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MattH'Lo all. Sorry I'm late
ElaisI just got here
Elaiswatching Smallville
MattHAny good?
Elaisand not trying to remeber that Angel tonight is the second-to-last ep
MattHI am in denial...I haven't finished watching last weeks Angel ep.
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MattHHiya Joel
Joelhows it going
MattHBuys. Just got in.
MattHBuys = Busy
Joeljust thought id pop in
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Joelhi FL
MattHGood to see you. DIYA is watching Angel, I believe and CM is watching Smallville
MattHHiya Fiat
Elaiseveryone have a nice mother's day?
Joelim impatient to get downloading to shows
MattHWell, I spoke to my mom, so I would say yes.
Elaishow is your mom, Matt?
Elaishi Fiat
MattHElderly...and feeling it.
FiatLuxI'm going to try to download some Wonderfalls eps this evening. Watching Angel now.
Joeldont tell me what happens!
MattHDon't worry, Joel, we won't spoil you.
FiatLuxWell, first Angel was riding down, oh you said ~don't~ tell you :)
Joeli really have no idea whats gonna happen, i didnt even see the promo's
FiatLuxThere was a good joke, so far so good. I think you'll like it.
DeathIsYourArtI love being unspoiled
DeathIsYourArthi everyone
MattHOh...then you don't know about --deleted---
FiatLuxHi DIYA, you watching?
MattHHiya DIYA
ElaisI know what's gonna happen
ElaisI'm fully spoiled
Joeldid people like last weeks ep?
DeathIsYourArtyes I am watching
Joeli loved it but i know reactions were mixed online
FiatLuxI think I just realized there's only about one and a half hours of Angel left forever.
MattHSame here ... seagulls are beginning to circle me, I'm so spoiled...
DeathIsYourArtbe back later. I'll make you rehash last weeks again and stuff.
FiatLuxMe too, I think there might be a suprise or two but I'm mostly spoiled
DeathIsYourArtBy the way I still have not heard from Candy about the GF's. I'm not just forgetting or anything
MattHYou have a little time...
ElaisI love the shirt-ripping stuff on Smallville
Joelcandy emailed me today about putting some of the very first shows online
Elaisthat would be soooooo cool
Joelwhich should be nice
ElaisKitty and Candy: Year One
Elaiscan't remember exactly when I started listening to K&C
Joelis the smallville looking good?
Elaisfifth season?
Elaisso-so so far
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MattHFirst shows...excellent
Joeli thought smallville was on its 3rd season?
ElaisI was referring to the Buffy season
ElaisI think I started listening to Kitty and Candy during the fifth season
MattHSmallville has been so-so this season
MattHSame here CM.
MattHLast weeks Smallville ep was pretty good.
Elaisa couple of outstanding eps, buried under mediocre stuff
Elaisthe Memoria one was great
Joeli loved the one where lex went crazy
Elaisoh yeah
ElaisMichael as Lex is the best thing about this season
Joeli do think the guy who plays clark is excellent
MattHThat was good. The electroshock causing him to lose just the right parts of his memory was a little pathetic, plot-wise
Joelhe should be superman in any movie
MattHRosenbaum has been doing a great job.
MattHI think Welling has been doing really well also. Don't care much for KK or Allison Mack's characters this season.
ElaisKK can leave anytime
Elaislike 2 years ago
Joelyeah Lana and Pete are hardly even involved in the main story anymore
ElaisI think Pete is leaving permanently
MattHPete was hardly ever in the main story.
Joelsorta like Xander and Dawn in S7
Elaisreading reports that his character won't be back next season
MattHYeah, but the major difference is I really like Xander & Dawn
Joeltho Xander is 10 times the character Pete was
MattHI do like that we haven't seen that many meteor mutants this season
Joelyeah the meteor mutants should all wear red star trek style shrts as well
MattHIt would be interesting to have one stick around for a while...
Joelsorta like Anya
Joelonce a one shot villan - becomes regular
MattHThe person doesn't even have to be a villain...just someone trying to cope with their abilities.
MattHI would like to see more of the seheriff also.
Elaisthe female sheriff?
MattHseheriff = sheriff
Elaisshe kinda grates on my nerves
Joeltheyll be changing the show next year cause theyve all got to go college dont they
Elaisnope, final year of high school
MattHI think it would be interesting if she found out Clarks secret while he is doing something noble & courageous like saving her life
MattHUnlike Buffy, they started out in 9th grade, not 10th.
Elaisnot sure what is going to happen after that
MattHWe haven't seen much of Clark at school this season, either.
Joelbut there cant be a university at smallville
ElaisI would think they would get Clark started on a reporting career next year
Joelunless they put a sunnydale and mirculously expand the town to a small city
MattHNo. Grantville might have a small college though.
ElaisI think Clark's mom was at Metropolis University
MattHThey did mention that.
ElaisMichael may not want to do more than another year as Lex
Joelof course when you can run at mach 3 i suppose it doesnt matter where you go to college
Elaishe might want his hair back
MattHHeh... I can't imagine him with hair.
Elaisthere's probably an official site for michael that would have a gallery
MattHBut that would ruin the illusion!
Elaisgeez, pete gets beat up again
Joelwho by
Elaissome Rogue FBI agent, I think
Elaistrying to get at Clark
Elaisliking Angle, DIYAAAAAAAAA?
Elaiswhoops, a few too many As there
Elaisalso Angle should be Angel
MattHI am having typo-itis tonight myself
Elaishah! Lionel is busted!
MattHReally! Excellent!
DeathIsYourArtthe show anyways
Joeldamnit 12 hours till my angel / smallville / enterprise's download
Elaisyup, the season finale of Smallville next week should be good
MattHAt least Smallville should be back next season... (knock on wood)
DeathIsYourArtI can't believe I have only one hour left... stupid WB... I wonder where I put that TNT?
DeathIsYourArtSmallville is a "corner stone" = it has one year left
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MattHHiya Hanna
Joelhi HG
DeathIsYourArtdid everyone take a powder?
* hanna_gamgee shrugs
ElaisAngel is on now
DeathIsYourArtohh go watch
Joelim just taking in the fact that Angel and the SC is almost over
MattHStill here
hanna_gamgeeIt just ended here.
DeathIsYourArthere too
DeathIsYourArtLOVED IT
MattHYeah onlye 1 more ep of each left
hanna_gamgeeyea it was exciting.
DeathIsYourArtshhhh too painful
MattHAnd we don't know when the Succubus Club finale will air.
Joelwell im gonna sign off, peace out you guys - hopefully ill catch up with you next week
DeathIsYourArtGives us something to look forward to though
MattHCYA Joel
DeathIsYourArtbye joel
hanna_gamgeebye Joel
*** Joel has left #TheSuccubusClub
DeathIsYourArtSo...what did everyone discuss while I was watching Angel?
DeathIsYourArtJust smallville?
MattHSmallville, mostly
MattHNot much about Angel.
DeathIsYourArtWell then I didn't miss much. I don't watch smallville
MattHI still haven't finished watching last weeks ep, although I did read a transcript
DeathIsYourArtAngel or smallville?
DeathIsYourArtohhh I see. So are we avoiding the subject for you?
DeathIsYourArtWe can talk other things. We will have to rehash once the final SC airs. Plus ther eis all summer
MattHNo...of course not...I am totally spoiled...I mean, I could tell you how the series ends if you want... >:)
MattHJust kidding....
hanna_gamgeeI pretty much alrezdy know.
DeathIsYourArtAs it is my mother asked me today what I expected out of the finale, and I said..."well it is Joss, therefore, someone is going to die." Now I think I have figured out who... I want to remain unspoiled though
MattHRegarding last weeks ep, from what I have seen, I do wish they had been able to get Michelle for it. Tom Lenk is great, but I can see how the part was written for Dawn.
DeathIsYourArtNo I prefered that it was Andrew
* MattH laughs wickedly
hanna_gamgeeyea Dawn would of made more sence.
DeathIsYourArtGuys talking to guys. Instead of the girl has all the relationship advice.
DeathIsYourArtBesides, there was the Strong man t-shirt which rules!
hanna_gamgeelol we have a gay guy with relationshipp advice
MattHTalk about cliche
DeathIsYourArtAlso, this way they didn't have to explain why Buffy has not contacted Spike. I would have been mad if Dawn knew and therefore, Buffy knew he was alive and we have heard nothing
DeathIsYourArtLOVED the vespa, though that chase scene was silly
MattHIt would have been nice seeing Dawn's reaction to Spike being alive.
DeathIsYourArtthe "ciao" thing was priceless
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MattHHiya Amy
ElaisI really do think the ep would have come off better with Dawn
hanna_gamgeehi Amy
DeathIsYourArtI want the buddy reaction if we never get Buffys. I want Xanders reaction he he he
hanna_gamgeeXanders reaction would of been funny.
MattHYeah. Xander never liked Angel *or* Spike.
DeathIsYourArtAnd Andrews speech at the end made me feel better along with what HDL said about the immortal being just the other guy who everyone says is perfect, so the previous boyfriends feel inadequate. And wonder what she sees in him etc...
DeathIsYourArtI'm taking the immortal as being metaphorical "why we never actually meet him"
DeathIsYourArtIt works in my head
MattHHeh... I can see the Immortal in a few years, another one of Butty's exes, a pathetic shell of a being...
DeathIsYourArtMakes me feel better about Buffy jumping into another relationship
DeathIsYourArtya let Buffy tear him apart he he he
DeathIsYourArtThey left it open and did not rip my heart out. I'm not ashamed of my shipper status. It began long before the word shipper was invented
Elaisyup, Immortal is rebound guy
MattHI thought that was Riley?
DeathIsYourArtor maybe just transition guy. I don't see him as rebound guy
hanna_gamgeeI agree Death
MattHSpike was never really in a relationship with Buffy.
hanna_gamgeeRiley was boring guy.
MattHJust lots of sex.
MattHI liked Riley
hanna_gamgeesorry :P
MattHWrong for Buffy, but I liked him
DeathIsYourArtthey had a beginning. And really they had history (A LOT of it)
MattHAn unhealthy history.
DeathIsYourArtI hated Riley...why do the guys always like Riley?
DeathIsYourArtsome of it yes. is not just guys...I know of a some females who liked him
hanna_gamgeeI agree with Matt
hanna_gamgeenot about Riley though.
DeathIsYourArtNot all of it. And usually the longer lasting relationships, friendships , whatever, come from the most difficult histories. those are the ones that stand the test of time
MattHMaybe...I don't think that it would have worked in Spikes case
DeathIsYourArtThey had a beginning, and to me it was a beautiful beginning (thank you JANE!!!) and that is all I needed. the rest I can leave to fan fiction
hanna_gamgeeIm agreeing to disagree Death.
DeathIsYourArtI do. they were matched. they were alot more alike than Buffy liked to admit
MattHI think Buffy and Spike were nothing alike.
MattHPre-soul that is. Prior to becoming a vampire, Spike was more like Willow, I think
DeathIsYourArtDon't get me wrong. When the Angel relationship was going on, I liked it. however at the end of season 2 I was over it. I can't explain why...oh wait, yes I can "HELLO CUTIE" The only time I cared for B/A after that was the day reverso thingy on Angel. And only because SMG made me cry at the end
MattHAfter getting a soul, Spike was too screwed up to see what he was really like.
MattHI was never really into B/A. The only real Buffy ship I had was a slight B/X ship.
DeathIsYourArtI can see that. however I liked the fact that it never happened. I liked that they showed two friends just being friends. They didn't even do that with Willow and Xander. i hate that on every show 2 friends of opposite sex have to get together at some point
MattHI just think Buffy would be better off with a normal guy...not some creature of the night.
DeathIsYourArtOut of all my guy friends, I have never dated or slept with any of them and only ever was interested in one of them
DeathIsYourArtoh... well then we will have to disagree on that too
DeathIsYourArtoh well
MattHAn Xander's propensity for demon chicks was definitely leading him into trouble.
DeathIsYourArtyes..very true
MattHBuffy/Giles works for me too...
DeathIsYourArtewwww no lolita
hanna_gamgeeno way
MattHLolita was 12...
DeathIsYourArtwrong wrong wrong
DeathIsYourArtbuffy wasn't legal until half way through season 3
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MattHSo... her first boyfriend had already had a Bicentenial when he deflowered her.
DeathIsYourArtI know but he was a vamp...completely different
hanna_gamgeeyea well at least he looked younger.
DeathIsYourArtAnd at the time I thought that it was a little fast for a 17 year old
MattHFast for a 17 year old...statistics say it is actually a little slow...
DeathIsYourArtI know...
DeathIsYourArtit still felt rushed to me
DeathIsYourArtI don't know why
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colleen1Hey guys.
MattHHiya Colleen
colleen1I want to talk about the ep, but I'm sure people here haven't seen it. So frustrating ;)
MattHI'm spoiled...
DeathIsYourArthi colleen!
colleen1So, what are we talking about?
DeathIsYourArtrandom stuff
hanna_gamgeelast weeks episode sorta
MattHAt the moment Buffy relationships and did Buffy lose her virginity too soon.
colleen1I loved it last week, but the reaction on one of my lists makes me feel like a pariah.
colleen1And yes she did, Matt.
colleen1She was only 17 in some time zones.
MattHIt was her 17th birthday. She was 17 in every time zone.
DeathIsYourArtShe was just dating Angel, didn't know where he would be just 3 episodes before, didn't know what they ahd. Was hitting on other guys then BAM! one episode of constant kissing and bed
MattHWell, there was the "may all die tomorrow" routine...though I thought that was normally used by guys ;-)
DeathIsYourArtAS for last weeks episode colleen. it didn't hurt me as much as I thought it would. REALLY liked a lot of it. Had to calm down and rewatch and talk it out for other parts.
DeathIsYourArtThe Wes Illyria parts were oh so painful
hanna_gamgeeyes they were
colleen1I'm still not as affected by them. I appreciate Alexis as an actor, but not really fond of Wes (at least not like some of my friends are)
MattHYep... Wesley's primary purpose now is to suffer.
DeathIsYourArtI love Wes
MattHWes has really grown on my since BTVS S3.
DeathIsYourArtNew game: Kick the Wes
DeathIsYourArtOn Buffy he was just annoying, now he is just wonderful to me
colleen1I thought last week was very well done re: the Burkles. So glad to see them again.
DeathIsYourArtIt was nice that they didn't leave that hanging
colleen1They did, though. They think they're daughter is alive.
MattHVery nice. In many ways, I find Illyria more interesting than Fred.
DeathIsYourArtMore Blue references. The eye colour being wrong could have been one of those or the writers saying that the guys didn't have the full picture
hanna_gamgeeThey dont know shes dead.
DeathIsYourArtI want an explination with that one
colleen1And that is one of my big problems with Wes - he has an essentially weak character.
DeathIsYourArtI don't find that he does
DeathIsYourArtI think Angel was right, he has had to amke some tough decisions. And nobody is perfect
MattHWeak...I don't think so. I thought what he did in Pylea, as one example, showed that he had great depth.
colleen1Don't want him to be perfect - any of them.
MattHNo danger of that happening
colleen1He ran off with the baby without telling anyone, kept Justin chained up in a cage, had an affair with a woman he hated (though loved her more than he admitted)...
colleen1Didn't tell the Burkles when Fred died...
DeathIsYourArtI think Wes sometimes suffers from tunnel visions. However in the case of Illyris, if nothing else he promised Fred that he would never leave her. And illyris does contain part of Fred in her (her memories)
colleen1I blame his father.
DeathIsYourArtHe rain off with the baby to save it
hanna_gamgeeHe didnt save it though.
MattHWhich I actually supported...
colleen1He didn't tell Gunn and Fred about the prophesy because he was jealous. He knocked Lorne out because he would stop him...
colleen1I blame Wes for everything that went wrong with Connor, and I don't think I'll ever get over that.
colleen1It's when I stopped caring about him.
DeathIsYourArtANd he needed a little love when it came to lilah. People do stupid things when they need comfort but are not able to show any themselves. He has "issues" ...walls you might say.
colleen1I was right there with Angel and the pillow.
MattHBased upon the information that he had at the time, he made the best possible decision.
DeathIsYourArtAnd if you are trying to save a baby from a possible homocidal maniac, you do not stop to explain to everyone who may or may not believe you and put the baby at risk
colleen1Telling Lorne would have been a better one. And telling Gunn, and Fred. He let himself get played.
DeathIsYourArtHappens. And yes I agree that Angel's reaction was justified. but for the information he had, so was Wes'
colleen1Geez, I do still have Wes issues, don't I? :)
colleen1Keep thinking I'm getting over that.
colleen1Rant over.
DeathIsYourArtYou are a mom. Baby stealing not of the good
hanna_gamgeeah makes sense
colleen1Tis true, Death.
DeathIsYourArtDB's accent was actually half decent last week (se what I did there?)
colleen1I have to go work on something. Sorry to rant and run.
DeathIsYourArtokay nighty night
MattHWell come back and rant again sometime
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DeathIsYourArtI can't believe there is only one hour left... I actually don't feel it right now...might be the alcohol...
DeathIsYourArti have my little bottle of Jack for next week though
MattHI hate to do this to you...but with commercials it is more like 45 minutes...
DeathIsYourArtteh alcohol is not THAT strong
MattHYeah...I may watch the ep with my pals Johnny Walker and Jimmy Bean....
MattHAnd I don't drink
DeathIsYourArtI was really feeling it though, last week. Not so much this week...too many things happening.... doesn't feel like a wrap up
DeathIsYourArtThis one time you may need to Harris
DeathIsYourArtHowever, since you are spoiled, you might be just fine
DeathIsYourArtIt will hit you in September
MattHNah...I was never as emotionally invested in Angel as I was in BTVS.
DeathIsYourArtYa but there will be no Jossverse on TV
MattHIndeed, if Angel The Series had occured without BTVS having happened, I doubt I would have watched.
DeathIsYourArtNo Jossverse until the Serenity movie comes out
DeathIsYourArttrue.... no Cordy, no Wesley, No Spike
MattHI don't consider Firefly the is an evil, sucking leech that stole the Joss away from the Jossverse, leading inexorably to its end.
MattHWell Cordy is already gone, and I won't miss Spike much.
MattHI will miss Wes and Lorne.
DeathIsYourArtawwww Harris. I'm sorry I brought it up and wounded you so
MattHWounded....I'm not wounded
* MattH wanders off in search of something to stop the bleeding...
hanna_gamgeeI like Spike just not with Buffy.
DeathIsYourArtI have a fire poker in case anyone insults Spike
MattHAgree with yah on that Hanna
DeathIsYourArtI'm too invested. Spike needs love and he wants Buffy. Plus I just really enjoyed their chemistry. It worked for me
hanna_gamgeeBuffy never showed him much love. thats all im saying.
Amy_Madisonjust wondering when the DVDs will hit
DeathIsYourArtI agree. However, she only started realizing and admitting to cutting people off in Empty places
MattHSpike had chemistry with everyone. That was the problem...he used up all the oxygen.
DeathIsYourArtCan't help it if JM has gravity on screen
DeathIsYourArtHe is just that damn good
hanna_gamgeeJM is a great actor.
MattHI good they put him in at times when it made no sense (to me, at least)
DeathIsYourArtAS for the B/S, I think the beginning that I got from Touched could have lead somewhere very dramatic if there had been another season. Now it is in the hands of fan fiction
DeathIsYourArtI think alot of times JM would get a throw away line like anyone else would, but you notice him more. He doesn't fade into the background
MattHI have noticed a drop off in the quantity of BTVS fics I am seeing also....
hanna_gamgeeme too
DeathIsYourArtReally? I am not. I am seeing the occasional writers dropping off. those that do the big series type stories are still going strong
DeathIsYourArtIt is bound to happen though
MattHI haven't really liked the S8 type stories (any ones I have seen).
DeathIsYourArtI have seen some great ones, but a lot of really bad ones
DeathIsYourArtI would like to see some more well rounded ones. Not script format but written like the show. Where everyone participates
DeathIsYourArteveryone that is left anyways.
MattHI really dislike script format fics. There have been maybe 1-2 exceptions
DeathIsYourArtHowever, it gets harder when Joss tells you that the group split up
MattHEh...easy enought to deal with, since we didn't *see* it.
hanna_gamgeeThats why I like au stories.
DeathIsYourArti would like to get some of my fav writers together and dare them to write something movie like. What they would expect the movie to be lilke. then it wouldn't just be the silly romance fics, or the pornos, or the violence with no polt ones
DeathIsYourArtI can't type but you get my meaning
MattHYeah...most of the fics I am reading now are Harry Potter
DeathIsYourArtAny good?
MattHI do understand... I like meaty fics, with a heavy sauce of plot.
* MattH starts feeling a little hungry...
DeathIsYourArthe he he
DeathIsYourArtI want more from the Jossverse, I love how interconnected everything is... need comic books, novels something...and not written by non-ME writters. The new novel screwed up big time
hanna_gamgeethat would be cool
MattHI haven't really liked any of the novels.
MattHNone of them have lived up to the series.
hanna_gamgeeIve only read a couple
MattHI have read most that were published up until about 2 years ago.
DeathIsYourArtme neither. And I am definately not reading the new one. A friend of mine got an early copy and said that even though Joss has said over and over that Spike sought out his soul, the new Angel novel says that he was tricked
MattHConsidering the fact that I have read fanfic that *is* as good as anything on the show, I have high standards.
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
MattHWell, Joss has been known to lie.
MattHBut I do think he went to Africa to get his soul/
DeathIsYourArtEven Jane has said that Spike was in search of his soul and the rest was suppose to be misleading
DeathIsYourArtthey didn't even tell JM until Grave was shot
MattHWell, it isn't like he needed to know.
DeathIsYourArtSo whoever wrote the new bookis on my hate list
*** Signoff: hanna_gamgee (Happy cicada season! :()
DeathIsYourArtIt was a matter of how he was going to play the lead up. they didn't want him to show vulnerability which they thought he would if he knew
DeathIsYourArtwell they both left rather quick
MattHAmy never says much.
MattHAnd we have run over.
MattHNo Kitty & Candy keeping the time.
DeathIsYourArtokay..... =<
DeathIsYourArtYou have less than an hour to go
MattHYeah...I am going have to take off also...I want to watch last weeks ep before this weeks.
DeathIsYourArtokay enjoy
MattHCYA next week
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