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MattHHiya Joel
Joelthe show definitely on tonite?
MattHAccording to the schedule
MattHTim Minear is supposed to be the guest
Joelpity about his show getting canned
MattHYeah, though I can't say I liked least it wasn't a reality show.
Joelit was decent
Joeli liked the lead actress
Joeland her lesbian sister
Joelthe rest of the cast was pretty meh
MattHThat was the thing - I didn't care for the lead actress *at all*
Joelyeah i can understand, but she was differenet
Joelto be honest im not super upset about it getting canceled
Joelits just theres alot worse show that keep going
MattHTrue...I also found the animated statues annoying... I would have liked the show better if they were more interesting
Joelyeah i didnt like the lion
MattHThe show reminded me *a lot* of Dead Like Me
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Joelhi DIYA
DeathIsYourArthey Harris
MattHHiya DIYA
DeathIsYourArthi Joel
DeathIsYourArtSo what is new with everyone?
Joeli saw the butterfly effect today
MattHNot a whole lot...just winding down after work
Joelnot bad actually
DeathIsYourArtreally... I heard all bad things
Joelwell i didnt pay
Joeli just downloaded it
DeathIsYourArtLucky you Harris...I like Tim am unemployed again... I hate looking for work *grumble*
DeathIsYourArtSmart move Joel, you always enjoy a free movie more than a bought one
MattHBeen there, done that, got the definitely have my sympathy
*** impalergeneral (~davidmell@ has joined channel #theSuccubusClub
Joelyeah but i like a good cinema experience, its just when the movie sucks it lets you down
DeathIsYourArtthanks Harris
MattHHiya Impaler
Joelhi IG
DeathIsYourArthi Impaler
impalergeneralHI there....and yes, it's always too bad when you're in a high-class theater, and the movie doesn't measure up
DeathIsYourArtWhich is almost always lately
Joelmost movies suck
Joellike most TV
impalergeneraland TV execs
Joeland they wonder why young men play video games more than watch TV
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DeathIsYourArtTheme song for tonights talk?
MattHWell, most video games suck also
MattHHiya FiatLux
DeathIsYourArtWell at least I am finding good books to replace my TV hours
Joelyeah but you can play a good one for a good 20 hours or more
DeathIsYourArtHi Fait
impalergeneraland the acting is better
DeathIsYourArthe he he
DeathIsYourArtvamp while they set up?
FiatLuxHey y'all
Joelnice snare
impalergeneralTime for "i Hate People who run TV networks", with Kitty, Candy and Tim, with special guest...Angry Cow Trinket
DeathIsYourArtI like that
impalergeneralwho was all set to be on TV , telling some girl from Niagra falls what to do
DeathIsYourArtI want the lion as well though
impalergeneralwith the Get Off Your Ass Balloon
DeathIsYourArtGlobal in Canada is trying to buy the remaining epys so that we can see it. I f they do I'll find a way to capture them and get them online somewhere
Joeli dont get why they dont show the whole run of eps
Joelwhat else have they got to put in there
impalergeneralthat should be interesting, DIYA, especially if it's true someone will actually believe what's happening to Jaye
FiatLuxMy dad actually liked Wonderfalls. He's not exactly in the prime demo but that's saying something
DeathIsYourArtbecause they can get more money per commercial for reality programs
JoelLOL love the music
FiatLuxCatchy tune too
impalergeneralcome to think of it, is it possible for Canadian TV networks to make offensive reality shows, or are they too smart for that?
DeathIsYourArtI really like this song and it is not my type of music at all
Joelwhat is your type of music?
impalergeneralyeah, Andy Partridge is just too chipper singing this song.
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DeathIsYourArtNo the Space channel made Mad Mad house and it was offensive...though it sounded interesting in the beginning
MattHHiya CM
impalergeneralbetter that we hear "The Mayor of Simpleton"
Elaisheya Matt
Elaiswhat is this Mad Mad house about?
ElaisI know it is some kind of reality show
impalergeneralah, but Space didn't make that show. It had to buy it from someone...evenb worse
FiatLuxThe Special Guest is on time. Is that a record?
DeathIsYourArtThey had real Vampires, witches and nudists (at least people who believe they are living in a house with normal people but then games got brought in and voting off etc...blah
impalergeneralTim is angry..he can't be stopped...after Fox did--shame on Fox!
DeathIsYourArtThe so-called real vampire was interesting but... cliches were brought in...they becamse so fake. Really bad show
Elaishey, I'm still pissed as well
impalergeneraldid the "vampire" try to draw blood with a straw?
FiatLuxI could almost see the wiggly lines during the dream music.
DeathIsYourArtI wanted to make a death to fox type picture but then .... I'm against fur so...I couldn't go through with it.
DeathIsYourArtStupid 20th century
DeathIsYourArtI have to get an address for the girls in case my gift for Kitty doesn't arrive in time
impalergeneraland his dream sequence of storming the Fox studios, forcing them to run the rest of "Wonderfalls", followed by ten-foot-tall Wax Lions, Wind-up penguins and Angry Cow Creamers
ElaisI've had Tim Tams only once a couple years ago
Elaisthey were goooooood
MattHI think it is fair to say Tim is a Buffyverse vet, in the broadest definition
impalergeneralhow about Tim Minear, Mutant Enemy Pal
Joelare they chocolate?
DeathIsYourArtYou guys are delayed again
DeathIsYourArtyes they are, plus cookie
Joelim allergic to chocolate -(
Elaisactually, I'm just late in responding
Elaismultitasking tonight
DeathIsYourArtJoel I ...don't know what to poor deprived person
Joelyeah it sucks
impalergeneralah, if only a cure was available for this horrible fate
impalergeneralChocolate is ALL..or at least when it comes to icecream
DeathIsYourArtFOX sucks!!!
Joelwell i can eat it, i just get a splitting headache and i cant see
DeathIsYourArtyou and chocolate are un-mixy things
MattHThe site was pulled already? Wow...
ElaisI think people snagged the video before Fox took down the site
Elaisyeah, couldn't believe how fast they took down the site
DeathIsYourArtI hope so, I haven't seen it yet
Elaishang on a sec....
impalergeneraldid you know Caroline Dhavernas was supposed to be on Craig Kilborn a couple of days ago...except her show was dumped?
Elaisyeah, they yanked her off the show right quick
DeathIsYourArtI feel for my fellow quebecer
MattHUmm, who is Caroline Dhavernas?
impalergeneralwell, having Jason Priestly is so irresistable
impalergeneralyou know, Jaye Tyler
Joellead from wonderfals
DeathIsYourArtHarris was being sarcastic
impalergeneralbut he sounded like a Fox executive
MattHActually, I wasn't...I didn't know who played Jaye
DeathIsYourArtoh..well then ...
impalergeneralwell, Fox execs are asking that question now, the poncy sods
DeathIsYourArtI was giving you an out...take it in the future
Elaisthis site got some wonderfalls stuff
MattHI appreciate it.
FiatLuxI'm glad I never got into the reality shows.
FiatLuxHeck, I've never even seen Survivor
Joelis american idol a reality show?
Elaisthe apprentice is the only reality show I currently watch
FiatLuxI'd say American Idol is technically a reality show.
MattHReally, I thought *I* was the only one who had never seen survivor
Joelor is it a talent show?
ElaisI haven't seen the current season of survivor
impalergeneral"Talent" is the proper term
ElaisI watched most of the prior season
Elaistalent show
impalergeneralTim's a cheap date?
FiatLuxIdle hands are the devil's tools. Gotta keep Tim busy.
Elaisyeah, otherwise he will start killing people for real
FiatLuxI bet he'll start with Fox execs
MattHHeh...Homicide in the Public Interest
impalergeneralthat's a scary title for something
FiatLuxWhat ever happened to the excuse "he needed killin'" as a murder defense?
MattHBecause when applied to Hollywood, it amounts to genocide
DeathIsYourArtI really hope that James can get out of his with the WB which I think goes for another year...PLEASE NO
DeathIsYourArtstupid contracts
MattHBetter no vacation than an involuntary vacation
impalergeneralhow about an involuntary paid vacation
Joeli just figured who he sounds like - Knox
DeathIsYourArtooohhh scary
impalergeneralyeah, but he doesn't seem to be a bow tie man
Joelwhat was the character from Conversations called again
impalergeneralhow about a reality show on TV execs
MattHFor his next Friday Night Shows
MattHHolden Webster, IIRC
Elaisgood interview so far
Joelyeah thats who his voice sounds like
Joeldodgy CD
impalergeneralgee, sounds like my CD player over a bumpy road
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*** Fantasma ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtJoel it was Holden Webster
MattHHiya Fantasma
Fantasmawow... it's a miracle.. I made it
Elaishi fantasma!
impalergeneralhello! Where are you from?
Fantasmathe labyrinth was a bit scary...
FantasmaI'm over on the east coast, near Boston
MattHThat is why it is there
ElaisI called that number for the dvd
Elaisi think the people at the other end are getting frazzled by all the calls for Wonderfalls
FantasmaI would hope so! We need to make noise!
DeathIsYourArtIt would be like a british series...they only go 6 epys per year
DeathIsYourArt13 is a good miniseries
impalergeneralor limited series
MattHSounds like 1st season of Buffy
Elaisthe british way of doing it make sense
Elais6 should be enough eps to see if it is viable for more
DeathIsYourArtor 13
impalergeneralI would like to think that Jaye does something the trinkets tell her to do...and she actually benefits the most from it (which th etrainkets finally figure will keep her on their side).
*** Katarain (~thefirstl@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtReality tv sucks
MattHHiya Katarain
DeathIsYourArtPeople are no longer loyal to networks, only shows
impalergeneralwell, "Test your Gaydar" (Playing It Straight) isn't as classy as "Celerbity Mole"
FantasmaReality is for people who lack imaginations. My fave quote from on of my best friends.
Elaisthat new show, Swan, sounds terrible
MattHWell, reality tv is pretty much an oxymoron
FantasmaI can't stress enough how much that show offends me
DeathIsYourArtWB - Betrayers
impalergeneraland insulting tothe people who are in it..and they don't even get it
impalergeneralWe can make you beautiful, but then you'll still be a loser if you don't win this beauty contest..ha-ha.
DeathIsYourArtI need to go see more musical theater
FantasmaI've been reading more books...
MattHWell, when I was growing up, we didn't have remote controls.
Fantasmathey have no commercials
MattHI've been reading more fanfiction.
Fantasmahard for me to do that at work when I have no pc...
Elaisfor which show?
DeathIsYourArtya lots and lots fo fanfiction and novels
impalergeneralthe worst thing is, well, Tim just made my point. They can't make cash from reruns or DVD sales from these silly reality shows.
DeathIsYourArtI can fault them
FantasmaActually reading BtVS Child of the Hunt
KatarainMakes you wonder about the criteria to become a Nielson family.
impalergeneralTV nets don't want novels...they want three-inch USA Today blurbs
FantasmaNo criteria, it's random... as far as I konw..
MattHI disliked most of the BTVS novels...seem to constrained to me
KatarainAre you sure? Because most of them are deeply stupid.
KatarainLook at the ratings.
FantasmaYou give them credit, I thought they just wanted captions...
ElaisI've been pretty picky with the BtvS novels
DeathIsYourArtTim is being paid off...what is he talking about?
ElaisI have one or two written by Chris Golden
DeathIsYourArtAnd I think he might be getting a bit rude to Kitty in my opinion
FantasmaI've got a mostly complete collection... just really started them now...
MattHI really disliked the GateKeeper Trilogy
Fantasmareally? I've heard good things about that...
MattHToo D&Dish
impalergeneralHBO will call itself America's Greatest Network...TV so good, you have no choice but to pay for it!
FantasmaAh.. then I'll probably like it = P
MattHMind you...I like D&D, just not mixed with Buffy.
Elais'Monster Island' and 'The Wisdom of War'
MattHSturgeons Law is 90% of everthing is crap
MattHThe Wisdom of War was ok.
Fantasmahe he Here here
Fantasmait will take me a while... I'm starting with the early stuff
impalergeneralReality TV as a preference to actually breaking a sweat to make quality programming is a bad thing
Fantasmaof the YA stuff, just re-read Visitors cuz I forgot I read it
MattHI am just waiting for Internet TV shows...
Fantasmare-reading, I realize why I forgot it
FantasmaBite Your Tongue!
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArthi Amy
MattHHiya Amy!
Fantasmano.. wait... I think those are called webcams... Hy Amy!
MattHI meant real, shows with plots and all...maybe downloadable
Amy_Madisonyeah, K&C need one for the show
Amy_Madisona webcam that is
DeathIsYourArtwebcams starring Paris Hilton, reality starring Paris Hilton, scripted Tv starring Paris Hilton...maybe it is allt he same after all
Fantasmalol... that day that happens is the day I wish Willow makes me blind ala Giles
impalergeneralscripted TV starring Paris Hilton? "Tne OC" and "Las Vegas" tried they know better
Fantasmaand then I'll go for the scotch = P
DeathIsYourArtget the scotch
impalergeneralget the everclear
DeathIsYourArtI have a killer koolaide in my hand right now
Amy_Madisonrelaity 'survivor' cam
impalergeneralor Bacardi 151
Fantasmaencouraging drunkeness... if I didn't know better, I'd think you were my sister =P
DeathIsYourArtThis is the first drink I have had since Christmas...ya I encourage...
DeathIsYourArthe he he
DeathIsYourArtwhoops...hi floor, will you be friends with me...How did the chair get way up there?
FantasmaI swear I remember my feet under me...
DeathIsYourArtThe legs are gone
DeathIsYourArt*he he he he he he he he he*
*** NJP ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtHI NJP
MattHHiya NJP
NJPHey Death
Elaisheyas NJP
impalergeneralHi ya
FantasmaHi NJP!
NJPHi guys
DeathIsYourArtTivos should count
DeathIsYourArtNotice that I was the only one who got an individual hi... I rule
DeathIsYourArtHEY *angry glare*
NJPDisagree with Timbo
NJPReality shows
MattHHow so?
NJPA bus wreck has drama, characters, stories
NJPyouve see one, though, youve seen them all
DeathIsYourArtoh about the reality shows?
DeathIsYourArtI agree with you
DeathIsYourArtI hate reality shows
NJPthere is no deeper meaning in reality shows
FantasmaReality sucks
DeathIsYourArtI don't care about them at all
MattHWell, I never wanted to see a bus wreck in the first place.
Fantasmathey are so shallow...
impalergeneralthe only deeper meaning is "I'll do anything for $XXXXXXXXXX
NJPits juvenile curiousity
NJPlike watching people eating bugs
MattHI have almost stopped watching TV.
NJPthere was a kid in grade school that used to bite the heads off grasshoppers
NJPhe'd be Must See TV today
MattHCan't afford any of the premium channels and don't care for broadcast TV
DeathIsYourArtI want stupid reality I will film my drunken friends..which by the way is the BEST time to film them for black mail later. Even better if you do it on a vacation because rules go out the window
FantasmaI wonder if eventually that will be how other countries will see amercians... americans get a new stereotype
MattHMoon is A Harsh Mistress - loved that book
NJPMycroft Holmes
ElaisI read that book a couple weeks ago
MattHJust throw rocks at them....
ElaisI'll be interesting to see how they adapt it to the screen
NJPthey will have to lose one aspect of RAH's book
NJPThe physiological change
Fantasmaaw... I like Tru Calling...
NJPthe show has been better recently
MattHTru Calling has grown on a fungus
ElaisI would take Wonderfalls over Tru Calling right now
DeathIsYourArtI hate it unfortunately...I wanted to like it
impalergeneralyeah, bt why have a reporter who thinks Tru is gulilty of something..and doesn't even know what
Fantasmaaw.. I got invested into it...
NJPOoooh. Dhavernas on top of Dusku......
MattHI just can't get into Wonderfalls...don't like the main character...
NJPBoggles the mind
Elaisa like one or two things about Tru, but not enough to keep watching the show
NJPthe concept is muy estupido
NJPthe acting is okay
impalergeneralhey, I'll bet Caroline can run Eliza
MattHThe concept is lousy...
MattHI like some of the other cast members and the acting, but not the plots
DeathIsYourArtI didn't think wonderfalls could go for more than a season, but I wanted the one season
impalergeneralUh, Survivor and The Apprentice are two bullet trains, Tim
NJPIf Richard Hatch had not won the first Survivor, it would have been a minor blip on the teevee horizon
impalergeneralor if only he kept his clothes on
DeathIsYourArtraise your hand if ewwww....
MattHAll In The Family had poor initial ratings
NJPCheers sucked early
DeathIsYourArtMy sister watched that and I walked in at a wrong moment to ask her if she wanted tea
NJPMoonlighting sucked early
impalergeneralthen reruns and Emmies helped them
MattHThen they had to sleep together and the show went rapidly downhill.
impalergeneralFiefdoms on Fox? Sounds like gang warfare to me
impalergeneralor maybe a playground sandbox
DeathIsYourArtthey are sharks on land
impalergeneralstuff that's cheap to make always has more power
NJPAmericas Noisiest Public Executions!
NJPWhen Cars and Semi-Trucks Collide!
Fantasmaactually, I think they have something like that
impalergeneralwhen TV Execs admit they don't watch TV!
DeathIsYourArtJoan was marketed really well
MattHReviews don't count
NJPJoan is feel good teevee
NJPlike 7th Heaven
Elaisfox apparently doesn't care if a show gets positive or negative reviews
DeathIsYourArtProfiler and Millenium came out the same time, coincidences happen
Elaisas long as the show brings in the nubmers
Fantasmabite your tongue.. Joan is better than 7th heaven
ElaisI like Joan
Elaisnever watched 7th heaven
Fantasmame too
NJPIts family teevee
Fantasmadid for a season... got sick of it
NJPWonderfalls was pure post graduate snark
DeathIsYourArtWhich I can relate to
impalergeneralif only Jaye Tyler was cuddly and still wouldn't have helped. She was made to show the other side of "Touched by Trinkets"
Fantasmait spoke to me... especially the one about Jen Why?
Elaisi thought the last ep they aired was hilarious
NJPI feel for Bill Sadler. First Roswell and now Wonderfalls
DeathIsYourArtI think Jen Why hit every college or university girl
NJPElais, I agree. Several laugh out loud moments
ElaisI was shocked when I heard the show was cancelled
DeathIsYourArtI wasn't shocked because I was watching the ratings but I was sad
Elaisfox sucks
impalergeneralI didn't like the ep where the crazy nun was close to stabbing Jaye, to get rid of the "demons" that were talking to her
DeathIsYourArtI wanted it to get a chance
Fantasmaprobably, but I'm 25 and still temping... though, I think I have more ambition.. maybe...
MattHI thought it would last longer, especially when I heard it was moved to Thursdays
NJPThat Thursday thing was a joke
Fantasmathere was no chance on Thursday
DeathIsYourArtI'm 24 and temping to get back to school...very slow process that
impalergeneralBut as I said, the show was put against "CSI" and "The Apprentice"...two ratings bullet trains
Elaisi thought the move to thursday was a good idea...
Elaisbut then people commented on the CSI/Apprentice
impalergeneraldeep down, Fox was sacrificing Jaye and her trinkets
ElaisApprentice was going to end pretty soon though
MattHIt is a very different audience than CSI/Apprentice
DeathIsYourArtI am a CSI watcher so thank the fates for alternate time zones on satellite
NJPWhat is sad is that everyone who a brain said the show is good and the Nitwit Network can't get past four hours on it
Elaisat least they yanked 'playing it straight'
FantasmaI do CSI too, thank god for VCRs
ElaisIt was perfect for me, Death
NJPI dont need reality teevee
ElaisI could watch the apprentice and then watch wonderfalls
impalergeneralyes, if the nets took "time shifting" into account, "Angel" would have been safe for two more years
NJPIf I want to see embarassing and humiliating romantic developments, I can go to my local singles bar
DeathIsYourArtvery true NJP
NJPIf I want to see people blow their futures by missing simple questions, I can sit in on any american college course
NJPIf I want to see people eat bugs....welll, okay, teevee
DeathIsYourArtOr as I said my friends. I am smart and have called off my dating adventures until I am is safer that way
impalergeneraland maybe the viewers were confused why Jaye kept listening to the trinkets if they made her life worse..but better for everyone else. If jaye benefited from the trinkets, that might have helped
NJPWonderfalls was a high style show
Fantasmaya know, my dad had issues with Wonderfalls in that way... didn't think it set a good exampleor something
Elaiswell, Joan's life hasn't exactly been improved that much
FantasmaI just told him be patient
DeathIsYourArtPost pardom depression
NJPThat doesn't play well to the Great Unwashed
Elaisand she's talking to the big guy himself
NJPThey like their drayma straight
impalergeneraland He's made it clear His assignments to her do really have an impact
Fantasmathere's also a lot of trust with that show
NJPso like ask some questions guys
NJPSo, Mister Mine Ear. What was it like to work with a Pantless Steven DeKnight?
NJPDid you IN FACT ever see Joss Whedon change that GRUNGY T shirt?
NJPthat would be my question
Fantasmawow... I miss that show already...
DeathIsYourArtI want a lion
Fantasmawith a dent?
DeathIsYourArteither way
MattHI see the lion and think Aslan...
*** JustJoan ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtA girl did recently and made it
MattHHiya JustJoan
JustJoanHi guys. :) How late am I?
DeathIsYourArtShe wanted to die but didn't, now she believes in god etc..
DeathIsYourArtvery late actually...half way through
MattH1 hr 15 minutes
NJPthe last person who went over last year had nothing and SURVIVED
JustJoannuts, I knew I should have set an alarm. :P
DeathIsYourArta brick stick is better than the sock
impalergeneralI wonder if Jaye was supposed to go over the falls
DeathIsYourArtTHTA would have made the show stya on air
JustJoana bit drastic though
impalergeneraldog shite=what's in heads of Fox execs
* JustJoan has not seen The Wonderfalls
NJPi didnt mean that last one to be asked
NJPit was just a funny way of reacting to the news of cancellation
MattHAs have many people in America
DeathIsYourArtI want to work on a Joss Whedon show... I would work my butt off if I could just say that i was on one... i would love it.
DeathIsYourArtThe british version RULES have it on DVD
DeathIsYourArtI got to see the us version on Mystery yesterday
* JustJoan is in Australia
DeathIsYourArtCracker is SOOOO good
NJPThe Office is rerunning on BBCA
JustJoanhasn't been shown here. no doubt won't be now, like Firefly, but I have the DVD box set of that
DeathIsYourArtI'm just talking to myself now
JustJoanYou're not the only one DIYA
Fantasmait's only when you talk back.. be scared
DeathIsYourArtHey...we have 10 people in the chat room
DeathIsYourArtI just meant that I wasn't speaking to anyone of you specifically justjoan
NJPSomebody break out the booze
Fantasmawhoohoo..and then the Shakespeare...
DeathIsYourArtYES!! I already have the alcohol out
* MattH pulls a bottle of whiskey down from the wall and hands it to NJP
Fantasmawasn't I going for scotch?
NJPthanks, i needed that
DeathIsYourArtyep...what happened?
NJP(doing a Blutarski)
DeathIsYourArtHow was that book by the way?
DeathIsYourArtthe moon one
FantasmaI don't think we have any... and... it would knock me out
DeathIsYourArtI don't have money for books right now...which is bad because I am 2 away from being out of new ones
NJPRobert Anson Heinlein
MattHMy favorite author
NJPPersonally, think it was better than "Stranger in a Strange Land"
MattHCheck out Baens free library
NJPI met him some years back in San Francisco
JustJoanStarship Troopers was hilarious
MattHStranger didn't do much for me. I really like Time Enough For Love and the first half of The Number of the Beast
NJPStarship Troopers is a good book--fascist, but good
DeathIsYourArtIt is suppose to be though
MattHPuppet Masters is my favorite Heinlein novel
*** emelia (~tatiana@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHi Emelia
DeathIsYourArt11 people
impalergeneralit's a new record
NJPGetting crowded in her. Have to sit on the floor
FantasmaHola Emelia *g*
DeathIsYourArtYA school hard
Elaishi emelia
MattHNJP - I beg to disagree...nothing fascist about Starship Troopers
NJPthe whole can't vote unless you fight thing?
impalergeneralthanks God for Cancer?
NJPIm a Cancer
impalergeneraloh, that's all right then
MattHNo - the whole "Citizenship has a Requirement" thing....not just military service
Fantasmamy moon is Cancer, does that count?
NJPSomebody ought to do a study and see what the signs are of Buffy fabs
DeathIsYourArtno political talk...remember the way we ran everyone off last week?
DeathIsYourArtenjoying your drink NJP?
NJPthank you. Ah, both of you
FantasmaI think I should have some tea... but... what kind... hmm...
DeathIsYourArtI'm Aquarius YAY me!
DeathIsYourArtscrew tea... not without baileys
* MattH spikes the tea
DeathIsYourArtyay Harris
NJPThis is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
Fantasmabut... I want to wake up tomorrow...
NJPLet the sun shine in
DeathIsYourArthate that song
NJPManchester Manchester England
DeathIsYourArtnot nickle but the dawning thingy
NJPHow can people be so hartless.
FantasmaI'm a Virgo anyway... aren't I all earthmother-y?
DeathIsYourArtno more alcohol for you NJP
NJPEuripides Pants, Eumenides Pants
Fantasmabig words...
JustJoanoh dear
ElaisCancer, here
DeathIsYourArtActually you can't say that
MattHNo, but she can type it... ;-)
NJPSix hours to midnight
DeathIsYourArtJanet just got in trouble for that again
JustJoanSo hwo went out and got TimTams after the last show? :)
JustJoanhwo=who :P
NJPSix hours to the end of the JossVerse
NJPas we know it
MattHAnd I feel fine....
DeathIsYourArtno not according to Joss
MattHActually, I don't, but that just seemed to fit...
FantasmaProducerEthan says Listener Eileen says hi, just so y'all know
DeathIsYourArtit will go on...somehow
NJPHi Leen
MattHHiya Eileen
JustJoanI ead of a possible Spike/Faith spinoff ???
DeathIsYourArttru is still going
NJPUnless he turns up on a slab in Tru
DeathIsYourArtno, no dead James...undead only
JustJoanyou're joking. That show couldn't possibly sustain a second season
DeathIsYourArtFox is keeping it so far
MattHHeh... I live in North Hollywood
JustJoanGod Fox is Dumb!!
NJPSo, Matt. What did you say you do for a living?
NJPAnd does it involve Body Glide?
MattHWord Processing...
DeathIsYourArtHarris...when republicans go wild?
impalergeneralunless it's Tru vs. MaybeGrim Reaper...and the Reporter Who Will Expose Tru's....whatchacallit
Fantasmaif Tru doesn't get renewed, fine, but can I atleast get a full season? Please?
MattHMe...wild....that is a laugh.
impalergeneraland we take care of the Dumb Reporter
NJPHDL? High Density Lipoproteins?
NJPFra Lippo
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
DeathIsYourArtI agree with that... I LOVED 5X5
DeathIsYourArtThe ending made me cry...and I don't do that often
DeathIsYourArtif ever
MattH5x5 was excellent
NJPBloody Wes.
NJPHow can you lose
MattHAs was Sanctuary
JustJoanPlus, Faith. Always worth watching
DeathIsYourArtvery very true..with an E
Fantasmammmm... Faith....
MattHMost Genre shows spread via word of mouth
NJPSaw a picture of Gillian Anderson recently
NJPten miles of bad road
NJPI hear she refuses to consider a return to the role
NJPDuchovny will do it.....
NJP....but only if Mulder wears a dress
DeathIsYourArthe he he he is in a movie about drag queens
impalergeneraland Agent Cooper helps him?
NJPGlad to help there Timmy
JustJoanMulder in a dress? what about dressed as Frank-n-Furter? I'd pay to see that
NJPWhittier. Same as Nixon
NJPHim and ASH in garters and net stockings. Somewhere Slashers are salivating
MattHAs opposed to Giles as Frank-n-Furter?
NJPAnd critique it to death
NJPokay okay, ill lose the Poison for Men
JustJoanactually I found the pics of ASH as Frank to be very disturbing.
DeathIsYourArtI can only imagine
DeathIsYourArtI haven't seen them...but I have seen Russell Crow as Frank = too funny.
NJPSpeaking of Russell
impalergeneralThe Gladiator Picture Show?
NJPFunny item from Master and Commander
impalergeneralBut how about Hugh Jackman in that role?
NJPScene where he stands on the starboard cat head as the ship said by
NJPlooking all captainy
JustJoanRusty as Frank in a Gladiator outfit?
NJPCat head became head as in "place where the sailors hung it out over the edge to ....."
NJPyou get the picture
NJPMaximus and Minnie Mouse
NJPhow many Kitty and Candy shows left?
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattH3-4 I think...unless Candy has her kid earlier.
MattHWB Amy
NJPTHAT would be a miracle
JustJoanSOunds like TIm agreeing to do TSC is sa jinx
NJPMaximus and Minear Mouse
DeathIsYourArtprobably..but they are going off the air so the next show will last 10 years
DeathIsYourArtStrange world was good
DeathIsYourArtit lasted 4 epys
NJPEeeeeoooooeeeeleven. Eeeeeeonnneleven. Eeeeooooeleven. Eeoheeleven.
NJPHarsh Realm is coming out on DVD
DeathIsYourArtThat wasn't as good
NJPthe Ted McGinley of writers
impalergeneralHulk smash! Hulk pitch TV script!
MattHWell, most network shows look like Hulk did write the scripts
Elaistoo tru
impalergeneralthey just add the grammar?
Fantasmamayeb trained chimps?
Amy_Madisonwhat gramer
MattHThe listeners do enjoy Tim least this one.
DeathIsYourArtI like to hear from Tim
Elaisminear is great
Elais'out of gas' is my favorite firefly ep
NJPTim is so hot.....under the collar
Fantasmahe is an animated fellow
impalergeneraldon't go cancelling "Waterfalls"
Fantasmabut not a cartoon
DeathIsYourArtI want DVD version
JustJoanwhich one was Out OF Gas again?
Elaisnever heard of that site before
MattHYeah...same seems ok
DeathIsYourArtOne big happy? Is that connected to happyland with Anya?
DeathIsYourArtLOVE donnie darko
Elaisjoan, the link above describes the ep
Elaisyou'll need to scroll down a little
JustJoanI saw it, I just don't remember ti
JustJoanit, even
DeathIsYourArteww she said kids like eve
DeathIsYourArtreality radio
DeathIsYourArtthe Crush
MattHThe chat room will be open next week.
DeathIsYourArtEverything has been said by at least one character on Buffy
DeathIsYourArtEthan can do the show
impalergeneralnice to know.
*** Amy_Madison has left #thesuccubusclub
impalergeneraluntil next time..and next week's new ep (finally)...
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
MattHYes - thanks Tim!
JustJoanare they doing a show next week? I missed that
MattHNope...spring break...but the week after that they are on.
Fantasmaalrighty, east coast bed time for me! Nite!
*** Signoff: Fantasma ((null))
JustJoanOh rats
*** Signoff: NJP (Ping timeout: 600 seconds)
*** Elais has left #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtI have no job so east coast time doesn't mean anything right now, but good night everyone any ways
JustJoandid they eat more Tim Tams?
DeathIsYourArtBye Harris *kiss kiss* still no LLL hmmm????
* JustJoan has started a phenomenon?
DeathIsYourArtDid you upset her?
MattHI don't think so.
MattHShe probably just forgot.
DeathIsYourArtI'll e-mail her and see. I have to e-mail ethan too so I'll just hit them both at once
DeathIsYourArtnighty night
*** Signoff: DeathIsYourArt ((null))
JustJoanI guess I'll have to go download the mp3 to catch the rest of the show now.
JustJoanI should prolly watch a few wonderfalls eps first
JustJoanhave downloaded a few
JustJoananyways, seeyas next week if I'm conscious :)
MattHOk - CYA
*** Signoff: JustJoan (Client exiting)
*** FiatLux has left #thesuccubusclub
MattHWell, I am out of here. Hope to see both of you next week.
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Apr 07 20:06:07 2004