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MattH'Lo all
DeathIsYourArtAnd wow did I waste an enormous amount of time watching the extras on the extended LTOR
DeathIsYourArtow was work?
DeathIsYourArtawww sorry
MattHOur corporate offices have decide to meddle in some of the stuff we do.
FiatLuxHey Matt.
FiatLuxWe were waiting for you :)
MattHI'm flattered ;-)
DeathIsYourArtWe were saying naughty naughty things about you too
MattHSo how is that different from any other chat?
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MattHHiya CM
FiatLuxOk DIYA, you had the plastic wrap and I was getting the oil right?
ElaisI always forget to come in here
DeathIsYourArtAnd the handcuffs, and there was one other thing, but my mind wandered to naughty places and I forgto what it was
FiatLuxI remembered for once.
DeathIsYourArtHi Elias
Elaishi Matt, DIYA, Fiat
DeathIsYourArtEveryone feel free to vote in the Golden Fangs. People are ignoring the time frame anyways
FiatLuxDon't mind us, we were just teasing Harris
MattHSo how are you all has been what? 3 weeks now?
DeathIsYourArtI watched the entire season last week
DeathIsYourArtAnd I have been occupied with the golden fangs and my new cat
MattHThat's one way of coping. Notice anything that you didn't pick up the first time around?
ElaisI'm doing okay now
DeathIsYourArtLots of stuff
MattHA fresh feline - wonderful.
DeathIsYourArtyep, lucky number 7
FiatLuxMy cat attacked my head this morning. She's so cute ;)
ElaisI only tape some of the Angel eps at the beginning
MattHI didn't tape any of the Angel eps this season.
DeathIsYourArtI downloaded them and burned them to VCD
MattHI used to do that...but I never seem to rewatch Angel.
DeathIsYourArtThis season I did
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MattHI am looking for the Golden Fang did a nice job DIYA.
DeathIsYourArtoh thank you
MattHHeh--I didn't know they had free form processors...I do all my form processing myself...
ElaisI still haven't watched all of my season three angel dvds
DeathIsYourArtIt is virtually the same as last years. Candy was a big help! I had problems with my server, so having something to work with made the whole process a lot less painful. I only ended up using Angelfire because sympatico pissed me off
DeathIsYourArtAnd you know CGI then Harris? I don't...
DeathIsYourArtOne day maybe but I didn't have enough time to learn it for this
MattHI use PHP....could puzzle out Perl if I spent a lot of time, I suppose.
MattHI haven't even watched my Angel S2 DVDSs.. Haven't bought S3 yet.
DeathIsYourArtGive me hardware or any program and I will tackle the thing no-problen, but programming and webdesign are another issue with me. I have limited programming knowledge. I had to take a java course in University (hated it) and a visual basic class in college (uninteresting). and as for webdesign, I just never had the time or an idea to start with.
DeathIsYourArtI needed motivation adn a direction. This gave me one
MattHJava sucks....I like object-oriented programming, but they go overboard. If I do stand-alone programs, I generally use Delphi.
MattHMostly it has just been Access and web-work lately.
DeathIsYourArtI have been trying to make myself build a web page for months now. I want to learn how to put together a really really nice one. I just can't decide on the content. And therefore, i don't get around to it
MattHFinally watched the two eps of Wonderfalls I downloaded...I actually enjoyed them....apparently the series did get better.
MattHI had that problem with the first version of LaunchPad Zero. I did the shell and layout, put it up (this was '99, IIRC) and then realized I had nothing to say.
DeathIsYourArtDidn't you want to beat that kid though?
DeathIsYourArtI thought that the kid was great but I would have kicked the crap out of him
MattHI thought he was really funny. I could understand why the other people might have wanted to beat on him.
MattHIt wasn't until I got into reading and converting fanfiction that I realized I did have stuff to put on the web.
DeathIsYourArtThe fack that he blew up the car made me laugh
MattHThat was funny.
DeathIsYourArtWaste of a nice car though
MattHLiked the rocking trailer scene.
DeathIsYourArtThe only thing that got me was... where would they go from there? They have already put the love interest together with Jaye. So the only place to hit her next is her job. If she got a better job, the sets would change and she would have no where but down to go... see this is why I don't think it could have gone beyond one season
MattHStill don't know if I'll buy the Wonderfalls DVDs.
DeathIsYourArtI'll buy them, iw ant to see the full 13. I want to see if Heidi shows up and steals Jayes guy
MattHWhile Jaye was interesting the last two episodes, I still don't particularly like the character.
DeathIsYourArtI don't care about her as much as I would like. But in that last episode she is ME! It was creepy.
DeathIsYourArtI need to go read the transcripts for the other episodes. I want to know if her brother got dropped. He wasn't in the credits for the last one
MattHI didn't check the credits.
MattHLiked his interaction with the shrink.
DeathIsYourArtI know. I loved that the shrink turned it around on him
DeathIsYourArtI want that little monkey with the book
MattHThe note was great - "Schizophrenic"
MattHPlus the books spelling "Cow Talk"
DeathIsYourArtwell come on, he is theologian athiest??? I would think bi-polar at the very least
Elaisthe wonderfalls dvds are quite a ways away from being done
ElaisI think think the earliest time they could be released would be at the end of this year
DeathIsYourArtJust in time for christmas
Elaisthey probably will be doing the commentaries, extra stuff etc
MattHI can easily an atheist studying theology
MattHNot too mention a 10 minute rant at Fox....
DeathIsYourArtI can see an athiest studying theology on their own but getting a masters in comparative religion strikes me as a bit odd
Elaiswhat kind of job would you get?
Elaisat some kind of think tank?
DeathIsYourArtFox will not let them release a 10 minute rant...unfortuantley. That might have been funny. Only once though. That would be an easter egg that you never go back to
MattHAt a university, I presume
Elaisi still haven't got the firefly dvds
DeathIsYourArtme money
ElaisI liked the show, but probably not enough to buy the dvds
DeathIsYourArtIt might be the first set that I have had to pay for myself. My family keeps buying the other dvd packages for me (YAY)
MattHI doubt that I will get them...the show just wasn't my cup of tea,
DeathIsYourArtIt wasn't really mine either. Although now that they are repeating on Space, I am enjoying them more the second time around
DeathIsYourArtI hope the movie will turn out well nice if it was a blockbuster like Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
DeathIsYourArtprobably not, but as long as the content is there...
Elaisdont' think it will be quite that successful
MattHI know...I am just hopin'
Elaisthey are shooting it now, so it might be awhile before we see it
DeathIsYourArtthe only reason i care if it does well in the box office is so that Joss can get some money into his future projects
MattHWhy I want it to do well also - so Joss will have future projects greenlighted.
MattHHopefully some sort of Buffy/Angel spinoff.
DeathIsYourArtI would really love a series of movies that show the lives of past slayers. Ones not in the books. A 2 hour movie showing their life and death (because they all die). Different time periods, different villians, no happy endings , no sequels
DeathIsYourArtJust a series of movies
MattHI am not really interest in the past. I want to see what comes next...
MattHJust finished reading doesn't really give away much, unfortunately.
DeathIsYourArtI just love the flashbacks too much to let them go. I still have yet to get Fray
DeathIsYourArtI have ideas for past slayers...maybe should just write them on my own.... attempt fan fiction as it were
DeathIsYourArtSomething to think about
MattHIt was interesting...I plan on ordering the trade paperback from amazon.
DeathIsYourArtThen that will be my next purchase
Elaisi have the original fray issues
ElaisI'm not into comics, really
MattHI have the first 6...the last 2 I read electronically.
DeathIsYourArtPurhaps the Fray movie should be next
DeathIsYourArtHowever, we will all know what happens, so nothing new there
MattHI want to know what happened between the end of Angel and the beginning of Fray.
DeathIsYourArtA lot!
DeathIsYourArthe hehe
DeathIsYourArtSomething had to decrease the line back to one slayer
MattHFray never mentions the multitude of slayers at all....
DeathIsYourArtMaybe...even thought he power was transfered, the line still depends only upon Faiths death
DeathIsYourArtPerhaps no one else can pass it on
MattHMaybe....I won't spoil you regarding what was said in Fray.
DeathIsYourArtgrumble... being a non-spoiler whore sucks
MattHI believe the term should be "spoiler celibate" or something like that.
DeathIsYourArtOh well, looks like I will have to buy Fray immediately then
DeathIsYourArtSpoiler celibate sounds like a disease
MattHIt is $13.97
MattHOn Amazon
DeathIsYourArtI'm in Canada so it will be slightly more actually
DeathIsYourArtBut thank you
DeathIsYourArtI doubt that my comic shop will have it.
Elaisactually, from what I've heard
Elaisnext season of Angel might have provided the bridge
DeathIsYourArtThere used to be a great store near where my friend lives and you could find everything in it. Ad the guys working there had no problem or bias about girls buying comics. However, with it gone, i have to go down town to a store where they snicker at me for even looking at the buffy merchandise
MattHMebbe...I have only read a few things about what was supposed to happen on Angel next season.
DeathIsYourArtJoss may still find a way to let us know. he might enjoy his comic writing enough to do a virtual season 6 in comic form
DeathIsYourArtLong shot but you never know
MattHWho knows...maybe the animated series will come back , be so successful that he will follow up that way.
Elaisoh well....
Elaisall we can do is wait
MattHWell...we can bitch while we wait, too.
ElaisJoss got his movie for now and that 'Astonishing X-Men' run
DeathIsYourArtHe can't really. The cartoon will be for kids. And ME is saying that they will get the cartoon on one way or the other, so that is promising
Elaisthe other writers have already moved on to other projects
MattHHe could do a more adult-oriented cartoon down the road.
DeathIsYourArtDoesn't mean that they can't be tracked down and used freelance
MattHYeah...but Joss was the core....
Elaisbetter get going
ElaisI fly out tomorrow for the Moonlight Rising con
MattHOh....have fun...
MattHWe expect a complete report
Elaisi will certainly try
DeathIsYourArtyes have a wonderful time. Tell James hi for me
Elaiswill do, DIYA
Elaissee you all next week
*** Elais has left #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtYAY bye bye
DeathIsYourArtLornesLadyLove forgot again this week... I have to check onher the next time she is online. And see if she is okay
MattHYeah...I am sorry she won't be able to attend Moonlight Rising. I know she really wanted to go.
DeathIsYourArtIt is probably better that she not go. She was really uncertain and upset for a while there
DeathIsYourArtBesides, this way she will save lots fo money
DeathIsYourArtdo hope that everyone has a great time though. One of the girls working on MR has been through hell these last few months, and she deserves for it to go off without a hitch
DeathIsYourArtI have yet to go to any of the cons. Have you been?
MattHNo Buffy conventions...unless you consider the Wolfram and Hart Annual Revue.
MattHThe last con I went to was Origins in 1991.
DeathIsYourArtThat could be considered a con... what was origins?
MattHA role-playing game convention
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DeathIsYourArtFor what game did you go for?
DeathIsYourArtD&D, vampires the masquerade etc?
MattHLots of them...met the designers of Ars Magica there...
MattHThis was preVampire
MattHPre-Magic the Gathering...
MattHThe "Good Ole Days"
DeathIsYourArtI have no idea when Vampires started. I was never appart of RPG's
DeathIsYourArtThere was a fantasy RPG club in my college, and they were in a constant battle with the christian fellowship. It was fantastic
MattHI never got into the World Of Darkness...thought I did buy Mage: The Ascenscion.
MattHYeah...fundies are fun.
MattHWhen I starting playing D&D in the late 70s, there were a couple of kids whose parents were fundamentalists and wouldn't let them play.
DeathIsYourArtThere was this great incident where the christian fellowship left a bible in the fantasy club office and they put it on the shelf under fiction. And as pay back they then put an anarchist bible in the fellowships office, and the christian freaked out and brought in a priest to exorcise the office.
DeathIsYourArtMy friends and I (who were geeks in our own right) made fun of both sides though. Because the RPG's got really ridiculous at times. There is no reason to wear battle armor to class...ever...unless you live in Gaza
DeathIsYourArthe he he... I never saw the 70's
MattHI was/am too poor to buy armor....
DeathIsYourArtmost hobby shops will sell you the kit to build your own chain mail
MattHToo much effort.
DeathIsYourArtMy sisters boyfriend is making himself a suit of it
MattHI would like to have a nice Claymore though.
DeathIsYourArtThen you don't really want it then do you
MattHConsidering how mechanically inept I am...making it would probably cause me serious bodily injury.
DeathIsYourArtIf I had the money I could get one really easily. There is a a shop here called Excalibor (french spelling) that sells swords, and then there is the highland games that travel canada every year
*** Amy_Madison ( has joined channel #thesuccubusclub
DeathIsYourArtHi Amy
MattHHiya Amy
Amy_Madisonsurpised this is still open considering the time
DeathIsYourArtWe don't notice it when the club isn't on
MattHYeah...what she said
DeathIsYourArtHow are you handling Wednesdays Amy?
MattHSo how are you coping Post-Angel?
Amy_Madisonnot watching any shows anymore
Amy_Madisonmyybe when TC's back
DeathIsYourArtDid either of you see what Jordan Levin said to US TV guide about what his viewers want? He bascally repeated exactly what the Joss fans have been shouting at him for 2 months but applied it to one tree hill and crap
MattHNever watched One Tree Hill
MattHOr the OC
DeathIsYourArtOC is fox
DeathIsYourArtisn't it?
Amy_Madisoni thinnk
MattHBeats me...I never watched ;-)
DeathIsYourArtI know my 14 year old cousin watches it... darn she isn't online to tell me
MattHGoogle shows Fox
DeathIsYourArtCan I just say that 14 year olds having long term boyfriends was so much more comfortable to me when it was my friends and not my baby cousin, who I used to baby sit. niece will be 14 in November...she apparently has a boyfriend. My brother seems to be handling it well.
DeathIsYourArtYour brother is a brave man
MattHEspecially since my niece is drop-dead gorgeous...
DeathIsYourArtokay stop right there , youjust became the creepy uncle
DeathIsYourArtYou are not keeping any of this for the website right?
MattHOf course....
DeathIsYourArtokay then I will nto say what I was going to, to explain why my cousins situation makes me uncomfortable
MattHI can delete it out if you wish....
DeathIsYourArtnah, I'll tell you icq sometime or something
DeathIsYourArtnot really important, and not somethign I should actually be talking about online anyways
DeathIsYourArtSo...Amy tell us something funny
DeathIsYourArtHey Amy, go vote
Amy_Madisonnothing going on so can thing of nothing
DeathIsYourArtI want people to vote while I am awakw so that I dont' have to sort through a stack of ballots when I first get up... my e-mail account is going to hate me
MattHWell, there are only 523 or so members of the mailing it won't be that bad.
DeathIsYourArtAccording to Candy people spread the word. I should expect around 2000
MattHReally? Is that what she got last time?
MattHOf course she announced the GF on the air too.
DeathIsYourArtactually she said 1800
DeathIsYourArtI'll see soon enough
*** Signoff: Amy_Madison ((null))
MattHI actually voted this year....forgot to do it in time last year.
DeathIsYourArtYa I already entered your votes into my database
DeathIsYourArtI'm still ahving fun with this...that will die off probably around Saturday or something
MattHYou are manually entering the votes? Hmmm....
DeathIsYourArtya the form processor doesn't tabulate anything it just sends you the frm results
DeathIsYourArtI'm being impartial, I promise
MattHNot what I was thinking...I was just wondering if I could automate it.
MattHWhat are you using for a database?
DeathIsYourArtA modified version of filemaker, that a friend (or former friend) made
DeathIsYourArtPlus, I have a spreadsheet version as well , in case want to verify the results at a later time
MattHHmmm...don't know filemaker. Could probably do it in Access or Excel though.
DeathIsYourArtfilemaker is originally a mac based prgram. A lot like access
DeathIsYourArtyep, my spreadsheet is in excel
MattHJust have you past the entire text of an e-mail into a form and let if sort out where stuff goes.
DeathIsYourArtnot exacltly
MattHSend me a sample e-mail (mine will do) and a copy of your excel spreadsheet and I will see what I can come up with this weekend.
DeathIsYourArtthough I appreciate the offer, I kind of like doing it by hand
MattHWell...okay...thought you may feel differently 500 votes from now. ;-)
DeathIsYourArtbesides, the program would have to over look all the stuff that the form processor puts at the top and bottom of the e-mail. The e-mail I get looks a lot like the one you will get as verification of your choices. I tested everything before I sent out the e-mail.
DeathIsYourArtIf at any time I feel over whelmed or sick of it then I will send you a pleeding e-mail, until then, I accepted the job and I should do the work
MattHHow Un-Jaye-like of you...
DeathIsYourArtI have my better days
DeathIsYourArtWhen I have a job, I work at it. I complain too, but I do the work. It is the whole looking for a job thing that I slack at. And I am mostly like Jaye in the relationship challenged sort of way
DeathIsYourArtTime minear hinted that we would see more of Jaye's vulnerability over the later 13 epys. That would probably make me care about her more
DeathIsYourArtTime Minear...I kind of like that name better than Tim
MattHIt has some depth and majesty to it that Tim lacks
DeathIsYourArtI would probably just end up calling him Time my-dear instead
DeathIsYourArtohh people are voting again ..he he he I know everyones secrets now Mwahahahah
MattHWell...I am going to have to call it a night...I can hear my bed calling me...;-)
DeathIsYourArtThe voices again Harris? Not good!
DeathIsYourArtSleep well
DeathIsYourArtbye bye
MattHCYA Next week
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