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MattHHiya DIYA
DeathIsYourArtHiya Harris... I'm doing the whole online rally thing and someone has stolen both DeathIsYourArt and DIYA at all the boards
DeathIsYourArtweird and a little upsetting
MattHWell that sucks
DeathIsYourArtSo how has your last 2 weeks been?
MattHPoor - computer problems and fights with the company (GE) that has my service contract
DeathIsYourArtI lost my job YAY!!! he he he The union gave my job away to someone with more seniority
MattHI was in a union job for several years...was a shop steward for the last one. I have no respect for unions left.
DeathIsYourArtI understand their policies... I just got the short end of it
MattHAre you eligible for unemployment?
DeathIsYourArtno... I am nto a full member of the union yet. That is why I lost my job. Hopefully there will be another temp job that I can get in the mean time
MattHI have been working a "temp" job for 8 months now...they were supposed to bring me on permanently in January but it got pushed back until the second quarter due to budget reasons.
DeathIsYourArtThat happens a lot where I work. The problem is that if the job gets turned permanent they have to post it to the union members as well as allow the current emplyee to re-apply for the job. So though permanent status may get you benefits, you may not actually keep your job
MattHWhere I work right now (an insurance co) insn't unionized, so that at least won't be an issue.
DeathIsYourArtWell one of us will have a job. Which means that one day you can steal LLL from her boyfriend he he he
DeathIsYourArtI wonder where everyone is...they know we are here...silly people. Angel and K&C go off and they just abandon everything
MattHWas anyone here last week?
MattHNormally that chat room is empty when K&C aren't on.
DeathIsYourArtya but they know we come anyways, they saw that after the first week. And no no one was here. I checked in to make sure after we found out that you had computer problems
DeathIsYourArtI can't wait to see the DVD for season &. I have not met them and I tell people about when I talk about the show, and now I can show them who I am talking about
DeathIsYourArtK&C I mean...I realize that last sentence was vague
MattHI'll probably be waiting a couple months to get the DVD...I still haven't watched all of my S5 ones yet.
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MattHHiya CM
Elaisso there ARE people in here
MattHWell, if we qualify ;-)
Elaishi Matt, Death
Elaisi wonder how the Angel rally is going?
MattHIn Burbank? No idea.
Elaishope there is a big crowd
DeathIsYourArtHiya Elias. The online rally is slow and a little annoying, with people stealing my name grrr
Elaisyou can borrow mine *g*
MattHBut then who would you be?
ElaisI've got one or two other names I can use
ElaisI'm not on the online rally thing
DeathIsYourArtI have been using AbsynthDeTemps and DeathIsArt as substitutes.
DeathIsYourArtI'll do my bit, if nothing else it encourages ME to follow through on their promise to give us more in one format or anything to stick it to Levin at this point
ElaisI don't really think they'll renew the show itself
MattHYeah - it is probably too late for that.
Elaisbut I would be happy to see Angel in any format
MattHAnother show set in the Jossverse would be nice though.
MattHThere is not much else on TV that I am intertested in watching.
DeathIsYourArtI'm going to miss Spike SO MUCH..... 8sniffle* ...wait no sniffle...I'm mad D*** it!
DeathIsYourArtI have a wee bottle of Jack with me to toast the last show with.... only 6 to go.. it isn't enough
Elais6 is a drop in the bucket
MattHOnly six left...the story arc is just getting interesting
Elaisthere is sooooo much more they could have done next season
MattHYeah...I doubt any ending they do will really wrap things up that neatly.
DeathIsYourArtBuffy doesn't even know Spike is alive... Iwant a buffy movie, then an Angel yesterday
MattHI'm sure Andrew would have told her.
DeathIsYourArtno he said he wouldn't and Danas mumblings can't be trusted... darn it
MattHYeah...but he probably would end up letting it slip Giles at least.
DeathIsYourArtYa because Giles really wants her to know that.... I love Giles but he does have a history of keeping things from her
DeathIsYourArtIn any event, it requires some attention... along with where Wesley is going, and what the hell is Lorne up to etc....
MattHTrue...but he would end up writing it down somewhere. Then someone comes along, reads it, and hijinks ensue.
DeathIsYourArtI am still thinking Lorne should go evil, it would be so good. Plus he is already slipping and reading people wrong all over the place
MattHLorne was so underused this season...
DeathIsYourArtThis current story line goes back quite a ways, and Lorne has been reading wrong since Angelus last season
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MattHWell, Lorne hasn't really had a "right" reading since S2 E1 in my humble opinion
MattHHiya GonzaloP
DeathIsYourArtWe need more Lindsey too
DeathIsYourArtshirtless of course
Elaisit could very well be that he no longer has a connection to the TPTB
DeathIsYourArtYou would think he would have said something
Elaiswas it every really clear if Lorne got his stuff from the higher ups?
DeathIsYourArtActually isn't it just his species
MattHLorne never really did...he himself mentioned that once. His abilities were inherenet (common to all Pyleans)
MattHMost Pyleans just use them to track and kill things is all.
Elaishow did they do that?
Elaisget them to sing?
MattHUnlikely, given the Pylean aversion to music. It was mentioned in the Pylean arc in S2 however.
ElaisI should check the transcripts
DeathIsYourArtMaybe their natural prey sing liek birds or something. I don't think humans were their natural prey...that wouldn't make any sense
Elaisor just watch the eps
DeathIsYourArthumans had to have come much later in the evolution of pylea
MattHThe exact nature of what Lorne can read and other Pyleans can (without music) was never established.
MattHHumans probably weren't native to Pylea.
Elaisyeah, I don't think they were native
DeathIsYourArthmmm something to think about...or write a 6th season arc about
DeathIsYourArtWe need more shows, movies...stuff
MattHProbably WRH brought them over as part of the interdimensional slave trade.
MattHSince they had a presence in both realities.
Elaisthat seems most likely, Matt
Elaismaybe as part of that prophecy about comshuking with Groo?
MattHMaybe - although since Cordy is dead, that prophecy appears to be also.
MattHMaybe Sahajan screwed around with it.
DeathIsYourArtI want to know everything about the origins of W&H. Illyrias comments and the books in Pyles, all of it... but I know we will not get it
MattHProbably better that way - Joss has a history of translating over established continuity when doing things like that
MattHI would like to see what the relationships of the various "god-like" beings are. We have seen a hell-goddess, an ex-power, an ascended True Demon and now Illyria. It would be nice to see how they, the senior partners and the PTBs fit into the big picture.
DeathIsYourArtmaybe.... I am just looking for excuses for the show to continue... I want ME to elaborate on what format it will continue in. Plus, I want Spike in any Buffy movie that might be made
DeathIsYourArtI want to know why Spike knew there was something coming....what gave him that impression adn why is he not just strutting around thinking "I can take them." after the first
Elaisactually, I really hope they get rid of the Senior Partners and the PTB the end of this season
DeathIsYourArtThat would be nice... I am getting tired of the "man behind the curtain" thing
Elaisget back to something similar to season 1
MattHS1 was chock full of PTB induced visions...
ElaisI wonder if that is why they brought back one of the 'old ones'
Elaissettle the score and all
Elaiswell, they proved they didn't need the visions in season two
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Elaiswell, they didn't need Angel
MattHWith what we have learned from Illyria and Jasmine, I think the PTBs are higher up the power scale than the Senior Partners.
Elaisgozalo was a quiet fellow wasn't he?
MattHYes, but he left his mark ;-)
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LordLost connection there for a moment.
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Elaisall bow down to the Lord
MattHThat is actually supposed to be LordZero...on the off chance MattH is used in a chat room...
DeathIsYourArtI AM DEATH! (I need to watch the meaning of life again) I have no Lord and master...oh it is just Harris..okay
Elaisso your just the Lord of nothing
DeathIsYourArtnah...he is like the count on sesame street...only for only the number )
MattHPretty much...was meant to tie into my website
DeathIsYourArt0 I mean
DeathIsYourArtI keep hitting shift tonight... I never have spelling problems or typing problems until I come to this chat room
MattHGot the idea from the Wizard of Id...instead of 000 aka the "dreaded double-oh-nothing"
MattHIf you say so.... nice
MattHI am but nice North-Northest. When the wind blows from the south, I am snarky...
MattHWith no apologies to the Bard of Avon...
DeathIsYourArtdouble-oh-nothing...double-or-nothing... I want to watch Lorne in Vegas again, but I don't have that one on tape =<
MattHYeah...when I first saw Lorne I thought he should sing "It's not easy being green". When he did, I was blown away. The rest of the eps sucked though.
ElaisI know the vegas ep was Andy's favorite
Elaisit would be great if Andy could headline for real there someday
MattHI didn't know it was his favorite ep...he would make a great Vegas headliner.
ElaisI heard Andy was working on a cd
DeathIsYourArtMy mother is still holding out for James to sing "Rebel Yell"
DeathIsYourArtBut Lorne does need to sing a lot before the season is over...otherwise it is wasted talent
MattHTo southern for Spike...but I could see Spike doing White Wedding.
DeathIsYourArtI suggested someone write a fan fic (G rating) of Dawns sixteenth birthday where Spike sings "sweet sixteen"
DeathIsYourArtIt wasn't meant as acouple thing, just a nice moment 1000 word fic thingy
Elaisthen next year, Spike could sing 'Sexy and Seventeenn'
DeathIsYourArtnoone ever came through with it though =<
DeathIsYourArttoo coupley for me
DeathIsYourArtIt is Dawn
DeathIsYourArtI just really want to hear James sing Sweet sixteen
DeathIsYourArtor anything for that matter... I need to win the lotto to go to MR
Elaiswhere do you live death?
DeathIsYourArtAnd I need to be anywhere that Andy is singing
Elaisthat's right, i remember now
Elaiscon's are 'spensive
DeathIsYourArtI was telling MAtt. that I just got unemployed due to crappy union rules so I will not have the money to go...I probably wouldn't anyways because I want to go back to school in the fall... stupid non-rish parents
DeathIsYourArtrich* damn it spell correctly
DeathIsYourArtI am an insult to English Montrealers
MattHEveryone has poor typing days now and then.
Elaiswhat are you going to study?
DeathIsYourArtSound Engineering and eventually Biology as well
Elaisinteresting combo
MattHThat is an unusual combo
MattHUnless you are interested in bats
DeathIsYourArtI tried Physics but I onlty enjoyed it for the first year and a half..the following year was hell and I had to walk my money ran out
DeathIsYourArtgood timing
DeathIsYourArtI'm definately not an English major and will apparently never be.
ElaisThe Sound and The Cell
DeathIsYourArtohhh I like that
MattHWhat do you plan on doing after graduation (career-wise)?
Elaisbet you want to get rich
DeathIsYourArtSound Engineering if I can make a go at it. If not then there are experiments being done with sound to map the human subconscience that sound terribly interesting. And there are always zoology and criminology masters programs that go in and out of my mind
DeathIsYourArtI'm leaving my options open. I was sure last time of a direct route and it didn't turn out
MattHMy degree is in Molecular Biology...It wasn't until I got to Grad School until I learned how dull lab work can really be. Plus I don't like working with radioactive materials.
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DeathIsYourArtno I wouldn't either.... I would love to work with big cats though. And I can't hurt a dead body.
DeathIsYourArtHey impaler! DId you get my message?
Elaishey impaler!
impalergeneralOK, I'm sorry. I didn't know there was a meeting
ElaisI just wondered if anyone was in here
impalergeneralyes, DIYA, I got your message, and I also commented on last week's Wonderfalls
Elaisand stayed because there WERE people in here
DeathIsYourArtI missed last weeks *whoops*
impalergeneraloops, then maybe you shouldn't read my e-mail because it mentions what happened to Jaye
DeathIsYourArtit is better then not knowing
MattHI have seen 3 eps of Wonderfalls....don't really care much for it. Seems like a semi-clone of "Dead Like Me", which I don't really care for.
DeathIsYourArtI will read with enthusiasm
impalergeneralGood. Besides, I also mentioned the 13-episode idea here, while I posted at the Fox Forum
Elaisi like it, but don't love it like other viewers
DeathIsYourArtI like epy 2 much more than 1. Of course I have been the target of a clone and the whole over educated can't get appreciated thing. So that might have had somethign to do with it
impalergenerallast week's show went out of hand. Jaye should get some sign that following trinkets will benefit her in th elong run
ElaisI do hope it sticks around a bit, though
Elaistoo often a promising show gets axed when it doesn't bring in gonzo ratings
DeathIsYourArtI'll watch since it looks like there will be no Joss on t.v, but I don't see myself addicted or anything
MattHI actually don't much like the main character. To be blunt, she seems like a loser.
DeathIsYourArtThe time slot has been changed and it was a bit hit on Thursdays. I think the show will get picked up
impalergeneralthat's only because Jaye figures that her family is already disappointed in her, and she thinks she'll never accomplish as much as the others did, so why bother. No wonder a bunch of trinkets are trying to bug her
DeathIsYourArtI think the Monkey Pen might disagree
DeathIsYourArtI would love to start hearing least for a little while. It would make my life so much more interesting
MattHWell, her family is disappointed in her. Failing I can accept, she seems to have given up on life. Same problem I have with "Dead Like Me"
DeathIsYourArtI miss my voices... I know I used to have them
impalergeneraldid you have to pull a string attached to them to hear them?
ElaisI heard the move is permanent
DeathIsYourArthe he he nope
MattHI used to hear voices...until I figured out that my clock radio was set to wake me up to news as opposed to a buzzer
Elaiswonderfalls is better suited to follow after Tru Calling anyway
DeathIsYourArtThat must have been disappointing
MattHThe move is supposed to be permanent. It makes a lot of sense with Tru Calling proceeding the show.
DeathIsYourArtCan I just say once again that I really do not like Tru calling
Elaisnow they'll just have those two crappy reality shows on Friday
ElaisI haven't really gotten hooked on Tru Calling
DeathIsYourArtAnd can they fire the make up people and get Eliza some help there.
impalergeneralyeah, but don't you think Fox is just pushing Wonderfalls out there at 9 PM because it's going to be mauled by CSI and The Apprentice anyway?
MattHIt has its moments...If it is renewed I doub it will last more than 2 seasons.
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impalergeneraland we should know where the voices are from, maybe the Maid of the Mist trying to help Jaye
MattHWB GozaloP
impalergeneralHi, where are you from?
MattHSo far, they don't seem to have been much help
DeathIsYourArtlets see if he talks this time... this guy is the antithesis of the talking
Elaisit may be that Tru Calling/Wonderfalls draws an audience that doesn't care for CSI or the apprentice
MattHProbably...of course some shows don't draw any audience.
DeathIsYourArtIf CSI gets off its soap opera trail, and actually finished one of its subplots instead of dropping them, then I will be returning to it.
impalergenerallike th eone that dares some woman..."find the gay man for a million dollars". They dumped that show, by the way
Elaisnot surprised
ElaisI thought she split the million if she chose a straight guy
Elaisthe gay guy gets the whole million if he is chosen
Elaisit's not so much a dating shows as a competition on who's gaydar is better
DeathIsYourArtit is obscene is boring.
impalergeneralsince when is a gaydar level important to have?
DeathIsYourArtya that is worse
DeathIsYourArtgaydar does nothing but help you avoid certain embarassing situations in a bar...though I personally have never come across such an occasion where someone was wrong
ElaisI'm wating for the next show that will feature a batchelor trying to spot the lesbian
DeathIsYourArthe he he
DeathIsYourArtHopefully they will not even consider making that one
impalergeneralc'mon, that's so tasteless...and what network wants to be proud to even consider airing such a show?
impalergeneraland get away with it? Besides, it sounds too much like "the Man Show"
Elaisoh fox is a beacon of taste
MattHI don't watch "reality" shows at all, so I really don't care what they do.
DeathIsYourArtme neither
impalergeneralyeah, it had its taste removed by the W and H docs so it can make "Joe Millionaire 2"
Elaisthe only reality show I'm hooked on is the Apprentice
impalergeneralto me, the best reality series is the NCAA Basketball Chmapionships
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DeathIsYourArtI don't like basketball. I'm a hockey girl, with a bit of european football thrown in
impalergeneralI did, but Stanford lost!!!! Right now, Oklahoma State for the men, UConn for the women
MattHMy internet connection is really lousy tonight for some reason.
DeathIsYourArttoo many save angel fans on the internet
MattHDoubt that is the problem...would be nice if it were.
DeathIsYourArti know
DeathIsYourArtI want an update ont he rally... pics and everything...and wow is that the time...oh well who needs sleep ?
impalergeneralif only there was enough to disable the WB completely...maybe hack into their system so we have "Angel" this week rather than a "Viewer's Choice Smallville"
MattHI don't watch Smallville reruns...or Angel reruns for that matter
DeathIsYourArtI would just love if someone hacked their sight and put up a pro Angel message. "Cancel our show and I'll cancel you" , or something to that effect. Why did I stop talking to my hacker friends again? hmmm?
Elaisthe only report i've seen is at the Angel's Soul Spoiler Board
Elaishang on.....just checked the beta
DeathIsYourArtI'm avoiding spoiler boards. I am getting leaks from regualr chances are being taken
impalergeneralis there a massive traffic tie-up?
Elaisdon't think so
ElaisThe Saving Angel Rally outside the WB Ranch in Burbank, CA is still going strong and has been
Elaisextended past 7pm. KNBC might be sending a truck to cover the rally, so if ANYONE from Los
ElaisAngeles wants to come, there's still time. Check out for more
ElaisRight now there are 90+ people protesting. The signs are great and the crowd is VERY loud. The
ElaisWB PR guy Keith finally came out to talk to the protesters. So they finally got the WB's attention.
impalergeneralAll I know about what's coming up in two weeks is that two people will return much to most people's surprise
ElaisIf anyone can't come, but lives in So Cal, give your local media outlet the scoop, there's a HUGE
Elaisprotest outside the WB Ranch they SHOULD be reporting on. Especially KTLA.
Elaisthat was a cut and paste of the post on the beta
MattH90+ people...that is much bigger than the Friday one.
impalergeneralwas that the maximum?
DeathIsYourArtawww that is happy news indeed
Elaismaximum of what?
impalergeneralsize of the crowd
DeathIsYourArtOne of the stations was suppose to cover it...stupid indian givers
impalergeneralmaybe they were distracted by another car chase
Elaisit started out small
Elaisprobably because it started at 3 pm LA time
Elaismost people were probably still at work or something
impalergeneralthere should be a demonstration of angry Angel fans that pops up all of a sudden. THAT should prove the WB's making a mistake
DeathIsYourArtI wonder if the next mission should be to buy pop ups for the computer...some company has to do that. And just send it everywhere
DeathIsYourArtGozaloP is still silent...very confusing
Elaisthat might be something you can suggest to the site
Elaismost people find pop ups annoying though
MattHYeah ... which is why I have them turned off.
impalergeneralI'd do the same, but it affects my website updating
DeathIsYourArtIt might counter the Bush ones though. I'm canadian and I'm getting them
DeathIsYourArtI don't need bush pop ups
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impalergeneralIs the Bush administration trying to get Canadians to vote for Bush?
ElaisI don't need bush at all
DeathIsYourArtEven if I was American I don't need a pop up to tell me who to vote for
impalergeneralYou should listen to Rush Limbaugh...he sounds so deparate trying to portray Democrats at terrorists
DeathIsYourArtI have no idea what the Bush administration is doing... I don't see them doing much though
MattHPop-ups can't really tell where you are coming from (except maybe by IP address).
MattHFor the record, I am a Dittohead...and that is a gross mischaracterization of Rush.
impalergeneralwell, he tries a bit too hard defending Bush
impalergeneralI mean, he says John Kerry looks Fresnch, and that's why we shouldn't trust him?
impalergeneralFrench, I mean
MattHHeh...the WSJ started the French-looking joke and it caught on.
impalergeneralyeah, but I think the joke where Kerry sounds like Lurch is a bit better
DeathIsYourArtI'm a quebecer. I know French...Kerry doesn't look French. I don't think either of them should run the US though..but what are your options?
impalergeneralyou cna say that again
DeathIsYourArtI'm waiting to see who ends up getting the blame for the theft of the files on Kerry and the FBI
MattHWell, I actually like Bush and think he has done a bang-up job as President (no pun intended)
MattHDepends on who did it and what was in the files.
DeathIsYourArtI know you do Harris. just don't see what he has actually done at home for his own people... I just don't see it. And in the end THAT is who he is responsible to
impalergeneralfair enough, because you are judging him by what he's done. I just don't like how some people are working a bit too hard to promote Bush
impalergeneralat the expense of others
MattHUmm...he is killing our enemies...I think that is a good thing. I also worry far too much about governments that try to do "good things"
DeathIsYourArtThe files were just survalience that turned up nothing. They watched him after he spoke out against the vietnam war when he returned from it. The FBI decided he was nto a risk
MattHSo it is which case why steal them?
DeathIsYourArtsending all your money to Africa to fight AIDS and cutting what is spent on AIDS in the US is what then?
MattHTechnically, targetting the problem... AIDS is for the most part under control in the US (i.e. not growing rapidly as part of the population) whereas in Africa it is a very serious problem.
MattHDoesn't mean it is our business to fix that problem, though.
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DeathIsYourArtI feel for the people in Africa ...I DO! owever, they couldn't get hte condom thing that was pushed on them for over 10 years and more than 50% of the POP of the continent has never used a wrist watch. How are they going to effectively take the cocktail for the virus? All it will do is mutate and find its way back to North American in about 50 new forms
MattHHmm...did I scare her away?
MattHPossibly...retroviruses are one of the things that I studied in Molecular Biology...
MattHPeter "Glow-in-the-Dark" Duesberg was my lab professor in my undergrad MoBio class.
DeathIsYourArtI want to help them too...but I just don't think that sending over the drugs is going to help. They don't have the doctors to monitor and most of the pop doesn't get or trust western medicine
impalergeneralWell, I don't want to talk politics, but thanks for the chat time. I'll see you all next week
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
MattHCYA Impaler.
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
DeathIsYourArtback to just you and me
DeathIsYourArtLLL will be really ticked npw
MattHI am not disagreeing with you, DIYA. It depends on how the money is spent. Education would be a much better way to spend it than on drugs.
DeathIsYourArttried that though...didn't work
MattHEspecially as retrovirals can't *cure* the disease.
DeathIsYourArtThis is bugging me now... I want to have a way to help. Africa is tricky thouhg. You have unstable politics, war lords, and rampant viruses
MattHDepends on how the money is spent...I don't believe African's are inherently stupid, their culture is just backward.
DeathIsYourArtI would say old, or ancient
MattHWhich amounts to about the same thing.
MattHIn this case.
MattHTechnically, I should say cultures, since Africa is hardly monolithic.
DeathIsYourArtthough parts of the continent has developed and become what people like to call civilized ( ironic) other parts are still tribal. And I would not want to mess with that...
MattHI agree...although disease doesn't respect cultural boundaries.
DeathIsYourArtI think it may be too big a problem to take on and maybe not for us to do.
DeathIsYourArtThis whole global society and help whoever is fashionable today thing has gotten away from us
MattHEspecially since most people end up resenting you for helping them, especially in honor/shame cultures.
DeathIsYourArtI'm an athiest and I still think an Arc is in order
DeathIsYourArtbe kind rewind
MattHNah...epidemics run their course. The Black Death wasn't the end of the world in Europe and AIDS won't be in Africa.
DeathIsYourArtIn the end I am torn. I'm usually the first to say that ignoring a problem contributes, but at the same time I am a take care fo your own first, let them do the same type of person
MattHWould rather the $15 Billion be spent on prizes for space exploration, ala Jerry Pournelle, or not spent at all by the government.
DeathIsYourArtMy fellow Liberals would be shocked and appauled at me... I've become a conservative-Liberal...the shame
MattHYes, just remember the basic rules.... Bush=Hitler and whatever the US does is wrong if it is in its own interests and the Left will welcome you with open arms.
DeathIsYourArtI am starting to think that space exploration should be privatized. You wouldn't see 100,000 toilet seats then. too much money to be told that there is water where we already knew there was water
DeathIsYourArtBush isn't Hitler... but I don't like him anyways.
DeathIsYourArtAnd the US has its faults, and I can name way more than a few, but I don't hate it.
MattHFor the record, I despise NASA. Privitization is the the concept behind prizes. $10 billion flat sum (or whatever) for the first US space vehicle to do X (go to the moon etc.) may not be a member of the left after all... you think too much ;-)
DeathIsYourArtI like NASA, I just don't like their accountant
DeathIsYourArtHEY watch it
DeathIsYourArtI have more than a few nasty words for other members of your republican party... You are probably the only one of the lot that I can talk to without promising to cut off their head
MattHYou may want to check out Jerry Pournelle's website. He used to do work for JPL prior to writing SF. He occasionally comments about NASA et. al -
MattHI tend to be part of the Libertarian wing of the Republican party, not the conservative wing.
DeathIsYourArtwell that will have to wait for another day... I must be off. I have my -second to last day of work at this- job in the morning
MattHGood luck...and I'll see you next week.
DeathIsYourArtSo we are moer towards the middle...that is probably why I don't want to cut off your head
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
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