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MattHHiya DIYA
DeathIsYourArthi matt ..sorry I took so long to respond. I was watching a bio on Buffy
MattHNo is the bio?
DeathIsYourArtI have actually seen it before. It isn't bad. It could have been much much longer.But I am sure every Buffy fan would feel that way
DeathIsYourArtHave you joined the Tim Tam craze yet?
MattHNo...I think it is actually a scam... a Tim Tam Flim Flam, as it were.
DeathIsYourArtSomeone on the mailing list suggested that it might have a link to Band candy. We will have to wait and see
MattHToo bad we can't give Band Candy to the Execs at the WB...
DeathIsYourArtI know... Saving Angel.or is doing something close though. They are sending chocolate bars with their logo on it to them
MattHI just wonder when/if there will be a spin-off, now that Joss is working on a Firefly movie.
DeathIsYourArtWell Tru calling has not been canceled yet, though it looks like it will be. However Joss may just feel that it is better not to over due it
MattHWhile I have grown to like Tru Calling, I am surprised it has remained on this long.
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MattHHiya CM
Elaishiyas matt
DeathIsYourArtIf he goes to just movies I will die... rerun hell is already killing me. I can't go too long with out new Joss material. My family and friends are so very sick of hearing me compare everything to Buffy, ANgel and Firefly. I only do this when there is no new epys
DeathIsYourArtHi Elias!
Elaishave you tried Wonderfalls?
MattHYeah...movies alone are not enough to deliver ones recommended daily dosage of Jossness.
MattHI haven't seen it yet...I plan on looking at it.
DeathIsYourArtyes, it is okay. I think it could grow on me. I don't see hwo it could go on for very long though
Elaisthe pilot is going to be rerun on Thursday night
DeathIsYourArtI am already accusing people of having 'sodes though
Elaisthey've already completed about 13 eps, i think
DeathIsYourArtYes Tim said that
DeathIsYourArtI just think eventually it will get stuck and not be able to evolve.
ElaisI really hope it does well enough to get renewed
DeathIsYourArtShe would get fired or be put "away" after a few weeks in real llife
Elaisperhaps a few ME writers can join the staff next fall
DeathIsYourArtNot yet
DeathIsYourArtwait until the final word comes out before you say that
Elaiscan't suspend your disbelief for Wonderfalls?
DeathIsYourArtI will not sacrafice Spike for anything
ElaisI thought it was interesting that when this show was tested, men enjoyed it far more than the women
Elaiswhich surprised me
DeathIsYourArtYa I found that odd too
MattHReally....that is kind of the opposite of Buffy
ElaisI have no problem with Joan talking to God on Joan of Arcadia
ElaisI don't see anything weird about the talking figurines on wonderfalls
DeathIsYourArtI don't watch that... I knew from the commercials that I would want her "with" god
MattHI saw part of one ep of Joan of Arcadia...felt like burning the main character at the stake, I was so bored.
DeathIsYourArtHe is adorable (the actor who plays god)
Elaisthere are several actors/actress who play god
DeathIsYourArtokay the first one..I told you I don't watch it
ElaisI like Goth God
DeathIsYourArttell me where I can find pictures of goth god
DeathIsYourArtgoth anything is me
Elaisnow if Tru Calling doesn't get renewed
DeathIsYourArtFAITH the series
Elaismaybe that Faith spinoff can be brought up again
DeathIsYourArt*crosses fingers*
MattHOn which network?
DeathIsYourArtHey wait a second... why are we not all drunk it is St. Patricks day...stupid work
MattHHeh...I don't drink....
DeathIsYourArtI would have to wait an extra month for it to air on TMN but it would be worth it to have Joss not go through this crap again and again
MattHYeah...I don't get HBO, but I'd dl it...that is how I get Stargate
DeathIsYourArtoh sorry Matt... didn't mean to imply anything. To be honest I haven't had a drink in months
MattHNo offense taken...I was just debating to use the line "I don't"
DeathIsYourArtI miss my two favorite guys (jack Daniels and Captain Morgan) the two guys that have NEVER let me down
DeathIsYourArtYou should have used that line... I LOVE that line
ElaisI'm looking forward to the final ep of Stargate this Friday
MattHI already saw spoilers. but I thought it was pretty good.
DeathIsYourArtIs it ending? That series has gone on a long time now
MattHThere will be a season 8 *and* a spinoff
DeathIsYourArtTHAT is a little scary
ElaisI'm a little surprised there will be a 8th season
DeathIsYourArtI miss McGyver
ElaisI would be perfectly okay with this being the last season and then watching Atlantis
MattHI was a little, considering the fact that there almost wasn't a seventh. But with Richard Dean Anderson aboard, the deal was struck.
MattHS8 will almost certainly be the last.
Elaisi hope so
Elaisotherwise the cast will start needing walkers
DeathIsYourArtHE he he
DeathIsYourArtThat would be funny
MattHOnly RDA is that old...
ElaisRDA gets a promotion right?
ElaisI mean, Jack gets a promotion
MattHSo I have heard...
MattHWhich makes me wonder if we will seen Don S Davis (sp?) next season.
Elaisthe general?
MattHYeah - General Hammond
ElaisI heard he wanted to quit because he couldn't do other things like movies
Elaiswhich is perfectly understandable
MattHReally? Whenever I have seen him interviewed, he always seemed to *love* working on SG-1
Elaisyou might try the site
ElaisI've read interviews that he's enjoyed working on SG
MattHThat is where I get my spoilers.
Elaisbut totally understand why he would want to do other projects
Elaishis role as Hammond is fairly limited
MattHTrue - his character has only gone through the gate once, IIRC
Elaisit would be natural for his character to be retired or transferred and have jack be promoted
Elaisthey might bring in some new blood next season
MattHDid they ever show the old president on the series? The new one has gotten a lot of airtime.
DeathIsYourArtelias you are going to have to feild this question...I don't watch
MattHReally? Did you watch it an not like it or just never get around to checking it out?
Elaiscan't remember
Elaiswhat shows you watch Death?
DeathIsYourArtI loved the movie and just never thought that the series would live up. I never watched it...sorry! My dad did for the first season then got tired of it.
DeathIsYourArtI only watch CSI and Angel now... and Wonderfalls apparently. I used to watch more but.... new shows suck and the older one have lost their gravity
MattHInteresting...I like the series much more than I liked the movie
MattHI know what you mean...I am down to about 5 hrs of TV a week.: Angel, Smallville, Tru Calling, Enterprise and Stargate
DeathIsYourArtIt is pretty bad when I have a satelite dish for radio channels...
MattHI listen to talk radio at work, but that is about it.
Elaisi still watch Smallville, but I haven't really like the season much so far
DeathIsYourArtI do watch a fair amount of MuchLoud (24 hour rock channel) and I listen to The Edge from Toronto. Which I got used to when Iw ent to school there
ElaisAngel...Charmed....Smallville...Joan of Arcadia..Wonderfalls and Alias
MattHThis season has had its moments, but overall, I don't feel the show is progressing...
Elaisit seems to have gone downhill since season 1
MattHThey need to kill off one of the main characterts...that would help shake things up.
ElaisI would think that the show would end when Clark graduates
DeathIsYourArtWow we are definately GENRE people... I must admit that I do also watch he West Wing when I remember to tape it. It is on the same time as Angel. Thsi season isn't doing anything for me though
MattHThey may follow him to college.
Elaisyeah, but that would have to be a spinoff or something
ElaisMetropolis instead of Smallville
MattHMaybe...they could do Smallville: The College Years
ElaisI have never seen a single ep of West Wing
MattHI saw part of one just pales to real life politics
DeathIsYourArtI just liked how it used to be fast paced and things were all inter-connected. I hate when people argue politics and have very linear views. And you have to explain tot hem how many things they effect with one decision
DeathIsYourArtNow ... I have no idea what they are trying to do
DeathIsYourArtI can't believe that we still don't have news on the Tim situation... I want Tim and Tim Tams in that same room and on my radio
MattHI used to watch Law & Order, and while I enjoy it when I do watch it, it just isn't a "must see" for me.
DeathIsYourArtI agree about L&O
DeathIsYourArtI have friends that are obsessed and just can't be
DeathIsYourArtI* just can't be
Elaisfunny thing
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MattHI do think Sam Waterson is one of the finest actors around.
MattHHiya Fiat
ElaisI was watching tv and I was flipping through all three L&O shows
ElaisI couldn't tell them apart
FiatLuxHey there. What are y'all doing in here?
MattHI never cared for eithjer spinoff.
MattHMostly, just talking about our favorite tv shows...
FiatLuxYeah. I just didn't have much to do this Wednesday night. Thinking about watching Kingdom Hospital.
MattHThe future of Angel, potential spin-offs etc.
FiatLuxI could always use this time to look up spoilers for Angel and then spend the rest of the season feeling guilty because I did.
DeathIsYourArtno no spoilers...someone on my bus said something out loud yesterday that I am HOPING is wrong wrong wrong
DeathIsYourArtstupid person... I litterally wanted to toss him off the bus as it was moving
DeathIsYourArtand yes in my world Literally is spelled that way
DeathIsYourArtI live with 6 cats
MattHAn eminently sensible move if you wish to remain unspoiled
FiatLuxI never here anyone talk about Angel. Of course I don't take any public transportation either.
DeathIsYourArtI never do either until someone says something out loud like that... I don't even know anyone around me that watches
FiatLuxHey Death, you're just a few years and a couple cats away from being one of those cat ladies.
MattHI don't know anyone (outside of people I met on the internet) who watches.
DeathIsYourArtMany years actually but yes beign a cat lady is one of my goals
FiatLuxMe too!
FiatLuxI'm practicing the 'shut in' thing now.
DeathIsYourArtHair is a significant problem when you wear all black too
MattHWell, I can't have pets at my apt. but I am definitely a cat person.
FiatLuxYou just have to get all black cats.
DeathIsYourArtI know ... but I love these ones.... one dya one day
MattHThat is what dye is for.
FiatLuxMy old apartment didn't allow pets either. So I only had a ferret, snake, mouse, hedgehog, and bearded dragon :)
DeathIsYourArtgood move
Elaismy apartment doesn't allow pets either
DeathIsYourArtI like snakes but I can't feed them live anythign
ElaisI'm more of a dog person but I would probabaly get a cat
DeathIsYourArtIt is funny because if they bring it to me dead I am fine.. Alive and screaming = me not so fine
FiatLuxI only feed my snake live food a couple times. It was pretty hard, considering I had a pet mouse too.
DeathIsYourArtI have a dog too
FiatLuxI bought frozen mice in bulk. I still might have a tray of mice in freezer for all I know.
MattHWas wandering the web I came across this litle gem :- the randon Law & Order Plot Generator:
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha... When I lived in Res. at university there was a guy in my house that had a snake called stampy. And I warned him that if I heard screaming then the snake was dead. So they had to feed it around my class schedule
MattHSo we can say that you keep dead mice in your house...hmmm...
FiatLuxYep, but only frozen.
MattHScreaming? mice scream?
DeathIsYourArtyes they do hamsters
FiatLuxThey squeak until they suffocate or are crushed. I had a constrictor.
Elaisa death squeak?
FiatLuxI feel so bad for the mice, but then I don't want the snake to starve. Luckily he liked thawed out mice just as much.
DeathIsYourArtthe final gasp and look of peace
DeathIsYourArtGOOD snake... I like that snake
Elaisoops. gotta run guys
Elaiscatch you all later
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DeathIsYourArtwell that was abrupt
FiatLuxWhen you gotta go, you gotta go.
MattHYeah,well, she had to run...
* MattH chuckles
FiatLuxHey, I got glasses this week.
DeathIsYourArtHey Harris, LLL is going to be mighty jealous next week when she finds out you were in here with 3 girls and none fo them were her
FiatLuxI can see now.
DeathIsYourArtoh ya? how do they feel?
FiatLuxNot bad, I don't have to lean in to read the screen now.
DeathIsYourArtI still do it. I always sit too close to it and the tv...bad habit
MattHHeh...I should edit the transcript to read that Andy Hallett dropped by... *that* would make here jealous.
FiatLuxAnd driving is great. I was probably a road hazzard being so blind.
FiatLuxOh that's cruel Matt~
DeathIsYourArtI would say YES
DeathIsYourArtDon't do that Matt... it would be too traumatic for her
DeathIsYourArtbut it would be funny, for us
DeathIsYourArtAlso, she wouldn't believe it... if this were the bronze beta then she would
MattHProblem is then she would probably haunt the chat room 24x7 and I would feel guilty about ruining her life...
MattHWe could say that Andy found the chat room from a link on the Bronze beta....
FiatLuxCan't sleep, might miss Andy. Can't sleep, might miss Andy. Can't sleep, might miss Andy.
DeathIsYourArttrue.... *thinks about it*
DeathIsYourArtOh Fait, someone did a mock up in clay fo what they think the Spike puppet would look like. It isn't exactly right in my opinion, but damn good none the less. I'll send you a copy of the pic via e-mail later
DeathIsYourArtIt is too funny
FiatLuxThe puppet would have to have cheek implants for Spike
DeathIsYourArtWhether or not this campaign works I think I will write fox all summer to get them to release puppet versions of everyone
DeathIsYourArtAnd yes it would... got to love those cheek bones
MattHHmm...maybe the spin-off could be on PBS, made by the Children's Television Workshop.
DeathIsYourArtIt would be So very creepy
DeathIsYourArtI already look twice whenever I see sesame street on tv now
FiatLuxThey have The Count, another vampire wouldn't be so bad.
MattHI read a brief fanfic where Buffy slays Count Chocula and he poofs into a pile of his cereal.
DeathIsYourArtYou have to wonder what those shows actually did to us as kids
DeathIsYourArtI LOVE that
DeathIsYourArtDo you know where that is
MattHIt don't recall the name, it was posted on the Buffy Creative Newsgroup shortly after the episode aired.
DeathIsYourArtdarn... still just the summary was funny enough
DeathIsYourArtDo you remember ont he mupets whent he professor used to get mad he would shake and steam would come out his ears? I want to see puppet Angel do that
MattHHere is the URL:
FiatLuxYeah that would've been funny. Good joke material too
FiatLuxDid either of you watch Wonderfalls?
DeathIsYourArtThanks Matt you rock
MattHI will be watching it tommorrow night.
DeathIsYourArtYes I did
DeathIsYourArtwe talked about this earlier but please feel free to talk some more.
DeathIsYourArtWhy is Ethan taking so long with the Tim question??? *taps foot impatiently*
MattHYou weren;t expecting an answer tonight were you - we probably won't here anything until next Tuesday.
FiatLuxI liked Wonderfalls. I was cracking up.
DeathIsYourArtI know.. I wasn't expecting an answer tonight exactly... I just wanted one at some point and I thought he could have obtained one by now
MattHDIYA had problems with her belief system
DeathIsYourArtno I didn't
MattHReally, I thought you had trouble suspending your disbelief?
FiatLuxYou don't believe that inanimate objects would talk to someone?
DeathIsYourArtI son't see how the story can go on, since she should inevitable get fired or locked up for her behaviour. Okay so maybe you are right... I liked the talking animals, I just think the other characters noticed her behaviour too clearly to avoid a backlash of some kind
DeathIsYourArtI don't see hoe the show can evolve. I have to give it more time though I know
MattHShe will be locked up...we just won't know about it for six seasons, and then we will see it in a flashback.
DeathIsYourArtAnd I need to type slower to spell correctly
MattHReally? I thought you just said that you thought the main character was a "hoe"... ;-)
* MattH ducks
FiatLuxI'm going to have to get of here. Need to make a phone call and here I am stuck with one phone line.
DeathIsYourArtWell didn't you know that all us montreal girls are...NOT
MattHOk...nice of you to drop in
DeathIsYourArtbye bye fait
FiatLuxAny news about next weeks show?
FiatLuxWell I may drop in again next week. Bye
DeathIsYourArtthe Tim Tam thing distracted everyone
DeathIsYourArtbey bye
*** Signoff: FiatLux ((null))
DeathIsYourArtNow LLL will really be mad at me
MattHWell, she could have showed up....
DeathIsYourArtI think she forgot.
DeathIsYourArtNo show = forgetfulness
DeathIsYourArtI kept forgetting that it was Wednesday today because there was no Angel on
MattHWell, in her defense, normally the chat room hasn't been "open" when the show hasn't be on.
DeathIsYourArtVery true
DeathIsYourArtHowever we did mention it last week
DeathIsYourArt4 of us made excuses for the rest
MattHYeah, but she was probably off mooning over Andy Hallett and didn't notice.
DeathIsYourArtAlso true... Either that or the boyfriend is attempting to win her back by bringing her out tonight and away from you
DeathIsYourArtI think he KNOWS
MattHYes, but can he compete with my subtle and understated sense of humor...?
DeathIsYourArtprobably not
DeathIsYourArtHe has money though
MattHDon't rub it in...
DeathIsYourArtI wish I had money... more and more people are telling me that they are going to Moonlight rising and I REALLY want to go, but I have to save up so I can go back to school =<
DeathIsYourArtStupid school! Stupid Money! I want to see James
MattHHeh... I just want to pay the rent.
DeathIsYourArtI have mom and dad for that... they are wrong when they say that you can never go back. Free rent, cable modem and satelite means that you can
MattHMy mom was sneaky...when I went off to college, she moved into a one-bedroom apt.
DeathIsYourArtohhh very sneaky
DeathIsYourArtIf my parents had their way I would never leave. Which has its ups and downs. Right now the ups are winning
MattHYeah...she was sneaky like that all while I was growing up. I am lucky I didn't turn out warped or something ;-)
DeathIsYourArtYOU??? Of course not
DeathIsYourArtIn any event Matt. It is almost 11pm here and I have to be up at 6am for work...stupid work! There is a lot of stupidness going around.
DeathIsYourArtI'll talk to you next week
DeathIsYourArtBye bye
MattHI mean I watch these weird SF shows on TV, play role-playing games and hang out in internet chat rooms. What could be more normal than that.
MattHCYA next week.
DeathIsYourArtnothign is more normal thatn that
DeathIsYourArtbye again
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