mine will be up before Angel ends this season
DeathIsYourArthopefully not all together
MattHYeah - I have actually been updating mine.
MattHKitty shoudn't feel guilty.
impalergeneralSo have I, especially after the WB announcement
DeathIsYourArtHey Harris since you are going to the review, do you think you can start a rally and march on the WB?
MattHIt is not like they get paid for this....
MattHMe?!? Protest? You have got to be kidding....
impalergeneralwell, that's either the WB studios in Burbank, or KTLA Channel 5 on Sunsent Blvd.
LornsLadyI just sent Candy an email, mentioning that we'd like to keep in touch
DeathIsYourArtwhy not?
DeathIsYourArtthanks LLL
MattHOh no! I just realized that there will be no more Kitty Torture once the SC ends. Whatever will I do?
DeathIsYourArtCome on Harris! This is the future, choas and riots...start one
impalergeneralwell, find someone named Kitty otrture her with Buffy questions, or ask them to your cat
LornsLadyTorture the WB instead for cancelling Angel
MattHSorry - I'm too Republican for that.... ;-)
DeathIsYourArtRepublicans can protest too
DeathIsYourArtWe should send kitty torture questions to Levin
LornsLadyWe should send postcards to Levin stating in all caps, "WE WANT KITTY TORTURE!"
DeathIsYourArtHe will not get it though
DeathIsYourArtbesides, we will not get it anyways.
LornsLadyOf course not...but maybe he'll investigate why so many ppl want to torture cats, and we'll be able to corner him and demand Angel
DeathIsYourArtHowever once we get Angel picked up by another network, we should meet here every wednesday
LornsLadyhey that works for me!
DeathIsYourArtI hope the channel doesn't get shut down
MattHThat works for me...
MattHIt gets shut down every time we leave. You can create your own channels just by joining them.
LornsLadyI don't think they can do that...the channel is created just by typing its name into the channel thingy by the first person
LornsLadyMatt said it better
LornsLadyOutdone by a Republican!!! How will I ever live with the shame??
MattHGet used to it.... ;-)
LornsLadyThen again, it's happened before...guess I'll be ok
DeathIsYourArtokay good! I have never used MIRC except for this club and one time when I had to talk to someone in Iceland
LornsLadymy email is or or :P
MattHKitty can go into labor on the show.
DeathIsYourArtHey, since the show maybe ending, *hopefully not* shouldn't the writers be nice and show up on the kitty & Candy show?
LornsLadythat would be a cool way to go out
LornsLadyyes they should
DeathIsYourArtJoss too
LornsLadyyeah, let's get Joss here
*** colleen1 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHWB Colleen
impalergeneralhi there
DeathIsYourArtI really wish I could go now
LornsLadywb doll
impalergeneralhey, wacky is a good thing...since I'm a Gemini
colleen1Thanks. ANd hi.
DeathIsYourArtI love that idea
DeathIsYourArtSince want to go eventually
impalergeneralI thought they closed the box office for the review
DeathIsYourArtI think they did earlier this week
DeathIsYourArtI loved Darla pregnant...I just didn't really like Connor
colleen1I liked Baby Connor.
DeathIsYourArtThat poor actor, he had a thankless job
impalergeneralthe teen years weren't so cute
DeathIsYourArtgo Harris
MattHConnor was ok...I just thought the plotline sucked...
impalergeneralespecially when it led to the Jasmine plotline
colleen1I like this season sooooo much more.
impalergeneralthis season is so good, it should last another year
MattHIt is much better....
DeathIsYourArtI want to get Kitty Candy and Ethan a present...but I don't know what to get them... if anyone has an idea write me at
* MattH winces in empathy for Producer Ethan....
DeathIsYourArtHe is a big boy, he can handle it...he he he
LornsLadyI want to make sure I have your websites in my links section on Sassy Devil...URLs please?
LornsLadythanks...I was right; I had them correct :)
MattHThis too easy...Kitty isn't suffering....:_(
colleen1Give the poor preggie a break :)
DeathIsYourArtI LOVE school hard, I just watched it on Monday
colleen1I've been pregnant. She's suffering enough.
colleen1Then again, wait til 2am feedings...
* MattH thanks god for his gender... ;-)
DeathIsYourArthe he he
LornsLadyWe should make a collage of fan photos and send them to the WB...even better if we are all nude!
MattHBetter if we are not
DeathIsYourArtno no nudes...
LornsLadyMatt, if we include the statement, "Un-Cancel Angel or We'll Send More Nude Photos!" it will be effective
MattHHow will they uncancel if they are in a sanitarium?
colleen1Darn. When did you see me naked :(
DeathIsYourArtthat new years party you had... the photos are on the net
colleen1Do you have the url? :)
impalergeneralDead Age
impalergeneralDarkAge, that's right
DeathIsYourArtI got it
DeathIsYourArtWhos line is it 2
DeathIsYourArtwhat's my line
DeathIsYourArtI can't remember the names now...I'm tired
MattHI am doing pretty good...
LornsLadygot three more addies for postcards...all at UPN
DeathIsYourArtgive me
LornsLadyTV GUIDE is reporting that Fox is talking to UPN about taking Angel..
impalergeneralreally? Is this just on the site?
LornsLadyDawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff, Programming Chief
LornsLadyUnited Paramount Network
LornsLady11800 Wilshire Blvd.
LornsLadyLos Angeles, CA 90025
LornsLadyUPN Entertainment
LornsLadyAttn: Danielle Greene, Alternative Development / Current Programming
LornsLady11800 Wilshire Blvd
DeathIsYourArtya I read that on the mobster board
LornsLadyLos Angeles, CA 90025
LornsLadyUPN Entertainment
MattHI read that - Joss said it was a long shot.
LornsLadyAttn: Kevin Levy, Sr. VP - Scheduling & Acquisitions
LornsLady11800 Wilshire Blvd
LornsLadyLos Angeles, CA 90025
LornsLadyI just saw that from spoiler-crypt mailing list
LornsLadyFax: 310-575-7240
LornsLadyFax: 310-575-7220
LornsLadyFax: 310-575-7210
LornsLadyfor those three ppl
colleen1I sent a card to Dawn T this morning.
LornsLadyI have about 15 cards ready to go out tomorrow
LornsLadyI've also sent several emails and filled out a few feedback forms
DeathIsYourArtI've sent 30 cards in total. I lost count of the e-mails and a few faxes
LornsLadyDid you sign the petitions? I know of two, there may be more
impalergeneralwell, I've go tto go....
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
LornsLadyno it's not, it's 11:03!
DeathIsYourArtbye bye impaler
MattHBye Impaler
LornsLadyyou missed
DeathIsYourArtya I signed the 2 petitions even though they probably will ignore them.... the bastards
LornsLadyyeah, i don't think they'll see them either, but anything's possible
DeathIsYourArtI should get back to the "Operation avenging Angel " night night everyone. See you next week
colleen1I did see the petition mentioned in a news article, so it can't hurt.
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHI think I am going to miss Kitty's sign-off most of all. and
Amy_Madisonso its all over then
Amy_MadisonI had trouble so I wasn't listening
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
MattHFor tonight....
MattHKitty did well on Kitty Torture.
LornsLadyyes she did
Amy_Madisonbut did they anounce they wer going away
MattHThis is also the last season of the Succubus Club, too....
MattH'Bout the way I feel.
colleen1Heading out. See you next week.
*** Signoff: colleen1 (Read error: (User has no peer))
MattHI'll miss the SC more than Angel (at least some of the eps)
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison (Client Quit)
LornsLadywell, I'm going...bye all :) C U next week
MattHWell, I'm out of here... see you all next week
*** Signoff: LornsLady ((null))
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Feb 18 20:07:31 2004