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MattHHeya Joel
Joelhows it going
MattHPretty good...just waiting for the show.
Joelyeah, ive got a feeling its the last one before the baby
MattHYeah ... the little incubus should be showing up *real soon now*
Joelyeah i cant believe its all almost ovee
MattHYeah ... I just learned today that Andromeda and Mutant X have been cancelled also.
MattHNot that I watched either of them.
Joelto be honest they both kinda sucked
Joelyou ever watch trek?
MattHAndromeda was good for the first season and a half, then Kevin Sorbo complained about them having real plot arcs and *poof* - Andromeda was "Hercules in Space"
MattHI grew up on TOS...Spock was my hero.
Joelitll be ironic if they cancel enterprise when its actually geting ok
MattHYeah.. I am finally starting to like Enterprise
Joelsmallville is the only other show i watch, well download
Joeland american idol
MattHI watch Smallville, Tru Calling, Enterprise and Stargate: SG-1 .
Joelwhats tru actually like, honest opinion - putting aside eliza's hotness
MattHGetting somewhat better...I like the actor who plays Davis and the one who plays her brother. The plots are very predictable
MattHI am surprised it has lasted this long
Joelyou watch smallville right? Is Chole gonna be lois lane - i cant figure that one out
MattHI am somewhat spoiled in regards to Smallville.
MattHSo what I know comes from that.
Joelim not bothered by smallville spoilers
MattHChloe is Lois's cousin...
Joelbuffy and angel are the only shows i got into enough to not want to be soiled
Joelspoiled evemn
MattHShe will assume Lois identity in the future. Currently Lois is not interested in being a reporter.
Joelso chloe is lois
Joelas in the same person
MattHMy hunch is that Chloe gets killed, and said death is what gets Lois interested in reporting.
Joelive actually been pretty impressed by that show
MattHIt is clear that the writers watched Buffy (or in some cases wrote for it)
Joelgood cast, good writers (drew z writes for them dont he)
MattHI think so
Joeldid you like the last angel
*** impalergeneral (~davidmell@ has joined channel #theSuccubusClub
MattHI did. I already liked Connor, and thought this was an excellent ep.
MattHHiya Impaler
Joelhi imp
impalergeneralHi there..I'm also glad how they settled the Connor issue, and how he could be a spinoff natural
Joeli liked the second half of s4 connor where he was batshit crazy
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MattHHiya CM
Joeland it was a great resolution lasy episode
Elaishi Matt, Impaler
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ElaisI loved last week's ep
LornsLadyhi friends :)
Joelnot lasy
MattHHiya LLL
Joelhi LLL
impalergeneralyeah, and we've got four to go...a bigger sad story that some sitcom leaving next week
MattHJust surprised that Connor didn't ask about Cordy.
impalergeneralmaybe he thought Cordy was one heck of a fantasy his angel is a centerfold
Joelwell he couldnt cause technically he was pretending he doesnt know about those memories
LornsLadywell, the WB made them have to wrap stuff up quickly, so it makes sense stuff could slip by
MattHThere is that
impalergeneralor he's smart to remember stuff that will help him immediately
impalergeneraland deal with the rest later. As long as he's got a family...and friends at Stanford
Joeland he'll never find a jar he cant open
MattHSounds like most everything is hard for Kitty right now
Joeloh my american idol finished downloading
impalergeneralthat AI is rigged..or Simon caused that blackout in Chicago?
Joelhopefully John Stevens will get gonw
impalergeneralI'll say. I heard him...they must think he's Conan O'Brien in disguise
Joelhow can Fantasia be in the bottom 3! I couldnt belive it last week
impalergeneralOh, God...CC is showing last night's Conan, and they're comparing John Stevens to him...separated at birth
ElaisI think the vote was split amont the three
LornsLadyI love Simon :)
JoelSimon is cool, i read his book at the libary - funny stuff
Joelholy crap id kill for the CD collection
LornsLadyWouldn't you prefer William Hung's CD? %-)
Joelwho is William Hung?
impalergeneralas a great way to get rid of mice? maybe
Joelis that an american thing?
LornsLadyWilliam Hung is from the American Idol auditions
LornsLadyHe sang Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" *very* badly and now has a music deal out of it
Joelgood singer, or bad?
Joelnovelty act then
LornsLadyPlus he's geeky and has an Asian accent
impalergeneralgeeky is bad enough, not to mention that he can't hit the notes, he bumps into them
MattHWhen will we get to know the baby's name?
ElaisSimon wrote a book?
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JoelKitty's baby should be called Conner
MattHHIya Amy
impalergeneralhow abut Steve Connor
Amy_Madisonshe hates that name
Joelhi amy
Elaishi Amy
Amy_Madisonhow long do you wait till you put up the new mp3 Joel. usually
Amy_MadisonI havent DL the last one
Elaisoh wonderful
Joeli usually do it the next day, its 4am when the show finishes here
Elais'the WB's Superstars USA'
Joelso about 10-12 hours after it airs
impalergeneralah, yes, the WB's attempt to show it can produce "better" stuff than "Angel"
Elaiswe really needed another AI clone
impalergeneralat least it's a way to mock the William Hungs of the world
LornsLadyoh oh oh!
LornsLadyI know where to get an Al clone!
Amy_Madisonthere not no right now are they??????
MattHNo, but they are doing a website ala "The Blair Witch Project"
Joelwhat episode is this version of my way from?
impalergeneralanyone get the feeling the song we're hearing now may be the last thing we see on "Angel" next month?
Amy_Madisonno it won't
impalergeneralby the way, this is th eoriginal, not the Gary Ohlman version
LornsLadyAngel's cancellation is just not right
MattHThe song, maybe, but not this version.
impalergenerallet's hope the FCC isn't hearing this song
LornsLadyFuck the FCC!
Joelyeah LL, just got to suck it in and take it tho
LornsLadydid you see James Marsters on Ryan Seacrest and Sharon Osbourne?
MattHRules are different over the internet, anyway
LornsLadyI missed Julie Benz on Sharon, though :(
impalergeneralI missed them both, but I'm taping the overnight broadcast of Sharon, though in Sac
Joelis it my imagination or is Ryan Seacest about 5ft tall
LornsLadyLOL, he's so small compared to others...see him standing next to John Stevens
Amy_Madisoni thinnnnk
Joelits just Fantasia seems to tower above hin
MattHBTW, where is Death Is Your Art? Anyone know?
LornsLadyno, i haven't heard from her since the last show
Joeland Matt Rogers made him look like minime
impalergeneralmaybe she's watching "Time Bomb"
MattHMakes sense.
LornsLadyoh yeah, she watches the Angel eps...maybe she hasn't had time to show up during commercials
Joelmaybe she'll log in later
impalergeneralWhen I saw Connor accept his abilities a little too easily, I suspected that maybe he's read one too many comic books
Joeli liked that he accepted his abilities and thought it was all cool
Joeli think alot of teenagers would be like
Joelwho wouldnt want to be a super-powered human with no nasty weaknesses
MattHI think Kitty has got this one wrong...Connor remebers
impalergeneralbut he's decided...that's no may life anymore
impalergeneralor my life
Joelhe has BOTH sets of memories
Joelso he can draw from both
Joelno i think he totally remembers
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LornsLadydarn it
*** Elais ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
Elaisthank goodness
Joelhi elais
Elaishad a heckuva time getting back in
LornsLadyme too
MattHI sympathize
Joelno candy he still has the false memories
MattHThe fact that his fighting style and attitude changed right after the memory box exploded also implies his memories returned.
Joelafter all wes had his memories returned but still retained the false memories
ElaisI agree Matt
impalergeneralif only Buffy was allowed to remember that "lost day"...and that should happen if and when they get some Angel movies off the ground
Joeli dont think this will cause a rift between wes and angel
impalergeneralit should lead to a "clearing the air" argument between the tow, because I'm worried Illyria will exploit Wes' sadness for her own plans
MattHThe lost day was due to the Oracles turning back time...the lost day never happened. Not quite the same thing
Joeli think there will be a twist with the whole Illyria/Fred thing (not spoiled)
MattHI like Spike as comic relief.
impalergenerallike maybe the two entities will merge, and produce SuperFred? It won'thappen, but at least it gives Wes a break
LornsLadywhat two entities? Fred no longer exists
JoelSpike isnt really core to the Angel continuity so he will inevitably be a comic/periferal character
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Joelthats what i mean, ive got a feeling that Fred DOES exist still in some wat
MattHHiya FiatLux
LornsLadyhey fiat!
FiatLuxHey y'all.
impalergeneralSpiek can only be the center if they gave him his own stage, whether movie or spinoff
Elaiswonder if 'Fred' would have come back next season if Angel had got renewed
impalergeneralI still wish Dru would come out of nowhere, begging Spike to give her another chance
JoelI think it would have been Fredllira
Amy_Madisonwho says she wont
impalergeneralno, FredLyria..or SuperFred if she talked the way she usually did
MattHAs opposed to Illfred?
JoelIllfred lacks....snap
FiatLuxI don't think Dru would want Spike, IG
impalergeneralwell, there's always a chance..what if her love life wasn't the same without him?
Amy_Madisonget him and Harmony back together, she deserves somone. and if ther is noone. I'll talke her
FiatLuxWell soulful Spike wouldn't want to be with Dru. Of course he could just bang her a couple time for old times sake.
LornsLadySpike and Lorne belong together
LornsLadyThere. I said it.
MattHYou said what?
LornsLadySpike and Lorne, together, lovers ...that's what I said
Amy_Madisonthat Spike and Lorne should be together
FiatLuxI can see Angel more with Lorne.
LornsLadyLOL, I was kidding
* MattH covers his ears
FiatLuxNow Spike and Wesley....
ElaisWike? Spesley?
FiatLuxYa get that mental picture, did you?
MattHI need therapy....
Elaisi need a cold shower
Joeli need a drink
ElaisSpike and Wesley both drink
Elaisthey are made for each other
FiatLuxYeah, just imagine Wes in his upper class accent whispering sweet nothings in Spike's ear. "Oh William...."
FiatLuxHahaha I love emotionally scaring people.
ElaisWesely is the head boy, ya know
Joelno no lalalalala (fingers in ears)
LornsLadyJames is dreamy
LornsLadyLorne is dreamier
LornsLadydammit, off-topic...anyone here ever work with phpBB?
FiatLuxNo, not me
MattHNope...considered it, but never got around to it.
Joelwhats phpBB
MattHBulletin Board system, IIRC
LornsLadyI can't seem to cut the stylesheet info from one file so it isn't placed on every page, but called from each page
MattHWritten in PHP
impalergeneralwell, next week may suggest how they'll deal with the Spuffy and the Angel factor and stuff...without her
impalergeneralbut they should do it again...WITH her
LornsLadyunfortunately, Sarah couldn't be there
impalergeneralif only they shot scenes in Japan, where she was filming "The Grudge". That could have helped
MattHBudget cuts...
impalergeneralthey could have stolen Gerald Lewi's credit cards...
impalergeneralLewis, I mean
impalergeneraloh, I mean Lewin
impalergeneralGunn is the suburban Prometheus
Joelgunn's paying those dues
MattHI like the demon handing him the lightbulb
LornsLadyme too
impalergeneralyet Marcus needs a few Judases
LornsLadyBut that kid looks less like him than it did Lindsey, and he looked NOTHING like Lindsey!
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LornsLadyThere she is!!!!
LornsLady*Runs over and huggles Death*
MattHHiya DIYA
impalergeneralso, DIYA, is this week's show that good?
DeathIsYourArtI was watching the show and removing a trojan horse from my computer
LornsLadyHmmm...that didn't sound like a good thing to do :P
Joelhi DIYA
DeathIsYourArtyes very icky. Hope I got it all
Joelthis song is great
MattHK&C played your song request.
*** hanna|TV ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtfor Joss?
Joelhi hanna
*** hanna|TV is now known as hanna_gamgee
MattHHi Hanna
FiatLuxHello hanna
LornsLadyhi Hanna
MattHI didn't here if there was a dedication...
DeathIsYourArtoh okay whatever, I did it for Joss
MattHMy Way - an appropriate choice
*** NJP ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
LornsLadyHi NJP :)
MattHHiya NJP
NJPHi guys
NJPgood ep tonight
LornsLadyDiYA, did you see James on Sharon Osbourne and Ryan Seacrest?
hanna_gamgeea bit confusing
hanna_gamgeeI saw Sharons show.
NJPreminded me of "life serial"
NJPexcept no mummy hand
hanna_gamgeeJames is a great singer.
DeathIsYourArtyes I am the one putting them up on the mobster board with friend Blondie Bear
LornsLadyhe's awesome
DeathIsYourArtDid you see the back stage photos of the shaved head *drool*
hanna_gamgeeI missed that.
LornsLadyunfortunately, we can't ask the guests at MR to take off any of their clothes...I was really hoping to see James' feat
FiatLuxI missed Sharon Osbourne today, I know there was something I meant to do. I can wait till 1am and watch tonight.
LornsLadyI watched James get his head shaved
DeathIsYourArtBlondie and I are having trouble with the sharon show getting loaded to her site and the larger file actually getting to her
LornsLadyAnd of course, there was the Angel cake
DeathIsYourArtLL do not tease me with thoughts of naked James
JoelDamn another classic Buffy song
ElaisI couldn't watch the show, but I saw the screen caps
ElaisJames looks really good with the lack of hair *g*
DeathIsYourArtElias, go to the Mobster board and find the link
NJPbest song of OMWF
hanna_gamgeeIs there a online picture of him?
LornsLadyhe does!
NJPthe layering in the upcoming section is amazing
Elaistry going to
Joelyeah really builds the emotions
DeathIsYourArtI'm partial to Rest in Peace, but that of course ahs to do with James
Elaisthey have the pics there
NJPthe return of earlier musical themes
hanna_gamgeethanks Elais
MattHUnder Your Spell is my favorite...
LornsLadyI love Rest in Peace most of all too
DeathIsYourArtThere are 2 from his site I think... hold on I will get the link
Joelyeah Tara's song is amazing
NJPsara sings going through the motions
NJPtara sings what cant we do together
NJPthe rest carry the melody
NJPthey ought to do this in concert
Joeli meant under your spell is tara's song
*** Fantasma ( has joined channel #TheSuccubusClub
NJPi meant they sing those under walk through the fire
LornsLadyhi Fantasma :)
hanna_gamgeeOh he he just shaved off the blond parts.
MattHHiya Fantasma
Fantasmaholy full house!
hanna_gamgeehi Fantasma
Joeloh the whole of OMWF is awesome
FiatLuxWhat else was on Ryan Seacrest? I think I may get a rerun on one of the local channels.
Amy_MadisonWe can't see the cake dammit
LornsLadyI was just thinking about Sweet earlier :)
Fantasmahola folks! I saw Angel, I liked it, and that's all I'll say *g*
NJPit was a good ep
LornsLadyRyan Seacrest also had ...damn, I forget
LornsLadyoh, three ppl from American Idol
FiatLuxIs this the most people that have been in the chat room? Do we have a record?
Fantasmacake is good... pain is bad.. I have pain. Phoo on pain.
NJPhe learned it from his father...of course he remembered--either that or he was quoting star wars,,,,
LornsLadyIf Kitty came into the room and had her baby born while she was here, that would be two people
MattHYes...the "I now have two sets of memories" look
DeathIsYourArtpet line YAY! that and "no touching my clipboard " were my fav's
hanna_gamgee'He definetly remembered.
Joelits very dangerous, "we should get spike to do it", "good idea"
Joelvery funny
MattHThe pet line was great
FiatLuxEveryone wants a pet Spike.
DeathIsYourArtSpike is a good choice due to his love of a challenge
MattHNot everyone
MattHI'll take a pet Dawn, thankyouveddymuch
DeathIsYourArthe was having fun . He only called her a filthy Harlot because of her throwing the clipboard at him.
FiatLuxOh, come on Harris, don't you want to rub Spike's belly and scratch him behind his ears? ;)
Amy_MadisonA Dawnbot
hanna_gamgeeDawn was annoying.
DeathIsYourArtSpike in a colar.... *happy place*
* MattH swallows some Valium
Joelill admit i was a Dawn fan
LornsLadyLorne Lorne Lorne Lorne Lorne Lorne Lorne Lorne Lorne Lorne(l)
DeathIsYourArtDawn went off and on with me
Amy_MadisonLornebot for her did I know LLL would pick Lorne?
*** colleen1 ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtI'm too young for Lavern & Shirley
colleen1Wow, look at all the people.
MattHHiya Colleen
DeathIsYourArtI saw the repeats of happy days though
LornsLadyOh, DiYA...get your own Spike clone at
LornsLadyhi Colleen!
hanna_gamgeehi colleen1
FiatLuxYou know, the Buffy and Angel shows make we want to drink more than any shows I've seen. They also make me ocassionally giddy; good with the bad I guess
MattHSlightly OT - but this conversation reminded me of this URL - the Legolas owners guide :
DeathIsYourArtNo no no, the hair sending out thing, and people talking DNA is too stalkerish for me
colleen1My little heart starts pounding way to hard on Wednesday nights.
NJPAICN is implying that Joss is working on a new show
colleen1You can't clone from hair. Unless there's follicles involved.
Amy_Madisonthats wrong
MattHJoss is probably always working on a new show.
DeathIsYourArtI get all nervous every wednesday
NJPBrendan supposedly said something at the cleveland con
DeathIsYourArtI know that colleen, I just don't like people talking about it
LornsLadyI get angry every Wednesday...I cry every episode now
colleen1James said yesterday that this isn't necessarily the end for Spike, and he can grow back.
DeathIsYourArtawww, who on ICQ wants pics of James that they took back stage before he came out to present the new look. Very hot
hanna_gamgeeI dont have ICQ.
DeathIsYourArtYa, James said he is up for anything joss has in mind. YAY James
Amy_Madison'Caritas" should be the focusof the next show
impalergeneralaint-it-cool news said that Nick gave a hint of a possible Whedon show coming soon, but it could be a trick
LornsLadyI can't download anything right now...I'm trying to get a program to work right
LornsLadyYES! Amy is right
FiatLuxOoh! I just reloaded ICQ, let me start it up.
Amy_MadisonI do, but do you have AIM.......
MattHCaritas is dead...
hanna_gamgeeWasnt Caritas closed.
MattHBlown up, gone, never coming back
Amy_Madisonctar ti back up in the old hotel
colleen1Nick said in New Jersey that they were working on a pilot for the Buffy animated series.
MattHThe Animated Series again? Different voice actors?
Amy_Madisonthat ones been going around for awhile now
LornsLadyCaritas was blown up, and the hotel is no longer there
MattHWell, the hotel is probably there, but the set is long gone.
colleen1He said last month they were auditioning Buffys.
impalergeneralMercedes McNabb (Harmony) also said there's no plans for a TV movie with Angel, and that the WB claimed there would be so we don't desert them this fall
DeathIsYourArtI'll be staying online late on both icq and msn for anyone who wants pics or clips from the shows. The vid clips of James are pretty big. I'm sending them to Blondie Bear for her site right now and they are taking serious time
Elaiswhere is the Sharon Osborne thing on the mobsters site, DIYA?
hanna_gamgeeFigures :(
Amy_MadisonI think its to late for a lot of veiwers
Joelthey should get the voice actress who did the video game
Amy_Madisonspecially cause of DS
colleen1That's who they were auditioning
Joelshe was excellent
MattHI don't get that. I'd tune in for Angel, but the chance that they'll make one wouldn't make we watch other shows.
FiatLuxDIYA, ok, my ICQ # is 957441
MattHI mean...I *do* have a remote control ;-)
DeathIsYourArtSharon isn't up yet. BB and I are having some complications with it, but we are working on it as we speak. we actually were even workign during commercials, that is why I only came online after the show
ElaisI'm currently watching Angel
hanna_gamgeeI agree Matt. Angel is the only thing on the WB Id watch.
Amy_Madisonand Im definatly NOT watching Enterprise (I know diff channel)
MattHWell, I do like Smallville. I just think the idea of loyalty to a *network* is silly in this day and age
ElaisEnterprise is hanging by a thread, I though
Amy_Madisonso Wed. is now a dead day for me
LornsLadyI watched bf is watching it, so I watch it
MattHI do watch Enterprise, but it still doesn't measure up to TOS
colleen1I do watch Smallville. Does it count if I watch it on a Canadian station?
Fantasmai watch other stuff on WB, but not with the intensity that i do Angel... i just don't care about the others...
MattHClose enough for me ;-)
Amy_MadisonAs long as it not a WB station..... your safe
DeathIsYourArtTru is still up in the air as of Friday
Joelto me TNG and DS9 were better than the TOS
Fantasmai watch Enterprise too... but like DS9 better
DeathIsYourArtI want it to be canceled, it is an insult to Eliza
LornsLadyI've gotten to actually like Tru Calling
impalergeneralTru will probably get bltzed thankd to the next to last Friends and CBS' shows
colleen1TOS is an icon. I don't even compare it. But DS9's my fav.
Fantasmai like TC... i reallt like Davis
MattHAhemm...thoughts like that get shows the great upset ot their fans ...
LornsLadyDS9 was the best!
hanna_gamgeeTru is ok but its not great.
NJPi gave up on Tru. Too repetitive
NJPPriestly just seems like window dressing
Joelyeah TOS is an icon but DS9 was my generation
MattHHeh...Babylon 5 was probably the best space opera show.
Fantasmagosh no! he's a major wremch!
NJPHBO is getting all my business these days
hanna_gamgeeI mostly watch cable shows.
colleen1I liked DS9 better than B5
DeathIsYourArtAnyone see that they now have prophecy's on smallville accordin to their commercials... don't remember there being Prophecy's in the comic book...or is that just me?
Amy_Madisonexcept for the guy that ran B5
FiatLuxI think Whedon ruined me for other shows. Now other shows just seem so simplistic and written down.
NJPi believe they used the charatcers used the term c**ks**ker at least 200 times last episode
colleen1Smallville isn't the comic book.
MattHSmallville is a "reimagining" of Superboy/Superman
NJPSopranos is having a pretty good year
colleen1This was a good Smallville tonight. Probably because it was a Lex episode.
MattHIn the comic books, for example, Supes mind could be read.
NJPalthough im getting tired of all the great edgy actors getting normal roles
NJPBuscemi was so great in "Airheads"
DeathIsYourArtI usually have no problem with cursing. My father is from the glasgow dockyards for crying out loud. I have been swearing longer than I could walk. But I find with deadwood that it strikes me as lazy writing. And I wanted to like the show
NJPnow hes normal in Sopranos
NJPBrad Dourif was great in X files
NJPnow hes in Deadwood playing a doctor
FiatLuxThanks Death, he's so purdy.
DeathIsYourArthere is a second one
JoelBrad Dourif is great in everything he does
colleen1Buscemi's on the Sopranos?
DeathIsYourArtYAY chat room shout out
NJPhe plays Tony Blundetto
DeathIsYourArtno BAPS donated 5000
MattHWe *pay* attention.
NJPTony Sopranos cousin
ElaisI think it is pretty good casting
ElaisBuscemi on Sopranos
NJPhe's great
DeathIsYourArtMarsters-mobsters have it in WMV
FiatLuxI liked him in Ghost World.
LornsLadyBuscemi is great
DeathIsYourArtSlayerverse has the show in AVI
ElaisI liked him in Fargo
NJPI love Ghost WOrld. Great movie
DeathIsYourArtThe cutting that is
Joelhmm Thora Birch
DeathIsYourArtHe looks DAMN good YAY JAMES!!!
colleen1James looks hot.
Amy_Madisonand ok in Chance
Elaishe looked okay in Winding Roads
Amy_MadisonSpike kissing Tara
NJPSHe was good. So was whats her name
hanna_gamgeeI wish Chance was out on video.
Elaisit is
NJPpearl earring and lost in translation
Elaisvhs and dvd
DeathIsYourArtKitty should do playboy
ElaisI've got Chance on dvd
JoelScarlett Johnasson
colleen1Scarlett Johansson
LornsLadyI want Chance
NJPah yeah. Scarlett
Amy_MadisonEthan should Do playboy
hanna_gamgeeWhere did u get it Elais?
NJPethan DOES playboy (in the studio mens room)
Amy_Madisonso do I
NJPhear all that static?
MattHSaw CC's pictures...excellent.
colleen1I've got it too. James is great in it.
Elaiscolleen beat me to it
hanna_gamgeety colleen1
Joeli prefer a little bit more to the imagination
ElaisCC looks great in the pics
impalergeneralI put a link to the playoboy pix on my website (Oracle section)
Elaisbut I thought the poses and the settings were kinda boring
NJPplayboy or penthouse....plastic or paper?
LornsLadyI can't afford to get Chance yet
impalergeneralwell, tasteful can be boring
impalergeneralbecause it has to be
FiatLuxNJP, did you ever get anyone to take the copy of Harvard Man off your hands?
DeathIsYourArtYa Chance would cost me $55 US and I make... well I used to make Canadian
colleen1there were trailers on Angel for that horrible Superstar show.
colleen1It seems to cruel.
colleen1Yeah, do you still have harvard man?
Amy_Madisonwell, it IS the WB
Joeljasmine trias i often off key
hanna_gamgeeI agree Superstar looks dumb.
NJPi did have someone e me yesterday..sorry
NJPbut it was 4 buck out of the Best Buy clearance bin
NJPand that was expensive considering
FiatLuxI was worried that you would have to pay someone to take it.
colleen1I've never watched American Idol. I watched a bit of Canadian Idol.
DeathIsYourArthe he he I think everyone just wants to sexy clips to manip into AU music vids
impalergeneralDoes Canada have a judge that's as snarky as Simon?
DeathIsYourArtyes, sort of...
LornsLadyJohn Stevens gets death threats????
colleen1No, Canadians aren't allowed to be that snarky. It's in our constitution
NJPSMG needs to work on her sc**wing a guy on a log in a forest technique
DeathIsYourArtOnce a month I have Simon beat
NJPfrom the camera angle all I can say is that everytime she moved, I went...ouch!
LornsLadyI love Simon
Joeli feel sorry for JS if he gets death threts
Amy_Madisonthey know
FiatLuxIt did make me giggle to hear "Buffy" say "suck my c**k"
LornsLadyi think it's scary if he gets death threats in America
Amy_Madisonwhere '
impalergeneralBUffy saying suck my.....?
DeathIsYourArthave you seen the extended anding to SMashed? that looked GOOD and was cut due to the censors thinking it looked too erotic. Women are not allowed to enjoy sex that much on tv
Amy_MadisonI might have hissed that
FiatLuxSMG in Harvard Man
Amy_Madisonoh yeah
Amy_Madisonhaven't watched all of it
ElaisI saw that, DIYA
NJPThat giggle reflex goes for all of them
NJPwhen ASH did that SITC Brit Boy show
NJPand he had penile disfunction
impalergeneralat least we won't hear a duet between William Hung and John Stevens....or any sane person would suggest it
Elaisactually, I think I have to agree with them, DIYA
NJPIt was Giles with penile dysfuntion
hanna_gamgeethank goodness imp
Amy_MadisonDONT give them IDEAS
ElaisBuffy was certainly enjoying herself before
FiatLuxOh yeah, I forgot about him cooking naked in that show. Nice bum he had.
DeathIsYourArtElias agree with them about what?
NJPnow when he was in MI-5 (SPooks) he made me forget Giles completely
Elaisthat extended scene in Smashed
DeathIsYourArtI think it should have made it. If the finger from Fool for love made it, then that ending should have
NJPmaybe the extended scene will be in the DVD set due in July
MattHI haven't watched my S6 dvds yet...
Amy_Madisonwhos with me in trying to get Kitty, Candy, and Ethan on American Idol
Amy_Madisonwhy not!!!!!!!
hanna_gamgeeI am
DeathIsYourArtThat would Rock
MattHTime...too many irons in the fire at the moment.
Amy_Madisontrying to get shy little Producer Ethan to sing.
Amy_Madisonhe wont even get on the show
Amy_Madisonfor Kitty and candy
DeathIsYourArtno they should be the judges
NJPi have a great bit of lost KittyCandyania..producer Ethan doing an air check
DeathIsYourArtohhh yay
DeathIsYourArtwhere can we download it
NJPfrom that scrambled show a few months back
NJPsend me an email and I'll send it to you. I clipped it out of an MP3 file I got
NJPabout a minute worth of music with him cutting in
NJPKitty and Candy were in the bathroom
DeathIsYourArtI'm also ver happy to announce that the present for kitty finally got through customs he he, no Gunn was not involved!!! and now I have to send it back over the boarder to her
Joelgood news DIYA
NJPso, are they going to do a remote from the hospital when Kitty goes into labor?
NJPmake a great show?
NJPMaybe a webcame
Joelthis song rules
Joelclassic blur
FiatLuxShe can talk about Angel between contractions.
colleen1If memory serves, she'll be too busy screaming. Kitty Torture..
DeathIsYourArtThey are doing a show in the summer but we don't know when yet =<
Amy_Madisoneven better for Kitty torture
FiatLuxYou think Kitty gets grumpy during regular Kitty Torture, just ask her Buffy trivia while she's in labor. Boy JW would be getting a cussing.
Amy_Madisonlets find out
NJPyeah....breath!....okay, who was the demon in "Band Candy?"........
Amy_Madisonhe he
FiatLuxAnd I wouldn't want to be the person who sent in the KT questions.
Amy_MadisonI'll do it
NJPAICN gave tonights ep 3-1/2 stars
MattHI'd do it
Elaisit ain't bad
NJPTriangle has great songs
Amy_MadisonF**K AICN
Elaisthat's about what I would give it
DeathIsYourArtout of 5?
colleen1Not my fav, but I liked it.
hanna_gamgee3 1/2 out of what?
NJPreally amy....have you ever SEEN that guy?
Amy_MadisonI wish I had a million $$$$$$$
colleen1I think Ben Edlund loves Lorne.
impalergeneralI'm a little worried about next week's Angel..talking about a girl who can't even be part of the episode
NJPLord, wont you buy me a mercedes benz, my friends all have porsheeeees I must make amends
Amy_MadisonI meant F**** AICN in general
DeathIsYourArtshhhhh... btu ya... I have a feeling I will be heart broken by the end
impalergeneralwhy..for all the bad reviws of "Van Helsing?"
NJPSome good came out of Van Helsing
NJPthey released Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolfman in "legacy series
colleen1The trailers for VH look pretty cheesy
Amy_MadisonId buy a Mecades McNap if I could
NJPall the originals and the original sequels too
DeathIsYourArtfirst date
NJPFrank, bride of frank, son of frank, house of frank
JoelVH looks pure thowaway cheese
Amy_Madisonrocky horror
NJPdrac, son of drac, house of drac
NJPIs that Ashanti or Ashamed (of the stunt casting) ep?
colleen1First Date
FantasmaProducer Ethan wants to know if ya'll like the sound effects
DeathIsYourArtWhat I find funny about the interviews for VH is that they are talking about "what would Dracs mask ball look like"? Go to one of them. There are 5 held every year in the states alone
DeathIsYourArtOut of my mind
Joeli thought she was okay in that episode
impalergeneralsure, but we need some more painful ones
Joelplus buffy cut her head off
colleen1I'm so delayed :)
DeathIsYourArtsound effects = cheezy
NJPbest vampire Lie to Me
DeathIsYourArtseason 5
MattHSound effect of a screaming baby would be nice
NJPOut of My Mind
NJPRemove my lincoln penny eo
DeathIsYourArt5 words or less?
NJPINTO the woods
FiatLuxI hear that rooster sound effect around here all the time.
DeathIsYourArtummmmmmm.... glory first appears in... I think I have bloked it from my mind
NJPNo place like home
DeathIsYourArtdarn couldn't get the miolly one
DeathIsYourArtsomething blue
colleen1Glory first appears in a little red shift dress.
DeathIsYourArtdamn got that one wrong too
DeathIsYourArtcolleen you are on a delay he he he
MattH"Those Slayer People"
colleen1Oh, yeah. I know it.
DeathIsYourArtthe piolt
NJPriley with the banner
colleen1that's how delayed I am.
Joelyeah thats right - i am a lesbian
DeathIsYourArtnumber 11 is where I am
DeathIsYourArtkilled by death
Fantasmathe just asked about Amanda with my delay
DeathIsYourArtI'm constantly wrong here
NJPInvisible Girl
DeathIsYourArtthe witch
LornsLadytara and
NJPOut of Sigh Out of Ming
DeathIsYourArtI am bad tonight
NJPWelcome to the Hellmouth
DeathIsYourArtbecoming part 1
DeathIsYourArtfirst flashback
NJPFIrst Gunn?
DeathIsYourArtnumber 15
Fantasmano.. gotta be him...Him... only flashback
Elais"final three episodes"
Fantasmaoh, fake flashback...
DeathIsYourArtschool hard
NJPNo....But what about Nightmares?
NJPXander's clown?
NJPFirst ep.
colleen1You said the 'c' word.
DeathIsYourArttabula rasa
colleen1They're scary.
DeathIsYourArtgot that one
NJPthe Ryan Seacrest show
impalergeneralgotta go...
*** Signoff: impalergeneral ((null))
DeathIsYourArtI robot you jane
DeathIsYourArtdarn wrong again
DeathIsYourArtImpaler left fast
Joeltabula rasa
colleen1This is why I don't enjoy kitty torture. By the time I hear the questions, you guys already answered them.
DeathIsYourArtuse wmv
Elaissame here, colleen
NJPcupa tea cupa tea
DeathIsYourArtalmost got shagged cupa tea
MattHThe Dark Age
DeathIsYourArt21) triangle
FiatLuxI couldn't get wmp to work tonight for some reason. I know it's my computer
DeathIsYourArtsee it is 11 already... it is strange when I miss the first hour...too short
colleen1yeah, death, and it takes me forever to download the show.
colleen1So I just miss the first hour.
hanna_gamgeesame here
Joeltricky kitty torture
DeathIsYourArtLike I said before, I will be online late on ICQ 61258158, and msn if you need any James clips or pics
MattHYeah it was.
Joeloh my god i cant believe its almost over
colleen1Last show til August?
colleen1Ah, poor kitty
* MattH sobs
DeathIsYourArtAugust is so far away
hanna_gamgeeaww :(
DeathIsYourArt*pats Harris on the back* BIG HUGS
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
Fantasmathis can't be *it*... shouldn't they have more VIPs? = (
Fantasmashouldn't there be a big party?
MattHThe VIPs have moved on....
colleen1They never had Joss :*(
NJPbye guys
Joelwell if this is the last one for a while let me just say you guys rule, and have a great summer.'
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
FiatLuxWe need to have a party
*** Signoff: NJP ((null))
DeathIsYourArtcouldn't get them for whatever reason... oh ya they are looking for work ...F**king WB (worthless B*stards)
hanna_gamgeeyea we do.
MattHThe chat room will be open on Wednesdays...
colleen1Night guys.
Fantasmamaybe a giant cast party, so to speak
DeathIsYourArtnight colleen
LornsLadyI'll be here
colleen1YOu could all come to writercon :)
LornsLadynight colleen
Amy_Madisonokie , I was going to say that to Matt
Joelgood night people, peace
*** colleen1 has left #thesuccubusclub
FiatLuxI'll try to make it next Wed.
LornsLadyoh i wish...andy will be at writercon
DeathIsYourArtI can't afford to go to writer con, other wise I would go to MR
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FiatLuxg'night everybody.
LornsLadyMatt, you got the transcript?
DeathIsYourArtnight night
LornsLadybye Fiat
Amy_Madisonsee yo
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*** Signoff: Amy_Madison (Client Quit)
Fantasma*sigh* time for bed anyways.. nite.. till next time!
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DeathIsYourArtnighty night Harris!
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