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DeathIsYourArthey Harris
MattHHiya DIYA
*** ChiaraP ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Chiara
ChiaraPHi ^___^
ChiaraPguys when the show is going to start? I always confuse with Timezone
DeathIsYourArtin 5 minutes
* ChiaraP seems to forgot about being polite, sorry
ChiaraPthanks ^__^
DeathIsYourArtYou were not rude at all
MattHI didn't think so.
ChiaraPyeah.. I asked in a way.... I just missed the whip!
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MattHCrazy Ethan!
MattHHiya Amy
ChiaraPHi Amy ^__^
*** impalergeneral (~davidmell@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya Impaler
DeathIsYourArtImpaler HEY
impalergeneralHello all!
ChiaraPHi Impaler
impalergeneralso, any of you boycotting the WB only because it's only Smallville reruns?
ChiaraPcan I morally Boicott it? no WB here
MattHNo - I watch Smallville. Although I will probably skip the reruns.
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impalergeneralsure. A boycott's a boycott, but where do you live?
ChiaraPactually no Angel at All in Italy
DeathIsYourArthello NJP
impalergeneraloh, welcome to American internet radio!
MattHHeya NJP
ChiaraPHallo Njp
ChiaraPThanks ^__^
NJPHey guys
NJPSo whats this special announcement?
NJPThe Ethan Show?
DeathIsYourArtno idea yet
NJPSpecial Guest Star: Joss WHedon?
impalergeneralI bet Minear or Fury will drop by
NJPOh, good. I love a bloody fist fight
* ChiaraP actually went sleep at 8pm in order to be awake at 3 am for the show :P
MattHI hope it is better than their last special annoucement
DeathIsYourArtMaybe Joss is going on the show (I know it is not the least)
DeathIsYourArttrue, the last one was sad
NJPAngels staying, they're going
impalergeneralI'd expect Joss in the Save Angel Rally
NJPTheyre staying, Angels going
ChiaraPor Kitty's kid :P
impalergeneralif I was really drunk, of course
DeathIsYourArtIsn't he shooting the movie right now though
NJPSkip to my loo my darlin
impalergeneralno, he has to finish the script, and the last of Angel,too
MattHVery funny NJP
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NJPAnyone else read the skinny bikini spoiler?
DeathIsYourArtHey hey
MattHHiya CM
DeathIsYourArtno no bikini
DeathIsYourArtn spoilers either
impalergeneralskinny bikini? Fred repossesses her body?
ChiaraPO__o' I'm listening the radio-show in slow motion... STRANGE EFFECT!
MattHSkinny Bikini? I thought I was thoroughly spoiled.
Elaisheyas Matt!
NJPthink: Eurocrap
Elaiswere in rerun hell!
MattHOh...that one...I have my doubts
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DeathIsYourArtSpeaking of skinny bikini... I have seen pictures of MT at every party and premiere there has been in the last 3 months...pretty soon she will go to the opening of an envelope
MattHConsidering what said skinny bikini person has said in the past.
impalergeneralbut she has time to arrive, if she wants to. SMG is anothr matter'
MattHHiya LLL
NJPI know Matt, thats what I said.
LornsLadyI'm using Trillian, this is my first IRCing with it
impalergeneralyes, DIYA, she's up for an Emmy for Truth or Scare
* MattH welcomes LLL to the Dark Side of IRC - Trillian....
NJPBut, after the take that Eurocrap made, I think she'll take what she can get
LornsLadyThanks Matt :)
impalergeneralwell, MIchelle will be in Six Feet Under Soon, and a skating movie
DeathIsYourArthey LLL ! How is you Lorne loving going this week?
MattHDo we ever listen to what they say on the show?
LornsLadyIt's great, how's your Spike loving?
LornsLadyI do...when it's not skipping...I got browser windows open
NJPDisclaimer: if Kitty or Candy pulls out their boob....close your eyes!
LornsLadyI have a problem
NJPor your ears...its radio
LornsLadyLOL NJP
impalergeneralyeah, the FCC doesn't want us to hear nudity..or HOWARD STERN!!
DeathIsYourArtSpike has almost worn me out this week...almost *wink wink*
MattHThis is the internet....different rules apply...
LornsLadyI found this spell on a website...I didn't think it would really work, so I waved my hand over my boyfriend's bird, Loki, and ...and...
NJPPlaying with the old meat stake again DIYA?
LornsLadyIt's not even the right time of year for pumpkins!
LornsLadyWhat do I do?
MattHWonderful spell - turning birds into pumpkins... how Harry Potter of you...
LornsLadyLorne's given me plenty of pleasure, DIYA *wink* *wink*
DeathIsYourArtLLL:Put the ingredients in backwards and say "repaire(with an accent)"
LornsLadyvegemite???? I don't think so
NJPa vegemite sandwich
impalergeneraland do you come from a land down under?
NJPnope but my family does
LornsLadyIt worked!!! Oh, thank you DIYA! I knew I could count on you!
DeathIsYourArtI have to send my gifts to the girls too... If I can find the money to send them...damn being poor
LornsLadytell me about it
NJPwhat are they talking about and does it use batteries?
DeathIsYourArtAnd no NJP... I have no guy to substitue for Spike *sniffle*
MattHYeah, I know.
DeathIsYourArtwhoops missed a t there
Amy_Madisonnow, kitty's got her onwn stuffed animal. maybe now she'll leave Candy's Monkey Pen alone
NJPbutcher birds
LornsLadyI like da bird!
NJPthey are named so because they drive other birds down onto thorns and twigs and kill them
DeathIsYourArtgo birdie
MattHMy kind of bird...
NJPso some listener gives Kitty the bird
DeathIsYourArtI need an idea for ethan's gift... if anyone has any ideas e-mail me. Don't say it on here he might read it
* LornsLady shakes her head
DeathIsYourArtohhh chocolate...I want some
LornsLadyso do I!!!
DeathIsYourArtoh nooooo not a good sign
DeathIsYourArtYes it makes me hungry
LornsLadyI'm trying to not eat! Then again, I haven't had dinner yet
impalergeneralI'm havnig a brownie, a small one, right now. I blame K and C
LornsLadyWell I got no brownies
LornsLadyI could make hot chocolate :/
* ChiaraP want something to eat too!
impalergeneralat #AM Itay time?
impalergeneral3 AM I mean
LornsLadyoh hi ChiaraP...I didn't see someone new was here!
MattHChocolate is good at any hour
ElaisI'm having powdered doughnuts
DeathIsYourArtI think Kitty is high
ChiaraPI agree completaly Matt
impalergeneralon TmTams?
NJPWell chocolate is okay but then, so is Corona Light
impalergeneralbut how about both?
ChiaraPis that a Beer?
impalergeneralCorona Light is a beer
*** FiatLux ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya FiatLux
DeathIsYourArthey FaitLux
ChiaraPHi FiatLux
FiatLuxHey everybody
MattHAmy Acker as Illyria is awesome....much better than Fred
impalergeneralnothing sexier than blue hair
DeathIsYourArtI love how she changed her voice, and then went back to the Fred voice with the memory
FiatLuxI had blue hair for awhile
impalergeneralbut Illyria as an unemployed goddess is really going to be interesting
MattHBlue hair looked good on Lexa Doig (sp)
LornsLadyI know something sexier...big wads of cash
DeathIsYourArtHa ha haLLL
FiatLuxI had big wads of cash for awhile :)
impalergeneralheck, that's been proven on so many reality shows
MattHLLL - I didn''t know you read Heinlen!
ChiaraPShe was great with her new Character
FiatLuxBill Gates is soooo hot.
LornsLadyWell, I don't buy Wes helping Illyria...unless it's because of the memories of Fred still being there...
DeathIsYourArtI must admit I thought that it was a great 180 with ehr temple being destroyed, but the second time around I felt a little bit cheated
MattHHeinlein - "Money is the ultimate aphrodisiac"
NJPIt it was spelled Elyria, we would know she was from Cleveland
NJPBobby H?
DeathIsYourArtWes said as much, and Illyria knows he is helping because of who she looks like
LornsLadyand I'm having a hard time with her soul being destroyed...there's a Heaven and a Hell in Joss' universe, so I guess there's a God, and I wouldn't think God would let a soul be destroyed (a good soul)
LornsLadyBut it's Joss' universe
LornsLadyI know, but I still have a hard time with Wes helping just because of that
impalergeneralbut maybe Fred's soul can slowly "infect, then take over" Illyria
NJPMichael Valentine Smith
MattHLLL - Heaven & Hell <> God
LornsLadyFred's soul is destroyed, gone, there's nothing
ElaisI felt a little bit cheated too, Death
Amy_Madisonwhat about Willow and Tara then
NJPJW is riffing on the vamp/soul thing
ChiaraPyeah well that is what they are saying...
Elaisbut that was because I was expecting a kick-ass fight or something
NJPcaught "Lie to Me" yesterday and Buffy is out there with FOrd
NJPwith the "you
ChiaraPBut How many time a Iliryawannabe infected someone?
MattHThings are not always as they appear in the Jossverse.
Elaisi think they way they are going with illyria is more interesting
ChiaraPThey can't know...
NJPWell, if she drops nekkid onto the floor of a mansion......
DeathIsYourArtWell when I first watched it I thought, been there done that, but then I was wondering,"well who the hell is the big bad then? There is 6 epys to go"
NJPI;; be watching
impalergeneraltrue....nothing more confused than an unemployed goddess
ChiaraP*and* also spike was burned... but he was back
LornsLadyIs it true the WB is considering renewing Angel for a sixth season, or is that just a rumor?
Amy_MadisonI still thing something big is coming where they're going to need Iliria's help
ElaisI'm pretty sure that would be a rumor
MattHWell, this is what could have happened if Jasmine had taken Angel up on his offer last season.
impalergeneralrumours....unless the WB is swamped by people on the rally Friday ourside their studios in BUrbank
NJPthe original emails have been outed, I think
ChiaraPwhat song is this one?
NJPtoo much chocolate, I think
DeathIsYourArtHopefully the rumors will turn to truth *crosses fingers*
Amy_Madisonit was used for a preview I'm reading articles about a possible renewal
Amy_Madisonfor an episode
NJPwant to get Angel renewed....burn down the Dark Shadows sets....
ElaisI don't want Dark Shadows 2.0
NJPSlip a little ipecac into the Charmed caterer's truck
DeathIsYourArtAnyone see the ad in the hollywood reporter? I can't find a store up here that has it
impalergeneralyou mean 3.0...remember NBC's attempt
Amy_Madisonactually it would be DS 3.0
Elaisthe mini-series?
NJPIs Cooper invoved with this one?
Elaisi almos forgot
Elaiskill Brad Kern
DeathIsYourArtI think I could deal with an arson charge...they would just deport me back to my own country anyways
NJPDan Cooper
Amy_MadisonDan Curtis
impalergeneralyou know, this song could have been the theme for "Buffy", if they made it like "Dawson's Creek"
Amy_Madisonyopu mean
NJPCurtis (damn Conorna)
DeathIsYourArtWho is suppose to be cast in the awful soap opera?
NJPNot Ben Cross I hope
Amy_Madisondont know yet
Elaisyoung, hot actors/actresses no doubt
Amy_Madisonhe was in the mini series
impalergeneralhow about the guy who played Dracula in season five?
NJPNick Brendan for Barnabas Collins
ChiaraPI didn't liked Dracula :P
ElaisNick would be good
MattHHe would be excellent
DeathIsYourArtHthe guy who played Dracula was a soap opera actor too. He used to work with SMG on ALC
impalergeneralI don't know...NIck doesn't look like a leading man to me
Elaisthey are probably aiming Dark Shadows to the teen market
DeathIsYourArtAMC * whoops
NJPHe had that great line in Buffy vs Dracula
Elaiswell, nick hasn't been given much chance to be a leading man
impalergeneralnot in a horror flick anyway that's not funny
DeathIsYourArtI wouldn't wish DS on Nicky
NJP27 minutes in and we
Elaiswe'll get our fix of nick soon with that 'Celeste in the City' tv movie
NJPonly have a few comments on Angel
impalergeneral8 PM Sunday
NJPWonderfalls on Friday
MattHIn other words, a mostly typical show.... ;-)
ElaisI'm really looking forward t wonderfalls
Elaisit will be something new and from a ME writer
impalergeneralI remember when Safeway tried to sell Australian foods about 18 years ago. I liked the "Four and 20" meet pies
impalergeneralor meat pies, which you can use to meet people
Elaisthey really pile on the pain don't they?
Elaisfor one ep, Fred and Wesley were happy
LornsLadyCan't anyone have a happy ending in Joss' world?
impalergeneraland that's all they get
impalergeneralThere should be, even if iinvolves killing a 30 foot demon with a chopstick
LornsLadyMaybe we should be happy, DIYA, that we don't have Lorne and Spike...we wouldn't have them for long if it were up to Joss
DeathIsYourArtI LOVED the perspective line on the plane. YAY Joss he wrote and directed that scene
DeathIsYourArtlll: very true... although I would just chain Joss in the basement and gag him if I got Spike
ChiaraPwell happy end is a big word... But At least more than 5 minutes of happyness would be nice sometimes
MattHThe only person who will ever get 5 minutes of happiness is Angel....
impalergeneralbefore he gets killed?
LornsLadyThe sound's gone all off
ChiaraPThe Fred/Wes remeber me the Tara/Willow thing... they found happyness and everything was doomed
impalergeneralI sure hope Joss doesn't do that to us
impalergeneraland don't forget Buffy/Angel..
DeathIsYourArtHe would get peace that way... it is something to think about
DeathIsYourArtI mean by his death
DeathIsYourArtno no buffy/Angel
Amy_Madisonyeah, but wes did't go all vengency for 3 epis
DeathIsYourArtnice try slipping that in there Impaler
Amy_Madisonor we didnt see it yet
impalergeneralI mean as a couple who gets happiness, then gets it taken away
ChiaraPyeah but B/A wasn't irreversible
Amy_Madisonspike and Harm
impalergeneraland never should be..HAH!
Amy_MadisonHarm and Fred
Elaishey, LLL didja read that recent Lorne interview?
LornsLadythe one on the foreign page? Yeah
Amy_Madisonfrom where ???, I think
Amy_Madisonah might have it
impalergeneralthere could also be a link in
LornsLadyisn't it or something? Hang on, I have it somewhere
ElaisAndy managed to surprise me
impalergeneralmaybe I should read it
LornsLadyI loooove him :P
MattHReally! I never would have guessed.
DeathIsYourArtI don't think I can wait another 4 weeks.... 8sigh* but I don't want it to end either... someone kidnap Jordan Levin
DeathIsYourArtThank you KITTY
impalergeneralno, no..jut make the Jordan Lewin Mind Contro Voodoo Doll
ChiaraPI miss Lorne this year... I mean... Where is Lorne?! What he's doing?!
DeathIsYourArtSpike should be sitting pretty, and not worried at all...feel what?
LornsLadyI know, Chiara...I want more Lorne, too!
LornsLadyThis week, I somehow deleted all the emails I'd saved that had to do with Andy...Boy, did that piss me off!
impalergeneralwell, maybe we'll have another crater that will swallow a bigger part of LA
DeathIsYourArtLet's just make Lorne the bad guy and give him more time
DeathIsYourArtIllyrias army is dust
impalergeneralno, Bitter Lorne is just fine
Amy_Madisonno no no, its LEgion of Doom.....
MattHI think the first evil was kind of like the first airplane....not nearly as nasty as later evils
impalergeneralYOu mean there's a Jet Evil?
LornsLadyGood or evil, I'll take him...but I like to think he's good, because I want happiness and Evil ends up unhappy
ElaisLorne would be Scary as a bad guy
NJPwell, this is the Biggest Badder
LornsLadyAnd don't forget sexy!
MattHOr maybe like the Hulk
impalergeneraland is...but only to make a point
DeathIsYourArtAnyone find that the name of the temple just sounded so big and important? Then NOTHING
NJPThis is the First and A Half Evil
LornsLadyDamn, no wonder I wasn't getting any sound...there was some kind of error!
ChiaraPI loved the "evil" Lorne with Eve
ChiaraPit (and he) was scaring!
Amy_MadisonEVIL 1.5
LornsLadyNow I got it back
LornsLadyOh, god that was hot, wasn't it???
ChiaraPlol Yeah
DeathIsYourArtYes LLL Lorne = hotness
LornsLadyRemember that LOOK he gave that guy in "That Old Gang of Mine" after he was hit?
MattHLorne = Greeness
ChiaraPI never saw that episode. :(
LornsLadyI like the greeness
LornsLadyI so can't wait for MR!
ChiaraPI didn't saw any of first 3 season
LornsLadyWell, you gotta see it!
LornsLadyOh, has everyone seen the Save Angel Video?
impalergeneralwhere is it?
DeathIsYourArtI was hoping someone would do one
LornsLadyThere's a link to it there...I think it's, but I don't know for's easily linked from the Save Angel page
LornsLadyI also linked it at and
LornsLadyCountry music!!
ChiaraPI wonder why I'm lagged everytimes Candy &kitty are talking and listen the songs perfectly!
LornsLadyI wish I could sing
MattHI am running about 1 1/2 minutes behind.
ChiaraPwell The cowntrey song ios startingnow for me
LornsLadyMy boyfriend got me a couple of Buffy books for my bday :)
impalergeneralI wonder if this band will be welcome at a Geroge W Bush Rally
impalergeneralor George W
LornsLadyBush...didja hafta mention HIS name????
impalergeneralhow about dumass?
LornsLadyMatt will hit you for that one
*** Signoff: NJP ((null))
* MattH reaches for the shotgun....
DeathIsYourArtSorry Matt can't help it... his name is beside the work PRICK in the dictionary
impalergeneralhow about tool of the elite?
LornsLadyoh, in the Save Angel Video, you can see a pic of Lorne giving "that look" from "That Old Gang of Mine"
LornsLadyI love you IG!
DeathIsYourArtyes you can, I noticed that. I like the shot of him in the hat
LornsLadyI want Lorne nudity...but I ain't gonna get it
LornsLadyI did find four Lorne fics today, though, so that's a plus
DeathIsYourArtno I really don't think you will get it...although I am getting a shirtless Spike doll. YAY to DST.MAC toys. And I am getting a punk 1977 spike
LornsLadyI'm working on getting the $$ to get a photo taken with James at MR...I'm halfway there :)
LornsLadywait, I'm not quite halfway there,but close
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MattHLost the connection for a moment
ChiaraPRe Matt
DeathIsYourArtLLL I don't like you anymore
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
impalergeneralthe fact that Fredlyria knows about W and H as being minor-league in her day may be an edge for Team Angel
Amy_Madisonand you didnt see that coming
ChiaraPI wonder how Iliria can serve Fred memories...
Amy_Madisonthat's probably going to play into it for the rest of the season
ElaisI've pre-ordered a spike from another company
impalergeneralMaybe Knoox is swayed by a God he could have sex with in his wildest dreams
ElaisI think they will be shipping them next month
Elaisbut I'm all over a shirtless Spike doll
impalergeneralwith kung-fu abs
ElaisI would prefer a pantless Spike doll, though
Amy_Madisontherre's propbably a fan fic on that one by now
Elaisare we going to have a chick fight between DIYA and LLL?
* MattH warms up the oil....
LornsLadywhat did I say?
LornsLadyis one of us lagging?
DeathIsYourArtLLL I can't believe that you will get a pic with James when you know I can't even go to MR =<
ElaisI'm still not sure I can go myself, DIYA
LornsLadyWell, I could get it scanned, and you could have me edited out of it and yourself put in
DeathIsYourArtSO NOT the point
LornsLadyawww, but how can you blame me? It's JAMES!!!
Elaisgetting the pics is so expensive
LornsLadyBut it's not guaranteed yet...I gotta get the rest of the money...Andy's the only one I've got paid off
LornsLadytell me about it
LornsLadyand I want to have money to shop with in the dealers' I gotta get a digital camera before the con
DeathIsYourArtI feel betrayed *evil eye*
DeathIsYourArtJust some random knowledge for ya. The symbol on the tomb was a mix between a calcination and a cross (Calcination:The first operation in alchemical transformation. It is denoted by the symbol for the first sign of the zodiac, Aries. )
LornsLadyooh, the evil eye! It's so pretty though!
DeathIsYourArtAnd green. James favorite colour!
Elaiswhere are you located, DIYA?
DeathIsYourArtYes I am Canadian we spell colour that way
Elaiswondered if you were in the us
Elaisthere are a few other cons being held this year
Elaisthought one of them might have been closer to you
impalergeneralxander broke the prophecy by reviving Buffy...unless the prophecy never said no one couldn't revive her
DeathIsYourArtnope.... If I can somehow improve my french and get a second job very soon then I could go to AMR but under no other circumstances
DeathIsYourArtMR is the only one on the East coast where James will be present
Elaisprophecies are tricky little buggers
impalergeneralor maybe there are lots of pre-destined things, then we see if they can overcome them--and be glad when they do
impalergeneralJmaes will be in SF in late August, and it's too bad I can't take a picture of him (because his agent forbids it)
DeathIsYourArtThe last speech to me described the Joss-verse so well
LornsLadyI spent most of the day adding friends to LiveJournal...I so wanted to get things done, but I goofed off...although I *did* want to get more friends in LJ, so I guess I did some good
DeathIsYourArtHis agent is not liked by a lot of people but he is apparently god for James..go figure
ChiaraPI hate this Forbit-pictures thing
DeathIsYourArtgood not god
impalergeneralhmm..sounds Like Jay Leno's old agent that forbid "Tonight Show" guests from being in Letterman
ChiaraPcan I say I don't like much the people who works around James?
impalergeneralwhen have you seen James, Chiara?
ChiaraPAt the Harvest & during some concerts in Europe Last year
ChiaraPhe's such a sweety!
LornsLadywhat people?
impalergeneralmaybe his management
ChiaraPyep, and also the people who organize the Concerts in Europe
LornsLadyhis management doesn't want camcorders at GotR concert and during James' talks
ChiaraPnot even at the Harvest... so No video-memory from The harvest too
impalergeneralbut digital cameras are OK?
impalergeneralno one would want to buy my pictures
ChiaraPthey are trying to squeeze Money from James as if he was a Lemon
LornsLadyYeah digital cameras are ok
ChiaraPI don't like it much
DeathIsYourArtWell thankfully James' personality makes up for it
LornsLadyactually, I think it's no photography at all during the concert, though...the rules keep changing, so I might be wrong about that
LornsLadyyeah, there's supposed to be no flash photography, but James often tells people to flash away
DeathIsYourArtWell people stillg et photos so...
LornsLadyI mean during GotR at MR, not past concerts
Elaisusually when he gets on stage
impalergeneralwell, I will hope for the best in SF in August. At least there are other people who will be there
Elaisother VIPs?
LornsLadyI'd like to go to Grand Slam, which will have Andy, but CA is out of my way and no money
impalergeneralJuliet Landau will be in the SF con, and Alexis!
impalergeneralbut on different days
Elaistoo many cons, too little $$$$
impalergeneralyou have to choose your cons
LornsLadySo true
ChiaraPyeah but how you can chose?!
LornsLadyIf you have lots of money, though, you don't have to choose
ChiaraPIknow it if they are in this part of word I go.. else... nope
impalergeneraland that's why God allowed states to legalize lotteries!
LornsLadyI only go to cons with Andy Hallett, because money's too tight...and they have to be on the east coast, close enough to drive to in less than a day
ChiaraPjust inorder to let people go to Buffy/Angel con.
DeathIsYourArtFait never said why she left... I was going to suggest that she get on those puppets to sell for money. Someone did a clay mock-up of what the spike one would look like, it wasn't perfect but still very cute
impalergeneralyeah, that's my criteria
LornsLadyWe enter the lottery, we just haven't won
LornsLadywell, technically, it's illegal to sell likenesses of buffy/Angel characters
DeathIsYourArtLLL where are you again...shows you how good my memory is
LornsLadycopyright violation
LornsLadyI'm in south Jersey
DeathIsYourArtOkay, I need a car, you are close by
LornsLadywhere is Fait??
DeathIsYourArtshe left
LornsLadyWhere are you again?
DeathIsYourArtYou are less than a days drive south of me
LornsLadyI thought Canada...Mike and I have talked about driving to Canada at some point, but just haven't done it yet
DeathIsYourArtIf I had my own place I would invite you up. However I am back with the 'rents. free room and board and all that why I pay off student loans
DeathIsYourArtwhile not my english is good
LornsLadyUnderstand what that's like
LornsLadyOh, did you all hear about the Buffy fan who's missing?
DeathIsYourArtI am a secretary at Concordia University at the moment and I deal with foreign students all day. It is killing my english. If you don't speak english take math is the tagline.
MattHI heard Ethan....
ChiaraPyeah Heard about her... any news?
DeathIsYourArtYes I heard about jodyorjen, I sent around the notice
LornsLadyJen Schall, whose username on her email is jodyorjen, has been missing from Vienna, VA
LornsLadyYeah, you were the one, that's right
LornsLadyI passed it around to lists and on the MR board
DeathIsYourArtI put it on the mobster board but other people hit this board
DeathIsYourArtRUss toys has the monkey pen.
LornsLadyI want puppet Angel...and puppet Lorne :)
LornsLadyWhen is Moore Collectibles coming out with that Lorne doll?
impalergeneralmaybe David Boreanaz can be on Crank Yankers...
Elaissoon, I hope
DeathIsYourArtDST/MAC is bringing out a Lorne doll with a karoke machine
LornsLadyI haven't seen CY in a while...I gotta catch some more eps
LornsLadywait, what? there an url for that?
ChiaraPguys the showis still on?
DeathIsYourArtya just let me find it
LornsLadyWait, isn't MAC Moore Action Collectibles?
DeathIsYourArtyep but they are with DST for the buffy line
impalergeneralI have a Master 9 inch doll from Vaner Studios
impalergeneralVarner studios, I mean
LornsLadyand who is DST? :)
ElaisDiamond Star something
MattHG'Day is the way I have seen it spelled out.
impalergeneralwell, K and C never talk about us
impalergeneralyay us
MattHWe occasionally talk about K&C....
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DeathIsYourArtI LOVE this song
Elaisit was great seeing them at the Revue
Ladylovethat was annoying
LadyloveI'd have liked to have gone to the Revue
DeathIsYourArtLLL if you go to the site, there is a link in the column on the right that says dst/mac etc... Lorne is the last pic...I'm not that impressed though
ChiaraPguys I try to reset BRB
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MattHHiya Colleen
colleen1darn. I knoew I was forgetting something.
colleen1Hi guys.
Ladyloveok thanks DIYA
Ladylovehi colleen
DeathIsYourArthello TORONTO
impalergeneraljust in time for the big announcement
colleen1They said it was a big non-announcement though, which could mean we aren't getting the actual announcement tonight.
colleen1Just a warning that there will be an announcement
MattH"Like that ever turns out well"
impalergeneralthat what they will announce they can't announce yet?
colleen1Yes. I could, of course, be wrong.
DeathIsYourArtMaybe Kitty is having twins..but not so much...
impalergeneralWell, it's got to be Fury or Minear showing up
impalergeneralspeaking of twins
colleen1Maybe Fury's having twins.
impalergeneralcalled courage and pluck
MattHAssuming it is good news...
DeathIsYourArtIt BETTER be good news
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ChiaraPre ^__^
MattHWB Chiara
DeathIsYourArtWelcome back
Elaiswe can sure use some good news for a change
LadyloveLorne isn't coming until 2005??? Damn! He was scheduled in 2003 last I heard
Ladylovewb Chiara
LadyloveI want to hear Angel is renewed for a sixth season
impalergeneralcoming for what?
DeathIsYourArtThey are bringing out D'ahoffryn in may
DeathIsYourArtno a in there
colleen1D'hoffyrn is coming out?
DeathIsYourArtThe doll version IG
DeathIsYourArtin doll form and he is a nice one
colleen1Ah. Moore?
ChiaraPI hate this song! I can't hear this one since last year all that painful Buffy's promo!!
colleen1This song makes me cry
impalergeneralthis version is better than the radio mix
DeathIsYourArtI used to like it but it has lost its effect on me
colleen1Haven't heard it for a while
LadyloveI like-a da bird!
DeathIsYourArtIt reminds me of the Tiki room
DeathIsYourArtwriters are coming
colleen1I think my broadcast is delayed.
colleen1Cause you mentioned the bird before I heard it.
MattHI'm always lagged...join the club... :_(
LadyloveI didn't seem to be lagged with mIRC, but I'm not sure with Trillian
ChiaraPLag is my kingdom!
LadyloveHowever, after setting up a profile, Trillian will keep my settings
DeathIsYourArtEthan is ruining things
MattHI am not referring to the chat - I mean the audio stream.
DeathIsYourArtno show March 24th
colleen1I think we should all drop into her open house.
impalergeneraldamn Ethan
DeathIsYourArtEthan is trying to get access to the building YAY Ethan
ChiaraPwhat's happening.....
LadyloveHey, I just got an email, subject "CNN recognizes campaign" says, "**Movielover...Dont have an article or anything but was just watching CNN tonight. And as they were doing a little clip on lowering the voting age, they mentioned that the first mission should be bringing Angel back to the WB. Were definately making some noticable noise. Just thought I'd share that:-) **"
DeathIsYourArtTim Minear might be on March 24th if Ethan can fix things
ChiaraPEverythign went silent __
ChiaraPoh COOL!
impalergeneralwas this just now?
MattHThe voting age won't be lowered....
ElaisMinear would be fantastic
Elaishe could also talk about Wonderfalls
colleen1What is the voting age?
impalergeneraland the talking wax lions
Ladyloveand WB affiliates are encouraging fans to campagin
colleen1Okay. Same here.
impalergeneralWB affiliates want us to demand Angel back? Sounds like a big LA rally to me
DeathIsYourArtno the voting age should not be lowered... I deal with 20 to 25 year old students every day (I'm not even 25 yet) and they are not mature enough and have no idea what is going on
MattHOne of the state legislators here in CA proposed giving 16 year olds a half-vote and 14-year olds a quarter-vote
Elaishalf votes?
impalergeneralwhich was as stupid as it sounds
Elaisquarter votes?
ChiaraPsorry but this seem crazy for me!
DeathIsYourArtit is stupid is what it is
impalergeneralit is. There's no chance it will happen
LadyloveI'm with you guys
Elaisreally dumb
MattHYep... John Vasconcellos (the state senator who proposd it) is an idiot.
DeathIsYourArtWonderfalls has a montrealer in it... sorry city pride lashing out
colleen1She's Quebecois.
impalergeneralthe proposal is an attempt to get teens more involved in politics, but giving them less than a vote won't work
colleen1Show filmed in Toronto.
Elaisgive em a free cd with every vote
impalergeneralhey, that doesn't work for 18 year olds
DeathIsYourArtSo colleen when are you going to sneak on set and be an extra? DO it do it!
LadyloveUm, ignore this, I'm just testing something: LOL
LadyloveOh, it makes a laughing sound...I thought that was from the show
DeathIsYourArtwhat makes a laughing sound???
Ladylovethe smiley
Ladyloveyeah! at least it does in Trillian...or it might be the specific skin I'm using for Trillian
LadyloveI'm using a lovely rosy theme
colleen1Does your sad smiley cry?
MattHNo sound on my end...
LadyloveHow did you get the tear? No, I heard nothing either
MattHLooked in the Emoticons section.
Ladyloveoh ok
colleen1My friend is still missing.
MattHThere is an Emotisound area you can turn on/off in the right click menu.
Ladylovewhat friend?
LadyloveYeah I know Matt
Ladyloveoh yes, we were talking about her earlier
ElaisI've been reading about her
colleen1She's a fic writer. Disappeared on Friday.
Elaisvery bad news
LadyloveI passed the link on plus posted it on the MR boards
colleen1Thank you.
LadyloveI have talked to her in the past
impalergeneralGiles sounds kind of Southern to me
MattHWell Lynard Skynard was a Southern band...
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MattHWB Amy
Ladylovewb Amy
ChiaraPRE Amy ^__^ girl
colleen1Okay, if you're already answering, you're way ahead of me.
DeathIsYourArtkitty's math is not good
Ladyloveneither is mine
Elaiswell, her math is as good as joss' math
MattHKitty is a teacher....she should be able to do math.
ChiaraPnot if she teach english
Amy_Madisonenglish teacher
DeathIsYourArtI think that had to do with too many writers not looking it they have played around with dates big time
Amy_Madisonthe gift
colleen1That's how far behind I am.
colleen1The Mayor.
LadyloveI love that Kraft cheese "stuff"
DeathIsYourArtband of buggered, we happy few is what giles says
Amy_Madisonstn crispin day
LadyloveThe white kind is the best to put on pancakes
DeathIsYourArtup amy
Amy_Madisonthats was spike
DeathIsYourArtthe first part was spike.
DeathIsYourArtGiles said we happy few
Amy_Madison2 to go
DeathIsYourArttwo to go, grave
MattHHenry II wasn't it
DeathIsYourArtreally it was 3
colleen1Man. I'm still on season 4
DeathIsYourArtvillians, 2 to go and grave
colleen1No wonder I don't like kitty torture.
colleen1Henry 1v pt 1
DeathIsYourArtshe transports
colleen1I'm bailing. See you guys next chat, assuming I remember next time.
MattHCYA Colleen
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Ladylovewell my feed is obviously lagging because I saw DIYA's answer before the question was asked...either that, or DIYA is psychic
Amy_Madisonthe coven
DeathIsYourArtpsychic..and you are lagging
Amy_Madisonthe coven in Davenshire
DeathIsYourArtAmanda, Spike, Anya
ElaisI'm lagging too
Elaisanyone want a chocolate dougnut?
Ladyloveheck yeah!
Amy_Madisonprincipal wood
DeathIsYourArthe didn't die
Elais*opens box of mini-chocolate doughnuts*
DeathIsYourArtthe asian girl
DeathIsYourArtthat was her name, ya I'm good
MattHChau-Ann? I thought she lived
DeathIsYourArtshe asked who did it
DeathIsYourArtdid he do grave?
DeathIsYourArthe only wrote the crayon scene
DeathIsYourArtCalib died in chosen
Amy_Madison5 and 6
Amy_Madisonn o6 and 7
MattHGo Ethan!
DeathIsYourArthmmm season 6 definately
LadyloveThis is weird...the male smiley that Matt put up earlier, with the tear, doesn't show in my list, but I saw it when he posted...I do see a female smiley with a tear...hmmmm
DeathIsYourArtdidn't they ask for 2?
MattHBargaining I & II and Grave
DeathIsYourArttoo good
Ladyloveare we meeting here next week?
Amy_Madison2 to go and granve and Barining 1 and 2
Amy_Madisondamn spelling
MattHI wasn't planning on it...
DeathIsYourArtthank the chat room again damn it
impalergeneralwell, gotta go. Until next time,
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
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Ladyloveok...I have to get going..., and my blog:
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
MattHInsufficient torture in the Kitty Torture
DeathIsYourArtI agree
DeathIsYourArtI want cool stuff
Ladylovebye all :) Love y'all
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DeathIsYourArtIf I was in LA I would so do it
MattHThey are giving away Ethan!
Amy_Madisonok C U laters
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MattHCYA Amy
Elaisthey need to bring in a whip or something
ElaisI'm outta here!
MattHThey are running long.
*** Elais has left #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtoh well time to go..they went over in time very cool
DeathIsYourArtbye bye everyone.
MattHCYA next time
DeathIsYourArtIs anyone showing up next week>?
ChiaraPbye ^___^
DeathIsYourArtsee you ont he mailing list until the next chat
MattHI'll probably drop in
DeathIsYourArtokay see you then
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
ChiaraPNight guys!
ChiaraPsee you soone!
MattHBye Chiara
ChiaraPI'm vampire mode on... I see the sun at the orrizont
ChiaraPBetter go bed :P
ChiaraPNIght Matt!
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Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Mar 10 20:05:23 2004