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MattHHiya Fiat
FiatLuxHey Matt. I just finished listening to last week's Club.
FiatLuxSad to see The Succubus Club go. Happy for Kitty though.
FiatLuxI just heard about Angel being cancelled yesterday. That's what happens when your incommunicado for a couple weeks.
MattHThat is 'bout the way I feel about it.
FiatLuxI'll only get to record the first half hour of Angel tonight. So I'll probably just get it off the net later.
MattHWhy only the first half?
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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas fiat
FiatLuxMy brother came over. It's his birthday and he doesn't have cable. He wants to watch my TV and the sattilite system I have doesn't let you record unless you're watching it.
FiatLuxHi Elais!
FiatLuxI may forgive him if he let's me share the bottle of whiskey I gave him for his b-day.
MattHI take it he isn't an Angel fan?
FiatLuxJust like people from Kentucky huh, giving liquor as a present. No he's not into it. Buffy really either, but he really likes Drusilla.
Elaishe does?
Elaisunusual tastes
MattHThat is one way of saying it.... ;-)
FiatLuxYeah. Crazy vampire chick. That's so not his type :)
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LornsLadyhey y'all
FiatLuxHey LLL
MattHHiya LLL
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MattHHiya DIYA
LornsLadyhey DIYA
DeathIsYourArthiya! How was your weekend Harris?
FiatLuxHello Death
DeathIsYourArtHey LLL
MattHPretty good...
DeathIsYourArttell tell
DeathIsYourArtHas anyone received Kitty and Candys e-mail addresses yet?
FiatLuxYes, let us live vicariously through you!
LornsLadyThanks for posting that url for a review Matt
MattHWhat's to say - I met K&C. Kitty is not fat, despite what she says..they are both very funny & nice.
MattHFlipley was really nice too.
LornsLadyI was jealous, only 250 ppl, getting close to the stars :)
DeathIsYourArtAlso, please everyone check the mailing list. WB wants to air best of smallville instead of repeats of ANgel because they want us to calm down with the complaining, I say HELL NO
Elaiskitty and candy are just so gorgeous
Elaiswell, not too many stars
FiatLuxDIYA, why would the WB think that would calm the fans?
LornsLadywait, *That's* why they're airing Smallville? I thought they do something like that every year, a few weeks off in spring (which I hate) they really think that ....what Fiat said
ElaisAndy was there, but only for an hour or two
MattHI left before Andy Hallet arrived Saturday...only thing I missed.
DeathIsYourArtthey think if we don't see Angel for a few weeks that we will do other things, out of mind out of sight
LornsLadyStill, at least he was sounds like it was fun...but it'll be fun at Moonlight Rising :)
MattHOut of Mind, Out of Sight - that was Buffy.... ;-)
Elaisvery true, LLL
FiatLuxThey don't really understand the Buffy/Angel fans do they?
LornsLadyWRONG, WB!!! WRONG!!!
Elaisthe WB sucks
DeathIsYourArtoh I have to go...shows on, be back during commercial
LornsLadyok D...
MattHThe WB true.
MattHFood was so-so
Elaisget piccies with anyone Matt?
LornsLadyusually is
MattHYeah - haven't developed them yet, though.
LornsLadyI should do that Wheaties thing...where do we send it again?
Elaishaven't developed mine either
Elaiseveryone apparently used a digital camera
Elaisthe only complaint I had about the Revue was the hotel room itself
LornsLadywhat was wrong with it?
FiatLuxWhere'd you stay?
Elaisthe century plaza
DeathIsYourArtAnyone have any ideas for St. Patricks day? The ad will be out on the Monday and St Patricks day is the Wednesday (suppose to be Angel day but will be a smallville day)
Elaisfor $159 a night, I expected a lot more amenaties
FiatLuxNo Angel next Wed?
LornsLadyIrish Potatoes?
LornsLadyNo Angel for 5 weeks
DeathIsYourArtsee the WB is the first evil
Elais5 weeks??????
MattHNo new Tru Calling til March either....
LornsLadyBuffy can defeat them!
MattHMaking Fox the 2nd Evil
LornsLadyWB = Warped Brains
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MattHHiya Amy
LornsLadyhi amy
Elaisdon't think I've even watched one ep of Tru Calling
DeathIsYourArthi Amy
Amy_Madisonthe SC site seems to be down
MattHIt has gotten better
MattHSC site ran out of Bandwith
LornsLadythey said it may be down for the rest of the month
Amy_Madisonwhen is the one with Clare supposed to be on air
FiatLuxI didn't really like it, but I watched Tru Calling. It grows on you, but it's a little mindless for my taste.
LornsLadyi watched a couple of eps
LornsLadydid everyone see last week's ep? I have a question but don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't seen it
MattHSmile Time was good, but it didn't really advance the seasonal plot.
FiatLuxI saw it.
ElaisI LOVED smile time
LornsLadyI liked it :)
Elaisit moved the Fred/Wesley relationship
FiatLuxMe too
Elaisand whatever is going on with Gunn
LornsLadyYeah...Fred/Wesley: About friggin' time!!!
Elaisit will become clearer with tonight's ep
MattHA little....
DeathIsYourArtI liked everything except that that song was repeated at the end... I wanted to kill the puppets myself at that point
LornsLadyOk, question...what happened to the guy who made the deal with the devils? Did he die?
MattHPuppet Angel Vamping out was wonderful.
Elaisnot sure
LornsLadyI loved the doggie puppet...too bad he was beheaded
MattHWell, his show got cancelled.... ;-)
Elaispresumably the next egg thingy might have kept him alive
LornsLadywhere can I buy an Angel puppet?
Elaisthey didn't really tell us what happened did they?
LornsLadySpike was too underused in the much potential for ribbing
Elaisdidja know that was David Fury as the guy who made the deal with the devil?
LornsLadyno I didn't, that was Fury? Cool
ElaisI thought Spike was used in just the right amount
Elaisthat fight scene was hilarious
LornsLadywasn't it?
ElaisLorne was marvelous with the puppet Angel
FiatLuxYou're a wee little puppet man!
MattHI read an interesting drabble with Buffy slaying Count Chocula...
LornsLadythe werewolf trying to eat Angel Puppet was great!
Elaisbad Nina!
Amy_MadisonI DO NOT HAVE PUPPET CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elaisyou gotta ask Andy about Smile Time at the moonlight rising con, LLL
LornsLadyIf I was the gang, right after I saw Angel for the first time as a puppet and got over the shock, I'd drop to the floor laughing
Elaisthere should be a wealth of funny stories about that ep
LornsLadywhat should I ask him?
LornsLadyI'm trying to work up the courage to ask him to show his tattoos!
Elaiswould he like to see a Lorne puppet?
LornsLadyI' don't want to know what I'd do with a Lorne puppet
LornsLadydon't even get me thinking about that
Amy_Madisonoh!!! and who had the piccies fron this weekend. I need the site. I lost all my mail last night
MattHDidn't we see a large, green Lorne puppet earlier in the season...?
Elaishulk smash
Elaisnot quite the same
LornsLadyFor Amy
LornsLadyfrom Matt
Elaisyeah, I think I read that account
Elaisa very good one
LornsLadyVeggie is surprised her report is getting all over...I told her Matt gave it to us, and she apparently is getting visitors from all over :)
Elaishow about "How did you keep from laughing?"
Amy_MadisonThanks LL
LornsLadyYeah, I should have thought of that Elais...b/c I was thinking that the whole ep!
LornsLadyI wanted to kiss Angel puppet
MattHIIRC, I got it from Tensai (The spoilerslayer) ... lots of people read his site/mailing list.
LornsLadyI'm so glad he vamped in that one scene, because I was wanting to see him vamp as a puppet
LornsLadyI want to see Angelus Puppet next
MattHI was hoping we would see the rest of the cast as puppets...
ElaisI think vamping the Angel puppet was a very difficult effect
LornsLadyi want an angel puppet with removable nose
LornsLadyI wonder if anything else was removable?
Elaisdon't know
Elaiswill they come out with a Angel Potato Head?
ElaisI want a puppet Spike
LornsLadyAnd mrs. Potato Head would be a werewolf
MattHWe don't know if Angel puppet was anatomically correct....if he wasn't, think of the fun Spike would have calling Angel a eunuch...
LornsLadyThere you go! Puppet Spike
MattHOf course, no chance that Puppet Angel would lose his soul.
LornsLadypuppet Angel just needs a hug
DeathIsYourArtI want a full size puppet Spike
Amy_Madisonis there something new on the SC site I got a bandwidth limit thingy
LornsLadyAmy, they're out of bandwidth, so the site may be down till the end of the month
MattHNo, they have just run out of bandwidth this month.
Elaisa full-sized Spike might be scary *did* think of me at W&H, didn't you? You promised!
ElaisI think I would prefer a widdle Spikey
Amy_Madisonah, okie thanks
MattHA couple of times.
MattHI saw another Jennifer....but she wasn't you... :_(
*** impalergeneral (impalergen@ has joined channel #theSuccubusClub
MattHHiya Impaler
LornsLadyThere's another Jennifer out there????
DeathIsYourArtMake sure your boyfriend doesn't find out LLL
* LornsLady is shocked
DeathIsYourArtHello Impaler
LornsLadyShe can have my bf :)
Elaisdidja enjoy the Revue?
impalergeneralSorry I'm late. I had computer problems. Had to update Windows
LornsLadyhi Imp!
impalergeneraland I sure did. I just wish I was able to stay in LA an extra two days...and see Eliza Dushku
Elaiswhere was Eliza at?
Amy_Madisonbe right back
impalergeneralRyan Seacrest and Jimmy Kimmel
DeathIsYourArtohhh shows back on, and it is GOOD
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null)) would have tried to go to the tapings then?
impalergeneralI think I would have made it
MattH"Does Angel ever really learn anything?" - Nope
Elaishe rides the short bus
FiatLuxSay "hi" Matt
LornsLadyIG, you don't have the pics up yet, then?
impalergeneralNope. I will do so by Midnight tonight
* MattH says "Hi" to Kitty & Candy
LornsLadyok, I'll check back :)
impalergeneralI'll tell everyone when the pix are there, then add captions on Thursday
Elaiscool, IG
LornsLadyoh, is Wesley not wearing glasses now?
LornsLadyHe got laser eye surgery or something?
Elaishe's been clean shaven lately too
MattHRegarding Angel losing his soul....well, Nina is a blond....
LornsLadyI prefer clean shaven men
impalergeneralwell, if the W and H Docs can remove ennui and also provide x-ray vision
LornsLadywhat can they do for PMS?
DeathIsYourArtAlexiz says that there is a reason behind him shaving
LornsLadyLOL, Kitty and Candy!
MattHHaving two regulars kiss in the Buffyverse is generally a *bad* sign....
Elaisman, I'll miss Kitty and Candy
Elaisoh yeah
Elaisas soon as they kissed, Fred and Wesley were doomed
MattHSame here CM
LornsLadyYou're so right, never ends happily on Joss' shows
impalergeneralas Sid said in his review, either Fred or Wes die, or they lose a soul and become evil
MattHWell, they could have a nasty breakup, ala Fred/Gunn
impalergeneralGunn is now the puppet for W and H, and will have no choice but to be their puppet
Elaisi don't think the Fred/gunn breakup was nasty
MattHI just hope we don't have a whole "legal-knowledge-addiction" plotline.
LornsLadyYeah, he was blackmailed...I knew something would go wrong
ElaisI think they just simply stopped
LornsLadySame would be hell to lose all that knowledge, but Gunn was a good guy before
MattHWith Gunn sucking the legalness out of other lawyers....and going though withdrawl symptoms.
impalergeneralah, but he's sold his soul, thinking he'd fight evil so this time
ElaisI would say Dark Gunn
Elaisbut that doesn't sound quite right
Elaiswell, he sold his soul once for a truck
LornsLadygood point
DeathIsYourArtI can't believe they are taking this show off of the air... I really hope that many critics are watching tonight
Elaisthe price should be pretty steep this stime
LornsLadyohhh, that reminds me...I thought of a potential reason Charmed wasn't cancelled while Angel was...
DeathIsYourArtnaked girls
impalergeneralcleavage is always more valuable on TV than good writing...darn it
LornsLadyit might be nothing, but the consulting producer on Charmed is named Jonathan LEVIN...could he be related to Jordan Levin?
MattHRe: Candy saying Gunn doing nothing for the last three seasons, does she mean just like Lorne?
DeathIsYourArtPlus Levin is threatened by Joss and his genius...stupid impotent Levin
LornsLadyLorne should have more stories, another whole ep
Elaisyeah, Gunn and Lorne haven't had much to do these past couple of seasons
Elaisand too bad this is the last year
DeathIsYourArtLLL I can't wait for you to watch tonight
impalergeneralyeah, otherwise they'd get together to accidentally produce a blockbuster picture
FiatLuxI knew it was touch and go with renewal this season but I thought it was going good and a six season was in the bag.
LornsLadyoh? I can't wait either...and you're making me more eager
DeathIsYourArtgood...but I will not spoil you
* LornsLady feels giddiness begin
impalergeneralwell, I do know the reason behind the title of the episode
LornsLadyI like this song!
* MattH pulls out the straightjacket...
LornsLadyoh matt! Kinky!!!
impalergeneralyear...what's going on with this band now?
FiatLuxI'll have to download the next half hour.
ElaisI knew Angel was good for at least another season
Elaisbut I can't imagine any cable/network channell willing to pay for just one more year of Angel
LornsLadyWell, I'd be fine with two more years...or three...or four
MattHYeah..they'd want at least 2 years.
LornsLadyso let's do that, 2 more years!
MattHWhich wouldn't bother me...
FiatLuxThey can have a six season at W&H and then retool it for another couple season like they did last year.
LornsLadyI understand there's talk about Buffy/Angel movies if the show is cancelled, but Joss isn't thinking about that right now...he still hopes for more Angel
LornsLadyIf I had a network, I'd buy it
impalergeneralwell, the word is that UPN doesn't want leftovers, but rather make their own shows that people don't watch anyway. At least with Angel, there would be an audience
LornsLadyHey!!! What about the Horror Channel???
LornsLady*Smacks head* Did anyone contact *them* about taking on Angel?
ElaisUPN is on shaky financial ground I hear
MattHAngel is horrorific enough...
impalergeneralI never heard of that, and I have Comcast
LornsLadyIt's a new channel coming out this
LornsLadyit's not on YET...
LornsLadyI'm going to email them
LornsLadycouldn't hurt
Elaiscouldn't hurt
impalergeneralwell, since less than a million would get that chanel to start, that wouldn't work
impalergeneralwell, if "Angel" comes back, it should be a mini-series, just like the return of "Farscape"..whcih also died too soon
impalergeneral13 eps, collect the Emmies, and wave goodbye...."Angel" could do that
impalergeneralas a mii-series
DeathIsYourArtcontacting the horror channel can't hurt... lets do it and spread the word
LornsLadyyeah, I'm contacting my mailing lists too
DeathIsYourArtI will too.. I'll let the mobsters know, we spread the word pretty fast
DeathIsYourArtJoss is god and the devil... I REALLY hope the critics were watching
impalergeneralThat good, DIYA?
MattHI'd be embarrased if I were turned into a puppet.
Elaisah, angel should be on soon for me
LornsLadyso would i :)
DeathIsYourArtthe show tonight
DeathIsYourArtand there was a shout out to Tim Burton... it had everything
impalergeneralincluding why there is a hole in the world
FiatLuxThe show's over?
impalergeneralno, that hole isn't that big yet
MattHFor those who read usenet, there is a great short fanfic called "Law Office of Horror" on that is a hilarious follow-up to smile time.
LornsLadythanks matt
*** colleen1 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Colleen1
colleen1Hey guys
impalergeneralhi there
LornsLadyhi colleen!
MattHIt could be the first Annual Revue if there are more than one (coming down the road)
impalergeneraland let's hope there will be
colleen1What happened in the first hour?
colleen1Did they talk about Smile Time, or just the review?
*** NJP ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornsLadythey talked about it
LornsLadyhi NJP
MattHHiya NJP
NJPhey guys
MattHI liked the Souless Social the was quiet enough to talk.
NJPafter tonight's ep....the wb suits should be lined up against a wall and.......
FiatLuxOh, that sounds cool!
impalergeneraland what?
MattHOr locked in a room with a couple of hungry vampires....
FiatLuxThe Souless Social and the WB execs lined up sounds good
MattHI spend $5 on raffle tickets...
impalergeneralhmmm, reminds me of a holiday party with Dru and Darla
LornsLadyspread the word...send email or otherwise contact The Horror Channel ( to ask them to take Angel
impalergeneralI spent ten on raffle tix...and I was so sure I'd at least get the movie passes
NJPoh, pardon me. Intelligent, effective, moving drama? Oh. WHy would we want that when we can get a bunch
NJPof idiots to eat worms!
NJPor jump off a bridge
MattHWell... idiots eating worms is really hot TV...makes a good book too...
impalergeneralno, that's another network. You mean q-level celebs living together for no reason at all
NJPonly if its wb suits doing the eating
NJPis there any doubt that Joss Whedon is the best writer writing for television?
NJPall together now
MattHI take it you liked tonights episode...
impalergeneralyeah, but no one knows that
NJPthat would pretty much sum it up
FiatLuxYeah, my friend who's been together with his boyfriend for five years was talking about the constitutional amendment to secure the sanctity of marriage when there's shows like my big fat obnoxious fiance. Like that's not a bad image for marriage
DeathIsYourArttonights episode was probably the best television you will ever see for the rest of your life... it was just that good
colleen1It was okay.
NJPyou know those eps (mostly whedon ones) when they just run the table?
impalergeneralI almost feel unworthy to watch
MattHBetter than "The Body" or "Once More With Feeling" or "Hush"....hmmm
FiatLuxI have to wait at least another day to see tonights ep.
colleen1Kinda predictable. Wish I hadn't seen the promo.
NJPnot better but in that league
impalergeneralfor next week?
DeathIsYourArtdidn't see it on purpose...isn't next week repeats
NJPwhedon has such a feel for the characters--who they are
NJPthe Angel Spike interactions are just perfect
colleen1New one next week.
impalergeneralI thought next week was another new ep, "Shells", I think
colleen1I did love the character interactions.
NJPno spoiler but great swordplay--real classic JossVerse stuff
DeathIsYourArtif it is new then I am so very happy that I did not watch the preview..I want to be unspoiled
MattHLike Becoming II?
Elaisi like it when Angel and Spike fight
colleen1Best that way.
NJPyou can really see, tonight, some of the bond that kept them together
FiatLuxAnd people think this show is not making enough money for them or something?
NJPthey know how good it is, they just see the big nets raking in the cash with the reality stuff
NJPand they want a piece.
FiatLuxI started watching Smallville because of Angel.
NJPmark my words, three years from now, Kellner or another of those idiots will stand up and say....
NJPwell, we made a mistake. But it will be too late
impalergeneraland they think "Angel", "Gilmore Girls" and the like are too old, while "ONe Tree Hill" and "Charmed" are the hope of the future
MattHJonathan Woodward was awesome...
impalergeneralyou should have seen him dance
NJPOh and re-re-tread of Dark Shadows
impalergeneraland Lost in Space
FiatLuxWho didn't love Holden?
MattHDark Shadows would be good if Joss did it.
impalergeneraland he added a Slayer...oh, wait--
NJPOh, we have this original effective Vampire show but we're gonna toss that in favor of some s**t that was old in 1968
FiatLuxNah, he can just have all the vampires on the show get souls somehow
impalergeneralI tried to find reviews of "When Harry Met Sally", but could only find one from the "Guardian"..the reviewers thought Alyson did OK
NJPfrom the weight he put on since his mustard days, Fury would have a lot of ass to kiss......
MattHI was a big Forever Knight fan....actually prefer Nick Knight to Angel (the character, not the show)
impalergeneralwell, he wasnice to talk along as I didn't get specific about the show--except the fact that it's over
MattHHe was pretty hefty in OMWF...
NJPhe have any idea what hes going to be doing after Angel?
MattHNot that I can talk.
impalergeneralIf only we could bring Nick Knight back to meet Angel...
DeathIsYourArtI think Nick is too old now
impalergeneralor maybe dead
DeathIsYourArtmaybe, I'll check hold on
impalergeneralNick died in the last "Forever Knight"...or it seemed that way
MattHCould have a different actor play him...Rick Springfield did an excellent Nick Knight also.
DeathIsYourArtthe actor is still alive, he is 47 now but....
DeathIsYourArtthey can resurrect him like darla
NJPso, kids, stick around and do Wonderfalls......
MattHI didn't see the last season, not having cable at the time. LaCroix had a stake shoved through his heart and he came it is possible Nick could come back.
DeathIsYourArtvery true... oh I love this song YAY
DeathIsYourArtIt reminds me of dancing at the Phoenix in Toronto with my friend Melissa
MattHKitty Torture!!
colleen1Geraint was looking older in season 3, much less now. And he chose to quit. Nigel wasn't happy.
LornsLadyROB ZOMBIE!!!!!
DeathIsYourArtYou have a thing about demons don't you LLL
LornsLadyLOL I guess so!
ElaisI really liked Rick as the original Nick Knight
Elaisgotta find that movie again one of these days
ElaisI'll give Wonderfalls a shot
* LornsLady is shaking it!!
MattHSpecial effects were better in that pilot also...they had a much larger budget.
FiatLuxYeah, I'll watch Wonderfalls.
FiatLuxAnd the main reason I'll watch is because of a Buffy/Angel alumni
FiatLuxSo take that WB
DeathIsYourArtshout out
NJPthere's a rumor that unless the Priestly Tru Calling tanks, FOX will renew that show
MattHShoutout to LLL! Awesome.
MattHK&C are never boring....
NJPjim kirk?
NJPjames tiberius kirk?
impalergeneralso, if Priestly doesn't pull in the Friends fans, it's all over? I'd better watch Smackdown, then
NJPFox supposedly believes that TC can do very well in a Friendless situation
NJPThe last couple of eps haven't been too bad - not great, but not as honking bad as the early stuff
MattHThe show needs better plotlines then....
FiatLuxI still think the writing and plots need a little something.
NJPthe had Tru do this speech about her calling a week or two ago
impalergeneralthat may be, only if we have an epiosde or two where Tru has to save more than one person some week...or NOT to save someone
NJPso they are trying to build a backstory
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
NJPthe groundhog day ep was probably the best of the lot
*** DeathIsYourArt (~Achnacarr@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
FiatLuxSometimes it seems like it's pandering to people. I'm not stupid, I can get the point without you hitting me over the head
LornsLadyThat one I liked
LornsLadywb darlin'
colleen1It would help if Elisha didn't get on my nerves. I watched a bit of the pilot.
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colleen1Poor Death.
FiatLuxAre you here or not DIYA?
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt (Client Quit)
*** DeathIsYourArt (~Achnacarr@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
* LornsLady jumps on top of DIYA and uses electrical tape to secure her to the room
MattH$250 for the poster.....awesome.
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt (Client Quit)
*** DeathIsYourArt (~Achnacarr@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornsLadycheap electrical tape!!!
MattHLousy quality duct tape there...
FiatLuxNo, that black electrical tape doesn't hold well. Try duct tape
NJPuse the double stick stuff
LornsLadyI guess i'll have to
MattHThe amulet wasn't *that* hot.
LornsLadyholy crap!!!! $7,500!!!
LornsLadymaybe the person thinks that Spike will pop out of it
impalergeneralwell, it's history
FiatLuxOh yeah! See, the Wooten Center will definately want to have more W&H Revues
impalergeneraldarn. I left at 11:30, but only because of the Disneyland Derby
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt (Client Quit)
MattHI left at about 10:30
FiatLuxOh, I love fun drunk singers
LornsLadyAndy's not one of those obnoxious or rude or stupid drunks
impalergeneralAndy said hi to me, but I'm not sure he recognized me
FiatLuxYou know LLL, I may have to help you with the Hallett love.
LornsLadyHelp me? Why?
LornsLadyI can handle me :)
FiatLuxWell, I didn't want to say compete with you. Didn't your mom ever teach you to share?!
LornsLadyyeah, but I grew out of it
LornsLadyI'm so jealous of Kitty and Candy :)
*** DeathIsYourArt (~Achnacarr@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Elaiswelcome back, Death
MattHFlipley is K&C's #1 Bitch.
FiatLuxWB Death. Stay!
MattHThey were calling him that....
DeathIsYourArtYou do realize that you are all not as light as a feather right?
DeathIsYourArtI would love to stay, tell MIRC that
MattHDepends on the feather...
LornsLadythat is correct.
impalergeneralwell, during Rerun March, we may get some special guests on the show
LornsLadyAndy might be on SC again??? Woohoo!
FiatLuxHehehe Andy is funny, Ok I want to be LLL's apprentice.
ElaisAndy on the show would be fantastic!
LornsLadyI still haven't heard from K or C about the one with Andy previously...I want a copy of that if possible
LornsLadyLOL, Fiat, I'll share...but only with you!
FiatLuxTeach me the ways of Andy/Lorne love.
LornsLadyWe'll need an Andy/Lorne puppet first
DeathIsYourArtI'd buy one of those
LornsLadyYou want to practice some of these moves so you don't hurt him until you really mean it
LornsLadyI'd buy a lot of those
FiatLuxI can sew. Give me some green felt and you've got one.
LornsLadyOOoh, if only I could sew...I'd sew an Andy doll!
DeathIsYourArtsweet really?
LornsLadyReally???? I am trying to come up with a gift to give Andy at MR
DeathIsYourArtWait kitty torture is better than curve
FiatLuxYeah. I've made other dolls. Not puppets, but the pattern can't be that differnt
DeathIsYourArtI want a spike one, can you do that too?
DeathIsYourArtI'll buy the supplies
FiatLuxThe platinum blonde hair might be hard to find. Hmm, pale-ish white skin tone, blue eyes, yeah I can get that.
LornsLadyI'd be kissing mine all the time
DeathIsYourArtI would love a spike doll... I would kill for one
FiatLuxHey, I don't want to know what you'd do with your's LLL.
LornsLadyI want an Andy Voodoo doll...I wouldn't stick pins in it, though...just have *other fun* with it
LornsLadyLOL Fiat
DeathIsYourArtFaitLux, can I have your e-mail address, we should set this up. Thsi will make my year
DeathIsYourArtThink about it LLL, you can say that you slept with Lorne
LornsLadyI'd love that!
LornsLadyI just don't have the money right now though
FiatLuxSure, I don't mind giving my e-mail here.
NJPNo spoiler but after you watch tonights ep, you might want to go here:
DeathIsYourArthere is my e-mail in case I haven't give it before Just let me know what it will cost, I will find the money if I don't already ahve it
NJPI believe that is the correct reference
LornsLadyI put your email in my addy email is
FiatLuxOk DIYA, I've been wanting to go to the big crafts store. Now I have a reason :)
DeathIsYourArtYa I was looking for the connection to some of the quotes and I couldn't find them. I knew I recognized a lot of the dialoge, so thanks NJP
colleen1Well, I'm off.
*** Signoff: colleen1 (Read error: (User has no peer))
MattHTechnically his name is Liam...
DeathIsYourArtbut he is a vamp by then so Angel
LornsLadyAngel puppy to Angel puppet
NJPsee ya guys
DeathIsYourArtShe needed a bonus that you couldn't get kitty
*** Signoff: NJP ((null))
FiatLuxGo Kitty, this might be her best one
DeathIsYourArtaww he left
MattHKitty is doing excellent...not much torture here...
DeathIsYourArtIt is the baby, it gives her a soul
LornsLadyBonus: I don't know!!
MattH1998 sometime
DeathIsYourArtFaith is so hot
MattHWell, duh....
FiatLuxI think Death's answer is right
* MattH wanders off to a happy place...
LornsLadyI'm following Matt...he's gone to where Andy is
DeathIsYourArtyou wander to your happy place a lot... he he he I just thought of "souless spike would have me upside down and half way to happy land by now"
DeathIsYourArtI want my Spike puppet
LornsLadyI want my Lorne anatomically correct puppet
MattHNo, I've gone to where Eliza is...
LornsLadythat's ok...I like Eliza too
impalergeneralBest Torture ever
DeathIsYourArtYou do realize fait that if it turns out really good I can guarantee that you will have many Mobsters begging you for one... you could start a business, just don't tell fox
FiatLuxDo you want removable noses (or other appendages)?
MattH95%!?! That is *so* wrong...this Torture sucked...only 5% torture content.
DeathIsYourArtnothign removable, and definately no removable hands
LornsLadyLOL...unremovable might be safer...she wouldn't want to lose his parts!
DeathIsYourArtno I wouldn't...I'm not prepared to make that sacrafice
DeathIsYourArtHi kitty and Candy *forgot to do that before*
impalergeneralwell, WH Revue pix coming by midnight tonight at
FiatLuxI'll try for a muppet type size and see what I can do with that.
DeathIsYourArtya ya thanks
LornsLadyI'll be sure to check 'em out IG
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
DeathIsYourArtthanks IG
FiatLuxI want to see the pix
LornsLady is my site
DeathIsYourArtI have it bookmarked
LornsLady for Lorne fanfic
FiatLuxYep, bookmarked.
DeathIsYourArtWB and their stupid revoking spell grrr argh
FiatLuxTalk to all next week. I'll e-mail you two about the "fun puppets"
DeathIsYourArtsweet thanks bye for now
MattHSuccubus Club is easy to love...
LornsLadyyes it is
DeathIsYourArtI'm really going to miss it
LornsLadyBye all, gonna make my hot chocolate! See you all next week!
DeathIsYourArtBring tissues if you haven't seen tonights epy
MattHYep - bye alll
DeathIsYourArtnight night
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Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Feb 25 20:01:59 2004