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DeathIsYourArtHey Harris
MattHHiya DIYA
DeathIsYourArtLast one for 5 weeks... I think I am already suffering DT's
*** Joelseph ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Joel
Joelsephhey guys
DeathIsYourArthey Joel
MattHYeah 5 weeks without .... hard to do
MattHI like Smallville, but not that much.
DeathIsYourArtI don't watch it
Joelseph5 weeks without what
DeathIsYourArtI only watch 2 shows and the MuchLoud (24 rock) channel
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArt24 *hour* rock
DeathIsYourArthello fait
FiatLuxHi guys
Joelsephno episodes for 5 weeks after this one?
MattHHiya Fiat
DeathIsYourArtcorrect Joel
DeathIsYourArtohhh preview has Spike with a sword again... *trying to keep breathing*
Joelsephthen only 6 more after that
DeathIsYourArtshhh I'm in denial
* MattH applies Oxygen to Death Is Your Art
DeathIsYourArtIgnorance is bliss and I am happy here
*** impalergeneral (~davidmell@ has joined channel #theSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtohhh Harris *wink wink*
Joelsephhardly anything worth getting on TV now....
DeathIsYourArti agree
MattHLike they do at football games....
impalergeneralwell, there's still Smackdown....
Joelsephsmallville is watchable, but the problem is we know whats gonna happen
DeathIsYourArtit doesn't impress me in the least
MattHWell, so of the details
MattHso = some
Joelsephits okay
FiatLuxAngel has started. I hit the record button. All is well.
impalergeneralI'm taping it tonight, too. I keep helping people who forget to tape the show
FiatLuxI got a little emotional when I watched the end of last week's ep.
impalergeneralI know....Fred the seet Texas girl is now the Big Bad--the same old story..or more than one
MattHI am in the minority here, but I thought last weeks ep was a little overwrought....
impalergeneralor sweet Texas girl
DeathIsYourArtawww I did too ...everytime I watched it... I lost count
impalergeneralwhy, Matt...because the "death scene" was too long
MattHIt was a good ep...
MattHThat and I have never really warmed up to Fred.
impalergeneralI agree
FiatLuxI still don't think they did a "Fred" episode. It was about how everyone felt about Fred, but all she did was die.
DeathIsYourArtThat makes sense... they have never really explored her for more than one epy at a time
*** Elais ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHPlus, I can't see Fred waiting to be taken over by an evil demon lord/god...once she knew the end was inevitable
MattHHiya CM
Joelsephyeah i like Fred, but i dont care about her like i did say Xander or Willow
FiatLuxI thought Amy Acker did a great job at it though
*** LornsLady ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Joelsephyeah AA was good
impalergeneraland now we'll seeher as Jasmine, Angelus and Glory all rolled into one
LornsLadyhello my lovelies
MattHI think she would have offed herself to prevent said Demon from taking over her body.
DeathIsYourArtI just saw the commercial for scooby doo 2... by the fates that looks bad
impalergeneralnever trust a clean cut boy who wears bow ties
LornsLady*Hugs Death*
ElaisI knew Knox was evil the first time I saw him on Angel
ElaisI'm avoiding scooby doo 2 like the plague
DeathIsYourArtThey had to make him evil... I like the actor but he was boring when we thought he might be decent
impalergeneralBTW, Sarah Michelle Gellar will be on Ellen DeGeneres in three weeks..not talking about Buffy
Joelsephhes better when he's evil
LornsLadyAs I said, most of W&H's employees are evil...they know the company was doing evil and helped it
Elaiswhat a shocker
ElaisSMG not talk about Buffy?
DeathIsYourArtohh shows back
LornsLadyHe hinted at his evilness in "Life of the Party"
Joelsephhe was good in Conversatiosns and good in the last episode
* MattH falls off his chair laughing...
impalergeneralwell, maybe Ellen will bring it up....then have her condemn the WB for bumping off Angel. I'd like to see that
ElaisI would love to see a ep with an evil Lorne
impalergeneralvengeful Lorne is nasty enough
LornsLadyI don't want Lorne to actually be evil, but I'd like to see him royally pissed off
LornsLadyActually, what I want to see they won't air on TV ;)
MattHI liked it when he threatened Eve....
LornsLadyIt's erotic and kinky
MattHMakes one remember that he did grow up in a *warrior* society
LornsLadyMe too, I loved it, but at the same time, my feminist side has a problem with him hitting a woman
impalergeneraleven if it's Eve?
Elaishe didn't hit a woman
Elaishe hit Eve
LornsLadyeven if it's Eve...but don't misunderstand...I don't have a big problem with it...
impalergeneralI was going to say that, Elias
MattHI am a believer in Equal Rights....
LornsLadyI loved him hitting her...I'm just saying my feminist side is whispering at me
MattHHitting *evil* females is totally justified
ElaisFred/Illyria should be kicking some ass
LornsLadySo am I...but I don't condone hitting (either sex)
impalergeneralor should we call her Fredlyria
LornsLadyCORRECTION...I condone hitting under certain circumstances, but I mean in general
Elaisnormally, Lorne is a lover not a fighter
MattHUmmm... you have watched *Buffy* and *Angel* haven't you?
MattHHappy Birthday to Ethan....
LornsLadyLOL Matt....yeah, and believe me, I've re-evaluated my beliefs these years
LornsLadyMy birthday is tomorrow :)
Elaishappy birthday tomorrow, LLL!
LornsLadythank you :)
* MattH wanders off whistling....
MattHJust kidding, LLL - Happy Biirthday.
LornsLadythanks...I'll be 21...cuz it's my bday and I can be any age I wanna be
* LornsLady kisses Matt
Joelsephare they right about the episode date?
MattHSounds about right...
Elaisexpecting prezzies, LLL?
LornsLadyOne or two :)
impalergeneralI think COA got that date right
MattHSince when is being drunk an excuse not to do a radio show...?
impalergeneralin many ways, it improves the show
FiatLuxI'd like a drunk Succubus Club
Joelsephthat would be more fun
Joelsephimagine kitty torture with drunk kitty
LornsLadythe cancellation of Angel makes me want to get drunk
impalergeneralor hammered to the point of throwing things
Joelsephwell at least there will be some quality reality tv to replace it
ElaisI'll be tuning into Wonderfalls
DeathIsYourArtya I'll be checking out wonderfalls as well..though fox gave it a hitty timeslot
LornsLadyI can't tell if I'll like that show or not...may give it a try if it doesn't interfere with other things I watch
FiatLuxI think the only way we can get another season of Angel is to pool our money and buy ME and the actors and crew.
FiatLuxMake them produce shows for us.
LornsLadyI'd do that if I had the money
LornsLadyErotic shows for us!!!
Joelsephi may have a few million dollars down the back of my sofa
* LornsLady dreams happily
LornsLadyThank you :D
DeathIsYourArtsorry that took so long, I was watching Angel
FiatLuxYeah, since we're paying for it we can get any thing we wanted.
LornsLadyI know, and that's a great excuse :)
MattHMonopoly m
LornsLadyI'd get to do love scenes with Lorne!!!!
LornsLadyWhole shows of love scenes!
DeathIsYourArtI'd get SPIKE
DeathIsYourArtall of him
LornsLadyYeah!!! Spike and Lorne and us
FiatLuxAll naked Angel the series
DeathIsYourArtThsi is a happy dream
LornsLadyand shirtless Angel
LornsLadyYES, naked Angel ppl!
* LornsLady is in a happy place
DeathIsYourArtbring Lindey back then
DeathIsYourArtahh I can't spell...again
ElaisI'll take Lindsey
LornsLadyYes, Lindsey will come back, naked
impalergeneralwho's Lindey?
LornsLadylust makes you spell wrong, DIYA
impalergenerallooking for Darla?
ElaisI wouldn't mind having Darla too
* MattH joins LLL in the Happy Place
impalergeneralAt the W and H, she was telling people about a new TV movie with her inthe Hallmark Channel. I just couldn't tell her it's not on my cable outlet
MattHI don't get Hallmark either
Elaisyeah, I heard about that movie
Elaismaybe they'll show it on other channels once it airs on Hallmark
LornsLadyI don't think I do either...we get a Love channel or something
impalergeneralwell, it's bound to be on DVD, and it's an interesting story
LornsLadyQuestion: If a vampire bites and turns a werewolf, does the werewolf become a werevampire or a vampwolf or a vampire or nothing at all, and if the werewolf bites the vampire, does the vampire get hairy or what?
MattHDepends on the the mythos....
Joelsephthe answer is - whatever the writer of the story decides is more interesting
LornsLadyno, I mean in real life
MattHIn the World of Darkness, it is possible to have a Vampire-Werewolf, but generally they just die if someone attempts to turn a were.
impalergeneraltoo bad...I like the term wolfvamp
ElaisI like vampwolf
LornsLadyI like werevamp
impalergeneralDrogyn could never work in politics, or TV
impalergeneralbut would be perfect for CNN
MattHWhat about NosferatuGarou
Joelsephor be a lawyer
LornsLadyThe world would be a far more interesting place if vampires, demons, and werewolves all lived amongst each other
impalergenerallike X-Undead Guys
MattHThank you...I like a nice boring world without vampires, demons and werewolves...
LornsLadyI loved last week's episode
MattHIt was good...
Joelseph8 out of 10
LornsLadyWell, there are ppl who choose to live as vampires...although they're very different from literary vampires
impalergeneralthe guys in W and H were upset the only living good girl was in trouble
DeathIsYourArtnot some of them. I walked into a club once when I was on vacation and a guy was feeding for all to see. And the donor just sat there with his wrist out
DeathIsYourArtOther than those two guys though, the people in the club were great
LornsLadyThat's a bit too creepy for me...I wouldn't let someone drink my blood...I'm not religious, but if I'm wrong, there could be spiritual ramifications
FiatLuxI agree with K&C, the dialogue was a little over the top. With Spike "Not this girl. Not this day." What Thursday would be better for you.
MattHA former coworker of mine went into a Vampire club in NY accidentally... freaked her out.
Joelsephbest dialogue was the Astronauts and Cavemen fight
ElaisI liked the individual scenes more than the ep as a whole
DeathIsYourArtI liked the dialoge, it made everything seem like it had a deeper meaning
Joelsephthat was really funny
LornsLadyaccidentally? LOL
Elaisthe Gunn fight was awesome
LornsLadyI know of a Wiccan who walked into a room with a Christian get-together at a con some years back
DeathIsYourArtAs for feeding, I think I would be more concerned with STDs and blood clotting than my spirit
LornsLadyThat too, DIYA
DeathIsYourArtI know people who do feed, exclusively with there spouse. That I am kind of okay with... however, I think so-called psychic vamps are much safer to fall asleep around
MattHI do feel sorry for Wesley
LornsLadyI'm cool with people living a vampire lifestyle if that's what they want to do (or any other monster, as long as no animals or unconsenting humans are harmed), but I won't participate in blood sports
LornsLadyI know, Wesley just got Fred!
LornsLadyJossworld is unfair
MattHJoss is Evil...this is well known.
impalergeneralJossworld is the Quor'toth
FiatLuxI wouldn't live in Jossworld.
MattHFun to watch though...
LornsLadyI would, with Lorne
DeathIsYourArtya joss-world is painful, but it is what keeps us watching
impalergeneralbut does eternal pain get boring?
FiatLuxNice place to visit, wouldn't want to live there.
MattHGunn was great...
DeathIsYourArtI'll live wherever Spike is
FiatLuxHe played Gunn and the Conduit great.
DeathIsYourArtSpike will protect me
DeathIsYourArtthe conduit gets creepier and creepier
LornsLadyRemember, when you meet Spike, it's considered polite to bare your neck for him
MattHSpike would turn you....
LornsLadyI don't think DIYA would mind Spike turning her!
MattHand you would end up murdering all of us....
DeathIsYourArtI'm heading to that happy place again
DeathIsYourArtI'm already half way to happy land
MattHThat generally being what vampires do...
LornsLadyBut she'd be doing it with Spike!
DeathIsYourArtmaybe...maybe I would keep you around for ebntertainment
MattHOh... joy for joy.....
LornsLadywe'd be the puppies
DeathIsYourArtfun for the whole family
FiatLuxI looked at a couple spoilers yesterday. I stopped myself before I went to far.
LornsLadyHard to resist
impalergeneralsame here...were they from the article in Scifiwire?
DeathIsYourArtI avoided and right now I am very happy about it
impalergeneralhow come?
FiatLuxYeah and I went and looked at another/
MattHI am totally spoiled....
Elaisso am I
impalergeneralI was surprised enough by what I found out
LornsLadyI was flipping throught he TV guide for this week and saw the ad that says, "Fred's dead," and I was PISSED! B/c it was right before I watched last week's Angel
Joelsephspoiler free here
DeathIsYourArtSpoiler free and oh so proud of my will power's always best to not peak ahead..or just look at a word or two
DeathIsYourArtvery true
impalergeneralor peek ahead
Joelsephi dont even watch promos
impalergeneralsame here.
Joelsephthey give too much awat
Elaispromos usually suck anyway
LornsLadyI watch promos and will read TV GUIDE synopsis, but nothing more Season 2 of Buffy....
Joelsephi remember see'ing the promo for the ep where tara get shot after i saw it
ElaisI've been a spoiler whore since 'Crush'
Joelsephi was real glad i didnt see the promo before cause it totally gave away the end
Joelsephi used to look at spoilers but i stopped actually enjoying the show
MattHEver since I discovered
Joelsephyeah i remember that site, spoiled the first half of season 6 for me
Elaisspoilerslayer is one stop spoiler shopping
LornsLadyOff-topic for a minute, but is this real, or should I assume virus: I got two emails from saying my account will be disabled b/d of improper using in next three days, if you are still wishing to use it, please, resign your account information.
LornsLadyIt sounds phony and poorly written, comes with a .pif file
LornsLadyWhich I haven't opened
MattHIt was really good with all of the false spoilers roaming around season 5 or 6
MattHIts a virus...
Joelsephemail mindspring directly and ask them whats up
MattHPIF is an executable.
LornsLadythat's what I'm doing, actually
LornsLadyI thought so
impalergeneralAngel could share the spotlight...just not with another guy
MattHDespite not needing to breathe, Spike does suck a lot of the oxygen out of the room
DeathIsYourArtSpike is just that commanding *happy place*
DeathIsYourArtHe has a gravity about him
LornsLadyI can't wait to meet him at MR
DeathIsYourArtshut up
impalergeneralJM wil be in SF in August, too
ElaisI'll miss JM doing Spike
DeathIsYourArtI know
MattHLLL - do tell ;-)
Elaisbut I bet he's glad he wont' have to bleach his hair anymore
Joelsephi wonder if JM will get another good acting gig
DeathIsYourArtHere's hoping
Joelsephid like to see him in a good drama
LornsLadyLorne was so fab in last week's ep
LornsLadyLorne is the sexiest guy in the Jossverse (besides Spike)
MattHHmm... I never have really thought about that...
DeathIsYourArtLorne has never been better
MattHI really like the way his head snapped around when Fred was singing..
DeathIsYourArtglowing eyes
LornsLadyYeah, that was great
ElaisLorne is a very sexy guy
LornsLadyYES! YES, HE IS!!!
ElaisWesley is hot, but not sure if I could call him sexy
LornsLadyThank you for saying that
LornsLadyI want Lorne for my birthday!
DeathIsYourArtThe why can't I stay was fabulous..made me cry. ANd the not scared part
LornsLadyI think Wesley is sexy
DeathIsYourArtfaitlux get on that puppet
DeathIsYourArtwesley is very sexy
DeathIsYourArtYou will like him in this epy this week
LornsLadyAngel is sexy too, for that matter...I just favor Lorne over the rest
DeathIsYourArtWesley that is
DeathIsYourArtI find Angel good looking but not sexy... I used to when he was a creepy stalker in season one buffy
LornsLadyI do find DB extremely sexy
DeathIsYourArtknot is boring
LornsLadyKnot, LOL
DeathIsYourArthe he he whoops
LornsLadyI think that's accurate, DIYA
DeathIsYourArtwith feeling "KNOT"
MattHKitty is more likely to give birth to something than Illyria...
DeathIsYourArtDouble meat palace was the worst
LornsLadyick, yeah
MattHWeight of the world was the worst....
DeathIsYourArtAlthough the converstion at the beginnign between Spike and Buffy , where he wanted to take care of hot
MattHI liked Anne and Beer Bad
Joelsephi liked beer bad as well
LornsLadyMy bf loves Beer Bad
Joelsephwhen Willow blew off Parker
Joelsephthat was great
DeathIsYourArtAngel is dull as a table lamp and they have very different colouring
Joelsephwhich episode was that from again
*** JustJoan ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Joelsephhi JJ
MattHHiya JustJoan
JustJoanhi guys :)
JustJoanAm I early or late?
LornsLadyhi JJ!
MattHAbout an hour late
impalergeneralin he middle
JustJoanrats. stupid dr
LornsLadybut there's another hour or so
JustJoanone hour wait to get in
impalergeneraljust talked about last week's show
DeathIsYourArtjoel the epy that had that quote was dirty girls
Joelsephoh yeah
Joelsephi remember now
JustJoanhey just so's everyone knows I am on the Moonlight RIsing Board too :)
LornsLadyHey, me too :)
JustJoanas Suze2000
Joelsephwhen spike and faith fought
JustJoanI know :)
DeathIsYourArtI have to find a second job so I can go to Moonlight rising
JustJoanrats I missed the discussion of HITW?
LornsLadyI'm working on getting more money myself
JustJoanlol. I will be unemployed by then
JustJoanI am taking a year off work
JustJoanaww poor kitty
impalergeneralno one saw a closeup of the nipple at the Super Bowl halftime show
MattHDrudge posted a still
impalergeneralthe close-ups were on the internet
Joelsephethan the shipper
JustJoanyou Americans still obsessed with the nipple? we were over that weeks ago :)
DeathIsYourArtKitty should write the handbook
LornsLadyOh, JJ, our government is obsessed with the nipple
DeathIsYourArtCanada is over hte nipple
MattHWelcome to the Jossverse... as soon as ship heats up, Something Bad Happens...
DeathIsYourArtwe never were on the nipple he hehe
LornsLadySuddenly, they want to pass laws to keep "indecency" off the radio and tv
MattHWe were all bottle babies
impalergeneraland how we must hide nipples to defend democracy
LornsLadyFree speech seems to mean nothing to some
Joelsephnipples will destroy society
JustJoando nipples speak?
FiatLuxNo work, all sex. The key to happiness.
DeathIsYourArtOkay, lesson one: everyone has at least two...freaks have more
LornsLadyMichigan wants to pass laws to arrest those who commit adultery
MattHNo, but they lead to a slipperly slope to its destruction
impalergeneralspeaking nipples are scarier than talking belly buttons from those Levi's ads
DeathIsYourArtScarlette letter
Elaisthe jails aren't big enough
* JustJoan wonders if Candy has received her parcel yet?
LornsLadyI heard about one guy who had his nipple bitten off by a beaver or some animal
MattHThose talking belly buttons are creepy....
DeathIsYourArtI have to send them a gift too... but I need something baby safe for kitty to add to it
LornsLadyExactly won't pass
DeathIsYourArtJeff Foxworthy said that about the beaver
JustJoanwell make sure you get that "I'm not a terrorist; I'm just sending food to the US" declaration when you do :P
JustJoanI couldn't believe it. You have to give 28 days notice to mail a parcel now!!!
LornsLadymaybe it was him...hmm
Joelsephwhere can you get good fanfic from
Elaiswas the beaver a redneck?
JustJoanoooh Vegas! pity about the dates
LornsLadyI'm worried McCarthyism is coming back to the US
DeathIsYourArtthere will be fanfic wars soon
LornsLadywhat kind of fanfic? Buffy/Angel?
Joelsephall the fanfic i find is appallingly bad
JustJoanlol DIYA. you and me..
LornsLadyIf you want Lorne fanfic, go to my site: (I just renewed the domain!)
Joelsephgeneral buffyverse
DeathIsYourArtBuffy/Spike for me
Joelsephnot super-shipper fic
LornsLadyit's not just shipper fic at LoveLorne
MattHThere is some really good stuff. I archive some of my favorites in E-book format on my website
DeathIsYourArtI have found some good ones... tha were not too shipper sopecific..if I can find the links I will mention them next week
LornsLadyHang on, let me check my bookmarks...yes, Matt has a bunch
MattHGetting into Harry Potter fic now...
LornsLadyoh, do you want general fan fic or adult?
DeathIsYourArtI will never go = bad
DeathIsYourArtit gets creepy
LornsLadyI no want kids
MattHFound out today that one of my fav HP fic writers is very sick....kind of depressed
LornsLadyI'm sorry, Matt :(
DeathIsYourArtI am in a G and PG rated phase...there is a lot of bad porn out there and I am just trying to avoid right now...but I have read all kinds
MattH for those who didn't follow Candy
JustJoankids in Vegas or kids and HP?
Joelsephgeneral fic
MattHI generally don't care for NC17 fic...I like well-plotted out fic.
LornsLadyHere's some general links:,,,,,,
JustJoanI'll read anything, but I do prefer it if it is thought out
DeathIsYourArtI'll never watch the WB again, they have nothing I'm interested
LornsLadyI love NC-17, but I want a plot
impalergeneraldarn right, DIYA
DeathIsYourArtNC-17 is fun...especially considering I have no boyfriend... live through the written word
JustJoanbut no nipples
impalergeneralor visible ones
Joelsephwhat nudity
DeathIsYourArtI know what the catch phrase will be next week from thsi epy he he he
LornsLadyif you want general buffy/angel fanfic, here's a few urls:,,,,, (links)
DeathIsYourArtcover the nipples...with body paint
DeathIsYourArtor chocolate sauce
impalergeneraljust like the SI swimsuit mdels
JustJoanthey didn't talk about my parcel at the beginning of the show did they? I'm quite worried about it because of the stupid 28 days thing
JustJoanwhat about Ripe Wicked Plum?
Joelsephno mention of a parcel
MattHFor crossover fic, try Twisting the Hellmouth
FiatLuxWoo-hoo Dance-along
JustJoanI wonder what happened to it?
Joelsephthanks for the links
DeathIsYourArthmmm? No colleen this week, and no NJP
LornsLadyfigures it would be at a location I can't go ot
DeathIsYourArtno amy either
MattHWho is in attendance varies from week to week
LornsLadythat's true...fanfic keeps fandom alive
DeathIsYourArtI know
LornsLadybut I'd love it if the actors could act them out for us
DeathIsYourArtI just noticed who was missing is all
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha I don't think they do porno
DeathIsYourArtbut it is a good idea LLL
LornsLadyLOL, I didn't mean porno, but now you've put it in my head
* LornsLady is in the happy place again
ElaisLorne porn?
JustJoanso this vegas thing is only for writers?
LornsLadyYeah, baby!
LornsLadyI've written Lorne porn
JustJoanI love Vegas. Can't wait to go back there.
DeathIsYourArtThankfully Sara said she will never do another movie with Freddie
DeathIsYourArtI miss Vegas...but the pirates are gone
impalergeneralshe has vowed to avoid doing that
Joelsephno SMG and Freddie films! say its not true
JustJoanwhat pirates are gone?
Elaisno SMG/Freddie movies?
DeathIsYourArtthe pirates from Treasure Island
impalergeneralshe feels the same way...they cantake turns making bad movies
JoelsephSMG was pretty awesome as Buffy tho
impalergeneralunless "The Grudge" is anexception
JustJoanoh really? that's a bit off about the pirates
DeathIsYourArtI want Faith
DeathIsYourArtto be on the show of course
impalergeneralwell, she'll be in LA on March 22 for Ellen they can stick her in towards the end
JustJoanI think that without Buffy, Angel can't be finished properly. with Spike and Angel and whatnot
impalergeneralbut an extra 13 episodes is STLL the best idea
DeathIsYourArtI want her to come and pick up Spike after she hits him for not telling her that he is back
DeathIsYourArtextra 22
JustJoanclosure with Buffy and Spike IMO
impalergeneralnaw, 13 is plenty...
DeathIsYourArtIt needs to stay up int he air
impalergeneralor 14, if the last act is two hours
DeathIsYourArtBringing her back for one will be awkward, like Angel on Buffy
MattHHow much closure do Buffy and Angel need?
DeathIsYourArtno bloody more
ElaisI don't want Buffy on Angel
Elaiseven in the last ep
LornsLadyI don't care about Buffy
DeathIsYourArtleave it alone
DeathIsYourArtVery true candy
JustJoanwell, the subject of Spike and Buffy still needs to be covered IMO
MattHI would like to see Faith again on Angel more than Buffy.
DeathIsYourArtI need her to know that he is alive, and that is it
Joelsephthey should leave it unresolved between buffy angel and spike
MattHAfter all, she nearly died for him...
Joelsephotherwise they will piss off too many people
JustJoanwhat about that electric chick?
JustJoanso, just to avoid pissing people off they should leave us hanging forever?
DeathIsYourArtI would like it if Spike said at the end of whatever battle the end entails, that he was going to go check in with her and then leave it open
LornsLadyShe helped Gunn cheat on Fred...they were having problems, but still together
JustJoanmind you, it leaves a lot of fanfic possibilites open I guess
Joelsephyes they should leave it to people's imagination
Joelsephsometimes leaving a few loose ends is more interesting
LornsLadyI want more Lorne info, and that's going to need another season!
* LornsLady pouts at the Angel cancellation...again
JustJoanI have enough loose ends in my life! Like the missing parcel, for example!
JustJoanlol LOL
MattHMaybe they could do a Lorne spin-off...
DeathIsYourArtOf course I want Spike/Buffy, just as bad as Impaler wants Angel/Buffy but the show should not be made about ships and it will just piss off too many people. In my head it will always be Spike/Buffy. It has been siince Becoming
JustJoanI mean, LOL LLL
MattHSince Becoming? To quote Buffy, "Ewwww!"
JustJoanI dunno, I think Andy will be releived about not having to wear all that makeup again
JustJoanand those nasty red contacts
impalergeneralIn my head, it's B/A, but if SMG doesn't show up in the Angel finale, but in a future project, that's OK
Joelsephbuffy ships splinter the fans too much, i prefer an open ending
MattHYah, for him it really isn't easy being green....
DeathIsYourArtI have wanted them together since he said "hello cutie"
LornsLadyyes, the makeup is hell, but ppl who get made up usually get paid better than those who don't
LornsLadyI don't want Andy to go through all that, but I will miss Lorne
JustJoanI laughed so hard when his horn was broken off!
* LornsLady smacks Joan
LornsLadyDon't laugh at my man!
MattHGraduation Day, Pt II is season 3
JustJoanit was funny, and cute
DeathIsYourArtHarris: I was mad at Dru for cheating and of course hating Angel for hurting Buffy ... plus, though I liked Angel well enough, I found that Spike challenged Buffy which grabs my attention, and I liked him better than ANgel. He was always more entertaining to me
JustJoanhey Matt, how was the W&HR?
MattHThe Souless Killer thing was kind of a turnoff
DeathIsYourArtLike I always prefered Faith/Angel scenes because they challenged each other
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MattHJJ Excellent
impalergeneralI think Dru should realize she drove Spike to Buffy..and actually do something...even if it's incredibly wrong
MattHHiya Colleen
LornsLadyhi colleen!
DeathIsYourArtSpike was never fully souless... he was unique
Joelsephhey c
colleen1Hi guys. Got distracted by the mentioning of me, and forgot to come to chat.
MattHOld socks?
DeathIsYourArtPlus, he only killed 3 people on camera until season 7
JustJoanI was here when you won the tix. was jealous.
Joelsephonly 3, that makes him practically a saint
DeathIsYourArtHey colleen... I noticed your absence
MattHDeaths have to be on camera to count?
MattHThe Demons name was Richard Wilkins
JustJoanAngel kills more ppl than that
DeathIsYourArtIf off camera counts lets count Angel's for 250 years
impalergeneralwho was his own grandpa
MattHThat was pre-soul....
colleen1Spike killed lots of people, being a vampire and all, but the chip gave him cause to reflect. That, and falling in love with Buffy.
JustJoanand not as Angelus, either
JoelsephSpike was genuinely evil, doesnt make the character any less interesting
LornsLadyDo the puppet demons count as deaths?
DeathIsYourArtAnd Spike only killed after he got his soul when he was triggered
MattHLet see how Spike does after a hundred years
colleen1But, the Judge said that Spike and Dru had their humanity (Dalton too). Angelus was without humanity
MattHI didn't say I was a B/A shipper either... ;-)
LornsLadyDIYA would love to spend a hundred years with Spike
JustJoanI think the evil-chip/soul dichotomy was what made Spike REALLY interesting
MattHAnd Oz
Joelsephyeah that was good
DeathIsYourArtSpike is just SPIKE!!! *happy place again*
colleen1I like Spike AND Angel. I do agree with Fury that Spike is morally superior
DeathIsYourArtI liek ANgel too, I just LOVE Spike
LornsLadyLOL, DIYA and I will be in happy places all night tonight
DeathIsYourArtMy spelling is great tonight tongiht
DeathIsYourArtand I couble up
colleen1Anyone here going to writercon?
LornsLadyI declare Joss' vampires to be the sexiest vampires in any tv show, movie, or other format!
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha double*
LornsLadyNo, but I want to go
DeathIsYourArtSpike is sexy even in vamp face
MattHNope... that would be the Count St. Germain as written by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
MattHRight arm
colleen1Count St. Germain can't even have sex.
LornsLadyWell, I haven't read Yarbro's books, but I'm going to guess and say I'd disagree
LornsLadyLOL colleen
colleen1Nick Knight's pretty sexy. Geraint's Nick.
* MattH growls....
MattHSlay Gal
colleen1Hey, Matt. A girl's gotta have her priorities ;)
LornsLadyYeah, I used to watch that
Joelsephfear again
DeathIsYourArtLOL Candy kicks ass
LornsLadyat least we'll have each other when we won't be getting new eps
DeathIsYourArtvery true...but what will we talk about?
colleen1The Serenity movie?
LornsLadywe can talk about Lorne and Spike and erotic dreams
MattHHow much we miss Buffy and Angel
colleen1Each other?
DeathIsYourArtwe will have no background SC and no epys...grrr argh
colleen1Lorne and Spike and little marshmallows and erotic dreams.
DeathIsYourArtSPIKE you mean
LornsLadywe'll talk about Buffy/Angel cons
impalergeneralor make one
DeathIsYourArtohhh marshmallows
LornsLadyYES!!! Love the marshmallows idea
LornsLadyI have mini marshmallows, in fact
DeathIsYourArtWe should make our own con... get started Impaler
impalergeneralwith what? I only have the DVD's
LornsLadyI don't wanna have kids, but if I did, I'd love to have Lorne's would be so cute with little horns!
Joelsephthat would be a painful birth
LornsLadyIf I ever have the money, I will very likely make a con
DeathIsYourArtI wonder how many kids Spike would want?
LornsLadyLOL Joel, maybe the horns aren't developed or fully-developed at birth
LornsLadySpike would be a good daddy
Joelsephmaybe a c-section
DeathIsYourArtyes he would
LornsLadyI was born by c-section
JoelsephWilliam would be a good dad
DeathIsYourArt*back to the happy place...I'm moving in*
LornsLadyI think that's a good idea, moving in
JustJoaneek! on the horny baby
JustJoanoops. that was just unfortunate
JustJoanahh but would it be green at birth?
Joelseph8 seconds
JustJoanIIRC, sometimes black babies are kinda white at birth?
MattH3 seconds or so... according to the commentary
DeathIsYourArtprobably a william...there is always a william
DeathIsYourArtthose are the worst names ever
MattHMy fathers name is William.
FiatLuxThere's a Steven DeKnight posting at the BronzeBeta
JustJoanNigel. Here, someone is called A Nigel, when they are a bit of a dweeb
DeathIsYourArtwhat does it say
LornsLadyhmmmm...but if it's Lorne's and my baby, it might not be might take after me with its skin
FiatLuxMy brother's first name is William
impalergeneralman, this is really obscure
DeathIsYourArtpay back from last week
MattHI *like* this Kitty Torture....
LornsLadyOh that would be so cool...Kitty's kid with super powers!
impalergeneralyearbook..the future is ours
LornsLadyGee willikers
MattHA scorched yearbook
LornsLadyoh I forgot to open AIM...ah well, a bit late now
DeathIsYourArtthe principal
MattHLarry - broken back
JustJoandidn't he get eaten
impalergenerallike a slim jim
JustJoanthat was funny
MattHActually a little somebodyt
impalergeneralSnyder was always a puzzle...did he know about the evil, and thought the kids were worse?
MattHHe knew about Vampires and the Hellmouth
Elaisi think he knew about the evil
LornsLadyArmin (Snyder) will be at Creation's Grand Slam Con, where other Star Trek and Buffy/Angel stars will be
impalergeneralbut thought the kids were worse
LornsLadyhe's also doing a movie with this other actor or movie creator, last name Toy
JustJoanremember he said "why don't you just do drugs like other kids?"
Joelsephfirst name canden
JustJoanbut was in no way surprised
LornsLadyI just read about that in Fangoria
MattH20.5 out of 26....I am changing my opinion of this Kitty Torture....
impalergeneralOK, for all your Angel needs...
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DeathIsYourArtwow he left fast
DeathIsYourArtI don't want to go...
LornsLadymy Angel needs are Lorne needs
JustJoanquick exit
LornsLadyI don't think IG can satisfy my Lorne needs
JustJoanI wish they would play this song all the way through occaisionally
MattHToo Much Information.....
DeathIsYourArtthey did a few weeks ago
colleen1Oh, I should send Ethan my Dark Willow/Dark Fred slash.
LornsLadyI don't either, but I have to get to bed or my sleep hours will get messed up again
colleen1And my Clem S&M story
LornsLadyMatt, I just like to squidge you
JustJoanoh yeah. *duh*
Joelsephwell good night peeps, have a good week
MattHI figured that...
* LornsLady kisses Matt good night
DeathIsYourArtget a room Harris and LLL
colleen1Night guys.
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MattHYeah.... see you all next week
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LornsLady and
DeathIsYourArtbey bey
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DeathIsYourArtlove my spelling
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