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MattH'Lo all
DeathIsYourArtAgain I warn that the WB is showing previews RIGHT before the show the 2nd commercial from the start
DeathIsYourArtoh yes...hello
DeathIsYourArtI'll be back during commercials
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MattHHiya CM
Elaisheyas matt
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*** impalergeneral (~davidmell@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
MattHHiya FiatLux,Impaler
impalergeneralHello there
MattHDIYA will be back during the commercial breaks.
FiatLuxHey y'all
FiatLuxI'm recording Angel now.
impalergeneralnice hip music they're playing, but shouldn't K and C be here?
MattHHopefully soon
MattHI haven't heard a DJ yet
ElaisI'm just getting music so far
FiatLuxI don't know if it's my connection or what but the WinAmp feed is cutting in and out.
MattHI am using WiMP and it is working ok (knock on virtual wood)
MattHDJ just came on
impalergeneralall right!!!
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MattHHiya LLL
LornsLadyhiya people!
DeathIsYourArtyay what...what did I miss
impalergeneralso, who wants to bet how long the Dark Shadows remake wil last?
DeathIsYourArt5 weeks
LornsLadyDo I win $100 if I guess right?
LornsLadyI need $100
impalergeneralno, the WB's trigger finger isn't that fast. I say 13 and out
DeathIsYourArtunfortunately I think it might make it for a bit, just becasue the WB is a worthless Ba*tard
FiatLuxWell if it's as crappy as everyone thinks, it should last at least 3 seasons. Only the good shows get cancelled right?
LornsLadyonly the good die young
impalergeneralmaybe too young
MattHFollowing Smallville - 1 season
MattHSo does K or C start sniffling anytime soon? They already sound choked up.
impalergeneralsay, we could have a delivery on-air soon...think of the ratings
impalergeneralmaybe Kitt will call her son Liam, or Connor
LornsLadyor Spike
MattHThat was a pathetic rooster....
impalergeneralthe crowing rooster...the vampire's answer to an air raid siren
Elaisonly three shows left?
MattHAccording to the SC website
ElaisI will miss it. A lot
MattHTo quote Cordelia - "Well, duh!"
impalergeneralwhy can't this show be on real radio, or KLSX on the weekends in LA?
MattHUmm... ratings?
impalergeneralSo? They're entertaining enough
DeathIsYourArtI'm loving Drew Goddard this evening!
LornsLadySome of us still have hope the show will be saved
impalergeneralthat good, eh?
MattHSo is Angel - and that got cancelled
FiatLuxI am so lagging.
MattHThey are talking about THC now
FiatLuxThey're just playing the siren now and splashing water.
MattHand wether Kitty has Candy's CD
MattHYou are lagged...
FiatLuxtold you
FiatLuxI may have to miss the last hour anyway. Glad we have MP3s from people.
DeathIsYourArtdid anyone figure out my little question about what the demon last week gave away?
FiatLuxI have a confession to make...
FiatLuxI read spoilers. I'm so ashamed.
DeathIsYourArtbad bad bad girl
* MattH pats FiatLux on the back
MattHWelcome to the club
LornsLadyI avoid spoilers but just got a couple because somebody didn't respect my wishes!! >-(
DeathIsYourArtI am avoiding like the plague all spoilers
FiatLuxWell I read a bit, and then I just couldn't stop.
DeathIsYourArtthey are addictive that way
DeathIsYourArtAngel dust
impalergeneralI avoid spoilers..I know a little too much anyway, especially about someone's return today, but not what it means
Elaistonight's smallville was written by Drew Greenberg
Elaisdouble drew tonight
FiatLuxI watched that
DeathIsYourArtookay this is not a spoiler at all. I just meant that the demon in the last epy looked like the one from "get it done" which let me know that there would be an exchange
FiatLuxYou know I should have just smoked crack instead of reading spoilers. I make smoke crack when I watch the end of Angel in a few weeks.
Elaisa rare confluence of events, two drews
DeathIsYourArtI wasn't trying to reveal anything big, just noticed it, before i did the big dissection of the epy over the weekend
MattHIt is the sign of the end of the world ... or of Angel
MattH"When 2 drews are are aligned, the end of the vampire with the soul's tv show is nigh"
FiatLuxthat was a lesser prophecy in the scrolls.
Elaismatt, you're in LA right?
MattHYep - North Hollywood
impalergeneralAnyone hear of James Marsters' big event for charity..involving his head?
ElaisI'll be in LA this weekend
MattHDoing what?
Elaisgoing to a concert Saturday night at the Knitting Factory
FiatLuxHe's donating his head to charity?
Amy_Madisonshaving it
ElaisGhost of the Robot
LornsLadyyeah, tomorrow on Ryan Seacrest
ElaisJames Marsters' band
LornsLadyNO, week
FiatLuxOh, I'll have to watch that. Not sure when it comes on though.
LornsLadyi meant the 27th
Amy_Madisoneven better
ElaisI thought it was Tuesday
impalergeneralI think it's a week from now.
Elaishe's got Sharon Osborne next week
impalergeneralwhere he may get a cake from the Saving Angel Party
Elaisboy, they are really putting out the cakes
LornsLadycake, i want cake
impalergeneralmaybe a bake sale will fund another season
LornsLadyThere's one for Oprah too
FiatLuxI just ate cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.
FiatLuxYes, I'm bragging.
ElaisI heard Fox rejected one of their cakes
impalergeneralI bought some ide cream to protect myself from the big price hike coming this summer
impalergeneralor ice cream
Amy_MadisonNo cake for us. But there will be PIE
Amy_Madisoni think
Amy_Madisonlet have a bake sale to save Kitty and Candy's show
impalergeneralhey, that's my idea
impalergeneralbut we can all share
LornsLadyKitty's already baking in her oven
Amy_Madisonbyt is that caje, or Pie she's baking
* MattH chuckles
DeathIsYourArtJames will be on loveline tomorrow night. the sharon show is suppose to show on the 28th on tv from what I hear. The shaving of his head, we don't gave a date for airing yet
LornsLadyLoveline is still on?
LornsLadyon tv or radio?
impalergeneralI think it's still on in Sac
FiatLuxYou know I'm kinda watching Angel out of the corner of my eye and there was a Hi-C commercial with a very phallic looking giant tongue running around.
FiatLuxIt was disturbing.
impalergeneraland the FCC won't protect us from that?
MattHAnybody can be a sound effect radio DJ...sound effect radio DJ's aren't that funny...
Amy_MadisonI dont think that they would want to
impalergeneral"Underneath"..or "The Lindsay Show"
ElaisI could live with a 'The Lindsay Show'
Amy_Madisonyes, there is a spin off..... we just dont know when
Elaisthanks for the info on loveline, DIYA
Amy_MadisonJoss is suppossed to show up as a Senior Partner in the finale...
impalergeneralAfter bring Jayne for so long, Adam looked too corporate
Amy_Madisonjust kidding
impalergeneralJOss as an SP? Will he admit it's just a show?
*** JustJoan ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
MattHHiya JustJoan
impalergeneraland if so? Will he explain why Buffy isn't around? (although we know why)
JustJoanhi guys :)
FiatLuxHello JustJoan
impalergeneralHello, JJ
JustJoanSorry I'm late :)
Amy_Madisonthat ok
ElaisI want Joss to be the Grrr Argh guy at the end
impalergeneralthe "finale" that means something ain't coming until we see the TV movie..if THAT ever happens
LornsLadyI want all the Angel characters to beat up the WB execs at the end
ElaisI believe that tv movie thing when I actually see the movie on tv
Amy_Madisonwe'll let you slide this time JJ.......
impalergeneralif they can get past the angry fans who want the first swing
JustJoanthanks. it's sometimes hard to get away from the Hospital after a night shift :P
Amy_Madisonnot all of the WB people. just the idiot that cancelledthe show
JustJoananything interesting been said yet?
LornsLadyI love Lorne!!!!
LornsLadythey're talking about Lorne :)
JustJoanLOL Jen. I think we know that.
LornsLadyI need $100 so I can see Andy at the cocktail party at MR
LornsLadyDonations welcome!
ElaisI liked that Lorne scene at the beginning
LornsLadyYou can have a lock of my hair if you donation
LornsLadyer, donate
JustJoanI was just about to abmit, Jen, that I caved and bought a ticket
LornsLadyI wanna go to that cocktail party...wait, you got one for the cocktail party????
JustJoanthe prosititution is sure to follow :)
LornsLadyI'm so jealousssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!! 8-O
ElaisI might be too tapped for the $100 cocktail thing
LornsLadyI'm hitting up my mom and boyfriend, but it's very doubtful
JustJoanElias, you coming too? :)
LornsLadyI've got a VIP dance ticket, but there's no promise Andy will be there :(
impalergeneralThanks to eBay, I could afford it...only I'd rather fo to the Oakland con
JustJoando you post on the MR board? what's your nick.
JustJoanI'm suze2000
LornsLadyLornesLadylove, what else?
Elaisdon't post at the board, JJ
LornsLadyI know you :)
LornsLadyohhh, Elais
Elaiswhat do you get on ebay, Impaler?
LornsLadysorry, I'm doing multiple stuff here
Elaisthe hotel?
JustJoanyou do?
impalergeneralI mean I sell stuff, usually sports and entertainment related memorabilia
Elaisoh, gotcha
impalergeneralI have plenty of Olympic stuff
LornsLadyi love this song
JustJoanare the olympics actually going to happen????
impalergeneralmaybe in stages, but I think constuction sites will hold things up more than terror fears
impalergeneralall I cna say is, Beijing is more ready for their turn in FOUR years, than Athens is for this year
JustJoanyeah. it's not terrorism that worries me it's the lack of construction.
Amy_MadisonYippie.. the sites going to stay up for awhile....
JustJoanthere was mutterings about Sydney volunteering to hold it again instead, but you need NOTICE for that sort of thing.. to organise it and so on.
impalergeneralwell, it's a little late for that, unless they want to have part of the games in 2005
impalergeneralI bet the IOC is thinking fondly at Atlanta
JustJoani mean all the buildings are still there, but there's staff and all sorts of stuff
JustJoanAmy_Madison: what site?
impalergeneralbut I'll bet if it comes to that, we'll have it in stages
Amy_MadisonBrand new Spoiler...... Conners reincarnated as Kitty Son...
Amy_Madisonokie, that's not a spoiler
impalergeneralwell, Kitty Son sounds like an assasin that should have been in Kill Bill
JustJoaneeek! no spoilers please!!
* JustJoan covers her eyes!
LornsLadyI love Quentin Tarantino...his movies don't appeal to me, but oooh, he is sexy!
JustJoanoh hang on now i can't see what's being said
* JustJoan takes hands fof eyes
JustJoanwhat, no naked guys?
Amy_Madisonthey wont let us show the shower scenes....
JustJoanI thought you guys would have naked guys for me when I removed my hands
FiatLuxWell guys, I gotta run. Hope Joel'll have an MP3 up.
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
LornsLadyBye Fiat, take care
ElaisI'm sure he will, Fiat
impalergeneralso long
FiatLuxSee you
*** FiatLux has left #thesuccubusclub
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JustJoanso Amy, what site were you takling about?
JustJoanI was SO sick of Wes/Illyria by the end of that show
Amy_Madisonthe main site
JustJoantoo much introspection
LornsLadyAmy Acker is doing a fabulous job of being Illyria...she's played a wallflower (Fred), a strong warrior woman (Fred later), a professional with a little bitchy (Fred at W&H) and now, Illyria
Amy_MadisonThe Succubus Club one
DeathIsYourArtnah... if you dissect those scenes they were SOOO meaningful. I loved those scenes
ElaisAmy Rocks!
JustJoanI so agree with Candy on this
LornsLadybut I'm still not able to buy Fred's soul actually being destroyed
DeathIsYourArtI loved the Wes Illyria scenes
*** Fantasma ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
LornsLadyhi Fantasma
ElaisI don't think her soul is destroyed either
Amy_MadisonI do like Illyria
JustJoanhi fantasma
LornsLadyit just seems that whatever God is in the Jossverse wouldn't allow that
Fantasmaan hour ago, I was the first one here... it's better not being first
JustJoanI am having trouble with that too
DeathIsYourArtI think Fred is gone, and I am surprisingly okay with it, especially after tonight
Amy_Madisonwelcom to K&C
JustJoanDOn't forget there's a whole pantheon of Gods in the Jossverse
JustJoanwhich one won't allow it?
impalergeneralIllyria was mostly into Nora Desmond mode, and I hope she's in some active role this week
DeathIsYourArtpatience kitty
ElaisI think she'll be atad more active *g*
LornsLadyI know, but I still have to think there's a BIG GOD who would make sure she got into Heaven
impalergeneralwell, I don't know yet since it's 7 PM here
ElaisAngel will be on in a minute or two for me
Amy_Madisoncool, you must ne in Ca then. or close to it
DeathIsYourArtCordy was the middle... how many plot points could be in the middle?
DeathIsYourArtAnd the angel - Spiek thing was in the middle too...
DeathIsYourArtI am completely okay with the pace. I trust in Joss
Amy_Madisonwhat happened to the Ninjas-bots
JustJoanJen, I don't thin kCristian Mythology holds up in the Jossverse
impalergeneralwhat ninja-bots? Oh yeaaahhhhh..who also sent Wesley's dad-bot?
impalergeneralwe need more eps!
*** hanna_gamgee ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
LornsLadyI'm not saying it does...but if there's a Heaven and a Hell, it just makes sense that somebody is running it all
FantasmaI agree!
LornsLadyhi hanna
Amy_Madisonthe Season 4 Initiative
FantasmaI thought tonight's eppie was awesome!!
LornsLadywell don't tell us
hanna_gamgeeyea it was
Amy_Madisondont say nothin
FantasmaBTW, Eileen told me to send greetings *g*
LornsLadyWe don't want spoilers
JustJoanthere's not just one heaven and hell though. there's thousands.
*** MattH ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
JustJoanwb Matt
LornsLadywell, I just can't deal with Fred's soul no longer existing
Amy_MadisonOLD MILK
impalergeneralI just think Angel should get something for all he's been through..but that won't happen next month. That's what the TV movie is for...if it ever comes
FantasmaWasn't gona say anymore than I *really* liked tonights eppie... which isn't surprising this season
DeathIsYourArtI agree with you Fantasma
MattHWell that was fun...lost my internet connection there for a moment
DeathIsYourArtHe looked REALLY goos in thsi epy too...damn James is hot
Amy_MadisonOld Milk = the only spoiler we can mention
hanna_gamgeeyea he is with out a shirt
JustJoanI agree. But I can't hold with your God must intervene theory, since there are so many gods there.
DeathIsYourArtLike REALLY hot, and the makeup artist fixed the ligth eyebrow mistake, although the scar is still missing. PLEASE FIX
Amy_Madisonstop it
Amy_Madisonwho else ready the site
LornsLadyI get the newsletter thingy
DeathIsYourArtaww sorry Amy, you will get it soon
Amy_Madisonsorry, but spelling.
FantasmaI never even noticed that... but, my cat kept trying to bother me
DeathIsYourArtmine sucks too. it comes from drooling on the keyboard
JustJoanThe cat drools on the ketboard?
Amy_Madisonmy friends cat can type
Fantasmashe didn't drool, just kept scratching on my door and running away
ElaisI go to the site every couple of days
DeathIsYourArtI was drooling while talking about Spike. Makes the keys slippy
JustJoanlol. here's me thinking I was being clever
Amy_Madisonin the imortal words of Dawn.......EW!!!
DeathIsYourArtI had my first realization about how close the end of the season is... it hurt
FantasmaI'm still in denial...
LornsLadyDon't forget Seth Green is going to be on That 70's Show
FantasmaI live in De Nile
hanna_gamgeeHe is?
LornsLadyyeah, they've been advertising it
Amy_Madisonyou're in Egypt???????
LornsLadythe next one coming up
Fantasmamy bro watched that tonight... he was laughing. I heard him through his door
DeathIsYourArtI was, and still believe that we will get more in some form or another... but the whole wait in between is going to be HELL
DeathIsYourArtHELL I say
Fantasmahe he, no. Just playing with words, sorry
Fantasmawhich Hell? There are a lot of them.
*** Signoff: MattH (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
*** Joel ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
Amy_Madisonthe onewith Just Shrimp
DeathIsYourArtthe one with just shrimp, and of course there is always fire
impalergeneralor the one with Just UPN
DeathIsYourArtFire bad, tree pretty
Amy_Madisonthe really bad one. The one with JUST WB
hanna_gamgeethats even worse
Fantasmabut, I like shrimp... the one with just mushrooms is hell to me
*** MattH ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
Amy_Madisonor the one with Trolls
impalergeneralhow abut the one with Just Fox Reality Shows?
FantasmaAHH! No UPN!! Enterprise isn't even fun anymore
Joelor the one with just george bush?
impalergeneral"This to make up throw up"
hanna_gamgeeReality shows are getting boring.
MattHI like this season better than the first ones
Amy_MadisonInner Thighs was NEVER fun
Amy_Madisonand this coming from a BIG Trek fan
hanna_gamgeeScary thought Joel
Amy_Madisonsomeone who used to do conventions for/with Majel Barrett
JoelDS9 was the high point for me
Joeli was a total fanboy back then
FantasmaI'm getting back into DS9
DeathIsYourArtI really respected the last few seasons, but the middle ones bored me
DeathIsYourArtDon't ask me to number them, I wasn't that into them
Amy_MadisonI think we should all got to the universe (heven/Hell) with just The Succubus Club
Joeli loved the war arc they di
Amy_Madisonthe ending was a little rushed though
MattHI kept comparing DS9 to Babylon 5
DeathIsYourArtHeaven = just the jossverse on television. All shows by mutant enemy... but then how would you be able to appreciate it... you would have nothing to compare to.
Joelvery similar
Fantasmaone station for non-Joss? just to appreciate the Joss all the more?
DeathIsYourArtMC Escher, all black has white, all ups have a down
DeathIsYourArtTHere is always an amulet! Always look back to Buffy to predict where you will be going
DeathIsYourArtI respect Gunn again
Amy_MadisonI liked the cup/grail from Angel
Amy_Madisona little better
Amy_Madisonbut just a little
LornsLadyI respect Lorne...I wanna respect the heck outta his naked body!
DeathIsYourArtwhoops I meant talismant. remeber in "lessons"
DeathIsYourArtha ha ha his green naked body.
Joeli always empathised with gunn
DeathIsYourArtJust get Andy drunk at the con LLL
Amy_Madisonit's GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LornsLadythat won't be hard, DiYA!
DeathIsYourArtI empathised I just did not respect
Amy_Madisondid you see Chance????
DeathIsYourArtExactly LLL
LornsLadynot yet
Joelno i respected him as well
JustJoanso who thinks Lorne is going to recover from his funk?
Amy_Madisonshort, but good part for him
DeathIsYourArtnot yet.. I am not working, I don't have the 55$ Us that it would cost me
DeathIsYourArtThe money that I have is staying IN the bank
hanna_gamgeeeventually he will
LornsLadyI have a bit of the money, but not enough
Amy_Madisonand hitting a little on Simon (Spike)
*** Signoff: MattH (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
Amy_Madisonsorry. hitting on
DeathIsYourArtI only saw that little scene with Simon kissing the mirror
ElaisI wouldn't mind hitting on Spike
FantasmaI have yet to watch of these days
LornsLadythat blond kid looked NOTHING like Lindsey...that should have made him think Wifey stepped out on him!
DeathIsYourArtPoor Harris.... where did we put that duct tape from my adventure with the connection
LornsLadyI hope to see it at the con
DeathIsYourArtHAS kitty seen Christian Kane with his shirt off? He is VERY IMPOPRTANT
Amy_Madisondont know
*** MattH ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtIt is always going on, it began when time did
impalergeneralGunn will be back for the end
hanna_gamgeeLindsey is hot too
Amy_MadisonSenior Partners - Joss and ME
MattHI feel like a yo-yo tonight
Fantasmathey don't have cons like that around here that much anymore. rats
LornsLadyChristian Kane was on or will be on another tv show, but I forget which one...a Vegas show, isn't it?
Amy_Madisonwhich would explain ME Raine.... I mean Ethan
DeathIsYourArtay not attention to the man behind the curtain... I bet Cork boy is the senior partner he he he
Amy_MadisonA Cordy has a pilot going on right now
DeathIsYourArtCK was on Las vegas on Monday. I missed it
impalergeneralthe Ultimate Apocalypse...Joe Millionaire 3
LornsLadythat was it, i missed it too
hanna_gamgeeme too sigh
LornsLadyhey, did you see the Puppet Spike pics??
Amy_Madisonthe never endin American Idol
LornsLadythen the slash Puppet Angel/Spike pics
DeathIsYourArtThere is a pic in "In Style' magazine of Eliza that makes her look like Lila
hanna_gamgeeI saw those lol
LornsLadythose were FUN-NEEEE
Amy_Madisonwhere the Senior partner is really Simon Cowel guy
hanna_gamgeethat would work
LornsLadyI love Simon!
Amy_Madisondoesn't meant he cant be a Senior Partner
LornsLadyI didn't say it did
DeathIsYourArtI think if the 6th season was a lock, then Lindsay would have more meaning
Amy_Madisonor where the senior partner turns out to be that first vampire guy that Angel fought in the pilot
*** colleen1 (hillerup@ has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
colleen1Hi guys.
Joeltechnically illyria didnt get rid of fred
LornsLadyhi collen
Joelshe didnt know anything about it till the deed was done
hanna_gamgeeShe took over her body
impalergeneralit was an accidental possession
LornsLadythe shell of her body
DeathIsYourArtSHe didn't even want it really
LornsLadyi'm sure that makes fred feel better :-L
hanna_gamgeetrue she seems to hate the world
DeathIsYourArtThe ULTIMATE DREW! I didn't like that someone until this show
DeathIsYourArtnot Drew but the guest
colleen1Fred doesn't feel anything.
Joelfreds dead baby
LornsLadyfred's more than dead...she doesn't exist
*** Signoff: MattH (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
Joelactually i seriously think that fred isnt dead
DeathIsYourArtDuct tape...duct tape...
colleen1She's just pining for the fyords?
Joeltheyll do something twisty with the whole freds soul thing i bet
*** MattH ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtI don't think they have time
colleen1anyone here unspoiled for the ep that just aired?
JustJoanthere's a joke there somewhere I think
JustJoanyes me!!!!!!!!
FantasmaDiYA, I hear ya!
impalergeneralI am, I'm from SAC
hanna_gamgeealready watched it
JustJoanI'm in Australia
DeathIsYourArtThere are a lot of them, do not mention tonights epy
LornsLadyI wonder if Fred would have made the choice to stay that time she almost left with her parents if she knew she'd not only die, she'd lose her soul
impalergeneraland everything else
LornsLadyI'm unspoiled
Amy_Madisonshe's actually with Cordy now
Joelim unspoiled as well
colleen1Just that a few things surprised me, which I shall discuss next week
impalergeneralIjust know of someone's return, but not how it will be handled
Joelim just guessing
* hanna_gamgee covers her mouth
JustJoansee to me, that wouldn't make any diff. I don't believe in an eternal soul anyway
DeathIsYourArtif you open another channel. Fantasma and I can join you. We have seen it
JustJoanstop already
JustJoanwith the spoilers
Joelneither does joss - he's an athiest
MattHWho here is using Trillian? I'd like to get a copy of someone elses log for tonight for the transcript
LornsLadyohhh...I don't believe or disbelieve, but I hope there is
LornsLadyI'm using Trillian
Joelbut in the buffy universe the soul is real
LornsLadythat's true
JustJoantrue enough. but fred's only evidence of that is Angel's insistence that he has one
FantasmaIf I knew how... don' you have ICQ or AIM?
colleen1I'm unspoiled myself, so I certainly won't spoil anyone.
DeathIsYourArtI love this song... matrix flashback
DeathIsYourArtyes I have ICQ
hanna_gamgeeSpike has one too
MattHTrillian connects to all of them...
Amy_MadisonSpike has ICQ
JustJoanokay, but they could both be acting :)
LornsLadyhold on, I'm seeing if I logged this...I don't remember if it's set or not
DeathIsYourArtshe is talking about discussing spoilers
MattHIt is just the chat log I am looking for.
MattHIt should log it by default
DeathIsYourArtcolleen you got ICQ?
colleen1Nope. Got AIM
ElaisI'm on trillian as well
DeathIsYourArtI can copy the thing and send it to you
DeathIsYourArtI was in second after amy
colleen1And I am unspoiled beyond what I just watched.
DeathIsYourArtso am I colleen
ElaisI'm spoiled up to the end!
MattHThe log should be in "C:\Program Files\Trillian\users\default\logs\IRC" for Trillian
hanna_gamgeeme too Elais im really bad
MattHI am spoiled to the end, although I am wondering how many of those are false spoilers.
DeathIsYourArtDarn it colleen.... *pouts lip*
hanna_gamgeeI hope some are
LornsLadyI have it, Matt...although I think it's got previous suc-club chats logged in the same file :)
Amy_Madisona lot of them are
colleen1What death?
Amy_Madisonspiolers i mean
colleen1You mean foilers?
JustJoanenough with the spoiler talk PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DeathIsYourArtyou don't have ICQ, we could have discussed tonight... guess you will have to hold on to it until next week
Fantasmaspoilers are evil
LornsLadyspoilers are when you tell stuff that happens on a show when someone doesn't know it
JustJoanI don't want to have to leave
MattHWe can wait until next week DIYA
FantasmaI'll stick with surprises
Amy_MadisonSo is Riley
colleen1You won't Joan.
colleen1I'm unspoiled. It's just that I've seen tonight's ep, but I won't discuss it.
MattHWe are not actually saying any spoilers (that I can think of) ... just talking about how spoiled we are.
DeathIsYourArtya guys, the colleen , fantasma thing with the 3 of us was abotu talking tonights epy and not spoiling others when we do it
LornsLadyThis log will cost you $100...I take Paypal
DeathIsYourArtI am nto spoiled after this week
LornsLadyyay! I'm gonna get to go to that cocktail party!
JustJoanlol LLL
DeathIsYourArtI have avoided spoilers since the end of buffy season 6
MattHAlas, I don't have $100...and I never use PayPal
LornsLadyawww, it was worth a shot B-P
Amy_MadisonRREALLY KITTY!!!!!!!
Joelguns dont kill people, video games do!
Amy_MadisonPong never did
Amy_Madisonor asteroind.
LornsLadyFrogger and Pac-Man!
Amy_Madisonor River Raid
colleen1Frogger was dangerous to frogs.
Fantasmawhat I still don't get from Earshot... why was jonathan going to kill himself with a high-powered rifle...
LornsLadyOh, right.
Amy_Madisononly the Pacman TV show did
DeathIsYourArtDavid Bowie: And these children that you spit on
DeathIsYourArtAs they try to change their worlds
DeathIsYourArtAre immune to your consultations
DeathIsYourArtThey're quite aware of what they're going through
Joelmaybe thats all he had
colleen1Jonathan was overestimating the length of his arms.
LornsLadyI'm gonna meet Danny Strong, yay!
Fantasmahe he, sounds good to me
MattHBecause we would be less likely to be faked out if he used a pistol.
impalergeneralit is, trust me
FantasmaI was *this* close to him.. never got to say anuthing tho...
colleen1I sat at his feet at a party :)
DeathIsYourArt*this close*? How close is *this* close?
LornsLadyI'm closer to his height than to Andy's :)
DeathIsYourArtso am I
FantasmaI got the logics story-wise.. but not logics for "realism" wise
LornsLadyBut I like Andy better
DeathIsYourArtSee perfect for James, I am a short girl, I will make him feel tall.
Joeli saw a pistol once, it was a few years ago
JustJoana rfile is easier to get hold of in this country
Joelguns are weird
DeathIsYourArtOf course I say this about James and if I ever met him I would feel so embarrassed about talking about him like this
impalergeneralin Australia?
Fantasmawe were both at a CoRo gig and he was like 3-4 ft in front of me with Amber and Tom
LornsLadyJames is purty!
Amy_Madisonand 40
DeathIsYourArtvery very pretty
DeathIsYourArt41 actually
DeathIsYourArtI like older men, i always have
LornsLadyI always have, too, DiYA, and yet, Andy.
impalergeneralespecially if they age well
LornsLadyDiYA is going home with James, and I'm going home with
colleen1James will be bald in a week.
DeathIsYourArtage doesn't mean anything to me. My parents are 15 years apart and the happiest couple I know
hanna_gamgeeJames ages very well
JustJoanhandguns are banned. only police can have them
JoelJames needs a good role after angel wraps
LornsLadyit'll grow back
JustJoanat least unless they are kept under lock and key in a gun club
colleen1I'm very proud of James.
Amy_Madisonand the military
Joelwhere is that australia?
LornsLadyin the US, it doesn't matter if guns are illegal or not...the criminals will still have them
Joelhere even then police dont a
Joelhave guns
JustJoanonly crims have handguns here
colleen1There've been way too many shootings in Toronto lately.
JustJoanand cops of course
FantasmaI think my dad has a few handguns in his gun safe...
colleen1I don't think anyone but cops should have guns.
MattHGun crime is way up in Britain...
DeathIsYourArtThe problem is that they should have banned guns back in the 20's. after that there were just too many out there in the hands of everyone
Joelyeah crazy drug dealers killing each other every now and again
MattHNot possible in the US, w/o repealing the 2nd Amendment
LornsLadyDING DING DING!!! James' hair!
Fantasmafor-warning, my dad is in the NRA and I do have my pistol-permit... just so there aren't any thoughts of wrongness or somehting...
JustJoanhouse-to-house search. remove them all
colleen1I'm not in the US
DeathIsYourArtAs for James and his hair (just to comment on the show we are listening to) I only worry about those freaks who want his DNA
Amy_Madisonthats illuigal in the US
JustJoanoperative word: permit and safe
Amy_Madisonhouse to house searched
Joelthey could clone an army of James
LornsLadyIf you take away guns from citizens, then criminals will have the advantage
colleen1They can't clone him without the follicles.
JustJoanwell, that's the only way you will get rid of them
Amy_Madisonlike they dont already
hanna_gamgeehmm james clones *drools
JustJoanthey already have the advantage
LornsLadyCriminals make their own guns even
colleen1But the citizens shouldn't be shooting people.
LornsLadyyeah, JJ, that's true
Fantasmaoh gosh yeah, the key is to understand and respect guns... and know they are not toys
Amy_MadisonI have a SIM of him for my SIMS game
MattHIn self-defense, sure
LornsLadyCitizens have a right to protect themselves
DeathIsYourArttrue colleen... but you tell the freaks about that. It is n't a matter of cloning, (which is creepy) it is just those weirdos...
JustJoanbecause Crims are willing to USE them
Fantasmammm.. cloned James.. well, maybe cloned Spike...
DeathIsYourArtAnd I prefer that htere is only one of him anyways
LornsLadyI don't want clones...I want the original!
colleen1Having a gun in the house is asking for trouble.
MattHIf you did clone him, he would be a baby
LornsLadyno it's not, it can save your life
JustJoani agree colleen
Amy_Madisongo to Kinkos and make a few
MattHNot having a gun is asking for trouble
DeathIsYourArtEXACTLY, besides it would cause a bunch of weird problems to have too many of them
Joelno one here has a gun, we're all okay
colleen1You'd have to change baby James.
DeathIsYourArtnot you Matt, but the clone discussion
FantasmaI think I'd reather think about James and Spike.. and Linsdey...hmmm.. drool..
MattHWhat ... you'd be torn in two due to indecision
JustJoanrubbish. how many times do you hear of people being killed when their own weapon is used on them?
hanna_gamgeeme too Fantasma
colleen1I don't know anyone but my brother in law who has a gun -he's a hunter
LornsLadylots...I also hear more of people who successfully protect themselve
Fantasmaall this talk about cloning reminds me of two things... the paper I wrote in college and the ficiton I write in another area of the universe...
MattHThe amazing thing is that virtually all of the principalities in the US that have passed concealed carry laws have seen violent crime go down
Fantasmaactually two universes... and one has Vin Diesel characters, each one just a little bit different
JustJoanI doubt that's because of the guns
DeathIsYourArtAs for guns: Though I think the US constituion is a wonderful document. It was written when people had to protect themselves from bears, Indians and claim robbers. times change. Unfortunately noone can see the future and the operative time to get rid of the guns has passed a long time ago. Now it would be just as bad if they tried to outlaw them.
LornsLadyunfortunately, our president doesn't think the constitution is a wonderful document
DeathIsYourArtI thinkt he laws need to be tougher BIG TIME though
LornsLadyyou're right there!
JustJoanso why are there so many more gun deaths in the US than any other country if guns are so great??
impalergeneralI'm staying out of this, and just roll my eyes when Rush talks
LornsLadybecause criminals shoot people
MattHThe primary purpose of the 2nd amendment is that the populace be armed, in case an armed revolution is necessary against a tyrannical government, and because people have an inherent right of self-defense (except in England)
Fantasmaso, does anyone know anything about the Angel soundtrack that may or may not be proposed?
LornsLadythe US also has the highest teen pregnancy rate
JustJoanare you saying that there are more crims in the US than in any other country?
Elaisbut that was a heckuva long time ago, MAtt
hanna_gamgeeno that would be cool though
LornsLadyExactly, Matt,
DeathIsYourArtheard about it but never followed up on it.
Joelyeah cause our goverment is so tyranical
LornsLadybut the government would have much better weapons than guns nowadays
JustJoanwhy do the English have no right to self-defense?
MattHReally? The worst massacre in US history took place 3 years ago
MattHAccording the their courts....not my opinion
Elaisall I know about the Angel soundtrack is that the higher ups asked Rob Kral to select some stuff to put on it
FantasmaI'd heard Rob Kral made noise about it.. but that it would be mainly score, which is cool but I want LA Song, heck, I want my Songs for the Love Lorne
Joeloh im just gonna listen to my KT
LornsLadyI want that too, Fantasma
DeathIsYourArtI want the Vast - touched song
DeathIsYourArtbut I have it on my computer so...
JustJoanwell, here you do. but not with handguns
Fantasmawell, I got the LA aong Mp3 from along with Back in Blue
DeathIsYourArtthere hasn't been a song that really moved a scene for me
MattHYes... Kitty Torture...I am going to miss Kitty Torture most of all.
DeathIsYourArtthe mummy counts
LornsLadyno it's not!
JustJoanthe mummy is not a demon
DeathIsYourArtdon't piss off the pregnant lady
JustJoanthe monkey pen is wrong too
LornsLadyI wanna jump in this convo between Candy and Kitty
impalergeneralexactoknife says
MattHMummy is not a demon...I guess they haven't met my Mummy... ;-)
DeathIsYourArthe stole her barbie
MattHJust kidding mom
Amy_Madisonbarbie doll
DeathIsYourArtstole not broke
Amy_Madisonbarbie doll
LornsLadythe head, wasn't it?
Joeli mock you with my ice cream
LornsLadyHe took the head off
LornsLadyI had ice cream last night
LornsLadyHave you tried the new Limited Batch Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide?
Amy_Madisonmis kitt
LornsLadyice cream makes me happy
*** Amy_Madison has left #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtawww amy =<
DeathIsYourArtI forgot about the wrecking ball
Fantasmabowling guy comes through
MattHFaces down Jack the zombie
FantasmaI liked Vampire Xander
LornsLadyI liked Vampire Willow
DeathIsYourArtI know... vamp Xander rocked
MattHI preferred Vamp Willow
DeathIsYourArtas well as vamp willow
FantasmaI wish he could have come back...
DeathIsYourArtI was going to try to be vamp willow at MR, but couldn't put the money together to go
Fantasmaand hyena-xander.. excpet for the meanness... *shiver*
MattHTHe Replacement
LornsLadyI seriously doubt I'll be in costume...too many things to do at that con to be changing into a costume too
DeathIsYourArtseason 5
DeathIsYourArtcome on kitty
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
JustJoanI'm with you Jen. last year I was sleeping
LornsLadywb Amy
MattHWB Amy
JustJoanwb amy
Joelwb amy
Amy_Madisonlost the connection
LornsLadyYeah, I hope to squeeze in a few Z's at the crazy am I? X-O
DeathIsYourArtI'm a costume whore. am the girl that throws costume parties weeks before hallowe'en just to dress up
LornsLadyi love dressing up...If I had the body, I'd go as a Lornette
Elaisjust finished watching tonight's ep
DeathIsYourArtI threw a costume shower for my friends wedding
DeathIsYourArtit was cool
LornsLadyoh that's creative!
Elaisa Lornette?
JustJoanand they really glossed over that too
LornsLadyremember the Lornettes?
Elaiswhat a suprise!
DeathIsYourArtyes Elais I agree it was very pretty. Good to the art director
JustJoanthe "kick his ass" comment
Amy_MadisonI remember FRED
LornsLadyyeah, she was so cute!
DeathIsYourArtdemon magnant
Amy_MadisonUM......GREEN FRED......
FantasmaThe House Always Wins was one the other day on TNT
LornsLadyI must be lagging a bit...DiYA answered that before I heard it :)
DeathIsYourArtsunlight with dawn
JustJoanI'm off guys. the night shift has finally got to me.
*** Signoff: JustJoan (Client exiting)
LornsLadyI have The House on tape...twice
LornsLadywell, geez, don't let us say goodbye or anything
FantasmaI think I have it once
impalergeneralgotta go, too.
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
DeathIsYourArtI know she just bolted so quick
Amy_Madisonsee you guys then
LornsLadyI want DVD's and a DVD player
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
LornsLadydon't forget and
LornsLadyand a new site coming soon!!!!!!
DeathIsYourArtyes your horro site
Elaisgreat news, LLL!
DeathIsYourArtwhat did he not get, it had SO MANY layers
Joelthat was pretty easy actually, but i didnt want to get her mad
LornsLadysee you guys!
MattH75% - pretty good
DeathIsYourArtbye bye =<
MattHLLL - don't forget to e-mail me the chat log
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LornsLadyoh right!!! what addy do you want me to use?
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DeathIsYourArtI'll send you what I have to, in case there is anything missing
MattHBoth of you
DeathIsYourArtLLL we have to tlak more often
Fantasmawith TSC signing off for the night, I must as well. Need sleep...
colleen1They get cake? Why don't we get cake?
LornsLadyi liked wonderfalls...and they cancelled it :(
LornsLadyThat Angel cake made me hungry
Fantasmamy sis made cake *g* and it is good.
DeathIsYourArtI got Kitty her gift for the baby. Now I need to get it sent out...well it is at the boarder, it needs to get TO ME first
DeathIsYourArtohhh cake.. I NEED chocolate
LornsLadyi got no chocolate
MattHMmmm... chocolate
LornsLadyi got bananas
DeathIsYourArtI have those tiiny marshmallows..but you can only eat so many before you feel bad
MattHSigh...I am so gonna miss the Succubus Club...
LornsLadyI have some of those from like three months ago
Joelthe SC is ending? i am in deial
DeathIsYourArtI know.... too many endings
Fantasmaalrighty, the night time calls and I must hang up on it so I can sleep. Till next week!
*** Fantasma has left #thesuccubusclub
MattHYeah... I am out of here. See you all next week
colleen1Night all
*** Signoff: colleen1 (Read error: (User has no peer))
LornsLadyok, i'll send the transcript
DeathIsYourArtAnd that evil guy starting the Dark Shadows show has hired the old Buffy makeup guy and even said that the shows would be similar to Buffy in structure...ya right...B*stard
Joelwell time for sleep - night all, have a good time
*** MattH has left #thesuccubusclub
LornsLadyg'nite Joel
LornsLadyhugs DiYA!
DeathIsYourArthugs back. shall we leave all at once?
*** Signoff: Joel ((null))
LornsLadylet's go!! LOL!
LornsLadyYou're still here.
DeathIsYourArthold on figureing out how to get all of this in a file that will nto screw up the format
DeathIsYourArtwell this isn't important I promise not to say anythign to myself that will beneeded
LornsLadyhaha...we can talk about Matt now
DeathIsYourArtohhh bad things about matt
DeathIsYourArtbey bye
Session Close (#thesuccubusclub): Wed Apr 21 23:07:38 2004